The Net (1998) s01e22 Episode Script

How are you doing in there? I think I like the other one better.
Okay, that would be the blue one, right? Yeah, I think so.
Okay, you stay here.
I'll go and get it for you.
- Good choice.
- Is that so? Thank you very much for visiting.
Here you are.
Thank you.
I hope you enjoy the sweater.
Okay, I'm out of here.
I'll catch you tomorrow.
I've got to lock up and turn out the lights.
Can I help you? My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x22 "I.
com" Were there any witnesses? Okay, thank you.
Hey, Walter.
- Walter.
- What? What are you doing? Just focusing, you know.
All right.
Well, come here and focus on this.
I've gotten calls all morning.
Half of them are from Washington.
You are not going to believe what's happening.
Okay, last night Internet's going crazy with this, then it hits the news.
All right, I'll bite.
Who is it? Keep watching.
- Is that real? - Is it real? It happened last night.
It was a clothing store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
They found the body this morning.
So how'd you get it? Well, there was a Houston man on the website.
He's downloading information on a used car instead he gets this.
At the same time, three other people were doing it.
Same site.
So, did you check the guy who placed the ad for the car? Oh, yeah, yeah, he signed up on the site three days ago.
He lives in Atlanta.
He was sleeping at the time of the murder.
See, this is what confuses me.
All the footage was taken at different times.
Whoever sent this has been watching this guy for a really long time.
- Videotaping him.
- No.
I think the footage was captured from existing cameras and assembled.
- Online stalking.
- Yeah, exactly.
This one's obviously a security camera at an ATM.
That doesn't make sense.
Video cameras are closed circuit.
Straight-line feeds to a VCR unit.
The security systems now are almost always online.
That way the people can check them no matter where they are.
See, I just can't figure out this.
I don't think that that is a security camera.
It's like it's hidden or something.
Yes, we removed The Scarlet Letter from libraries and bookstores.
Yes, Alice in Wonderland.
But we can't stop there.
The newest threat to our morality is the computer.
Computer companies would like you to think that the world is at our fingertips with one simple click of the mouse.
Well, I say a sinister force lurks behind websites and e-mails.
If we are to secure a moral future for our children we must fight against such technologies and companies that weave their worldwide web of immorality.
ID, please.
Got it.
- You ever seen one of these before? - Not this small.
Really advanced digital packet though.
- What do you make of this? - "I.
com"? - Bet they'd know.
- Yeah.
Excuse me, is your computer network online? - Sure, come on up to the front desk.
- Great, thanks.
Welcome to I.
The Internet's most daring site for anonymous viewing.
Oh, my.
Gone there.
Remind me to never use a public restroom again.
Oh, my God.
Now, let's see.
Either, you're here from the police and those are badges you're holding up for me to see or you're delivering my Kung Pao chicken and waiting for a tip.
Since I did not smell a cumin, I can only assume the former.
And yes, I am blind.
And, yes, it's ironic that a blind man would run a voyeurism-dedicated website.
With that behind us, how may I help you? You want to tell us why one of your cameras was in a changing room in a clothing store in Michigan? And why the murder in that store's parking lot was web cast on my site? I suppose you think I had something to do with it, am I right? It's your website.
We need the names of the people who placed the dressing room cameras.
- I'm afraid that's impossible.
- Fine, then we'll issue a warrant.
Don't misunderstand me.
I cannot reveal the names of my clients because transactions are completely anonymous.
What are you saying? You just hand out the cameras? Well, clients pay a $500 cash deposit for each camera then place it anywhere they like.
With a direct uplink to your web site? What are you offering, some kind of greasy profit sharing deal? Motivation is the hope of enjoying profit.
Based on the number of hits a camera's thumbnail receives.
Trace the feed.
Not the feed, the cell site perhaps.
The cameras use multi-channel cellular technology to feed images directly into our website.
He's right.
The most that we're going to be able to narrow the transmission is to a few square miles.
Look, you either help us find the owners of these cameras, or we'll shut you down.
You can shut down my site.
But a vast network of mirror sites would instantly take its place.
The only way to shut down I.
peek would be to shut down the whole Internet.
Thank you.
Let's go, Walter.
Let me share something with you.
I've been blind since birth and therefore do not share the common obsession sighted people have with watching.
While there's much one can say about the moral nature of voyeurism it is 100% legal.
Don't you just hate the middleman.
Make sure that you sign the petitions, ladies and gentlemen.
The Internet, a frightening new trend.
Don't forget to sign the petition.
Is that a camera? Are you making a documentary? Is that a camera? Documentary? - Hello.
- Hey.
What's the matter? Matt strong-armed me into going to a frat party tonight.
Be careful.
You might have some fun.
Yeah, right.
So, what's up? Well, have you been online? Yeah, a guy in Hermosa Beach checking out the waves at that Trestles surf camp got footage of some lady getting whacked.
So, how do we track him down? How should I know? He's web casting through anonymous IP forwarders.
The only way to really find him would be to hack into the forwarders and catch him when he comes through.
Right, and then the odds of us being on the right site at the precise time the murder is being web cast is just staggering.
You know, what you need is someone who knows net architecture.
Now that you are legit, maybe those big guys will help.
You should give them a try.
You know what I need? I need somebody like Randall Weathers, you know? Yeah.
- Whatever happened to Randall Weathers? - I don't know.
I used to worship that guy.
He's the God of reverse-link technology.
Yeah, but he's like the Howard Hughes of computer.
Didn't he just make a ton of money and just drop out? Sad day in Mudville.
Can you get me to him? Only if you can get me his autograph.
You are such a weirdo.
You guys want some potatoes? You dry them.
Weathers, there have been a series of killings online and we need your expertise to help us.
Perfect, isn't it? Making something grow.
It's so simple.
All it takes is a little care some watering, weed the garden, it's not like the Internet.
No, that's not a simple environment.
We don't have a lot of time, Mr.
We want to know if we can count on your cooperation.
You know, in the early days there were many of us that dreamed of the possibilities.
The Internet was simplicity itself.
It was going to change our lives, and in many ways, it did.
It got Tibetan monks e- mailing prayer mandalas to earthquake victims in Mexico.
Kids in rural Maine accessing the New York State public library.
Hell, even my 89-year-old grandmother, she's got a videophone.
Talks to her boyfriend in Sedona, Arizona.
It's incredible, isn't it? Yeah, I believe it can be.
And what's happening now astounds me even more.
The Net's basic structure is changing organically.
- Technobiology, if you will.
- Like it's alive.
Yeah, yeah.
It's changing, evolving just the way that life does, through violence and upheaval.
That's not a nourishing environment in any way.
Weathers, if you would just look at this file.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'd like to help you, really I would, but I've got a lot to do.
And a garden to tend.
You know, I read the Farmers' Almanac.
I'm not a crime fighter.
Come on.
Want to go for a run? Hey, Ange.
Are those boxer shorts on your head? Maybe.
Are you pledging? No, I'm just going undercover to see how the other half lives.
Maybe get a little bit out of my college experience while I'm at it.
Okay, Delta boy.
So, I met your guru.
- I found him.
- No way.
What's he like? - Did you get his autograph? - No.
- I got a sack of potatoes.
- Okay.
Well, what's he like? Charming.
But very different.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
He is just about as offline as you could be.
I told you he dropped out.
Dropped out? No, dropped in.
This guy is the antithesis of Howard Hughes, man.
He has a garden and a white picket fence.
Well, what did he say? Basically something akin to, "Good luck.
" Oh, well.
Can't say I blame him.
Anyway, I sent you some victim profiles and I just need you to look and see if you can see anything common about them, okay? I'll call you when I get something.
See you.
So, you like watching me dance? - Come dance with me.
- No.
Come on.
You know, I'm, like, the kind of person who, when I meet somebody I get a feeling about them right away, you know? Like this guy I'm here with tonight.
I don't even know where he is right now, he is so last minute.
You should see the shoes he's wearing.
I swear there is nothing worse than a short guy wearing big Frankenstein soles trying to look all tall, you know? Just be who you are.
You know what I'm saying? I agree completely.
- Like me, right, I'm- - No, wait, wait, wait.
Let me guess, okay? Can I? All right, you are Susan.
I'm Julie.
But my friends call me Diva.
Right! There.
There it is.
All right.
Well, let me try this again.
Really, I'm good at this.
I am.
All right, you're from across the bridge.
Bellevue, probably.
And you're kind.
You're artistic.
And your father is a very important man.
He's a congressman.
So, right on.
- Can you really see all that? - Just a lucky guess.
I need a cigarette.
Do you wanna come? No.
I gave those up years ago.
- Okay.
Don't you go anywhere.
- No.
Do you have a light? - Absolutely, beautiful.
- Thank you.
I just met the coolest guy upstairs.
He was, like, reading my palm and stuff.
Really? How cool for you.
Hey, I need a light.
Thank you.
What is this? Some kind of video camera? With I.
com CEO, Andrew Gordon, reporter Gail Hope is at his offices.
Gordon, your cameras have been linked with three murders.
How do you explain that? I provide a service which is both anonymous and legal.
What about the huge profits your company has seen in increased subscriptions? Subscription rates have increased but this and these terrible murders have nothing to do with each other.
In my conversation with the FBI - Terrible! - I assured them that I am committed to help.
- Right.
- Give me a break.
All right, one more for the slow girl here.
All right, we know that the killer is using the existing cameras to identify his victims.
Then he moves onto cell cams.
Yeah, but are the cell cams placed or are they already existing, or both? What about these movies after the kills? Well, he wants us to know that he's watching, that everybody is watching.
Watching is a condition of life, right? What if he's a separatist looking for his freedom? - Militia, ex-military.
- No, militia is proactive.
It's about training for the inevitable confrontation with the government.
This guy's technical.
He's a complex thinker.
Everything that he does, it means something or more than one thing.
So, any word from Jacob on the victim profiles? It's a little sketchy.
I sent him all the info on Julie Davis, the girl that was killed outside the dance but he's running it against the others.
He'll find something.
Well, let's call it for tonight.
My brain hurts.
Okay, you go ahead.
I'm gonna stay.
Angela, sometimes when it's stormy weather it's best to down climb, rest and then hit the summit again in the morning when the weather's better.
- When did you go to Everest? - '89.
No O2? Did you ever think that the lack of oxygen to your brain maybe made you sort of off? Maybe.
You're right.
We got to go home.
Hey, I think I got it.
- Lay it on me.
- Censorship.
All of the victims are related to censorship in some way.
Okay, go on.
Ron Blastmin, clothing store manager by day but at night he does telemarketing sales for cleannet.
It's a new server that automatically blocks offensive material from the Internet.
No more need for Net Nanny.
Well, what if it's just to supplement his income? It turns out he's top-selling employee of the year.
He's got a plaque and everything.
This guy is way into it.
All right.
Well, then there's Vivian Meyers and her crusade against the Internet.
What about Julie Davis? Julie Davis, daughter of Congressman Andrew Davis who has just introduced a bill to the legislature calling for the commercial regulation of the Internet to "ensure the free flow of business "across boundaries both real and cyber.
" Right, but why not go directly after the Congressman? How do you really hurt someone? You hurt the ones they love.
Okay, so we're narrowing it down to people that police the Internet.
Yeah, this guy is doing his homework.
The details on this movie are amazing.
He's got every aspect of their lives covered.
I know.
It's so creepy.
So, should I keep digging? Yeah, I'm afraid so.
We can only hope that this is enough to go on.
- Great work, Jacob.
- Thanks.
See you.
What now, Jacob? Watching is a condition of life.
- I know who I am.
- Jane Doe.
I'm Angela Bennett.
I am not Elizabeth Marx.
I'm Angela Bennett.
I want my identity back.
My life was erased.
I was made into a criminal, all by computer.
I'm not getting back into the nightmare.
I'm trying to put some kind of life together.
Everybody that I have ever loved, you've taken from me.
Who else knows that I'm on this case besides Weathers? Well, maybe we hit a nerve.
There's a police report saying that he was in the bar talking to the woman who was murdered right before she was murdered.
Maybe you're angry because Weathers didn't step up to the plate and help us out.
So, now I'm emotionally involved? No, not me.
Washington wants you off this case.
- Well, no, that can't happen.
- Yes, it can, Angela.
Look, I'm on your side, you know that.
But we got to produce results fast.
This thing has gone international.
We don't have one clue.
- Hey, wait.
What are you doing? - Evidence, Miss Bennett.
Well, you don't need it.
You have the digital footage.
You don't need my hardware.
- Just leave it.
- All right.
Just, finally I have things of my own and I really don't want people taking them.
It's okay.
I understand.
- Miss Bennett? - Hi, who's this? It's Randall Weathers.
I have to talk to you.
Something terrible has happened.
Hi, Mr.
Want to tell me what this is about? Julie Davis, the woman that was murdered in the night club.
Well, I was with her just before she died.
Well, okay.
So, why don't you come on down to our offices and- No.
No, they might be watching.
Please, can I meet you somewhere? Yes, I can meet you.
Where would you like to meet? - So, have you gone to the police? - They questioned me at the club.
They told me that they might want to talk to me again.
But you're not a suspect.
I was with her.
People saw me at the bar.
We danced.
She wanted a drink, so I bought her one.
She was pretty drunk.
She said she wanted to go out and smoke a cigarette.
I waited.
It got to be a long time.
I was starting to worry so I was going to go out and look for her when I heard a woman scream that somebody had been shot.
I just want to help.
Feeling your civic responsibility? The other deaths, they were unknown to me.
Of course, even this woman, this Diva was a stranger to me, so to speak.
I designed much of the technology that this individual is using to web cast these murders.
I might be able to help you pinpoint him.
- Have you ever heard of trace roots? - Sure.
Trace roots are exact steps that reach any website or server.
It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
Only, the public gets a crippled version.
With a fully enabled programme you can bypass the anonymous IP forwarders.
I'll need to see what you've got so far.
All right.
Well this is the victims' profile.
Go ahead and look at it.
If you have any questions you can just call our associate, Jacob, or us.
I can't believe I'm back in this.
Well, we want to shut him down.
We don't want him to web cast anything more.
So, we think, force a mistake on him.
Unless he's already thought of that and created some contingency roots.
See, who is this guy? He's me.
Somebody that put their passion into it early and got hurt.
Or was pushed out, or forgotten or maybe it's just somebody that wasn't able to evolve.
Maybe he's a sicko.
Highly unlikely.
Walter, I feel like I'm reliving this all over again.
How did he get all this information on me? It's creepy.
He must have been watching you for years.
Or downloading things off the Internet.
See there, that's when I was in jail, that's a jail cell cam.
And there's airport security.
All I know is, I'm not letting you out of my sight.
I can't be the only one.
How many others are there? - So, Clemens can't make it? - Guess not.
Well, we're going to need a single to make a fourth.
You see anybody? - Yeah, that guy.
- Yeah.
Would you care to join us? We need a fourth.
- Sure.
Hi, my name is Robert.
- Robert, nice to meet you.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been three weeks since my last confession.
I don't know how you play the game, Robert but we like to throw some cash into an empty tennis ball can.
- Winner takes it.
- No.
I don't bet.
No, thanks.
Why do you play the game if you don't bet? Please take this the right way, Don.
But if I were to bet and lose, say $10,000 it just wouldn't make a difference to me.
Well, please take this the right way, Robert.
What is it that you do that you could lose $10,000 and not break a sweat? - Microcybe.
- Microcybe.
And the last microchips we shipped were faulty.
To what gain? Financial.
Once they're shipped, they're someone else's problem.
If you know it's wrong, why do you persist? It's very difficult.
Numbers are God.
Dead souls without humanity Microcybe.
I supply their chips.
Small world.
The microchips were faulty.
I'm in fear of my soul, Father.
Okay, Jacob, what have you got? So, I ran I.
peek's cameras through WiseWire, and check this out.
Of the 27 new cameras phone units or interactive porn.
Come on, Ange, that's not my style.
Anyway, two of the cameras were shut down within hours of their first transmission another two were used as ski-slope snow reports and one fell behind a dresser.
Okay, well that's 26.
What about the last one? You tell me.
Take a look at this.
Let me see.
That would be about three shows a day and 50 seats.
So far the killer isn't killing killer whales, so I don't know.
It doesn't fit the profile at all.
Exactly why we check it out.
I don't know.
It sounds like a long shot.
Jacob, read the headlines.
Donald Burton was the fourth guy that was killed.
- It's time we start betting on long shots.
- Okay, just be careful.
I'm telling you, I know that Weathers has something to do with this.
But we need proof.
If this is his camera in here, I want to get it and say cheese so he knows that we're onto him.
Excuse us.
Can we talk to you for a second? I know that this is going to sound a little strange but is there ever a time when one person sits in that section over and over.
No, many people come here more than once.
But like an owner, or a regular, or a VIP with reserved seats? No, that's our splash zone, and sometimes people like to sit there just to get soaked.
- You know, like Gallagher.
- The watermelon thing.
Is there ever a time when there's just one person on the seat? No, no, not even So, what's this all about anyway? - Look, I got to get this, okay? - Okay.
Then, do you mind if we look around? No, no, it's fine.
Just don't touch anything.
Hello? Hello? Find it? Yup.
It's right here.
Do me a favour.
Move a little bit to your right.
Yeah, right there.
Hold on.
- What have you got? - I think he's looking at Gary.
'Cause Gary, that's where he feeds the whales every day at the same time.
We just must have missed it at those times, and we were looking at the seats.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, have you seen Gary? He went on his break early today.
- Do you know where? - I don't know.
You could try the break room or maybe the Amazon Gallery.
I'll go to the break room first and I'll meet you at the Amazon Gallery.
Thank you.
The aquarium will open in five minutes.
- Gary, hi.
- Hey.
- Can I talk to you for a moment? - Right now really isn't a good time.
They're going to open up the gates right away, so I really got to get going.
Angela, everything okay? I got to go.
So, Gary, how long have you been working here? - You scared me.
- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing here? - I thought I could help.
How did you find me? I called Jacob, and he told me that I might find you here.
The victim pattern, pretty random.
Who's to say a trainer isn't next? The Net's basic structure is changing organically.
Just the way that life does, through violence and upheaval.
It's you.
How long have you been watching me? Angela, I was merely trying to make a point.
Be reasonable.
Stay where you are.
Walter, it's Weathers.
Repeat, it's Weathers.
The Seattle Aquarium is now open.
- Angela, put the gun down.
- Don't move! I spy with my little eye something that starts with "A.
" Angela.
You, of all people.
I am so disappointed in you.
What were you gonna do, shoot with all those kids around? What I don't understand is why didn't he go for me earlier? I mean, first he sends me a movie of me then he kills Donald Burton, the microchip manufacturer.
Now Gary at the park, it doesn't make sense.
Jacob, it's Angela.
It's really important that you call me back.
Where is he? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
He's probably just out with friends.
No, his classes ended hours ago.
He would be home.
Weathers knows where he is, and he knows who he is.
It's all Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Matt, hi.
Hi, it's Angela.
It's Jacob's friend.
Is he there? Nope.
But he sure did trash the place.
What? What? Like party trashed, or like signs-of-struggle trashed? It's hard to tell, but Jake's not really a party hearty kind of guy.
- Oh, no.
- What? - Oh, no, dude.
- What? - Jacob, no.
- What? Tell me.
He's sans boxers.
The bros are going to kill him.
Okay, Matt, listen to me.
Okay, call campus security immediately.
And do not touch anything.
Okay? Can you do that? Okay, babe.
But what's going on? Just do it.
Just do it, and then get out of there, okay? - All right? - Okay.
Damn, dude.
- I swear to God! If he even touches Jacob- - Don't let this guy rattle you.
I had him, I had him.
He was right there.
Angela, Weathers has spent a life disappearing.
We checked for prints, identification, birth certificate.
I even checked the counter at the sushi restaurant for hair.
You know what we came up with? Nothing.
That's why the police and the forensics can't trace this guy.
He barely exists.
- I'm going home.
- No, Angela, no.
What do you want me to do? Do you want me to stay here and just wait for a psycho? I'm going to go home, and I'm going to wait for Jacob to call.
Just give me two minutes and I'll walk you down to the parking lot and I'll follow you home.
No, I don't need it, Walter.
I'm fine.
Oh, God.
Walter, I told you that I was fine.
I wouldn't.
Toss it.
Toss it.
- Where's Walter? - In the car.
Is he dead, or is he alive? Where's Jacob? Remember how I told you about the purity of my garden, and how I tended it? - Where is Jacob? - I'm weeding the garden, Angela.
I'm trying to keep it free from predators.
You're the predator! You think because you created something, you can destroy it? You kill people.
You think you're God? I like the comparison.
How can somebody so brilliant be so stupid? Put the gun down, you stupid son of a bitch.
Put it down! You forget, Angela, I've been watching you.
I know everything about you.
You've been hurt, Angela, just like me.
That's why I need you to understand.
You got a lot to learn about freedom.
Where's Jacob? Are you okay? I think you better call an ambulance.
So, this was all just some big fraternity prank? I know, I know.
I'm sorry I had you so worried.
So, they really kidnapped you? No, actually they call it borrowing.
Borrowing? What do they do to you? Secret fraternity stuff.
You're really into this, aren't you? No, not at all.
I'm a student of human behaviour.
The animal kind.
So, are you okay? I'm okay.
Are you sure? Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I got to take off.
I got a date with a sorority girl.
Oh, okay.
So, I'll see you later? See you.