The Night Shift (2014) s03e13 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Night Shift" Norco was missing from the Pixus.
And you think Annie did it? Jordan: I forgot my field jacket today, so I borrowed one from T.
's locker.
Are the rumors true? Are you guys really gonna sell off this E.
? If you have a résumé, I would update it.
Paul: My family buys hospitals.
My dad is on a plane.
He'll be here in an hour.
But you will have to sell him on it.
Mac, your left arm has what we call pronator drift.
It could be a symptom of a brain abnormality.
I wouldn't ask for a loan if it wasn't important, man.
I-I just can't lose my business.
Hey, Moss.
I got your 5 grand.
Brianna's birth father has come back into the picture.
He says he wants full custody.
Nice to meet you.
You gave her your pills, didn't you? I will be able to hold out until the re-supply comes.
Besam: Is this our medicine? - Hamdi: How will get it now? - [Gunfire] Jordan: Trail's cut off up ahead.
Mac: We got get under the fire shelters.
It's coming right over us.
Hang on! Stay down, keep breathing! Is everyone okay? Scott! Jordan! [Gasps] Oh, my God, we made it.
I told you we would.
- Hey.
No victory laps.
- Are you okay? - The fire's close.
- My leg is killing me.
Ah! This leg is dusky.
We got to release the pressure.
- She's going to lose her leg! - Not here.
One of these embers could spark, start a new fire.
There's a shelter a mile ahead.
Grab the gear, let's go.
Come on, get off your asses! - Whose idea was this? - His.
Move! You're burning up.
103, sensitivity to light.
Okay, your typhus is getting worse.
It may alter your mental status soon.
What's your excuse, Callahan? That's funny, Syd.
Look, we we need the Cipro we lost in the air drop.
Okay? Hamdi and I are going to go to the border to get it.
You're kidding.
, those guards fired on and gassed these people.
They shoot first, ask later.
This is a war zone.
- I speak Turkish, Dr.
- That's great, then you'll understand them when they tell you no.
It's too risky.
Call the embassy.
Syd, diplomatic channels take too long.
And what if something happens, okay? There's 100 patients out here with burns and wounds from rubber bullets.
But without the Cipro, we won't have any patients.
Typhus is going to kill everyone, including you.
It's not right, Nina.
He's been MIA for 14 years.
He doesn't just get to show up and be daddy.
You heard his story.
He said he didn't know about Brianna.
Then we need to test him.
He needs to prove he's blood.
Thanks, Nina.
- Can I grab you for a minute? - Sure.
That was a little weird, huh? Very.
But that's it, right? I met him, and now he'll leave us alone? It might be a little more complicated than that, Bri.
If he is your biological father I don't care.
I want you and Rick to be my dads.
I'm going home with you guys today, right? Actually, that is on hold, sweetheart.
Justin is filing a custody suit.
A lawsuit are you joking? - Just please let me get into it.
- So I have to go with him? - No.
- No.
You might have to stay in another foster home until this works out.
I I don't want to, Drew.
That's not happening.
- I promise.
- You can't promise, I'm sorry.
Guys, this is up to lawyers and judges now.
We will start to work this on our end, but this is real.
Night shift just got extended into the day 'cause of the fire.
Okay, I won't leave her side until you or Rick are here.
Thank you.
Hey, it's going to be okay, I promise.
I'll figure this out, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
Okay, I love you.
Love you, too.
Army strong.
You're really pissing me off.
You said end of shift, Kenny.
Yeah, we got extended because of the fire.
I-I got hurt people, Moss.
I just can't go to the bank, man.
I show up here again and you don't have it, we're going to have a problem.
Are you clear about that? Yeah, no, I know.
I got it.
I swear.
We'll see, man.
Topher: Hey, Ray! Can you take the kids to the lounge and throw in a movie? Not that drunk-driving video.
I still got parents calling me about that.
There's some real funny moments.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Let's go with Ray, kids.
- Follow me.
- Whee! What's with the, uh, kids and old people? Yeah, the sheriff evacuated a preschool and nursing home, check for dehydration and smoke exposure.
What's going on with, uh, Bri? Last-minute legal stuff.
Here to give blood? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot.
Vampires they drink blood.
- [Chuckles] Are you done, Topher? - Not yet.
I've got 12 hours before the sale closes and Hobart officially owns the place.
Let me guess, you're here to measure curtains for your new office.
- Yes, actually, I am.
- Yeah.
And to make sure this transition is painless.
Except for the staff getting fired and the poor patients that you refuse to see.
Other than that, all good, right? This is just business.
When are you going to see that? Hopefully never.
Shannon: Just hear me out, Paul.
Why? You have all the answers.
I mean, you knew that I didn't get what you were going through, right? You're right, okay? I'm sorry, but I had no idea you called your dad to buy the E.
I haven't bought it yet.
Uh, Dad.
You're early.
That's the perks of flying private.
That Gulfstream is a game changer.
Yeah, I bet.
Uh, this is Dr.
Rivera, our intern.
Great to meet you.
- How are you? - Shannon? There's a burn in trauma one.
Okay, well, we will talk later, Dr.
- Okay.
- Sure.
Uh, hey, you remember Dr.
Zia, Topher.
Oh, of course, how are you? Much better now that you're here.
Um, Hobart is buying us for pennies on the dollar.
We have veteran doctors, community ties, - a nursing staff that's willing - Y-Y-You can stop selling, Topher.
It's in our bean counter's hands now.
If it makes sense, we'll do it.
Should know more in a few hours.
Okay, well, if you're around, - you want to suit up, we can use a hand.
- [Chuckles] No.
Uh, he just he just got off a long flight.
I slept on the plane.
That's a great idea.
Paul, get him some scrubs.
Yeah, yeah.
Good to have you.
So, uh, how long have you and Dr.
Rivera been an item? What? Uh, w-we're not No, no, no, your sister told me.
She's cute.
I'm not so sure about the purple hair, but [Chuckles] Look, I'll change and meet you back here, son.
- Uh, yeah.
- Yo, Paul? Sorry to hound, man, but, uh, about that check that that bill for the plumber is due today.
Yeah, right.
Uh, I'll grab my checkbook from my locker, yeah? Thank you so much.
All right, let's set her up over here.
She'll be safe here for a bit while the fire's on the other side.
This is a hell of an O.
We're going to have to wing it without those med kits.
Use that.
I keep it razor-sharp.
Okay, that's good.
We're going to have to sterilize this along with her leg as best as we can.
Hey, Mac, there's bleach right there.
Where? Buddy, you going blind on me? It's right there.
Uh, smoke dried out my contacts.
Here, Scott, use this.
How you doing, Rene? I'm good.
You were always the toughest grunt I ever met.
Yeah, that's 'cause I can drink you under the table.
That's something to be proud of.
[Indistinct conversations] Long way from Texas, Doctor.
You speak English.
A year in Detroit.
[Scoffs] What a dump.
[Chuckling] Yeah.
We're from the camp clinic.
There was a parachute that dropped some meds.
We need that.
I don't know any parachute, and I don't know you, so get lost.
Okay, listen, man, we need that medicine, okay? Or else everybody in this camp is going to die.
It's a war zone, man.
People die here, so be careful.
People don't have to die, so what It's no use, T.
They're Turks.
They hate us.
They won't let us in.
Maybe we won't have to ask.
[Shouting] - Get out! Move away! - [Grunts] Hands up! Put your hands up! [Grunting] You want to talk, smart guy? Let's talk.
I'll tourniquet her leg to control the bleeding.
After I make the incision, we'll use these as retractors to hold the wound open.
You're going old school, huh? - Civil War old.
- Yeah.
This is not going to be easy for her.
We'll use these.
They are time-release, so if we crush 'em, they'll absorb faster.
You always carry Norco around on you? I just knew that Rene had a broken leg, so I grabbed some from the medic before I left.
Quick thinking.
Here you go, sweetie.
You're gonna dissolve these under your tongue.
It'll taste like hell, but it'll help with the pain.
This is going to knock her on her ass, right, doc? Yeah.
All right.
I'm going to go check on the fire, okay? I'm going to make sure we're not blindsided.
Here you go, honey.
Let's put this under your head.
Thank you.
Well, the roof caught fire and the sheriff told us to go, but Carter remembered the laptop was still inside.
So he ran back, and the ceiling fell.
I had to get it, Dani.
It has our wedding pictures in it.
Best day of my life.
Oh, a costumed wedding bold choice.
Oh, well, we met at a comic-book store.
I was The Flash because of how fast I fell for her, and Dani was Wonder Woman because - because she's so wonderful.
- [Chuckles] Oh, and your wedding party were the Super Friends? - Justice League.
- Justice League actually.
Ah, cool.
Well oh, speaking of superheroes, here comes your surgical consult, Dr.
Cummings, and his dad, Dr.
Carter and Dani Stafford.
Looks like the impact fractured his frontal sinus.
- It involves the inner table.
- All right.
No worries, Carter.
We'll have you all fixed up in no time.
Wait, he needs surgery? W-We can't afford that.
We're both out of work right now.
- All right - Actually, you don't.
Fixing it is, uh, risky, and these usually heal on their own.
And we don't want to risk unnecessary trauma to the brain.
That's great, Doctor.
Uh, excuse me, Dad.
Not entirely, okay? Doing nothing increases the risk of infection.
Julian: A little, but surgery would increase their financial burden a lot.
Look at the bigger picture here, Paul.
Actually, I-I am, Dad.
So you can see the costs far outweigh the benefits.
As I said, they usually heal on their own.
Well, that sounds a lot better than surgery.
[Laughs] So, there you have it.
See, Paul, Dr.
Rivera, it's always good to give your patients a choice.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to.
Thanks, Doc.
Appreciate it.
Your dad is amazing.
He's super smart, huh? Yeah, he definitely knows what he's doing.
Excuse me.
You wanted to be arrested.
Are you stupid or crazy? Desperate, Captain.
If we don't get the medicine from that air drop, everyone in that camp will die.
My village is a mile from here.
It was happy safe heaven.
Then the refugees overrun my town.
They bring disease and crime and fear.
Now my children have no doctors, no schools.
No one cares about us.
They only care about the terrorists.
Maybe we can make a deal.
What could you possibly offer me? Everyone has a price.
Name it.
Emir! [Speaking Turkish] This is Emir, my son.
He has hip dysplasia.
Doctors can't help him here, and I can't afford surgery in Ankara.
Can you do it? I'm not an orthopedic surgeon, but there is one in the camp.
She can fix your boy.
She? Army surgeon, Iraq, Afghanistan, best of the best.
But she'll want the meds first.
She can help Emir to run, play soccer.
Football, Papa? T.
: Yeah, football.
[Chuckles] All you got to do is give us the Cipro.
She can fix your boy.
And he can play soccer.
Jocelyn: Meds are working, Drew.
Fever's coming down 100.
Drew: Oh, that's great news.
It's okay, guys, I'm fine.
I'm not really sick.
Bri, a fever is very serious after a transplant.
It's not because of the transplant.
- I faked it.
- You what? I, uh, took this thing called niacin flush.
It's a vitamin that simulates fever and rash.
I took it last year to get out of school.
Bri, why would you do that? That is so dangerous! Your body is adjusting to a new lung.
Don't you do that ever again.
You understand? I just thought that if I was still sick, that maybe I wouldn't have to go to another foster home.
If and this is a big if you have to spend more time in another foster home, I promise you, we will park our truck outside that house and sleep in it.
We're not leaving you.
Rick: You're our daughter now.
Nothing's going to change that.
Okay? - [Cellphone beeps] - Okay.
- I'm really sorry.
- Okay.
Look, um, we haven't had a chance to really talk about what's going on.
I mean, not with the hospital, but for you, with your dad.
Yeah, it's all good.
For the rest of us, yes, it's amazing, but I don't want it to come at a cost for you.
I can handle it, Topher.
Okay, but being able to to handle it is not a way to go through life, Paul.
It's just sucking up the stress.
That doesn't help anybody.
Look, maybe I'm wrong or out of line for even saying this, but I don't think your dad is here because he thinks it's a great deal.
I think he's here for you.
- For me? - Yeah.
Fathers and sons can't always communicate clearly.
I think he's doing this to share something with you.
Well, he sure has a funny way of showing it.
Hey, at least he's showing it.
Cummings, something's wrong! What is this stuff? Cerebrospinal fluid.
The crack of your frontal sinus must have widened.
I knew it.
Let's get him to the O.
- Your dad said he didn't need it! - My dad was wrong.
- Heard there was a complication? - Yeah, I got it.
All right, let's get him to surgery.
- Where have I heard that before? - Paul.
I got this, Doctor.
Stay out of my O.
[Speaks Turkish] - You made it.
- Yeah.
Hamdi told me what happened at the gate.
You didn't get the Cipro.
Sort of.
I made a deal.
This is Yusuf.
He runs the border gate, and that's his son Emir.
- He has, uh - Developmental hip dysplasia.
All right.
I'm Dr.
She has typhus, too? With the antibiotics, she will be strong enough to fix him, Yusuf.
Can you excuse us for a moment, please? Hip reconstruction? Are you nuts? I'm sick as hell.
I know, but this will reduce your bacterial loads, slow down your fever, and I'll be with you the whole time.
That's supposed to make me feel better? It's a long surgery, T.
I'm too weak.
[Stammers] I can't.
You don't have a choice.
If that kid doesn't get the surgery, we don't get the Cipro.
So, uh, if Hobart buys the hospital, are you going to move to Dallas? Prez is backing up the money truck.
It's going to be tough to say no.
Would Annie go with you? - Uh - Does she know? Yeah, she does.
She got talking last week about moving in together, and I pumped the brakes.
I just need time to think.
Everything's moving too fast.
And yes, I know you told me so.
I wasn't going to say that.
Well, I'm glad I did.
I just feel responsible for her.
I'm so afraid that she's going to relapse, and that colors everything.
Anyway, I'm rambling.
Okay, released the fascia, and that should relieve the pressure.
You know, Annie asked me if I wanted you back.
What did you say? The truth.
You know, I don't know what I want.
That wasn't a no.
It wasn't a yes.
[Door opens] How is she? She's better.
We restored blood flow.
But we can't be dragging her around right now.
We need 20 more minutes.
Let's at least get her outside.
Keep an eye on the fire.
Nice fracture elevation, Paul.
It'd have been a lot easier a few hours ago.
Look, Paul, I know you're upset, so let's just rip off the Band-Aid.
For starters, let's talk about the real reason you didn't want to do surgery on that patient.
You thought you weren't going to get paid.
You think that's all I care about? You just bought a jet, Dad.
It's a tool.
I've learned that I can impact lives from a boardroom as much as I can from an O.
It's opened a whole new world for me.
Okay, but this is my world.
I came to Texas to be Paul Cummings, not not Julian Cummings' son.
But the moment you got here, you dismissed me like some teenager.
I was just following my gut, Paul.
Yeah, me, too.
And today, mine was right.
But you couldn't hear that.
Well, I hear you now.
Loud and clear.
I'll do better, Paul.
I promise.
We'll figure it out, okay? O-Okay.
She's going to need another 10 minutes before we move her.
All right, you got five.
I'm gonna go check on Mac, okay? - Hey.
- Mac: Hey.
How you doing? Rene going to be okay? She's going to be okay.
You know, she's going to need a skin graft, but she'll have a scar.
That's a shame.
She got nice gams.
Oh, you've noticed? She was a member of the Cultural Support attached to my unit in Afghanistan.
A lot of the officers, they like to hit on the enlisted women.
I liked her, but I never crossed that line.
[Chuckling] So, I asked her to join Rubicon.
[Laughs] And fight fires.
Wow, Mac, that's insanely romantic of you.
[Laughs] Have you ever considered maybe, I don't know, taking her out to dinner? Uh, look, I wanted to, but the timing's never right.
- I been divorced twice.
- Mm Inconceivable differences.
"Inconceivable"? You know, where you can't get past something.
There's something going on with you, isn't there? You know, with your head.
'Cause I was a Ranger? I mean, you should know.
You dated Callahan.
No, I am talking about your symptoms.
You have left-sided weakness, uh, blurred peripheral vision, jumbled language.
I got a GBM, Stage Four.
They gave me two months without surgery, six months with.
- Oh, man.
- I'm not dying alone at the VA.
My brain scrambled trying to relearn the alphabet.
If I can't be a soldier, I'm going to fall on my shield.
I'm going to I'm going to be useful.
Does Rene know? No.
Why? Just to make her feel sad and hopeless? I think she'd want to be there for you.
She can't do anything, Doc.
The truth may set you free, but it doesn't always help the person here.
Okay, her vitals are stable.
We good? Yeah, never better.
Come on, let's get the hell off this mountain.
- Okay? - Yeah.
We're almost home.
Come on, we got to go.
The wind's shifting.
He's torn away most of the labrum.
Is that bad? It means the joint's mal-aligned.
Lucky we got to it before it fractured.
Will he be okay? He should be once I realign the joint.
I need more milk.
What did she say? We're out.
Riley's got school tomorrow.
We need milk.
- Who is Riley? - She loves her cereal and I see how the other moms look at me and Syd.
Syd, what's going on? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm great.
- She she's okay.
- Oh, oh, oh! Syd! Hey, Syd! - Open your eyes.
- What's wrong with her? What about my son? Hold on.
Look at me, hey.
Syd! She'll be awake in a few minutes.
She was just delirious from her fever.
The IV and ice pack should cool her down.
What about my son? Finish the operation.
I can't do that.
You said you'd fix him.
I know, but I need her to finish his surgery.
Listen to me [ Monitor beeping rapidly] His oxygen and blood pressure are dropping, Doctor.
Okay, he must have thrown a clot.
Give me 100 milligrams of alteplase.
- Nurse, can you finish on Dr.
Jennings? - Yes, Doctor.
You're killing my son! Please, finish the surgery! Clots are a risk of surgery.
The medicine will work.
His oxygen's coming up.
BP's at 105 systolic.
Okay, this is insanity! Close him up! We are leaving now, and you are not getting the Cipro! You're not leaving! We we need the Cipro.
Syd has just got a fever.
If I can wake her up, she can talk me through the surgery, and your boy will walk again.
It's his only chance.
I can do it.
Shannon: Your husband's doing well in recovery.
God, thank you so much.
Carter's the best thing that ever happened to me.
[Chuckles] You know, we're paycheck to paycheck, last hired, first fired.
- On to the next.
- That's tough.
He's really optimistic, though.
You know, he's always, like, blue skies always above the clouds, they'll pass.
I know a guy like that.
You got to keep him 'cause a guy like that, he he can get you through anything.
[Inhales deeply] Test proves it.
I'm her daddy.
Courts will give me full custody.
It's not a slam dunk.
We're going to fight you every inch of the way.
It's not about the courts.
It's about Brianna.
She has medical needs.
Living with a doctor would make life easier for her.
I'll learn what she needs, and she'll come to love me in time.
And if you loved her, you wouldn't be doing this to her.
Hey, I just found out I had a kid.
I want to get to know her.
Have I messed up? Have I done time? Yes to all the above.
But she's mine.
She's not a puppy you get to take home, Justin.
Think about what's best for Bri.
I am.
Look if I came down here and saw a nice, respectable couple taking care of her, maybe it would go that way.
But you two? I can't allow that.
You can't allow that?! We served our country, asshole, in war.
While you were out getting high and stealing other people's stuff, we were out there fighting for your freedom.
Don't do him any favors.
I'll see you boys in court.
I am going to beat him until he bleeds out.
You know what, that's not going to help Bri.
We can't lose her.
Let me see what I can find.
I'll check his records.
[Drill whirring] Okay, I've detached the acetabulum from the pelvis.
Syd? I'm right here with you.
Just rotate it towards the femoral head.
Got it.
Rotating now.
101, her fever broke.
Okay, good.
Keep it on the run.
Another round of ibuprofen.
Okay, Syd, what's next? All right, now, you secure the joint with the surgical screws.
[Drill whirs] Gentle.
How much longer? Almost done.
[Drill whirs] [Sighs] Nice job, Syd.
You nearly killed me, Callahan.
Nah, I had you the whole time.
Mac?! - Mac?! - What? I think we're turned around.
Damn it, the fire's right on our tail.
What are we going to do? Heat rises.
We can't outrun it.
Come here, take this.
You're lead dog now, okay, Doc? Just head south for a couple more miles.
You'll find the base.
What are you doing? Set a back burn, use up all the fuel between you and the fire.
That's too dangerous.
We stay together.
- I'm your only chance now, all right? - No.
We'll never outrun it.
I got to put a barrier between us and the fire.
He knows what he's doing, Scott.
Take care of my girl, okay? All right, come on, get your asses moving, let's go! Come on.
Let's do it.
[Siren wails] Nina: Rick looked at sealed records? His buddy at the courthouse showed him, okay? And he found out that Justin did know about Brianna.
He was in jail for drugs when her mother was pregnant, and she tried to get him out, told his parole board that he was the father of her child.
Which means he did give up parental rights.
We caught him in a lie.
We had to leave Mac up on that hill.
Tell search and rescue to send a chopper up there for him now.
Two grams of Ancef and IV fluids the second she's on board.
[Grunts] - Is Mac going to make it, Doc? - I don't know.
We left him in a bad spot.
He set another burn so we could get out of there.
Search and rescue's headed up there now.
But he asked us to take care of his girl, so let's get you to the hospital, okay? His girl? I knew he liked me, but he hadn't asked me out yet.
It's going to be okay, Rene, okay? Take care of her.
Thank you, Jordan.
Clemmens, I got a note for you.
It's from Topher.
Mac has a GBM.
Stage Four.
I know.
He told me.
It's why he went back out there.
He knew he wasn't going to make it.
[Sighs] And you didn't tell Rene? It's not my truth to tell.
Woman: See you guys back at the hospital.
But this is.
Look, um Okay.
Scott, I didn't bring these from the hospital.
I found them in T.
's coat in his locker.
The one that Annie uses.
It's the Norco from the Pixus.
She told me she didn't steal these.
Scott, I am so sorry.
I wasn't going to tell you, but I was afraid that if I didn't, she would drag you down into her rabbit hole.
And I know how bad that could be for you.
[Radio chatter] This is your call, okay? I'm not going to interfere.
Thank you.
[Siren wails] Come on, our ride's leaving.
[Radio chatter] Emir is still coming out of anesthesia, but he'll be awake in a few hours.
Thank you.
I'd given up hope.
Hope is the world's best medicine.
But for now, I'll I'll just take the Cipro.
[Chuckles] Thank you.
Justin: Okay.
Maybe I did know about her being born.
Maybe I changed my mind.
You already waived your rights, so drop the suit.
You can't win.
Give me $20,000, I'll walk away.
I knew this wasn't about Brianna.
Rick: That's extortion.
I'm a cop.
By the way, this can drag on a long time.
Rick: You know, I was set to offer you visitation, let you into our home, so you can make amends with Brianna because maybe one day, she'd want to get to know you.
But you can shove that up your ass.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? So, do we have a deal? Nina: You have no case.
They owe you nothing.
You have messed up this girl's life enough.
Just get out of here before we have you arrested.
You got three seconds.
Hey had to try, right? Rich doctor.
See you around.
Let's get our girl.
Good work on Carter today.
You've come a long way as a surgeon.
Yeah, well, I've learned a lot from Scott.
You have a gift, Paul.
Of all my children, you're the one who'll end up better than me.
I'd like your input on all our surgical operations.
You mean join management? Research, consult, write your own ticket.
You in? Yeah, I'm I'm in.
[Laughs] Finally.
It only cost me $50 million to hear you say that.
Wait, did you just buy the hospital? Hey, uh, sorry, everybody, but I'm going to be your new boss.
Yes! Yes! Whoo! - Ohh, that's sweet.
- Thank you, sir! [Applause] Ah, Topher.
I just heard the news.
You did it.
Thank you.
Looks like I'm going to lose my job now.
Karma's a bitch, Jessica.
Topher, can I have a word with you? Sure, Boss.
I was surprised when Paul called about this offer.
He's been ambivalent about the family trade.
Is it? I don't I don't see it that way.
He's a surgeon because of you.
He holds himself to a high standard because you set the bar.
A-And thank you for what you said to him, Topher.
I heard about your talk.
You gave me a chance.
And now he's joining Cummings Group as a surgical consultant.
[Chuckles] You raised a good son, Julian.
And you helped make him a good doctor.
You're a great teacher, Topher.
Thank you.
But not a manager.
You pull out all the stops for patients who can't pay.
That that's kind of what we do here.
That's what we used to do.
This place needs strong medicine now.
If I didn't know any better, Julian, I would think you're letting me go.
I am, Topher.
I'm sorry.
It's just business.
Jordan! - Hi.
- Oh, thank God.
- Hi.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
So who had a baby? Oh, Paul's dad bought the hospital.
Yeah, these are the only decorations I could find.
Wait, Paul's dad, not Hobart? Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.
Hey, guys.
The weirdest thing.
The Norcos are back in the Pixus.
What do you mean, they're back? 2 are missing, the other 10 are there.
Too bad, Kenny.
I guess that means your little witch hunt is over.
I guess so.
Sorry, Annie.
Jordan, do you know where Scott is? He called me.
He asked me to meet him here.
Yeah, he's outside getting fresh air.
He wanted me to tell you to meet him in the parking lot.
Guess I had that girl wrong.
- Mollie, will you do me a favor? - Yeah.
If you hear anything at all about Mac, can you let me know? - Yes, honey.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God, I was so worried about you.
I was worried about you, too.
No, it's all good.
Somebody put the Norco pills back.
I did, Annie.
- What? - I know you took them.
Jordan found them in T.
's locker - where you store your stuff.
- Is she accusing me of And she is not telling Topher out of respect for me.
Which is going to give you the chance to get the help that you need.
I booked a bed for you at the Alden Rehab for tonight.
For tonight? Yeah, tonight.
- Are you kidding me? - No.
I didn't use, Scott.
I can go to a meeting.
You lied to my face and you lied to Topher and you lied to Kenny, and if you think you can be here around opiates being a nurse, then you're lying to yourself.
You need to go back to rehab.
Let's go.
I'm not going.
I'll go with you, okay? Let's go.
[Sniffles] Hey, Toph.
Coming out to the bar? - Everybody's grabbing drinks.
- I can't.
Um, I got stuff to do.
You moving lockers now? Your dad fired me, Paul.
He what? Yeah.
Toph, h-he can't do that.
Yeah, he can.
This place is his now.
[Sniffles] I'll be fine.
Saving this hospital wasn't about me.
It was about helping people with nowhere else to go.
We did that today.
Thanks to you.
Don't ever forget that.
So, I, too, will be here tomorrow to work with billing systems.
Hey, Dad, I need a word.
Everybody, this is my son, Paul.
He'll be a big part of our team here moving forward.
I'm I'm not.
Not unless you hire Topher back.
You made a decision without consulting anyone who works here.
- Look, Paul - No, no, no, you said you would listen, and you didn't even ask me.
- You're never going to change, Dad.
- Topher took everyone in.
He treated them with concierge medicine.
It's why this place was broke.
And what makes it different? He's the glue, Dad.
Without him, you bought a building, not a hospital.
Look, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I've made my decision.
Now, back to billing, we So have I.
I resign.
You've always had a dramatic side, Paul.
You get it from your mother.
Terry, add finding a new surgical resident to our to-do list.
And another E.
department, too.
Really? You're asking all these people to walk out to win a pissing match with your old man? It's not about you, Dad.
It's about Topher.
He goes, we go.
You think hard on this, Paul.
You walk out of here, you walk away from your family.
I'll cut you off.
I'll stop paying your med-school bills, your car lease.
You'll be poor for the first time in your life.
And you're not going to like it, son.
I'm not walking away from my family, Dad.
This is my family.
[Chatter] Why don't we continue? - [Siren wails] - All right.
Another one from the fire, Topher.
Next shift has it.
Sorry, Sara.
I'm I'm off the clock.
Hey Drew: So, that's it.
We're out of work? Paul: We'll figure it out, find some place to stay together.
Damn straight.
All right, night, Drew, Toph, ladies.
- Good night.
- Bye, Ken.
- See ya.
- Night.
Hey, uh, Kenny, you got a sec? All right, darling, I'll walk you to your car.
I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Look, I'm really sorry.
My dad just cut me off, and I can't give you that loan.
I kind of need that money to survive.
Maybe in a month or two? I didn't expect this to happen.
But I-I really am sorry.
I wanted to help.
No, you did help.
You did good.
I'm proud of you for standing up.
It took stones.
I'll just I'll just figure out another way.
All right, man.
- Thanks.
- I'll catch you later, man.
[The Revivalists' "It Was a Sin" plays] I believe it was a sin Oh, to do you in the way I did Hey.
Your dad must be pretty pissed, huh? Just a little, yeah.
[Chuckles] Where were, uh, where were you? Hiding.
I'm so sorry, Paul, but I can't quit like everybody else.
If I do, then I have to go back home, and I can't do that again.
I-I know.
I don't want you to.
I brought my dad here so you wouldn't have to.
I don't I don't understand.
You lost everything.
For me? Simple.
I love you, Shannon.
Now is where you run off like your hair's on fire.
I can't.
I I love you, too.
Incoming! - Who wants ice cream?! - I do! I scream, you scream All: We all scream for ice cream! All right, let's do it.
[Laughter] Well, looks like you're back to normal.
I am going back to my daughter, and I am never letting her out of my sight.
You? Hamdi told me about a camp in Aleppo, so I'm going to go check that out.
What, the frying pan's not hot enough for you? I like the heat.
Yeah, you better be careful, Callahan.
I spent the past decade of my life burning it to the ground, hoping it would grow back different, but the only thing that can make it different is you.
- I'll think about that.
- No, you won't.
Shouldn't there be someone that you let know where you're off to? Like Topher or Drew? I don't mean to be a downer, but where you're going, you might not come back.
Good point, thanks.
You're a great doctor, T.
, and I hope we never work together again.
[Both laugh] If I had a nickel for every time somebody said that.
I believe it was a sin - Take care of yourself.
- You, too.
Oh, to do you in the way I did I took out more than I put in [Missile whistling] Incoming! I came out here tonight So if you want to start a fight We'll get loaded home The things that I can change I believe it was a sin Do you in the way I did you in Couldn't stop it coming from afar I lost the keys to the getaway car And every now and then, I'm in this place It's hell living when I need your face Don't hide, don't hide, don't hide from me Don't hide, don't hide from me