The Net (1998) s01e17 Episode Script

In Dreams

Go get your jacket.
Put that in your pocket.
We got a problem.
It's them.
Honey, you know where to go.
Through our fence into the alley and follow the map.
Okay? I love you, Malika.
- Get down.
- Go.
Well, what I've lost here I could still grab here don't you think? See if he's hidden documents.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x17 "IN DREAMS" How's it going? I'm tapped into Ottawa, I'll interrupt their data stream to the security monitors here.
If this bozo would hurry up and go, we'd be okay.
I just don't know how much longer I can go on sniffing passwords before the border system resets.
Come on, hurry up! All right, whatever.
Just keep working and get me through.
- Move your car forward.
- Okay.
Here we go.
- Welcome to Vancouver.
- Good evening.
- What's the purpose of your visit to Canada? - Vacation.
My brother and I are galley slaves looking for some relief.
Passport, please.
How long will you be staying? A week or so.
That's all work would let me.
- What kind of work is that? - I manufacture furniture.
I'm just checking out hockey scores, eh.
This is cracking up.
I don't know if it's gonna hold.
I gotta insert you, but he's moving too fast.
Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car, please.
When did you get this passport, ma'am? I don't know, couple of years ago.
It's been a while.
Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car as well, please.
Let's go.
Ma'am, I have to ask if you're carrying anything on your person or in your car, that could be considered contraband? I don't know what could be wrong.
I travel all the time.
Well, not all the time, but, I mean, whenever, you know, I can get away from the grind.
How often is that? Find anything? - Nothing, sir.
- No.
Our mistake, Miss Rush, Mr.
Welcome to Canada.
Thank you.
One of us has gotta get better at this.
- Who's in charge? - Right here.
Thank you.
Hello, there.
Sean Loosely, Royal Canadian Police.
- So you're the S.
here, eh? - Yeah, Mike Worton, good to know you.
Well, it looks like someone had a real field day.
I thought it was cleared up this was our jurisdiction.
Amante is a US citizen.
Your MP has given us leeway.
Oh, yeah, okay.
But now we've had Mr.
Amante under glass for some time, too.
Yeah, well, now it's kidnapping, and that's our jurisdiction.
So, any information you have regarding the late Mr.
Amante you'll be giving to me, Officer.
- Kidnapping? - The daughter.
Forensics indicate she took off out back, and no one has seen her since so we're taking the case.
How come your office doesn't know this? That was supposed to come down from the top.
Well, I've been told to cooperate, no matter who heads up the investigation.
As a matter of fact, I'll send you all our files along with a case of aspirin.
What did you guys have Amante pegged for? Corporate espionage.
Well, it seems like whoever did this couldn't find what they were looking for.
But the daughter was here that night and then just took off out back, eh? Well, good luck finding the girl, Agent Worton.
- I'll get those files to you today.
- Thanks.
- Run a check on Sean Loosely, RCMP.
- Right.
If I'm not wrong, then the communication that Amante sent to Sorcerer - was aborted midway? - A likely scenario, yes.
The girl, Mr.
Trelawney, is the daughter of a traitor.
She has in her possession a coded list of our inner circle.
We can assume she is on her way to whomever has the other half of the code.
And that Sorcerer may be with her.
If the Committee is exposed, someone's going to take a fall.
I understand, yes.
Understanding has a price.
It's usually suffering.
We're all worried, I can tell you.
And this is just what I said to the last RCMP agent that was here.
But you don't know where she might have headed? Malika was a hard child to deal with, headstrong, troubled.
- She could be anywhere.
- Friends? Well, there's a boyfriend she used to talk about.
Everybody thought he was made-up.
You know, a lonely soul seeking comfort in a fantasy.
- No name on the boyfriend? - No.
But, I already told your office this earlier.
We double check everything, Ms Hathaway.
So, Malika kept to herself? That's how it is sometimes when you're an outsider.
Oh, how do you mean? Well, her talents.
She was so extraordinary, the other kids couldn't relate.
Tell me, how was she so special? You don't know? Malika has a photographic memory.
She can look at something once, and she remembers it forever.
She was savant-like.
You could ask her a year and she could tell you what day of the week it was.
Well, the only tough thing there is factoring in the leap years.
Drove people nuts when I was a kid.
And my own family to boot, eh.
But you seem so well-adjusted.
Oh, but I was trouble, a real devil.
Well, it's Malika's bad relationship with her father that's her trouble - not her mind.
- Oh, yes, the father.
One tragedy after another for that girl.
- You'll have to excuse me.
- Oh, please.
Trelawney, sir.
I've been checking on the girl.
The kid is the code carrier, photographic memory.
But in order for her to decode what she has in her head she's going to have to connect with whomever has the decryption key and can reverse her cyphertext into common English.
Yes, my suggestion as well.
Once we get a beat on her, stay close, let her get to where she's headed let her crack the code, and then take it.
Oh, yes, sir, you'll be the first to know once I've found her.
There he is.
We made Trelawney.
We're moving in.
Stay where you are.
Agent down, guns fired.
Where is he going? What's going on? Fire! I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Why is everyone in such a rush these days? 'Cause they don't know what they want, is what I think.
Sorry to disturb you, but - We're not even sure this is the right place.
- Right place.
You know, Mr.
Amante - gave me a message- - You must be the Sorcerer.
I took care of Andrew, Mr.
Amante, when he was a boy and then his daughter after him.
The mother died in childbirth.
Odd that it happens these days still, but it does.
- So where is she now? - Malika? Oh, she's probably off in another world.
Isn't that where you always go when you're in pain.
Minnie, obviously you knew I was coming.
What exactly did Mr.
Amante want me to do? He didn't tell you? No, the message was broken off.
- Well, he wanted you to deliver a package.
- What kind of package? This is your package.
So why exactly did your father suck? He just did.
Malika, I know that what's just happened to you- Oh, that's really shocking.
So, don't you miss him? I miss my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend? Yeah, a secret boyfriend.
I go unconventional.
Normally, a pretty-looking boy like you is not my type.
The things I could show you about pain and how close it is to pleasure.
S & M genius, don't tell me you're not into it.
I'm trying to quit.
Sadly she's gone and pierced her frontal lobe.
Last month it was vampires.
This month it's Marquis de Sade.
- You're making progress, little one.
- Don't call me that.
Your father was a great scientist and a lousy father.
Try not to make those of us who love you suffer for it.
Malika your father gave you something that is very, very valuable.
For once, yeah.
I was his last and final hope.
Took all that for him to pay me any attention.
I need the code.
Will you write it down for me, please? I don't know.
What are you gonna give me? - Trust.
- Never heard of it.
Yeah, it is pretty elusive.
- What does it mean? - How should I know? Minnie, hi.
Thought we'd stop by to see if Malika needed anything after- The terrible event.
Elaine, John, thanks so much for stopping by.
We're neighbours.
Well, I have to tell you I'm worried sick.
I haven't seen her.
- Poor child.
- I know.
Well, I'm on the phone now with the RCMP.
I have your number if I hear anything.
And thanks so much for thinking of her.
Show them what else your father gave you.
You can have it.
- Family heirlooms? - You tell me.
Sorcerer, I know if you're watching this then I've been disposed of by my employers.
Malika, my little one I know that things should have been different.
I can't even say I did my best.
That's what I'm most sorry about.
Still thinking about himself.
I miss you most of all.
Sorcerer, the cyphertext Malika has is useless without the decryption key.
I've hid that key at the amusement park, off Highway 69.
You can meet my counterpart there any time, day or night.
This gift is a significant gift.
Use it, Sorcerer.
Well, this is definitely a problem.
Well, algorithms don't lie.
So, the code could mean anything at all? It's the latest in cryptography, simple to decode, multiple meanings.
It's impossible to know which one is the right one, right? Without Amante's code key, yeah.
You run the symbols through standard Defence Department algorithms this is what you get.
The Gettysburg Address? That's one possibility.
It could also be "Braised sea cucumber, steamed dumplings "and sweet and sour chicken feet.
" - Chinese restaurant menu.
- So did you try a Malina Paradigm? Not yet, but "All secret men are men soon terrified.
" That's another possible solution to the code.
Well, tomorrow we will go to the amusement park and we will get the decryption key.
Can we leave Malika here? She'd be safer.
No, her father would have wanted us to take her with us.
I can't stand her, Angela.
She's got the social skills of Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Manson was a superstar, genius.
Good night.
Me? You're the one letting down your end.
I can't believe we're having this conversation again.
Look, they put me here.
I'm just making the best of it.
I pretend I'm your wife.
I act the part.
The dog-and-pony show stops at the bedroom door.
I hate this life.
Piss off the home office this is what you get.
Look who's talking.
Look, I'm sick of watching that house across the street.
The girl's never gonna show.
If you're selling, we're not buying.
I'm from the home office in Muncie.
- I can explain.
- Not in the doorway.
- Who the hell is it? - Someone for you, dear.
How domestic.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on.
I had a scrape with the local law.
I'll be needing a new identity for a few days.
Oh, working on an empty stomach makes it so difficult to concentrate, huh? Am I smelling fear? Well, the clever homemaker covers that with another aroma.
You let the girl get away.
You lost access to the code.
Poor performance by any standard.
Thanks for the hospitality.
You were at least good for something.
So what's it like to have a photographic memory? Boring.
- Genius is pain.
- You're a pain.
I'll give you a pain.
I love it when you talk nasty.
- Listen, I'm gonna go use the phone.
- What? Listen, who are you, my father? - No, I just don't think that you- - I do what I want.
Is that clear? Otherwise, I'll throw a scene and I'll have every cop in town asking you embarrassing questions.
I'm gonna go use the phone.
- Who is it, and what do you want? - It's me, baby.
Why are you calling me here? When we have the code, why don't we just drop her off somewhere safe and go ourselves? Where is safe? You know Trelawney is on her butt.
Listen, I know you want to ditch me, so I'll just go.
Thanks for the food.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast.
You know we have to make contact with your father's friend.
Remember? - Yeah, at the amusement park.
- Well, I'm going to my boyfriend's.
What are you going to do if they pick you up and slam you into a foster home? And where are they going to slam me for kidnapping when I start screaming? You're not that stupid.
Genius is pain.
Leave me alone! You can't make me do those horrible, perverted things.
I hate you! I hate you! Time to go, princess.
- What were you just thinking? - I'm starved for attention.
All right? - Come on, Jacob.
- You're out of your mind.
- What are we going to do? - I don't know.
Well, we can't take her to her boyfriend's 'cause we're never gonna get where we're going.
And if we don't take her, we'll never get there.
What are we supposed to do? Hit her over the head with a thing - and throw her in the wheel barrel? - That sounds like an idea.
Why don't you try some of that woman to woman stuff? That always forms a bond, doesn't it? You mean like talking about clothes and makeup and stuff like that? Yeah.
Oh, Jacob, you know so little about chicks.
Yeah, I'm not completely ignorant.
Well, we can't stay here forever.
It stinks.
I'm not in the mood for a fight with the world's angriest pubescent, right now.
Well, we do what we gotta do.
The only thing we can.
- Agreed? - Agreed.
Hey, Malika, how would you feel about going to see your boyfriend? You mean it? Yep, we can get on a bus and be there in a couple of hours.
But after, you come with us.
No more crapola.
- You're a brilliant negotiator, Jacob.
- We mean it.
No screaming for the police, no scenes.
Deal? Deal.
- Ms Minnie Moskovitz, is that right? - You tell me.
Special Agent Sean McDaniels, RCMP.
I was wondering, Ms Moskovitz, if I could have a minute of your time.
Can I get you something to eat? I had a sandwich earlier.
Let's cut the crap, Moskovitz.
Where's the girl? I'm too old to scare, Trelawney.
I'll never tell you.
What are you gonna do, kill me? No.
What are you, chicken? Take no for an answer.
- Hi.
- What the hell is this? Clyde, who is it? It's no one.
I wasn't expecting to see you here.
Well, I told you I might come.
Yeah, but we - Who's that? - They brought me.
Clyde, I Who are you? Who are you? It looks like we have a math problem.
- I'm the girlfriend.
- No, I'm the girlfriend.
I'll explain this to you later.
Over her dead body.
You are not my girlfriend.
I knew your dad, and I'm doing him a favour.
Well, I could do you a favour.
A favour from you, I don't need.
Oh, I mean, you could learn to love me.
It could be a really wonderful relationship.
You're 14.
I'm 26.
That's a statutory relationship.
You're so unliberal.
- Yeah, and you're so underage.
Grow up.
- You grow up.
- No, you grow up! - No, you grow up! Okay, I'm not gonna deal with this.
I hate you, you coward, you rat-faced coward! - I hate you! - Malika.
Malika, come on.
Come on.
Just like her dad, man.
She's out of control.
Well, you could have been a little bit more diplomatic.
Hey, you want diplomacy? Call the White House.
And I want to get out of here, but we don't have any transportation.
You have no reason for leaving.
- Her father wanted you guys to- - Clyde we don't want to match wits with you.
Okay? We just need a car, please.
All right.
But I'm telling you, you're making a big mistake in leaving.
Whatever you guys gotta do, you can do right here.
Have it your way.
I got a motorcycle.
That's not gonna do you much good.
I have a car, but the left rear wheel is flat.
- It's gonna take me a while.
- That's fine.
Thank you.
- Stay away from Malika.
- No problem.
- Same go for you? - Yeah.
It was worth a shot.
Are you telling me this has all been a joke? Look.
What? That's something to get excited about? It's Clyde's motorcycle.
I tried to tell you, you had no reason for leaving my house.
You are who we're supposed to meet? None other than.
You see, baby, I'm not such a bad guy, after all.
You forgive me? - What about your girlfriend? - Come on.
So, I'm a freethinker, don't hold it against me.
Go into my office.
It's in the arcade.
You too, hon, okay? - Yeah.
- I'm just gonna lock up the gate - and then I'll join you.
- No way.
He's the other half of the code? You have the decryption key? We came all this way just to meet you? Yep.
Can you believe it? I'm your destiny.
Okay, hon? Go in the office, get out of the cold.
Oh, what the hell? Yeah, I understand that if I call you at this number you'll put me through to a man named Trelawney.
Amante wanted his daughter brought here to you? Her old man made arrangements so I could take care of her.
He gave me the job, this place.
That would mean that her father loved her about as much as you do.
He didn't love her at all.
But in the end all he wanted was for her to be happy.
And I can help her get there.
Well, you don't actually look like a map to happiness.
Hey, the journey is the destination, sweetheart.
- Wanna go for a ride? - Hey, Clyde I admire these stacks over here.
You've got complete sets of Coleridge and Cervantes and Dickens.
Who reads them to you? "With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones "And all their helms of silver hovering side by side "And all their eyes still fixed, hoping to find once more "Being by Calvary's turbulence unsatisfied "The uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor" - Well, anyone can memorise Joyce.
- That was Yeats.
- I gotta go.
- The park's closed.
Well, when it's closed, I grease the Python.
I hope he is talking about a roller coaster.
- "All secret men-" - "All secret men are men soon terrified.
" - You know this line? - Yeah, it was my dad's favourite quote.
He spoke it like a mantra when he worked at his codes.
"All secret men" makes sense for a cryptographer.
It's from A Tale of Two Cities.
He used Dickens to create that code.
Chapter 8, four pages in I believe the paragraph starts with "It was a poorer hand than he suspected.
" Memory serves.
He used yellow marker to highlight these pages.
Defacing a classic, you know You love a barbarian.
Clyde didn't do that.
My father was the one who highlighted his favourite passages.
He must have given these books to Clyde.
So this is the key line to the code and he left it for us to find.
Why would he use Charles Dickens? Well, Dickens' writings was like my dad's secret passion.
He'd be up all hours trading chat room insights on some literary web page.
Website, that's the most solid lead we've had yet.
Well, pop it up.
I got a few choice observations on Bartleby, the Scrivener.
They don't make babies like this anymore.
You're late.
Missed your ride, Clyde.
Impressive machine.
As long as you're this tall, you get to ride.
Witty guy.
Witty guys entertain me.
So, where is the girl? She's in the arcade.
- Worried about the money? - You're not going to stuff $250,000 in an overcoat.
True enough.
Look, mister, I just want to count cash.
Boy are you new, huh? We had a deal.
Yeah, right, my deal.
Yeah, I'm feeling generous, so I'm gonna cut you a new deal.
You start running and don't stop till you cover 30 miles.
You do that every day for 30 days and if you're lucky I won't be standing behind you with a gun to your spine.
You got that? On your mark, get set All right, the code is the key, so we'll try "Secret men.
" - Password protected.
- Password protected.
That's all right.
First lesson in life as a fugitive is nothing is ever easy.
Yo, Jacob, this is a group activity.
Hey, you know, I think that Clyde has had plenty of time to grease the Wheezer.
- The Python.
- Whatever.
- I'm gonna go check on his progress.
- You do that.
You go lend him a hand.
You know, I hate it when women bond.
What's next? We're busted.
Trelawney's here.
What about Clyde? Where is he? Clyde's the one who sold us out to the Praetorians.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on.
Let's go.
But I'm not leaving here until this is finished copying.
Malika! He's somewhere near the coaster.
- We can't leave him.
- This chick is crazy.
Malika, we don't have time for this! Where is he? Either he's ran or he's dead.
Clyde wouldn't leave.
He promised to take care of me.
Come on! - You're a killer! - Malika! Angela! We have to go, Malika.
Angela! Jacob, do you want me to drive? Sure, go for it.
Angela! Okay, blueberry or maple? - I don't care, either.
- Okay, I'll just do both.
Drown our sorrows.
Think I'll ever see Clyde again? Probably not, not in this life.
Yeah, probably not.
You know what? You are gonna start everything over new, totally new.
And that is so good.
I know, I found it out to be true.
When you realise that you can't go back everything in front of you opens.
Malika, Minnie is gonna take really good care of you.
I promise, always.
When it comes to credit, I am too weak to be a Marxist.
So, I got top of the line.
The moment of truth.
Slide it in.
Pull up Evan Bennett.
We've been looking for him for a really long time.
Hopefully this is gonna tell us where he is.
Oh, my God, that's my dad.
I don't believe it.
See if they have an address.
"May 20th, 1985, deceased.
"Copper Canyon.
" What is it? She lost her father.
She'll be okay.