The Offer (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Mr. Producer

1 Jack, what are you doing here? Have you met our editor? Aram Avakian, Al Ruddy.
Did you see "The Miracle Worker"? - No, missed it.
- Aram cut it.
- It's beautiful work.
- Thank you, thank you.
Al's gonna need a miracle to bring us in on budget.
What do you think? He could have shot it tight and been done by now.
And what's with all the presents? Makes him look even smaller than he is.
That is no leading man.
I'm just a little nervous, you know? So what are we gonna do about it? The producer of my movie just shook hands with a goddamn mobster on TV.
I gotta get to New York.
We are going to Texas, remember? - My movie? - I'll meet you there later.
I'll hold my breath waiting on that promise.
Gallo's an animal.
It's unforgivable what he did.
How you doing, Joe? He blew Carmine's head off with a sawed-off shotgun.
If he had done this to a member of your family, what would you do, you'd talk to him? I want your word.
You will not take any action at this time.
You have my word.
What the fuck is that? My thoughts precisely.
This is garbage.
This is a mock-up.
The real one will be different.
How so? Less real? Francis, I promise, on the day, it will look better.
Let's put an apple in its mouth.
I'm not going to put this crap on screen.
Yes, you will have to use some lighting and shadows to I'm concerned now, Dean, that you think that this is acceptable.
You don't need to be concerned Okay, guys, just relax.
We're all on the same team here.
You know, it doesn't feel that way.
Hey, Francis, cool it.
I will cut this scene before I put this crap on screen.
I'm not cutting the scene.
I'm not cutting the scene! I mean, he's not wrong, Al.
It does look pretty fake.
I need someone I trust to find me a better one.
Find me a better one.
Me? What? I'm in charge of the horse head? Fuck.
This requires somebody with great taste and ability.
If you blow any more smoke, my hair might catch on fire.
Aren't you the girl who met with Joe Colombo at his social club? Wasn't exactly a social call, was it? I should've let you stay fired.
Stop! This is boring.
Why am I watching this? Pacino is ruining this movie.
I mean, look, he can barely see over the presents he's carrying.
He's supposed to be a war hero.
Don't look like any hero I've ever seen.
The character's supposed to be intimidating.
Mm, what would you know about that, Barry? He's gonna be the Don.
People kissing his ring, people scared of him.
You scared of him? We need to fix this while we still can.
Our stock just rebounded, but it's not gonna take much for the board to change their minds about keeping Paramount in our portfolio.
What are you still doing here? Get your ass back to set and fix it.
Find me a Michael Corleone who can deliver.
Jack has your blessing? Blessing? If you let this film fail, I'll rip out your hearts and show them to you before you fucking die.
Now get the fuck outta here! There is nothing quite like the intoxicating authenticity Of being on location.
What are you doing here? Well, that's not the greeting I was expecting.
I'm sorry, you just You surprised me.
That's the idea, sweetheart.
Is there somebody in there? - Ali, who's in there with you? - Stop.
It's McQueen, isn't it? You're fucking the Blob.
Please just go.
You asked me never to leave you.
Do you remember that? Well, I kept my promise.
You left me a long time ago.
I haven't even heard from you in over two weeks.
Don't kid yourself.
I've just become something for you to check off on your to-do list.
You give everything to this business, and there's nothing left for me.
I'm just getting out of your way.
So where is he? Nobody's seen him, boss.
Gallo's gone underground.
I think he got the message.
Don't underestimate that crazy bastard.
I heard from some of Gambino's guys that the old man's not too happy with our move.
Fuck him.
This is an internal dispute.
I'll wet his beak.
Gambino will be fine.
Where are we at with the skim on the movie? I met with the union reps.
- They're all kicking up to us.
- The drivers? Even better.
Every department in this movie has its own union.
They're like capos.
We're getting a taste from all of them.
What about Ruddy, he doesn't get a taste? That's what they're saying.
All right, good work.
Let me know how we're doing with the collections.
We get Gambino his cut, keep him calm.
I need more money.
For the wall around the compound.
You said it was doable.
Styrofoam and paint.
Well, the city is making me build a real wall to pass inspection.
It's ridiculous.
If I do, I won't have enough money left over for the rest of the shoot.
Here's what you do, build four feet on either side of the entrance and make the rest Styrofoam and paint.
If they find out and want to fine us, I'll deal with it then.
We have a big problem.
- Are there are any little ones? - Andrea called.
We lost the actor who was gonna play Luca Brasi.
What? What are you talking about? What do you mean, "We lost him"? There's a signed contract He's dead.
- A stroke this morning.
- Jesus.
Does that mean we need to cut the scene? No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
We're not cutting the scene.
Unless we can find another 6'6", 300-pound actor just hanging around What about your friend? My friend? "I am honored and grateful" Don Corleone, I am honored and "Grateful.
" Right, right.
Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that "That you invited me.
" Okay, okay.
Don Corleone, I am honored and Oh, my God.
What the fuck, Lenny? How many times did your mother drop you on your head? "I am honored and grateful that you invited me into your home on the day of your daughter's wedding.
" Well, why don't you do it? 'Cause they need a fat fuck like you.
It's okay, we're gonna try again.
A head that big and it can't hold a goddamn thing.
Can we cut down the lines? Make it easier? Luca Brasi is formal.
He wants to get the lines just right for the Don.
He's nervous.
So on the day, we shoot him right outside the office.
And he's practicing with his cards.
"Honored and grateful" And we shoot it like that.
Oh, kitty.
Oh, kitty-kitty.
What a pretty kitty, huh? Who's a pretty cat? What's with the cat? Did you do a rewrite? No, there's no cat in the scene.
That sure looks like a cat.
Is it Brando's cat? It's one of the stray cats from the alley behind the studio.
I like it.
Yeah, me too.
Of course, 'cause neither one of you wants to be the one to tell Brando he can't have it.
So what are we doing? Cat or no cat? I think it's inspired.
Can we try one? Okay, let's lock it up.
Last looks, everybody.
- Hey, we got a small problem.
- Yeah? Huh.
We'll fix it in post.
Sorry, sir.
Evans is on the phone in your office.
He said it can't wait.
Okay, put us on a bell.
And action.
Bob? Where are you? Where am I? I don't fucking know.
I'm over one of those square states.
Look, we've got a problem.
Bluhdorn and Lapidus saw dailies of Pacino's first day, and they want to fire him.
What the fuck? No, no.
Look, we're not changing horses now.
This is all Lapidus, man.
Barry's a fucking rat who's always wanted my job, and this is part of his power grab.
Okay, listen, I know you haven't always been the biggest supporter of Pacino, but Never mind that.
Pacino's our boy now, so let's not fuck this up.
I told Bluhdorn we'll talk when I land, but you need to figure something out, man.
All right, I'll get back to set and deal with it.
But first how was Texas? Bob? Hot as a fucking sauna.
See ya.
Power in and of itself is not an important thing to him.
You know, he would never talk about his own power.
No, his power comes from his confidence, from what he doesn't have to say.
And he's not a criminal.
He's got a deep moral center.
Politicians are the criminals, the drug dealers getting people hooked on empty promises.
The Don, he serves his community more than any politician ever would.
Yes, he does.
And when people come for his help, he knows right from wrong because of his old world values.
He just wants to do right by his people and his family.
Yeah, that's it.
That's exactly it.
You want to try another one? - All right.
- Okay.
- Freddie.
- Okay, lock it up.
Going again.
Last looks, please.
What the fuck is Duvall wearing? Oh, Brando likes to be in the moment.
He doesn't memorize his lines.
Apparently no one does.
Listen, I just talked to Bob.
Charlie and Lapidus want to fire Pacino.
What? Um, one second, Freddie.
What are you talking about? They saw the dailies from his first scene.
They're not happy.
They don't even know how to look at dailies.
What do how can they judge him on one scene? Look, we just need to get them excited about him.
What's his best scene? There's a lot.
Um what about the restaurant scene where he shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey? I mean, they gotta be able to see what he can do there.
When do we shoot that? End of the week.
We need to shoot that tomorrow.
Fine, yes, fine.
I can do that, yes.
See if we can get the location.
- Yes.
- Gordy.
Let me chat with you.
You too, Aram.
What do you need, boss? Okay, new policy.
As of right now, only the four of us have access to dailies.
No one else sees them unless Francis or I approve it.
- You got it.
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, roll sound.
And action.
Business is good.
This is for you.
20 large.
From the fundraiser.
20, huh? How many tickets you sell to that event? Well, we're still counting.
This is just to show respect.
There's more where that came from.
I appreciate that, Joe.
I had my concerns about this Italian League thing of yours from the very beginning.
But I gotta say, you're proving me wrong.
Yeah, well, the unions at the movie have started to produce too.
I'll have your cut on Friday.
It was good that we got in on this thing from the ground up.
You're doing great, Joe.
Mm? Keep it up.
This kind of trouble, it's just the beginning.
- Kiss my ass.
- Come on.
The lighting's not working.
We're falling way behind.
The lighting's perfect.
It's perfect! But if you don't direct the actors, none of it means a fucking thing! Clear the set.
So precious about everything.
I give a shit what it looks like! - Oh - Okay, everybody.
Take five.
More fucking drama than a soap opera.
They're not on the same page.
Mm-hmm, not even reading the same book.
Coppola's lost this crew.
We have to tell Charlie about this.
Is that what you think, man? Of course I care about what it looks like! But the actors, they can't even walk around the set! Yes, that's right.
They can't.
They have to hit their marks! That's the point! Unless you just want me to point a 10K at the room and walk away.
You know lighting! You don't know a goddamn thing about the needs of actors.
They need freedom.
They need to be able to walk around so they can bring the characters to life.
We talked about this.
How simply can I put this? So there's light, and there's dark.
If they're not in the light, they're in the dark! All right, hey, boys, bring it down a notch.
Okay, let me make it simple for you.
Anybody coming to see this movie is not gonna care about your lights if they can't connect with the actors! You're impossible.
You are impossible.
Nobody can talk to you! I'll light it.
I can light it! Look at this guy! Let him go.
No, let him go! - Gordy, come on - No, no! He's being an asshole.
He acts like this is just between him and the actors.
There's 150 fucking people on this crew busting their asses, trying to make this work for him! He has no appreciation for anyone, and I'm done with it, I'm done.
Okay, well, listen to me, Gordy, you leave, there's a good chance those 150 people are unemployed.
Okay, so I'll fix this, okay? But you gotta give me a chance to do it, okay? Please.
I'll finish the day, but that's it unless he apologizes.
Damn it.
Coppola thinks he's a god, but the product is a mess.
First Pacino, now everything's incredibly dark, and Brando is a mumbling fool.
The scene Coppola shot in the Don's office is unusable.
Star of the scene is a goddamn cat.
The DP is this close to quitting, and the crew is not far behind.
So what's our solution? We need to get rid of Coppola.
Right after we get rid of Pacino.
Aram should take the helm.
He's been on set the whole time.
He knows the footage.
He can fix this.
Put together the worst set of dailies you possibly can.
We'll show Charlie, and if it's what you say The two of you better be ready to take over.
I don't apologize to anybody.
Unless it's my mother.
And even if I had a reason to apologize to her, my father would kill me before I had the chance.
A lot of people want us to fail.
And even more of them want you to fail.
I'm aware, thank you.
Gordy isn't one of those people.
He's not hearing me.
Francis, listen to me.
You're the director of this film.
But you can't achieve your vision unless you have the crew on your side.
You can't do it all on your own.
You need them, and you really need Gordy.
So do the right thing and apologize.
Just pretend he's your mother.
I Thank you.
Hey, Ruddy! There he is, there he is.
My favorite producer.
I didn't know you were coming today.
- Yeah, why not? - We're on the last scene now.
And then we're wrapped for the day.
Good, 'cause we're going out, bubbie.
Grab your coat, and maybe spritz yourself with some cologne.
You got that sweat smell.
It's called working.
- Where are we going? - We're going out.
We're gonna fuck this town in half! Whoa.
Mississippi Queen ♪ If you know what I mean ♪ Mississippi Queen ♪ She taught me everything ♪ This way.
Went down around Vicksburg ♪ Around Louisiana way ♪ Where lived the Cajun Lady ♪ Bring it.
You know she was a dancer ♪ She moved better on wine ♪ While the rest of them dudes ♪ Ruddy.
Welcome to paradise.
Shall we? I think so.
Sure you know what you're doing? If I don't, maybe they'll teach me.
Lighten up, Ruddy.
We're shooting a movie.
We're the kings of New York.
You know what kings do? Whatever the fuck we want.
Let's have some fun, right, girls? Come all ye faithful! That's it, mama, bring it in.
Show me the hoops you got on the dance floor.
Come on, Ruddy! That's it, show me the hoops.
Oh, yeah.
Well, it's a real nice place to visit ♪ But you wouldn't want to live here ♪ Did you lose someone? Yeah, the guy came with.
He's tall, dark emotionally unstable.
Ah, "The King.
" Yeah, sure.
He left with his twin subjects ten minutes ago.
Ah, fuck.
If you're worried about him making it home, don't.
He's not going home.
Yeah have we met? No, but I saw you on the dance floor.
Oh, great.
I'm not a very good dancer.
No argument there.
I'm Al.
You come here often? Really? Genuine question.
Only for work.
What do you do? I designed it.
Which part? All of it.
Very impressive.
You want to get out of here? Nice place to visit ♪ Take the Mona Lisa, for example.
Arguably the most famous painting of all time, right? But that was only after it got stolen before the First World War.
It got a lot of press.
And it's a good painting.
It's great, you know? The enigmatic smile.
All that, but is it the best? I don't know.
For me, personally, it doesn't exactly - Inspire you.
- Yeah.
But that's because I don't know any better.
Oh, you don't have to know anything about art to appreciate it.
You ever see the moon landing? - Who didn't? - Inspiring, huh? How do the rockets work? How did they land? How do they know how to make their way back to this tiny planet? I don't know, either.
But we don't have to know.
We can just enjoy the spectacular wonder of it all.
Hey! What are you still doing here? My grandmother told me to never let a woman walk home alone at night, so here I am.
So you've just been waiting for me? Yeah.
How chivalrous.
Yeah, I know.
Where do you live? I don't want to take you out of your way.
No, no, no, that's okay.
I live in Brooklyn, same house I grew up in, actually.
- Really? - Yeah, my grandma's real old.
So I stop in from time to time, make sure she's okay, you know? - That's very sweet.
- Yeah.
My mom died when me and my brother were real young, so she's the one that raised us.
It's home.
Yeah, it'd be nice if there was one nice bed in the house, but Hey! Hey! Where do you think you're going? Oh, my God! Holy shit.
You all right? What happened? It's just my watch.
It's fine.
I'm okay, thank you.
If I'm going to consider dating you, I have to know some things about you.
Ask me anything you want.
Are you an honest man? Yeah, I am.
Are you married? - No.
- But you were.
It's complicated.
No doubt.
So what do you do, Al, hm? Movies.
I make movies.
So you're a director.
No, I'm the producer.
So you write the script? No.
But I put it all together.
What does that mean? Tell you what.
Why don't you come to set tomorrow, and I'll show you what I do? Well, I guess you just got yourself a second date.
There's my guys.
Hey, saw everything from yesterday, looks really good.
- I hope so.
- How's the coffee? - Mm, shit.
- Terrific.
It's always shit.
Hey, buddy, do me a favor.
I got a girl coming to set today, I need you to keep an eye out for her.
All right, you got it, Al.
Oh, and don't hit on her.
No promises.
Has anyone seen Pacino? He's right there.
Why is he not in wardrobe? I don't know, but the kid better bring his A game today, otherwise we're fucked.
Hey, Al.
How are you? Hey, Al.
Francis, can we talk for a second, please? Yeah, of course.
Francis, why'd we move the scene up today? I just wanted to give you a chance to shine.
Uh-huh, yeah.
They, uh they want to fire me, don't they? Listen to me.
Look at me.
We're not gonna let that happen to you.
- Mm-hmm? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Come here, I want to show you something.
All right.
Props? Who's back there? Bruno? Hey, pal.
Do me a favor.
Give us a moment.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, so when you come in here, I want you to be extremely nervous.
That shouldn't be a stretch, Francis.
Mm-hmm, gotcha.
Out there, you're trying very hard not to show it.
But in here, the reality of it all, it hits you here, okay? - Take a moment.
- Mm-hmm.
This is where you gotta step up.
This bathroom, this is the birthplace of the future Don Michael Corleone.
Come in here.
Where's the gun gonna be, here? Behind the tank.
- Go ahead, try it out.
- All right.
But I do want a moment before you go for the gun.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay? So you look up, you see the tank.
You don't know, was Clemenza even able to plant it? - Right? - Mm-hmm.
That's the motivation.
Then, you go for the gun.
Where should I put it? My pocket, my belt, what do you think? Where does it feel natural for you? Put it wherever feels right.
So I'm gonna take it, I'm gonna In here, we're nervous.
Out there, we're playing somebody trying - not to be nervous.
- Not to be nervous.
Not there you go.
All right.
Go get dressed.
- Okay, okay.
- You got it.
Yep, okay, thank you, Francis, all right.
Do me a favor.
When you put the gun back there, don't put it there.
Put it to the left.
Yeah, and like 6 inches higher.
That's perfect.
Do not tell him.
Okay? Good man.
You picked a good day.
I mean, this is one of my favorite scenes in the film.
So Michael's about to sit down to dinner with these two guys who tried to kill his father.
They want peace.
Michael wants revenge.
Oh, so this is a gangster film.
It's more than that.
I'm sorry, I still don't really know what it is that you do.
Ruddy! Hey, Charlie, I didn't know you were coming today.
Yeah, I saw the dailies.
They're terrible.
They're too dark, and what's with the fucking cat? I couldn't hear a goddamn thing over all that purring.
They weren't ready for you to see, Charlie.
They still need to be color timed and engineered, but Francis is getting some amazing footage.
You gotta trust me, it's gonna be great.
Yeah, well, trust has to earned, Ruddy.
Let's see what the little shrimp can do.
They let you out of the tower, huh? You need a bath.
Oh, nonsense, women find my natural musk intoxicating.
Hey, Bob, we've still got a little bit of time before the scene, so I got a nice trailer set up for you if you want it.
Oh, I knew you were a good producer, all right.
Yeah, sure, why not? Yeah, yeah.
Take him to my trailer.
- Get him a coffee and water.
- Copy.
Can I get you anything? How about a big steaming pile of elephant shit? Because this looks like a goddamn circus.
You know, the thing about the circus is, when you're staring at a guy who put his head into the mouth of a lion, you completely forget about the elephant shit.
Come here.
We've got a problem.
The restaurant owner wants us out of here.
All right, I'll handle it.
Go handle this.
I'll be right back.
- Hey, Charlie.
- Bettye.
That's the worst smile you've ever given me.
Only because I didn't mean it.
Hey, get me a martini.
It's not a real bar, sir.
Boys, boys, boys.
So what do you do on the movie? I manage.
What do you manage? Whatever I have to.
It sounds like you and Al sort of do the same thing.
He just gets paid a lot more.
Four hours.
Why, you say four hours, and it's already been six.
And I gotta get ready for the dinner crowd now.
Spirachio, we're more than happy to pay you for the extra time.
No, no, no.
I don't want no more money.
I want you out now.
I feel like we can work something out.
I'm gonna grab my locations manager.
No, no, no more talking.
I want you to take all your people and leave my restaurant! What is it with this guy? Okay.
This is Mr.
He owns the restaurant.
How you doing? Oh, nice place.
No, I want youse out.
We just need a couple more hours.
- Don't let him call anybody.
- No more hours.
No more minutes.
You had enough.
I want you out.
No, I don't Come on, come on.
Hey! Come on! Come on God damn it, let me out! Movies.
Don't worry, Charlie.
It's not real.
And cut! I've never seen you look at anyone like that before.
I might be a little jealous.
I'm happy he's not just burning my money.
Come on, Charlie, admit it, you love him.
I don't love anybody, but I like him.
I like him.
Huh? Al, that was really something.
Uh All right, ready to go again.
Get over here.
That's what they call method acting, Charlie.
Thank you, Mr.
So glad you spent time as a shitty actor so you can illuminate us all on useless crap.
Hey, I think I'm gonna head out.
- You sure? - Yeah.
You don't want to see more of that? I've seen more than enough.
- All right, I'll walk you out.
- Thank you.
Thanks so much.
I think I understand what you do.
You're a problem solver.
- You're a ringmaster.
- Something like that.
Holy shit.
What is this? That's a prop.
Horses are supposed to represent courage and freedom.
And to cut off its head that's America right there.
This is art.
I mean, most women like jewelry, but if you like it, you could take it.
- Really? - Yeah, knock yourself out.
Thank you.
Call me.
Hey Bettye, let's grab a drink.
Another time, Charlie, I got somewhere to be.
Three-to-one odds they're still setting up.
I feel like I upset you last night.
I just don't like violence.
The guy did rob you, though.
I know, and I appreciate you sticking up for me.
But it was just a bag.
I understand.
I'm sorry, Bettye.
It's okay.
You didn't get this from me.
Great, thanks.
The hell you need this for anyway? You want my social security number too? Get the fuck outta here.
Not bad, right? Okay.
Come in, everybody in.
Everybody in.
Jesus Christ.
We really need to upgrade your office, Ruddy.
I'm working on it.
Listen, Charlie saw the dailies from the Don's of Ah, shake it somewhere else, sweetheart.
Charlie saw the dailies from the Don's office, and he hates them.
He said they're too dark, and he can't hear anything.
Of course they're dark.
I haven't color timed them yet.
His lighting is gonna be gorgeous, okay? It's gonna be like a Caravaggio.
You understand, Evans, the light and the dark.
Calm down, Francis.
I'm on your side.
Gordy, you color time those dailies tonight.
Ruddy and I will show Charlie first thing in the morning.
- All right, all right, good.
- I don't understand.
How the hell did Bluhdorn even see the dailies again? I didn't release them.
You didn't release them.
No, but I bet I know who did.
Do you wanna share? - Well, who is it? - Yeah, who did? Hey, hey, Aram.
I told you nobody sees the dailies unless I approve it.
Why are you showing them to Charlie? If you have a problem, talk to Jack.
What about it, Jack? I told Aram to show Charlie the dailies.
You can't do that.
Producer, you seem a little confused.
I'm the vice president of production at Paramount.
I can do whatever the fuck I want.
- Fucking snake.
- Hey, Al.
Joe wants to see you.
What is this? The address.
You must be Mr.
Please, call me Al.
Welcome to our home.
I'm Joe's wife, Madolina.
So nice to meet you.
Thanks for having me.
Oh, he never invites anybody over.
I'm so thrilled to have someone to cook for.
Come on in, Joe's waiting for you.
I hope you came hungry.
There he is.
- This is so thoughtful, Joe.
- Only the best for my friend.
- Look at that.
- Wow.
Huh? You want something to drink? Oh, my God.
That was the best meal I've ever had.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Aw, that's so kind.
You'll have to roll me out of here.
All right.
I'll start the espresso, all right? - Let me take your plate.
- I can help you.
- No, no, no, no, please.
- You sure? - Yeah, sit down.
- Sit down, sit down for a bit.
Thank you, doll, thank you.
She's some cook.
She's a good woman.
I'm a lucky man.
I would gain 80 pounds married to her.
Well Hey, so Lenny was a little on edge today.
I had to break up a fight between him and the caterer.
He was saying something about Joe Gallo.
Lenny's fine.
Ain't nothing to be concerned about.
How about you, though, everything okay? Are you worried about me? Yeah, maybe.
Well, thanks, I got it covered.
I got it covered.
Well, you see that right there? This was the first rally.
50,000 people showed up that day.
That's impressive, Joe.
That ain't nothing.
Tomorrow's supposed to be a lot more.
Is that your boy? Yeah.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
He's smart.
He's personable.
I'm gonna get him into law school, and then politics.
Politics? Yeah, I like the sound of Senator Colombo.
- What do you think? - That's got a nice ring to it.
So no family business for him, huh? No, no, no, no, no.
No, he's not cut out for this life.
You're probably the only guy I could admit this to, but he's soft.
He doesn't have it in him.
You have to learn early in life if you're the kind of guy who could hit somebody over the head with a baseball bat.
You know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, if we're being honest, I don't think I can do that either.
I got no problem standing up for myself, but I don't know if I could do that.
I think that's why I like you.
You sure you don't want to take some of this gnocchi? - No, no, I can't.
- You might get hungry later.
I'm not gonna be hungry for a year after that.
We got to do this more often, you and me.
Say the word, I'm there, buddy.
You're welcome here anytime, you know that.
Thank you.
You gonna be at the rally tomorrow? Wouldn't miss it for the world.
But you know I can't get on stage with you this time.
Fair enough, all right.
I'll save a place for you up front.
- See you, Joe.
- All right, bye, bye.
These aren't the same.
They are.
They're just color timed.
What does that mean? It's technical.
It doesn't matter.
Do you see what we see? Stop.
It's beautiful.
I can't take my eyes off Brando.
I'm glad you're happy, Charlie.
Now do you trust us? As far as I can throw you.
Oh, just one more thing.
I need your blessing on something.
Everyone wants my blessing.
What am I, a fucking priest? I like how the red pops on the gold.
That's nice, but I want more.
Like, a lot more.
Yeah, everywhere.
Get Aram and Jack in here and clear the set.
Okay, everybody, let's clear the set, please.
It's not fucking real, right? No, no, of course not.
Come on, Bob.
Well, fuck me.
Props to props.
Hey, hey, whoa! Watch it! - Jesus.
- Hey, Jack.
- What's going on? - Wow, out of sight.
- Looks great.
- You like that? How can I put this delicately? You're fired, you backstabbing son of a bitch.
- Get the hell off my set.
- Okay, wait a second.
Why don't you get the fuck out of here too, Jack? Listen, Mr.
Producer, that's not the way this works.
You can't do that.
But I can.
Excuse me, Al.
Jack You're fired.
Now to quote something I heard mere seconds ago, "Get the fuck off my set.
" Let's go.
This isn't over, Evans.
Oh, we'll agree to disagree on that.
Oh, and Jack, you got a little blood on your collar.
It's right there.
Right there, pal.
- Who wants a drink? - Ooh.
I can't.
I got somewhere I gotta be.
Aw, raincheck.
- Francis? - Absolutely.
- Ah, Francis, I'm touched.
- That felt very good.
You know what, man? That fucking head.
- That's something, right? - Yeah.
That's something.
It could be iconic.
Great work today, Marlon.
Eh, not as great as the show back there.
You should have charged admission for it.
You saw all that, huh? Well, listen, it's not gonna affect production, trust me.
Oh, no, no, no, I'm not worried about the production.
As long as Francis is at the helm, the rest of it's just white noise.
I guess that's the funny thing about power.
What's that? Well, the ones who truly have it don't gotta talk about it.
Colombo, Colombo, Colombo, Colombo, Colombo, Colombo! We got a week left in New York, we'll just keep our heads down and finish the job, at least we're done with the mob.
You know who I am? I'm Joe Gallo.
You can't fuck with this guy, Al, he's crazy.
What does Gallo want? The money we have left for Sicily.
I'll squeeze that prick producer dry.
Are we safe? Honestly, I don't know anymore.
Action! Something's up with Evans.
He hasn't been in the office in days.
The Bob Evans I know wouldn't let his personal life - compromise this fucking movie! - You don't know me! You don't know me! I'm working on The Godfather.
- Have you read it? - Skimmed.
Cut 30 minutes! They're ruining my picture.
Evans is done.
The guy has given his blood for your company.
I gave my blood for him.
What the hell are we gonna do? You know what is necessary to get the job done.
This is the start of a beautiful friendship.
We're gonna keep it in the family.

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