The Old Man (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


ADULT ANGELA: When I was a little girl,
I imagined there was nothing
you were afraid of.
No measure of distance between
us that might cause you concern.
No depth of silence
that might compel you to speak.
You were inaccessible.
You were remote.
You were a fantasy.
ABBEY: Is your work finished?
ANGELA: I don't understand it.
You're not trying hard enough.
I am trying.
I'm afraid.
What could you possibly
have to be afraid of?
That Daddy will die.
That both of them will.
That I'm asking too many questions.
That it will be my fault.
ABBEY: Get your head out of your ass,
- Open your eyes.
JULIAN: You serve?
Excuse me?
Were you in the military before Langley?
Yeah. Why do you ask?
- Just asking.
Where'd you serve?
Fort Huachuca, few years.
Fort Drum before that.
Get out. I was with the 10th.
Uh, for a bit. Before JSOC.
Small world.
You were JSOC?
MIKE: Hey.
What's up?
You remember last summer
the guy who came to the center.
maybe he was about 24, 25.
He'd started a landscaping business.
I remember him
talking about that feeling.
The sun in the morning.
Tending to the world.
I found myself
thinking about that today.
What are you talking about, man?
Something doesn't feel right out there.
- Shit. What'd you see?
- Nothing.
But maybe it's
the wrong kind of nothing.
This is Waters.
Yeah, he's here.
Well, let's talk about our expectations
for the next few hours.
Is he talking to Hamzad?
CHASE: No, he's talking to the men
who are holding Emily.
He's trying to figure out
what exactly they want.
If I knew something about Faraz Hamzad
that maybe you didn't know,
now would be the time
to tell you, though, right?
Sure, yeah.
So, back on the island, with his lawyer.
She said she could
get me out of all this.
And I said to her I asked her
if she could guarantee that Hamzad
would support whatever she was offering.
she kind of made a face.
- She made a face?
- Y-You said to watch for
the little things that might
suggest bigger things, and
and, uh, well, I-I'm saying that-that
that she might be indicating
that there's some tension
between her and her client,
and if there's tension, maybe-maybe
- we could use that.
- I get it, yeah.
Faraz Hamzad is not a guy
who tolerates disloyal people.
Faraz Hamzad's not a guy who tolerates
the making of vaguely disloyal faces.
You read it wrong.
That was Morgan Bote's man.
Bote's been wanting
this whole thing to go away
from the moment it started.
Now he's stepping in to end it himself,
and using Adams Emily
to guarantee that it happens.
Bote told Hamzad to have a plane
ready at an airfield nearby.
If you're on it
he lets Emily go.
If you're not,
he delivers her to Hamzad instead.
I don't know what happens then,
but nothing good.
Hamzad has allies amongst my superiors.
I've been ordered to see it through.
-I can delay it for a bit,
No, don't delay it.
Bote's man. Do you know him?
Do you trust him, well,
to keep his side of the bargain?
Is he gonna release her
once they have me?
Mm. Okay, that's it,
that's the ballgame.
I don't understand.
Well, everyone's getting
what they want, so it ends.
You're going home now.
I go home when you go home.
No, you're safe now,
there's no reason for you to stay.
You go back to living your life.
There-there's nothing else you can do?
How can that be?
Uh, the gun to her head
that's, uh, that's checkmate.
That's a bluff I'm not willing to call.
There has to be another way.
- No, there isn't.
- Okay, so, we should be talking about
how to get you back out afterwards,
- what the rescue plan looks like.
- Zoe, Zoe.
- You're gonna have to stop
- It doesn't matter
what happens to you after this?
I'm sorry, but it does matter
what happens to you after this.
At a bare minimum, it matters to me
what happens to you after this.
It matters to me
whether you make it out alive.
She's my little girl.
She's my little girl.
I'm sorry for bringing you into this.
I'm sorry this has to be the end of it.
That's a face.
Guess I'll never know
what it's indicating, will I?
happening faster than I thought.
I'm gonna need your help.
And you think she's in danger.
I thought she and Hamzad
were inseparable.
They were, until he realized
there were things
he didn't know about her.
It's undoing him, I'm telling
you, I'm watching it happen.
I have been funneling
guns and cash to this guy
on your say-so,
and now you're saying
he's so off the rails
he might actually
murder his top advisor,
who also happens to be his wife.
This is
This is so monumentally fucked-up.
If I offer you any support
in betraying him, and then some day
he actually ends up winning this thing,
we are going to have to
answer for that with him.
He can't win without her.
Well, that's not
going to be good enough.
I need assurances.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
If I get involved in crossing him
I need to know that we're never
going to hear from him again.
Help get us out of here.
And I'll take care of the rest.
JULIAN: How well do
you know Harold Harper?
Do you trust he isn't making a move,
trying to blow this up?
I doubt it. Last thing he wants
is for things to get messy
with her in the middle.
You know, I thought I knew most
of the guys in private practice
who came from JSOC.
Why have I never heard of you?
We don't work much.
When we do, it's for one client.
You're a personal covert ops
unit for Morgan Bote.
Whole CIA was a personal covert
ops unit for him at one point.
Trying to tell me this is any different?
You know who she is?
'Cause you should know her, man.
You'd like her. She's a cop,
yeah, but I-I've never met a cop
that felt more like one of us.
What the fuck are you trying to say?
Uh, there's things I'm not
supposed to understand, right?
Questions I'm not supposed to ask.
But you never got this feeling before?
Like, how on Earth
does this one make sense?
MIKE: Hey.
- Yeah.
- We okay?
No. I think it's two groups,
a dozen to two dozen men, total,
- they're moving in position now.
- You saw that many men outside?
Only saw a few. But they're out there.
WATERS: How do you know?
Because it would take that many
men to cut off the street
from both directions.
Which is what I would do.
Now, we need to move
before they move in on us,
and we need to wake her up
in case we need to move on foot.
I assume that was
Zoe McDonald back there.
Did you coerce her into being here?
Mm, sorta.
Is she gonna be a problem
for me when she leaves?
Problem? What kind of problem?
Does she know things
that I need to account for?
Oh, does she know that you're the one
who tried to have me murdered
in her kitchen?
No. I didn't mention it.
Why not?
Water under the bridge, Harold.
I've moved on.
You're in no danger from her.
My hope is that she goes back
to real life once this is done.
Real life.
Uh, I wish her well.
Now let's get on with it.
Azur Maroc Air, flight 31.
Yesterday I was put to a test
by Faraz Hamzad.
A test with no questions.
Only a subject.
Azur Maroc Air, flight 31.
I know that you and your wife
escaped to the U. S. on it.
I pulled that needle
out of a whole stack of needles,
but it wasn't good enough.
There was something else
about that flight
that Faraz Hamzad wanted to know.
Something I couldn't tell him.
What happened on that flight?
What happened on the way to that flight
that prevented you
from getting rid of Hamzad
- like I told you to do?
- Oh, Harold.
What-what am I still not getting here?
- (SCOFFS) Are you for real right now?
- Hey,
my career, my whole professional life
is over because of this,
- and I think I
- My actual life
is about to be over because of it.
Pretty sure I win.
Yeah, I understand there are things
that you would like to know,
battles that we could reenact,
wounds that we could pull apart.
It's just not how
I choose to spend
my last few moments of sunlight.
So, sometimes there are things
that you don't get to know
before the curtain comes down.
Sorry. You'll live.
I used to spend a day
with each graduating class
at the Academy.
I'd lurk in the background,
looking for the ones that stood out.
One year,
I'm watching this instructor
really give it to
a young woman in his class.
Kept calling her Freckles.
She was shorter than the others.
I'd barely noticed her all day.
Until I heard this instructor
call her Freckles
one too many times,
and she walked right up to him,
stared him dead in the eye (CHUCKLES)
and knocked him flat on his ass.
That was the day I took
an interest in Angela Adams.
I've always treasured that moment,
the same way I did
the birth of my son.
But in the last few days,
that moment has been haunting me.
Raising questions.
Did she share it with you?
Did she share everything with you?
Was it funny to you
that this fiction of a person
was so important to me?
She didn't. And it wasn't.
We didn't talk about
that part of her life.
Well, I didn't ask, and she, um
We didn't talk about that, Harold.
Yeah, I bet.
What's that supposed to mean?
Do you think I want to know
what happened
on Azur Maroc Air flight 31
because I'm curious?
Uh, because I'm vindictive?
Because I actually give a shit?
I want to know
because she's gonna ask me.
When this is all said and done,
it may be the only thing
she wants to know in the world.
And she may never rest
until she knows it.
She knows what she needs to know
- about me, she knows enough.
- This is not gonna be about you.
This is gonna be about your wife.
My wife?
- What are you talking about?
- Your wife.
Abbey Chase, Belour Daadfar,
however else you knew her.
Angela is consumed with
how little she knows about her.
Couldn't stop poking around in it.
Asking questions.
She kept her own identity
a secret from me for almost a decade,
and once her mother's
history was raised,
she outed herself in a matter of days.
You want to control
how she remembers you?
What are the fucking chances of that?
It's the rememberers who get to decide
when they're satisfied,
not the remembered.
She's going to ask questions
until she gets some answers.
And when those answers start turning up
and you're not around
to defend yourself
I could help her,
but not if I don't know
any more than she does.
Well played, Harold.
I'm not fucking around here, Johnny.
I don't like seeing her hurt.
And I don't think you do either.
You have a chance here
to spare her a whole lifetime
of despair and confusion.
Tell me how to help her.
I I never, uh
Pavlovich, you know, he
he said something today.
Told me some things about Abbey
that I didn't know.
Told me that she recruited him.
She cultivated him years in advance,
until she was ready to activate him
to help her husband win his war.
How many people we ever know
that could play the game that way?
Did we know any?
When I called you
to help us escape, I
I knew exactly what I was doing.
I was protecting
the bravest and most noble woman
I'd ever met. Never doubted it.
Not then. Not since.
But suddenly,
I'm hearing questions.
Is it possible that
you know, she was using me too?
Is it possible that
she was cultivating me
for an exit strategy?
That's a hell of a thing, isn't it?
You can live a whole life
certain of so many things
and then, in a moment
it's all up for grabs.
If you need to tell her
something about her mother,
you tell her that her mother loved her.
That everything she did
everything we did was for her.
Well, that may be
all I know for certain.
I don't know what you're talking abou
Someone's making a move against you?
Ray, tell me where you are
so we can come and
Drop a pin.
Ray, drop a
- Oh, fuck.
- What's happening?
He says he thinks they're surrounded.
- Surrounded? By who?
- I don't know
any more than that.
Does Hamzad know that my daughter's
- part of this transaction?
- What?
Does Hamzad know that my
daughter is part
- of this transaction?
- It's possible. I don't know. Why?
It's Hamzad.
He's gonna try to grab her himself.
It's Harper. Hamzad's reneged,
the deal's off. Follow me.
Is your work finished?
I'm trying.
You have come so far.
To find you.
To save you.
Stop that.
Talking that way.
You're your father.
It isn't him.
It's me.
Why can't you see that?
You don't belong here, Freckles.
You never did.
Don't call me that.
What would you like me to call you?
Open your eyes. Angela! Hey.
Open your eyes.
(CLEARLY): Open your eyes.
Take a second.
I want you to sit up slowly.
You got it, come on.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
It's okay. It's okay.
This isn't about you.
No one wants to see you
get hurt, all right?
Look at me. Come on, sit up.
Come on. I'm here.
I'm gonna make sure you get home okay.
All right? You trust me?
All right, look.
Take this. Sip it slowly.
Just breathe. Okay?
Hey. We're sure
this is a good idea, yeah?
We open that garage door,
the sniper across the way
is gonna shoot whichever
one of us is driving that van.
None of us wants to be in an
exposed van with a dead driver.
WATERS: The sniper none
of us have actually seen, right?
- He's there.
- How do you know?
Because that's what I would do.
That's what you would do, no,
I get it, I get it.
JULIAN: Once I get the
overwatch shooter down,
I'll signal, you just run.
We'll meet up on the main road,
as discussed.
- You're clear.
- MIKE: Copy that.
Confirming, we are clear
to open the door and depart.
I'll see you on the other side.
ANGELA: What's happening?
What did you do and why did you do it?
Faraz Hamzad can have whatever he wants.
In this case, what he wants is you.
MIKE: What the fuck is this?
Come on!
Whoa, back up, back up, back up!
Hamzad never asked about
anyone close to you.
Never gave any indication that
he wanted anything other than you.
Uh, he got everything he wanted
from the U. S. government,
and now he risks
- blowing it all up at the last minute?
- You've-you've
been giving him everything
he wants, why would he think
grabbing my kid is gonna bother anyone?
Because she's not just your kid.
Angela Adams is a federal
law enforcement officer.
There are consequences for this.
Goddamn it. Some-Something
just doesn't make sense here.
Something's missing,
and I think you know
what it is, and I can't
for the life of me figure out
why you're making it harder
for me to protect her.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Why would I do anything
to make her less safe?
I don't know, but you are.
It's what you've been doing
all this time.
I gave you the chance
to walk away from this
and leave her out of it
entirely, and you didn't do it.
I told you I told you
not to leave Hamzad alive, that it would
come back and haunt you,
and you did it anyway.
It's like you're trying to make
this as dangerous as possible.
Don't profile me, Harold.
Then don't be so fucking
easy to profile!
She's not your kid!
You're fond of her, you
took care of her thank you
but I'm her father, I'm gonna
decide how we handle this.
She's not my kid? All those years
you two were avoiding
uncomfortable conversations,
I was the one who was there for her
when there were
uncomfortable conversations
that needed to be had.
I've cried with her
and struggled with her
and-and fought with her
- and lost sleep, and just
- Harold.
- Assistant Director Harper.
Please pull over.
My superiors have ordered me
to turn back for the airfield.
Turn ba What do you mean, turn back?
Tell your superiors
an FBI agent's life is at stake.
I told them. But the order
was restated and it was clear.
If you will not comply,
I am to force compliance.
If you resist, I am to arrest you.
I fear there are conversations
happening far above me.
I'm sorry. I tried.
Oh, fuck that.
- They made me take this
when I wouldn't let them handcuff you.
Joke's on them, I guess.
How far are you prepared to go here?
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
I need to know.
I hired an assassin to kill you,
I consented to get myself
kidnapped by an Afghan warlord,
I'm stealing a car from
the Moroccan secret police
what exactly are you afraid
that I won't do now?
None-none of that matters,
this is different now.
Oh, it's different, all right.
Her life's at stake.
She's my kid too.
Like it. Don't. I don't care.
But you're not the only one
who's scared to death for her right now.
She's my kid too.
RAHMANI: Assistant Director Harper.
You've left me no choice.
I should really be the one
doing the driving.
- Not bad.
- Fuck you.
You okay?
Wherever this leads,
we're in this together now.
Tell me you know that.
Don't slow down.
Just keep driving.
CHASE: We had two tickets
on Azur Maroc flight 31.
The two tickets that you left for us.
The two
that I asked you for.
Abbey and I, we debated whether
we should ask you for a third.
It was such a long flight. But
we decided it was
too dangerous for you to know.
No one could ever know.
Hamzad, he was trying
to find out if you knew
that you bought two tickets
for three passengers.
If you knew that Abbey
and I had somebody else
with us on that flight.
Someone was with you?
Who else was with you?
I never told you
what happened that night.
I'm not sure I would have known how.
CHASE: Been so easy to end it all.
It would have been so easy
just to kill him
like I told you I would.
So much simpler that way.
But in that moment,
I I couldn't do it.
I couldn't kill him
in front of his daughter.
ABBEY: Shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.
OLD HAMZAD: When you were a little girl,
I imagined there was nothing
that could ever come between us.
You were everything to me.
You were everything to me.
When you were a little girl,
I dreamt of a kingdom
I would build for you.
Where all you would see
and all you would know
would be yours.
Then you were taken
to a place so far away,
so dark, so remote,
so empty,
I fear what you've become.
I fear what was made of you.
What was removed from you.
What is left of you.
How could there be anything left of you?
I resolved to remember you
as only a fantasy.
A sorrow.
A ghost.
A ghost.
A ghost that I secretly prayed
would haunt me once more
in this life.
Aware I could not possibly
survive the experience.
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