The Oath (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Ricardo's taken over the cartel.
Killed anyone loyal to Ignacio.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Price is either dead or on the run.
- Either way I need a new informant.
- Not interested.
You'll be the only Raven we'll prosecute.
I need you to shut down the security business.
- Is it that bad? - Yes, that bad.
What the hell you want, Kraley? To meet and talk.
- About what? - The payday.
[MAN SHOUTS] I'm with the Department of Child Services.
I'm taking Dani into state protection.
There's the court order.
I'm gonna bring you back home.
I'm not gonna fight you over custody.
Why the change of heart? I guess I'm tired of fighting.
My mother told me exactly what you did to her.
Say "I raped her.
" I raped her.
I raped her! Barry wouldn't want you in danger, and that's what will happen if people know that you saw the shooting.
STEVE: Where's my brother? I'm hearin' there's a witness to some work I put in, but your brother won't tell me who it is.
Just give me a name.
It's me! I'm the witness! If I can free your father, what's in it for me? What are you after? [PASSIONATE MOANING] SWAT COMMANDER: Get on the ground now! - STEVE: So now what? - We focus on Ricardo.
[LAUGHTER, CHATTER] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING ON JUKEBOX] Whoa Asshole! What the hell, man?! - [KAREN SHOUTING] Get off Stop! - ONLOOKER: Oh! You want some too, motherfuckers? COLE: Whoa.
[DOOR SLAMS] Make a good Raven.
How can we not? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] KAREN: I wish you coulda been there.
If you could have saw his face I mean, he was so scared.
Coffee? Drink? I thought you'd be a little happier.
What do you want from me? Thank you so much for grabbin' his balls and squeezin' em hard? I got him to admit what he did.
He'll never be prosecuted, will he? [PUTS ICE CUBES IN GLASS] Still got his job, doesn't he? Still got an ocean of victims to choose from.
Well, maybe next time he'll think twice before he wants Save it.
Save it.
You're a cop.
You're a woman.
You know there's never any justice for this.
Wait up.
Whatever it is, I don't wanna hear it.
Yeah, you do.
I'm out.
I'm done, man.
Now is not the time to be fuckin' around! People are dead.
Good people.
Because all we do is stick our hands out for payoffs from hood rats! We protect and serve the dealers.
We're no better than they are, man.
I told you I'm workin' on gettin' us out of that.
Too little, too late.
Because Pastor Greg was the glue holding this whole neighborhood together.
- His death is not our fault.
- Yes, it was.
They killed him because cops like us will let them get away with it.
Him and Amber, all they wanted to do was help the people around them.
And I don't know what would have happened between us but I sure as hell wanted to find out.
[CAR STARTS] What about this earlier incident? Uh what earlier incident? Two years ago.
Dani's babysitter didn't meet her after school, so Dani walked home alone and was locked out of the apartment.
I fired her.
Soon as I found out it happened.
Half a point for you.
Fortunately, your neighbors took care of Dani until they could track you down, but anything could have happened to her.
- None of it good.
- I know that.
That's why I've made sure that nothing else has ever happened again.
And it hasn't.
Until armed men broke into your place.
Look, two incidents trigger an automatic investigation.
Don't expect to get Dani back anytime soon.
Always at the end of shift.
Never fails.
You got somewhere to be? Or just tired of being around me? Both.
You sold me out.
Why? I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Can you give us a moment? [STEVE CLEARS THROAT] You used me to get that information about my father's location.
Of course you did.
And I know why.
I wanna talk to your handler.
WOMAN: All I heard was some shots and a car drivin' off.
- Nobody saw anything? - Nah.
- No license plate, no description? - WOMAN: No.
You don't run out your front door when you hear shots around here.
Yeah, you know it was that G.
Why don't you just arrest him? No evidence, no arrests.
That's how it works.
That's why I'm here.
WOMAN: No, that's how it works because you cops don't do nothin'.
What if you could get him for what he done to Barry? My boy's the witness Amber was protecting.
Died protecting.
Barry was like a big brother to my son.
Tommy wants to come forward.
- He wants to tell what he saw.
- George, you can't make that boy a target.
- [ALL SHOUTING] - We done the best we could to raise him right, and now he's throwing that back at us.
Askin' is he only supposed to tell the truth when it's easy? I've got no righteous answer for that.
COLE: Look, I'm not here to lie to you, brother.
Think hard about this because we won't be able to protect him.
- We can.
- MAN: And we will.
Nothin's gonna happen to that boy if you do your job.
Get that piece of shit off the streets.
We'll do the rest.
I'm alone.
Open it.
Can I approach you now without being shot? No guns.
Now that you have my attention, what is it you wanted to talk about? You've got my father.
Do you want my brother as well? I'll hand him to you.
In exchange for ? I want you to arrange for my father, if he's convicted, to serve his sentence in Colombia.
Where he'll be immediately released.
You'll need to think about this.
You can let me know through Steve what they decide.
If they don't all go to jail in the States, we'll be lookin' over our shoulders for the rest of our lives.
No doubt about it.
But what choice do I have? Arrest Victor, their lawyer.
He knows enough to take 'em all down.
Your partner's father-in-law? [SIGHS] So you're OK with joint custody.
- And Victor? - It's not up to him.
My father is owned by the cartel.
I don't want our daughter growing up with that.
Then maybe Tito isn't the best guy to have in our daughter's life That's a decision I'll need to make, not you.
I gotta go.
Yeah, um I'll have a lawyer tell me what all this "whereto as" and "herein afters" mean.
I'll get back to you, yeah? [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] CLINTON: Motherfucker's been all in my spots.
And he killed Pastor Greg? We gon' bury his ass with or without your help.
Are you done? No.
I ain't done.
What, you didn't hear me? It ain't your problem, 'cause I'ma take care of G.
Do you have any idea where he is? If we did, he'd already be dead.
Listen to me, man.
Because I got his ass straight slippin'.
I just need to find him.
Put the word out, OK, Clinton? You mean you just gonna arrest his ass? After he killed your girl?! [CLINTON LAUGHING] You ain't shit.
Just put the word out, man.
I can't just hand you the money, Chris.
You gotta clear it with Steve.
I'm not asking for a handout.
I'm asking for a loan.
I'll pay you back.
Still gotta clear it with Steve.
What's it for? Why? You gonna lend me some money? You're puttin' your shit in the street by asking for a pension loan, so don't get irritated at me if I wanna know why.
DCS is doing a full investigation on me.
Threatening to keep Dani.
I need a lawyer.
Someone who knows how to fight these things.
No, you don't.
[LAUGHS] I'm not gonna do anything crazy.
All that's gonna do is make them dig in their heels.
Who said anything about crazy? It's the lazy-ass DCS.
They've got skeletons piled up in every corner.
How hard can it be to find a weak spot to poke? ANDREWS: You don't have to talk.
But I suggest you listen.
KAREN: OK, here's another one.
Eight-year-old boy.
Step-father beat him to death.
Neighbors called in the possible abuse seven separate times, and the DCS caseworker assigned to you did nothing.
- How many is that? - Five.
RAVEN: You gotta step back in, Kraley.
Steve's a shit leader, and we're tired of being kept in the dark about what's going on.
You and Tom never treated us like this.
I've made mistakes, I'll admit it.
- But don't we all? - RAVEN: It was no mistake.
Foster should have cleared the place like you told him before grabbing the money.
Did you know it was Kraley? No.
I swear I didn't.
Keep it in your pants, Karen.
Foster knew what he was gettin' into.
Was it your idea or his? He was a greedy son of a bitch.
Nobody knows that better than you.
So why pick Foster? Why not take one of these assholes? Do it yourself? He was desperate.
Vipers were gonna vote him out as leader.
He He needed a win.
So you did him a solid? Yeah, I gave him the address, told him to sit on it for a bit.
See how many players were inside.
Once he got the intel, I was gonna go in with him.
But he got greedy and rushed it.
[KAREN TAKES DEEP BREATH] Now's not the time but you will get what's coming to you.
Get the fuck off me! Hey.
It's not like you to show that much restraint.
You sure you're OK? Get in.
We're gonna go deal with that bitch.
- What bitch? - The DCS woman.
[STARTS CAR] The DEA picked up Victor.
Lourdes isn't answering her phone.
Victor's gonna testify against the cartel.
Why would he do that? Because I told Andrews he was the one person that could help take Carmen down.
You're serious.
They had a case on us, Pete.
It was give up the cartel or we all go to jail.
So you gave up my family?! Where are Lourdes and Veronica? They're in WITSEC.
- Victor too.
- Witness protection? They're safer there.
Witness protection?! Why?! Why'd you give 'em up without talking to me?! You better fix this, or I'll never see my daughter again.
I can't, man.
It's too late for that.
I did this for all of us.
- Lunchtime's over.
- Who the hell are you? - I'm her friend.
- We just came to talk.
- KAREN: For now.
- WOMAN: What are you Just setting the mood.
Don't wanna be interrupted.
Now from one civil servant to another - This isn't the way it works - Shut the fuck up.
I've seen your files.
You've lost as many as you've saved.
Get out.
I can give the cases you screwed up to the press.
Make your personal and professional life an absolute hell.
About a handful of these kids you remove might survive to see adulthood with minimal physical and psychological damage.
And that's the best case.
Am I right? It's still a hell of a lot better than where they came from.
Dani's not one of those kids.
She's got a good home.
A loving home.
KAREN: Look maybe my friend struggles at being a single parent and working a full-time job, but she's still more fit to care for Dani than strangers the court's gonna stick her with.
I won't endanger her again.
I swear.
KAREN: This is one you're gonna want to take a chance on.
Trust me on this.
FEMALE STUDENT: I'm just asking what you hear when a girl says, "No.
" MALE STUDENT: Depends how she says it.
" "No?" [HIGH-PITCHED] "Nooooooo.
" - [LAUGHTER] - EVERETT: It's interesting that no matter what topic I've prepared, the discussion always twists around to the minefield of sexual desire.
So, OK, let's go there again.
You say you hear the tone, but not the word.
So if you consider where she [STUDENTS MURMURING] Professor Everett had a little accident the other day.
He's probably still in a bit of pain, but here he is, helping you navigate the gender wars.
- He's a selfless guy.
- I don't think it's appropriate Step back and shut up.
[MURMURING GROWS LOUDER] This is his cover.
And his hunting ground.
You, the women sitting here you're his prey.
- Stop - Please, touch me and give me an excuse.
[PHONE BEEPS] Is there anyone in this class who's had an uncomfortable experience with him? Anyone? Um, I think maybe I I misunderstood what he meant.
So, I I don't know if he really I hear shame.
You're ashamed.
But that doesn't belong on you.
It's his.
I am here to paint him in it, to drown him in it, to rip off his mask.
This is what a smart predator looks like.
He talks a good game, he gaslights you he makes you think you misunderstood his intentions, while all he's doing is thinking about how he can get you to fuck him.
Or to watch him jerk off.
Or whatever his sickness is.
How many of these girls have you tried it on? Seven students and one faculty member have filed complaints against him with the university, but here he still stands.
Because this school does nothing.
You know what I'd like to see? All of you, in unison going to whatever passes as human resources in this dump and asking who thought it was a good idea to hire a rapist to teach gender studies.
Shame him.
Shame them.
They were all filming you.
Yeah? [LAUGHS UNEASILY] Gonna get in trouble? Probably.
Why'd you do it? For them and for us.
Where you at? I'm not sure.
- Is Veronica OK? - Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
She's with me.
- So's my father.
- Listen to me.
Your father's making a huge mistake Lourdes, he's endangering both you and my daughter by doing this.
He has no choice.
He didn't want this.
Neither did I.
I'm sorry, Pete.
[CRYING] I really am.
Don't do this, Lourdes! At least let me say goodbye! [SNIFFLING] Just tell me where you're at.
[SIREN WAILING] COLE: Come here! Bring your ass! COLE: Come on! Come on! Get your ass down! Get your ass on the ground! Do it! I ain't goin' in.
So you got a decision you gotta make.
Either you let me go, or you pull the damn trigger! Reach for your shit.
Come on.
Maybe it'll be your lucky day.
Huh? Come on.
Man, fuck you.
If I go to jail, ain't none of yours is safe.
Get your hands up! Turn around! Cuff him.
Get the gun! You heard what I said.
People gonna die if you do this.
[PHONE RINGING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] RAMOS: How badly you want Victor back? Where is he? RAMOS [ON SPEAKER]: The DEA has him under witness protection.
He's gonna testify against you.
If I can bring him to you, I want assurances.
Just assurances? This isn't about money.
Is Steve next to you? No.
He doesn't know I'm calling you, and it needs to stay that way.
This will be our little secret.
When can you bring Victor to me? So I have you and your brother's word this ends there? No other retaliation on my family? You have our word.
Victor's life for theirs.
I got some good news.
Made a friend over at City Hall.
And? He's in charge of issuing building permits, and he's a pay-to-play kind of guy.
We're out of the security business, Carl.
No, we're not.
You were right.
With all the heat, we need to find a way to earn legitimately.
This is it.
Givin' this guy kickbacks for contracts ain't legitimate.
No, maybe not.
But it's less liability than dealing with the cartel.
Fine, do you what you gotta do.
What the hell's goin' on here?! I was a founding fucking member of this shit.
I got a right to know.
It's the Feds again? Keep your voice down.
- It's the DEA.
- Son of a bitch.
- I got it handled.
- Do you? They're not comin' after the club.
It's me they want.
I'm the only one that goes down, so keep your mouth shut about it.
So you're gonna give up the cartel? Yeah, that's a dumb play, Steve.
Real dumb.
Chances are the Feds, they're not gonna stick to the deal they made.
And even if they do, the cartel's gonna be gunning for retaliation against all of us, not just you! Not if I sweep 'em all up in the indictment.
Get 'em all at once.
It's the only option I have.
Better we just let the Feds try and build a case on us.
Half the shit won't stick it never does.
I'm tired, man.
[SIGHS] Even if I saw a way out, I don't know that I'd take it.
Get away or yell, I'll put you down right here.
Nod if you understand.
Walk back.
[VICTOR GRUNTS] - Put your hands behind your back.
- OK.
What are you doing, Pete? - Shh.
[VICTOR GRUNTING] So what's your plan, Pete? Huh? - You do have one? - Shut up! If you wanted me dead, you could have easily shot me back there.
But you don't have the spine for that.
You made a stupid choice that put my family in danger.
So did you.
I've known you for a long time, Pete.
If you do this my blood's on your hand whether you pull the trigger or not.
At every goddamn turn, all you've ever done is try separating me from my family.
And now you're putting them in danger! All because of shit that you got us into by getting the cartel to help us.
So tell me again why I'm not gonna do this.
Just listen to yourself, Pete.
It's not me you're trying to convince.
I'm doing this for my daughter.
So was I.
What'd you do? Nothing.
Carmen called me.
I couldn't do it.
I wanted to, but I couldn't do it.
How bad is it? It's hard to tell, man.
Carmen wants to meet.
With both of us.
Well, if she wants to talk tell her come and get me.
If they come, it won't be to talk.
Carmen's at her place, and she's expecting me.
If you're gonna take them down, do it now.
You're sure her and Ricardo are both inside? If they're not, we're all fucked.
- Clear! - Clear! Clear! Code 4.
Location is secure.
Any of the primaries in custody? Negative.
Karen, there's something you should know.
The cartel's gunning for us.
I already talked to Ramos.
I'm sorry.
When we first got into this thing we were like a family.
How many secrets have you been keeping from me? From us? You had no right, Steve.
I gave up Victor to protect all of us.
I had no choice.
[SCOFFS] There's always a choice.
You just keep making the wrong ones.
Wade in the water Wade in the water, children Wade in the water God's gonna trouble the water See that host all dressed in white God's gonna trouble the water The leader looks like an Israelite God's gonna trouble the water Wade in the water I love you too.
You're my world.
Wade in the water, children [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] Wade in the water God's gonna trouble the water See that band all dressed in red God's gonna trouble the water WOMAN: We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of two individuals whose lives have touched us all.
In our time of grief, it is only natural for us to wonder why and gain understanding right now.
But I'm here to remind you to trust in the Lord your God with all your hearts and to not lean into your own understanding.
Look over yonder, what do you see? God gonna trouble the water The Holy Ghost a-comin' to me God gonna trouble the water So, wade in the water Wade in the water, children Wade in the water I think you're a good guy, Foster, but I'm the driver.
Not you.
If you don't believe I've been redeemed God's gonna trouble the water - ABIGAIL: Hello? - Mom.
You around? Why, what's up? Feel like some company? - That would be kinda nice.
- [GASPS] Karen? Karen! Are you there? Shit.