The OA (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: SYZYGY

1 Wait! You won't find Homer without her.
Who? That's it.
Is the little girl in the dream your childhood self or Nina Azarova's childhood self? I think they're the same person.
Then are you and Nina the same person? No.
I got on the bus the day of the accident.
I don't think Nina did, and as a result of that single choice, we had completely different lives.
I mean, she never died and came back blind, never was sent to America, never spent seven years underground.
Her skin is so soft.
I didn't live a soft life.
Perhaps you're, um sublimating Nina.
I don't know her.
I don't want to know her.
Then aren't you just like Hap? - You said Hap was your captor.
- Is my captor.
- So he's holding you hostage? - Us hostage.
You think he's Dr.
He's not.
- He's Hap inside.
He's a hunter.
- Okay.
So he's a hunter.
He captured you, and he put you in a box.
But you've put Nina in a box, too.
Buried her somewhere deep in your mind.
She wants to come out.
She's knocking at the door of your dreams.
Did you check about Rachel? - You're changing the subject.
- Did you check? You said you would.
She was transferred to another facility near her family.
What's the name of the facility? Nina, what is it you imagine happened with Rachel? I think he killed her.
Why? Because she'd figured out a way to communicate and now she could talk about what he's doing inside his lab.
- Hap stopped her, you saw it.
- What do you think he does in there? - Have you been inside his lab? - I have.
But there's a room you can't get into.
A locked room.
Isn't there? Tell me there's no room like that and I'll stop talking about it.
It's natural for you to feel that the doctor is the killer.
He wants to cut a piece out of you, your delusion.
And you think you'll die without it, but you won't.
You'll thrive.
God, he really is so smart, isn't he? He knows you'll never see me, the real me, as long as I'm your patient.
This is Prairie's fault.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm here to see Nina Azarova.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Azarova doesn't have visitor privileges.
I'm not a visitor.
I'm a private investigator.
I'm looking for a missing girl, and Ms.
Azarova has information about a house that may help me find her.
I appreciate the urgency, Mr.
Washington, but I can't give you information.
Can I speak with whoever's in charge? Please? Dr.
Percy is gone for the day, and Dr.
Roberts is in session.
I can't possibly You know every 24 hours that passes reduces the likelihood that I will find the child alive? Now, I suggest you interrupt Dr.
Roberts's session and tell him if I do not see and speak to Ms.
Azarova within the next 15 minutes, I'm gonna call the police.
- I hope this is urgent, Darmi.
- That's what I was told.
- They're threatening to call the cops.
- What's going on? There's a man here named Karim Washington.
He wants to speak to you.
No, I don't wanna talk to anyone from her life.
He's asking about a missing girl in the house.
A house? I'm I'm tired of all your mouth-lies! You said you'd bring Swedish fish! Tell NASA I will no longer be invaded by their thought crimes! Lionel! Listen, we have talked about this.
You need to do the breathing exercises.
Let's try to stay in control, okay? You're Nina Azarova? Yeah.
Do I know you? I mean, have we met? Not that I remember, but they tell me I have amnesia.
Though, frankly, it's other people who seem to be forgetting things.
My name's Karim Washington.
I'm a private investigator.
I'm looking for a missing girl.
- A child? - Sixteen.
Kidnapped? Well, she was playing a game developed at CURI - where you work.
- Uh, yes, CURI.
Yeah, and she was staying at 828 Sutter, your house.
Yes, the house.
No one lives there? - No.
But you said - She was squatting with other kids, playing the game.
- A house! - Children! Teenagers.
Is the house why you're here? Do you know how to get into the house? - You mean do I have the key? - No, the the secret entrance or other entrance.
I need to find that.
- Hello, visitors' room.
- Huh.
Look, I'm gonna be honest with you.
I've had a break.
- Amnesia.
- Yeah, sort of.
There's a lot about my recent life I'm having trouble remembering, and they've got me on all this medication here, so I can't think.
But, look, you help me get me out of here, I will get you into the house, through the secret entrance.
I promise you.
You signed a voluntary commitment.
You can leave whenever you want.
Yeah, Dr.
Percy changed that to a 5250.
He thinks you're a danger - to yourself and others? - No.
He knows I'm a danger to no one but Dr.
Percy, and to him only, - because I know what he is.
- What is he? This is not a safe place.
But I'm in no rush.
Another 12 days here is doable.
You, on the other hand Time isn't on your side, is it? Look, if I get you out of here and you exhibit any signs of serious mental illness, I will call Dr.
Percy at once.
What do you consider serious mental illness? Delusions.
Lapsed hygiene.
Sociopathic behavior.
Incessant repetitions.
Inability to follow a logical train of thought.
I'm not mentally ill, but I do think logic is overrated.
Oh! Lionel! You coming? If you start to get panicky, you need to get to the nurses' office Just do the breathing exercises Put this on.
Let's go.
Don't look back.
Stop! She's not allowed to leave the premises! All right.
The bright orange one.
Can't miss it.
- Pull up out front.
- Where'd they go? - Over there.
- There.
Hey! Oh P, park.
R, reverse.
N Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Hey, stop! Fuck! Stop! Hey! Have you driven a car before? I can't remember.
See, it's the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the dollar to gold by Nixon in '74.
- You saying it was a good thing? - I'm saying it allowed the dollar a very unique position in terms of international currencies.
Perhaps even led to its supremacy.
This is the men's side.
There's no sauna on the women's side.
I don't mind.
Do you mind? You know, the only time I really feel like myself anymore is at the bottom of the pool.
I know what you mean.
It's so quiet.
It's the only relief for tinnitus.
What makes you think I have tinnitus? I can hear it.
You can hear the ringing in my ears? Yes.
I hear it.
Do you hear mine? Huh.
Where were you before this? I took a drive up the coast.
Must we play this game, Dr.
Percy? How I'm sorry, have we met? Do we know each other? Our ears ring for the same reason, do you understand? We like loud music? Because we don't belong here.
We're tourists.
Are you saying tinnitus - is a side effect of - Travel.
Yesterday I arrived inside the body of a life that was already in motion.
I believe that you have done the same.
Let's continue this elsewhere.
Why don't you tell me everything you know about the house? Maybe it will help me remember.
So, the house was built in 1910 by an engineer who made a fortune off the gold rush.
Now, he built the house for his wife, who claimed to be some kind of medium.
Like talk to spirits? Yeah, or hold séances and stuff.
She was into all that weird old Victorian shit.
Now, these aren't the original plans.
These are from the '60s or '70s when the house was broken into units and rented out.
It was like that until two years ago when you bought it with Pierre Ruskin.
He's my boyfriend, apparently.
Yeah, I heard that, too.
- What's this? - For your jaw.
So, the house.
Yeah, in any case, the tenants were relocated, and the house was restored to the original design, which is pretty much represented here.
So where's the secret entrance? Uh I mean, these are hard to read.
You ever been to this house? - I said I'd get you in and I will.
- How? Hey, what about this? What's "Three Wise, Man"? You know what? Why don't you thumb through the rest of the images in that file? Buck.
What? What? What? You look like you've seen a ghost.
- Is this the missing person? - Yeah, that's Michelle.
Why? What about her? Him.
The image just reminds me of a young man I knew in Michigan.
What else do you know about Hap Dr.
Percy? He wrote a book about unmitigated reality as madness called Quantum Psychotic.
- He used to be your boyfriend's shrink.
- He was Ruskin's therapist? Yeah.
That's how I ended up at the clinic.
It's all connected.
- What is? - Dr.
Percy, Pierre Ruskin, the house, missing teenagers.
You were at Nina's apartment already? No, that's CURI.
- We have to go to Nina's apartment.
- It's your apartment.
Why? Because this security keypad is on the door to a locked closet there.
If Nina If I'm implicated in all this, we can get to the bottom of it.
- Hello.
- Dr.
- Dr.
Percy - I just switched my phone on.
Nina Azarova escaped from the clinic this morning.
- What do you mean, escaped? - We don't know exactly.
- A detective came this morning - What kind of detective? - A PI.
Nina and I were in session - Did you - Darmi interrupted to - No.
Hold on.
Listen to me! Yes, I'm sorry.
Did you ask who his client was? - I didn't get to talk to him.
- Jesus.
- Did you call the police? - Yes, I hope I did the right thing.
- I wanted to speak to you - You did the right thing.
She's a fugitive.
She's our responsibility.
She's a 5250.
I didn't tell the police that.
No, I want you to call 'em back now and tell them that she threatened my life, she's a danger to herself and others.
- You think that is necessary? - Yes.
Percy, I just want you If you would like me to resign, I'd completely understand.
Believe me, I am halfway to telling you to find another residency.
But her attachment to you may save us.
I want you to check in with the police every half hour.
And be ready in case she comes back.
- Okay, I will be.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry, Doc - Hi.
Everything okay? Uh It's a work emergency.
- I'm Elodie.
- Hunter.
Nice to meet you.
I was banging my head against the glass.
I wanted to kill my mind, so I could stop thinkin'.
And if I had to kill myself doin' it, that was fine.
- This is in the other dimension? - Yeah.
You would stand on your bed and talk to me through the vent.
You and OA took turns.
And finally, I stopped.
You saved my life.
You and OA.
- Nina, you mean? - No.
Nina wasn't there.
Nina's from here.
You know, it's a it's a funny thing.
Here you're a medical doctor, you can't do shit for me.
But there, you were just some football quarterback and you held my sanity together.
She gets under your skin, doesn't she? Maybe she's under yours.
You wanna talk about that? She gets under everyone's skin.
Slips right past your best defense.
Just how she's made.
Well, she's gone now.
So maybe that will be a relief for you.
She ain't gone, Doc.
She's got a plan.
OA's always got a plan.
She'll be back.
What makes you say that? Well, somehow, on one of those 2,500 some odd nights underground, Homer, that aw-shucks football quarterback, got under her skin.
And in my experience, she ain't the kind of person to give up.
You must know it.
You don't remember? You must remember.
- Tell me a story.
- A story? Yeah, just distract me for a second so I'm not thinking.
Uh You know, my brother, he's, uh the kind of guy who never let a woman keep a toothbrush at his place.
You know? Just never wanted to go down that road.
Until one night, at a noise show, he meets this punk woman with a shaved head.
- What's a noise show? - Are you listenin' or asking questions? The point is they liked a lot of the same stuff, and they they didn't bullshit each other.
He tells her on the very first date, before they even order dinner, he don't believe in bringing kids into this world.
She agrees with him.
Says the world is in need of a lot of things right now, but another human isn't one of 'em.
My brother and this woman they fall in love.
They've been together for seven years.
He's so fuckin' happy, it hurts his chest when he sees her damn toothbrush in the cup thing next to his.
Then one day, out of the blue, she comes home from work and she says she wants a baby.
What's the number? 10-15-87.
You remembered! It's just tapes.
Yeah, tapes that are worth keeping secret.
I'm lying down, and the sun is so bright.
- Sweat beads on my skin.
- That's you? I think so.
I'm not wearing anything.
There is no wind, so the sweat sits there like bubbles.
I feel a tongue run down the back of my leg.
Another in my ear.
The tongues are collecting the sweat.
They know my body is printing secrets in salt.
A tongue enters my ass.
I think they're dreams.
This is how they were recording at CURI.
I can't move though nothing is holding me back.
When I go to speak, Pierre has cut out my tongue.
March 24, 2013.
I realize I'm not dreaming Oh! Three Ys.
No, I don't get it.
Look, three Ys.
Put your fingers on the S, the Z and the G.
Three Ys.
Three wise, man.
Three wise, man.
The last clue in the game.
Michelle was playing it - when she disappeared.
- Right.
Maybe the game gets us in the secret entrance to the house.
What is that? A place? A person? Her phone.
Uh Yeah.
Oh, hi, Sergeant.
Um, yeah, thanks for getting back.
Look, I wanted to emphasize that Nina Azarova is is dangerous.
She's in She's in need of medication.
Well, there there was an incident, here.
She threatened Dr.
Uh, ye yes, physically.
Um She's had a psychotic break.
Look, I just wanna reiterate that she cannot be trusted and should be brought back immediately as she's likely to hurt someone.
Yes, and notify us as soon as you find her.
Thank you.
You have a code? Syzygy.
- What do I do? - Just be yourself.
Azarova? Yes, speaking.
You don't sound like yourself.
I'm sorry, I've had an illness, but I'm feeling much better.
When would you like to come in? Tomorrow Tonight.
It will take us some time to get the equipment ready.
See you at nine.
Uh, I need the address.
For the taxi.
Your driver will have the address, Ms.
Please come dressed for the occasion, so we can begin when you arrive.
Homer? Yassi? Yeah.
What? It's just the photos you post are a lot less attractive than you are in person.
I'm serious.
I find that endearing.
That's, uh, better than "disappointing.
" You hungry? Yeah.
Okay, you have to tell me now.
How did you know who I really am? - You know, that that we were - Not from here.
Tourists, like you said.
When you travel as much as I do, you just feel it.
Okay, but can you control where you go? I mean, can you pick a destination? You want to make a flight plan? You cannot control everything, but you can influence, understand, plan accordingly.
I gotta say, you're a little bit cryptic for me.
I found myself once in a dimension where I was an actress.
Mostly French films.
At first, it was overwhelming for me.
I felt exposed.
People would stop me on the street, tell me the films had touched them.
What films? So I locked myself up in her flat, and I watched all her DVDs.
And I saw myself as a young woman, innocent, naive, falling in and out of love.
I saw myself die.
Suicide, heart attack, strangled to death by my husband.
It was all me and not me.
By the end, I was so dizzy, I couldn't see straight.
But then I realized there was something the actress and I held in common.
Are you okay? Yeah, sorry, I just realized something about a patient.
You You had something in common? We were both hungry to understand the human condition.
She sated her hunger by taking on different roles, and I do it as a traveler.
Okay, but how How do you travel to a destination of your choice? You get four other people, you do the movements Huh? What? What? I'm sorry, it's just such an unusual method for someone like you.
There are other methods? Well, you drove up the coast of California this morning.
You could have flown, taken the train, walked.
Yes, there are many methods.
But they all require fuel.
Fuel allows you to get where you want to go.
So what's the fuel? I can't explain it.
But I can show you.
Yeah, R and D.
And our latest part, it's pretty cool.
Thank you.
I thought it was a design firm.
It is.
We're thinking about how to redesign death.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I mean, culturally.
The aesthetics of hospitals, the tone of funerals.
Everything surrounding death is full of either fear or schlock.
It's such a wasted opportunity.
- Financially? - Yeah, financially.
But also to get people dealing with their mortality rather than running from it.
You know, like, talking end-of-life care.
Soon maybe talking about radical life extension.
No, I I don't want my consciousness uploaded to a cloud - to think on a server somewhere.
- That's what you think now.
- I feel quite comfortable about dying.
- Because you're a therapist.
Most people don't even wanna think about it.
Even though death is the underlying motivation for just about everything we do.
Create, mate procreate.
It's it's true.
I have a new patient who's obsessed with death.
- Tell me about it.
- No, I shouldn't.
Come on.
You don't have to use real names.
No, it's too elaborate.
The stuff that she says, - it's - What? Delusional? She claims that I'm her soulmate.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
She thinks we lived together for seven years in another dimension underground.
Like in the Upside Down? - Let's talk about somethin' else.
- Oh, come on.
No, this sounds too weird when I say it out loud.
Are you kidding me? Every guy I meet is either in tech or finance.
Or tech-finance.
So, trust me, a straight guy who does something besides driverless cars, I'm down.
Keep going.
In her delusion, we were locked away together in captivity by Dr.
- The guy who wrote Quantum Psychotic? - Yeah.
We were in glass prisons.
She and I were next to each other.
But you couldn't touch, because of the glass.
- It's very Pyramus and Thisbe.
- Yeah.
And the doctor would, um he would drown us.
But just our heads.
Why? To kill us.
Study our near-death experiences and bring us back to life.
- That gives me the chills.
- I know.
Here you go.
So, what did she say happened when you died? Well, she claims that I traveled to the future, into this dimension.
Ran around the clinic naked, looking for something living to eat.
Found a sea creature in the rec room fish tank and And what? Swallowed it whole.
Are you okay? Yeah, um Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I just thought it got stuck there for a second.
In the dream I am on stage.
In the dream, I am on stage.
My arms are stuck to the chair, my feet are glued to the floor.
My arms My arms My arms are stuck to the chair.
And then, he rises up.
He He rises up.
He cannot separate thought from feeling.
They are simultaneous in him.
Patrol car made a couple of passes.
You got a back way out? I'm sure the doorman can help us.
OA I dreamt this.
What happens next? I fall from a great height.
So, you owe $44.
50, and I owe $49.
64, cool.
- Uh, shall we just split it? - Oh.
I I didn't wanna be unfair.
About $5? Well, I'm a resident, and it's hard to survive in this city anymore unless you're in tech or finance or tech-finance.
Give me the lion's share of Your love So Uh where shall we go next? Uh, soy sauce makes me sleepy.
- Gluten.
- Yeah? Me, too.
We could, um We could lie down in the park somewhere.
Check out the constellations.
I have an app on my phone that That's really sweet, thank you, but I got a monster day tomorrow.
I should probably just go home.
It was really nice to meet you, Homer.
You, too.
I'll see ya.
Give me your care, 'cause I've been So alone Fucking constellation.
Can't even Ms.
Azarova, I didn't realize you were going out this evening.
I'll call your driver to pull up your car.
Can we go out the back? Of course.
That story you told earlier about your brother and his girlfriend that was you, wasn't it? Yeah.
You don't believe in bringing children into this world? No, I don't.
Thank you.
- Ms.
- This way? Welcome back.
Nina! You don't return my calls for days.
What would your father say, rest in peace, if he knew I couldn't find you for a whole week? I'm not myself tonight.
Chest pain.
This is my colleague from CURI, Karim.
Pleasure to meet you.
Please, enjoy.
- And for you? - A beer.
Well, we can't be more than a half mile west of the house.
Stay here.
I'm gonna have a look around.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
There are too many eyes on you here.
Hold the attention so I can figure this place out.
I'll be back.
Just do what you usually do.
Not enough vodka? Am I gonna be drunk? I'll bring you another.
Nina, they are ready for you.
- Oh, I should wait for Karim.
- We will find him for you.
- This is Homer.
- Did you find her? No.
Did you check in with the police? Yes, of course.
All right, I have an idea that might help us.
It's an opportunity for you to redeem yourself, if you're not too busy to work this evening.
That's fine.
I'm not Um I'm not busy.
Uh Work sounds good, actually.
Okay, good.
I need you to go and talk to Scott Brown.
Ask him about a so-called NDE he had.
Question him in detail, get very specific.
I wanna know everything he remembers about his story.
Something occurred to me.
Could be a major breakthrough.
Great, that's Thank you, Doctor.
I won't let you down.
Well, let's hope not.
I forget how I do what I do.
You say that every time, and every time it comes to you.
You're sounding very American these days.
Don't lose your Soviet roots.
Do you want to be restrained again? I think it helped last time.
Yes, fine.
If you get overwhelmed, say the safe word.
What's happening? Good evening.
At this time, we ask that you silence your cellphones as a courtesy to tonight's performance as well as your fellow audience members.
- Recordings and photos of any kind - Sorry.
- are strictly forbidden.
Thank you.
- Be open, Hunter.
Cue spots in five four Two one.
Oh! Greet them.
They love Nina here.
Tell them not to be afraid.
Good evening.
Don't be afraid.
I am Azrael.
But Nina calls me Old Night.
Will you translate to the audience for me as I think through you? Old Night has asked me to translate for him.
My brothers and sisters in the sea think His brothers and sisters in the sea think communicating with your kind is a waste of time.
communicating with our kind is a waste of time.
But I hold hope for your species.
But he holds hope for our species.
Nina has been my medium to connect to you.
Nina has I have been his medium to connect him to you.
- But tonight - But tonight we cannot have the performance as usual.
we cannot have the performance as usual.
- Tonight - Tonight I have the rare opportunity - He has the rare opportunity to converse - to converse with the OA.
Say it.
Say it out loud for him to hear you.
with the OA.
What the fuck is this? I just do lights, bro.
Tell them.
Tell them who you really are.
I have something to show you.
Something that will help you solve your mystery and rescue the others.
But I can only be honest with you if you are honest with them.
Tell them you are an angel.
I'm an interdimensional traveler.
Doesn't that feel better? Lying ages you, and time is already not on your side.
In every dimension.
Continue translating.
It will keep them from stopping us later, if they feel we are performing for them.
- In the future - In the future - you don't know who you are.
- I don't know who I am.
You forget your true nature.
I forget my true nature.
- I want to send you there.
- He wants to send me there.
- To the moment - To the moment you can show yourself your true face.
I can show myself my true face.
- Your pure being.
- My pure being.
And reawaken to your mission.
And reawaken to my mission.
To do this To do this I must kill you he must kill me - for 37 seconds.
- for 37 seconds.
You are no stranger to death.
But I taste the fear in your sweat.
I cannot proceed without your consent.
Do I survive? - That's up to him.
- Who? - Your brother.
- I don't have a brother.
In every dimension she sent him to protect you.
Do I have your permission? Yes.
You must state it in full.
Old Night, you have my permission to kill me.
This isn't part of the show.
You have 37 seconds.
I will keep count for you.
Good night, OA.
Thirty-seven thirty-six thirty-five thirty-four thirty-three Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
We are currently entering an area known for turbulence, so I have turned on the fasten seat belt sign.
Stay seated until the fasten seat belt sign has been turned off.
We should pass through this turbulence momentarily.
Nine eight seven six five four three Nina! Nina! Come on! An opera is nothing but black notes on paper.
What makes it live? Skill? Talent? I don't know.
All this beauty this energy.
What holds it together? What keeps it from dissolving into noise? Will? She willed herself to Homer.
He's here.
Bravo! Come on, the cops are here.
I think I found the secret entrance.
Old Night! You killed him.
He killed you first.
Open that door.
Did you see these two? Dr.
Roberts? I came to make peace.
Take some air with me.
Tell me the story again.
The time you died and came back to life.
Story, right.
How about you tell me one? How'd you meet Dr.
Percy? Oh, I got benched my sophomore year.
Cracked radius.
- Never played in the big game.
- No shit.
I got more serious about school after that.
Read Dr.
Percy's book, Quantum Psychotic.
Blew my mind.
That's when I knew I wanted to go into clinical psychology.
Then, one day, he just shows up in my class.
He was doing a study, I was his student.
He found me.
A twist of fate.
See them moths up there? They use stars to guide them, but they get distracted by the artificial light.
It's too much for 'em.
They get lost in it.
You gotta open your eyes, man.
Find that real light again before it's too late.
Scott, tell me what happened when you died.
Let's go.
It's the door from the game.
You sure you're okay to do this? Yes.
You're tougher than you look.
You're kinder than you seem.