The Order (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Introduction To Ethics, Part Two

1 - Will you stop breaking into my room? - Time's up.
- Hamish and Lilith are looking for you.
- Good.
- Let them kill me.
- Whoa! As your RA, it kind of sounds like you're depressed.
And this whole look supports my theory.
I just killed my Ethics professor! I woke up next to his dead body.
I'm covered in his blood.
I think one of his tendons is stuck in my fucking teeth! Oh, yeah! - Flossing is your friend.
- That's all you have to say? If Silverback killed your Ethics professor, he must have had a good reason.
What's the last thing you remember? I was with Benson.
Outside of her house.
What if I killed her too? Leaving evidence of a transformation? Sloppy, dude.
Professor Benson! Professor! Hello! Looks clear to me.
Why were you here anyway? - 'Cause I thought she was in danger.
- What kind of danger? Magical danger, okay? - You let Silverback do his thing.
Nice! - No! No, not nice, because I slaughtered my Ethics professor.
Dude, relax.
Everything looks normal, and I don't smell any blood.
The longer you wear the hide, the stronger your senses become.
- Oh, wow.
Sign me up then.
- You'll say the oath? What part of "I slaughtered my Ethics professor" did you miss? Well, nothing here tells me you killed your English professor.
- You're sure? - Solid sixty percent.
Okay, do me a favor and check around back.
I'm telling you, dude Okay, okay.
Be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
You owe me! So, you want to resign as Jack's tutor? It's more like I need to.
That's not very subservient.
It's not for me.
The Grand Magus wants me to continue to assist him.
So, you've solved his little riddle.
It contained part of a book.
I'm not sure what it is, but it's old and someone definitely wanted it to remain hidden.
It was protected by an Echo Incantation.
You're on quite the adventure.
Find out why that book is so important.
Thank you.
This is the part where you leave.
He also asked me to tell you that he needs exclusive use of the temple for the next few days.
Well, you tell the Grand Magus it would be my honor.
Drake, one more thing.
Edward has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the universe.
You are not.
Brandon! Where's Professor Benson? Relax.
She's in the hospital.
Some kind of car accident.
Relax? Look, she could have died, and we could have killed her.
We? Don't try to take credit for this.
This was all me and Gabrielle.
It has to stop.
You sound like my dad when I slept with his trainer.
Hey, Jack! Who's that? It's my RA.
Introduce me! Don't do that spell again.
Why would we? It didn't even work.
Thanks for ditching me.
It's not like I know exactly where to come.
- That one of your Order buddies? - That's Brandon.
- What were you talking about? - Never mind.
I gotta tell you, dude, so far, you are a lousy double agent.
I am no one's agent.
Look, Benson is alive.
- Great.
- But she's in the hospital.
Werewolf attack? - Hit by a car.
- That's a relief.
After all this, it'd blow if you had to kill her.
- Kill? - Come on, let's eat.
We need to figure out how to keep you alive.
Sure you don't want one? Not hungry.
Ethics professor.
- You probably filled up on his heart.
- That's not funny, man.
Not a joke.
Eating heart is a Knights of Saint Christopher tradition.
Why would you do that? I just told you.
I thought I had the transformation under control.
You said Benson was in danger, right? - So you were worried about her.
- Of course I was.
Well, there you go.
You're worried, Silverback hates magic.
Together, you fight crime.
- I don't want this, Randall.
- Look, I get it.
It's a big change.
It takes time to adjust.
Hell, Greybeard killed three people before I learned how to control him.
What is wrong with you? I mean, you talk about murder the way other people talk about picking a movie.
- It wasn't me - Yeah, yeah.
It was Greybeard.
Greybeard? - Yeah, my, uh - His My D&D character.
Battle Elf.
With a plus thirty charisma.
Rib? No, thanks.
I won't be able to tutor you anymore.
Oh, uh I haven't been doing any of that, uh, that stuff you don't want me to, I swear.
It's not that.
It's all that other stuff.
I get it.
I take it back.
I mean, I don't, but if it makes you feel better, I do.
I'm working on a new project.
With someone else.
And I need to put all my energy into this new project.
I just thought you should hear it from me.
Dude, constructive criticism? You have to work on your game.
And your charisma.
I can't live like this, Randall.
I'm a time bomb.
I'm a wolf time bomb.
- A killer wolf time bomb.
- You're a bomb, I get it.
But I can help.
You trust me? Not at all.
But what choice do I have? That's the spirit.
Um, check, please.
You're sure you can get Hamish and Lilith on board? Oh, yeah.
Absolutely, no problem.
Hamish! Lilith! Great job, Randall.
I thought for sure you were going to help him run.
You double-crossing bastard.
Everyone calm down.
No one's killing anyone.
We agreed.
Best out of three.
You lost, he dies.
Jack landed his first kill.
Big bad magic.
- Bullshit.
- Jack, tell them.
Tell them how you heard the ringing and transformed into Silverback and took down your professor who was weaponized by bad magic.
That that happened.
That's straight-up champion shit.
And pretty impressive, considering he hasn't even been trained.
Doesn't change the fact that he's been doing bad magic.
- That was a mistake.
- And he's very sorry.
- You're a mistake.
- We need to discuss this alone.
What are we gonna do about dick leak here? We can't just let him go.
She's right.
- Randall! - Guys! Don't do anything weird.
Like lock somebody in your basement while you debate whether or not to kill them? Yeah, like that.
Lie to them about what happened.
- That was your plan? - It's not lying.
It's optimistic expectation.
I never said Clarke was "weaponized by bad magic.
" You never said he wasn't.
Look, it's going to be okay.
I promise.
It's gonna take a couple hours.
Alyssa! Good afternoon.
- How are you feeling? - Oh, I'm good as new.
You're gonna need your strength.
All the magic I learned over the years, that's the one I use the most.
Never gets old.
Meet Sir Richard De Payne.
You're pretty quiet.
Out of respect, Grand Magus.
Silence, subservience, observance.
Hey, between you and me I don't believe in unquestionable loyalty.
I never gave it I don't expect it.
So as my protégé go ahead.
Ask me anything you want.
The book that was hidden inside the obsidian, what was it? Part of The Vade Maecum Infernal.
The most powerful incantation ever created.
What does it do? This is more of a "what doesn't it do" scenario.
So it's in pieces for a reason.
Centuries ago a few practitioners decided that The Vade Maecum was too powerful.
So they broke it apart and hid the pieces.
That doesn't mean that people haven't stopped trying to find it.
And was Sir Richard one of those practitioners? He's one of the hiding places.
What? Like the obsidian? The book's hidden inside a corpse? Yes and no.
He's not really dead.
So, I say we kill him.
You always say that.
- And I'm always right.
- Might be a waste of a good champion.
He's no champion.
He is a member of the Order.
He is our enemy.
The guilt he's feeling is punishment enough.
The guy's a breakup song on repeat.
Aw! He feels bad? - Why didn't you say so? - Come up with a punishment that doesn't involve slicing open an artery and we'll talk.
Guys, we all know there's only one way to solve this.
Woo! Drink.
You realize your behavior borders on pathological.
Hey! This isn't a library.
I was doing some research.
Who doesn't want to spend their last day alive reading some old book? Your reliquary is almost as good as the Order's.
- Reliquary? - Your collection of magical artifacts.
- That's not ours.
- This is magical contraband.
Confiscated by the Knights over the centuries.
Think of this as an evidence locker.
Well, then you might wanna do a better job of securing it.
Some of this stuff is pretty valuable.
It's in the basement of a house with three werewolves.
I think it's fine.
- Have you ever read any of this stuff? - Of course not.
We fight bad magic.
We don't perform it.
That's too bad.
You might learn something.
Do you know why you eat your victims' hearts? Dude, how many times do I have to tell you? Tradition.
You do it to stop the path of the magic.
"If you don't eat the heart, the magic continues on its way, following the necessary path to perform thy practitioner's bidding.
" Well, fuck me.
There's a lot in here about the hides and their champions.
Greybeard is the fearless one.
Sounds about right.
Tundra, the most cunning.
- Midnight is the reckless one.
- We call him "Cannon Fodder.
" I guess that makes you, Timber, a loner.
You got a problem with an independent wolf? Not at all.
But here's the thing about Silverback.
He's the most powerful.
- You're saying you want to be in charge? - No, thanks.
But we do want the same thing.
Look, you guys want to take down bad magic.
I want to take down a bad magician.
I'm proposing an alliance.
Who's your bad guy? Edward Coventry.
He's the leader of The Order, and he's responsible for my mother's death.
We don't do revenge.
Yeah, you just kill people at random.
- I'll kill you.
- Thank you for proving my point.
Guys, we can help each other.
He should've had a choice.
We didn't give him one.
We'll try an alliance.
For now.
Let's get to work, rookie.
Today we're going to try a potion.
Somnus Adveniat.
- A sleeping potion? - Close.
Somnus Adveniat.
The dream realm.
Sir Richard here is in the middle of a single, never-ending dream.
That's where someone placed part of the book.
The journey inside requires two practitioners.
You enter the realm and I'll be your anchor.
As long as you and I are bound by this rope I can pull you out of Sir Richard's subconscious.
I'll be right by your side.
Do you trust me? Totally.
Okay, this is actually part of the incantation.
In order for it to work, you have to say, "I do.
" I do.
- Do you hear that? The ringing? - Don't worry about it.
- Why must I wear a towel? - So you don't ruin your clothes.
- Why must you wear a towel? - Because I'm body-positive.
Now quit changing the subject.
You've taught yourself how to keep Silverback in.
Now all you have to do is let him out.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Take your time.
- Yeah.
- Looks like you're dumping one out.
- You're not helping.
Jack, just Stop.
Just watch.
Just watch.
That was mildly impressive.
You kidding? How did you get turned? Freshman year, I was out for a run and saw this scumbag try to grab a kid off a playground.
I chased him down and held him until the cops arrived.
Hamish saw it.
Asked me if I wanted to join The Brotherhood.
- Asked? - Yeah.
He gave me this big speech about power and responsibility, and I was like, "Dude, are you talking about superpowers?" And he said, "Maybe.
" And I said, "Sign me up.
" Then they took me into the hide locker and Greybeard chose me.
And you didn't know about the wolf part until then? - Nah.
- And you weren't pissed? Are you kidding? What would you say if someone asked you if you wanted to be a superhero? I don't know 'cause no one asked me.
Edward? Edward? I'm here.
Look around.
Find a landmark.
You're gonna need one.
What happened? He scared me out of his mind.
Let's go again.
There was this old lady who turned her husband into some kind of zombie servant.
Found him with his hands around the mailman's neck, so naturally I decapitate him.
So, I tracked down the wife.
One quick flick to her carotid and she's spraying a Jackson Pollack all over the wall in her own blood.
And I came across three practitioners in the forest, they'd just sacrificed some rando.
Rip the first one's neck out with my teeth while I clawed the other two down simultaneously.
So, your battle tactic is basically "kill them all"? You go with what works.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Grandma, no! Holy fucking shit balls! The key to a proper gimlet is using the lime cordial.
Spend the money on a quality product.
Or better yet, make it yourself with fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup.
Shake to a foxtrot time.
- And this is teaching me what, exactly? - Après-kill cocktails.
I never joke about cocktails.
Well, maybe Alabama Slammers, but they're absurd.
To friends.
Old and new.
And not killing them.
Mm! Life is like a cocktail.
Complex, carries a kick, and doesn't last.
So take the time to savor it.
Doesn't last? How "doesn't last" are we talking about? I've been a Knight for eight years.
I'm practically geriatric.
You hunt enough bad magic, bad magic will end up hunting you.
Or you get hit by a car.
The champions are temporary, but the Knights are eternal.
And that's enough for you? You ready to try again? Alyssa! Alyssa! You're all right.
You're awake now.
You know where you are? The temple.
I know.
Oh, man.
That one was that was intense.
This guy's got one twisted imagination.
- Right.
- On the plus side, I I made it all the way into his castle.
All right.
Let's, uh, let's call it a night.
Just give me a few minutes.
We can go again.
I saw the book.
I - I know where it is.
I can do it now.
- I believe you.
You need some rest.
- I've been asleep all day.
- You know what I mean.
Real rest.
- But we'll try again tomorrow? - I promise.
It's no use.
- Try again.
- We've been here all night.
- Your point? - It's not gonna work.
I can't wolf out unless I hear that damn ringing.
I can't control it.
It's 'cause you're throttling down when you should be giving it some gas.
Don't think of it as losing control.
You're gaining control.
Of what? My homicidal nature? - Your strength, dumb-ass.
- Lil.
Just let Silverback out.
Accept everything he feels, wants, remembers.
Accept what I did to Professor Clarke? Yes, exactly.
Whether you do this or not is up to you.
But you have to choose it.
Okay, I'm listening.
Close your eyes.
Feel the itch moving through you.
- Can you feel it? - Yeah.
Okay, chase it.
Grab it.
Randall said to go with the flow.
Randall's an idiot.
Ah, an idiot who's pre-med.
Look, we all have our own experiences with transforming.
Find yours.
How did you feel when Benson was in danger? Worried.
I didn't want her to get hurt.
Jack? - Jack? - No Tell me what did you take? Eric! Eric, it's your student.
He's having some kind of episode.
Eric? Eric! Eric! Clarke was under some kind of magical control.
- And I - You saved Benson.
I killed someone, okay? You totally covered for this guy.
- Twice.
- What does it matter? I still turned out to be right.
How long was I turned? Not long.
About three seconds.
At least he made it to full wolf this time.
Yeah, but he'll never hold the wolf unless he quits wallowing in his guilt.
She's right.
You have to trust Silverback.
You keep saying that like it's separate from me.
- It is.
- And it isn't.
Totally cleared that up.
Thanks for turning me into a murderer.
What a shit show.
It's a total waste of time.
I'm starting to think Lilith is right.
- Of course I am.
- Guys.
He's Silverback.
He's also in The Order.
Maybe that's why Silverback chose him.
Alyssa! - Hey.
- Hey.
I I really don't have time right now.
Listen, I'm sorry that I messed around with magic.
Because you got caught? No, because you warned me about the danger, and I didn't listen.
Well, I'm just glad you figured that out before somebody got hurt.
Can I ask you a question? I I have somewhere I have to be.
Edward's expecting me.
That special project? Wrong question.
Okay, look.
I read somewhere that magic travels along a path.
And if you interrupt that path somehow, it finds a new route, right? - Right.
- I was thinking, what if magic is like a river, searching for a way to flow.
If I dam up that river, it changes course and not all that water keeps flowing.
It becomes a smaller river.
Maybe even a trickle.
Where is this river going? If I interrupt the magic enough, and it changes course does it lose its strength? Peter out? Congratulations.
You just figured out a key lesson.
Magic has a half-life.
What are you up to? I haven't done a spell since you caught me.
- You promise? - I promise.
Thank you for not ratting me out.
You're welcome.
That was wildly inappropriate.
You mean an acolyte kissing his tutor or his tutor kissing back? This never happened.
Your lips are so soft.
- What? - Oh, okay.
I'm Bye.
I know who's performing this magic.
- Gabrielle Dupres and Brandon Caruthers.
- How did you I saw you talking to them, and they both got into The Order.
Do you really think I wouldn't figure that out? Yeah, thanks for the heads-up.
- You can't kill them.
- We can if we hurry.
Look, just let me talk to them first.
You at least owe me that much.
Everything bad that has happened up until now is because you haven't listened to a word we've said.
We don't owe you anything.
You understand? Yes.
We can stop the magic.
- Without killing anyone.
- How? I didn't eat Clarke's heart when I killed him.
So the magic targeting Benson, it kept going.
It found a new path to her.
- The person driving the car.
- Exactly.
But the magic started to wear out.
It wasn't It was less effective, that's why Benson wasn't killed.
We can wear a spell down, render it harmless.
- I heard him.
- That's great, when we know the target.
I can find out.
Just let me talk to Gabrielle and Brandon.
- This will work.
- Says the expert.
If it doesn't go ahead and kill me.
Sounds fair to me.
All right, Jack.
What's your plan? I think I found it.
I can't move it.
What should I do? Try removing what's underneath it.
Shut the door.
Alyssa! Wake up! Alyssa, wake up.
Wake up.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Excellent work.
Is it? Let's find out.
Two down.
Two to go.
Oh, hello! Do any spells lately? Guys, come on.
Yeah, not sharing.
Not sure if we could trust you anymore.
We gave you a chance and you blew it.
I need to know what kind of magic you did.
You might want to watch your tone.
We found a spell that will turn our enemies inside out.
- Oh, I'm your enemy now? - That's up to you.
You're not the only one learning powerful magic.
Facies mutetur! What the fuck! Not the face! Not the face! Not the face! - Tell me.
- Okay, okay.
We did a spell to not have any more English tests.
Oh, my God! Look, Benson's colleagues tweeted about a welcome home party.
Wow, Jack.
Stalk much? I thought knowing our target was supposed to make our lives easier.
- How do we know who we're looking for? - You'll know.
Guys, chill.
English teachers over there.
Knights on a mission out here.
We got this.
Here we go.
He's mine.
I call dibs on next one.
No killing.
Jack! How long do you think this is gonna take? Stop asking me that.
I don't know how long.
But it's gonna be pretty awesome.
No more pencils.
No more books.
And there's nothing Jack can do about it.
There is nothing he can do about it, right? Right.
Even if he could what's the worst that could happen? We'd have to take all our tests.
I hate Jack Morton.
Jack, it's been an hour! The magic's got to be dead by now.
I think we're good.
Or not.
Oh, shit.
Come on, Silverback.
Come on, Silverback.
Come on, Silverback! It's outside.
It was an accident.
An accident.
I love you, Professor Benson! I love you! Doesn't have to be perfect, just booze.
Seriously, Grandpa.
I kind of get why we need these now.
- It's hard work.
- It also used to be fun.
Jack killed a car.
That was fun.
And you were right.
Eventually the magic petered out.
It was a pretty long eventually.
We saved ten people.
Feels good.
Saving people's okay, I guess.
Nothing is going to change the fact that I murdered a good man.
You know, what do you do with all the bad shit you have to carry around? You carry it.
It's called being an adult.
Professor Clarke is dead.
And it's all my fault.
You've been practicing unsanctioned magic.
I'll accept whatever punishment you give me.
If you wanna cancel my scholarship, kick me out of school, or turn me over to the cops.
Don't let it happen again, Jack.
Wait, what? Well, we introduced you to this amazing world.
We'd be insane to think you're not going to be tempted.
But I I killed a man.
And you should try to avoid doing that in the future, okay? Did I say you could leave? Killing your Ethics professor is one thing.
Harassing your English professor is an entirely different issue.
I hope you enjoy the sexual harassment seminar you'll be attending.
Off you go.
I owe you an apology, Professor Clarke.
Come to think of it, I owe you several.
Starting with the fact that I have to bury you in an unmarked grave.
I'm also sorry I missed your last lecture on everything you need to know about Ethics.
And I'm really sorry I lied about writing that paper when I actually magicked it.
And I'm really sorry I killed you.
But I think I learned a lot.
I was given this awesome power and the first thing I did is get everything I ever wanted.
Not cool.
Not ethical.
But I do promise you this, Professor Clarke.
Your death won't be in vain.
How did you find me? Have you learned nothing? We smelled that corpse from a mile off.
You're not thinking of eating my Ethics professor? Relax.
No one's gonna horn in on your action.
But if you want to share - No one is eating my Ethics professor! - Guys, come on.
Of course not.
- But if you change your mind.
- We talked.
We think your idea of an alliance could still work.
No alliance.
I give my life to the cause.