The Name of the Rose (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[Theme music.]
Adso? Adso? Adso? Adso! Adso! Adso! Adso! Adso! Wake up! -Adso Wake up, Adso.
-[Adso whimpers.]
Adso, it's me, William! It's William! Adso, it's me! [Adso.]
The monster! The monster! The monster! [Closes door.]
What happened? -Nothing happened.
-But I saw -You saw nothing.
Someone put hallucinatory herbs there during the night to convince unwanted visitors that the library is guarded by diabolical presences.
What did you experience, by the way? I saw things that I shouldn't have seen.
Then someone grabbed me.
I didn't see his face.
I thought he wanted to kill me, but he just left me here.
A perverse mind presides over the defense of the library.
I don't like it.
Here, you dropped this.
I suppose you found it when you went for a stroll in the woods.
This way.
[Monks singing in Latin.]
[Sinister soundtrack.]
[Voices distort.]
I would perhaps recommend that from now on we take special care of what we eat or drink.
Always take your food from the common plate, and your beverage from the pitcher the others have filled their cups from.
For we are the ones who know most.
Except, naturally, the murderer.
Get out, you thieving bastard! Fart of a friar! I'm not friar.
I monk! [Monk.]
You steal for your whore, you pig! [Salvatore.]
Salvatore no pig! Salvatore works dia y noce.
Day and the night.
Multa fame.
Salvatore hunger! Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite, that word again.
It's from the Saint Mark's gospel? Correct.
Repent and act.
Dolcino's motto.
Who is Dolcino? A man who dreamed of a better world but made a worse one.
So Salvatore is heretic? [Chuckles.]
Salvatore magister est.
You're a maestro? Which art? Paper, makes Salvatore.
Perfecto Salvatore paper! Belissimo! Pulcherrima carta para libros.
Books in the library with mea carta! Mea! But pover homo.
Santo Francis dici poverty is good.
-So Salvatore is good, yes? -Are you? I tell you Salvatore life history, huh? Multo interesting, multo.
Famine when I was bambino.
Looking here food, there food.
Very sick, very sick.
Muy malado, muy malado.
I travel, many countries, I meet beaucoup people.
What was your country? Buco de mierda! Hole of shit.
[Salvatore laughs.]
Salvatore was dog too.
I see many pauperes and beggars povere people burn by bad priest, malo priest who only loving Gelt! Gold, gold, gold! Did you know Remigio before or after you were with Dolcino? No, no, no! Hereticus Dolcino malo diablo! Salvatore! Still here? Off to work with you! Go! Lui angel.
Angel apocalypse -That's enough now, stop.
-He saved me when I was dog.
-Stop it.
Go, go! He looks at you like he knows you.
And he avoids you.
Do you know him? I just don't remember where from.
Brother Malachi, I'm interested in a volume.
The Historia fratris Dulcini heresiarche.
Ah! So you wish to know about the heretics! Dolcino was a wicked man.
He claimed to be the new church, the only true Apostle that the Roman church was a whore.
He preached to bring to an end the earthly riches and power of the Church.
That all the clergy and monks and friars were to die a very cruel death.
That's what you want to read about? I saw the burning of a Dolcinian in Florence [No audio.]
and I would like to know more.
I hear you are studying heresy Do not allow yourself to be infected.
Dolcino he did not recognize matrimony, he denied hell said all should be common in love.
For those people, carnal stimulus was no sin.
There was no evil if a man lay with a woman touching, kissing, lying naked belly to naked belly.
Dolcino seduced a beautiful maiden from a noble family.
Or she seduced him.
She is so beautiful.
She was a witch.
Where are you going? You're really hungry, son, huh? Yes.
[Birds singing.]
[Speaks Occitan.]
Eyes? [Speaks Occitan.]
[He repeats.]
[Speaks Occitan.]
[He repeats.]
[In English.]
[Imitates birdcall.]
[Small hoot.]
[Imitates birdcall.]
[Small hoot.]
[Both imitate birds.]
[Both laugh.]
I'm I'm sorry.
I "Dû bist mîn, ich bin dn.
Des solt dû gewis sîn.
" Those are among the first verses ever written in my language.
"You're mine and I'm yours, of this you must be sure.
" We are both vexed at the turn that events have taken.
So what are our choices? Trying to conceal the crimes that have been committed would be to no avail, because if something happens further the papal envoys will suspect a plot against them.
I will do everything possible, Reverend Abbot.
But, on the other hand, I fail to see how the matter can truly compromise the meeting.
Will you tell me, William, you who know the heretics so well that you seem to be one of them, where does the truth lie? Nowhere, at times.
You see? You yourself can no longer distinguish between one heretic and another.
At least I have a rule.
I know that a heretic is one who endangers the order that sustains the people of God.
And I defend the empire because it guarantees that order for me.
And I'm against the Pope who allies himself with merchants and is unable to maintain that order.
But what am I saying? I, too, find myself caught in a game of strange alliances.
My dear Margherita My dear A nobleman of this fair city, one of the Avogadro brothers, came to me with a rather novel request concerning your death sentence.
If you would agree to marry him, would I spare your life.
I accepted, of course.
How could I refuse a man that gave the Pope troops to exterminate yours? So, all you have to do is to tell me: "Yes, I am willing to marry the noble Avogadro, I will marry the noble Avogadro," and you can go free.
[He chuckles.]
They say you're a witch.
You're no witch.
You're no witch.
Witches have something Witches have something vulgar in their mouths.
[She whimpers.]
No, no, you're no witch.
You can go free.
[He chuckles.]
There I have set you free.
You may kneel.
I will absolve you for having chosen; you, an intelligent noblewoman; to unite yourself with the son of Satan.
Come, come, come, come.
Why? You may kneel.
How did Dolcino manage to blind you to the truth? Surely not with his ridiculous arguments! Rubbish concocted for the ignorant.
And you are no ignorant bumpkin.
Are you, my lady? Then how? Is he handsome? Does his body attract you? [Snorts.]
How could you pledge your very soul to this beast? I have not yet had your tongue cut out! I am ordering you: on your knees! Kneel! I shall butcher that wonderful body of yours.
My forgiveness will be the forgiveness of God! Blessed be those who suffer persecution for the love of j Blessed be those who suffer persecution for the love of justice.
for the love of justice Blessed will be those who suffer persecution I know that you have made a child with that devil, a little girl.
If you do not get to your knees and beg for forgiveness, I swear to you I will hunt her down, and by God I shall find her! You will never find her, she will find you.
The day will come when Anna will make you pay for all you're doing.
[Muted chatter.]
[Horse whinnies.]
[Man coughing.]
[Yelps in pain.]
[Exhales deeply.]
Lord, you teach me love, but love is not enough.
Does not hatred come from God as well? It too is in your service.
The fearful, the unbelieving, the abominable murderers or warmongers and the sorcerers, idolaters and all liars, they shall have their portion in the pool, burning with fire and brimstone, -which is the second death.
Guard! Get him! Go! Go, go! After him! Quickly! After him! [Groans.]
[They grunt.]
I found her hidden in a crypt.
Why did you have her covered yesterday? Why? Because now and then the statue is too much for me.
We have two tasks in common, you and I: the success of the meeting and the discovery of the murderer.
Let us then proceed in peace.
Give me the kiss of peace, brother William.
With a man of your knowledge I could argue endlessly.
Do you believe that the source of the recent events can be found in some obscure story dating back to the heretical past of one of the monks? In this sad affair you are the inquisitor.
It is your task to be suspicious, even at the risk of unjust suspicion.
Here I am merely general father.
And if I knew that the past of one of my monks lent itself to a well-founded suspicion, I would have already taken care to uproot the unhealthy plant.
What I know, you know.
What I do not know should properly be brought to light through your wisdom.
[Berengar sobbing.]
My Adelmo.
What have I done? Dear Lord, what have I done? Your beloved Berengar may burn in hell.
Once our abbeys ruled the world.
The Emperor uses us, sending his friends here to meet his enemies.
I know a little about your mission.
The abbot here counts for nothing.
To spite the Pope he allows the abbey to be invaded by heretical friars, brother.
I mean those who have abandoned your most holy order Oh, good Lord, strike my tongue, for I'm about to say improper things! Aymaro, do improper things take place in the abbey? A monk is also a human.
But here they're less human than elsewhere.
And what I have said, remember I did not say it.
Very interesting.
Are these your personal opinions, or are there many who think as you do? Many, many.
Many who now mourn the loss of poor Adelmo and Venanzio, but if someone else had fallen into the abyss, they would not have been unhappy.
What do you mean? I've talked too much.
Here, on the one hand, nobody respects silence anymore.
On the other, it is respected too much.
Here, instead of talking or remaining silent, we should act.
I have said these things to you, brother William, obviously not to gossip about the abbot or other brothers But to uncover this nest of serpents, you who have burned so many heretics.
I've never burned anyone.
It was just a figure of speech.
Good hunting, brother William.
But be careful at night.
-Brother William! -Brother Nicola! How kind of you to visit my workshop! We are We are making windows for the Chapter House.
I see.
I even asked our poor brother Adelmo if he could paint the glass in his spare time.
He was the best of us all.
Then well, what happened, happened.
Forgive me.
Without my lenses, I can't appreciate the fine detail, which is the essence of all the arts Yes, I was told you have a pair of ocularia.
-I've never seen them.
-They are difficult to make.
I was given a pair by a great master.
I am afraid I lost them.
Oh, dear Lord.
Where? Ah, well, if I knew precisely where I lost them, I wouldn't have lost them.
[Nicola laughs.]
Of course.
How stupid of me.
Beautiful faces.
You can even see the strands of their hair, master! That's emerald powder that I use for making the trees, for example.
You look like two toads! [All laugh.]
You know, Nero used emeralds so he could see the gladiators better.
It's hopeless, we no longer have the learning of the ancients.
-The age of giants is past.
-We are dwarfs, but dwarfs who stand on the shoulders of those giants, and small though we are, we sometimes manage to see farther on the horizon than they.
You wouldn't have any beryl crystals by chance? Yes, I think I do have one.
It should be in here if I'm not mistaken.
Ah! Here you are.
It's a variant of berillo.
We call it Heliodoro: gift of the sun.
Would I be asking too much of you to try to mill a little piece of it into a convex shape? [William.]
As the great Roger Bacon warned, the secrets of science must not always pass into the hands of all, for some could use them to evil ends.
But over there, the secrets of learning are well defended by works of magic.
Really? What, for example? It's It's improving.
In the abbey there are rumors, strange rumors.
What sort of rumors? Let us say, rumors about a monk who decided to venture into the library during the night, to look for something Malachi had refuse to give him, and he saw serpents, headless men and men with two heads.
He was nearly crazy when he emerged from the labyrinth.
Tell me if I did a good job.
Oh, hm, very nice! Theofil Monaco's Treatise on the Arts! You can certainly speak of magic in this device.
Nicola, you are a great man! God bless you! And I bless you, too! -Mwah! -Oh! Thank you! Even the English can display their sentiments, now and again.
Wait, I'll clean it and add a metal frame.
Thank you.
[William and Nicola laugh.]
Venanzio wanted to conceal an important secret and he used one of those inks that leave no trace when written but reappear when warmed.
Well, is it the secret of the Finis Africae? Yes, and the key is fairly easy.
Venanzio had at his disposal the twelve signs of the zodiac plus the eight other signs, for the five planets, the two stars and the Earth.
Twenty signs in all, enough to associate with them the letters of the Latin alphabet.
Now, the order of the letters we know.
What could be the order of the signs? I'm thinking of the order of the heavens.
Now, if you try this key, Venanzio's message takes on a meaning.
"Secretum finis Africae manus supra idolum age primum et septimum de quatuor.
" Is that clear? The hand over the idol works in the first and the seventh of the four.
It isn't clear at all.
Idolum: an idol, an image? A ghost? And what can this four be that has a first and a seventh? So we know nothing and we're still where we started.
My boy, you have before you a poor Franciscan who, with modest learning, has succeeded in a few hours in deciphering a secret code that Venanzio was certain would remain sealed to all save himself.
And you, wretched illiterate rogue, dare say we are still where we started.
Forgive me.
I would never put you in doubt.
Do not apologize.
After all, you are correct.
We still know too little.
Sing, sing with Salvatore! [Hums.]
Puella! [Sniffs.]
Beautiful girl, beautiful creature.
Woman bellissima.
Puella! Like Madonna.
Master, are you asleep? No.
Sleep often enjoys playing jokes on me.
-A silly question -Tell me.
Is it a terrible sin to love a woman? Dear Adso, of woman as source of temptation the Scriptures have already said enough.
But I cannot help reflecting that God granted woman many privileges and motives of prestige, three of them very great indeed.
In fact, he created man in this base world, and from mud.
Woman he created later, in paradise and from noble human matter.
And, in the second place, the Lord who is all powerful, could have transformed himself into a man in some miraculous way, but instead chose to dwell in the womb of a woman.
And when he appeared after the Resurrection, he appeared to a woman.
And finally, in the celestial realm no man shall be king, but the queen will be a woman.
Is it so abnormal that we also should feel drawn by the graces and nobility of that sex? -[Urgent knocking.]
Brother William.
[Door opens, the abbot pants.]
Berengar has disappeared! [Sighs.]
Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! This abbey is a place of many bizarre events at night.
Berengar! Who can say that our cellarer, Remigio and Salvatore, who move through it in darkness with such ease, do not know more than they tell? Berengar! Berengar! Berengar! If I had seen anything, I would have told the abbot.
But now that you remind me The night poor Adelmo died, yes, that night I did happen to see, from a distance, I couldn't swear to it, Berengar going back to the dormitory, coming from the tower.
I wasn't surprised; there had been whispering about Berengar among the monks for some time.
Perhaps you've heard.
Tell me.
Berengar was suspected of harboring passions that are not proper for a monk.
Are you perhaps trying to tell me that he had relations with village women? [Remigio.]
Oh, no.
Even less proper passions.
So then a monk who enjoys carnal satisfaction with a village maid is indulging in passions that are somehow proper? [Remigio.]
I didn't say that, but you'll agree that there are different levels in depravity as in virtue.
The flesh can be tempted according to nature or against nature.
We are all wretched sinners.
I once belonged to your order.
Consider me a faithful friend.
I would never betray a former brother.
Help me, and I'll help you.
Be frank with me and I will not judge you.
You must tell me about the events in the abbey.
You move about too much, day and night, not to know something.
Who killed Venanzio? I do not know, I give you my solemn oath.
I know when he died, and where.
Tell me.
That night, an hour after compline, I came into the kitchen.
How did you enter, and for what reasons? I have a key I had the smiths make for me long ago.
That night I was waiting for a woman.
But she didn't come.
So I came back here to drink something.
If I don't drink, I don't sleep.
I wouldn't want you to believe I spend my nights drinking and fornicating.
I'm not here to judge you for your weaknesses.
Over there [William.]
No sign of a struggle? [Remigio.]
Though there was a broken cup beside the body, and traces of water on the ground.
How do you know it was water? I don't.
I simply assumed it was water.
What else might it have been? [William.]
Either someone had given Venanzio the poison right here, or he had taken it somewhere else and had come down to the kitchen to drink, to soothe a sudden burning that was killing him.
I could do no more for him and I didn't want anyone to know that I come here at night.
I left without touching anything.
In the morning when I heard they had found How come you didn't tell me sooner? Because I was sure you wouldn't believe me.
The only one who can move freely about the tower -is Malachi.
-No, no, no, no, not Malachi.
In any case, I didn't say anything to you against Malachi.
Rest assured, whatever your debt to Malachi may be.
Does he know something about you? Yes.
Yes, and he has behaved like a man of discretion.
If I were you, I would keep an eye on Benno.
He had a strange connection with Berengar and Venanzio.
Believe me, I've seen nothing else.
Is this your bath time? Since I cannot sleep, I prefer to relax in warm water than on a straw mattress.
Have you seen Berengar? He disappeared.
There is no one here.
It was closed when I arrived.
Tell me something If you sin before God and men, you sin again, and you like to sin, so you sin again and you like it again -And then? -At a certain point your conscience no longer leaves you in peace.
Bravo! Correct! But not for Berengar.
He has no such dilemma.
Nor does his German viper of a master.
I have seen a new sky and a new earth and the sea is no more.
Has he run away? No, he would never.
The library is his life.
Berengar is not a saint, but he is innocent.
No one is a saint.
But some are less saints than others.
Did you search the library? Everywhere.
Why ever did these Benedictines build their abbey atop an eagle's nest? [Bernard.]
They love their symbols: knowledge raising man closer to the heavens.
The third trumpet warns that a burning star will fall in the third part of the rivers and fountains and waters.
I pray for his soul [Adso.]
A single diabolical mind, using the Apocalypse as guide, had arranged the three disappearances, also assuming Berengar is dead.
On the contrary, we know Adelmo died of his own volition.
True, but the same diabolical mind could have been inspired by Adelmo's death and arranged the other two in a symbolic way.
And if this was so, Berengar should be found in a river or a fountain.
And there are no rivers or fountains in the abbey, at least not such as someone could drown or be drowned in.
Well, there is the wells.
Yes, but then the water would be poisoned and the corpse would remain hidden there forever.
What about the baths? [Alinardo.]
almost complete darkness [William.]
The balneary! [Adso.]
They must have looked there.