The Newsreader (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

A Step Closer to the Madness

- You haven't seen the paper?
- Hi, Mum.
You are in the social pages
with Helen Norville.
Is she as glamorous in real life
as she is on the television?
Thank you so much for seeing
me on such short notice.
I did prescribe two dozen a month ago.
I may need you to step up.
You're gonna be reading
the weekend bulletin.
Is there any chance you could
come in and help me prepare?
You were right. It's like
you lost the premiership.
Oh! I just bloody can't talk to
anybody about anything but footy.
You never talk about yourself.
You never, ever disclose
anything about you.
I just don't advertise it,
because I'm gay
and you just don't know how
people are gonna take it.
If you or the network mistreat
my husband in any way,
I can assure you the public response
will be utterly devastating.
I mean, you do realise last
night was Friday night?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You said that you were gonna do
something a little bit creative.
I know it's Saturday evening,
but we do have this
sunset, and the view.
Have I redeemed myself?
Yeah, I think you might've.
- What's wrong?
- Where have you put the antacid?
Uh, it's in there.
Hang on.
Oh! You're cold!
It's just heartburn.
What's going on?
Uh, well, I just read that
if you put the crockpot
on the lowest setting,
um, that it makes the
meat really tender.
But in order to do that,
it has to be on for 12 hours,
so I've gotta get it on by 8:00.
But then I also just read
that, apparently, if you
braise the meat first
it's even better.
So I'm just gonna do that.
You can't just put the beef
straight in the crockpot?
Well, it's better if you braise it.
Helen, my mum's not gonna care
if the beef's braised or unbraised.
I I'm gonna braise it.
What time is she actually coming?
Well, actually, I told her
to meet us at the office.
She's always wanted to see
the office, so I just said
that, uh Is that a problem?
No. But what what time?
3:30, 4:00?
I'm not I'm not even gonna
have had my make-up done
at 3:30 or 4:00.
I'm gonna call her,
and I'll see if she's left.
I just was expecting that the
first impression, you know,
was gonna be here, like,
maybe 7:00, 7:30.
That's fine. I'm sorry.
I should have checked.
She's left.
Helen, do not worry, my
mother is going to love you.
I'm just gonna put it
straight into the crockpot.
I'm just gonna get changed.
Just a half a dozen would be fine,
just to get me through this Easter
weekend, or whatever you think.
Your last prescription is dated
Yes, I I gave some
to somebody at work.
And I really shouldn't have
done that, and I'm sorry.
Helen, if you're having
difficulties with anxiety
is it connected to the insomnia?
Are you too unsettled to sleep?
My new boyfriend's mother is coming
for the entire Easter weekend,
and I've never met her,
and I just
You got a mother-in-law?
She stays with us two months every year.
Two long months.
- Got any tips?
- Stiff gin.
I just want to survive the weekend.
We can fix that.
How's your diet?
You're not still lathering everything
with salt, are you?
Ho! Not me, Doc.
The more you cut down
on red meat, the better.
Life. Be in it.
How many drinks would
you have in a week?
Well, that depends.
Eight? Maybe 10?
Still smoking?
Yes. Three packs a week.
At that amount, and at your age,
you're doubling your risk of stroke,
and you should be cutting
down on alcohol as well.
You know, with the chest pains
and the shortness of breath
- It was just
- really, the signs
Honestly, it was just
just a bit of indigestion.
Seafood has never agreed with me.
Well, I'm going to refer
you to a specialist.
I can't be seen at the hospital.
Well, can we organise a private
consultation, or after hours?
- I'll see what I can do.
- Mm.
Geoff, when was the last
time you had a holiday?
We had a whole two months during
the last, uh, non-ratings period
Mainly consumed with specials.
Eight days of actual holiday.
I'll take today off.
It's the Easter long weekend, so
you get five for the price of one.
Good. And I'll check in on you tomorrow.
Honestly, it was the the fish.
She served this exotic fish stew
No, it was a Madras fish curry
I told you at the time it wasn't
agreeing with me, darling.
- and it was absolutely fine.
- You wouldn't feed it to your cat.
Evelyn's cooking is very good.
And you look after yourself, alright?
- Hasn't changed a bit.
- Mm, I know.
Fergie and Andrew have
just set the date.
The wedding's in July.
That's good. For them.
Well, for Charles and Di,
Geoff worked 17-hour days.
He spent four weeks in London.
Surely they can get someone else.
I can try and get
him into a specialist,
but I can tell you there
won't be any magic bullet.
He needs lifestyle changes,
long-term diet and exercise
Charles and Di was the single biggest
rating the network ever had,
and Geoff was credited with it.
He'll be expected to match it.
Let me make some calls and
go from there, alright?
Alright, so, a story every second
night for April and May,
building up to two stories per
night before the wedding.
That's about 100 Fergie
and Andrew stories.
No angle is a bad angle.
Fergie's Australian family,
not many people know she's
got family in Australia.
Didn't her mother leave
her father or something?
Both Di and Fergie's parents
are divorced, yeah.
Is Fergie a bolter? Huh?
Does the apple fall far from the tree?
- I'm not sure that's fair.
- Or compelling.
Do we have anything on,
um, Fergie versus Di?
- They're friends.
- Are they?
- By all accounts, yeah.
- Yeah, but what's the truth?
- That is the truth.
- Is it?
What if we ask the blokes of Australia,
"Are you a Fergie man or a Di man?"
- Yes!
- Seriously?
Yeah, yeah. 'Cause you'd
assume Di, wouldn't you?
But Fergie, I actually think
she's got a lot to offer.
Are you referencing her weight?
Nah, nah. A lot of personality.
- A lot of pedigree.
- I like it.
There is a
bar in the city that's serving
royal-wedding-themed drinks.
They've created a Fergie
cocktail, a Di cocktail.
- I'll do it.
- Yeah. Perfect.
That'll kick us into the weekend.
100 stories, mate. 100.
Now, you're gonna be
producing Robbo on this.
Take News 2.
Dennis. Producing Rob?
- Yes.
- Again?
Well, take it as a compliment, mate.
You bring out the best in people.
Heck, you and I have been
chatting for 10 seconds
and look how chirpy I am!
If there is a moratorium against me
being on camera, just tell me.
Hey, look, you are getting
better on camera,
but we need someone that doesn't
get the channel changed on them.
So figure out a way to be that.
I was just wondering, given the
volume of royal wedding stories,
if maybe I could make
it a special focus?
I could be the royal wedding producer.
You're not a producer,
let alone a royal producer.
Even if I was paired
with someone else
Okay, Noelene, who is the president
of the Carlton Football Club?
John Elliott.
- Who is the captain?
- I I don't know.
If you wanna make your way up,
forget about the royals and
get on top of the footy.
I don't wanna be a sports producer.
Look, Noelene, I used to be the
office dogsbody for four years,
constantly getting looked
over time and time again.
But then I found the key footy!
I picked a team, learned
the rules inside out,
and then I became the
'76 tipping champion.
More importantly, I earnt their trust.
Well, shouldn't my
work speak for itself?
Wouldn't that be something?!
Now, help me help you get across it.
Amend the run-down.
Helen! Hey, Geoffrey's sick today
so it's gonna be all you tonight.
Wall-to-wall royal engagement.
Uh, Lindsay wants you.
Uh, Dennis said that you
wanted to talk to me?
Um calls went up last night.
For, uh for any particular story?
A lot of viewers think
you've beefed up a bit.
thank you so much
for holding back.
No comments about my
my eyeshadow, or my hair,
which usually gets a pretty
honourable mention?
Uh, well, we've spoken to
wardrobe about your jacket.
- Mm.
- The cut was all wrong.
Anything else?
You and, um
young Dale have been
friendly for a while now.
Do you have a lot of
boozy dates or, um
Anything else you want to tell me?
Like what?
Because if you're up the duff,
we can organise a day off
Am I up the fucking duff?!
Would it be an idea to lay
off the bickies in bed, then?
Um are you open today?
We'd like to shoot this
afternoon, if possible.
- Dale.
- Uh-huh. Oh, great. See you then.
- Dale.
- Yeah, I'm leaving.
Is it News 2?
A lady just arrived to see
you. She's in reception.
Mr Jennings, I'm Cathy.
I'm Helen's sister.
Nice to meet you.
Um, I think Helen just got in.
Actually, I was hoping
to speak with you.
I'm not sure what Helen's told
you about our family situation.
I know she's not close to her family.
Our father's dying.
I'm sorry.
We've brought him home for Easter,
but it's going to be his last one,
and Helen won't see him.
I saw the two of you in the paper
and I thought maybe you
could have a word with her.
- Why don't I see if I can get Helen?
- She won't listen to me.
I've tried.
And it's not my place to push her.
Yeah, well, if you could
pass on that message,
then that would be great.
I'm very sorry about your father.
- Hi.
- Hi.
your sister Cathy
was just in reception.
She wanted me to pass on a message.
I'm really sorry your father's dying.
They've brought him home
I've told you they're not
a part of my life anymore.
So if my sister ever tries
to contact you again,
then you just ignore her.
I'm going to go into the city now
and I'll be back by the
time my mum arrives.
Oh, Dale, could you chuck me
some more coins, please?
Thank you.
The Royal Red.
Well, she's a slippery one.
A drink fit for a Duchess Fergie, or
a Lady Di.
Oh, yeah. I'll cheers to that.
Okay, let's try it again, just
with the sign-off we agreed on.
- Oh, come on. That was funny.
- It wasn't.
It was. Look, Timbo's laughing.
Okay, well, we have your
version if we need it.
I'd like to try the option
we agreed on, please.
Could you make another one?
Well, no, I can't drink any
more of this lolly water.
- No offence, mate.
- None taken.
Why don't you try sipping it rather
than draining it in every shot?
Sorry, mate, I'm going to sip
this one and not drain it
because it's come to the top.
We good?
The Royal Red, a drink
fit for a duchess.
- Great.
- Great.
Um, we just need a couple of
extra shots of the cocktails.
Where are you going?
Oh, I might just grab a
tram back to the office.
It'll be five minutes.
Yeah, but you don't really
need my input, do ya?
- Smoko.
- It's two shots!
Sorry, do you mind if
I just position these?
Go for your life.
Why are you killing yourself
over this? It's a shit story.
Given a job, I like to do it well.
Shooting yourself in the foot,
that's what you're doing.
You know, if the story comes off well,
you're going to be
stuck babysitting Rob.
Let him stuff it up.
That way they'll put him back
to sport, put you on camera.
Are you actually saying the best way
to help my career is to do a bad job?
That is exactly what I'm saying.
Good advice. Can we just get the shots?
Gotta put coins in the meter.
Val Jennings is at the studio entrance.
Okay, um, can you please tell her
that I am unfortunately held up in a
Tell her I'll be 10 minutes.
Cheryl? Hey. Can you give
me just a quick touch-up?
No worries.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
I'm going to go meet Dale's mother.
Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.
- Mmm!
- First time.
- Without him.
Do you have anything to drink in here?
- Like alcohol?
- Yeah.
Uh, yeah, I could
I could probably find
You know what? Actually it's
fine. Don't worry about it.
Fuck! I can normally put on a show
for people, but mothers just
They just they just see through me.
She's going to be the nervous one.
You're the big TV star now, remember?
You know what? I'm good.
Mrs Jennings?
Hi! I'm Helen.
No, please call me Val.
- I'm sorry I'm so early.
- Oh, not at all.
Uh, Dale is actually doing
a story in the city.
I could go for a drive and wait.
Don't be silly. I thought maybe
I could give you a tour.
- I don't want to be any trouble.
- You're not.
It's it's actually just wonderful
to meet you in person.
So, uh come through.
What's Dale's story today?
Oh, he's doing a piece
about the royal wedding
- now we've finally got a date.
- I saw.
Will you get to go to
London for the wedding?
I think so, yeah.
How exciting.
Geoff Walters did such a brilliant
job with Charles and Diana.
- Did you watch?
- Yes, I did. Yes.
Of course.
Pity you couldn't have
been there for that one.
I like Fergie, but it's not
quite the same, is it?
Di is a hard act to follow.
So, this, uh, this is the studio.
I didn't expect it to be in so
much space and darkness.
Well, you know, you
kind of get used to it.
Over here's our news desk.
Oh, no, please, you can touch.
I don't know if Dale said,
but even when he was very little,
he used to watch the news every night.
From about seven years old,
he'd watch every second,
right through to the weather.
Let me show you his desk.
- Is Tim with you? No?
- I thought he was with you.
So sorry, sir, we will be out of
your hair as soon as we can.
Okay, look, it's
You right? Dale?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Get back! Get back now!
Over this way. Let's go this way.
You'll be okay. Let's just go this way.
Give us a hand here, mate?
They've bombed the police building.
Get Ross, get the camera.
So, this is where Geoff would
normally be tucked away,
but he's sick today, so
you'll have to make do
with his wall of awards.
Rotten luck to be sick on Easter.
Um, so my office is just over here.
Not as many awards, I'm afraid.
Code 48, Russell Street headquarters.
Dispatch urgent assistance. Priority
- Explosion, Russell Street!
- What?
Um, I'll be back in just one second.
Car two? Car two, come in.
Car two, report back.
Russell Street. There's been an
explosion at the police station.
- Is Dale in the city?
- I'm trying to radio him.
- Car two, come in!
- Where in
- Where in the city are they?
- The top end.
- Noelene!
- They're at a bar called the Lincoln.
It's just off La Trobe Street.
I'm not sure how far up.
- Where's the link truck?
- Link truck, come in.
Link truck, get to Russell
Street immediately.
The Lincoln, it's just south
of the police station.
Do you want me to go down there?
- I can get there.
- No, Geoff's not here.
You're on the desk. Get yourself
into make-up quick as you can.
- Dennis to car two, come in!
- Jean, Jean, Jean!
Can you please go and offer
Mrs Jennings a cup of tea
and make sure you keep that door shut?
The bar's not answering.
It's not even ringing.
Dennis to car two.
Car two, come in immediately.
Could I get you a cuppa?
Oh, just point me in
the right direction.
No, no, no. How do you like it?
Ah, white with one, thanks.
Sounding very lively out there.
Jim, yes, it's me.
I've got a truck out there.
Russell Street bombing. What have
you got? I've got a car out there.
Here. Take it, take it.
I'm standing here in Russell
Street in Melbourne's CBD,
where an explosion has just occurred.
Behind me is the smoking
wreck of a vehicle
believed to be the source of these
Get back! Get back now! Move!
That was the second explosion
here on the Russell Street,
right outside the police building,
possibly a fuel tanker or
some other explosive device.
There are people running,
screaming through the streets,
crowds of people arriving now.
And the police seem to
be establishing a cordon.
That's been the second explosion
here in Russell Street today,
sending the city into chaos.
This has been Dale Jennings
reporting for News At Six.
- Okay. We're going?
- Where?
We had a bomb go off in the middle of
- We're the only ones here.
- No, I didn't sign up
- Get some shots!
- It's okay.
You can go back a bit I know, I know!
It's okay. It's okay. We've got this.
Get the truck!
Roll it out.
Do you know which hospital
they're taken to?
We need to get to a hospital.
- Rob, what the fuck are you doing?
- What?
- Rob, where are the others? Rob!
- Where's the crew?
Just grabbing extra shots.
I caught a tram home. Why?
Russell Street's been bombed.
- What?
- There's been a bombing
at the police station a quarter
of an hour ago, Rob.
- We were just around the corner.
- Is everything alright?
No, no. Listen.
Ah, Val, uh, there's been
an explosion in the city.
- A bomb?
- Yeah, well, they think so.
How Near Dale?
Dale was about a block away.
We've been trying to radio them,
but they haven't answered.
But that's quite normal.
If they filming, they're
not near their radios.
- How big a bomb?
- We're not sure.
Oh, my God. Can't anyone tell me
where they're sending casualties?
There's no details, no names.
Noelene! Send News 4 to Royal Melbourne.
The closest hospital to Russell
Street is St Vincent's.
I could head out there. Produce Rob.
Covering the casualties.
Interviewing survivors.
No, there's no time, okay?
It's Easter traffic and the
roads are all shutting down.
- I know a back way.
- What?
My dad delivers furniture.
I used to help him navigate
in the school holidays.
Yeah, well, just
- This is Ross.
- Holy shit!
Car two, car two, come in, are you okay?
We're fine. We're fine.
We've got five minutes of story.
Ground bloody zero.
We're about to do interviews.
Wait, is Dale there?
No, no, they're still
at the police station.
Tell the boys the link
truck's gonna come there,
it's gonna meet them.
That's such a relief.
Is he on his way back?
Um, no, he's going to
stay to do the live cross.
- It's not dangerous?
- No, no.
The police would have swept the
area. Please, you take a seat.
Tell them to wait there. The link
truck's gonna come and get them.
- Okay, got it.
- Get ready. You two, get News 3,
get up to St Vincent's
as soon as you can.
Noelene, this is on you! Don't mess up.
Yeah, okay!
I'll come back when it's all over.
The first blast occurred
just before one o'clock.
You don't have to go in.
You're still short of breath.
Call Jean and tell her
I'm 30 minutes away.
Why don't you rest for
another couple of hours?
I'll say you'll be there
for the main bulletin
I have covered this city for 30 years.
And if you think I'm sitting
out a terrorist attack,
you're sorely mistaken.
- Fine. But I'm driving.
- I'm fine!
Call Jean, please.
Hello, Jean?
I'm just letting you know that
Geoff has just heard the news
and he's on his way.
Yes, he was under the weather
- I'm absolutely fine.
- Yeah.
He's vastly improved.
Right. Out, please. Come on.
Come on, you two.
Out, out, come on. Move.
- Move, move, move, move, move.
- Yep.
Back further. Right back
away from the entrance.
If you could just confirm how
many have been admitted
Alright, back further. Thank you.
You stay here.
Get anyone who looks like
they've come from Russell Street.
Hey, he just said no filming.
No filming in the hospital,
not out here.
I can't bail up people
coming out of a hospital.
Get the next person. I'll be back.
- You know what she's doing? Nuh.
- Nuh.
Ready? Let's get the detective.
Excuse me, Detective. Detective.
Dale Jennings from the News at Six.
Could I ask you some questions, please?
Where were you when the
explosion just occurred?
I was on the first floor.
I heard a very loud bang
and glass breaking
and just a lot of screaming
from outside.
And how did you get injured?
Falling glass.
Just one moment.
Seven admitted from the bombing,
all in a stable condition, except one,
a policewoman with severe burns.
Uh, this gentleman is Terry.
He was working in the city very
close by when he almost
Rob Rickards!
Go the Saints!
Lifetime member. Mate, I was in the G.
- '71 grand final.
- Ah! Heartbreaker.
Hey, are you still mates
with Barry Breen?
Hey, yeah, still mates
with Beaver, yeah.
Sorry. Can we just get
the interview quickly?
Yeah, sorry. Are we good?
Okay, uh
Terry, you were in the city
when the bombing occurred
I work just down the street, yes.
Could I ask you what that was like?
I was I was facing the window
and I heard the explosion
and the window just shook.
The glass panel just moved.
It was like a gas explosion.
- Were you frightened?
- Very frightened.
I mean, you could feel the
force of it even inside.
Thank you very much. Take care, okay?
Alright. Cut.
Ross, take the tape, put it in
a cab, get a reference number,
- then radio Dennis, alright?
- If you can't find a cab,
tell Dennis to send a
cadet to pick it up.
- Okay.
- Say it back.
Ah, find a cab, put the tape in it
- Reference number.
- Get a reference number.
- Tell Dennis or or
- Just send a cadet.
- Send a cadet. Yeah, yeah.
- Then come straight back.
- Then come back here.
- Go.
Oh, I just automatically ran outside
to see what was happening
and then just started
helping clear people away.
Good on you, mate.
At what point did you realise
you'd injured yourself?
Oh. When an ambo told me to
lie down in the stretcher.
Good. Good. Terry, terrific, mate.
- Good on ya.
- Cheers.
- Look after yourself.
- Yes, yes.
- Good to meet ya.
- When did that car get here?
What car?
The one parked across our news car.
Where are they?
Did you see them pull up?
Yeah, it was the CVN news boys.
They told me they'd be 10 minutes.
Back it out. Just back it out.
- I Noels, we can't.
- I don't know if we can do that.
Car three?
- Oh
- Car three?
No, wait
Dennis to car three.
- Car three, are you there?
- I'll find him.
Ryan, if they come back and move,
we're leaving without you.
Car three, are you there? Car three?
Dennis to car three.
- Dennis, this is car three.
- ETA?
We're still at St Vincent's.
- What?
- We've got the story. We're just
We've been parked in.
I thought you said you had
some magical back way.
We're not stuck in traffic. We're
- It's a car
- No, no, no.
Dennis, it's me. Look,
the CVN lads parked us in.
They told me they'd be 10 minutes.
You've got 25 minutes
to make the bulletin.
Can we push it?
You weren't ready for this, Noelene.
Shouldn't have bloody listened to you.
Noels, it's okay.
It's not okay.
I've waited three years for this shot.
- What are you doing?
- Don't worry, Noels.
See you back there.
You can't run the whole way.
No, I'll be right
- Geoff's here. He is at the reception.
- What? Yep.
Geoff, Geoff, Geoff
Do we have a statement from the
premier, police commissioner?
- Working on it.
- Call the premier's office?
If I can get through to Frank, we
might get an interview with Cain.
- Has anybody claimed responsibility?
- Not yet.
No fatalities?
Well, nothing so far, but
I've got Noelene and Rob out
- at St Vincent's right now.
- 13!
Bloody cabbie charged me 13
bucks for it. Can you believe it?
From the city! Said it was danger money.
- Doing a live cross?
- I got a link truck on route with Vic.
- Vic?
- Yeah, he's got more experience.
We have a reporter there
who was an eyewitness.
- Dale struggles with live crosses.
- Let him struggle.
He witnessed the full
impact of the bombing.
Struggle's good.
Shut me down, but there's
something about explosions
and Dale Jennings that makes
me want to see this tape first.
- Murray, are you here?
- Yeah, right behind ya.
Behind me is the smoking
wreck of a vehicle
which appears to be the source
That was the second explosion
here on Russell Street,
right outside the police station.
It appears to be some fuel tanker
or some other explosive device.
There are crowds of people
arriving, people are screaming.
And now the police are
- Dale Jennings.
- Dale bloody Jennings.
Is that Rob Rickards?
- Dennis!
- Where's your crew?
- Oh, I left them. They're parked in.
- Oh, God.
Can one crew stay together today?
- Hey, hey
- What?
- We got interviews.
- Oh, mate, it's too late.
Oi, I just I just ran
all the way from Fitzroy.
I think I've pulled my bloody hamstring.
Well, go and see where Murray is.
You got two minutes. Bloody go.
Ah! Murray!
Sorry, sorry.
Murray? Sorry.
That's it. Good work, mate.
Noels, Noels. Can we give her a squiz?
What? No. There's no time.
Don't care what you think. Sorry!
Ah, okay, it was a bit paint by numbers,
but I think I got the right order.
It was the best I could do anyway.
You got it back in time? Thank you.
Ah It's alright.
Ah, jeez.
Shall we go upstairs?
Yeah, yeah, you're going
to be on the telly.
You should call your parents.
Call your parents.
30 seconds. Look alive, people.
We've got nothing from Russell Street,
but we can't stay here, mate.
We don't have a connection.
Yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me?
They're saying they can hear me,
but they don't have a picture.
- We're working on it.
- I've got picture.
Okay, okay, so we still don't
have any pictures of Dale,
so you're just going to have
to go with the first story,
go the first story, and on in 10.
No, we're not dropping
the crosses, are we?
Just indicate to me as soon
as you've got a picture
and tell them to just keep on trying.
I wouldn't hold your breath. On my hand.
It's happened.
Terrorism hits Melbourne as six
bombs explode, injuring 21 people.
Good evening to viewers around Australia
and welcome to News At Six.
News At Six reporters found
themselves first on the scene
of the lunchtime attack on Russell
Street police headquarters.
Let me know when you get a connection.
We're supposed to be right
at the top of the bulletin.
I know.
Okay, the bulletin's on. They
want to throw to me in seconds.
Sorry, mate. I'm just
getting weird black spots.
You know what? I'm just, ah
You know what? Dale, stay in position.
Alright. Yes.
- Dale, stay in position. Ross, can you help me?
- We'll get there.
burns to 80% of her body.
Magistrate Ian West has also
been injured in the blast.
- Wait, wait, wait. Tim!
- We're up.
- We're up. We're up.
- Tim, we got a picture!
Okay, we're up. We're up.
Commissioner of Operations
Keith Thompson said
today's attack placed Melbourne at
the forefront of world terrorism.
But before we begin our coverage,
we'll cross now to reporter Dale
Jennings, who's live at the scene.
Dale, are you at the site of the blast?
That's right, Helen.
And you'll see behind me
is the wreck of the vehicle
believed to be the source
of the explosion.
And even here, 100 metres away,
there's glass and wreckage underfoot.
You were filming just two blocks
from police headquarters
when the bomb went off.
What was it like to be so close?
It was a complete shock.
We were completing a
story just south of here
when there was a tremendous bang
and a great deal of shattered glass.
I stepped out to see a
huge plume of smoke,
which I followed here to Russell Street
and to the burning wreckage
you see behind me.
There were several injured people,
including multiple police officers.
Was there instant panic?
I think people were more shocked
and disorientated than panicked.
But then there were
several more explosions,
and that's when a state of
chaos and hysteria set in.
Dale, were you injured?
There might be a bruise
or two in the morning,
but I am perfectly well enough intact.
Thank you, Dale. And stay safe.
Dale Jennings there,
live from Russell Street.
Today's attack stands
out as Melbourne's
We're out.
Lovely work, fellas.
Tell you what, I've got some beers
in the truck if you boys are keen.
- What do you say?
- Shit yeah.
Thanks for the technical save.
Thank you.
Victims of the explosions were
immediately rushed via ambulance
to Melbourne's major hospitals.
Security guard Terry
Whittaker was injured
whilst rendering assistance
in the immediate aftermath.
He was taken to St Vincent's Hospital,
where he spoke to Rob Rickards.
Terry, you were in the city
when the bombing occurred.
- That's right, yeah.
- And what were you doing?
I was working at the courthouse,
doing security,
when the bomb went off, um, yeah.
What was that like?
Oh, it was just this enormous boom.
You know, the force of it threw me back.
It it it felt like the building
was trying to take off
and then land again.
At what point did you realise
that you were injured yourself?
Oh, when an ambo told me
to lie down in the stretcher.
We'll be back with a statement
from the premier after the break.
Dennis will send you out again.
He'd be mad not to.
Look what you did, Noels.
- Rob
- Yeah?
if you ever have any time,
will you talk me through a footy game?
Ah, well, the season hasn't started yet.
Even just a tape.
- What, do you like your footy?
- No, but I need to learn.
I mean, I see what we play in
the bulletin, obviously, but
So you've never sat down
and watched a game of footy?
Aussie Rules footy is the
single best sport on the planet,
and I am the single best
person to explain it to you.
Dennis, you there?
- Yeah.
- Is Helen off the air?
No, we're extending tonight.
- I don't suppose my mother's there?
- Yeah.
She was with Helen all arvo.
Can you apologise to them and
tell them not to wait for me?
They've put the whole
city into lockdown.
I don't think I'm getting
out of here anytime soon.
Will do.
- And, Dale
- Yeah?
Good work today, mate.
Do you want to walk it off?
Got to grab the rest of the gear anyway.
I think they've evacuated the city.
Might grab us some shots.
He did so well, didn't he?
I know I'm biased, but
He was incredible.
He was the lead in every state.
Millions of people are going
to see what he did today.
I have to confess that I haven't
actually used a crockpot before.
I bought it especially.
And I just am not sure if
I put the rice in the pot
or if I cook the rice
on the stove first.
Let let me do it.
Such a relief to feel like I'm useful.
- All yours.
- You can pour the drinks.
Yes. That I can do.
I was so nervous about meeting you.
Oh, please.
Has Dale met your parents yet?
Will they be joining us for Easter?
Um, I don't really have much
contact with my family, actually.
I haven't since I was a teenager.
- Oh.
- Yeah. Things just got all
just a bit
It can be a difficult time.
I made a lot of mistakes
when Dale was that age.
I'm sure you know.
Dale's father died when
he was 15, and I
I wasn't much of a
mother for a good while.
I went to pieces, really.
Tried to hide it. That made it worse.
Dale had to hold me together.
For years.
I know that he adores you.
I'm doing my best to make it up to him.
It's all you can do, really, isn't it?
I've just realised something.
What is it?
I'm naked and I'm ashamed.
I can see you're naked and I don't mind.
I think it's beautiful.
Geoff? Oh! Darling!
Oh, my God! Geoff!
Oh! What is it?
Is it Is it your chest?
Hold on, darling. Just hold on.
I'm going to call an ambulance, okay?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Sorry I'm so late.
- Oh, please.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I've put your mum in the spare room
because it got too late
to drive her to yours.
- Sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
You want some water?
- No.
- Something to eat?
Sit down.
Oh, my God.
Dale, trust me,
everything changes after
what you did today.
I think all the adrenaline
just left my body.
I need to have a shower.
I love you.
I love you.
I'm going to wait here for you, okay?
Nurse Vickers required in emergency.
How is he?
Emergency heart bypass.
He was six hours in surgery.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
- But successful?
- They think so, yes.
They said it'd be a few
months of recovery.
I've just spoken to the CEO,
and he wants the best doctors
for Geoff, the best care.
So if there's anything he needs
- Just promise me
- Hmm?
you won't use this to axe him.
Oh, no. That goes without saying.
- I want you to say it.
- Of course.
But, you know, you don't need
to worry about that now.
He'll need to hear it
- when he wakes up.
- Of course.
That the network is
supporting his recovery
and his return to the desk.
And I am sure the CEO will call him
and he will say words to that effect.
It needs to be said publicly.
CEO wants an update, so I will
give you your privacy.
Hello, Peter, it's Evelyn Walters.
Geoff suffered a heart
attack late last night.
Thank you. Thank you.
He's undergone heart bypass
surgery and he's doing well,
but obviously there
will be public interest,
and Geoff's been very clear.
He wants the exclusive
to go to you at the Sun.
This is contingent on it being in
print by tomorrow at the latest.
Absolutely, I can give
you all the details,
but Geoff had a quote he was
very keen for me pass on.
Do you have a pen?
"I have a long road ahead of me,
"but with the support of my
family and my loyal viewers,
"I will absolutely be back on
air in July, and I can't wait."
Shall I repeat that?
Do you have a minute?
Do you want to go for a walk?
- Grab a drink?
- No.
Alright. I feel like I
should explain myself.
I was I was in a bit of
a strange state yesterday.
It's just the shock of everything.
I don't actually remember what
happened or in what order.
So I was just there, it
could have been anybody.
The shots, adrenaline
I just came to say that, um,
whatever happened between us,
um, I hope it doesn't
affect things going forward.
Because we have been a good team
and it would be a shame to
lose that over a few seconds.
It was a solid minute,
from what I recall.
I'm committed to Helen.
I care about her deeply.
The last thing I want to do is hurt her.
So please don't tell anyone.
Of course.
It wasn't the shots, by the way.
We never drank them.
The mother who contracted HIV
through a blood transfusion,
I think you should do it.
Can you imagine you on camera?
Thing is, he hates AIDS stories.
He's going to want to see a cut
and it's not going to be kind.
She says they poison the
blood bank, the gays.
- It's unsubstantiated.
- That's your story.
Gay men die! No more
lies! For gay men die!
Your first hatchet job.
Congrats, it's quite a milestone.
They say it was made up for
some sort of anti-gay pamphlet.
This is what happens when
you let game show girls
and footy players front the news.
Best thing you can do is sit
back and let them fall apart.
Wake up to yourself, you drip!
Dale! It's Adam. Adam Lindell.
He said that you guys went to high
school together, so which is it?
Is Dale here?
Could I get you to pass
on a message for me?
Is there something wrong?
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