The Order (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Hell Week, Part One

Happy birthday, Mom.
Make a wish.
[FEMALE VOICE] Jack Morton? We discussed this, Vera.
Jack Morton isn't Order material.
Based on his academic achievements alone, I'd argue he's one of our best candidates.
He can't even afford Belgrave's tuition fees.
Well, some of our brightest stars came from similar backgrounds.
I got the letter from Belgrave.
Bad sign.
- The boy's a delinquent.
- He's student council president.
- An orphan.
- A track and field champion.
- A loner.
- Because popularity is so important.
More than you'll ever know.
Morton " The matter's closed.
I've already put him out of his misery.
[VERA] If Jack Morton isn't a student, he can't pledge.
This university is my jurisdiction.
[VERA] A privilege we may have to reconsider.
The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose has standards, and Jack Morton doesn't measure up.
"Thank you for your application to Belgrave University.
We regret to inform you " I'm sorry, Mom.
I did everything I could.
"We are pleased to inform you that you've been selected for the admission to the Belgrave class of 2023.
Full scholarship.
Living allowance.
" Mom, I I got in! I got in! Fucking A! Ha ha! I'm sorry for your loss.
[DOORS BANG SHUT] [CROSSING BELL RINGS] [HONK OF TRAIN] [RUSH OF WHEELS] [MALE VOICE] Jack! Wakey wakey, hands off snakey! Holy shit.
It's alive.
- Good morning, Pops.
- How long you been up? Not long.
You know, you don't have to move to campus.
It's an easy commute from here.
Residency is part of the deal.
Besides, I figured you could use my room as your office.
Uh? Huh.
What the hell do I need an office for? I don't know.
Office stuff.
- The garage gets cold in the winter.
- The cold keeps me focused.
Hey, you got everything? - Have you got everything? - Yeah.
- Keys.
- Keys.
I know they're in here somewhere.
Oh, God.
Where did I leave them? This is really weird - Hey, Pops.
- Yeah.
Ah! Thank you! I told you they were here.
And as for Belgrave's favorite son Fuck you, Edward.
My daughter is dead because of you.
We're coming for you.
I can get you closer.
Also good.
What's the matter? Don't want your crazy grandfather scaring all those one percenter parasites? Basically.
Make sense, I guess.
[JACK SIGHS] [POPS] Look at it, kid.
The plan's all coming together.
Your mother would be so proud.
All your hard work's paid off.
You got into Belgrave.
- You're gonna get pledged.
- Maybe.
Think positive, champ.
The Blue Rose would be crazy not to take you.
Put yourself out there, make yourself available.
Make people notice you.
And don't take no for an answer.
All incredibly disturbing advice.
Er, it's advice.
[JACK LAUGHS] Look, Pops, you know I'm gonna Yeah.
See you for dinner Sunday? - Of course.
- Okay.
Go get 'em.
You get pledged, - we get that motherfucker.
- Way to keep it on the down-low, Pops.
[LAUGHS] He'll be fine.
[JACK] No, no! [MALE VOICE] The fire represents our undying bond of brotherhood.
The sword represents strength.
Ah! Ow! Shit.
Oh, shit.
Blood unifies us.
It makes us one.
Now, drink from the goblet and commit your life to the To the Dude, come on.
To the Fraternal Brotherhood of Sigma Sigma Delta.
Er, no.
Thanks, though.
If it's the blood, I'm totally clean.
I mean, I had hep C after a trip to Mexico, - but that's all cleared up now.
- It's not the blood.
It's the robes.
Isn't it? I keep telling the National Charter we want to ditch this crap, but they keep telling us it's tradition.
No! No, the robes are are fine.
They give you a sense of dignity.
Then what the fuck, Morton? We've been tracking you since you won that scholarship.
Your bona fides are sick.
- You're textbook Delta material.
- Look - Dale.
- Dale.
I appreciate it.
I do.
It's not you.
It's me.
I'm holding out for another organization.
[WHISPERED VOICE] Hey, man, what are you doing? Can I just get my stuff back? Okay, house rules.
If I catch you breaking them, - I got a report you, so - Don't break any rules.
Don't let me catch you, that's right.
Pants on, Clay.
We're coming in.
Jack Morton, Clayton Turner.
Have you ever wondered why you exist? Not really.
Of course not.
All you can see is the carrot they want you to chase.
A good job, a loving wife, the kids, the summer house, credit cards, the debt.
They want you to be a cog in their system.
And then, just like that [CLICK] you're dead.
There's so much to experience, so much to taste.
Don't let someone else define you.
Don't waste this opportunity.
Don't touch my shit.
Also, nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
Any questions about changing roommates? No? Great.
You lose your key.
It's 75 bucks to replace it.
Here is your welcome package.
It's got your map of campus, complete with all male, female, and non-binary bathroom locations.
There's a bunch of coupons for stuff you'll never buy.
There is a rape whistle and a "How Not to Rape" pamphlet.
- Any questions? - Nope.
But if you need a hand with anything, don't hesitate to ask.
I think I'm supposed to say that.
- Is that a ? - [DOOR BANGS] Hey.
Weston, right? Jack Morton, I'm your neighbor.
- What's up? - Lucky you.
- And you're Gregory.
- Yeah.
So? That's what I was thinking.
Hey, congratulations.
- Thank you, I guess.
- You know, the blue rose.
Were you expecting the pledge or was it a surprise? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yeah, I got it.
But if you were pledged by a secret society, would it be your academic record that got you noticed? I'd say you sound like a fucking idiot right now.
[THUMP] - Are you a legacy? - Dude, back the fuck off, okay? - Just asking a question.
- You ask too many fucking questions! I don't want any trouble.
Okay? Too late.
[SWIPE] - [THUMP] - [GRUNTS] - [THUMP] - [THUD] Whoa, hey, hey, dick! You do not want to be second man in.
God, I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.
It smells like stupidity.
I ah.
It's just a misunderstanding, for which I apologize.
Are we good? Fucking good, man.
See you later.
[WESTON] Jesus! - You literally stood there.
I was get - [GREGORY] Man, I tried They say college is where you meet your true friends.
Apparently, it's also where you meet your best enemies.
[JACK] Sorry about that.
I'm Jack.
Ah, hi, Jack.
I'm just trying to give a tour, so - Right.
- Yeah.
Well, welcome, everyone, and congratulations on your acceptance to Belgrave University.
I'm Alyssa Drake and I'll be your tour guide today.
Sitting on over 500 acres of land, Belgrave University is considered by many to be a city within a city.
It's hard to believe that at one time the university consisted of a single building, and this whole area was farmland, providing the vegetables for the school's cafeteria.
[LAUGHS] Look at that.
We have a question already.
I thought they didn't have a garden until the second World War.
You are correct.
It was a victory garden tended by the agricultural students.
And before that it was a forest, wasn't it? Would you like to guide this tour? Sure.
Er [SIGHS] Ethan Belgrave, the university's namesake and benefactor, made his fortune as a privateer in the continental Navy, which makes us the only university ever to be founded by a pirate.
Come on.
More fun stuff this way.
How did he even know that? [JACK] This way.
Catch up.
Now, behind me is Belgrave Hall, which is both the oldest and most haunted building on campus.
There have been eight different ghosts spotted here.
But the one to watch out for is the Screaming Lady.
Screaming Lady? Yeah, the Screaming Lady, murdered right here over 200 years ago.
Her ghost still wanders the Hall, screaming, "Bloody murder," looking for her killer.
Now, for those of you who can read, the library is this way.
Who is this idiot? [ALYSSA] I can take it from here.
[ALYSSA] Okay.
The McGrath Reference Library is home to the world's largest collection of anthropodermic bibliopegy, books bound in human flesh.
Er - [ALYSSA] And - [JACK] Also it is believed to be the home of Belgrave University's own secret society, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.
Some say that there's a temple hidden in the basement.
Past members include presidents, captains of industry, and more than one celebrity.
Come on.
[JACK] And that is why the Albrecht Chemistry Department has most student pregnancies per department.
[GIGGLES] And that brings us back to where we started, concluding our tour.
[APPLAUSE] [ALYSSA LAUGHS] - Where did you learn all that? - My grandfather used to work here, and he's a bit of a Belgrave completist.
Yeah, that was kind of impressive.
Impressive enough to let me buy you dinner? [LAUGHS] [MALE VOICE] Man! Will you two sleep together already? Everyone on campus is talking.
You're like the Jim and Pam of Belgrave.
Randall Carpio.
And you are? Leaving.
By the way, everyone knows The Order is fake news.
The library doesn't even have a basement.
Ouch! Architecture burn! Come on.
Let's grab a beer.
You're over 21, right? Kidding! I don't give a shit.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
[GLASSES CHINK] Look, man, I wouldn't take her rejection too hard.
You never stood a chance.
She would have bailed the second she saw your Star Wars bed sheets.
I'm not interested in her.
You into him or her? Or the other him? Ouch! What do you know about the Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose? It's a crock of shit.
[JACK CLEARS THROAT] I think they may have been recruited, and I'm trying to figure out what they have in common.
Besides being elitist assholes? Hi.
Hey, a lot of good people are members.
Michelle Obama, Warren Buffett, Oprah.
You know who's also supposed to be members? Bad people, like Benito Mussolini, George W.
- Oprah.
- For someone that doesn't believe, you sure know a lot about them.
I'm Wikipedia smart.
Look, even if they do exist I wouldn't get your hopes up.
- Why is that? - They want sheep.
You've got a mind of your own.
[JACK] Yeah.
Well, who wouldn't want unlimited power? Thanks for the beer.
See you around.
[RANDALL] Sounds good.
Chancellor Stone.
Detective Hayashi here has some questions for you.
This is the part where you open the door and let us in.
[JACK] Weston's dead? When? How did it happen? I'll ask the questions, all right? Weston file a complaint against you.
He said you attacked him.
[JACK] No, he attacked me.
I was defending myself.
- Can you prove that? - Check YouTube.
Are there any real people who can verify your story? Alyssa Drake.
She was there.
She was leading an orientation tour.
Will that be all, Detective? Well, I will need to question the alibi, Chancellor.
If you don't mind.
Of course.
Belgrave is at your disposal.
That's a refreshing change.
Morton if you think of anything else, don't hesitate to call.
I'll find my own way out.
[DOOR SHUTS] Receiving a scholarship to Belgrave is no small feat.
I hope you're not planning to major in self-sabotage.
- I told you I was defending myself.
- You're also enjoying yourself.
I saw the video.
Believe it or not, I am sympathetic to your situation, but violence between students cannot be tolerated.
So, consider this your one and only get out of jail free card.
And that card expires after orientation.
I mean, this is it, right? - [MALE] It should be.
- You guys think I got time to go pee? - [FEMALE] No.
- [MALE] No, just hold on.
You have got to be kidding me.
[MALE] Ignore them.
They all went to Prescott Academy.
You know what they say about Prescott students? Yeah.
They're a bunch of pampered douches.
No, but that is pretty accurate.
- I'm Amir.
- Jack.
- So, I miss anything? - [MALE VOICE] Silence! Like that? Subservience.
You are no longer students.
You are Neophytes.
Less than nothing.
Seven are summoned, three will be selected.
Find the coin.
Take more than one, and we will know.
[CHINK OF METAL] Reveal the location to the others [CHINK OF METAL] and we will know.
[FEMALE VOICE] Find the coins by night five.
You have 24 hours.
Alyssa? BLADE & CHALICE I'm confused.
Do we have 24 hours or five nights? That was a clue, Brandon.
Five nights is a clue.
- She said "night five," not "five nights.
" - What's the difference? He also said we're not supposed to help each other.
He said we're not allowed to reveal the location or take more than one.
He never said we couldn't work together to decipher the clue.
- Sounds good to me.
- Why should we trust you? 'Cause I'm a legacy.
I'm already in.
I'm not taking any chances.
Well, if I were you, I'd be doing everything in my power to make sure that townie doesn't get in.
Like an alliance.
Just like one.
[LECTURER] Introduction to Ethics.
Such a strange name for a class.
I mean, if I have to introduce you to the concept of ethics, what the hell have your parents been doing for the past 18 years? [JACK, QUIETLY] Find the coins by night five.
Now, normally I'd ease you in to the class, look over the syllabus I'd tell you what syllabus means, but today Oh, today we're starting out in the shadow of a tragedy.
Yes? [STUDENT] Can we not talk about that? Why? Why shouldn't we discuss it? [STUDENT] Because every time I think about him, I remember how I thought about going for a walk down that same trail.
And if I had a gone at that time, on that day it could've been me.
And you feel relieved.
That's not what I meant.
No, listen.
It's okay if you are.
I mean, look, I was on that trail yesterday.
- I'm glad it wasn't me.
- That's selfish.
Of course it's selfish.
I can't think of anything more selfish than wanting to stay alive.
Except trying to make yourself the center of attention.
- [GIGGLES] - But let me ask you this.
Is self-preservation unethical? I'm not trying to make myself the center of attention, but Wendell's death is very upsetting to me.
And it's making me realize how much I want to live my life.
- Weston.
- Who? Dead friend, his name's Weston, not Wendell.
Hey, notebook.
How do you feel? A little guilty.
Why? I feel like I'm benefiting from it.
You feel like his death created an opportunity for you.
I think so, yes.
- He's a vulture.
- [LECTURER] No, he's honest.
He's also not trying to pawn up his narcissism as remorse.
And for those of you who don't know honesty is actually a cornerstone of ethics.
Imagine how well you're gonna do if you actually pay attention.
Better have a good reason for ripping up my chessboard.
I doubt you'd believe me if I told you.
Oh, actually you might.
[STONES CLUNK] You wanna do this? The black knight.
That's aggressive.
So, what's new? Is that a test? Is what a test? [JACK] Never mind.
Oh, right.
You think I'm in that secret society of yours.
I never said that.
Well, if I was, which I'm not, I wouldn't tell you because I couldn't, 'cause you're not a member.
But it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm not.
[CLUNK] Checkmate.
Yeah, sometimes the aggressive game is the wrong tactic.
- I'll just keep that in mind.
- Yeah.
You do that.
[MALE VOICE] Alyssa.
- Hey.
- Hey, Kyle.
Walk you to class? Sounds good.
Hey, you said you were looking for the English building, right? - Did I? - You have a map.
Use it.
Come on, let's go.
[CLUNK] Nice.
English department, K-3.
Knight five.
K-5, no.
Night five, N-5.
I don't understand what the Temple Magus sees in him.
The same thing the Temple Magus saw in us.
Potential, my ass.
The English building's that way.
N-5 should be [SOUND OF CROWS] [JACK] Todd! Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- Just trying to help.
I don't want your help.
I want that coin.
Hang tight.
It's in a box.
By the door.
I helped him! - He's disqualified! - You're an ass hat.
[CRASH] [CRASH] - [CRASH] - [SNARLS] [TODD, OUTSIDE] I saw it first! [SNARLS] Silence.
[SNARLS] [SNARLS] - I found it first.
- [MALE VOICE] But you couldn't claim it.
[WHOOSH] - [JACK] What you gonna do with him? - [MALE VOICE] With who? [AMIR] I'm pumped that you got that coin before Todd did.
I mean, the last thing I want is to be a secret society with just a bunch of assholes.
A bunch of assholes.
I wonder if there's a name for that.
- Like a murder of crows? - Yeah.
- A bleach of assholes, you know? - [JACK LAUGHS] - A Gregory of assholes.
- The assholios.
[JACK LAUGHS] A prolapse of assholes.
What do you think was in that box? Man, I don't know, but whatever was, it was mean and it was pissed off.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] Come on! [JACK] Drea, hang on.
Amir, call an ambulance.
[SOUND OF A GUN COCKING] [AMIR] Do you hear that? - Amir, be careful.
- Hey! - Hey! - Shit.
[JACK] Amir call 911 now! [DREA GASPING] No, no.
Stay with me.
Hi, we need paramedics - to Belgrave University.
- No, no.
- [AMIR] A woman's been attacked.
- [JACK] Stay with me.
Help! Help! Help! Shit! [JACK] Fuck.
[MALE VOICE] So, you're walking home, heard a scream, found her body.
And that's it? That's it.
You sure? Yeah.
If you remember anything else.
I already have one.
You're getting quite the collection.
CERTAIN DEATH You requested a safe walk? Hey.
What are [LAUGHS] Oh, they must have double booked us.
Three thirty at the Delbrook Building? Yep.
You take it.
No, just you can stick around, - if you want.
- Okay.
[JACK] So how you holding up? Me? I should be asking you that question.
Me? I'm fine.
You don't have to bottle up your feelings.
You haven't met my grandfather.
- "Suck it up, buttercup?" - That is the Tao of Pete.
You know, that sounds a lot like the Gospel according to Babs.
Thanks for the hint yesterday.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You my safe-walk? - What happened to you? - Bike accident.
Can we go? [TODD] Yeah, bikers.
- What was in that powder? - What powder? - That powder you just - I didn't do anything.
And if somebody did do something with some powder, do you think it's wise to talk to me about it? Even though I don't know what you're talking about? - Probably not.
- Definitely not.
[TODD] Hello? I'm not feeling very safe.
How do they do that? Professor Clarke? Please, John, call me Eric.
My name's Jack.
Oh, okay.
Call me Brian.
- Why Brian? - Look, I won't remember your name, it only seems fair.
What if I told you I had to do something wrong and I knew it was wrong, but I also knew that if I did it, good would eventually come from my actions? [PROF CLARKE] Oh.
You're already wondering if you should kill the baby Hitler.
- What? - It's thought experiment.
Sort of like the trolley question, but with time travel.
So, would you? Go back in time and kill Hitler? Of course.
You'd kill a baby? You monster! We don't know if he's born evil.
You're not even gonna try and save him? Okay, I won't.
You won't? You won't kill Hitler? He's fucking Hitler! Is this gonna be on the test? I don't know.
But see, it it illustrates that you can't use a possibility to justify a certainty.
Base your decision on the action itself.
Is it fundamentally good or bad? But I know good would come from my actions.
Okay, well, yeah.
Sounds like you've made up your mind.
If you're looking for someone to justify your decision for you, I'm not your man.
I can do this.
[JACK] Well, that was the scavenger hunt from hell.
[AMIR] I can't believe they made you get cocaine and a gun.
They're not making it easy for you.
How was your list? I couldn't tell if they were testing my subservience or my religious convictions.
Think how good it's gonna feel when they initiate the both of us.
That's true.
[CHINK] [SPLASH] Oh, shit, dude, I am so sorry.
All over your good jeans, too.
Those are your good jeans, right? Or are they your only jeans? [BARTENDER] Here you go, two beers.
Cheers, boys.
[JACK CLEARS THROAT] His voice sound familiar to you? Let's go, okay? Forget about them, okay? [JACK CLEARS THROAT] [JACK] Better luck next time, dick face.
See you around, Kyle.
They cut me and kept that waste of skin? - It's such bullshit.
I'm a fucking legacy! - Shut up, okay? Just shut up.
And don't worry about it, okay? I'll take care of it.
You're gonna get yourself in trouble, Jack.
[JACK'S VOICE] Drea, hang on.
Amir, call an ambulance.
- Did you hear that? - Amir, be careful, eh? [JACK'S VOICE] Hey! Amir, call 911 now! No, no.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Help! Help! Necromancy.
[FAINT HISSING] [CLICK] It's so disgusting.
[SOUND OF FLAMES] [JACK] You're not surprised? Why aren't you surprised? Because it makes a lot of sense.
Magic? It makes sense to you? There's always been rumors about strange rituals.
Human sacrifices.
This explains so much.
- It's fantastic.
- No! It is insane.
I did not sign up for this, okay? Something in the forest is killing Neophytes.
- And two students are already dead.
- Wait, wait.
Back that up.
- What's a Neophyte? - It's what they call the pledges.
You heard me when I said something is killing us, right? [POPS] Have a little faith in yourself, sport.
Hell, if anything this will make your life easier.
[JACK] Er, no.
Look, look, Pops, I don't know if I can keep doing this.
We've always wanted to ruin his life.
Imagine what we can do to this bastard with magic in our arsenal.
I don't wanna die.
- Fine.
- Okay.
And we don't want anyone else to die, either.
Nobody's gonna die.
Well, except for the two who already did.
I can see that.
Erm Come on.
I'll buy you a beer.
What the ? Hey.
I think they just magicked this into my pocket.
Really? The way you described it, I was expecting something a little more Siegfried and Roy.
"Wear for your protection.
" "Observance.
" You can stare at the board all you want, you still lost.
[JACK] I know I'm not supposed to know you're a member, and I know you won't answer, but I gotta ask.
This final test, is it worth it? At first, no.
It's demanding and time consuming and a lot of sacrifice.
But eventually, yes.
It'll be worth it.
Why? Because of the potential.
Because of what you're gonna be able to do.
Thank you.
[JACK] Oh, this is not how I wanna spend my night.
[SHOVEL CLINKS ON GROUND] But I guess it's the price of admission.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Mom.
[SHUTTER SOUND] [MAN LAUGHING] [KYLE] Oh, man! I just don't get the aversion to black and white, you know? There's just something about it.
It's so real.
You set me up.
Mom's grave.
Nice touch.
I do have a flare for the dramatic, don't I? Okay, so this is how this is gonna go.
You're going to drop out, voluntarily, and I'll let you keep your scholarship.
That's so big of you, Kyle.
Or you can keep being a belligerent little shit, and I take this to the chancellor, the police.
Hell, see how many hits I get on the Internet.
Blackmail? Oh, man.
What a relief.
I thought you were the killer.
Oh, no, no.
If I was the killer, you'd already be dead.
Let's test that theory.
[CHINK OF METAL] [SEETHING SOUND] Er, do you know how a fight actually works? Deleatur! [CRASH] [FALLING OF RUBBLE] Holy shit! [KYLE CHUCKLES] Oh, that's right.
[SNARLING] You should be very afraid of me.
Kyle, behind you.
Do you honestly think I'm gonna fall for that? [SNARLING] [SNARLS] - Oh, shit, man! - [SHOVEL CLANGS] [JACK] Oh, shit! Sorry.
[WOLF SNARLS] No, wait! Fuck you, Kyle! Fuck you for bringing me here.
[WOLF SNARLS] Okay, boy, take it easy.
I'm just a pledge.