The Neighborhood (2018) s06e10 Episode Script

Welcome to the World

Oh, Tina, look at you, girl.
Yes, and look at you.
- Oh, oh-oh, look at my husband.
- Oh
Looking like a chocolate snack.
You better know it.
What kind of snack am I?
Ooh, uh, you are looking like a
smoked gouda on a Triscuit.
- You better know it.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- Oh, Dave,
that's what you're
wearing to the concert?
Boy, white people get to wear anything.
Well, at least his toes
aren't out this time.
Looking all long and weird.
- Hey-hey.
- TINA: Oh!
There's our beautiful mother-to-be.
Sorry we're late. I was
gonna wear something else,
but I grew out of it as
I was putting it on.
Ooh, yes.
Dave, you're not getting dressed?
Damn it! I am dressed.
Calvin, thank you so much
for getting us these tickets.
We are huge Toni Braxton fans.
Ah, you're welcome.
And just so you all know,
this counts as everybody's
birthday and Christmas gift.
Excuse me?
- Uh, not you, babe. No
- Oh.
Welcome to the block,
welcome to the neighborhood ♪
Welcome to the hood. ♪
Calvin, thank you so much
for getting Grover a ticket.
You know, we played Toni
Braxton for him in utero.
It is so perfect that this is
gonna be his first concert.
He is so excited.
Well, damn, he doesn't look excited.
He looks like he's ready for bed.
Grover, come on. You're gonna love it.
This is the music you grew up on.
I like her music.
I just don't want to go
to my first concert
with a-a-a bunch of old people.
Who's he calling old?
- Who the hell ?
- Okay, babe, babe, babe, babe.
Hey you know what? No, I'll
give him a reason to go to bed.
Now, Grover, go home and
put on a real pair of pants.
- Now.
- Oh
My Triscuit went from
gouda to pepper jack.
Now, are you sure you're
up to going out like this?
Oh, yeah. I want to make the
most of the last few weeks
before Daphne arrives.
Yeah, and tonight is about fun.
No stressing about the massive,
life-changing event
that's looming over us.
I may miss a few songs, though.
This baby is breakdancing on my bladder.
Ooh, fear not. I have mapped out
- every bathroom in the arena.
- Oh.
Mm-hmm, and I packed a
baggy of that sliced ham
that you go crazy for.
Mmm, that's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, come on. Give me some. All right.
He's got a pocket full of ham,
and I'm getting grief about khakis?
Marty, that is so nice to see.
I know you and Courtney
are just friends,
but you're such a good
pregnancy partner.
Just like I was. Chip off the old block.
Really? 'Cause that's not how
I remember the old block.
- Okay. Okay. Are you comfortable?
- I'm supposed to make you comfortable.
Do I look comfortable to you?
And stop touching my pillow!
Mr. Butler, the baby's coming.
- He's crowning. Look.
Uh, you-you know what?
Uh, I'm good. I'm good.
You, uh, you, you do that.
I-I mean, you're the one that went
to medical school and everything.
Calvin. Calvin, Calvin, Calvin!
- Get the camera ready!
- Okay.
- Okay. All right, um
Okay. Uh, Doctor, um, you you
think while you're down there,
you could, you could get
some footage for me?
I'm kind of busy right now.
Nurse, forceps?
- All right. Okay.
- All right, I got it, baby. I got it.
- Ooh!
- We gonna see it.
- Calvin!
- Calvin!
- We gonna see it. Here we go.
Oh, Lord, that's a lot of blood.
Oh, God.
I'm going down.
He wound up with a concussion.
And me and Malcolm got out
of the hospital before he did.
Look, I was ready to go.
But you know, when
you got good insurance,
they want to milk it.
As soon as I got out,
I did all of the fatherly duties.
Fatherly duties?
Mama said you ain't
changed a single diaper.
I didn't change 'em, I bought 'em.
(EXCLAIMS) Guys, I have
an announcement to make.
As a thank you to Calvin
for getting us the tickets,
I have hired a driver to take
us to the show in luxury.
Well, all right!

Trey? You hired Trey?
I am supporting a Black-owned business.
Trey, where'd you get this
van? Is it even legal?
Of course it is. I got it
from the police auction.
Oh, God.
This traffic is terrible.
Not for us, baby.
Look what the police left in here.
Trey, I know that ain't legal.
People are getting out of our way.
Wait, so, uh, so, Pop, you really
passed out when I was born?
Calvin, come on. You have nothing
to be embarrassed about.
You know, sometimes we are just
not our best selves under pressure.
God, I remember when we were pregnant,
we were exhausted.
"We"? What did you do?
Oh, Dave was very, very involved.
- Ooh !
- Okay, uh
What do you need? Ice chips? Water?
Let's just, let's just breathe.
Um, want me to sing?
Twice was enough.
- Ooh.
Honey, y-you look hot.
Uh, let's mop that brow. Uh
You don't get to say that.
Must you fight me on everything, Donna?
I understand it's go-time in here.
Ooh. Damn it, you know
what? I missed that.
Do you mind taking your entrance again
and maybe saying something
like "It's showtime"?
Dave. Stop it.
Okay, honey, you look
tense. You know what?
Let me put on my special mix CD.
Toni Braxton's "Let It Flow."
Am I right, Donna?
You doing okay? You want an epidural?
- Last call.
- Yeah, yeah. Yes. Make it a double!
- Uh, Gemma.
We agreed that we
would do this naturally.
We changed our mind.
I-I hate to use your words against you,
but you did say, "No matter what,
don't let me get an epidural."
(PANTS) You're right, you're right.
I'm sorry. Come here, honey.
(GROWLING): Give me the drugs!
I want the drugs right now!
- Do you hear me?!
- Get her the drugs!
Get her the drugs!
Donna, get her the drugs!
Check this out. You can still see
where Gemma dug her nails into my neck.
All the pain was worth it
because we got our healthy,
happy baby boy.
I hate my life.
Well, he's healthy.
Uh, Trey, you can't go this way.
It says "Do not enter."
They just say that so you don't enter.
Were those traffic cones?
I hope so.
VIP entrance?
Are you sure we're
supposed to park here?
Look, I don't care as
long as we're close.
These shoes are cute, but they
were not made for walking.
DAVE: Uh, excu-excuse me, Trey.
Trey, uh if you get a parking ticket,
- that's on you, right?
- Oh, no, that's totally on you.
- You should have read your contract.
- Well
Well, there wasn't a contract.
Damn it.
My bad. Sign right here.
- Oh, my God.
- You don't have to sign that.
The name of your company
is Ride with Your Boy?
I pull up with the blick, blick ♪
I pull up, make your clique flip ♪
I pull off in the whip ♪
- And I skert ♪
- Skert!
- Skert ♪
- Skert ♪
- Skert!
Hey, man, Lil Side Baby's killing it.
You know, I just googled Lil Side Baby.
And it said he played Stevie
on Hannah Montana.
- What?
- What? No, that is him. He did.
Yeah. He-he won a Kid's
Choice Award for that.
That must've been
before the face tattoos.
LIL SIDE BABY: Thank you,
L.A. Good night.
- CALVIN: Lil Side Baby!
- Yeah!
Yes! Thank God.
- Let's get some Toni!
- Whoo!
- Sorry. Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- CALVIN: Hey.
You guys get your merch?
Yes, we did. Toni Braxton T-shirts.
And Dave just had to get
a Lil Side Baby cozy.
- Oh, yeah. For my kombucha.
Everybody loves a cold booch.
ANNOUNCER: Who's ready for Toni Braxton?
- Oh, my God!
- I know, it's exciting, right?
My water just broke.
Oh, no, you can have mine. Take mine.
No, Marty.
My water just broke.
What now? Oh!
- Water broke! Water broke!
- What, what, what, what?
Baby, you think she can
hold it for one song?
I mean, these tickets
were kind of expensive.
I mean, you think she could hold it?
- Mama!
- (STAMMERS) Okay, come on, come on.
Let's move, people.
Move! Out of the way.
I pull up with the blick, blick ♪
Skert, skert ♪
- Trey, Trey, Trey, Trey, Trey.
- Skert. ♪
Come on. We got to go.
We got to go, man.
Oh. That was quick. I'm still
charging y'all for four hours.
Come on. Courtney's water just broke.
Aw, hell no.
Because y'all family,
I'm gonna give you a discount
on the cleaning fee.
- Oh!
- Contraction
- Okay, let's get her to a hospital.
Sorry. We blocked in.
See that van right in front of us?
- That's Toni's, and she busy for a while.
- Aw
Oh, Trey, I told you
we couldn't park here.
Guys, I'm trying to call the doctor.
Does anybody have a signal down here?
- No.
- No.
I cannot believe this is happening.
You know what? It-It's going to be fine.
I'm missing Toni Braxton.
I mean can you hear that?
I'm pretty sure that's the bass
from "He Wasn't Man Enough."
That's my jam.
Okay. Okay, just calm down.
Okay? We have plenty of time.
Yeah, yeah. Marty came early,
and it all went smoothly.
You and I have very different
definitions of "smoothly."
I cannot believe you are taking
me to the hospital in a lowrider.
Look, baby, I couldn't help it.
All right, I'd just finished
customizing this car
and I was test-driving it
when you beeped me.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Uh, Tina, Tina, no shoes
on the shag, baby.
What? What?
Calvin, I am having a baby!
Okay, but can you hold it
till we get to the hospital?
Ask me that one more time.
Ask me that one more time!
Man, this windshield's
all foggy. Hold on.
- Okay.
- What is happening?
I'm sorry. I hit the switches.
- MAN: Yo, sweet ride.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, my man,
you like what you see,
bring your car to Calvin's Pit Stop.
Calvin! I'm having a baby.
- The baby's got to eat.
- Oh, my God! Oh!
Calvin! Calvin, Calvin,
I'm feeling a lot of pressure.
Something's happening.
Something's happening.
Can-can you look? Can you look?
Oh, look, it's a head.
Oh, God. I'm going down.
Does anyone have a normal birth story?
- 'Cause I'm starting to freak out here.
- Okay.
It was no big deal, all right?
It was just your head.
The rest of you came
out at the hospital.
You know, this is taking forever.
Okay, Dave and Gemma,
can you find security
so we could get these vans moved?
- Yeah, on it.
- Yeah, on it.
Okay, me and Malcolm
will go find an EMT.
I'm sure they're all over the place.
Okay, right. I'll go get nachos.
No. Trey, you'll go find
the drivers for these vans
so that we can get out of here.
Right, 'cause I bet they
up there by the nachos.
All right, guys,
we got a little bit of time,
so let's just breathe and relax.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
Thank you, Mr. B.
All right.
(GROANS) Huge contraction.
It's okay. It's okay.
Just breathe through it.
Hee-hee-hoo, hee-hee-hoo.
Hee-hee-hoo, hee-hee-hoo.
I-I thought you said your
contractions were still far apart.
They were, but the
baby doesn't give a
The baby's coming!
The baby's coming right now!
- Help!
- Martin, come here.
What are you doing?
Come on, man. You got this.
You know what to do.
No. No, I don't.
All they teach you in the
class is "hee-hee-hoo."
COURTNEY: Okay, this baby wants out.
Son, listen to me.
You got to step up and face your fears,
or you'll regret it forever like I do.
You do?
Of course I do.
Your mother really needed me,
and I wasn't there for her.
I mean, I was, but I was
laid out on the floor
or slumped against the car
window while she had to steer.
But you can be better than me.
All right? You can do this.
I know you can.
Isn't someone going to
tell me I can do this?
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah,
- nobody doubting you, Courtney.
- you can do this
- Like, you know you got it.
Okay, we're gonna need some towels.
All right.
Uh, we got nothing but, uh, $300
worth of Toni Braxton T-shirts.
Okay. Oh, boy.
She is crowning.
- Okay.
- I'm going down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa Marty, come on.
Marty, stay with me, okay?
Breathe. Hee-hee-hoo.
Skert, skert. Yeah. Keep going, y'all.
Okay. All right, you are doing great.
- Let's push.
- CALVIN: Okay.
- All right, here. Take my hand.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, just hold my hand.
- Okay, okay.
Here we go.
Ooh! That's my ring finger.
I'm, like, starving.
Lil Side Baby ate up everything in
the greenroom. Who does that?
Oh, my God. Toni Braxton!
This is not my Sprinter.
And is that woman having a baby?
Okay, okay, okay. See,
what had happened was,
is that our driver ran over some cones,
and we came in to the artists' entrance,
my wife had on these designer shoes,
because she couldn't
really walk in them.
You know, you can't really walk in them.
Anyway, we said, "Whoa,
let's just go in this way."
And-and, yes, this
lady is having a baby.
Boris, can you can you help
get these vans out of here?
MARTY: Oh, my God! (SHOUTS)
We have a head, people! We have a head!
You know what?
- Uh-uh. Let's do this.
- Okay.
All right, what's your name, Mama?
Toni Braxton!
No, no, Mama. Not my name. Your name.
Her name is Courtney, and
we are huge fans, by the way.
- I mean, huge.
- I-I appreciate that.
Now, you got to push,
Courtney. All right?
- Daddy, you ready to receive?
- Yes, Toni Braxton.
On three. One, two, three. Push!
Oh! I ain't gonna be able
to hold my grandbaby.
- Okay, guys, we found some help.
Oh my God, it's a baby.
It is, Mommy.
- It is.
- She's beautiful.
Let's wrap her up.
Oh, good, good. Yeah, here we go.
Oh, in one of my T-shirts.
Okay, I love it.
My fans are getting younger and younger.
Oh, my little Daphne.
I take it you must be the grandma?
Oh, damn.
You're Toni Braxton.
Th-This is Toni Braxton.
Hi, Toni Braxton.
- Hi, Grandma.
Courtney, it's all over.
Now you can breathe again.
(LAUGHS) Breathe again.
I see what you did right there.
I can't believe Toni Braxton
delivered my baby.
Um, hello?
You did a great job, Daddy.
Hey, congratulations, baby brother.
That's beautiful.
How you doing, Toni Braxton?
My name is Malcolm. I'm the uncle.
Division one baseball coach,
That's cute.
Anyway, it was nice
meeting all of you guys,
and congratulations.
Oh, my God.
You look fabulous, Toni.
She looks great.
Hey, Malcolm.
- Yeah.
- Proud of you, boy.
Thank you, Pop.
You took your shot at Toni Braxton.
- And you missed.
- I missed.
- But-but you shot.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
She is so beautiful.
I could hold her forever.
You have been.
- Yeah, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.
- TINA: Okay, okay.
Look at that little baby.
MARTY: Uh, look, guys?
Guys, guys.
Full words, please.
We've made the choice
not to use baby talk.
To talk to a baby?
Well, studies show that it can
delay a child's language skills.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, y'all
gonna be fun parents.
So, the doctor says that you
can go home tomorrow.
- Are you ready?
- I'm so ready.
- Oh, crap.
- What?
The crib isn't built.
- Wait, it's not?
- No, my dad wanted to do it,
but my parents can't get
here till Wednesday.
I guess I can just use the bassinet.
Oh, no, no, no. It's not
about the bassinet.
You can't be with the baby alone.
Marty, you got to go with her.
In my tiny studio?
Where would he even sleep?
It's not a problem.
You can stay at our place.
We can get the crib from Mom's
house and put it in the spare room.
Spare room?
You mean my exercise room?
Where's all my gym equipment gonna go?
Malcolm, look, the plan was
always to turn the spare room
into Daphne's room at some point.
I ain't never heard this plan.
I see now the plan was flawed.
Well, look, man, what do
you expect me to do?
You know, I have half a baby.
I hate to sound ungrateful,
but is the spare room even big
enough for a crib and a bed?
You can sleep in Marty's room.
We are not a couple, man.
- Oh, please.
- Okay, okay.
Look, Courtney can go in Malcolm's room,
Malcolm can come stay with us.
Where? In my shoe room?
Look, it's just until
Courtney's parents get here.
Yeah, but then they're going to leave,
and you'll be two people in two houses
with one baby and no clue.
So, y'all rocket scientists.
Have you been huffing the fumes?
Daddy, I thought we
had three more weeks.
- Aw
Y'all made my baby cry.
Come on. Give her to me.
Okay. Here.
- Look at her.
Look at her.
- How are you doing?
Still got it.
Okay, you have got to
teach me that, Dad.
Well, don't worry.
No one's ever really ready.
We'll all figure this out.
It takes a village.
Hey, guys, I-I'm so sorry.
Have we discussed godparents yet?
I mean, no-no pressure, but,
you know, I did miss the concert
and paid for the van
that she was born in,
not to mention the very
expensive concert T-shirts,
which, by the way, are a total loss.
But, um
You hear that voice?
That annoying voice?
That's your Uncle Dave.
Get used to it.
It never stops.
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