The Other Black Girl (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

After the Storm

Previously, on The Other Black Girl
Nella, there's someone you have to meet.
Hazel, this is Nella.
Nella, meet Hazel-May
McCall, my new assistant.
Wait, Burning Heart?
That's my favorite book.
It's mine, too.
When Colin comes in,
you are gonna tell him that
you love Needles and
Pins and nothing else.
- S-Sorry?
- You need me, I'll back you.
Shartricia is problematic.
- What did you think?
- Uh, I really liked the book.
Leave Wagner now.
Leave Wagner now!
- You don't belong here!
- You don't belong!
- Leave Wagner now!
- Leave Wagner now!
Sorry, I'm not really
explaining myself very well.
Oh, no, no. I-I-I think
I understand. It's dangerous.
- Nella and I were talking.
- It's dangerous. She's dangerous.
- What was that?
- It's problematic.
- My office first thing tomorrow.
- Problematic.
Ah, fuck!
I'm just tryna understand why Jeremiah
even wants uniforms
for the crossing guards.
We're a middle school.
It's gonna look like a
little fascist army marching
a bunch of kids around.
Whoa Uh-oh, pensive.
Everything okay?
Yeah, fine, why?
Your comfort book.
I'm gonna get fired.
Whoa, whoa. That is not gonna happen.
- Because of the Colin thing?
- Yeah, fuck him.
Definitely, he sucks,
and he'll probably be
governor of Ohio one day, but
all you have to do is
apologize and it'll blow over.
Well, why should I apologize
for doing the right thing?
You don't have to mean it.
And suddenly, I'm worried about
every apology you've ever given me.
No, those were real.
So, so, so, so real.
Okay, so you're saying that
I should just let Colin win?
Let him think that he's won.
But it's more than just about this book.
There are bigger considerations
here, I understand.
Do you? Do you know what I'm saying?
- Because you're
- Because I'm white?
I mean yeah we know that.
But I was going to say diplomatic.
I'm sorry. Stressed out.
Why don't you tell me about
those little fascist kids?
- They're cute.
- Yeah?
And scary.
There somethin' else on your mind?
Of course, it's trite
to call this episode
"Unapologetically Black,"
but we need to remember not
to make our Blackness smaller.
And if being yourself makes people
hate you, well then, bitch, let 'em.
Because, deadass, people are
gonna hate us no matter what.
Damn, who's Wagner?
Like, is he cheatin' or somethin'?
- Hiya!
- Ugh, Sophie.
- Did you get the note?
- Note? What, what n What note?
Hazel's paperless post.
She told everybody to meet in the
conference room for a surprise.
Come on.
It feels so good,
don't want it to be over ♪
When I ride it ♪
What's going on?
Hazel brought pastries
from some bakery in Harlem.
Isn't she rad?
I don't know what other word to
use. She's just rad.
I'd do anything for you, you, you ♪
- Nella, hey.
- Hey.
How are you feeling?
Better now that I'm talking to you two.
The thing yesterday
with Colin was just
Ugh, so complicated.
I just wanna let you know
that everyone is, uh, thinking about it.
Well, I should really
get back to my desk.
I'm not loving this music.
Hey Pastry?
- They're from Lee Lee's.
- I'm good, thanks.
Uh, you don't seem good,
and I'm not sure why
because there's iced lattes.
Really? You're not sure why?
Why don't you tell me, sis?
Right, okay.
It was your first day.
You didn't wanna I
don't know, wait a week
before setting me up
with Colin like that?
Okay wow.
And now you're bringing in
pastries, and you're playing music,
and everybody's smiling
before nine A.M.,
which has never happened here
on what's about to be the worst
day of my professional life.
And what the hell are you wearing?
I mean, it's fucking awesome,
but old people work here.
I am sorry about yesterday,
but like you said, it was my first day.
And I said that I would have
your back when the time was right,
and the time was not right.
It is not my style to
just be brutally honest
with a big time client,
right off the jump.
Gotta be diplomatic, right?
You say that like it's a bad thing.
I'm frustrated,
it's it's frustrating.
And, yeah, I brought pastries
because I thought it
would be a nice thing to do
for my new co-workers.
It's not about you.
Did you send me that note?
What are you talkin' about?
We need to talk.
Well, so.
Yesterday with Colin
was not my finest hour.
- I was out of pocket.
- Yes, yes you were.
The pocket was way, way far away.
Is that what I get for
valuing your opinion, Nella?
For trusting you?
You're my dog's godmother,
for Christ's sake.
I never meant to embarrass you.
I really appreciate how
much you believe in me.
And I am so sorry.
Well, thank you.
I know we want the same thing,
so, tomorrow,
when Colin comes here
for his author's photo,
you will apologize, hm?
And that'll be that.
Why are we still standing here?
Well, I was thinking
about it last night.
I was wondering, I thought
that maybe we could suggest
bringing in an outside
sensitivity reader
for Colin's new book.
That is the opposite of an apology.
We could be doing Wagner a favor.
Bringing in a professional might
save us down the line.
Nella, that will only upset Colin more.
Do you want him to leave Wagner?
Do you want me to play
the three crying voicemails
that he's left me
over the last 24 hours?
Was he really crying?
I need you to get me a
reservation at Le Bernardin.
I will take Colin to a
very expensive dinner.
I will compliment his stupid hat,
and I will do my best
to try and save your job.
But just yesterday you
said you were ready to talk
to Richard about my promotion.
Promotion? Nella, you're
lucky to be here today.
We all have our sacrifices to make.
I have to go watch Colin
eat four kinds of steak
and tell him he's the next John Grisham.
You need to do the right
thing and apologize.
Otherwise, the conversation
I will be having with Richard
will be very, very different.
Oh, and Nella.
Get me one of those cranberry things
that Hazel has in the conference room.
I see you thinkin' 'bout leaving.
I shouldn't have left the
office. I have so much work to do.
Girl, mm-mm, it is my housewarming.
You not even almost drunk yet.
Yeah, sorry, I'm not
even sure what it is.
I was expecting some nicer
booze as a housewarmin' present.
What's wrong?
Someone left a piece of paper
in my coat pocket yesterday,
and all it said was
"Leave Wagner now," no name.
Excuse me? That's a hate crime.
Well, can it be a hate
crime if it came from Hazel?
You are not getting creepy, racist notes
from the only other
Black girl in the office.
It's gotta be somebody else.
There was this thing with Colin.
Co-Co-Colin Franklin?
Incel King Colin? It's obviously him.
- I don't know.
- What's up?
That little bitch Colin is
leavin' her racist notes.
This is why you were weird
with the eggs this morning.
Why didn't you tell me?
I, I-I don't know, I was confused.
They don't exactly do
HR training for this.
Why are you puttin' up with that?
Exactly. Job sucks, just quit.
I actually think that I have to
go back to the office, tonight.
- No!
- Well, this whole thing with Colin
is undoing the past two years.
And I really need Vera
to believe in me again.
Yeah, I-I gotta do it.
Hey, Nell, are you okay?
I'm okay.
You need this, it cured my
aunt's cancer, I swear to God.
Oh, my God, we have got
to start drinking wine.
Oh yeah, quit!
Fuck these lights.
Dream job, dream job,
dream job, dream job.
Dream job, dream job,
dream job, dream job, dream job.
It's just me, Nella.
Wait a minute.
Oh, yeah. What's good?
There's no one here.
Oh, my God.
- Morning, Bridget.
- Hey.
Shannon! Sophie, how's the cat?
Oh, my God, which one?
Trevor just started on wet food.
Love that, go Trevor!
Someone got extra
shots in their coffee this morning.
Damn, okay.
So, I guess you don't wanna
know that there's a huge hole
in the elbow of your sweater.
Oh, Vera.
Sorry. Can I talk to you?
So, what am I looking at?
Well just in time
for its 35th anniversary,
a re-release of Burning Heart.
Um, I have a whole profit
and loss breakdown in there,
and I even did a mock-up
of a possible new cover.
I mean, I'm not an artist, so maybe,
maybe don't look too closely at that.
And the best part, I was thinking
that we could get Kendra
Rae Phillips involved.
Kendra Rae?
The original editor of the book.
The only senior Black editor
that Wagner has ever had.
I took her lunch order
every day for a year,
I think I know who she is.
Well, she was best friends
with the author, Diana Gordon,
as you clearly know.
And she could do the foreword
for the re-release. Her and Diana.
It could be a really inspiring way
to re-contextualize the
book for a new audience.
I mean, the effect of Black
eyes on Black voices
I'm sorry, but Kendra Rae
is not going to do that.
I I know that Kendra Rae
Miss Phillips is a bit of a
recluse, but I
She has been off the grid for 35 years.
No one has seen her
since the book's release.
How do you plan to find her, exactly?
The internet?
Did you really think this was gonna
get you out of apologizing to Colin?
I wouldn't put it like that,
out loud.
Come with me.
The train is on the tracks, Nella.
And if I don't get out of the
way, the train is going to hit me.
I really thought I
was just doing my job.
May we have the room?
This is my office.
Two seconds.
She thinks she can bully me around.
This is the job.
Seeing beyond yourself
and your feelings.
Seeing what other people need.
And not just your authors,
but all the other
people at the company.
I hoped I had taught you that.
You have taught me so much, really.
I think you need to think very hard
about what kind of future you want.
I'm so sorry.
Could you please leave me alone?
I'm having yet another bad day.
I've had a lotta those
since you've started,
and I really don't need advice
on, like, a cool meditation class
led by Zoe Kravitz at your
cousin's Black-owned day spa.
- That sounds pretty dope, though.
- Please don't joke right now.
Okay All right.
You're right.
I know you've had a
rough couple of days,
and I am genuinely sorry for whatever
I've done to contribute to that.
I mean, throwing me under the bus
with Colin is pretty high on that list.
I didn't mean to put you
in that position. I
You know, at my old job,
I worked with this other Black woman who
really didn't like me.
I mean, she never looked out for
me the way that we're supposed to.
You know what I mean?
And it hurt.
So, when I saw how heavy this
Colin shit was weighin' on you,
I thought maybe I could
support you speakin' on it.
I wanted you to win
because you're right.
It's messed up.
Then why didn't you tell Colin that?
I tried to, in a roundabout way.
Ya catch more flies with honey.
But it left you out
to dry, and I'm sorry.
Maybe there's still a
chance to do somethin'.
- Like a sensitivity read?
- Yes. Yes, exactly that.
Well, Vera already shut it down,
so now I get to apologize
to that human cottage cheese.
You shouldn't have to apologize
for standin' up for what you believe in.
Thank you.
I really appreciate you saying that.
I got your back from now on.
Vera, le star has arrived.
You know we have hair and makeup here.
You don't have to
arrive looking perfect.
One quick thing before the studio.
She's still here?
Listen, Vera, my girlfriend's sister
really wants to get into publishing.
Didn't you have something
you wanted to say?
like your hat, Colin.
I'm glad to know where you stand
on the hat.
Let's go, Colin.
I also wanted to say
about what I said about Shartricia?
I think that she's very
I think sh-she has
a lot of, um, layers.
So many that I did not
see them all in my first read
for that
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- You're right.
She does have so many layers.
Depth, right?
Thank you so much for
finally recognizing that.
Nella, there's hope for you yet.
I'll meet you at the elevator.
I'm proud of you.
What are you gonna do now?
Nella, are you coming
to the marketing meeting?
Microwave strudel?
Oh. Thank you, Sophie.
And finally, Colin had his
author photos done today,
and I think we have some
wonderful options to choose from.
- Oh, I love the pensive one.
- Mm-hm.
It really speaks to the tragic
subject matter of the book.
- Yes.
- Agreed.
Um, also, apropos of nothing,
outside food will no longer be
allowed in marketing meetings.
Okay. Uh, well, great.
Then we have settled on Colin's photo.
Just one more thing.
Um, the book is coming
along so, so well.
It basically could go
up to press as it is,
but, um, just in an effort
to add even more polish,
I had an idea.
We should do a sensitivity read.
That's a good call, Vera. Due diligence.
- Great call.
- Great call.
Not a bad idea.
Sorry, I
Uh well, okay. I'll make it happen.
Uh, 'scuse me, Vera?
Oh, yes, Hazel!
Um, wasn't the sensitivity
read Nella's idea?
I just wanna give credit
where credit's due.
Yes, you're right.
It was Nella's brilliant idea.
I'm so sorry, we just
are such a good team.
It's like a mind meld.
Can't always remember
where the ideas come from,
but I should say thank you, Nella.
In fact, Nella, stand up!
Great job!
Good thinking, Nella. You've
definitely got an editor's eye.
- I got your back.
- Thank you.
Bad day?
Just fuckin' weird.
You wanna watch Bake Off?
The one with the precocious little kids
with British accents?
Yes. That's
- Mm-hm.
- Yes.
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