The Other Black Girl (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

What About Your Friends

Previously, on The Other Black Girl
Hazel. You're bad.
Come to a party tonight.
You kinda made me look like you.
All you gotta do is just
chat a little bit, okay?
That is how you move up in the world.
Don't you wanna be the
up-and-coming editor?
You shine, I shine.
Kendra Rae took her own
life. Broke my heart.
Burning Heart. I think that
Wagner should do a rerelease.
Let's talk about it more tomorrow.
Things have changed. I need you.
You good?
Ooh, okay! The lipstick, the jewelry.
Aw! Did I finally convince my baby girl
to start shoppin' in the adult section?
It was Hazel, actually.
- Okay.
- Uh
So, I've been beggin' you
to let me do your eyebrows for forever
and now you lettin' this brand-new girl
give you a full-ass makeover?
Okay, well, you know that I
am scarred from middle school
when I let the lady at the
department store do my eyebrows
and it looked like two pieces of floss.
Yeah, I know all about your trauma.
Besides, Hazel's the one who
pushed me to talk to Richard
in her clothes and this lip color,
and I just felt like,
I don't know, like a different person.
And you think the lipstick did that?
Okay, okay.
Praise Hazel.
Okay, but seriously,
we should all hang out
because I want this
friendship to be a real thing.
You are lowkey obsessed.
And just so you know,
Richard would've loved your proposal
even if you were wearin' a trash bag
with trash in it.
I know I'm destined for greatness ♪
Fuck a critic's ♪
Please lemme do your eyebrows.
They look fine.
I'm tellin' you, you,
you don't see what I see.
- They're fine.
- You need help.
So, we're gonna have
to work on your hips.
All right. Look, I don't even
really wanna try it.
So, you're gonna need to be in there
about three times a we
Did Hazel teach you to walk?
- Come on.
- 'Kay.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Left, right, left, right, left.
Ah! Okay, lip.
Okay, blazer.
It's giving if Rihanna went corporate.
That is literally the best
compliment I have ever gotten.
I mean, who know I could
pull off mixed prints?
Me. It was me.
Hey, um, I was wondering
if you wanted to come
over for dinner on Saturday
with me, Owen, Malaika.
Yes, I would love to.
And, you know, I finally could put
some faces to the names of your people.
You are going to love Malaika.
You are both strong
personalities, but that could work.
Like when Mariah and Whitney sang
"When You Believe" and
didn't kill each other.
- Ugh. Beautiful.
- Nella.
- Yeah.
- Please print two copies of the document
I just sent you and come into my
office. Thank you.
Colin's sensitivity read is in.
Ooh. Good luck.
So, we can't say "crazy" anymore?
The report says in the context
of Colin's book, it's ableist.
Oh, that's crazy Uh, uh, odd.
If we pull everything the
sensitivity reader flagged,
there won't be a book left and
we already have a release date.
Well, how about I write up
a memo summarizing everything
and then we can see what
everyone else thinks?
Yes, um, um, take your time.
I need to think about what to do here.
Come in.
Hi. Richard wants to see you.
Oh, of course. Is this about Colin?
Actually, Richard wants to see Nella.
Right. Um that makes perfect sense.
I know, I was shocked, too.
I was like, "What?"
- Hi. You wanted to see me?
- Yes, Nella, come on in.
I have been so thrilled, so, so
inspired since our conversation
Me too, and I have been expanding
- some of the details of the pitch.
- And I, I love your enthusiasm,
but first,
how would you feel about
meeting Diana Gordon?
- Diana Gordon, Diana Gordon?
- That one.
I mean, that would be amazing.
You know, assuming I don't throw
up all over myself from excitement.
Ooh, please don't do that.
Oh, my God.
I do love to be met with
awe, but I'm just a person.
A person who wrote Burning Heart.
Diana, this is Nella Rogers.
Nella, the woman you're
looking at with your mouth open
is my old friend, Diana.
Nice to meet you, Nella.
It's really nice to meet you, too.
Nella's one of our best assistants,
although probably not for much longer.
Diana and I, um, reconnected recently,
and she's thinking of bringing
her next project here to Wagner.
- She's coming home.
- Maybe.
Maybe. I Yes, yes, yes.
S-Sophie, would you gather
all of the editors in the
conference room, please?
- Yes, yes, of course. No problem.
- Hazel. Hazel.
- She's here; she's literally here.
- Okay, bye. I can't read your mind, girl.
Diana Gordon. I just met her, and
she smells incredible, by the way.
Do you remember the first time you
walked into a Bath & Body Works?
- Ah. Love that.
- Like that. Yes.
And I am freakin' out on the inside,
- too, okay?
- Mm-hm.
But I really need you
to calm down for me.
Okay, I don't think I can do that.
No, Nella, you gotta be cool
around people like Diana.
This is our chance to
really make an impression.
- Right. Uh-huh.
- Okay? All right.
- Okay.
- You got this.
- Mm-hm.
- Okay.
- Yeah be cool.
- Ah!
Um, w Uh, how about, um,
a narrative-driven cookbook?
- Do I look like I cook?
- Oh, girl, me neither never.
Uh, romance is finally
getting the respect it deserves.
Perhaps something Bridgerton -esque?
I'm not much of a romantic.
Ask any of my ex-husbands.
Have you ever considered revamping,
like, a classic piece of IP?
Maybe something epic, like King Lear,
but, but, but, but from a
Black, female perspective.
- Huh?
- Um.
- At least it's not a cookbook.
- Stupid idea.
I'm not dazzled, Richard.
- Say something.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Uh, Ms. Gordon,
and everyone else, um,
what about a rerelease of Burning Heart?
Thank you, Nella.
No, no, no Keep going.
Oh, that's, that's what I meant.
Right, okay.
Well, we could commission new cover art,
and get a new foreword
by a young, fresh voice.
It'll open up a book
that people already love
to a whole new audience.
That's a smart idea, Nella.
Looks like someone came to work today.
- I told you.
- But
Burning Heart is a nonstarter.
It's too painful for me and
I don't wanna look backwards.
Of course not.
I never should've pitched that idea.
Of course, that's not something
you wanna revisit, I'm really sorry.
You had the best idea in the room.
Even if it wasn't the right one.
You showed guts and you were bold.
Thank you for saying that. I really
I mean, I just I admire you so much.
You have a lot of potential.
You just need a little polish.
Well, I mean ya know,
whatever advice you could give
me, I-I would, I would cherish it.
Why don't you come by my place
on Saturday and we can talk shop?
- Like your actual house?
- Mm-hm.
- Where you live.
- Yes.
- I do live at my house.
- Right.
Well, then, of course. Definitely.
- See you then.
- Yeah.
- Nella.
- Hi.
- Welcome to my home.
- Thank you.
Can I, uh, take your coat?
Oh, yeah, thank you.
Your doorman is very nice.
- Yes.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Make yourself comfortable.
- I'm gonna get us some wine.
- All right, thank you.
You know the saying, "Dress
for the job you want?"
- Yeah.
- Vera took that literally.
She went through a whole phase where
she looked exactly like Richard.
- No.
- Yes.
Pocket squares, ties, the whole nine.
She tried to play it off
as a Diane Keaton phase.
You like the German Riesling.
Yeah Tastes great.
You don't know what that is, huh?
No idea.
Uh Diana,
I just wanted to, um, apologize
again for bringing up Burning Heart.
Um Richard,
he told me about Kendra Rae
and that must be so hard for you.
I'm sorry, I was not thinking.
Your heart was in the right place.
Don't go anywhere.
I would literally move in if you let me.
I just don't wanna stop ♪
Oh, my love ♪
- A million days in your ♪
Sounds like Diana Gordon
wants to adopt Nella.
That'll be Hazel.
At exactly 6:59.
- 'Kay, well, somebody doesn't fuck around.
- I got this.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nella said that you were making
paella and the guy at the wine
- store said that this goes great
- Oh.
with, um, saffron and
- As if that means anything to me.
- Whoa.
I will open this right now.
- Come on, come on in.
- Thank you.
Wow, it's gorgeous.
- Hi.
- Um, Malaika, right?
Yeah, that picture of you and, um,
Nella at Afropunk faces my desk,
so I basically stare at you all day.
That's not weird.
Uh, Nella's runnin' a little behind.
Sounds like she and Diana
are really hittin' it off.
Ugh, I love that for her.
So, she told you about Diana?
Why wouldn't she?
Not to be rude,
but I can't tell if you're
bein' sarcastic or not.
Yeah. We, uh, heard you're really funny.
Thank you.
Um, of course not.
Nella is obsessed with Diana.
This is a dream come true for her.
Oh I just thought you
might feel some type of way
about her bein' there without you.
Think I smell the, uh, saffron burning.
It was really expensive.
Jealousy's not my style.
I'm happy when good things
happen to my friends.
Of course.
- Nella everything okay?
- Yes, yeah.
I thought you might wanna see this.
Oh, baby, I'm yours ♪
Oh, wow.
This is so cool!
Whoa, you guys were really into
the blue eyeshadow back in the day, huh?
Okay, watch it now.
Okay, so, I was thinking,
instead of a rerelease,
what about a memoir?
- Oh.
- I mean, you have lived an amazing life.
Maybe it's time to tell your story.
Ya know, I've thought about it,
but the timing never felt right,
and I'd never been able to find
an editor that I trust enough.
Well, maybe she's right here.
Maybe this is something
we can do together.
Why don't I swing by
Wagner first thing Monday
and we can discuss it with Richard.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
I'm sure he will be.
Now I'm thinkin' maybe
I'm part of the problem ♪
Owen, where did you get this rug?
Um West Elm. No, uh, CB2.
Cool cool.
Oh, my God, I'm am so, so, so sorry.
- Ooh, that smells good.
- Mm.
- You good, babe?
- I'm amazing.
Oh, also, um, we have to start
drinking German Rieslings.
- German Rieslings.
- German Riesling.
- Hi.
- 'Scuse me?
Tell me, come here. How
was it? Tell me everything.
Oh, it was amazing!
I am becoming friends
with Diana fucking Gordon.
And you're gonna become friends with her
- and you two are becoming friends.
- Uh-huh.
Malaika, I love your shirt. I didn't
TLC is one of my all-time faves.
- They were ahead of their time.
- Yeah.
RIP Lisa Lopes.
All right, the paella
needs, like, eight more stirs
and we're good to go.
Shit We're out. Um, um
Oh, uh, I can get
some German Riesling.
And, uh, Owen,
why don't you come with me?
- No, babe, the, uh, the paella.
- Yeah, why don't you come
No. Don't worry. I, I got
it Eight more stirs, right?
Perfect. So, you two just
sit here and become best friends
while we're gone.
Okay. Mm!
Let Mm.
how long have you known Nella?
Just so you know,
I'm not really buyin' this whole act.
- Act?
- The clothes, the gifts,
the weird half jokes that
my grandma would love.
You tried to screw over Nella the
first day you met her, for no reason,
and now, all of a sudden, it's
all puppy dogs and lollipops,
and, "Where'd you get this rug?"
Yeah, yeah. Um I fucked up for sure,
but Nella and I, we moved past all that
and I I don't really know
why you are so hung up on it
since it's not your business.
It just feels kind of toxic.
If it involves Nella, it
absolutely is my business.
But you gotta be down ♪
A nickel gotta be true ♪
- Cause otherwise this "B" ♪
- Mm.
- Who sings this song?
- Seriously?
It's TLC.
One of your all-time faves, remember?
Oh, duh. No, I hear it,
I hear it now. It's
'Kay I'ma go to the bathroom.
- You got to love me deep ♪
- Hm.
Well, you want my heart ♪
Think we got enough? Yeah?
- We back!
- Ooh, yes.
- German Riesling.
- Nella?
Can we talk?
- Yeah.
- In private.
- Okay, one second, one second.
- 'Kay.
Truth is always under me ♪
I say this with love.
But, bitch, are you blind?
I held my tongue all night,
but, like, three weeks ago, that
girl was fully comin' for you
and now, she is your friend?
It is so fake,
- and I can't believe you don't see that.
- How is she fake?
Actin' like she didn't wanna
go to Diana's instead of you.
Bein' so nice to me, what is that?
Maybe she's a nice person.
Also, just now, she had no
idea when a TLC song came on.
Who lies about knowin' a
very popular '90s girl group?
- That's crazy.
- No, you can't say craz
Sorry. I think that
you're overreacting. Okay?
And maybe she said that thing about TLC
because she was trying to bond with you.
Which you don't make easy.
And Hazel is happy for me.
We're a team now. Malaika,
you hate everybody.
- Are you hot?
- That's not true.
- I am not. Mm-mm.
- Is it hot? Not hot.
- I'm gettin' hot.
- thought she was the dumbest
person you ever met and then
you dated her for three months.
I didn't date Ruby
because she was smart.
I dated her because she
looked like a Fenty model
and then we broke up. Why
are you bringin' up old shit?
I'm just saying maybe it's a pattern.
I can't believe you're
goin' off like this,
after what, Mal, like, an hour with her?
- Can't you just give her a chance?
- I can't take this anymore.
I know that you are starved for melanin
in your life, Nella, but this is not it.
You don't own me,
and I can be friends
with whoever I want,
whether Queen Malaika likes it or not.
You know, maybe you should go,
so we can enjoy our meal.
Have a fuckin' blast.
Just ask me for some honesty ♪
Don't beat around the bush with me ♪
I waited forever to eat this
shit, so I'm takin' some home.
You not even supposed to stir paella.
It was nice to meet you!
You've had 36 hours to be mad,
you really wanna drag this out?
Kind of.
I'm sorry.
But you really hurt my feelings
with that shit you said.
Okay, it was pretty low.
Michelle Obama would not be proud.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I
let this girl get into my head,
but, Nella,
I really don't get good vibes from her.
And I don't see what you see.
But we don't have to
love all the same people.
And you don't have to
work with Hazel I do.
And I like her so maybe
we can just leave it at that.
And besides, our little
group was perfect before,
- so
- Mm.
- can we just go back to that?
- Yes.
You're right.
No new friends.
I know it's bad if you're
quotin' Drake in 2023.
Right, but also
when your shit with Hazel falls apart,
I'll be here.
You meant that to
sound sweet, didn't you?
- What?
- Just gimme one chance.
- Malaika.
- Say yes to the brows.
Come on.
- Fine.
- Ah!
- Okay, over there?
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
Yes, 'cause we're here already, why not?
- Nella.
- Hey.
Ready for the first day
of the rest of your life?
I really appreciate
you believing in me like this.
I would really like to
bring Hazel onto the project.
Yes, Maisy's assistant.
She loves your work just as
much as I do and you could,
literally, mentor every Black
woman at Wagner at once.
I'm surprised.
I thought you would be thrilled
to have more time with me alone.
Oh, I I am, but, um,
it's just
Hazel is the one who convinced
me to speak with Richard
about Burning Heart in the first place,
which is a lot of the
reason why we're even here.
And my relationship with her is
it's very important to me.
And I think that she
deserves to be a part of this.
Sounds to me like you're
giving her a lotta credit
for something that you did.
I don't wanna succeed if
it means being the only one.
That's not what success
looks like to me.
Bring her on.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
Okay. Great. Okay.
- Oh.
- Hm.
I've been meaning to apologize
for accidentally
putting you in an episode
of Real Housewives of
Bay Ridge on Saturday.
Yeah, I'm just glad
nobody broke a glass.
Well, we're a team now
and I mean that for real
because tomorrow Diana starts
working on her new memoir
and she wants us both on it.
- Wait. Wait, what? Are you serious?
- Yes.
I pitched her the idea of a new memoir,
and then I convinced her to
bring you onto the project,
and I just know that you
are going to kill this.
That's just really, um
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I would totally give
you a hug right now,
but I am so sweaty from
havin' to talk to her.
I'm just not
Nella, I'm leaving.
Um about that sensitivity read.
Let's hold off on sending out that memo.
I'm gonna handle it myself with Colin.
Um okay. Are you sure?
I'm positive.
I mean, I know all the tricks with him.
It's mainly about
complimenting his eyes.
Anyway, we'll talk about it
tomorrow. Have a good night.
You too.
Hey, girl.
- I didn't know you worked here.
- Right.
You only asked me about
four times at dinner.
- Oh, yeah.
- Mm.
Don't come for me, Hazel.
I'm deadass.
It will not go well for you.
as usual, you have it
completely backwards.
I'm the one you don't wanna fuck with.
Nella and I are working
closely together now and
I'm not goin' anywhere anytime soon.
At work or in her life.
So, I suggest you get used to that.
- You ready?
- Yeah, that's me.
I'll see ya later, girl.
- Her name isn't Hazel.
- What the fuck?
It's Eva.
Hey! Hey, wait!
Stand clear
of the closing doors, please.
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