The Orville (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Blood of Patriots

1 By the authority vested in me by the Planetary Union, I hereby present you, Lieutenant Yaphit, with the Sapphire Star for extraordinary heroism beyond the call of duty during the Kaylon conflict.
All in a day's work, Captain.
Here we go.
Eldorian vodka shots for everybody.
Oh, no.
No, I cannot do a shot of that stuff.
- Come on, man.
Just do it.
- Come on.
Just do it.
I can't My body will not tolerate Eldorian vodka.
Just down it.
Okay You know I'll take a small sip.
How about that? - Small sip.
- I mean, look, on the count of three, we'll all do it.
One, two, three.
[COUGHS] That is good stuff.
You weren't lying.
You just dumped it on the floor.
COMM VOICE: Bridge to Captain Mercer.
Gotta take that.
Mercer here.
Go ahead.
COMM VOICE: Sir, Admiral Perry is calling on a Priority One channel.
He needs to speak with you and Commander Grayson immediately.
We're on our way.
I heard there was a ceremony.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, your timing was great for me, actually.
Captain, I have historic news.
The Krill are ready to negotiate a peace treaty.
Are you serious? Is this because of the Kaylon threat? That's the primary reason.
But we suspect there may also be progressive elements within the Krill power structure who are flexing a bit of muscle.
Regardless of the cause, we've been trying to open a dialogue with them for years.
We were hoping the cease-fire after the battle with the Kaylon would lead to talks, and it looks like it has.
Admiral, this is incredible news, but I'm just curious, why call us? Because you're going to shepherd the signing - of the Lak'vai Pact.
- The what? In the Krill political process, it's a sort of prelude to a peace treaty.
It indicates that both parties will approach the table in good faith.
Sir, with all due respect, you must have hundreds of diplomats who are more qualified for this.
To be honest, there's no one who's qualified.
The only direct, long-term dealing we've had with the Krill is the undercover mission conducted by you and Lieutenant Malloy.
And of course, your relationship with the Krill woman who infiltrated your ship.
Admiral, what do you want us to do? You're to rendezvous with the Krill vessel Davoro'kos in 12 hours at Tarazed Three.
- The Davoro'kos.
- Yes.
- It means "bringer of blood.
" - Oh, that's cool.
The ship will be carrying a Krill ambassadorial detachment.
You'll host them in the briefing room.
If you can secure the signing of the Lak'vai, it throws the door wide open for the admirals to begin official treaty negotiations.
We'll do our best.
Good luck, Captain.
This is momentous.
Bet you wish you'd had that shot.
BORTUS: Captain, the Krill vessel is approaching.
Should we raise deflectors? Leave them down.
Let's show a little trust.
Sir, there is another vessel in range.
It is a Krill shuttle.
The Krill vessel is firing on it.
They're firing on their own shuttle? The Krill shuttle is hailing us.
Put them on.
MALE [OVER COMM]: Shuttle to Union vessel, I am under attack! Request emergency docking! Bortus, open the bay doors, - then raise deflectors.
- Aye, sir.
- Talla, get the door open! - On it.
He's unconscious but stable.
Finn to sickbay.
I need a full medical team down here! It's okay.
You're safe.
No It's okay.
It's it's just a medscanner.
[PANTING QUICKLY] - Gordon, secure the main console.
- Aye, sir.
Oh, my God.
Orrin You will hand over the human to us immediately, Captain.
You were firing on one of your own shuttles during a rendezvous for peace talks.
I'm not doing anything until I know what's going on.
The criminal that you are currently harboring is responsible for destroying four Krill vessels.
- What happened? - Three of the ships were destroyed in the past 30 days.
After the cease-fire! How could one person do that kind of damage with a shuttle? A stolen shuttle.
And he is in possession of a very powerful weapon.
- What weapon? - We do not know.
A proper interrogation will yield answers.
We searched the shuttle.
We didn't find any weapons.
Just some survival items and medical supplies.
Look, why don't you and the delegation come over to the Orville, and we can speak in person? Very well.
Expect our arrival presently.
Bortus, have the damaged shuttle moved - to cargo bay one.
- Aye, sir.
Talla, I need a little time to get some information on our guest.
Is there any way you could stall the Krill? I think I can cite a few boarding regulations that might take some time.
Orrin and I were best friends.
From grade school all the way through Union Point.
We were both in our early twenties, and we were stationed on Outpost 73.
Orrin was living there with his wife and their newborn daughter, Leyna, when the Krill made a surprise attack on the outpost.
Orrin's wife was killed, and he and his daughter disappeared.
Oh, my God.
No one ever heard from them again.
It was assumed they were captured or killed.
- And now, here they are.
- Yeah.
Don't try to sit up yet.
Your head's gonna be okay.
But don't push it.
Where's my daughter? She's resting in guest quarters.
I tried to get her into sickbay, but she went into a panic.
Well, after what they did to her, I'm not surprised.
I asked her what was wrong, but she won't speak.
She hasn't said a word in 12 years.
Why not? You try spending your entire life in a Krill prison camp, you see how chatty you're feeling.
What happened? Let's just say the Krill doctors weren't exactly gentle with their examinations.
I understand.
But I've got to be able to examine her myself to make sure she's okay.
She's healthy.
At least physically.
Just give her a few days to trust her surroundings.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] My God Gordon Malloy.
It's been 20 years.
I don't even know what to say.
Last time I saw you, you had a Mohawk.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, no, believe me, I remember, not my proudest moment.
Orrin what happened to you? ED: I'm sorry to cut this short, but there's a more immediate matter that needs to be resolved.
Lieutenant Channing, I'm Captain Ed Mercer.
I feel like a jerk saying this to you after what you've been through, but you should know the Krill ship that was chasing you is demanding that I return you to their custody.
They're saying you violated the cease-fire with the Union on three occasions in the past month.
You got to be kidding me.
Captain, Leyna and I were in that Krill prison for 20 years.
And we escaped six weeks ago by stealing a Krill shuttle.
We ran out of plasma for the quantum drive before we could reach Union space.
It-it took us a month just to get this far.
Why didn't you use the comm system? Call the Union for help? Couldn't risk divulging our location to the Krill.
If they'd intercepted the message before it got to the Union, they would've snatched us up and thrown us right back in that prison cell.
No way in hell we were going back there.
So you know nothing about those Krill ships.
Not a thing, sir.
I didn't even know there was a cease-fire.
May I have the fleet registry number for your vessel, please? I've already told you twice! Oh, yes, of course.
It's right here.
Mother's maiden name? These boarding regulations are outrageous! I'm just doing my job, sir.
Mother's maiden name? Kalavus.
And are you carrying any fruits or vegetables, or livestock of any kind? Snails? - Of course not.
- All right.
Then I'll just need a urine sample, - and you're good to go.
- What? A urine sample.
From each of you.
Just go ahead and fill these up, or as much as you got in you.
And where are we supposed to do that? You can go behind the crates over there.
I won't look.
- [COMM BEEPS] - Yeah? Keyali here.
Captain, I can't stall the Krill any longer.
I've come up with every boarding check I can think of, and even made up a few more.
Just buy me five more minutes, okay? Then take them straight to the briefing room.
Captain, I don't know what else I can do Talla, just five minutes.
[SIGHS] Understood.
- [DOOR CHIMES] - Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Am I interrupting? I'm just trying to find anything in the Union intelligence briefings that confirms the destruction of those Krill ships, just in case they're lying.
You're not thinking you might turn Orrin over to them? No, we have no extradition treaty with the Krill.
Besides, if I did that, they'd kill him.
Well, for what it's worth, I know Orrin.
He couldn't have done what they're saying; he's a good guy.
Look, I know he's your friend, and I understand that he's just been through a nightmare, but honestly, Gordon, he could not have shown up at a worse time.
I mean, I got to tell you, this puts me in a hell of a bind.
I know.
You know, maybe we could I don't know offer the Krill something else instead.
Like what? Free back rubs or something? Yeah, listen, - I've got to get back to this.
- Yeah, no, no.
- Do your thing.
Do your thing.
- 'Cause I have to - I was just pitching ideas.
- It's a good pitch.
I'll take it under consideration.
- Okay.
I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
[DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] Captain Mercer, when may we expect the return of the criminal you are holding? Well, I was actually hoping we could table that for now.
We have told you what he has done.
He has a young daughter with him; she needs time to heal.
Whatever your damn prison did to her was We do not want the girl, only the butcher.
Those four Krill vessels held a combined crew complement of 1,200.
All dead by his hand.
Ambassador, I'm very sorry for your loss, but you still haven't told us how one man in a stolen shuttle could've destroyed four Krill ships.
We do not know how he did it.
That is what an interrogation is for.
Look, Ambassador, let's not kid ourselves.
We all know an interrogation means death.
The death of one against the death of 1,200.
You are godless heretics by nature, but even you cannot ignore such killing.
I seem to recall being on board a Krill vessel that was prepared to wipe out an entire Union colony, but let's not go there right now.
Look, our two peoples have been in conflict for longer than you and I have been alive.
Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result.
We have a chance to stop the hate and the violence right here, right now, by agreeing to peace.
So let's focus on making that happen.
Unless you return the criminal to our custody, there will be no peace.
Our ship will return in 12 hours.
You have that long to decide if this will be a Lak'vai or a battleground.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] [DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] She's really got a knack for Bolodon discs.
She's fascinated.
This whole ship's a brand-new world to her.
Every experience is either enthralling or terrifying.
GORDON: The last time I saw her, she was just a baby.
How bad was it in there, really? It was bad.
It was harder on Leyna.
She didn't have the advantage of Union training.
She's tough, though.
She's tougher than she looks.
Listen, Orrin, I never got to say thank you.
You saved my life that day.
Just doing my job.
Mm, maybe, but we both know if you hadn't stopped to pull me and the others out of that wreckage, we would've been captured or killed.
It could've been me in that Krill prison instead of you.
I owe you.
You owe me nothing.
We were a team.
I'm sorry about Sophie.
I wish I could've been there for you.
I was in a Krill prison camp.
You were in a Union hospital trying to decide whether to keep your Mohawk, but I appreciate the thought.
Losing her was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
You know what scared me the most? It was the knowledge that some day, years down the line, there would come a time when her absence would feel like the norm, when I would resign myself to her loss, and my life the life that I accepted as real would be the one without her in it.
And now that is my reality.
But I'm I'm okay, and all I want from this point on is for Leyna to have the life she deserves.
If there's anything I can do, you name it.
You can tell your captain that this peace with the Krill is a big mistake.
Do you really believe that? You make a deal with tyranny, it only gets worse.
A lot of people have died during this conflict.
If we can secure a treaty, then they didn't die for nothing.
It'll bring meaning to Sophie's death.
Don't you ever say that again ever.
Peace with the Krill is a slap in the face of Sophie's memory.
It's the Union saying, "We forgive you for all the atrocities.
We didn't care about those people anyway.
" Orrin, I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to imply that [STAMMERS] I'm I'm tired.
I need to sleep.
Look, Orrin, I know you're a patriot at heart.
And when you boil it down, that's what this is about.
Patriotism is only for people with large families.
KELLY: Do you know what this is, Leyna? It's a musical instrument from Talla's home planet Xelayah.
It's called a pelpifa.
It combines musical tones with holographic patterns.
[MUSICAL TONES PLAY] Pretty cool, right? You try it.
My parents forced me to learn it when I was in school.
It's pretty much the whole reason I never got laid.
Just FYI, it'd probably get you laid now.
That was really pretty.
[CHUCKLES] - Captain.
- No, no.
Don't get up.
This is completely off the record.
What is your impression of Orrin Channing? I have absolutely nothing to base this on, but I don't trust him.
And why not? Like I said, no reason.
He's a Union officer.
He's obviously a close friend of Lieutenant Malloy's.
He's been through a hellish experience, and he deserves our sympathy, but something about him rubs me the wrong way.
Do you think there's any possibility at all that he could've somehow destroyed those Krill ships? I did a standard security sweep of him and his shuttle, and I did not find a single weapon.
- What about torpedoes? - Empty.
So the lack of evidence would suggest the Krill are lying.
It looks that way.
I need to know for sure, and soon.
Even if he had destroyed those ships, could you blame him? If I'd been through what he has, I'd probably want every last one of them dead.
And this is why peace treaties don't happen every day.
Do me a favor, keep an eye on him.
Yes, sir, will do.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] I just feel like we should have, like, a casual day, you know? Like, once a week.
Like, no uniforms.
Just come to work in a T-shirt.
Seriously? Sweetness, I'm gonna do that.
Oh, hey, Lieutenant.
How's it going? Yeah, not too bad.
I've been wanting to check out engineering since I came on board.
God, things have advanced a lot in 20 years.
Yeah, quantum drive technology is a hell of a lot better than it used to be.
You're welcome to take a look around if you want.
Aw, thanks, I'd love to.
TALLA: Looking for something? Lieutenant.
You startled me.
This engineering deck is incredible.
I have never seen anything like it.
I think I got a little lost.
Well, it's mostly just parts and storage back here.
- Not much to see.
- Oh.
I hope I'm not in breach of any protocol.
Of course not.
You're a Union officer.
You have clearance all over the ship.
Even so, I don't want to get in anybody's hair.
If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you.
I found him in the rear section of engineering.
He seemed to be looking for something.
Did he say anything? Not really, but he acted like I'd caught him doing something he wasn't supposed to.
Have Chief Lamarr check and see if anything's missing.
Yes, sir.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] - So now what? - [DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] We're running out of time.
Mercer to bridge.
Get me Admiral Perry.
Captain, it's imperative that the Lak'vai be signed.
You're representing the Union in this matter and you can't blow it.
Sir, the Krill have made it clear they won't even begin a dialogue with us unless we give them Orrin.
War's a nasty business for a lot of people who weren't in on starting it.
And without this alliance, we're no match for the Kaylon.
So the admiralty is considering a provisional extradition agreement.
What? Only if he's guilty, and it's just a discussion for now.
Admiral, if we hand him over to the Krill, they will torture him and kill him.
And if we don't, there will be no treaty, and billions more could die.
What about his service record? I mean, the guy just spent 20 years in a Krill prison.
How the hell can we even think about sending him back? No one is disputing his heroism, but we need more information.
Captain, it's imperative that you find out if this man is guilty of what they're charging him with.
We'll do our best.
Is this who we are now? We need a lead and fast.
You maniacs! You blew it up! Oh, damn you! Okay, watch this.
Watch this.
Damn you all to hell! Get ready.
Here it comes.
Bam! Huh? He was on Earth the whole time.
[CHUCKLING]: Isn't that.
? Isn't that nuts? Did you see that coming? Hey, you know, you don't have to worry.
The real Earth isn't like that.
I know you've never seen it, but it's really cool.
Maybe some day your dad'll take you there.
[DOOR CHIMES] Come in.
- Ed, hey.
- What's going on? Oh, I was just giving Leyna a crash course in the classics.
Listen, can I talk to you for a second? - Sure.
What's up? - Privately? What is it? Look, if there's anything I should know about Orrin, now is the time to tell me.
- Like what? - Has he said anything? Anything at all to indicate that he might have violated the cease-fire? Are you serious right now? Ed, the-the guy is one of the most dedicated officers I've ever known.
Wha What's going on? The admirals are considering a provisional extradition agreement if he's guilty.
You wouldn't follow through with it? I just need as much information as I can get right now.
Ed, all he's done is survive.
He raised that girl by himself.
She doesn't have anyone else in this world but him.
Gordon, I'm on your side, all right? But the sooner I know what's going on, the sooner I can figure out a way to help this guy without selling out the Union.
Now, just tell me if he said anything.
He just said he thinks the peace is a mistake.
- He said that? - Yeah.
What-what what of it? You know what? I think it's a mistake, too.
- Oh, come on.
You don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do.
They're butchering, fundamentalist fanatics.
We shouldn't even be talking to them! Gordon, you're smarter than that.
Don't let him get in your head.
- Oh, my God.
- What? You're jealous.
I'm not jealous.
What am I jealous of? Our friendship.
Orrin and I have known each other longer than you and I have.
We're close, and you don't like that.
That's insane.
What are we, in sixth grade here? - I guess so.
- Look, Gordon, I'm just trying to do the right thing.
The right thing is to protect him.
He's a Union officer! Do your job! I'll let you know when I figure out what that is.
How was the movie? Oh, I I think she saw the twist ending coming.
[CHUCKLES] She's a smart one.
Orrin? You you didn't violate the cease-fire, did you? Wh-What? Ed told me.
The admirals are talking extradition.
[SCOFFS] Political snakes.
- We need to act now.
- Huh? There's a way we can stop this peace from happening.
All I need is a shuttle.
Can you get me one? I A shuttle? Orrin, what are you talking about? You don't believe in this peace any more than I do.
Get me a shuttle.
I can stop it.
How? I'll tell you once we're off the Orville.
Orrin, I I can't do that.
- Why not? - Because I just can't.
Well, then, you're gonna have to report me to your captain.
I saved your life, and I paid for it with 20 years of my own.
Now I'm asking a favor of you.
Don't make me regret the sacrifice I made.
Hey, Yaphit, can you grab me a conduit buffer cap? Think he went to the bathroom.
[SIGHS] It's all right.
I'll get it.
Two of these have gone missing from the supply area.
What is it? It's a quantum storage cell.
It uses a small anti-grav field to transport quantum plasma from one place to another.
Orrin was back there.
That's where I saw him snooping around.
Quantum plasma can be weaponized.
Is any of it missing? Uh, it's not exactly an easy thing to just walk into engineering and take, but I checked anyway.
It's all there.
Any traces of it elsewhere on the ship? I did a scan, just in case.
BORTUS: Lieutenant, you did do a full sweep when this man came on board? For the last time, yes.
I scanned him completely.
I've even scanned the entire ship for any anomalous weapons plasma, chemical, biological, everything.
- What about his daughter? - Checked her, too.
No weapons of any kind.
Look, if it'll make everyone feel better, I'll perform a second shipwide sweep, but I can already tell you I'm not gonna find anything.
So basically, all this guy has done is steal a bunch of pens from the office.
What are we missing? - [DOOR CHIMES] - Come in.
Lieutenant Malloy.
What can I do for you? I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink or something.
You want to get a drink with me? Yeah.
Why not? [CHUCKLES] Thought we might get to know each other a little better.
Are you asking me out? No! No, no, I'm not.
I just felt like a drink.
I suppose I could use a break.
Mess hall? Or we could just have a drink right here.
There's the bartender.
One Scotch, neat.
You? - Xelayan rum.
- And a Xelayan rum.
[SIGHS] Talla, I have to tell you something.
What? Orrin asked me to steal a shuttle.
When? Earlier today.
He said all he needed was a shuttle, and he could stop the peace.
How does he plan to do that? He said he wouldn't tell me until we're off the Orville.
Have you told the captain? No.
Look, Talla, I know I have to tell him.
But if I do, I've betrayed a man who saved my life, a friend who goes back 30 years.
And if I don't, I've betrayed this ship and Ed.
By telling me, you know you've made your choice.
I guess I just wanted to hear myself say it out loud.
Don't talk to the captain.
I'll tell him.
I thought you said you were gonna talk to the captain.
- Talla, please.
- I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, but you're gonna turn around and walk back out that door.
Don't get in the middle of this.
We both know I can put your lights out with one hand.
Don't make me do it.
I'm sorry.
Skip the prep.
We got to get out of here fast.
Sort of like being back in flight school, eh? Captain, Shuttle 1 has just launched.
Tracking device is functioning.
Keep monitoring.
This is a big friggin' gamble.
I know.
Mercer to Keyali.
- How are you doing? - [GROANS SOFTLY] He could've lightened up on the stun, but he played the part well.
I'm gonna go check on Leyna.
- ISAAC: Captain, the Krill vessel is hailing us.
Put 'em on.
Captain Mercer, we will arrive at the rendezvous point in 30 minutes.
I do hope you have made the correct decision regarding the criminal.
My time's not up yet.
We still have 30 minutes before your deadline.
I expect you to honor it.
Mercer out.
Okay, we're cloaked.
The Orville won't be able to follow us.
Now, what's the plan? Set a course to rendezvous with the Krill ship.
What? Just do it.
Trust me.
Look, if-if you just tell me what the plan is Gordon.
Trust me.
Captain, the shuttle has changed course to intercept the Krill vessel.
My God, what is he doing? I have no idea.
Maybe we should contact him.
Then Orrin will know it's a setup.
Gordon's got to contact us.
Can I come in? Thought I'd stop by and check on you.
I'm sure it's been a stressful day.
I know you're probably wondering what's going on with your father.
All I can tell you is What happened to your arm? Who did that to you? Look, I know you're scared of the doctor, but we have to get that checked out.
Keyali to Finn.
I need you in Lieutenant Channing's quarters right away.
Tell her to belay that order.
Well, look at that.
She talks.
Damn right she talks.
Now tell her to belay that order.
You ever met a Xelayan before? [SCOFFS] No.
You have now.
What the hell? CLAIRE: Oh, my Talla, step away from her.
- Doctor, what's - Step away from her right now.
You're too late.
Lock it.
- Doctor, you mind telling me what - Finn to bridge.
You need to set up a force field around Lieutenant Channing's quarters immediately.
Divert all available power.
Strong as you can make it.
- Doctor, what's going on? - CLAIRE: Please.
Just do it.
And initiate a nitrogen purge in those quarters.
- Isaac.
- Yes, Captain.
Level 12 force field activated around guest quarters.
- Come on.
- Hey, wait.
I want answers.
What do you know about Channing's daughter? Whoever that woman in there is, it's not his daughter.
That's why she wouldn't submit to a medical exam.
She's an Envall.
Oh, my God.
What's an Envall? It's a race of humanoids from a distant star system called Lakkar B.
Their blood cells contain an iodide compound which, when exposed to a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, renders the plasma highly unstable.
Wait, so you're saying When their blood hits the air, it becomes an explosive substance.
You're lucky you didn't blow the ship half apart when you decked her.
KELLY: Their homeworld's atmosphere includes an element that neutralizes the effect, but they're too biologically dangerous for us to interact with.
So 50 years ago, they made an agreement with the Union to stay away from any worlds with nitrogen atmospheres.
And that's why most of us have never seen one.
Where did Lieutenant Channing find her? Who knows? Could Orrin have been extracting her blood to use as a weapon? The needle marks on her arm.
Oh, why would he use a needle? The blood is too unstable to use an electron hypodermic.
That's why he stole the quantum storage cells.
To transport it.
And that's how he destroyed those Krill ships, by firing compressed units of Envall blood from the Krill shuttle's torpedo launchers.
Union shuttles do not have torpedo launchers.
How is he planning to deploy the weapon? He isn't.
It's a suicide mission.
With Gordon on board.
John, take the helm.
Set a course to intercept the shuttle.
Six minutes to intercept the Krill vessel.
Okay, Orrin, you got to tell me what we're doing, or I'm stopping right here.
What is that? Justice.
Looks more like eggnog.
It's Envall blood.
Just a few ounces of this is enough to destroy a starship's quantum drive.
Where did you get Envall blood? Leyna was killed by the Krill 20 years ago along with my wife.
The girl you met is an Envall I encountered at an outpost after I escaped the POW camp.
She hates the Krill for her own reasons, so we joined forces.
You did destroy those Krill ships.
With great pleasure.
Malloy to Orville.
I'm returning to the shuttle bay.
What are you doing? You son of a bitch.
You lied to me! Gordon, listen to me.
We have to do this.
Look, I understand what you went through was a nightmare, but you You don't understand a damn thing! You've had a life! For 20 years, all I've had is loneliness and brutality and all the time in the world to relive the memory of watching my family die! I'm sorry, Orrin! War is hell on all sides, but this agreement can stop the killing.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Orrin, it's over.
What are you doing? We can intercept the Krill ship and do what we came here to do, or we can die here.
Orrin, please.
Don't do this.
It's too late.
It can't be stopped.
If you won't set the course, I will.
Do you realize what you've done?! [INHALES SHARPLY] Put this on.
Go to hell, Malloy.
How long till we intercept the shuttle? Three minutes.
- Run every red light.
- Aye, sir.
Orrin, we have to abandon ship.
Now put the suit on.
Ungrateful bastard.
I saved your life.
And I'll always be in your debt, but asking me to commit kamikaze suicide with you is kind of a backpedal, don't you think? Go.
I don't want to lose you again.
- - [ALARM WHOOPING] [GRUNTS] By the provisional authority granted to me by the admiralty of the Planetary Union, I hereby bear witness to this momentous forward step in the pursuit of peace.
I hope that this marks the beginning of a new era of nonviolence between our two peoples.
We will see.
A peace is only as strong as those who uphold it.
And, of course, trust is earned.
We agree on that, Commander.
[DOOR CHIMES] Come in.
Listen, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
It's not easy to have to put duty before friendship, especially when someone dies.
Orrin died a long time ago, back in that Krill prison.
The man who died in that shuttle was somebody else.
Well, I also wanted to say that I think you may have been right.
I may have felt a little threatened by your friendship with Orrin.
Dude, that's insane.
Why? Because every moment that I sit in that chair on the bridge, I'm always wondering, "Do I deserve this? I mean, should this be someone else?" And that's something I can never vocalize to any other member of the crew because they would lose confidence.
I mean, I can talk to Kelly, but that's been a little complicated lately.
I count on you, man.
Dude, you can always count on me.
That's never gonna change.
You're my best friend.
Nobody's ever gonna come along and mess it up, I swear.
I mean, maybe, like, a really hot girl, but other than that, it's rock-solid.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks.
Well, look, it's after shift, so why don't we go get a beer, and you can tell me about your friend.