The Orville (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Shadow Realms

Sorry to keep you all waiting,
but trust me, this is gonna be worth it.

We're getting a pool table in the mess hall.


We've been assigned to pick up
Vice Admiral Christie from Outpost 35
and then transport him
to rendezvous with a Krill vessel.

Once there,
the Admiral will begin negotiations
to allow Union access to the Naklav Sector.

That's on the other side of Krill space.


Union ships have never had a conduit.

Until now.

Early indications are that,
with treaty negotiations going smoothly,
the Krill may be willing
to permit passage, which means
entire regions of unexplored space
are gonna be wide open.

Does he believe we can trust them?
That's the word.

Christie's one of the top Union diplomats.

He was the guy who negotiated
the Din'jon Accords.

So if this all goes through,
will we be able to get in on it?
Well, we were the ones
who shepherded the Lock Vai pact,
and we are an exploration vessel,
so I would say our odds are pretty good.


You okay?
Oh, I I'm fine.

I just didn't sleep well last night.

Any questions?
Gordon, set a course.

Aye, sir.


Whoa, at ease.

What's with the formality?
Standing at attention in the presence
of an admiral is Protocol 101.

Well, can I come in,
or do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment necessary.

It's been a long time.

It really has.

It's amazing to see you.

And this your own sickbay.

I always knew you'd be successful,
but Chief Medical Officer
on a Union starship?
Boy, you must've had
some top-notch professors.

One or two.

Well, this one is very proud of you.

Thank you, sir.

Please, it's Paul.

Admiral Paul.

Well, I'm as shocked about that as you are.

Oh, I'm not shocked at all.

You always had the heart of an explorer.

It was only a matter of time before
you left the university for the universe.

Well, most of my time now is spent
behind a desk,
so whenever a mission like this
comes along, I jump at the chance.

And I must admit, seeing your name
on the crew manifest
gave me a little extra incentive.

Well, you look healthy.

Time's been good to you.

Maybe on the outside.

But you know what they say:
unmarried men look younger, feel older.

You're as beautiful as ever.

Save your charm for the Krill.

You're gonna need it.

Speaking of which,
I'm scheduled to brief your Captain
on tomorrow's negotiations.

How about we get some dinner afterward?
Got a lot of years to catch up on.

Actually, I promised my kids
I'd stay home tonight
and watch a movie with them.

You, uh
you have kids?
Two boys.

I'd love to meet them.

Maybe it's best if we just stay
focused on the job at hand.

There's a lot at stake here,
and I don't think either of us
need any distractions.

I didn't mean to push.

I was just excited to see you again.

for what it's worth
it may be 25 years too late, but
I'm sorry.

I don't want to keep you from your briefing.


No distractions.

I fail to see the purpose of this gathering.

Well, diplomatic receptions
are an old Earth custom.

Think of it as a way for us
to get to know each other,
before the real work begins.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say
we very much hope
that this temporary alliance
will become permanent.

Do not "hope" too fervently.

Once the Kaylon are crushed,
the alliance will be dissolved.

Only then will we celebrate.

Well, still
Ladies and gentlemen, a toast.

It's not every day one gets a chance
to be part of history.

But tonight,
history is being made in this room.

As we prepare to begin an epic journey
into unexplored realms,
we also take the next step toward healing
the wounds of the past
and forging a new path
toward lasting friendship.

Here's to a better future.

I'm gonna take this bottle
somewhere else.

You wanna join me?
God, yes.

Can you handle this alone?
I'll owe you one.

Yeah, I'll just stay here
and give myself cirrhosis.

I feel like we should make this
a weekly ritual.

You and me, draining a bottle?
- Why not?
- No argument here.

You know,
there's a line from a very old book I once read:
"It is only with greatest care"
"that memory can be kept
from becoming a prison or a gallows.
I'll go along with that.

You know, I was married once.

- What?
- Mm-hmm.

- You were married?
- Yup.

How come you've never told me this?
Uh, I don't talk about it often.

Who was the guy?
- No.

- Yeah.

Admiral Christie? Are you serious?
You were married to Admiral Christie?
It was a long time ago.

I was a medical student at Union Point.

He was one of my professors.

We started seeing each other
at the beginning of my final year.

Kept it a secret until I graduated.

Then, six months later, we got married.

The official story was that
we'd only been together a short time
and then rushed to the altar,
but I don't think anyone was fooled.

Never in a billion years
would I have pegged you
as someone who'd hook up with your professor.

Everything forbidden is sweet.

So what happened?
Long story short:
I don't think he really wanted a wife.

He wanted someone young and smiling
to come home to at the end of the night
after a long day's work.

Which was sort of how it was
when I was still in school,
but once the ranks were dropped,
I was looking for a partner.

He was looking for a bed-warmer.

I gave him an ultimatum, and
he walked away.

Were you devastated?
At the time, I was crushed, yeah.

I questioned everything about myself.

Every way I turned it over in my head,
I kept feeling like I was the one at fault,
like I made a huge mistake.

But when I remember it now, it's like
I'm watching someone else's daughter.

I'm sad for her, but I know
she needs to learn her own lessons.

It must've been really hard seeing him again.

Oh, in a weird way,
I think it was harder for him.

Well, yeah, I get that.

The pain can be worse
when you're the one ending things.

Personally, I'd always rather be
dumped than be the dumper.


Anyway, different lifetime.

On to the future.

Well, maybe one of the Krill is single.

That's a thought.

And, hey, there's two of them.

I can't date anyone who dresses
more glam than I do.

Okay, fair enough.

We have considered your request
for passage through our territory,
and we are prepared to grant it.

But there are certain conditions.

We're listening.

There is an uninhabited planet in Union space
that is rich in harcarium.

We use it in our propulsion systems.

We wish to secure extraction rights.

- Where?
- The third planet in the Obrall system.

Well, I think that can be arranged.

I'll need to get approval
from the Union Council, of course.

Passage will be allowed for one vessel alone.

If there are no
we will consider further allowances.

Well, I don't think anyone here would
object to getting the first solo crack
at unexplored space.

No, sir, we would not.

While in our space,
your vessel will follow this
course to the Naklav Sector.

Any deviation will be forbidden to you.

Not exactly the quickest way to get there,
but it shouldn't be a problem.

Anything else?
Upon entry into our territory,
a tracking beacon will be installed
on your ship
so we can monitor
your coordinates at all times.

That would be a violation
of our security protocols.

I think it's all right, Commander.

We really don't have anything to hide.

I'm sure we can find a way to accommodate.

We have little to no information,
about the regions beyond your space
that we intend to explore.

Anything your cartographers could share
with us
would be greatly appreciated,
especially concerning the Kalarr Expanse.

do not intend to enter the Expanse?
Why wouldn't we?
It is a domain of evil.

What do you mean?
Demons dwell within the Expanse.

Could you be a little more specific?
The Anhkana warns of Shadow Realms.

Gateways to the depths of the underworld,
where demons lie in wait
to possess the souls of those
who dare to stray within their reach.

They corrupt all that is holy.

Within their grasp, even the most righteous
can be forced to commit
unspeakable acts of depravity.

Do you have any direct evidence
that these "demons" really exist?
It is written in the Anhkana.

That is all the evidence we need.

We appreciate the warning,
and we'll take every precaution,
but that area covers
more than half the sector.

We are explorers.

So if it's all the same to you,
we'd like to see for
ourselves what's out there.

We will not stop you.

But do not expect us to save you.

Consul, Ambassador.

We wish you safe travels,
and we want to thank you
again for your generosity.

I know I speak for the entire Union when I say,
there is no greater gift than
the promise of new knowledge.

Sala tallo ka vaspa ko loy.

What does that mean?
It is a prayer.

For those who are about to die.

The question is,
do we take their warning seriously?
Tom, you're kidding, right?
I mean, consider the source.

I'm just suggesting
the possibility that their claim,
absurd though it may be,
could indicate the presence
of some real threat.

And because they're Krill,
they process it through
the lens of their religion.

Which still doesn't give us much of a road map.

I mean, their religion is
confusing, to say the least.

All religions are confusing.

How do you think the priests stay in business?
Did they offer any concrete evidence
to support their claims?
In fact, from what we gather,
none of their ships have
ventured into the Expanse
in more than a century.

The copy of the Anhkana we have in our database
has a few passages about "Shadow Realms.
Lots of colorful language
about soul-sucking demons
with eight eyes and huge fangs.

Horror movie stuff.

And if this were a horror movie,
I'd say don't go into the house.

But obviously their religion
has a powerful influence
over their perception of reality.

But it should not stand
in the way of Union exploration.

We need to seize the opportunity while we can.

Ed? What do you think?
Visions of horror always have
mortal origins.

If there is something out there,
it's not supernatural.

- Could still be dangerous.

- Exploration always carries risk.

I say we risk it.

Very well.

I look forward to your reports.

Hello there.


I hear congratulations are in order.

Word travels fast on this ship, huh?
May I sit?
Cozy place.

I come here to work
whenever I get tired of the office,
or when my kids are driving me crazy.

You know what it reminds me of,
that little bistro we used to go to
on King Street.

What was it called?
- Cafe Noir.

- Yes.

Some fun times there.

So, when do you leave for Outpost 55?
I'm not leaving.

I'm coming with you to explore
the Naklav Sector.

Isn't that a little unusual for an admiral?
Oh, yeah.
They love keeping us
behind desks,
but, uh, this is too big to pass up.

I hope your decision
didn't have anything to do with me.


Not entirely.

But you have been on my mind recently.

Is that
I take it with me whenever I travel.

Brings me good luck.

You kept it all these years?
Selayan sunstone
not the kind of thing you just toss away.

It's too rare, it's too special.

Do you still have yours?
Paul, uh
I'm happy to talk
about the mission with you, but I
I don't want to dredge up any more of this.

The hurt ran really deep for me,
and I had to work very hard to dig it all out.

But there's no
vestige, no small wisp of feeling
still there?
I'm sorry.

Just for luck then, okay?
All departments report ready, sir.

The Krill have given us final clearance.

We're good to go.

- Okay.
- Aren't you forgetting something?

I didn't prepare anything.

It's traditional for the Captain,
to give a ship-wide announcement
at the beginning of a new voyage,
you know, like a little pep talk.

I was gonna write something last night,
but I was just too wiped.

Just speak from your heart.

That's all the crew wants.

All hands, this is the Captain.

We're about to enter unexplored space.

I know you're all just as excited as I am,
and I know you're all
going to do your best, so
let's give this everything we got,
may the force be with you.

- How was that?
- Perfect.

Set course and engage quantum drive.


That is correct.

We haven't been formally introduced.

I'm Admiral Christie.

I am pleased to meet you, Admiral.

Am I interrupting anything important?


I am upgrading the scanner array
for our journey.

Well, I won't take too much of your time.

I must admit I was a little dubious
about meeting you.

A Kaylon serving on a Union ship.

After what happened.

But I read the after-action battle report.

I see that you saved a lot of lives.

I commend you for that.

Thank you, sir.

I was wondering if I could ask you
a few questions.

The entirety of my official report
is available in the ship's computer.

No, not about the battle.

About Dr.

I've heard from a few folks
on board that you two were

That is accurate.

Well, you know,
I was with Claire, too, a long time ago.

Then we share a common experience.

After all this time
she's moved on, but I'm afraid that I haven't.

I hope you don't mind me telling you this.

No, sir.

I have observed many such paradoxes
in human relationships.

Well, to be blunt
I was hoping you could give me some insight
into what makes Claire happy these days.

Finn values her children
above all else.

She has often stated that she would
sacrifice her own life for them.

Go on.

Her career as a Union medical officer
is also a crucial part of her identity.

She is highly empathetic,
and takes great
satisfaction in helping others.

She always has.

Her recreational interests include
music, dancing, fine dining,
rain showers and sexual relations.

Her preferred mating positions include
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That's plenty helpful, Isaac.

Thank you.

Am I to understand that you find it
a challenge to process her daily absence?
Yes, you could say that.

It is another common experience we share.

Passing the outer border of Krill space.

Folks, welcome to the Naklav Sector.

First Union ship ever to come this far.

Check it off the career bucket list.

Analysis of that star cluster.

An O-B association,
approximately two million years old.

78 blue giant stars,
along with several dozen F, G, and K stars
in later stages of evolution.

Reminds me of Vegas.

Any life signs?
I am detecting 347 habitable planets,
but so far no indications
of intelligent life.

Wow, it really is Vegas.

Captain, I'm picking up
what looks like a distress signal.

Bearing zero-zero-one mark twelve.

4 light-years.

That is inside the Kalarr Expanse.

I'm assuming it's no one we know.

Negative, sir.

What about long-range scans?
The Expanse appears to be
almost entirely empty space.

There is one star system
approximately 30.
6 light-years
from the coordinates of the distress signal.

Afraid to go in?
Burke, set a course.

Aye, sir.

Approaching the edge of the Expanse.

There are no stars.

How far does it extend?
Scans indicate at least 800 parsecs.

Take us in.

Entering haunted house.

We're approaching the coordinates.

What the hell is that?
I am detecting no propulsion systems
and only minimal power.

It appears to be a space station.

Send a hail.

No response.

Maybe whoever it is can't respond.

They could be injured.

The interior is pressurized,
and there is a breathable atmosphere.

Admiral, what do you say?
I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Talla, you're with Kelly and I.

Bortus, you have the comm.

Tell Dr.
Finn and Chief Lamarr
to meet us in the shuttle bay.

Aye, sir.

Anything resembling a docking port?
There's a large module
toward the middle of the structure,
seems to be mostly empty.

Could be a shuttle bay.

Take us in closer.

Looks like they know we're coming.

Ahead slow.

Either that or we turn around.

Look at the walls.

It's an alloy of some kind,
but it doesn't match anything on record.

It's almost like it's organic.

Let's keep moving.

- Life signs?
- Nothing.

All right, fan out, but don't go far.

Let's search the immediate area.

Better not touch anything.


I think I found the source
of the distress signal.

Some kind of automated beacon.

Maybe they got the help they needed
and forgot to turn it off.


Captain, look at this.

There's energy flowing through them.

Could be some kind of power relays.


- What happened?
- I don't know.
It moved.

Moved? How?
It opened up.
Expanded for a moment.

Might be safer to analyze the data
we have before we go any further.

Mercer to Grayson.

Doesn't look like anybody's here.

Let's head back to the shuttle.


Isaac and I have gone through
these readings a dozen times.

All we can tell you is that the station
is made out of some kind
of highly advanced bio-technology.

How it works or why it's there, you got me.

Do you think it's abandoned?
According to scans,
there are no lifeforms currently on board.

At least not life as we know it.

What do you mean?
It's possible there are some lifeforms
that are so different,
our scans can't even recognize them.

It's a valid point.

One of the fundamental questions
in astrobiology is: what comprises life?
For all we know,
the outpost itself is a lifeform.

Sounds like kind of a stretch.

There are creatures on Talarius Seven
that look like rocks.

However, they are living organisms.

So what do we do?
We'll continue to explore the region.

If we get lucky, maybe we find
something or someone
who can shed some light on
Admiral? What's wrong?
He's having some kind of seizure!
Help me turn him over!
Oh, my God
Twenty milligrams of diomine.

All right.

He's stabilized for now.

Doctor, what the hell is wrong with him?
Something is re-writing his DNA,
and it's happening at an alarming rate.

This growth
It contains photoreceptors
and a retinal nerve.

It's almost like it's a partially formed eye.

Can you reverse it?
I may be able to slow it down,
but I don't know if I can stop it.

Whatever happened to him over there,
it's something our bioscanners missed.

I need more information, and I need it now.

This is it.

Some micro-particulates of some kind
Lamarr to Captain.

Go ahead.

There's something going on over here.

What is it?
The distress beacon we found
is broadcasting a new signal.

What kind of signal?
The coordinates of this outpost.

Let's get back to the ship.


Take it easy, Paul.
You're in sickbay.

What's happening to me?
You were exposed to something on the station.

We're trying to figure it out.

I feel so strange.

Are you in pain?
No, I
I'm just

Nurse, would you give us a moment?
Of course.

I'm gonna find out
what's causing this.

And I'll make a deal with you.

You get better,
and I'll make you some of that
chocolate soufflé you used to love.


I hated that soufflé.

You did?

Well, you used to eat it all the time.

You were so proud of it, I
I didn't have the heart to tell you.

It tasted like dried leaves.

Well then, either you get better,
or I'll serve it to you for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner.

The ring.

It's in my pocket.

If I die, I want it with me.

You're not going to die, Paul.

Thank you
I'm going to save you.

I promise.

Shuttle to Dr.

We found something.

We'll need your eyes on this,
but it looks like the Admiral was exposed
to a bacterial spore of some kind.

Doesn't match anything in our database.

We're bringing it to you for analysis.

Recommend decontamination
upon arrival, just to be safe.


Finn to bridge.

Admiral Christie is gone.

What do you mean gone?
I mean he's not in sickbay.

Bortus, alert security.

Commander, someone is accessing main power.

- Who?
- Unknown.

- They are initializing a dampening field.

- Override!
I cannot.

They are using level 9 command codes.

The Admiral?
I am locked out!

Bridge to Engineering.

All systems are inoperative, Commander.

Engines, too.
You can hear it.

Can you tap into auxiliary power?
Not from the bridge.

I will need to go to Engineering.

Isaac, go with him.

It's no use.
We've lost main power.

I'm gonna go check on my kids.

Keep an eye on sickbay.

Yes, Doctor.

Mercer to Orville.
Mercer to Orville.

Kelly, can you hear me?
She can't.

Looks like all systems are offline.

There's a ship-wide dampening field in use.

- What's causing it?
- No idea, but once we're on board,
comscanners and weapons
are gonna be useless.

We're gonna have to dock manually.

I'm gonna go to Engineering,
see what I can find out.

All right, be careful.

Boys? Are you here?
We should go back.

Mom always says if there's an emergency,
we should wait in our quarters.

Look, I don't want to sit in my room
starin' out the window at all that darkness.

Gives me the creeps.

Come on, we gotta find her.

You got that power cell out yet?
They really
jam these things in here.

- Try twisting it.

- I did.

Usually if it doesn't pop right out,
it means you're doing it wrong.

Thanks, you're a huge help.

Kelly, what's going on?
Somebody's shut down all power.

We think it may have been Admiral Christie.

Commander, there's something else.

That outpost is transmitting
a homing signal.

To where?
We don't know.

It's a wide-range broadcast.

I don't like the sound of that.

What are you doing?
Trying to pull the power cell
so we can check internal scanners.

Won't budge.

Well, if it doesn't pop right out,
it means you're doing it wrong.

I'm pretty sure I can restore auxiliary power
if I can find the source
of the dampening field.

How can we accomplish that
without internal scans?
I'll use the only scanners I got
right now my eyes.

It's gotta be in one of
the engineering conduits,
I just need to find it.

There are 132 engineering conduits
on this ship.

Then I'd better get started.

I will assist you, Commander.

Can you notify the bridge?
Maybe she went home.

I'm going back to our quarters.


- Come with me?
- I already told you that I'm not
- What is that thing?
- I don't know.

Marcus! What are you doing back here?
- Did you see it?!
- See what?
The monster!
I don't know what you guys mean,
but there's no one else here.

Come on out.

Come on.

There was something else here.

We both saw it.

What did it look like?
I don't know like a spider.

But big, like as big as you.

Well, there's nothing here now.

Why did the lights go off?
We're working on figuring that out.

Can you help us find our mom?
Of course.

You guys stick with me,
and we'll look for her together.

Oh, Ty! Marcus!
- Mom!
- Oh, thank God.

Are you okay?
What did we talk about
when there's an emergency?
You're supposed to wait in our quarters!
- But there's a monster!
- What?
There's something on board.

Some kind of creature.

It got Lieutenant Woodson.

We have to hide!
Let's get to the bridge.

And then what happened?
It sprayed him with something.

And that's when he started to change.

Can you describe it?
His face
There were big black shiny eyes.

And his skin was
it was like it went all rotten.

That sounds like what happened
to Admiral Christie.

- Demonic possession.

- Huh?
The Krill warned us that
this part of space was inhabited by
demons who would
take possession of your soul.

Something like this
it's exactly how they would interpret it.

The microbes that Paul
was exposed to on that outpost
almost immediately started
rewriting his DNA,
turning his cells into
Another species.

When the Admiral escaped sickbay,
his transmutation was accelerating.

He must have infected others.

What Marcus described, is most likely a more
potent version of the microbes.


That's my guess.

It may be that their natural means
of procreation
is to hijack the bodies of other lifeforms.

Like a parasite, only much more aggressive.

Then the distress call we received
It was a mating call.

Oh, man
There's no telling how many
of our people have been infected.

We need to contain the spread
as quickly as possible.

Commander Lamarr
was attempting to restore power
from within the engineering conduits.

He is likely unaware of the alien threat.

I'll find him.

Isaac, I think I found something!
Do you require assistance?
I can't override
the Admiral's command codes,
but, I might be able to rig a workaround
and get auxiliary power back online.

Stand by.

There it is.

No communications yet,
but we got life support,
interior illumination, and backup systems.

Anything more is gonna take some time.

I will alert the bridge.

Captain, we have minimal power.

It's about time.

Sir, I have to get to sickbay.

If there's a counteragent,
I need to find it, and fast.

Bortus, go with her.

And see if you can gather a
security detail to man the perimeter.

Aye, sir.

Stay here, kids.

Come and get me, assholes!
Hey! Can anybody hear me?! I need help!
Hey, somebody!
Isaac! Thank God.

You gotta get me outta here!
Commander, why are you in the brig?
Just get me out of here,
we gotta get to the bridge!
Come on!
Okay, boom.

Communications are back online.

I had to divert power from life support,
so nobody breathe too heavy.

Mercer to Finn.

Finn here, Captain.
I'm in sickbay.

Were you able to find anything?
It's slow going here, sir.

At least until you can get full power
back up and running.

We're working on it.

Is there any other way we can help?
Not unless you can get one of those creatures,
to agree to a physical.

Hi, doc.
I thought you could use this.

Scratch that, Captain.

We have a patient.

Long-range scanners
are detecting a vessel.

Ten million kilometers and closing.

Let's see it.


Oh, boy, that can't be good news.

John, how soon will we have quantum drive?
Not soon enough.

There's no recognizable DNA.

Whoever this is,
his genome has been completely transformed.

I can't even tell what species he was.

Is there anything you can do?
If there was a fragment
of his original genetic template, maybe
I'll assemble a security detail.

We'll go after them one by one
if that's what it takes.

Wait a minute.

I'm reading white blood cells.

He was human.

The cell count is low.
Really low.

What does that mean?
It means the transformative process
takes an enormous toll on the body.

Based on the scan,
it must be at least a couple of weeks
before their immune systems
are back up to full strength.

Then they have a weakness.

I could create a synthetic virus.

It wouldn't have to be any stronger
than the common cold,
and it'd probably be fatal to them.

We could disperse it
in aerosolized form throughout the ship.

They'd have no immunity.

What about us?
You might get the sniffles.

I am prepared.

Claire, even if this works
these are our shipmates we're talking about.

They didn't ask for what happened to them.

Are they still our shipmates?
You heard her.

They're a completely different species now.

We don't even know if there's
anything left of what they were.

More importantly, it's us versus them.

I vote for us.

If there was some way
we could communicate with them,
to give them a warning.

A chance to leave peacefully.

Maybe there's a way.

Scan the ship for Selayan sunstone.

- What for?
- Just do it, please.

It's a rare mineral.

wedding rings were made from it.

Paul was wearing his.

If he still has it, we may be able to locate him.

And then what?
If any small part of him still exists
maybe I can reach him.

Doctor, you can't be serious.

- If he comes after you, there's no way
- I know.
I know the risks.

Please, Captain.
I need to try.

I found a trace of something
that could be sunstone.

It's in Engineering.

It's me, Claire.

I have to talk to you.

You need to hear what I have to say.

Your life depends on it.

We've found a weakness in your biology.

I've created a virus.

You won't survive, any of you.

We're prepared to use it,
if you don't leave the Orville immediately.

There's a ship headed our way.

We know it's one of yours.

Take your people and go.

If any small part of you is still in there
I want you to try to remember
when we were together.

Remember how stubborn I was?
Well, that hasn't changed.

Take your people and go
or I swear we'll destroy every last one of you.

Not Paul.


You will see.

See what?
You will be
of us.

Finn to bridge.

Mercer here.

Prepare to release the toxin.

Start with the engineering deck.


We go.

Thank you.

Not forever.

Good evening, Dr.


What are you doing here?
I am checking on you.

Excuse me?
I have observed,
that when a crew member aboard the Orville
endures a traumatic occurrence,
other members
of their immediate social construct
inquire how they are doing.

That's true.

How are you doing?
- I'm okay.

- Very well.


I hear the Admiralty's suspended
further exploration
of the Naklav Sector for the moment.

That is correct.

Probably for the best.

wish to offer my condolences
on the loss of your friend.

Well, that's very kind of you.

Paul was a special person.

I'm just glad I got to see him one last time.

He spoke favorably of you as well.

You talked about me? With Paul?
Our shared history of social
and sexual intimacy with you
provided a common frame of reference.

Do you know, I have missed you.

Thank you, Doctor.

Do you want to sit down?
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