The Name of the Rose (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[Theme music.]
Innocent sum! Only wanted amore puella! Please, por favor, Salvatore innocent est! Innocent! [Bernard.]
A black cat, eyes extracted eggs and dung Do you not recognize them, brother William, hmm? Were you not inquisitor at Kilkenny, three years ago, when a girl had intercourse with the devil in the form of a black cat? I do not believe you need my past experiences -to arrive at your conclusions.
-Indeed, happily, there are far more reliable witnesses.
Most Reverend! Most Reverend! What? Bernard Gui has arrested Salvatore! With a witch! That man was not killed in combat.
A demon in the form of a woman killed him and then disappeared into the fog.
Take the prisoners to different cells.
Tie the monk to the wall so I can look him in the eye when I question him.
As for her, there's no need to interrogate her tonight.
If she is a witch she will not speak easily.
Take them away! [Screams.]
No, no, no! [Door opening.]
[The girl screaming.]
[The girl screaming.]
-Don't touch puella mea! -Quiet! [Girl.]
No! No! [Sobbing.]
Get in there! Witch! [Spits.]
No, no! No! What have you done? I tried to save her! Salvatore had her in chains! He raped her.
Did he rape her? He tried to rape her.
Salvatore is nothing compared to the man who has her now.
-Who has her now? -Bernard.
He took her? Why? She's done nothing wrong.
-She's innocent.
She's innocent! -I know, I know.
-She's innocent! -It will be men like us who will dig from beneath her skin that which the Lord wanted to be protected and adorned by that skin.
I must see her.
Where do you think you're going! Be still, fool.
And stop doing things that will lead you to the stake! [Door opening.]
Bonsoir, mes amis.
Ego sum in chain.
Salvatore free? Hmm? [Chuckles.]
Thank you, thank you.
Tutto finito? Forgiven? Merci, merci [Salvatore sobbing.]
No, no, no, no, pietas, pietas Salvatore.
No, no, no! No, no.
[She screams.]
[Salvatore continues screaming.]
[Salvatore screaming.]
[Salvatore screaming.]
Oh mater mea, quare me genuisti filium amaritudins et doloris? They are using my irons! Go back to your prayers.
[Salvatore screaming.]
Banish evil from this place! [Salvatore screaming.]
[Panicked breathing.]
Magnificentissimus magister Bernardus Mercy on poor Salvatore no more pain, no more burning irons sur ma peau.
I am not here to hurt you.
I am here to protect you.
I want to help you and for you to help me.
Si, si, Excellentissimus frate, si.
You help me, I help you.
I am God's guard dog.
Me too! Me too! I was chien dog.
Good dog! I guard the Lord's vineyards.
The heretics are like foxes, they want to destroy the vines.
Yes! Salvatore, are you ready to come with me? And hunt down these foxes? Oui, si, si, oui.
[Salvatore groans.]
Did Remigio lie with the witch? Puella no witch, no! She was meant to love me.
But I'm bad person! But she is beautiful, she is just belissima like Madonna [Grunts.]
Do not blaspheme.
Just just bellissima! Bellissima.
But puella love boy.
What boy? Brother William have puer.
Ja? She loves him.
Are you telling me that William is involved with all this? -Is that what you are saying? -Adso is wonderful.
And young.
And she loves him.
I want she love me! Me Forgive me.
The witch lay with William of Baskerville's novice.
Tell me where the inquisitor sleeps.
Are you insane? Second cell on the gallery.
Maybe the third.
I'm not sure.
Don't even think about it.
Is that you? The avenging angel? Wait.
Is it my turn? I know the end is near.
Do not leave me.
If you kept a record of sins, Lord who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness Save her, oh Lord of our salvation And who are you? Adso.
And what sin nails you to the ground, my son? [Screams.]
[Screams, gasps.]
Eat, witch.
[Door closing.]
[Soldier shouts command.]
Tell me, Remigio of Varagine, have you ever heard of Fra Dolcino of Novara? I heard him spoken of.
Have you ever seen him in person or had conversation with him? -I've seen him.
-Louder! Yes, I've seen him and spoken with him, my lord.
I was a Franciscan friar in a convent near Novara when Dolcino's people gathered in those parts, and at first no one really understood who they were.
Oh, you lie! You were not at a convent, you were already a member of the band.
How can you assert that, sir? [Salvatore grunts.]
Tell me, Salvatore, how did you meet Remigio? Ero perro Remigio aveva una espada [Hisses.]
Bishop! Blood et le patrons enfant schifus [Spits.]
Calciava il perro! Kicks the dogs I saw all.
An incomprehensible testimony is an invalid testimony.
Tell me, Salvatore, did you see Remigio murder a bishop? Un dia, I had a big chain Answer only yes or no.
Oui, Magnificientissimus! Oui! [Bernard.]
And you fought with Dolcino and robbed and killed and destroyed? Big montagna.
Thousands of dead! -Yes or no? -Oui, Magnificientissimus! Oui! And the women fornicated freely, yes or no? Yes, Magnificientissimus! Even the great witch prostitute herself that was always with Dolcino? Enough! [Salvatore.]
Margaretta? Oui, Magnificientissimus! Oui! Margaretta beautiful He killed.
Matar puercos.
Io no kill Salvatore never kill.
Jamais! Jamais! Never! Come, come.
-[Salvatore struggles.]
My dear Salvatore, I believe you, Salvatore, that you have never killed.
Unlike our beast here, you would have admitted it because you are under oath to tell the truth.
Salvatore no blood.
No, no.
Salvatore abhorret violencia! Shh.
You have a good heart.
And a good heart knows that he cannot love a brother who is still in league with the devil! So, my dear Salvatore, what else weighs on your conscience? No, Salvatore, no! No! Si.
Dolcino the serpent before the fall Before the defeat! No, Salvatore, do not do it! He gave to Remigio letters secrete and he always kept them safe, tenuit secum -He had them with him? -[Salvatore.]
Et aqui, in abazia, porqué someone doveva arrivare les chercher! Snake, lascivious ape, I was your father, your friend, your shield! So he hid the letters here in the abbey and waited for someone to come for them! Who, Remigio? This is how you repay me? Signore Remigio, if I could be, I was yours.
You were to me dilectissimo.
Madman! Are you hoping to save yourself? What do I know? Heresy, what is it? Perdona me, amicus.
Perdona tu perro, forgive me.
There's only one thing that arouses animals more than pleasure, and that is pain.
Brother William, would you care to share your thoughts with us all? With pleasure.
A man cannot be forced to believe, only to say he believes.
This is what struck me during the course of my inquisition and why I gave up that activity.
Otherwise what would become of that free will on the exercising of which we will be judged in the next world? Are you suggesting that Salvatore may have lied? I am suggesting that under torture a man not only says what the inquisitor wants, but also what he imagines might please him, because a bond is established between you and him.
And it is not on this that the truth can be based.
Your philosophy is heretical! Truth is not the product of a glowing iron bar.
There is only one truth.
The incandescence of the truth comes from a very different flame.
And it does not belong to the heretics, nor to those who protect them.
Torture is a necessity.
A necessity for the total destruction of a man.
A necessity to obtain not his truth but yours.
Salvatore! Go now and meditate further in your cell.
We will consider your testimony with paternal benevolence.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Magnificentissimo.
It seems that you were carrying with you certain letters from Dolcino, that you hid here in the library waiting for someone or something That is not true.
Bring Malachi of Hildesheim.
Do not cry for help.
Show me that you understand.
Where are the prisons? -Under the forge.
-Where? Through the door on the left.
[He gasps for breath.]
I asked you if you had received from the defendant here present any letters Malachi, You swore you would do nothing to harm me.
And I did not swear falsely.
I kept your letters secret for years.
I handed them over to our most reverend brother Bernard only after you killed Severinus.
But you must know I did not kill Severinus.
You know because you were already there.
-Me? -[Remigio.]
I went into the infirmary after they discovered you.
Then, Remigio, what were you doing in Severinus's laboratory? I I heard brother William tell Severinus to guard certain papers.
I thought he meant the letters.
Ah So you knew about the letters.
Most Reverend Inquisitor, of what is Remigio accused? Of being a heretic for a short period in his long ago youth? Or to be one today? To have killed Severinus? Why don't you tell us which charges you would prefer to defend against.
Yes, and while we are on the subject, I would also be interested to know from you, brother William, what papers you were discussing with Severinus, when the cellarer overheard and, I imagine, misunderstood.
He did in fact misunderstand me.
Your imagination is accurate.
We were referring to a copy of the treatise on canine hydrophobia by Ayyub al-Ruhawi, a remarkably erudite book which you surely must know and which must often have been of great use to you.
So the matters were extraneous to the case under discussion.
What case under discussion? If brother William in these past few days had paid more attention to the baying of heretics than the yapping of the abbey dogs, perhaps he would also have discovered that a man far more dangerous than a rabid mongrel had taken up residence within the abbey walls.
These letters are the remains of a heresy, and in this abbey someone is prepared to kill in order to obtain them! I have nothing to do with the crimes in the abbey! -Silence! -[Alinardo.]
Yes! Everyone hold your tongues! Beware the fifth trumpet.
The pain will be such as of a thousand scorpion stings.
My Lord, let me tell you exactly what happened.
I thought Malachi wanted to get rid of those letters, so he gave them to Severinus to hide.
I went to Severinus because I wanted to destroy them, but he was already dead.
So I started searching through his things Why should I give those letters to Severinus? I didn't even know what they were about.
Malachi of Hildesheim, you are not here as a defendant, but as a witness.
You have nothing to fear.
Since I'm in charge of the only part of the abbey forbidden to all the others, Remigio asked me, when he arrived here, to keep some documents of a secret nature, entrusted to him in confession, which should not fall into "profane hands," so he said, and which he dared not keep himself.
I conceded, never suspecting these documents could be of an heretical nature.
Why did you not inform me? The library was never intended to house the belongings of any monk.
At the time it seemed to me a thing of scarce importance.
I sinned without malice.
Of course.
We are all convinced the librarian acted in good faith.
Was it these? Yes.
These are the letters.
That would be sufficient.
You may go, Malachi of Hildesheim.
You hid his letters and he showed you the novices' arses in the kitchen! -[Laughter.]
Silence! Silence I said! Who dared utter such vulgarity? He will be punished severely! Do you recognize these papers as being yours, Remigio? These are letters from the heretic Dolcino.
Letters to his followers.
Messages of hatred towards the "ignoble church," a hope for the coming of a so-called "holy pope.
" He incites his followers to continue the struggle.
And he speaks of a daughter, Anna.
Do you know this Anna? No, my Lord, I do not know.
I did not even know a daughter existed.
Confess! But to what must I confess? That you were with Dolcino, that you had believed and shared his ideas and actions.
-Yes! -Yes.
I believed those things.
We were to bring about the renewal of the Church, which perverts like you had destroyed! In just a few years we, the poor and disinherited, had defeated four, yes, four full armies that you had thrown against us! Yes, I confess, I confess I believed in the true faith with my whole soul.
I confess that we renounced all our belongings and from that time on we never accepted money from anyone! And you burned and looted! And we burned and looted, yes, because we had proclaimed poverty the universal law.
The heresy of those who preached and still do preach poverty inevitably leads to waves of criminality and chaos.
This is the lesson that every man of faith must learn.
And that, for now, is all.
Most Reverend Inquisitor, you are trying to prove that Remigio's actions are shared by the Franciscan order.
Our vision of life does not include hate.
We condemn all violence and all bloodshed.
You, on the other hand, are using the same methods as the heretics.
But, as I said before, you cannot impose faith with violence.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not steal.
Are you saying, dear brother William, that our Lord Jesus Christ did not consider the commandments to be coercive? [Remigio.]
We killed to punish, to purify through blood.
We alone were the apostles of Christ, all the others had betrayed him.
Our rule came to us directly from God, not from you, damned dogs, false preachers, putrid carrions, ravens, servants of the whore of Avignon! I have heard enough.
I will come with you.
Watch what you do, young man.
You have something you want to ask me? I do.
Well, go on, then.
I wanted to ask When we arrived at the abbey, we met a girl.
The witch? She's not a witch.
All I'm asking is for you to bless her and grant her absolution before the inquisitor does her any harm.
You're a good lad.
Maybe too good.
Open the door.
I feel no devil around you.
Audi filia et vide et inclina aurem tuam et obliviscere populum tuum et domum patris tui Te deum laudamus te dominum confitemur Te aeternum patrem omnis terra veneratur Tibi omnes angeli tibi caeli et universae potestates Tibi cherubim et seraphim [Bernard.]
Tell us how you killed your brothers in the abbey, and why.
Do not make me confess to what I have not done.
You have heard him.
He once had his hands steeped in blood, yet now he is innocent.
Here, come to my arms, brother Remigio, that I may console you for the accusations that evil men have brought against you.
Prepare the instruments of torture.
Avoid mutilation and let death be savored and expected.
It must not come before confession is full and voluntary and purifying.
No, my lord.
No, not torture.
I'm a cowardly man.
I have collaborated readily in the management of this estate of the Antichrist.
I helped to enrich him like a stuffed pig.
Abbot, you've filled your secret chest, indifferent to the poor and suffering people.
Will holy water be sufficient to cleanse your soul? Enough! Enough! [Adso.]
It's the abbot.
Abbot, what is the rush? His mother was a "grande dame.
" But when she heard the sermon of Saint Francis, she decided to give all her riches to the poor.
So he had her declared "non compos mentis.
" Can you imagine his boxes of jewels given to the poor? [Chuckles.]
Dolcino and Margherita are saints.
You are devils! I still believe in them! The interrogation is finished.
No, it is not finished.
You want a corpse, and to have it you need me to assume the guilt for other corpses.
So listen carefully.
I killed Adelmo of Otranto out of hatred for his youth.
I killed Venanzio of Salvamec because he was too learned.
I killed Berengar of Arundel out of hatred for his library.
I killed Severinus of Sankt Emmeram why? Because he gathered herbs, while we only had corpses to eat.
And yes, of course, I could kill the others too, including our abbot whom I have fed but always hated.
Under the threat of torture, a man says not only what he has done but what he would have liked to do, even if he does not know it.
Is that enough for you? Ah, no, you want to know how I killed all those people.
The Devil does it for you, if you know how to command the Devil.
How did you command the Devil? You yourself know, butcher of apostles.
You take a black cat, isn't that it? The monster just told you how.
You pull its eyes out, you take it at midnight to a crossroads and you cry out in a loud voice: "O great Lucifer, Emperor of Hell, I offer you this cat in sacrifice.
Enter into the body of my enemy and bring him to his death! You will do as I command of you by the powers of all the captains of the great legions of hell, Adramelch, Alastor, and Azazel -Abigor pecca pro nobis -[Uproar.]
Amon misaerere nobis Belial libera nos a malo Samael, Haborym, Zaebos, Focalor! -[Man.]
Make him stop, please! -[Uproar.]
Now it is well and truly finished.
The accused has confessed and will be removed to Avignon, where he will be burned at the stake as a heretic.
This terrible episode, that has seen one man commit such ferocious crimes, is at an end.
The abbey may now live in peace.
But the world The world still has not found peace.
The source of the heretics' wickedness springs from the lips of many preachers, respected, unpunished.
I consider declared friends of heretics, all men who pronounce those discourses and read those books, they are as dangerous as the assassins! Dolcino quoted Jesus and the Gospel.
Would you consider the Christ and his Apostles heretics and assassins just because the Dolcinians used their words? I want to get my hands on a forbidden book and a man.
You keep forgetting there is an innocent girl down there that they want to burn! I haven't forgotten, believe me.
Where is the book? What book? Benno, neither of us is a fool.
-What makes you think I took it? -I did not recognize the book.
But you recognized it very well and you went back to get it.
-Where is it? -I cannot tell.
I will speak with the abbot.
It is the abbot himself who ordered me not to tell.
Today Malachi offered me Berengar's position.
Just half an hour ago the abbot agreed.
But, Benno, the day before you said you were burning with the curiosity to know.
Like the Italians, you didn't want the library to conceal mysteries any longer.
Now he is the guardian of those secrets he wanted to know, and while he guards them he will have all the time he wants to learn them.
Our Malachi has accomplished many fine things today.
If justice were to exist, the Devil will come and take him this very night.
Malachi knew his man: he used the best means to recover the book and seal his lips.
This is exactly why I speak of lust.
There is lust not only of the flesh.
Bernard Gui is lustful; his is a distorted lust for justice which becomes identified with a lust for power.
And Benno lusts for books.
But lust has nothing to do with love, not even carnal love.
True love wants the good of its beloved.
What a nasty day.
Do not despair, Adso.
A monk in the Orient once told me: "Three things cannot be hidden for very long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
" [Metalwork.]
Remigio? Wait for me! We have to leave.
No, no, this is not the chain I'm asking you to free me from.
I want my father's letters.
You're just like her.
-All I want is those letters! -Why? Because it's all that is left of them.
The inquisitor has them.
I was just a baby.
Why? I hoped if Margherita saw you there she would recant.
-Margherita -I am Anna! I meant nothing to Margherita! Or to my father.
I'm not like her.
I just wanted to live in peace.
With my son.
With my man.
I am the one who betrayed your father.
They promised me they would spare Margherita.
Do it! Knowing that I saved you precisely for this, to avenge your father and your mother.
Do it, Anna, now.
Kill me and go.
Do it! Help! Help! Help! He attacked me, he was strong.
Hurry! To the prison! Go back.
Back! Check all the cells! Be on your guard! He might be armed.
Did you see his face? No, your Eminence.
But he was strong.
His arm was a claw, like iron And his knife was a double-edged cleaver.
And his voice? A whisper.
More like a woman's And the odor? I was afraid.
Sulfur? Goat? Rotten eggs? Or perhaps rotten fish? Or shit? Definitely not.
But musk, that's it.
The smell of a whore.
[Monks singing.]
[Gasps for breath.]
He told me truly It has the power of a thousand scorpions.