The Nine (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

Brother's Keeper

It was an ordinary day.
There were nine of us, most of us strangers.
We were all in the bank Let's do this thing.
All for different reasons.
-And then - Now.
In an instant, our lives changed.
This will all be over in five minutes.
52 hours later, we came out of there no longer strangers.
- District attorney Ed Nielson.
- We're gonna nail these bastards.
They're never gonna see the light of day again.
The only way to stop Randall Reese was to kill him, and Lucas couldn't do that.
- Why is that? - Randall is Lucas' older brother.
- Bonded forever by what we went through.
- Eva's dead.
Nick, everything would've gone down a lot worse if you hadn't been there.
You're fired, Egan.
I want kids.
- You know we can't, Egan.
- I've got a second chance at life.
I'm pregnant.
- Is this what you wanted to tell me before the bank? - I'm sorry about Lizzie.
I know I really screwed things up for you guys.
I wish Randall was dead.
Randall Reese had a major heart attack last night.
- Is he dead? - No, they revived him.
What happened in there? - I just wanted him out of my I.
, Nick.
- If he dies, I can't bury this.
Hour 1 - 3:16 PM Let's go.
Come on! Keep your pants on, you little girl.
I got all the vault money.
It was more than we expected.
Now let's just get out of here.
Randall, the cops! Come on! Your brother took a turn for the worse.
You told me yesterday his chances were improving.
Well, that was yesterday.
Today he needs a liver transplant.
He's gonna die in a couple of days without it.
The hospital is gonna want to speak with you.
Why me? Well, there's a couple of different ways to do a transplant.
They can get a liver off a donor list, or they can go to a family member, a living donor.
And what does Randall want to do? Well, nobody's really had a chance to talk to him yet.
Last I heard, he's pulling cords out of his life support like a wild animal.
- And you're suggesting that I be the living donor? - Absolutely not.
The only thing worse than randall dying would be if you saved him.
Even I won't be able to explain that to a jury.
So you're getting to me before the hospital does.
Look, I know he's your brother, but you can't do this, Lucas.
I told you before, I'm done with him.
- You gonna pull that trigger, boy? - I don't know what you want me to say, Lizzie.
That's all I know right now.
You all right? Randall needs a new liver, and he's being noncompliant.
And? - And I need to face him.
- Why? Because if he dies, and I never get to look him in the eye, - all I'll be left with is what he did.
- Lizzie Last week, you were so freaked out by him that you ran out of the I.
and then you almost miscarried.
- Now you want to be in a room with him? - I'm angry.
I thought I was doing okay, but I I don't want all this anger.
So he comes up behind the husband, smashes him in the head.
The wife hears from the next room.
She comes in to see what's happening.
He takes her out, too.
- Murder weapon? - An iron.
Scald marks on the body say it was still hot.
But what I really need is time of death.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Hey, Nick.
Neighbors heard the son in some knock-down, drag-outs with mom and pop yesterday - and early this morning.
- About what? From what I hear, they really nagged on the guy.
I guess they were both sick, needed a lot of attention.
Where is he? Trying to get a bead on him now.
It's Jeremy.
That patient you were interested in may not make it.
- Complications related to last week.
- I thought you said he was stabilizing.
He was.
Do I need a lawyer? No, I think it's covered.
- I thought you said if he dies - That was last week.
Everybody's moved on to bigger and better.
- You don't sound so sure.
- Just Don't do anything right now.
I'll get back to you if there's a problem, okay? Okay.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Will you please stop apologizing? We'll get there when you're ready.
Yeah, well, I'm ready to be ready.
And beating yourself up about it's gonna help, hmm? Come here.
I was thinking We should get away next weekend.
Post ranch, maybe? Or San Ysidro if we don't want to drive that far.
Hmm? You think Santa Barbara's overrated and white-bread.
Yeah, but you love it.
And that, as they say, is all that matters.
Are you in a trance? No, I was just thinking about Gene.
You know, we're taking him out for his bachelor party tonight? Yeah, don't remind me.
He's happy, Mary In love again.
We're not happy Mary.
Egan Egan, I I know you're going through some changes right now.
- No, no, that's not it.
- Yes, it is.
You've been on this crazy rush of adrenaline - ever since you got out of there.
It's - It's not a rush.
Mary, I want you to look me in the eye, tell me the last time we were happy.
Tell me the last time that y felt your life was what you wanted it to be.
I'm getting a little tired of you avoiding me, Franny.
I know how much money you got from that fund on tv, and I need the $10,000.
I'm the kid's father, Franny, his father.
Hey, there.
Hey, how's it going? It's fine.
What's up? Are you gonna be at the diner later? Uh, I hadn't thought about it.
I guess.
Why? I need to talk to you about Carlos, Eva's ex.
Why? What's going on? - He's kind of harassing me.
- From prison? Well, he keeps calling me saying that he needs money and threatening to take custody of Ricky if I don't pay him.
Did you talk to Kathryn? No, not yet.
I thought we talked about this last week.
You know what, I gotta go.
Um I'll see you at the diner.
We'll talk then.
Hey, Mario.
You know that thing we talked about last week? Yeah.
We still okay with that? You asked for a favor.
I did you a favor.
- And if the patient's condition changes? - My ass is way on the line here.
I I'm certainly not gonna double back and change my report.
Everybody get behind the counter.
Go! - Why don't we just go now? - Because if there's a shoot-out, we don't wanna run towards it or be near those windows.
Now go! - But there's a backdoor right down this way.
- There's no time to argue.
Everybody shut up and do as I say.
Can I talk to you a minute? Let me guess.
Randall Reese? Yeah.
Um I'm sure this is gonna sound strange, but I'd like to see him.
You know I can't do that.
Will you ask him? Please.
Don't make me explain why.
You gonna pull that trigger, boy? I'm sorry.
What? He won't see you.
Lizzie, please I suggest you get back to work, huh? The Bloc Team presents to you The Nine - Episode 4 - Brother's Keeper 10 grand? What does he need that kind of money for? He says the gangs in prison have a price on his head.
- Well, do you believe him? - I don't know.
I don't want Ricky to become an orphan even if his father is a loser.
Well, you shouldn't touch the money from the fund, and you shouldn't be sending it to jail.
If he ends up using that to buy and sell drugs, you'd be implicated.
So what do you think I should do? Let me look into it.
If Carlos is really worried about his safety, then maybe there's something I can do.
When did this happen? Technically this morning, but you could say it's been happening for ten years.
Wow, Egan.
I'm sorry.
No, it's for the best.
- It, uh - What is? I left Mary.
So, my fellow divorcé, any pearls of wisdom for me? Get a good lawyer.
No, no, no.
I'm, uh, - I'm giving her just about everything, so - Everything? You know, the house, the furniture, the pinto.
Well, if you, uh, need a place to crash for a little while, we got plenty of room.
Well, thank you.
But, no, I'm checking in to the singleton over on Alameda.
I'm sure it'll be It'll be fine.
I'm so sorry.
I got hung up with a patient.
There's an accident on the 101.
- I'm really sorry.
- No, it's okay.
It's fine.
We're still waiting for a table anyway.
Okay, good.
That's good.
I'll look into it on my end, but maybe you can check in with her.
She seems kinda jittery.
Looks all right to me.
Well, you know, she's got a good cover.
Who knows what kind of friends this Carlos has on the outside? Maybe you could look into that.
Um, ironically, I am the unofficial host of a bachelor party tonight.
My friend Gene His, uh, second go-around.
Anyway, it's only three of us, which is sort of a motley crew.
Can I, uh, tempt any of you able-bodied gentlemen? Oh, my bachelor party days are long gone, my friend.
I gotta work.
, I bet you're a hell of a wingman.
Come on, apple martinis at Lola's.
- It's gonna be hot.
- Oh, you cannot do a bachelor party at Lola's.
Come to Trendy.
I'll swing you a round of free drinks, - get you into the V.
- Very fancy.
We, I actually happen to start working there tonight, cocktailing.
What happened with the employment agency? Well, there was nothing there for me.
Besides, this is gonna be much more fun, and I'll actually make more money than I would at some office job.
You in? Yeah, sure.
I'm in.
- I tried to see Randall today.
- What? He wouldn't see me.
I asked the nurse to tell him I wanted to talk to him, and he refused to let me in.
What were you trying to do? I don't know.
I just He's gonna die.
And I have all these feelings, and I just thought that we were gonna get the chance to face him in court, in front of the world and now it's like he knows that, like he's letting himself die to punish us.
I think death is too good for that bastard.
I was looking forward to seeing him squirm in court, rot in jail for the next 50 years.
Nothing we can do about it anyway.
So shouldn't we just try to, you know, look forward? Amen to that.
Well, that's not exactly true.
What? That there's nothing to be done.
Most of the time, when a a patient is noncompliant, they can be turned around, right? Usually, they're just acting out to get attention.
But who knows with him? - What if he could be swayed? - What are we doing here? Well, would we prefer that he live and face the music, or float away high as a kite on morphine? I for one would like to see him suffer some more, and we all know the thing that he fears the most is going back to jail.
Well, I'd like to see him off the planet as soon as possible.
I agree with Nick.
If he dies tomorrow, throw a party, move on.
But what about Lucas? - He shouldn't have to stand trial by himself.
- No, he shouldn't.
Lucas made his bed when he brought that psychopath in there.
I don't even know what we're talking about here.
This is out of our hands.
It's god's will now.
God's will? You think what happened to us in there is god's will? I mean, I think if we have a chance, we have to try.
For Eva I mean, he should have to answer for her.
Look, guys, I gotta say, if you think you're gonna get some kind of satisfaction out of this, some kind of closure, you're not.
I've seen it.
It's just gonna drag the whole thing out, and in the end, you're gonna wish he'd died and the whole thing had already been over.
Randall dying isn't gonna make this over.
And I've seen a lot of people get something out of seeing justice done.
Well, you've heard my position.
You, uh, do whatever you have to do.
I gotta get back to work.
So what do we want to do? I was hoping you'd come.
I wanted to.
How are you feeling? Is everything all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
Did you tell Jeremy yet? Yeah.
And how was that? I'm not sure I want to talk about this.
I'm sorry.
- I need to - What? We need your help.
"We"? The group.
With what? You heard about Randall? Yeah.
- We need to figure out how to convince Randall to accept a transplant.
- Why? We want him to stand trial, to answer for what he did.
The group wants to keep Randall alive? It wasn't exactly unanimous, but, yeah, that's what we decided.
And they sent you to talk to me.
I'm the social worker.
Is there a donor? There was a car accident last night, and the driver was an alcoholic, so the liver's not great, but if Randall wanted it, he could have it.
So what do you want from me? Tell me what we need to do to convince Randall.
There's only one thing that will change his mind.
What is that? Me.
That's why he's refusing help.
He's trying to get to me.
Would you talk to him if it could be arranged? You don't really want to stand up there alone, do you? - When he's the one who's responsible for what happened? - I'm sorry.
I can't.
I know how hard this would be for you, but you owe this to us.
I know what it'll take, and I can't go there with him, not anymore.
I'm sorry.
Hello, sir.
How are you today? Uh, fine, thank you, uh, Chet.
I'm fine.
Staying for a while? Let's go! Come on, let's go! Let's go! Come on! Let's go! Randall! We're never gonna make it.
We're surrounded.
Everybody shut up and do as I say.
Now! - My daughter's in here.
- Come on, move.
Do you hear what I said, my daughter's in here.
- Okay, about 16, wearing a school uniform? - You've seen her? That's my daughter Felicia.
Where is she now? I don't know.
I think she went back this way.
Just get down.
- But what if she - We'll get her in a minute.
Get down.
Come on! We got a shot! Come on! You go.
I'll stay here and distract 'em.
Don't spend it all in one place.
- Just get down.
- We'll find her.
Randall! Don't! No, wait a minute, we can't just My daughter's in here! Change of plans.
Get up and get back.
Now get on back behind the counter with the rest of 'em.
Let's go.
Now get down.
Get down! You have one unheard message.
Check unheard messages.
Hey, it's Kathryn.
We just wrapped up at the diner, and I I was just calling 'cause, well, nobody liked seeing you leave that way, and Look, I I know it's hard, the way everyone looks to you and the position that puts you in.
Anyway, I I just wanted you to know that I I knew that.
So Well, take care.
Hello, son.
You know I don't want to see you.
Then why did you let me in today? What do you want? How's it going, Dwight? Nick Cavanaugh.
You're the boss.
I was told you wouldn't say much to my colleagues.
Not an easy day.
I know.
I'm very sorry about your parents.
You should hear what the news stations are saying, what they're saying about me, too Sons that went so bad.
Yeah, it's all about you.
- Lucas, that's not what I - Have you been to the hospital? He needs a new liver.
Maybe you should think about donating.
Well, you know I can't.
- With the surgery I went through last year - Oh, right.
I guess I forgot.
I guess it's been a big responsibility, having to take care of them.
I saw all the pills and the syringes and Yeah, I gotta cook for 'em, too And clean up and get 'em to the bathroom.
And then sometimes, they can't even make it all the way to the bathroom.
There was a bell in their bedroom.
Was that to call you? Every night.
4:00 in the morning, like clockwork.
You must be exhausted.
I know what that's like.
You were a hero.
Everybody was so proud of you, - what you did for your country.
- Mother, please.
He has always brought you down.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't put it all on him.
My old man was a drunk.
You know how much time I spent cleaning up after the mess he'd leave behind? And you know what I'd get for it? - Nothing.
- That's right.
Not one ounce of appreciation.
No matter what you do, it's never enough.
Yeah, it's like you're invisible.
I bet it's been that way since you were a kid, too.
Now it's everywhere, right? Work Your girl Your friends, if you got any Everybody pulling at you, suffocating you.
I know I've made mistakes.
But whatever happened in the past, I I want to be here for you now.
You don't have to go through this all alone.
About Reese.
Yeah? That son of a bitch should take an easy way out.
Well, you never know.
He may change his mind.
Well, he dies, we gotta go full bear at Lucas.
I always thought you were.
We're still assessing, but this will definitely leave us with You know, we really can't be talking about this.
It sucks, doesn't it? More than you know.
I have a favor to ask.
Well - You better hear it first.
- To Gene, who overcame the bitter sting of one failed marriage only to emerge out of the abyss better, stronger, faster.
- Faster? - Yeah, six million dollar man, you know? They rebuilt him and sent him out into the world to conquer, just like Gene.
I only hope I have the same strength as you, my friend.
Of course you do.
From your lips, as they say.
Well, anyway, to second chances.
Hear, hear.
Are you married, Jeremy? - Ever been? - No, not yet.
- Lucky man.
- All right, come on.
- Hello, everybody.
- Hey.
- How are we enjoying? - Oh, it's great.
It's perfect.
- I think this places works great for you, Foote.
- Oh, please.
How are you doing? They treating you all right? Yeah, it's great.
Tips are great.
Half of my friends are here.
It's all good.
What can I get you guys to drink? I could use another scotch.
A scotch man.
That'll put hair on your chest.
- You have no idea.
- 18 or 12? 24 if you've got it.
I think I can arrange that.
She says he could really be in trouble.
So I was thinking if we could move Eva's ex out of Chino to another facility where he was safe, then that should probably get him off of Franny's back.
And if this ex is lying? Well, then we'll deal with it.
What's his rap sheet? Auto theft, couple B&Es, mostly petty stuff.
Still, I wonder why it never came up in Eva's background.
Well, they were never married.
They had Ricky out of wedlock.
They never lived together.
So that's probably why he never appeared in her records.
And this is really important to you? Very.
Well, then I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Welcome, Nick27.
Would you like a seat at the table? Whoo.
Where's the boys? I think Stanley went to throw up, and I haven't seen Jim around for a while now.
Yeah, Gene.
Maybe you've had a little bit too much to drink yourself.
- Lizzie's pregnant.
- What? - Yeah.
- Hey! Congratulations.
I want to do the right thing.
I really do.
But I don't think she's going to let me.
She will.
No, I wouldn't be too sure.
When you walked into that bank, you were in love, right? That's what I saw.
Well, I thought we were, but now I don't know.
Who's your favorite cocktail waitress in the whole universe? I don't know.
Who? The one who found you the best 30-year single malt off the bottom shelf.
You're a pro.
How do you think I got myself through two years of college? I didn't hear you say the words.
You are my most favoritest cocktail waitress in the whole world.
- Universe! - Give me the drink.
Eggie? - Cosmopolitan, please.
- You are such a girl.
That's gonna make things confusing.
Elizabeth Miller.
I got a page.
Ms Miller, it's a Lucas Dalton calling from L.
County jail.
- Put put him through, please.
- Go ahead.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- You said the group decided.
- Yeah.
- But it wasn't unanimous.
- Right.
- Well, who wanted what? - Why does it matter? I just want to know.
Nick and Egan thought we should let him die.
Malcolm abstained.
Jeremy thought we should try and save him.
I wouldn't have thought that.
No, me neither.
And the others? Kathryn and Franny want him at the trial.
- And me, of course.
- Franny - How is she doing? - Her sister's dead.
And, uh - What about Felicia? - She couldn't vote.
- Why not? - She doesn't remember.
- What do you mean? - She doesn't remember anything barely.
I, uh I didn't know that.
Why would you? Everyone's so messed up from this.
That's what this is about, Lucas.
- Who's that? - It's me.
You here to give me my last rites? Not exactly.
Well, I got nothing to leave you.
Why are you doing this? I got so much to live for.
We still got each other.
Do we? I know the way things went down at the end.
I was fried.
We hadn't slept in two days.
It got out of hand.
- I almost killed you.
- Yeah.
I guess I got lucky.
Mom been to see you? No.
- You? - Huh.
Remember when we used to pretend we were the wonder twins? Remember how we'd put our fists together and It was like we were giving each other energy? And that time I broke my ankle in Ned's ravine and you gave me the fist, and I was able to get up and walk all the way home? What What a pansy you always were.
I'm gonna give you a piece of my liver.
They're gonna put it in you.
It'll regenerate into a new one.
It'll be like me giving you energy Like the old days.
It's no skin off your back? I could die.
You and me, brother.
Like it used to be.
Can we talk? I just want you to know that I take my responsibility in this very seriously, and I want to be a part of it Lamaze classes, O.
visits, however you need me.
And if you don't, that's okay, too.
You're not going to get any attitude from me.
Whatever you need, I'll be there, on your terms.
If only I knew what those were.
I've never really done this before.
Me neither.
So friends.
Friends With obligations.
That was so, so Oh, I don't know.
Intimate? Something like that.
You happy? Yes.
- Yes, I'm happy, very, very happy.
- Good.
Oh, of course.
Hold on, hold on.
Randall's gonna do the transplant, and Lucas is the donor.
Yeah, I'd say that puts Lucas in a really bad spot.
Oh, hey.
Did you make any headway on that other thing? Yeah.
No, don't do anything until I get back to you.
All right, thanks, Dave.
What's wrong? Turns out Eva's ex did some time at Corcoran before they moved him to Chino last year.
- So? - Randall Reese was at Corcoran.
They overlapped each other for 18 months.
No, no.
It's a coincidence.
Well, you realize this could raise questions about Franny, too, right? I'm telling you, it's just a coincidence.
I was in there with her for two days.
Eva had absolutely nothing to do with this.
Well, I don't think the defense knows anything about this.
And I'd rather not even open up this can of worms if I don't have to.
You can take my word for it.
Hey, Nick.
What are you doing here? Oh, um I was out with, uh, Gene and Stanley.
We went to some awful strip club.
Oh, I think I must have had too many martinis.
- Or was it cosmopolitans? - Probably both.
Uh, anyway, I Well, I guess it occurred to me that maybe you could use some company seeing as, uh, that you're a bachelor, too.
I mean, I know it's not easy being alone.
Lord, we know that there are those who are not able to make it to your House on this day.
And so we ask that you look in on those who are poor and without homes and without families.
We ask you today Dear God, for justice for those who have been wronged and for forgiveness for those who have transgressed.
For our fathers and our mothers, we ask for strength and wisdom and compassion.
We ask you today, heavenly father, to look in on those of our brothers and sisters who are behind prison walls and all of those who are sick and suffering and in need of healing.
We ask you, Dear God, to look upon all of those who are less fortunate than ourselves and bless them and keep them.
These things we ask today, Dear Lord, in your Holy name.
Let us all say - Amen.
- Amen.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Randall! Don't! Change of plans.
Get up and get back.
Get down.
Well, well, well.
Looks like we're all in this thing together now.