The Net (1998) s01e03 Episode Script


- Hold it! - Freeze! Chicago Police.
Hold it up.
No way.
What kind of Houdini crap was that? She took a hit.
Call Forensics.
Tell them we'll need the DNA test on this blood.
I'm calling for backup.
She ain't going far.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
Come on.
Come on.
Did you get the file from Pollero's home? - I got shot.
- Are you all right? I have a hole the size of Texas in my arm.
- It's bleeding and I can't feel it.
- Shock will have that effect.
- We need to get you to a hospital.
- The police shot me.
A hospital's going to be the first place that they look.
Get out of Chicago.
There's a doctor I play chess with in Evanston at Lincoln Wood Hospital Steven Graf.
Tell him "Queen three to Knight five.
" He'll help you.
What? Queen three to Knight five.
Call up net map for directions.
Oh, great.
Dr Graf? Dr Graf? I'm looking for Steven Graf.
Yeah, me, too.
You just get out of that bus crash? Well, unless you're bleeding to death, I suggest you go to Admitting.
Right, you send somebody down here.
Hey, Doctor.
I'm on my way.
- You need to keep it elevated.
- Okay, will do.
- I'm looking for Steven Graf.
- Yeah, me, too.
Do you know him? Check his belly.
And get a chest tube in left side.
Do we have a room? What are his vitals? Heart rate 122.
Blood pressure's 90 over 60.
Pressure's dropping 85 over 50.
We're losing blood from somewhere.
Get him into OR.
Lavage him.
I'm gonna take a look at his spleen.
All right? - OR 6 just opened up.
- Book him, Danno.
- Dr Graf? Are you Dr Graf? - You're bleeding.
And pull full stats on him.
That's a gunshot wound.
Kyra, my friend here has a gunshot wound.
Take care of her for me.
Would you, please? - Can I take a shower? - Let's take care of that wound first.
Somebody tell me what the hell happened to my satellite feed? It shut down, sir.
Never waste my time telling me the obvious.
Now somebody tell me why we lost our satellite feed.
We don't know.
Communications is working on it.
I've got a team in the middle of Cappadocia about to walk into Kurd territory to take back our oil fields and I can't tell them where or when they'll be extracted.
Tech has exactly six minutes to fix the problem.
Chicago PD requested FBI do a DNA search on a blood sample.
They ran it.
The match belongs to none other than our own Liz Marx.
- Is she in custody? - Not yet.
- Inspire the police.
- They'll be inspired.
Elizabeth Marx has a long enough record to bury a nun.
- Find out how she got away.
- She's lucky.
She's smart.
She's smart, and she's learning fast.
- Just because she got away - Continues to get away.
Doesn't mean we won't corner her.
Look at her.
She's beautiful.
- Would you help her? - Personally, I'd blow her brains out.
That's what I like about you, Hearney.
You're myopic.
Go to Chicago, find out what she said to piss the police off.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
And, Hearney don't kill her.
Mr José Pollero is on your direct line, sir.
Kelly, starlink.
- Mr Pollero.
- Yes.
Have you reconsidered our offer? For a few more years and the chance at a better quality of life - what's to consider? - Well, that's excellent.
I already have everything in place.
All I'll need is your signature on the Compton file, then I can have Dr Morris- My signature and the Compton file stay with me until after the surgery.
Call it my insurance policy.
Perhaps we could speak face to face about it when you get to the hospital.
I have to be in Chicago tomorrow.
That way I can make sure everything runs smoothly.
I'd like that, Mr Trelawney.
There's something very comforting about knowing you'll be there.
That's good.
I'll set the arrangements then.
Yes, you do that.
Your teleconference from Washington is in place, sir.
I'll be right there.
If I had known my friend was so beautiful under all that mud I probably would have been a lot nicer.
Oh, way to go, Steven, you silver-tongued devil.
Oh, easy.
It's okay.
I'm a doctor.
I've always wanted to say that.
- Are you- - I'm your best friend, Dr Steven Graf.
- Where are my clothes? - Garbage.
They were beyond disgusting.
But Kyra lent you some of hers.
What happened? Well, in layman's terms, you got shot.
You lost a lot of blood.
You took a hot shower, and you fainted.
- You want the medical rendition of that? - My computer.
- No, no, really.
No need to thank me.
- Thank you.
That shoulder's going to hurt you for a while.
Want to tell me what happened? - Bus accident.
- Yeah, right.
You want to try again? That's a gunshot wound.
You're very lucky.
There's no broken bones, no ripped cartilage, no permanent damage.
But you did lose a lot of blood.
I don't suppose you have any insurance.
Not anymore.
Doesn't matter anyway.
Insurance companies don't pay doctors anymore.
No one's going to care about that until all the doctors quit and then you'll be sorry.
- Here.
- Dr Graf to Radiology.
All right.
I'm going to have to tell the police about this.
I'm in trouble.
And I don't know Queen takes pawn.
No, no, I mean, Queen three to Knight five.
- Right.
- You actually know Sorcerer? Yeah, sort of.
Well, I will definitely be back.
I mean, that creature's got to be the weirdest guy on the planet.
All right.
Now you eat and you sleep.
Doctor's orders.
They're going to be by and hook you up to the I.
I'll come by and check you out in about an hour.
Okay? - Okay.
And the police report? - We'll see about that.
Steven? - What are you giving me? - Tetanus shot.
No, I already had one.
I already had So how do you feel? - There was a woman sleeping in here.
- Not when I came in.
- Well, she was here an hour ago.
- I guess she left.
- What day is it? - What? The day.
Can you tell me the day? It's Thursday, I think.
- Are you all right? - I broke my leg.
I'm so tired.
No, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, please.
Do you know where we are? A hospital.
Isn't it beautiful? - Yeah, it's very nice.
- This is a great hospital.
They've been so good to me.
Great room, good food and they treat me like I'm some kind of queen.
So you're in here because you broke your leg? I was sleeping in a box.
Some jerk kids came pushed me off a bridge.
Police brought me in.
Then I was in this beautiful room.
Susan Taylor.
Angela Bennett.
How long do you think you've been in here? Four, maybe five days.
Who cares? I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven.
Call it a hunch, but I don't think that Heaven has locked doors.
God, that's stupid.
I mean, why would they lock the door? That's what I want to know.
Just ring for the nurse.
He'll tell you.
This is Special Agent Callaway of the CIA.
It seems you may have shot an international terrorist by the name of Liz Marx.
No way.
She wasn't no pro.
Perhaps not.
But since everyone who gives a blood sample is automatically registered with the FBI I can only assume that the DNA sample you submitted was correctly cross matched by their computers.
She was identified as Elizabeth Marx.
Now where was she? Security caught her with her hands in a very deep, very powerful cookie jar.
She managed to get into Mr Pollero's personal residence.
Get in? How? Dressed up like the housekeeping staff.
Got a passkey.
Strolled in like she owned the place.
According to the surveillance tape that busted her she had a special interest in his computer files.
She didn't realise she was being monitored.
That's why I say, she ain't no pro.
Well, she was pro enough to take out the main security monitoring system in the hallways.
Old Pollero was paranoid enough to have installed a secondary system.
- Has anyone figured out what she stole? - Nothing.
Pretty weird, huh? According to Pollero's secretary, she didn't take anything.
Went straight for the computer.
You see? Now as far as we can tell, she didn't download anything before security spooked her.
We picked up the burglary in progress.
Me and Garcia eyeballed her coming out of the building.
I'd like to question any, indeed everyone, who allowed Miss Marx access.
You're late.
I work for a living.
How is she? Is she there with you now? Who? The girl with the bullet wound in her shoulder? - No, no, no, she left.
- Impossible.
She would have contacted me.
Well, obviously your control over women is on par with mine.
Knight takes queen, my prisoner.
I gave you a queen and an angel.
- Not one of your smarter moves.
- Game's not over yet, physician.
Rook takes pawn.
Rook takes rook.
I left her to sleep.
I came back an hour later poof, she was gone.
I would simply appreciate it if you would check her.
No pun intended.
I just checked you.
Besides, how can I check someone who isn't here? Though I suspect that she'll come back as soon as she realises that her precious little PC is here.
It's your move, Sorcerer.
She wouldn't have left that computer.
It's all she's got.
Why? Who is she? Look, you'd better start telling me what's going on and who shot her - or I'm going to the police.
- That's who shot her.
She's in trouble, and the police are the least of her worries.
I can't tell you more than that.
I'm simply asking that you help her.
Don't go cryptic on me.
How am I going to help her if she's gone? She wouldn't leave without that computer.
Find her, please.
Susan? Susan, wake up.
Do you have any family? Not any that gives a damn.
I ran away.
Been living on the street since I was 14.
You know, this is the best bed and the nicest people I've met in my whole life.
These nice people are keeping us locked in here.
I'm sure it's just a mistake.
We can ask them when they bring breakfast.
I'm just going to sleep till they come.
Okay? Do you have any idea what kind of medication they're giving you? Why would they give me medication? I broke my leg.
Why are you being so paranoid? My gut is telling me that we have to get out of here.
And you have to help me.
Okay? And go where? I'm not going back to living on the street.
My best friend lived on the streets until she turned her life around.
She got a job.
She made something of herself.
- But what am I supposed to do? - Anything you want.
You just have to be alive to do it.
- What are you talking about? - Think.
Okay? You and I are two homeless people.
We have no family, no money, no one to call and we're in a high-ticket hospital room with $300 worth of flowers.
We're locked in here.
What difference does it make? I mean, for the first time in my life people are being nice to me.
The old woman in Hansel and Gretel was really nice to the little kids right before she tried to eat them.
If we don't get out of here under our own power, we won't get out alive.
There's got to be something.
You look troubled.
I was wondering what I can do to get Pollero to sign over the Compton file.
You know, for someone who's making a decision that will affect his life you'd think Pollero would be a little more cooperative.
You don't know that, Miss Kelly.
What have you found out from the witnesses? The basics.
How she got in, who she talked to.
Chicago Police are being amazingly cooperative.
So you've been working on your people skills.
- What about Dr Morris? - I was able to set your meeting.
- I need water.
- Yeah, yeah, hold your horses.
Oh, damn.
Hey don't you break anything else cause you're going bye-bye today.
I'm leaving? - Doc's will explain everything.
- Why is the door locked? Security problems.
Just for today.
Like I said, doctor's going to explain everything.
It's open.
Toilet paper and toothpaste.
What are you doing? You're not going to leave.
You can't leave me behind.
I mean, you got to take me with you.
Don't leave me.
- Okay.
All right, but you have to help me.
- Okay.
No, it's not going to work.
Maybe the other way.
Yeah, yeah.
- Sorry.
- All right, let me just go.
I'll go get help, and I will come right back for you.
Okay? Wait! What if they come back for me? Don't worry.
I'll be here before them with a wheelchair.
I will be right back.
I promise.
Just, whatever you do, do not let anyone take you out of this room.
Okay? Okay? Get me those stats fast or you owe me big time.
- Doctor.
- Somebody page Dr Morris.
Tell him Mr Pollero's arrived and put him on presurgical prep.
- Steven was just looking for you.
- Can you page him for me, please? Somebody page Dr Graf to Emergency.
Sit tight.
Okay? Okay.
Dr Graf.
Hey, where did you go? I've got your computer.
- Someone drugged us.
- What? Yeah, they took us and they kidnapped us and locked us in a room on the seventh floor of the east wing.
- What are you talking about? - Susan and I.
The seventh floor has been closed for two years.
Not anymore.
Who are you, and what did you do to make the cops shoot you? I swear I will tell you everything if you just help me find her.
They don't just kidnap patients and lock them in abandoned wings of hospitals.
But they did.
Look, Doctor, can't you tell when people are telling the truth? Trust me, please.
I'm too late.
She was here.
She was here.
I've gotta get back to the ER.
Just tell me where they would've taken her.
- Taken her for what? - She was a homeless girl with a broken leg.
They ran 15 separate tests on her.
- Why would they do that? - They wouldn't have.
- They did.
- All right.
What tests? Bone, blood, tissue.
I had all the same things on my test.
- Why would they- - Cancer, in vitro fertilisation, transplant.
Those are the only procedures you'd need an HLA haplotype for blood or tissue match.
- They're going to kill her.
- That is ridiculous.
No, it's not.
I don't know what the Sorcerer's told you about who I am or what I've been through.
There was a girl in that room with me.
And for no other reason that she has no one else to give a damn about her I need you to help me find where they took her.
If I'm wrong, it's an hour out of your time.
If I'm right, it's her life.
I'd have to get into the surgical staff in the hospital's main server.
Let's go.
That's it, huh? It's that easy.
What we're doing goes against everything I've been trained to believe.
You were trained to save lives.
That's why we're offering you the opportunity at a very lucrative price to do.
You're asking me to cross a line of morality.
What line, or better, whose morality? Give me those hospital statistics.
Lincoln Wood Memorial has closed but one-third of its buildings fired 1,000 employees and deleted 20% of all its services in less than two years.
And the same stats apply to over 80% of every hospital across the country.
You told me yourself unless you're able to meet your hospital's transplant quota that you'd lose your fellowship, your stipend and your division, and to be more selfish your job.
How long did it take you to become Head of Surgery? Twenty-eight years.
Well, just because insurance companies have cut patient benefits to the point that conventional medicine can't survive, Dr Morris it doesn't mean you won't.
Now, I'm going to visit our patient.
It will be my pleasure to watch you work this afternoon.
He's in the south wing, Room 609.
Thank you.
It was nice meeting you.
That's her, Susan Taylor.
Height, weight, blood.
HLA matched to subject 97%.
- Matched to what? Why? - Can you cross-reference it? Well, yeah, of course, I can do an HLA search for reciprocal donors.
All right.
We've got to find any matching charts that key corresponding antigens associated with rejection.
Damn it.
I've got to get into these surgical files.
- Here.
- No.
Let me try.
- Can you help me open? - Yeah.
What you doing? I have a binary war dialler.
It can crack any security system, and it resets so it doesn't shut me out.
It just takes time.
Angela, where have you been? - You wouldn't believe me.
- Sorcerer? I have a direct link to him through the T-46.
- We're in.
- Angela, listen to me.
- You've got to get back to Pollero.
- Look.
Look at this.
Tests on 70 people over three months.
All indigents, all but two were rejected as inadequate matches for this hospital.
- Two? - Yeah, we've got Susan and a Jane Doe.
White female, 26 years old Gunshot wound to the left triceps.
HLA match 90%.
That's you.
This says that you're the backup match.
Match for what? For a lung transplant for a José Pollero.
They kidnapped us to harvest body parts? No, no, Bertram Morris has too much integrity as a doctor to play Frankenstein.
He wouldn't do that.
To save his division he would make a deal with Satan himself.
- You knew all along.
- I suspected.
No, you knew.
That's why Pollero was here, because he had some sort of deal with the Praetorians.
Who are the Praetorians? Only, they weren't paying with money.
They were paying with lives.
Listen to me, Angel! You son of a bitch.
I didn't find the file at Pollero's, so you sent me here.
- Did you get me shot, too? - Angel.
Where would they take somebody who was about to donate a major organ? Either pre-op or the morgue.
It is amazing how much we appreciate life after a taste of death.
I built an empire from nothing.
I took all the crap that life gave me and turned it into gold.
I'd throw it all away for one hour with my wife play with my children.
To watch my grandchildren grow.
In a way, Mr Pollero, you have a chance to give others a better world to play in.
Our little trade.
You give us the Compton file.
We give you a chance to breathe.
The effects of that little trade will impact the next 200 years and beyond.
Personally I won't live for 200 years.
My employer's goals impact a long-term commitment to the future.
Just make sure my surgery is a success.
So I can enjoy what life I have left.
That is in Dr Morris' capable hands.
Tell him he'll regret it if he fails.
And the file? I suppose we'll all regret it if he fails.
- No.
Stop it! - What are you doing? Stop that.
How is he? He's dying.
- You like him? - Not particularly.
I read his profile.
He deserved to die a long time ago.
Trust me.
I'll enjoy watching him get sliced open today.
Well, his surgery's been set for the arena.
We have a slight problem.
It seems Miss Bennett has liberated our donor.
She's here? How? We'll handle Miss Bennett as soon as we find her.
The bigger concern: completing the operation, securing the Compton file.
I'll go talk to Morris.
- You told me there was a second donor.
- There is.
Angela Bennett.
We need to get her into Recovery and call the police.
The police will never believe us unless we get some kind of proof.
If you can copy those transplant tests.
I'll go try to find Morris.
All right.
Sixth floor, sixth floor.
Kyra! I need you to get this girl into Recovery.
Don't let anybody know she's there and don't ask any questions 'cause, trust me, I don't have any answers.
Nobody touches her but me.
If we don't find Susan Taylor would you sacrifice Angela's life for Pollero's? I don't like Pollero anymore than you do but the importance of this deal is far more valuable than anyone's life.
Even Angela Bennett's? You find me a donor.
I'll stall Morris.
- Dr Morris! - Hey, hey, you can't come in here.
- I know that you're killing people.
- What are you talking about? I know you're harvesting body parts.
Angela! - Hey.
- What's going on? Got a heart attack in Pollero's residence.
I need your passkey.
Come on.
There's a second ambulance coming.
Help me with a gurney.
Now, move it.
Move it! All right.
The woman that came in that ambulance is armed and dangerous.
I have backups on the way.
Stay down until they get here.
Get away from the computer, Angela.
Get away.
Stop it.
- Stop it! - You stop it.
Don't think I won't kill you, Angela.
I've enjoyed our game of cat and mouse but - This file- - Is what? You tell me how to stop this deletion.
I'll tell you what this file represents.
Tell me.
Hit control, shift and at the same time press three, five, seven with your left hand and then with your right hand With your right hand press H, K, shift.
Do it.
What's in the file? Now, tell me how to save it.
Tell me what it means.
How do I know what you say will be the truth? You don't.
Listen to me, Angela.
You think we're evil people, but we're not.
You're murderers.
Who are those people? Their accounts will finance us for the next 20 years.
The Praetorians? Finance you for what? It's to make a better world, Angela.
We've ruined it.
For 200 years we've polluted everything we've touched.
Society is out of control.
The system isn't working.
The people that I work for have a solution that could end all that.
No, killing people is not a solution.
Tell me how to save this file! You hold down the keys, press enter for 30 seconds.
That will reverse the deletion and save your file.
You decide, Trelawney, which is more important: me or the file? Enter.
I would never hurt you, Angela.
You have to believe that.
Then don't use me.
I didn't use you anymore than you used Steven to get the hospital's research files to the police.
Will he be okay? He sent the data anonymously.
It was enough to get Morris arrested and there's no way Trelawney can trace it back to Steven.
He's safe.
- Did you know that he offered Susan a job? - I didn't know that.
- So you got the file? - Impressive list.
Not having it will cost them time.
You did well.
Then why don't I feel good about it? Because they're still out there.
Because what you've done to them is only the beginning and until it's over, you can't stop.