The Night Manager (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 All the great philanthropists of our time are businessmen.
They're entrepreneurs, innovators.
My save haven project for refugees, which we began in '98, is the true expression of my belief in a commitment to the wider world.
Because my good fortune means nothing unless it also lifts up my fellow man.
I thank you all for your time.
Thank you.
- I thought you might need some help.
- How did you get here? - I walked.
- You walked? - Yes.
- Through that? - I've seen worse.
- OK, you are crazy.
I can assure you, madam, we're doing everything we can.
The British government has chartered a plane Hey! - which will arrive in three days' time.
- Hello.
Hello! One moment, please.
Excuse me, ma'am, - I'm just dealing with this lady.
- You have to get us out now.
Do you hear? Madam, I can assure you, the hotel is absolutely the safest place - for you to be at the moment, trust me - [EXPLOSION.]
Madam perhaps you would like to wait in the bar? - The cocktails, they're complimentary.
- Thank you.
Get them away from the windows.
Away! Yes, this is Pine of the Nefertiti Hotel in the Corniche.
We have tear gas grenades going off in the street 50 yards west of here and I have several guests extremely keen to leave.
As soon as you can, please.
Thank you.
To the airport, as fast as you can, please.
Thank you.
Busy day for you.
Well, we're doing the best that we can.
Is there anything I can do for you, madam? Make me a coffee, would you, Mr Pine? Sit with me.
I'm afraid I can't, madam.
I have to arrange taxis for various guests.
Oh Of course.
Everyone must escape.
Run, run, run.
When are you leaving, Mr Pine? I'm not.
You don't want to escape? [CHUCKLES.]
Then sit.
Please, sit.
What do you know of me? I know that your name is Ms Sophie Alekan.
I know that you're staying in the Hatshepsut suite.
And do you know who is footing my bill? Freddie Hamid is everything the protestors hate.
Incredibly wealthy, corrupt to the core.
The Hamid family owns half the city and Freddie Hamid owns me.
Before this all started, I saw you sailing at the Cairo Yacht Club.
Did you? Well, that's only when I'm invited.
Which isn't often, to be honest.
Who invites you? The second man at the British Embassy.
Name? His name is Ogilvey.
Simon Ogilvey.
And he's a friend of yours? Well, I know him from my army days.
But you trust him? I trust him not to capsize a boat.
I'd like you to copy some personal documents for me, please.
We-We have an executive services bureau just across the lobby.
The documents are confidential.
I can assure you Mr Ahmadi is perfectly dependable.
I would prefer to use your office.
Do it for me, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Just one copy, madam? Yes.
Will that be all, madam? - Do you have an envelope? - Yes.
Seal it and put it in your safe.
And, Mr Pine if an accident was to happen to me, as accidents do happen more and more these days, you should feel free to take it to your friend, Mr Ogilvey.
Why should an accident happen, madam? Are you concerned for your safety? No.
But I see that you are.
Thank you.
Have you always been the night manager? It's my profession, yes.
You chose it? I think it chose me.
It's a shame.
You look fine by daylight.
Youssef - How are you? - - Perfect.
- OK! Listen, Youssef, do you know a man called Freddie Hamid? He's a playboy and a gambler.
There's some kind of deal going on and Freddie Hamid is involved and I have to find out when it's happening and where.
Is there anyone you know, friends in local kitchens, where he's staying? OK.
But be careful, Jonathan.
You don't want to get the wrong side of the Hamids.
- President Mubarak resigned.
- No, I think I understood that.
He's gone.
He's bloody gone! [CHEERING.]
NEWS REPORTER: Across Egypt, millions were on the streets erupting in excitement.
He'd gone.
After 30 years, gone.
Cars honked their horns, it was a moment like no other in their lives.
In Tahrir Square, the protestors were beside themselves.
They'd done it.
They'd won.
They'd brought down President Mubarak.
Ramses Hilton.
Er, yes, Corniche Bar, please.
- Corniche Bar.
Hello? - Oh, hi.
Erm Yeah, this is George Watts, I'm a mate of Freddie Hamid's.
I was supposed to meet him for cocktails in the bar tonight, but I've got held up.
Do you happen to know where he is? They've already left, sir.
Oh, what a shame.
Er Do you know where they've gone? - [FIREWORKS BLAST NEARBY.]
- I believe Mr Roper took Mr Hamid to dinner on his yacht, sir.
I'm sorry, there's a bit of a big party going on here.
I couldn't quite hear you, could you repeat that, please? Mr Hamid is with Mr Roper.
- Mr Roper? - Yes, sir.
Thank you so much.
My safe haven project for refugees, which we began in '98, is the true expression of my belief in a commitment to the wider world.
Because my good fortune means nothing unless it also lifts up my fellow man.
I thank you all for your time.
Thank you.
Good morning, Jonathan.
Simon, I know it's early Look, I, er I need to talk to you about something.
I've been calling the embassy all morning.
Come through.
What is this? [HE EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Bloody hell.
There are enough toys here to start a war.
Or crush a popular uprising.
- Where did you get this? - I found it.
"You found it"? Say they arrived by post.
Don't mention me.
Anonymous sender.
Jesus Christ, Jonathan, there's bloody napalm on here.
Send it today.
These people aren't wasting any time.
- Thank you.
- OK.
Three flights up.
Lift's broken but it keeps you fit.
Yeah, chicken sounds great, love.
A couple of days out of date is fine, as long as you cook it well.
All right.
Yeah, see you later, bye.
They were supposed to come yesterday to fix this.
- Rob? - Yes? Rob, come here [HE GROANS.]
Rex Mayhew just sent that.
Cairo station, anonymous sender.
- Ironlast.
- Yeah.
He's back.
Get me all the files you can on Richard Roper.
Defence, FCO, Bank of England, Treasury, HMRC And we'll need the River files too.
Red flags will fly.
So bury the requests in a pile of slurry.
Do a random sweep on all Brits living offshore.
Throw River House off the scent.
Make us look like a bunch of amateurs looking for a needle in a haystack.
- Do you think you can do that? - Yes.
Go on, then.
Good evening, Ms Alekan.
Mr Pine.
I would like you to bring a Scotch and soda to my room please.
I can ask room service, or there should be a minibar just under the main wardrobe.
I know where the minibar is.
I want you.
Madam, your Scotch and soda.
Just here on the table, madam? Who did you show the papers to? Please, just tell me.
I would understand.
I just need to know.
Freddie Hamid was just here.
He said he had just spoken to the man from Ironlast.
Which man? Richard Roper.
The worst man in the world.
Roper told Freddie that their deal was off.
Apparently, Roper had been warned.
Who by? You tell me, Mr Pine.
I've left your dog with the concierge, she'll be fine.
Ms Alekan, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea this would happen.
Don't apologise.
You were right to do what you did.
If I'd been brave enough, I would have done it myself.
But Freddie has a temper, as you can see.
And he may come back.
Well, don't worry.
We'll take care of you.
Would that be you and the Queen, Mr Pine? Madam.
Simon, this is Jonathan Pine.
Could you give me a ring as soon as you get this, please? - It's urgent.
Thank you.
Hey, you.
I have a friend in the Hatshepsut suite, she's not answering.
Can you try the room? Certainly, sir.
I'm afraid there's no answer, sir.
- Just give me the key.
- I can't do that, sir.
Just give me the damn key.
- I'm afraid it's not hotel policy - Do you know who I am?! Yes, sir.
I do.
Then you know who my family are.
Open the room.
Open the room.
- Which one? It's this one? - Sir, it's Just this one, yes.
Here you go.
Open the room.
We go.
Open the room.
Sir Where is she? When did you last see her? Er, last night.
I can ask the day staff.
Excuse me, sir? [MOBILE PHONE RINGS.]
It's me Ah Mr Roper.
Yes, sir.
I am dealing with it.
I have it all in hand.
Yes, sir.
The minute she appears, you call this number.
- You hear me? - Yes, sir.
Certainly, sir.
It belongs to an archaeologist friend of mine.
It's an hour outside the city.
He's gone back to London tonight and it'll be empty for two weeks, and I really think it's the safest option.
Come with me.
Youssef, tell no-one we're here.
Not even your family.
- OK.
- Thank you, brother.
No worries.
Let me know if you need anything else, OK? - OK.
- All right.
It's not much, but it'll do.
Why do you sit so far away? Out of respect, I suppose.
Is that why you came all the way here? To respect me? You have many different voices, Mr Pine.
You say one thing and that person touches me.
Then that person is called away and somebody quite different takes his place.
We have a changing of the guards.
Are you like this with all your women? [CHUCKLES.]
You are not one of my women, Miss Sophie.
So why are you here? I want one of your many selves to sleep with me tonight.
You can choose which one.
Sophie's a name you gave yourself, isn't it? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
In Paris.
I wanted to be more Western.
What's your real name? Samira.
- What more do you want? - Angela - You sent me those papers.
- There isn't another "RM" in the Foreign Office sending me top-secret files by private courier.
I sent them to you as information, as I did to everyone in Arms Intelligence.
I was transparent.
And while you were at it, you set me up in a transparent shoebox in Victoria with no cash and no heating.
- Angela - Rex.
Richard Roper is selling arms to the youngest Hamid brother in the heart of Cairo in the middle of what we hope is the Arab Spring.
Isn't that exactly what we've been looking for?! Keep your voice down.
The Permanent Secretary has a view, which I share, that if you are allowed to continue unchecked, in your usual headstrong fashion, against Richard Onslow Roper without so much as a nod to our friends across the river Yeah, something might actually get done.
That's it, isn't it? There is another point of view on all this.
Which is what? That arming certain key players whose mobile phone numbers we happen to have in our address book might be preferable to indulging a whole new bunch of religious lunatics about whom we know nothing.
Oh, yeah So instead of putting handcuffs on him, we can give him a seat in the House of Lords! The Joint Intelligence Committee will meet next week.
We will have a full and frank discussion, we will share our intelligence like brothers and sisters.
And we will pursue, not our hopes and dreams, alas, but the art of the possible.
Now, I have to be at my club in 15 minutes.
I would invite you but, er I am obliged to observe club rules.
I urge you to do the same.
I can't believe you're still a member of a club that won't allow women.
Have a lovely time.
Apparently, the food's shit! [DOOR SLAMS SHUT.]
Did you ever meet Richard Roper? I saw him at a few parties.
Why? What's he like? Very charming.
Why do you call him the worst man in the world? Because he sells destruction, pain and death.
And he laughs.
What is it? Erm I think you have to leave the country.
I have nowhere to go.
You could go to England.
Will you help me? Of course I will.
- There you are.
- Thanks for coming.
Drink? - Not here.
- OK.
You know, Jonathan, they're very pleased with what you found.
Well, if they're so pleased, how come they tipped off Richard Roper? - What are you talking about? - Someone in London tipped off Roper.
My source had her face smashed up in her hotel room by Freddie Hamid.
Are you telling me your source is Freddie Hamid's whore? [SIGHS.]
Where is she now? - She's somewhere safe.
- OK.
Well, wherever you've hidden her, that's a temporary solution.
Yes? - Yes, of course.
- So what are you planning? I'm planning to get her out of the country.
Aha Where to? Where do you think, Simon? Jonathan, if you think the British Government is going to give safe haven to Hamid's tart, think again.
Excuse me? The British Government have a responsibility The Hamid family have invested over a billion dollars in Britain in the last five years.
They're having hotels built in London, Manchester They fund political parties, they're at every top table you can name.
You think your girl is safe in London? Freddie Hamid has more friends in London than you and I put together.
She has none.
She gave us vital intelligence that can save lives.
This wasn't a business transaction.
This was a humanitarian act, we have a duty of care.
I'm advising you Jonathan.
You fly that girl out, it's a confession of her guilt.
Freddie Hamid will know it was her, so will Richard Roper.
And no-one will lift a finger to stop them.
She needs to convince Hamid she knows nothing.
That is her only chance.
Yes? Sophie, it's me.
Oh, Jonathan I miss you so much.
Jonathan? Yes, erm Look, er Yes? London is not an option.
It's all going to be fine.
You just have to give me more time, that's all.
There we have it.
The changing of the guards.
No, no, no, nothing has changed.
It's all still the same.
It's going to I'll find a way.
I promise.
Thank you.
My key, please.
- Ms Alekan, if Mr Hamid - Just my key, thank you.
And tell the concierge to bring my dog to my room.
- What have you got? - Not a lot.
Roper's careful who he talks to.
GCHQ have nothing but dross.
It's always the same, his name's not on a single thing.
There's not a single register at Companies House, not one e-mail, not even a text.
I bet his fingers don't have prints.
Rob Singhal, IEA.
I see.
Do you want to speak to her yourself? Yep, yeah.
I can tell her.
The JIC meeting's been cancelled.
Cancelled? What do you mean, cancelled? Apparently, there are political reasons why an enquiry into the Cairo papers would not be "productive" at this time.
- Get Mayhew's office on the phone.
- That was Mayhew's office.
Who sent the Cairo papers? Station officer, name of Ogilvey.
- Simon Ogilvey? - Yes.
He was my leg man in Kiev, 2004.
Get him on the phone.
Nefertiti Hotel, Cairo.
Is that the night manager? Yes.
Who's speaking, please? You have a guest in the Hatshepsut Suite.
She needs to leave the hotel immediately.
Call me when she's safe, 44700707070.
- Who is this, please? - My name's Angela Burr.
I'm a friend.
What do you mean, "a friend"? Just get her out, Mr Pine.
Her life is at risk.
Oh, God! Sophie? No! [HE BREATHES HEAVILY.]
She was a guest at the hotel.
I think she was connected to Freddie Hamid.
Who? Freddie Hamid.
Freddie Hamid? You must know him, the Hamids? - I don't know him.
- How can you not know him? They're one of the most famous families in the city.
Was burglar.
Crazy burglar.
What are you talking about? Why would a burglar do that? What do you care? Maybe you know her better than you say? Maybe you kill her? [DOOR OPENS.]
Good evening, Herr Strippli.
Mr Pine.
Good evening, Fraulein Vipp.
Guten abend, Herr Pine.
Herr Strippli, you should have gone by now.
A late booking came in.
I had to arrange their requirements.
Private jet, landing in Dubendorf.
I am sending a helicopter to pick them up.
You know of him? He used to come every year, but that was long before your time.
And this parcel came for them.
Please give it to them when they arrive.
Goodnight, Mr Pine.
Gute nacht.
Thank you.
- Very nicely done, may I say? - Thank you.
That was very elegant.
It is so pleasing to wake up the fucking Germans.
Welcome to Zermatt, sir.
I'm Dicky Roper.
My chaps have booked some rooms here.
Quite a lot of them, actually.
How very good to see you, Mr Roper.
My name's Pine.
I'm the night manager.
I do hope your journey wasn't too ghastly.
So, where's old Meister? Tucked up in bed, is he, with an Ovaltine? Or German porn? How you getting on with those magazines, Jed, darling? Just fine, darling.
Herr Meister is unavoidably tied up tonight, I'm afraid.
He asked me to show you the rooms.
But he does enormously look forward to seeing you in the morning when you're rested from the journey.
- You English, Pine? - To the core, sir.
Wise man.
Corky! Are you proposing marriage to the young lady? Highly bloody unlikely.
Nearly there, Chief.
I'm terribly sorry about that, it's the new security, I'm afraid.
The Swiss police insist.
There seems to be nothing we can do.
You been here long? Weren't here last time we came, was he, Frisky? No, he wasn't.
I've been here for two and a half years, sir.
Before that? I was in Italy and, before that, Tangier.
All done! About bloody time! Whatever happened to your signing hand? Wanker's colic, Chief.
- Limp wrist, more like.
- Your key, sir.
This is one of Herr Meister's new innovations.
It's a little outre, I confess, but our less sophisticated guests adore it.
Well, I adore it and I'm bloody sophisticated! Taiwan.
- How was the ride in, sir? - Noisy.
It can be terribly bumpy up there, even on a clear night.
Heroic of you to venture aloft at all, if you ask me.
Oui, mais il faut changer l'heure.
- Champagne, sir? - Yes, thank you.
Monsieur Roper est vachement fatigué, et il faut changer l'heure.
Gregory, listen to me.
All we need is delivery by Tuesday.
So tell your friends by the Vltava that they need you to start driving tomorrow morning.
This room is probably exactly as you remember it, sir, although the bathrooms have been completely refurbished.
There's a new free-standing tub, mini spa facilities and a Jacuzzi.
- I'm going to take a bath, baby.
- Oh, all right.
Pretty, isn't she? I went to New York to buy a painting and came back with her.
You said you were buying a horse.
It was a painting of a horse.
Sandy, are you coming to bed? This is Lady Langbourne, best skier within 100 miles, I guarantee it.
Once upon a time.
Knees gone, poor old thing.
Completely worn out.
Goodnight, my beloved.
Soldier Boris says OK, Monday lunchtime.
OK, Monday lunchtime? Fix.
Aren't we getting rid of these? They were supposed to be here by six o'clock.
Anything come, Pine? A package for us? Nothing that I've seen, sir.
I'll chase it for you.
Your friend Apostol says he can meet you in town tomorrow night.
Too public.
Make it here.
Play golf, do we, sweetheart? No, sir, I don't.
Me neither.
Just the nineteenth hole.
Darling, some more shampoo, please.
She means the Ah.
Take it into her, would you, old boy? - Certainly, sir.
- Only joking.
Although I think we might need another couple of bottles of this stuff.
Of course, sir.
Absolutely, right away.
Find out what happened to the bloody parcel, will you? Yes, sir.
I'll have it sent up as soon as it arrives.
Can I see tonight's late arrivals, please? Yes.
Just a second.
- Here they are.
- Thank you.
Could you do photocopies of these for me, please, Fraulein? We're doing a marketing survey of Tower Suite guests.
- Yes, of course, Mr Pine.
- Thank you.
Ah, Alfred.
Could you deliver this to Mr Roper? Also, one more thing please don't forget to empty the rubbish from their bins right away.
- Mr Roper hates mess.
- Of course.
Thanks! Can I help you, madam? Do you really stay awake all night? Yes, madam it's my job.
Is the pool open? Give me one moment, please.
Can I help you, gentlemen? Is the bar still open? - Yes, of course, sir.
- Perfect.
Allow me to escort you.
Thank you.
Yes, hello.
Could I speak to an Angela Burr, please? My name is Jonathan Pine.
- Hi! How are you? - Good evening.
- Good to see you.
- Me, too.
- Are you well? - Well, this is Hi, I am Jed, so nice to meet you.
Apo, how are you? You look well.
- You, too.
- Thank you.
This is Mercedes.
Nice to meet you.
- She has never been to Zermatt before.
- Uh-uh.
- And I said, "You have to come!" - But of course.
I know what you're thinking.
Which is the daughter and which is the mistress? The young beauties will be leaving us in a moment.
Make sure they're well serviced in the lounge.
I trust that won't be too painful for you.
- Apo - Yes? I've received an offer.
Combine harvesters.
Some time in the next six months.
Looking for interested buyers.
Glimpse of the infinite.
It's reassuring.
Up to a point.
- You work here all year? - Indeed, sir.
I don't think I could do that.
Too bloody quiet for me.
Get used to it eventually.
Keeping away from the world, are we? Got a girl? - No, sir.
- All alone.
Well, I suppose we all are, in the end, aren't we? You know, a lot of people would have tossed that cigarette away when the paying customer turned up.
Good for you.
We leave tomorrow, so until the next time - Adios! - Goodnight, sir.
- Angela Burr? - Yes.
- Jonathan Pine.
- Nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming all this way.
I appreciate it.
These are for you.
Richard Roper was recently a guest at the Meisters Hotel.
Do whatever you want with those.
I don't want to be involved.
Thank you.
So, why did you do it? Why does Jonathan Pine, respected hotelier, risk his career by snitching on his guests? First in Cairo and then here.
I don't know.
Yes, you do.
- Something stirred, I suppose.
- What stirred? Listen, if there is a man selling a private arsenal to an Egyptian crook and he's English and you're English and those weapons could cause a lot of pain to a lot of people, then you just do it.
Anyone would do it.
Plenty wouldn't.
You were a soldier yourself, of course.
Yes, I was.
Two tours.
You know what those weapons can do to a body.
I saw things in Iraq that didn't line up with my idea of what it means to be a soldier.
And then there's Sophie Alekan.
Your Sophie.
She wasn't my Sophie.
Mr Pine what happened to Sophie Alekan makes us all involved.
What happened in Cairo shames me to the bottom of my soul.
I know you can't forgive the man who did that.
The question is, what are you prepared to do about it?
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