The Nine (2006) s01e01 Episode Script


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com by Fielliep Look I woke up.
I went to work.
It was a regular day.
And then I ended up in there.
With all these people.
Most of us didn't know each other.
At all.
But after what we went through, I don't know.
Doctor Kets is a top surgeon.
He's in good hands.
Really good hands.
He's stable.
Stud! Feeling a tremendous urge to kiss you right now.
Thank you so much! - Thank you.
- Not a problem.
How we'd have gone through all this without your help? You were a big help.
Why don't you head up to the 3rd floor, I'll get you to see him as soon as I can.
You always get the hugs.
I never get the hugs.
You've usually got a scalpel in your hands.
Besides you don't really want the hugs.
No, but I'd like to be asked.
I need to talk to you about something.
I'm in trouble? Maybe.
I'll tell you over lunch.
Montana is freaking out, he's sure this is gonna be his own personal crying game and she reaches into her hotpants, whips out a 45.
The guy's got a gun in his face This jackass is relieved.
A word.
You haven't been going to your GA meetings.
The departement med made it 6.
I did my 6.
So you're cured? Come on, Pete.
This group thing is not for me but haven't led a bet in 3 months.
Haven't even bought a lotto ticket.
All I'm saying is, with your history, you don't have a Leave my father out of this.
This has nothing to do with your father.
I'm just looking out for you, Nick.
Well, I'm the guy with the most collars last year.
If you're really looking out for me, shouldn't we be talking about the promotion I was promised? I was ready to give you that promotion until you blew it with your little gambling mishap.
I'm not the one who keeps shooting you in the foot here, Nick.
You do a pretty good job of that yourself.
I'm gonna go deposit my paycheck.
In my savings account.
I have no sympathy, I mean none.
She knew that heroine was put in her diamonds on her fingers.
And now she's scared? Please, I told her that if she doesn't testify I'm gonna arraign her up for 10 to 15 on conspiracy charges.
I tought we said no shop talk today.
Can't help it I guess.
You don't wanna help it.
You know, it might do you some good to really be where you are.
That sounds a lot like something you might to someone you're in a relationship with.
I'm sorry.
I guess I can't help it.
- Old habbit - Come on.
No issues, no expectations, it's better like this and you know it.
Leave it.
- Catherine.
- Mother.
I'm at the bank.
Someone has stolen my cameo pin from my safety deposit box.
Well, did you talk to the manager? Yes.
Yes, I talked to him.
He keeps telling me how good the security is.
I told him my daughter is an Assistant District Attorney.
I don't think he believes me.
I think you oughta come down here.
Mother! I'm in court, I can't just drop everything.
You know that pin was the last thing that your father gave me before he died.
- But if you're too busy - Fine! Fine.
I will be there in a few minutes.
Just try and be calm.
I am calm.
Excuse me just a moment, ma'am.
Remember, the first thing that happens is I disarm the security guard then you go for the drawer money, I hit the vault downstairs Hey! I am no amateur.
All I'm saying is we gotta be precise.
Thank you, Sheila.
Hi, I'm Malcolm Jones, the branch manager.
Oh, manager.
Wow! I don't think I really need the big guns here.
I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
Egan Foote.
With an "e" not at the beginning of the Egan but at the end of the "foot".
Okay, how can I help you, Mr.
Foote? Well, I was simply considering a loan for a boat.
A boat loan.
And I was just telling Sheila here Bye Sheila! I hope I didn't No, not at all.
She's just got plans for the long weekend.
That's nice.
So is it a question of the interest rate because we're very competitive.
It's my wife.
She wouldn't like it.
Wouldn't even like that I'm here but I just thought I thought a boat might help me.
I went sailing once as a kid.
Felt free.
Well, um Perhaps you should go home and discuss it with your wife.
She just might understand.
Can I use your restroom please? Sure.
Tom, would you please escort Mr.
Foote to the restroom.
This is gonna change everything for us.
Yeah, all right.
Give me 200 on the Yanks in the nightcap and 5 on the Dodgers as a cover.
Right, thanks.
Your boyfriend's here.
Has he even asked you out yet? What the hell is he waiting for? You smell like tequila.
And menthols.
Like dad actually.
Your cologne It's called Axion.
With an "x".
All the boys want these days.
You only got me this job so you can torture me on a daily basis.
You only took this job so you can get tabs on me.
Come on.
It's almost 3 o'clock.
Let's do this thing.
I told you we gotta wait for the tellers to leave for their weekend.
Why is that? Fewer tellers, fewer fingers looking for alarm buttons.
Sitting tight.
- Here you go.
- Why don't you go ahead? - Hi.
- Hi.
Uh I got my deposit.
You know, you don't have to come in here to do this.
You could use the ATM outside.
Oh Yeah, it's perfectly safe.
There's cameras watching the whole time.
I prefer eyes that look back at me.
I heard that about you.
Really? Who you've been talking to? I've got my flies on the wall.
Mother, please.
I am telling you, somebody has been inside my box.
Ma'am, I really understand your concern but I can assure you: no one has been inside your box.
Did you come all the way down here to patronize me? Mother, I'm sorry And I'm not filling out any forms.
Pardon me.
Honey, what's the matter? Are you okay? I really need to talk to you, daddy.
- Okay.
How did you get down here? - I took the bus.
Okay, so Trish and Maggie invited me to go see Hoobastank tonight.
And Jared was gonna drive, totally designated, no alcohol, but his car died.
And so now they're gonna give my ticket away to someone who can provide transportation.
You wanna borrow the car? Jared is 18 and such a responsible driver.
Honey, look, I need to wrap some things up, go down to coffee grounds and get something, okay? I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Great, so you're gonna blow me off too.
Honey, ten minutes, okay? I've got this problem Oh.
Hi, Felicia.
I've got this problem with an account's payable and a couple things I need you to sign before I can go.
Is anybody in there? I'll be right out.
Lizzie! Lizzie! Jeremy, stop asking.
Come on, the suspense is killing me.
You have to be patient, impatient boy.
- Look at this - I have money, let's just go.
You're not buying the lunch on your salary.
What? - There you go.
- Thanks.
So, um - I was wondering, maybe we could - She'd love to.
How about tonight? Will she be coming with us? No.
- Who is she? - My sister.
There's a cop here.
Oh, I think we can handle him.
Not with the security guard too.
We should wait.
I know but it would be so much faster if people had their cards out.
What? Do they think it's a candy machine? And then they get upfront, they realize "oh! I need money! That's why I'm here.
" Okay, all right already.
Let's just go inside.
I don't like it.
We should come back another time.
There is not other time.
I'll take the security guard.
You take the cop.
- Have a good one.
- You too.
I'm sorry, the bank's closed.
Come on, we just need the ATM.
Freeze! Don't do it! Don't try to be a hero, man.
This will all be over in 5 minutes.
The nightmare began 52 hours ago when 2 gunmen One hostage was released in the first few hours of the standoff Conditions of the 9 remaining hostages are unknown.
An hour ago, 2 gunshots were heard.
The security guard was killed inside.
- Don't move! Don't move! - Hands where we can see 'em! Egan, no! Get down! Get down! We've got one down! Don't shoot! I'm unarmed! Don't shoot him! Don't hurt him! Hands where I can see 'em.
Don't hurt him! I'm a cop! I'm a cop! Where were you hit, detective? No, it's not my blood.
A woman has been shot, she's back there.
Get her out of here! Go! Please! Help her, please! - Please help my sister! - Get off me! I'm a doctor! Stop! - Eva, stay with me.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Where are the damn paramedics! The keys are on the shotgun you shot.
What the hell? There's another one over here.
Lizzie! Lizzie, it's okay.
Look at me.
I got you.
I've been treating her for the last hour and a half.
I've gotta go with her.
I'm right here, Evy.
I love you, Evy.
She's allergic to penycillin.
I don't know what else.
How are we doing on those keys, fellows? Bringing 'em in now, detective.
Secure this guy! It's okay, he's the bank manager.
Get her out of here.
But don't take her anywhere without this man.
This is her father.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay, we're gonna be right out.
Malcolm! You did good.
It's over.
Let go.
Let go.
Where's the negociator? Damn, Nick! What the hell are you doing? Her doctor and her sister are going with her in this ambulance.
We'll be right behind you.
Let's go, as fast as you can, come on! District Attorney Ed Nielson.
This woman works for me.
You've got one minute, sir.
Geez, Kat.
Where is my mother? I took her to my place.
We can bring her to my apartment? You got it.
It's done.
We're gonna nail these bastards.
They're never gonna see the light of day again.
I swear to God: no one was supposed to get hurt! Mr.
Foote? Mr.
Foote, can you hear me? Mr.
Foote? Am I dead? No, you just hit your head.
How's everyone else? Where's everyone else? - Fran is with Eva, right? - Yeah.
Why are they doing this? Taking us like this? Because to them, we're all suspects.
We know you've been through a terrible ordeal.
We're gonna get you out of here as soon as we can.
But we need to talk to you now while it's all still fresh in your minds.
Bullet went through the chest.
Heart rate is at 130.
I put in a chest tube to evacuate the pneumothorax.
What did you use? A pen.
It's all we had.
She's lost a lot of blood.
I don't know if she had an aorta tear.
We got her from here.
1! Let's move! Move! She's allergic to penycillin.
Did I say that? You recognize any of these men? That's him.
Randall Reese.
Felicia? Were you afraid for your life? Mrs.
Miller? We all were.
Randall killed the security guard.
We knew what he was capable of.
Look, I've IDed these guys 3 times.
No matter what combination you show me, this is still Randall Reese and this is still Lucas Dolton.
No, I want my update on Eva Rios.
What is taking them so damn long in there? Dr.
Kets, I've got more questions.
You coming? You brought a gun into the bank also? I was gonna kill myself.
Not here.
I was thinking about the LA River basin, you know, where they had that drag race from Grease.
And Lucas Dolton? What about him? Lucas is military? Him! He's He's familiar but I can't I can't.
Daddy, I don't remember anything.
And your hair, Mrs.
Hale, when did that happen? Same time as this.
I was a toofer.
May I see these pens, please? Thank you.
Who did that to you? Was it Reese or Dolton? Stick with me, okay? And this will be over soon.
Hey, I do this for a living, I'm fine.
Deputy Director Randy Marshal, FBI.
I had a plan to end this thing yesterday.
You guys blew it.
It was a risky plan at best and then it became uncannable.
And the next time you wanna take a swing at someone, it should be me.
I was the one that made that call.
It was a bad call.
Or maybe you and Kathryn Hale would have been killed.
We will never know, right? Did detective Kavannaugh make any effort to stop them? Chained to a poll, I'd say he did everything humanly possible.
He certainly was more persuasive than you people.
Did he try to persuade Lucas Dolton to stop Randall Reese? The only way to stop Randall Reese was to kill him.
And Lucas couldn't do that.
Why is that? Randall is Lucas' older brother.
I wanna find out what happened to Eva Rios.
You haven't asked about your brother? - Is he dead? - Haven't heard.
Chances aren't good though.
If he does, you know it's all on you.
It's fine if it's all on me.
- So it was your plan? - Yeah.
And no one else was involved.
I'm not saying another word until I get my lawyer.
I'd like my phone call, please, and then to go to the hospital.
I'll get the word on your brother when it comes.
I wanna find out what happened to Eva Rios.
You're a hero.
How does it feel? Hero? How does it feel to be a hero? Hero?! It's Egan Foote.
With an "e".
Pretty heroing experience.
I've seen your file.
Your father was a cop, got himself and his partner killed because he was on the sauce.
Now you.
Gambling problem.
Caused your department a huge collar.
What's your point? Well, clearly you're not happy about some of our decisions, you go public with that, we'll go right at your credibility.
We'll even drag your ex-wife out of the woodlock if we have to.
I'm done here.
We still need to get your statement.
I just feel like they are more important things I should be doing.
I should be at the hospital with Franny.
I'm sure they are other social workers on hand over there.
But I'm her friend.
I thought you only knew Jeremy Kets.
Look I woke up.
I went to work.
It was a regular day.
And then I ended up in there.
With all these people.
Most of us didn't know each other.
At all.
But after what we went through, For the rest of our lives, I I don't know.
Now can I please go? - Hi.
- Any word yet? Not yet.
- How is she? - We don't know.
What? What? - What? - I'm so sorry.
Oh my God! Franny, you're here.
Ricky has been asking for his mom.
I didn't know what to tell him.
Where is she? Can I have the spare keys, please? Eva's dead.
She died.
Is Ricky okay for the night? Yeah.
Of course.
Thank you.
Ma', I can't hear you when you and dad talk at the same time.
I promise we'll see you tomorrow.
Lizzie's here with me.
She's staying here tonight.
I love you too.
I don't know if I can see them tomorrow.
It's fine.
It's no pressure.
What are you doing? You're a vegetarian.
I wanted bacon.
- Do you wanna talk about it? - About what? About what happened in there.
A lot of things happened in there.
It was a moment, Lizzie.
A moment.
Does it have to mean everything? Police are now just releasing the names of the 9 hostages What are you doing? I hate this shirt.
I always have.
You're throwing it away? All of that stuff in the garbage? No, no, no, I'll bring them to Good Will in the morning.
I want new duds, Mary.
- Duds? - Yeah.
When was the last time we went shopping? - Egan, you're being crazy.
- No, I'm not.
I feel good.
I feel great.
I hate this shirt.
And I know that, that's phenomenal.
when was the las time that you bought a pair of new shoes? I want you to have anything.
Anything you want.
What Why would you do that, Egan? Risk your life for people you don't even know, what about me? What are you trying to prove? I'd like to file a request.
My mother I don't want her visiting me here.
You have tons of messages from your friends at school.
Everyone's worried about you.
Everyone's happy to know you're all right.
Mom, I'm not all right.
There are 2 full days of my life that I don't remember.
You're home.
You're safe now.
What does that mean? It's all right, mom.
I know that you're just trying to help.
I am tired.
I'm gonna try and get some sleep.
I love you so much, my baby.
Eva was crashing here 'til she got back on her feet.
- Where's her ex? - Prison.
She was just starting to get her life back together again.
She was really excited about you.
She wouldn't even had been there if I hadn't gotten her the job.
I wouldn't take that on yourself.
Why not? Come on.
Well, thanks for bringing home.
Why don't you get some sleep? I'm gonna be out here if you need me.
You should try to get some sleep too.
It's good they haven't shown her face.
I talked to the FBI, you know.
Told them to put some pressure on some people.
To tell the press to consider the fact that she's just a child.
She shouldn't be exposed, that's not right.
I took care of that.
What happened to her in there? Naomi We were trapped for 2 days, she was scared.
Yes, but what happened, Malcolm? I don't know.
I wasn't with her the whole time.
Hello? Hi, it's Kathryn.
I got your number from the station.
I made it sound official.
I hope it's okay I'm calling you.
No, it's fine.
I'm Am I waking someone? No, I'm at Franny's.
Good, that's good.
- How is she? - Sleeping right now.
How's your mother? She's she's fine.
Couldn't stop talking about your heorics all night.
The way you got her out of there.
You saved her life as far as she's concerned.
As far as I'm concerned.
Nick, everything would have gone down a lot worse if you hadn't been there.
Kathryn, who are you talking to? Just just give me a second.
- Sounds like you need to go.
- Yeah.
- You take care of yourself.
- You too.
- Hey, there.
- Hey! - You look very pretty.
- Oh, thank you.
I like your suit.
It's new.
Should we? Please.
Nice of your father to come.
He couldn't get off work.
He couldn't find a flight.
A man has to do what he should do.
- It's a great house.
- Wow! You really didn't have to bring anything.
Jews bring food.
It's what we do.
Helps stuff down our feelings.
Well, you can put that right over there.
- Malcolm.
- Egan, how are you? - Eye seems to be healing.
- Yeah, how is your head? Fine.
Good as new.
That was quite something you did back there, Egan.
Just instinct.
You seem better.
I've got a 2nd chance at life.
We all do, don't we? That sounded terrible.
- Idiot! Idiot! - Egan, it's okay.
- I didn't mean - Okay.
All right.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I left you a message yesterday to see if you wanted a ride.
Yeah, sorry, I haven't had a second.
My case load doubled at the hospital while I was gone.
You're back at work already? - Since Tuesday.
- Oh.
So, how are you? I've got to bring this plate to Felicia.
We all could have done things differently in there.
Nacho? Hey.
It's good to see everyone.
I'm pregnant.
What? How long have you known? A week.
You never said anything, I mean the whole time that we were in the bank.
I didn't want anyone to know.
Oh, it's not it's not Jeremy's? No, it it is.
And I was gonna tell him.
That day.
But now I don't even know if I want him to know.
You know? Well, it won't come from me.
You know I won't be able to take care of Ricky.
I know.
- Not now.
Not like this.
- I know.
- It's up to you now.
- I know.
- You have to grow up.
- Gram', I know! So, I heard that you punched out the negociator that night.
Punched, yeah.
Out, no.
You're getting a hard time about it? Not yet.
Look, I don't know what you said in your statement but if you wanna make an issue about what happened on the outside, I'll back you up.
Excuse me, Mr.
District Attorney Ed Nielson.
That's not gonna be so simple for you.
Simple is overrated.
- Are you Nick? - Yeah, you must be Ricky.
- Are you the cop? - Yeah.
Then why didn't you save my mom? Hey, Ricky, I found the dvd.
Let's go watch it.
You all right? Yeah.
I'm really sorry I couldn't do more.
Look, she wouldn't have been alive as long as she was if it wasn't or you.
I can't believe she left me.
And I feel so alone.
I know.
One week later Hi, Malcolm, it's so good to have you back.
Hey, Sheila, it's good to be back.
We're seeing potential new recrues today, is that right? - Starting at 2.
- Great.
Hey, Dolton, your brother's out of his coma.
Too bad he's gonna make it.
There's no other time.
Here you go.
Thanks, detective.
This is gonna be real helpful.
Hey, Pete.
When's my hearing? It's been over a week, I was just wondering when I was gonna be reinstasted.
Let's go inside.
- You scapegoat me.
- Nick, you're not being No, it's just perfect.
Like father like son, right? It's a great story.
You're not having a hearing because we decided you don't need a hearing.
You're gonna reinstated right away.
You're being given the Medal of Distinction.
And you're gonna get your promotion.
What's the catch? Keep your opinions to yourself.
And if I don't? This is a big chance for you, Nick.
To get rid of some old ghosts.
There are places that do that, you know.
For you.
- You're all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I heard we just lost Carla Barrett.
She didn't believe that we could protect her.
I thought our stance on her was she knew what she was getting into.
The diamonds, the furs.
I'm not gonna force her to testify if she doesn't feel safe.
Well, I wish you would have run it by me before You want some help with the back? No, thanks, I got it.
When I first got diagnosed, everyone rushed to my side.
You get phone calls, flowers and support.
Right? And it's this really amazing experience.
So much love.
And then as soon as I started to get better, everyone went back to their lives.
And I felt like like a lot of that love went with them.
Like the love forgot me.
I guess that's why I come here.
To see you people every week.
'Cause I don't wanna be forgotten.
And I don't want to forget.
Eagan, welcome back! Hey, here's Rambo.
Hey, the conquering hero returns.
Way to go, Egan.
I heard you were back.
Yeah, I gotta be in surgery.
Well, I wanted to let you know that Egan and I organized a get together tonight.
For everyone.
What for? Group therapy? No, it's we are going to meet at Jim's Counter so we can see each other.
You know, we shouldn't lose contact.
Just come if you want to.
Hey! You're early.
I mean I'm early but you're really early.
- Yeah, I already ate.
- Oh, not a problem.
I don't even know what this is supposed to be, this meeting, I mean what is this? It's good to see you, Nick.
Look who's here.
- Hey.
Hi! - Hi.
How are you? Hi.
- Hey, how is your mother? - She's good, thank you.
Take my menu.
I like your hair that way.
That abstract thing was kind of confusing people at work.
They're used to me being very cut and dry.
Is that so? Ed wants me to take a couple days off.
He thinks I'm going soft.
He can't allow that, can he? Oh, uh, new shirt.
Yes, I know.
The tag.
Thank you.
Oh my God! Jeremy.
What are you doing? - You came.
- Yeah.
- Are you drunk? - Maybe.
I'm sorry I haven't called you.
I haven't called you either.
Well, we should probably talk though, right? About what? Come on, I'm starved.
Look who I've run into outside.
So, I was at Happy Hour with my friends.
And they wanted to come and meet you guys.
But I told them it was a private party.
- Hostages only.
- Very funny.
You were going to tell me something.
Hmm? Before we went into the bank.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
Wow! Everybody came! Almost.
Oh, wait.
Where is Felicia? She had some party to got which I was glad about but she said to say hello to everybody so "hello" from Felicia.
Maybe she'll uh she'll join us next time.
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