The Net (1998) s01e01 Episode Script


I'm on my way to pick you up now.
- What, are you lost? - I can't get lost.
I rented a car with an auto-track satellite system.
I swear to God, you have never seen the likes of this.
- You are now travelling north - It's Star Trek in a rental car.
- No, listen.
Listen to this.
- Turn left on Frontage Road.
Two blocks west, you will come to Melbourne Street.
- Turn left to access the interstate.
- Did you hear that? - Accelerate as you near the on-ramp.
- Yeah, it's like autopilot.
This car tells you everything.
It even knows your name.
Drive with caution, Dr Wayland.
Oh, my God! Dead is noted mathematician Dr Phillip Wayland THE NET 1x01 "DELETED" in a bizarre accident on the Oregon interstate last evening.
It took paramedics two hours to extricate his body from the wreckage.
He was burnt beyond recognition.
Coroners say that it may be several days before he is officially identified.
Tell me this is not a catastrophe.
Please tell me you can fix this thing before my investors come and delete my bank account.
Calm down, Mr Wigan.
You just have a little bug in your Java alive and complex, with its own peculiarities.
But I put some quality time in on this one.
I replaced your class libraries.
It's just a matter of woman over machine and voilà! Psychics on parade.
Angela, you are a goddess sent from above.
- How can I ever repay you? - Cash.
Nobody takes cash anymore.
Between you and me, I'm not even sure- Angela, coffee's here.
Come on up, Tilley.
Forget all that business stuff for a moment.
I'm talking personal here.
- In person? How primitive.
- I'm serious.
I mean, you've been troubleshooting for me for the past two years now and we've never met.
How about it? Me and the lovely Angela dinner, dancing, a little romance under the stars.
I don't date clients, Mr Wigan.
Honey, you don't date, period.
Anyway, we have to go, so my accountant's going to bill you.
- Hey, wait.
We have a lot in common.
- Right about now.
Deli's finest almond mocha, extra caf, with a twist.
They got me on full load here.
I worked on this all night.
- Oh, how did it go this morning? - It went well.
One more month of probation and I am free and clear, thanks to you.
Don't thank me.
You're the one who has to take care of my books.
Yeah, better than living on the street in a cardboard box.
How about we reserve that judgement until you see what I have for you today.
Oh, here.
I intercepted the PBS Express delivery guy again.
I signed for it.
I think he thinks I'm you.
Oh, yes! Mariners won.
- You owe me $5.
- Double or nothing.
Oh, come on.
You're ruthless.
I'm broke.
I'll get you some money on my run.
All right.
Okay, what is your problem, little guy? Hi, Angela.
Not impressed.
All right.
Fess up.
Why are you here? Greetings, O Great One.
Your task, as always, is to figure out why this little gadget won't stay on programme.
In other words, every time we set up its on-line function we're doing battle with some seriously ugly digital insects.
Check it out and give us a call.
This is no good, Mr Bob.
There's no CD or manual.
Oh, yeah, it's a prototype.
There's no manual.
And don't hook it up to your server.
You might find yourself trading viruses with the Devil himself.
He's challenging me.
I like a challenge.
By the way, I'm going to be in Emerald City next week and maybe we could have a face-to-face.
Oh, God.
Whoa! Okay, Sorcerer, whoever you are.
You're using triple DES encryption.
It's good, it's not tough enough.
AII I need is Hey, why are you shutting me out? Get out of my chat room! What was that? You know what? I have no idea.
I'm too fried to deal with this right now.
- If it does it again, hit it with a frying pan.
- Okay.
I'm going for a run.
Hey, Ang, I wasn't kidding.
- I know.
I owe you $5.
- No, not about the money.
Nobody wanted to take a shot with me, you know, when I tried to straighten out except you.
You didn't even know me.
Stop thanking me.
You did it yourself.
God, is that a Hallmark moment or what? All right.
- Have a good run.
- See you.
What? Account closed? Just take my card.
- Federal agents! Get down on the ground! - Yeah, you! Get your arms away from your body.
Palms up! Palms up! Do it! Spread them! Get down! Now! Now! - Federal agents.
- You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- The Feds got her.
- I know.
It'll make sure she doesn't talk to anyone else.
Let's see what they can pull out of her.
Keep our hands clean.
What if they decide not to keep her? Then we'll have to give them a few more reasons to hold her.
Miss Bennett has walked the straight and narrow for much, much too long.
I am not Elizabeth Marx.
You know, we'd really hoped you'd be more helpful.
Look, Agent Dillon I have talked to every single FBI agent that I care to and I don't know what the hell you want from me.
How about the truth? Truth.
- I got an e-mail.
- God, that's kid's stuff.
Okay? I'm talking about electronic espionage here.
You got an anonymous tip about computer tampering.
I don't know how government-sensitive files got into my home.
- I have no idea- - No idea how they got there.
Right, right.
The fact remains, however, that the files were there.
Yeah, so is the weather report if you leave the line open.
I didn't steal anything.
You know, I'd really, really like to be able to believe you.
I really would.
But it seems when we got you down here fingerprinted you, and pulled up your record I don't have a record.
Wanted in two states.
Two outstanding federal warrants.
Fraud, extortion.
And now it seems that we can add treason to the list.
Look, I know who I am.
I am Angela Bennett.
I fix software programmes.
I'm a freelance programmer.
I work out of my home because I thought that it was safer and I just don't know any- - Is that why nobody seems to know you? - Yeah.
- No friends, no family? - I keep to myself.
Look, my mom died, and my dad left when I was a kid.
And where is he now, your father? I don't know.
What about Bobby Lipton, okay? - What about him? - Bobby Lipton's dead.
What? He's not dead.
I just talked to him on the phone this morning.
And nobody at Digital Electronics seems to know who you are.
What about Tilley? Has anybody found Tilley? Like I already told you she signed an Ex for herself, and that's the last anybody's seen her.
- That was addressed to me.
- Not according to their records, Miss Marx.
No, I am not Elizabeth Marx.
I am not Elizabeth Marx.
Why won't you people believe me? I'm not! Take a good look.
Fingerprints, car registration credit-card records, bank statements, birth certificate.
Angela Bennett does not exist.
You are Elizabeth Marx, and you're about to go to jail for a very long time.
Miss? Miss.
You can go.
All right.
Thank you.
And here are your possessions.
Angela? Angela Bennett? We know who you are, Angela.
We also know there's been a terrible misunderstanding.
Really? Who the hell are "we"? Sean Trelawney with the NSA.
National Security Agency.
As soon as we were brought in on this, we realised someone was framing you.
Your shadow just didn't fit.
- My shadow? - Profile.
We call them shadows.
See, every bit of info out there on you and everyone is tabulated, referenced, categorized.
Says who you are.
- Who am I? - You're Angela Bennett.
- That's a nice medal.
He still a saint? - Yeah, he was when I got it.
Listen, I've had about enough chitchat, so if I could just get back to my life Angela, I understand what you've been through.
But if you're okay, if you feel up to it right now I'd very much like to ask you just a couple of questions.
I don't think so, all right? I just need to go home.
Go ahead.
I've got a car waiting.
Angela, the facts are someone has stripped you of your identity and unless you help us figure out who I'm just afraid it can happen again.
Neither of us want that, do we, Angie? Let me help you.
Oh, my God.
Always so ham-handed.
We can take care of this for you, Angela.
We'll get a crew in here and clean all this up.
She's a wiz with computers.
Probably get you up and running in no time.
Hearney, see if you can find some coffee, put on a pot.
I'm sure you'd like to get out of those clothes.
We can handle the cleanup right now.
This is my home, you know.
They had no right.
Angela, let's get all this behind you right now.
All right.
Well, let's get it over with.
What can I do for you? You can start with the basics.
Just tell us your day before the FBI arrested you.
- Anything unusual happen? - I'm not sure.
I got this weird e-mail from somebody named Sorcerer this morning.
Sorcerer? Yeah, it's a Net tag, you know.
Everybody uses aliases.
It helps keep the distance, right? Anonymity.
Personal, impersonal.
Mine's Angel.
Who's Sorcerer? Well, that's the point of it all.
It could be anybody.
Black, or white, young, old.
It could be next door, in Venezuela.
It could be you, for all I know.
Hey, please don't touch that.
It's voice-activated.
It's a prototype that I'm working on.
Thanks, Hearney.
It digs into my ribs when I sit.
If it makes you nervous, just shove it out of your way.
It's heavy.
I don't know how you carry it.
So this e-mail It was strange.
I mean, there were names on it that were hard to remember.
Except for one, Dr Wayland.
- Dr Phillip Wayland? - He's dead.
I watch the news.
That's what made me remember.
I had just seen the news item, so I thought it was odd.
Do you still have that e-mail? The document that was saved might be able to tell us something.
It's possible.
If I did, it'd be stored in my - Everything all right? - What? I'm just trying to understand.
- I'm just trying to understand.
- Understand what? Why we're here? Right.
I mean, three NSA people sitting here, asking me questions.
Why the interest? What's going on? I'm afraid all I can tell you is it's a matter of national security.
But right now, I think we're narrowing in on this e-mail.
You thought it might be stored in your computer.
Why should I trust you? Because right now, Angela, it's the only choice you've got.
Now, the e-mail.
I can boot it up.
It'll just take a few minutes.
Oh, well.
That could answer everything for us.
Well, it seemed innocent at first, you know, but I realised that there was something that just wasn't right.
You ever get that feeling? Why would I receive an e-mail with a man's name on it who had just been killed? That must be Tilley.
She comes around this time of night.
Couldn't be her.
Why couldn't it? Just go see who it is.
You were saying something wasn't right.
So it made me sort of wanna ask questions.
Questions like since you're from the NSA you wouldn't mind if I sent the file to the FBI website, would you? Actually, I would mind that, Angela.
I'd mind that very much.
Angel! NSA, FBI, CIA they all have too many boundaries, Angela! What we do is more important, more practical.
Give me my e-mail! Angela! Hearney, what do you think you're doing? - If I wanted her dead, I'd have killed her.
- You're letting her get away.
Where's she gonna hide? Besides, she knows something.
Let's let her lead us to the answer.
Kelly, get the car.
a grisly scene down here at 25 Alaskan Way behind this apartment building where the body of a young woman was discovered in this dumpster by police.
They are literally discovering evidence by the moment so let's get the latest.
Sergeant, if I could talk to you one more time over here.
What is the latest evidence you've discovered on this murder case? We found a weapon behind the dumpster that had the body in it.
We believe it to be the murder weapon and we sent it away for fingerprints.
The fingerprints on it have been identified.
We just found out they belong to a known felon, Elizabeth Marx.
Anything the public can do to help us locate that suspect will be greatly appreciated.
Oh, my God, Tilley, I'm so sorry.
the body of a young lady found in this dumpster moments ago by police All right, Dr Phillip Wayland, let's see what you can do for me.
Six magazine subscriptions, four newspapers orders from various catalogues.
To house You rented a car the night you died.
But you didn't sign for it.
Victoria Wayland did.
He's alive.
Sorcerer? Where are you? Are you safe? The police are after me, and the FBI arrested me.
And some fake NSA guy tried to kill me.
I've been safer.
Why is this happening to me? You were never to have received that e-mail about Copper Canyon.
It was a mistake.
Now they think you're involved.
Copper Canyon? Involved? Involved in what? - Who are you, Sorcerer? - Who I am is irrelevant.
- Stay out of it, Angel.
- I can't.
I'm in it.
Just tell me what Dr Wayland has to do with all this.
Phillip Wayland is dead.
No, he's not.
Where are you? Just let me come to you and talk to you in person.
That's impossible.
We can't ever meet, Angel.
Too dangerous for you, for me.
Forget this ever happened.
Forget it? My life is gone.
I am wanted for murder.
I've been erased.
I'm gonna find Wayland.
I'm gonna see what he knows.
Dr Wayland? Dr Wayland.
I know you're in there.
I know you're in there 'cause you're a creature of habit.
Right now, you're online looking at the news and checking the sports scores paying particular attention to the Celtics.
And I also know that you rent this home under another name.
But you pay for it every month out of your bank account two days early because you're careful and practical.
Which is probably why you're not gonna open the door.
Dr Wayland! I know a lot about you.
I know what happened to Victoria.
How did you get all that information? "Electronic information is the greatest door to the inner man.
" I read your article.
- Who are you? - My name is Angela Bennett.
- I need your help.
- Go away.
No, listen to me.
I don't have anybody else.
People have tried to kill me and they've taken my identity.
They've made me into a criminal and I think it's the same people who killed Victoria.
- My sister was killed in a car accident.
- No, she was murdered.
The accident was meant for you.
Do you have any proof about my sister's death? - What are you doing? - I'm disconnecting you.
Do you have any cell phones? Because they can trace the code.
No, I don't.
Stop! What's Copper Canyon? Copper Canyon was a long time ago.
That's forgotten about.
Apparently not, because my life was turned upside down by the mere mention of it in an e-mail.
Now, I think that they're trying to kill you because of the same memo.
E- mail? No one is trying to kill me.
All right, then, why are you hiding? Why don't you let people know that you're not dead? Victoria had your credit card that night that she was killed.
And now they traced it to you, thought you were in the car and then somehow they manipulated her car- You can't manipulate a vehicle.
A computer can.
Computers control our lives.
They can fly planes.
They can Every time you use a credit card, or a bank account, or a phone a computer has something to do with it.
Now, they know who we are, where we are, and how we do things.
Electronic information.
It's out there for the taking.
It's not only to understand the fellow man.
It's to take advantage of him.
I want to know what happened at Copper Canyon.
Copper Canyon was a long time ago.
In 1984.
It's long before your time.
I have a vivid memory of the time.
What went on? A group of us were invited to the Canyon.
Some military, philosophers, analysts theologians, chaos theorists.
An honour, they told us, to work on a worldwide communication system.
Marshall McLuhan called it the global village.
We worked individually, were told never to discuss our work.
I never saw the final report.
When we finished, we were sent away.
We signed a contract saying we'd never see each other again and that's all I know.
So who called you together? Who put together the report? We never met them.
They were called the Praetorian Guard.
Praetorian? Like, Caesar's private army the secret militia that decided that Ancient Rome wasn't working so they took the law into their own hands and assassinated anyone who got in their way.
They're trying to kill us because they think that we're in their way.
Because we got a trucker logging on to his onboard with an unscheduled stop.
You see, we traced that truck to one of your weigh-in stations, Sheriff.
Tell me something.
Did you know everyone gets photographed as they leave a weigh-in station? Yeah, isn't that amazing? The lack of privacy we got going today? Well, but it's all to our advantage 'cause it's quite clear that our girl was dropped somewhere in your area in the past five hours, Sheriff.
Oh, yes, I know how big your county is.
Well, now that we've all done our math I figure you'll need all three county-sheriff divisions plus some rollers on the interstate.
Let's see, road blocks every 15 miles and you best put a pack of dogs out working the back trails just in case our little girl happens to be on foot.
I'll have photos and stats of Miss Marx sent to you in the next 30 seconds.
Why don't you go check your fax machine, Sheriff? I'll be on a helicopter sitting in your lap before you can say "Jack Daniel's.
" No, thank you, Sheriff.
The U.
Marshals' office appreciates it.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Get me a helicopter, U.
Marshal badges and patch his line through here just in case he decides to double-check us.
You were right.
Colonel Sensenbach.
His plane went down this morning in the Adirondacks.
The crash was attributed to a computer malfunction and Mosten suffered a fatal heart attack two days ago in Atlanta.
The autopsy revealed that a computer chip implanted in his pacemaker failed.
What about Reverend Delillo? Brain aneurysm.
Routine appendectomy, though.
Something to do with the anaesthetic equipment malfunctioning.
No one seems to understand why, as it was all being monitored by- A computer.
Known suspected felon Elizabeth Marx is still at large and believed to be in the local county.
Road blocks have been established and police are asking for any information you may have as to her whereabouts.
And now in Las- There's nothing very good on TV these days, is there? Thanks.
I can't believe they're dead.
This was the only photo ever taken.
We all had code names.
He was a funny guy.
We called him Jester.
And Delillo, Dark Eyes and Mosten was Socrates.
This is me.
- This is Sorcerer.
- Sorcerer? That's who sent me the e-mail.
A philosopher.
He kept to himself.
What's his real name? David John.
John David.
No one believed it.
- Who's that? The one in the shadow.
- I don't know.
I only saw him a few times.
Different than the rest of us, though.
Like he knew something.
Started to speak up a few times in some of the sessions and then he just left.
Always had this look of being someplace else, a little lost.
The same look I see on you.
What is it? That man in the shadow.
That's my father.
I thought you said your father left.
Yeah, he must have gone to Copper Canyon.
All those years out there I was blaming myself, and it killed my mother.
Made me realise that you just can't get close.
This is like opening a door that I shut a long time ago.
You think he's still alive? I can't answer that.
Do you think that he has something to do with what's going on? It's possible.
Where's the report, Dr Wayland? Phillip.
I don't know.
I turned my files in in '84.
I'm sure they stored them away.
Where? At Copper Canyon? We have to go there.
Angela, if this is about your father- No, this is about me and you and everyone who died because of that e-mail.
They're killing anyone who had anything to do with Copper Canyon and I want to know why.
I want to know why my whole life was taken away from me and I want it back.
And I think the answers are in Copper Canyon.
You don't know if the files are still there or if the building's still there.
It was 14 years ago.
Do you have a better idea? They're going to kill us.
They killed your sister.
They killed my only friend.
They're killing anyone who is close to us.
Now I can't just crawl in a corner and pretend this isn't happening.
If you want to sit here and wait for them, fine.
Just tell me how to get to Copper Canyon.
Angela, we can't leave here.
You saw the TV.
They have road blocks everywhere.
Well, then, we have to divert them.
At least until we get there.
- How you gonna do that? - I have an idea.
I'm going to reconnect you.
You're going online.
I thought that wasn't safe.
It isn't.
Yes, she is too smart.
I said so.
She couldn't stay away.
She's on a computer, and we got her.
State, city, county, street, and house.
We got her.
You're sure it's her? It's no one else.
She's got a pattern, and it's hers, like a fingerprint.
The systems to hide it, how long she stays.
Maybe she's online with the Sorcerer.
- Can you finger it to him? - No, there's no back track.
We'll find him.
- So, what's our ETA? - Fifteen minutes, tops.
All right.
Let's alert our law-enforcement friends.
Have them secure the area.
And tell them not to get jumpy.
I want them to wait for us.
You want to put this on? I read in the wire that she's a killer.
Must be true if it's on the wire, huh? - She still online? - Yeah.
Let's do it.
- Freeze! - Police! Look out! Nobody move! Freeze! This can't be.
My trace said she was online.
Well, here we are.
I gotta tell you, I never thought I'd see this place again.
I guess you were right.
It looks like it's been deserted for years.
Now what? Wait.
They designed the complex so that file storage was only accessible through a shaft in place.
Surveillance is linked to a satellite-monitoring system.
Pretty advanced security system for a gravel pit.
It's global security.
- After you.
- Thanks.
If they're still using the system I designed Okay.
Now, my original security chip had a binary code that's used everywhere.
Maybe I can override it.
It's C-46.
It has an IrDA interface.
Some security chip.
I'm impressed.
- Where to? - Here.
Copper Canyon.
Call it a hunch.
- But there's nothing left there.
- Oh, yes.
There's a great deal there.
Yes? It's the committee.
Of course.
If that's what you want.
No, I understand.
No, I support your decision.
They'd like us to do what should've been done a long time ago.
What is all this? It's our files.
This must be the final report.
Haven't they heard of storing things on a computer disc? Well, I'm sure that they are on disc somewhere.
You have to remember, it was 1984, and no one had even heard of the Internet.
Windows were something you had in your house.
I had no idea they were into so many things.
Well, let's find your files.
I'll take this aisle.
They're inside.
Here we go.
- '84.
Wasn't that- - Socrates.
The heart attack.
Well, I found his box.
There's dozens of them here.
Oh, my God.
What? What? No! Oh, my God.
What? Our what-ifs.
All our what-ifs.
They made them happen.
"What if there was a major catastrophe in the space programme?" - The Challenger? - Yeah, they wanted them out.
Don't you remember? They shut the programme down for two years.
NASA replaced everybody.
"What if there was a bombing in a military base in the Middle East?" Beirut in 1984.
What is this? What have you done? What is this? I didn't know what I was doing here.
I was developing a security chip, Angela.
No one understood the ramifications of what they were doing here.
They're everywhere.
Well, they can just erase anyone? What other what-ifs have they done? What other what-ifs are they gonna do? Oh, my! We have to tell someone.
We need proof.
Grab a box.
Angela, go! Go! Hurry! They're sealing the doors! - Go! - No! There's a crowbar under my front seat in my truck.
Get it.
I don't wanna leave you here.
Angela, go.
Go find your father.
He'll have the answers.
Now, go! Angela, go.
Final sequence has reached lock-down status.
Do it.
A spectacular explosion in the Copper Canyon area last night is presumed to have killed mathematician Dr Phillip Wayland whose vehicle was found just yards from the blast.
Wayland's apparent demise comes less than a week after the bizarre death of his sister who, until recently, was mistakenly identified as Dr Wayland.
This is Norma Webb for Action 25 News, reporting live from Copper Canyon.
Back to you, Bill.
Did you get the backpack? It was nice to sleep in a bed and put on clean clothes.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
She was smart, making us think that was her, putting us off the trail.
But not smart enough.
Now she's dead.
I don't think she is dead, Hearney.
Now what? Do we just forget her? She can't really hurt us, can she? Well, she won't stop now.
I think we just got to keep on her keep her afraid, keep her alone.
Yeah, she'll keep on looking for the answer.
That's who she is.
I'm sorry about Tilley.
It seems everyone that I get close to, I lose.
He said he knew my father.
I remember Evan Bennett.
He said my father could help us if we find him.
Be careful.
The Praetorians are after you.
They don't stop.
Who are they? Where are they? Everywhere, nowhere.
They are what the world will come to know as a "virtual organisation.
" They've taken my life, and I want it back.
I'll always be there to do what I can to help until this is over.
Look around.
Be aware.
Listen to the news.
Read the newspaper.
Be vigilant.
Their work is all around us, Angela.
It's up to you now.