The Net (1998) s01e15 Episode Script

Pay the Line

Hey, beautiful, wanna boogie? What are you doing? Reaping the benefits of a brilliant mind.
You're going to get it.
What's this? - Happy birthday.
- It's not my birthday.
- It's Liz Marx's birthday.
- You're so twisted.
Yeah, a girl with two identities should have two birthdays.
- What is all this? You can't afford this.
- That's not all.
I still have tickets to take you to a theatre on Broadway.
- Where's all this money coming from? - Open it.
Online gambling? What, are you out of your mind? You don't even know who these people are.
- I've got a system.
- You know what kind of risk you're taking? Well, you're the one that's always talking about taking risks in life.
Yeah, that's to get what you really want, not some get-rich-quick scheme.
I really want to get rich.
Besides, I'm winning.
Not according to this.
- Watch the road.
- Let me see.
Jacob, look out! I've been cheated.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x15 "PAY THE LINE" Hey, okay.
I'm sorry about the lecture, all right? I forget that you're 17.
You want a taste of trouble.
I remember what that was like.
If a car has 1,500 miles on it, is it still considered new? How much did you lose, Jacob? - A buck seventy-five.
- What? A buck What did I say? That's why it's called gambling, because there's risk involved.
Now, I don't want to sound like your older sister, or God forbid, your mother.
But $1,750 is a lot of money for a kid your age, Jacob.
That's real funny, Angela.
- You think that this is a joke? - No, I think that I lost $175,000.
$175,000? - Where did you get that kind of money? - Nana's credit card.
Actually, her entire credit line which somehow got extended, the more debt I ran up.
- Where is she? - Alaska.
Singles cruise.
So she has no idea that she's bankrupt? That problem is contained for the moment.
You're walking away.
Is this your idea of help? You didn't need any help digging the hole that you're in.
- $2.
- They cheated.
There's no way my system failed.
I am too good.
I thought there were no glitches in the programming, no mistakes.
They ran me, Angela.
They dug this hole.
- You fell in.
- All right.
Equal parts greed and stupidity.
I shouldn't have gambled.
It won't happen again.
Very cute.
Are you going to tell that to the people that you owe money to? Your change.
What do you want me to do? Wear a sign? They ripped me off, Angela.
I'm asking you for help.
I'll talk to the casino.
Once they realise that you're underage and it was illegal for you to even be gambling on the website at all things that, say, a gambling commission will view harshly they'll tell the bank to cancel the debt.
And if they don't? I'll be a hard woman to refuse.
- You wanted to see me, sir? - I sense some agitation.
Anything wrong? No, sir.
Just that this is Chairman's office and you seem quite at home.
The Chairman, as you know, has a new home in rehab.
I understand.
I know you appreciate high finance, Trelawney.
It's a passion, sir.
A wise investor starts with a vision.
Using skill and knowledge cultivated over many years he fashions a plan which will reap the maximum return.
- Am I moving too fast? - No, sir.
- Ready for a pop quiz? - Always.
Suppose a random element enters the market while the investor executes his grand plan, what might that create? Uncertainty.
Markets hate uncertainty.
It rocks the foundation of every grand plan.
I understand.
Hearney was your hire? "Highly recommended," you said.
And now he is the source of great uncertainty.
Within 48 hours I expect the problem to be solved.
You are to find Hearney and kill him.
- I won't disappoint you, sir.
- Trelawney I should tell you I would be pleased with either outcome.
Is this Double Clutch Casino Headquarters? Hi.
I'm guessing you're not here to clean the windows.
Well, actually, I'm here to discuss some unfortunate business.
Well, by all means discuss.
Well you see, my mother has a rare degenerative disorder called monocopathia syndrome.
Did she pick that up from shellfish? No.
But it costs a lot of money.
It's very expensive to do the treatment.
So my brother and I, we sold our family home and we still don't have enough money to cover the cost.
Well, you only have one mother, right? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I just I told my brother that I would find money to take care of mom's therapy and he went out and he did something really foolish.
Oh, no.
He lost? How much? $175,000.
The kid's got coconuts, especially with your mom degenerating.
Well it's not a matter of days.
It's a matter of hours.
It sounds like you're going to need a full refund to cover the cost of the therapy.
What's your brother's name? Well, he used our mother's credit card under the name Sophie Resh, R-E-S-H.
Oh, my goodness, would you look at this? It seems like you're not the only one in this kind of difficulty.
Here's another one.
The mother is ill.
She needs a transplant.
And here the mother is wrongly accused and in jail.
The father needs a transplant.
The father is in a mental hospital.
The mother is in a Russian gulag, and the brother needs a transplant.
Jacob Resh is underage.
He's only 17 years old.
But the debt was accrued by Sophie Resh, aged 61.
You don't own the debt.
The bank does.
Only up to $10,000.
That's where her card maxed out.
Then our loans department extended Sophie Resh a line of credit against her house.
Oh, my mistake.
We've already sold the debt.
To whom? Collections.
Listen, roller boy.
You baited a minor into this debt.
Chances are your geek back here has these programmes rigged.
So I can still go to the Gaming Commission.
Suit yourself.
You just make sure you're back here by 5:00.
If I don't have my money by then your brother's legs may develop a rare disorder.
Would you stop? Stop it! Who ever got killed by a guy named Stan? Besides, if you get me into a high stake poker game I'll win the money to pay off the debt.
We'll go to Vegas.
That's where the real action is.
What? What happened to "Equal parts greed and stupidity, Angela"? "I won't ever gamble again, Angela"? I told you, Angela.
They cheated.
My system is foolproof.
- Can we help you, sir? - Yeah, I came to collect.
- We don't owe you money.
- Jacob Resh.
"Stan's Collection Agency.
" Stan's owed $175,000 large.
It's $165,000.
$10,000 goes to the bank.
Plus we still have till 5:00 today to pay you.
The word is that you've got about as much chance of paying it off as I do growing a horn out of my forehead.
Well, you can tell Stan that we don't owe him $1.
- His system is rigged.
- Calm down.
- We're going to work this out, okay? - This is bull, Angela.
It's a nice house, kid.
Stan tells me the debt's in your granny's name.
You don't come up with the scratch I take the house.
This house is a historic landmark.
Mayor LaGuardia's mom lived here.
You think I would throw my nana out on the street? Well, in that case, I got to break some legs at 5:00.
No, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Isn't there some kind of solution that we can have? We can negotiate some kind of deal.
I'm very impressed.
Stained glass windows, that's very rare in post-war homes.
Hey, bud, what time is it? Stay cool, kid.
You have a little while until I come after you.
No, I need to know the time right now.
It's exactly 2:29.
- You know what happens at 2:30? - Well, let me guess.
Your hair changes colour again? No, the house wins.
Go! Let's go! Hang on.
I don't know how you get me to do these things, Jacob but if anybody asks, we're brother and sister, okay? Welcome to Las Vegas.
Checking in? You bet.
Yeah, we just got married.
- That's a wonderful thing.
- Thank you.
You're going to love it here.
This is the most romantic city in the world.
Of course, I guess you two won't be seeing much of it.
Hey, your bags get lost? We won't be needing any bags where we're going.
There's nothing more wonderful than being a newlywed.
I ought to know.
I've been a newlywed four times.
Oh, my God, my dress! - Anybody hurt? - It's ruined.
I couldn't hold it.
Can I help? Oh, thank you.
You're so sweet.
- I'm Bridget.
- I'm Julie.
We're the Mercy Sisters.
- But we're not really sisters.
- We're half sisters.
- Here.
- Not this.
That's Hector.
He's our macaw.
He's very talented.
And very temperamental.
He's a ventriloquist.
Really? Listen, kid, the best way to ruin your honeymoon is to start flirting around with other girls.
Know what I mean? I'm not flirting.
Oh, yeah? Well, tell your wife.
I think she's upset.
We got to talk.
Where's the cash? I don't see any cash.
- Lyle! - I lost them.
They took off like rabbits.
They hit the road.
If that's the case, they got to use a card sometime.
You know, it's a good thing you've got the brawn because that leaves me with the you know what! Everything works.
Where's the money? In a hurry, old friend? Stay awhile.
There's no rush.
I mean, nobody else knows you're here except for me, right? Right.
I go to my car.
Bring you some ammo.
You do that.
He made me.
He knows.
Hey! All right! You think that's going to help? I'll sound like I know what I'm doing.
Well, ready? Let's do it.
Thanks, Josie.
Charlie, I'm looking for some information.
I'm looking for a girl, brunette, very pretty, travelling with a teenage kid bleached blond hair, about 6'2".
They would have came in from New York some time this afternoon.
- Can you help me out? - Oh, yeah.
The newlyweds, right? - The newlyweds? - Hey, let me tell you something.
First time he leaves that toilet seat up, the honeymoon's over.
Thanks, Charlie.
- We're not really sisters.
- We're half sisters.
The Mercy Sisters.
What a group.
Got to admit, ladies, I've never seen anything like it.
- I've never seen its like before.
- Well, most of it is original material.
- I can tell.
- Thank you, Alex, so much.
Forget it.
My wife liked you.
So look, next Sunday, be on time.
Right after the cake, it's the magic clown.
Then you two.
Then the piƱata.
Alex, we were wondering if maybe you could, you know - You need an advance? - Yeah.
Why not? - Can't you go any faster? - What are you talking about? I'm up $7,000.
You know, I've played 15 hands at once.
Yeah, on a computer, and to set the record straight, you lost.
- Angela, we have a problem.
- You're telling me.
No, we've got to disappear, Angel.
Lyle's here.
Oh, shoot.
How did he find us? It doesn't matter.
He's here.
What are we going to do? You work the tables.
I'll keep him out of your hair.
- Okay? - No, it's too dangerous.
You forget.
I'm like quicksilver.
- Hello.
- Hey! All right.
I'm gonna have an eight the hard way.
One for you, Jimmy, and I'll put $1,000 on the field.
Thank you, Angel.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Looking for the eight.
Come on.
A little support for the lady, now, a little support.
Squeeze until it hurts, right, Jimmy? Come on, eight.
Ten easy, ten easy.
You're doing okay.
Lady wins double in the field.
Here you go.
Press up.
We got hard eight, another $500.
Lady goes up $500.
Here we go now.
Hands high, hands high.
Eight to win.
Come on, Angel, I need an eight.
Come on, eight.
Winner eight the hard way.
Winner eight the hard way.
Pay the line.
Lady wins $5,000 and she's down.
Dealer's got $1,000.
Thank you very much there, Angel.
Keep that money, roll it.
All right, here we go.
Same shooter now, coming out.
I give up.
- We should just head back to Boise.
- We don't have enough money to leave.
Jacob, what are you doing here? Kind of in a jam.
Yeah, us, too.
Hector's dead.
Oh, bummer.
We are up against a wall and no kidding.
Maybe we can help each other.
I know no bird can replace Hector but maybe I can get you a new macaw.
How can we repay you? Thank you.
Viva Las Vegas, baby.
This is the guy.
Hey, little damn little teenager punk.
Hey, mister, did you see a little teenager kid run through here with whitish kind of stuck-up hair, a blue Hawaiian shirt and baggy pants? This kid, he's about so tall and he's skinny? You saw him? Yeah, heading out the door with my best wig, man.
Hey, man, I've been playing this thing all night, and I'm still even.
- Mister.
- Yeah.
That's a change machine.
Is that you? None other than.
What do you know! Wayne Newton.
Give me all the numbers, Jimmy.
You've got a bet.
Here we go now.
Hands high, now, hands high.
On wings of a dove.
Seven out, lying away.
Seven out, lying away.
It's okay.
I'm sorry, Angel.
I got to pass the dice to the left.
We have a new shooter coming out.
New shooter coming out.
All right.
Give me $10,000 on the line.
- $50,000 on big red.
- Bet.
- Here we go now.
Hands high, now.
- Come on.
- Come on, seven, eleven.
- Come on.
Two craps, Lying down.
Two craps, Lying away.
Same shooter now coming out.
Same shooter coming out.
I don't know what happened.
AII I'm saying is you didn't need my help to dig this hole you're in.
Oh, great.
Why don't you just throw all my words back at me? At this rate, we're not going to be out of here until Thanksgiving.
How much you have left? I don't know.
$50,000 or something like that.
We need $175,000.
You need a private game.
We know a high roller one.
$50,000 to buy in.
But it's invitation only.
They keep the list locked up in this computer.
I think we can swing an invitation.
I'm told you're making remarkable progress.
Save the sarcasm, Trelawney.
You can't reach me anymore.
Is this enlightenment? Let's just say I understand why I was abusing alcohol.
Why I was abusing vodka.
You're beyond guilt, huh? Well, then you're forgetting the Chiang Mai operation.
The episode in Chad? I didn't say I don't suffer.
I do.
Believe me, my penance is fire.
I'm safely past doing any more harm.
Disgusting liquid.
But you soaked it up with the best of them.
I'm looking for Greg Hearney.
Was he here to see you? Tell me, Mr.
What did you tell Greg? It burns when it hits the eyes, I know.
Truth burns.
You want to know what I told him? What? I told him not to rest until you were dead.
There's no cyber A-card stud here.
We're talking the human element.
These players are the best actors in the world.
They'll have you thinking you misread the table and you'll bet the whole pot, and then you'll be the sucker.
- I can handle it, okay? - All right.
All right, these player bios, they're all corporate who's who.
One of them is a consultant to, I don't know, like 12 multinational boards.
High rollers only.
So what do you want on your invitation-only invitation? Third niece of a sultan or New York high society? How about something low-key like a Midwest math major something they can't check? Okay, you're Angela Disavio.
Look at this.
Here's another of them.
Look, Callus This guy is a consultant to Callus Records, too.
Two Praetorian companies.
Michael White.
There's no White listed in either company's board.
I know that.
"Consultant," it says.
What does that mean? Consultant to what? A non-traceable partner, a hidden power, the real authority.
Why would he put all this right here? Player bios are a chance for big shots to brag to other big shots about what big shots they are.
Penis envy I think.
So this is your chance to go head-to-head and get some of your own back.
But I think that White will flash me out as Liz Marx.
He can't.
It would draw too much attention towards him.
He reveals you, he reveals himself.
So I'm supposed to play Mr.
White in a high stakes no limit poker game? And beat him for everything he's got.
Could you take those to Table 3, please? - Certainly.
- Thank you.
I'm not late, am I? No, not at all.
The game starts in another 10 minutes.
- Please, come with me, Miss Disavio.
- Oh, hold it, sir.
Hey, I'm her guest.
It says "Angela Disavio and guest.
" You don't meet the dress code, sir.
Here, buy yourself something.
- May I get you something? - I'll take a dry red, please.
$50,000 to sit.
On behalf of the high society, gentlemen, shall we get started? That's irresistible.
A lady eager to lose.
Miss Disavio, right? Or would you prefer Angela Bennett? It's $500 to open.
Aces high.
You don't have to think about that ace if you've got four down.
He's just thinking about how much each of us are gonna eat.
$10,000 raise.
Too much glimmer for me.
Well, I came to play.
Your luck's gotta change some time.
I'll meet that.
But not soon enough.
$500 to open.
I'll call.
Looks like a showdown, folks.
Another $20,000.
I'll call.
Well, that's a lady.
No doubt about it.
I got you figured, Greg.
Don't you know that? Your psychology, your strengths, weaknesses.
I've had you watched for the last year.
If I don't know an opportunist when I see one, who does? I've got to congratulate you on staying a step ahead of me.
It was your uncle that lost this place, right? Not much of a businessman.
Kind of like you.
Got lucky on that one, huh, big guy? Feel like you're on a roll, got the upper hand now? One more good shot you'll have me.
But you're not the kind of man that takes risks.
Not like me.
I figure sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.
But always take a chance.
You're bound to get something out of it.
Now, what, you're wondering could I possibly have gained from that little exchange but a wound that hurts like hell? For two people who just met today, this has turned into one hell of a grudge match.
Well, the situation here is, I think Mr.
White is learning that certain things are beyond his control.
Chance for instance, or a person's free will.
I mean, no matter how much money one has or how much influence it buys you still can't buy happiness, or luck, or me.
So, win or lose, just as long as you know that.
You're wrong.
The only important thing in this world is winning.
You should learn that.
No, you're wrong, Mr.
The easy thing is winning.
We'll get somebody to help you carry these.
And we'll make sure you stay around and play a few more hours until you cool off.
Unless anybody objects? Enjoy Gehenna.
I wish I could say what you got there was mine, but you won it fair and square.
Your friend cost me a lot of time, and time is money.
Here, it's yours.
We owe it to you.
Plus the current rate of interest for the day and a half that you spent waiting.
Look, I've been chasing this rat all over.
And what, I'm supposed to keep running from you? Kid, when I'm through with you, you won't be running.
You won't be able to put one foot in front of each other without tripping.
Look, here, take all the money, you know, everything.
And keep him scared.
Teach him a little lesson.
I think your boss is going to think you're great if you take all this money.
I don't know.
I don't go through with the threat they're going to think that I've been bought off.
No, they'll think that you used your brain.
Imagine how that will scare them.
I don't like you, kid.
But I am going to take the money.
Don't you ever, ever do this again.
You understand? You're not such a tough guy after all, are you? Whose legs are Jell-O now? Just for luck.
We could bet it.