The Outer Limits (1963) s01e02 Episode Script

The Hundred Days of the Dragon

( man ) There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
lf we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume.
lf we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper.
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can roll the image, make it flutter.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your television set.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.
Somewhere south of the Mongolian border and north of the Tropic of Cancer, in that part of the world we call the Orient, a slumbering giant has shaken itself to wakefulness.
Passed over in most histories as a nation forgotten by time, its close-packed millions in the short span of 20 years have been stirred to a fury by one man : Li Chin -Sung.
A benevolent despot in his homeland, Sung stands as an irresponsible threat to peace in the eyes of the rest of the world.
William Lyons Selby, candidate for the presidency of the United States, predicted by every poll, survey and primary to be a certain winner in the forthcoming election .
Your Excellency, this is Major Ho Chi-Wong.
I am honoured, Excellency.
He has committed to memory every detail of Selby's life.
Physically he fits the candidate's size exactly.
The measurement of the skull is identical.
The same is true of the neck, the biceps, the forearm, the chest, the waist, et cetera, et cetera.
The weight and the height are the same, the eyes and hair, to the naked eye, identical.
And the voice? ( Selby) But an America on guard, that remains the guide and bearer for the march towards peace of all free people, cannot, indeed, will not But an America on guard, that remains the guide and bearer for the march towards peace of all free people, cannot, indeed, will not And fingerprints? We have devised this cast for that purpose.
ln 1 953, Selby was involved in a minor hunting accident which resulted in the loss of the third finger of the left hand at the second joint.
Entirely healed.
The fluid l'm about to inject will, after a time lapse of 40 to 70 seconds, cause the cells of the musculature .
fat, the cartilage, dermis and epidermis of the body to become malleable in molecular arrangement for a period of two minutes.
During this time, the outer covering of the body will become entirely plastic.
This will allow us to change the outer configuration instantly and at our will, and change back again if we so desire.
So! Your Excellency, you're about to witness the most unique achievement that has come from years of research and experimentation in molecular plasticity.
My flight was late.
Does that affect plans? No.
We should be in downtown Chicago within 30 minutes.
Here's a report on Mr Selby.
- How current is your intelligence? - He is under constant surveillance.
We have maintained an hour-by-hour log of his activities since his arrival.
- Has there been any change in his itinerary? -None.
He arrived on schedule.
- He plans to leave tomorrow evening.
- You have done well.
- We shall proceed as planned.
- Thank you , Excellency.
Exactly where is the candidate at this moment? His speech at the stadium is scheduled to end at 1 1 .
He should be just reaching his suite at the Carleton Plaza.
(cheering ) Yeah.
What time do we go on the air? OK, l'll have him at the station by 4.
Yes, without fail.
OK, Chuck.
See you then .
- That is an ugly mob out there.
- But it's our ugly mob.
Most are of voting age, Dad.
Bill, l just talked to Crowley at station WAGB TV, New York.
You're set up for two weeks from Monday.
That's election eve.
Couldn 't be better.
What about Washburn ? He'll be on a week earlier, but after your show they won 't even remember his name.
lf you still have any doubts, look at this.
l ran into a buddy from UPl.
This'll be in the morning editions.
A compilation of every poll and survey.
They all pick Selby by wide margins.
lt's all over but the voting.
Forget it.
The only polls that elected anybody were the ones where they count ballots.
Ask Truman or Dewey.
No, greatest mistake we could make is to get overconfident.
Or overtired.
Get out of here and let my father get his rest.
- Just one little coffee? -No.
l'm going to my room too.
l promised my hard-working husband l'd call, and it's 1 2.
30 already.
Chuck, you're doing a wonderful job.
- Look at the material l have to work with.
- Good night, everybody.
Get a good night's sleep.
See you in the morning.
- Good night.
- Say hello to Bob for me.
l will.
Sleep well.
Mobile operator, please.
(phone buzzes) Yes? About two minutes.
l will remain here.
You are to call immediately if there's any difficulty.
After the others had left, lundressed and went to bed.
l couldn 't go to sleep right away, so l decided to work on tomorrow's speech.
Suddenly, my bedroom door burst open and this wild man came rushing at me shouting, ''You'll never be president!'' As he reached for my throat, l managed to get my foot on his chest and pushed him away.
He was off balance for a moment.
l had time to reach under my pillow for the gun .
When he came at me again , l fired.
- Had you ever seen him before? -Never.
We must get a guard.
This could happen again .
l assure you , it won 't.
The police beat reporters are out there and the wires have men covering.
- They want to see you .
- l'm not going to see them.
Go out and play it down as much as you can .
Anybody else would be grabbing for headlines, Bill.
That's just what l don 't want.
lf the people voted for me out of sympathy, because of what happened here tonight, l'd rather lose.
l mean it.
- ls there anything l can get you , Dad? - Thank you , dear.
l'm all right.
l'm fine.
Thank God.
We might have lost you .
l didn 't even know you carried a gun .
( music and cheering ) (speech inaudible ) Our time is running out.
Just one or two more questions.
Mr Scott.
Through the miracle of electronics, a presidential candidate can see himself as others see him.
What a sobering experience.
( Scott) l'd like your feelings on this matter.
( Selby on TV) Gentlemen , please understand, summitry does not mean appeasement, nor is it a magic cure for anything.
l simply feel that when two heads of state meet in good faith, they must gain a better understanding of each other, and, quite possibly, they could accomplish something for peace.
- Mr Schumacher.
- Mr Selby lt's a long time since we've had an eligible bachelor in the White House.
lf you're By tomorrow, we should have a pretty good idea where we stand.
Well, l'll borrow from Calvin Coolidge to answer that.
No comment! And don 't quote me! Tomorrow, we're going to be toasting a new president and vice-president.
No question about that.
The question is, which two men shall we be toasting? Well, l give you the winners.
S and P.
Success and prosperity.
Thank you , my dear.
You shall be amply rewarded for your loyalty.
Bill, tomorrow why don 't you come on out to the farm? We can spend a quiet day, go hunting.
- We can watch the results later on TV.
- Great idea.
l'll be there by noon .
But, Dad, you didn 't touch your zabaglione.
l asked them to serve it especially for you .
Yes, yes, l know.
But the women 's vote has a way of slipping from a candidate when the press starts to call him chubby.
Glad we came out today.
We're not gonna have too much time for this.
- You're counting chickens again .
- You can 't fool the American people.
They know the right man when they see him.
Hold it.
Hey, l think l smell some nice, tender grouse.
That's the second time in 20 years you hit what you aimed at.
l've had my fill of hunting.
Let's head back.
( TV) .
the South Dakota districts all through the entire farmlands.
From Denver.
Denver gives us Selby and - Physician , keep thyself awake.
- Thanks, Ann .
l guess l should be awake when my father-in -law officially makes it.
( TV) An overriding result that certainly can be called a major victory.
Selby is way ahead.
Moving ahead in lowa.
Moving ahead in Kansas City What's the matter, Ted? l just can 't get over that shot you made this afternoon .
Wait a minute.
This might be it.
( TV) Louis Price, the governor's press secretary, is heading for the microphone.
The governor has asked me to read this statement, which he has sent to Mr Selby in the form of a telegram.
''My warmest congratulations and best wishes to William Lyons Selby.
'' (whoops) Dad! - Bill! - Thank you ! Thank you , my dear.
Thank you , boys, for all you did! Now we've won the battle.
Let's win the war! l do solemnly swear that will l faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
(intercom buzzes) - Yes? - The vice-president would like to see you .
Show him in , please.
- l hope you don 't mind.
l wanted - Just let me get these out of the way.
Farm subsidy bill, Social Security amendments.
With the Congress behind us, we can get things done.
You are with me in all this? Yes, of course l am.
This is what l don 't understand.
My memo on the summit meeting.
Something not clear? You're going to meet with Li Chin -Sung? He's arriving the day after tomorrow.
- We both know what he's after.
- Yes.
l expect him to offer to pull his troops out of Ling Valley.
Yes, on condition that we do the same.
That is one thing we will talk about.
Do we pull out if Sung does? lf he makes that concession , we must do the same.
Six months ago you gave me five reasons why American strength in the Orient was as vital to security as our missiles.
You said we could never negotiate from weakness.
Do you recall? Of course.
Now you'll pull our troops out because Sung says he will? l think it's a mistake to talk about it, absolutely.
l'm proud to have you by my side.
You've got the guts to speak if you feel you're right.
- l am right! - You're wrong.
You're too rigid.
You feel that to bend is to break, equate change with weakness.
By changing policy, when change is in order, we strengthen our position , not weaken it.
ls your mind made up? Nothing is decided.
l haven 't even met the man , have l? Well, Ted, l have the press conference.
We'll talk another time.
Later on .
- Ted? - Hi.
- Can l get you a glass of milk? -No.
You gonna ruin your health while Teddy and l visit Mother? This summit meeting is like a knife.
- l thought you believed in summitry.
- Of course l do.
l'm just not in favour of giving away the Ling Valley.
Suppose both sides do pull out.
No armies, no wars.
Oh, Ann .
Look, if Sung pulls out, he moves back across the border: 500 miles.
lf we pull out, we come home: 5,000 miles.
A day, a week or a month later, Sung sweeps back in with nothing to stop him.
- Can you talk to the military? - l can 't talk to anyone.
l'm the vice-president.
l can discuss foreign policy.
There are times when l even help to shape it, but l never criticise it.
lt's so frustrating.
Now l know why they call the vice-president the silent man .
And the day after tomorrow l've gotta shake Li Chin -Sung's hand and welcome him to our country.
- Welcome to our country, sir.
- l'm happy to meet you , Mr Pearson .
l want Premier Sung to meet all of you , but he must be very tired after his flight.
- Ted.
- Gentlemen .
Cocktails are being served in the Blue Room, if you'll join me.
We'll be with you shortly.
(they speak Oriental language ) We're making very good progress.
Within three weeks, American troops challenging you to the south will be withdrawn .
And missile bases? We should be patient at least until the fall before we move in that area.
Your judgement is sound.
l leave that detail in your hands.
- Thank you , sir.
-Now we're ready for the second phase.
Final preparations are very nearly completed.
We should make all the other substitutions within the next few weeks.
Roy Lindley, Mercury, steel corporation .
Webber Norton , secretary of labour.
Gerald Fontaine, New York Chronicle Herbert Mead, Broadcasting Corporation of America.
And Whelan , Rudolph, Clark, Warner.
And not a single shot will have been fired.
An archer is known by his aim, not his arrows.
And what about the Pearson substitution ? You will have your new vice-president by morning.
(floorboard creaks) ( knocking ) - Who's there? - lt's us.
Bob and Carol.
Hey! Well, this is a surprise.
Come on in .
Hope you're not angry at us for dropping in without phoning first.
l'm delighted.
When Ted and Ann are away, l begin to hear noises.
- Can l get you some coffee? -Not a thing.
Well There's something we must talk to you about.
Well, come on .
lt's Dad.
Something something seems wrong with him.
Little things.
By themselves, none of them amount to a thing.
But put together, they give me the strangest feeling.
Well, what kind of things? For one thing, Bill has always been vitally interested in my research.
He used to mention it.
The Apollo project always fascinated him, yet it's months since he's mentioned it.
And personal things.
Tastes in food.
Attitudes about people we've known .
His attitude towards us.
lt's tough to put into words, but Carol's dad always took a proprietary interest in our lives.
ln a nice way, he tried to run things.
He meddled.
But it was a lovable kind of meddling.
And now? He's polite.
He remembers all the right anniversaries and birthdays.
But it's as if he turned to stone.
Suddenly, l don 't love him any more.
What was that? What was it? Did you see him? Look, did he just resemble you or was he like a mirror image? l saw him.
lt wasn 't someone who looked like me.
lt was me! l was looking at me! - How is that possible? - l don 't know.
You'd better tell Frank Summers first thing in the morning.
Wait a minute.
Don 't say anything to Summers just yet.
- Why not? - Think about it a minute.
People don 't look identically like other people unless they're identical twins.
But what if a person were made to look like someone else? How? Plastic surgery? The Russians have been conducting experiments in molecular rearrangement in living organisms for some time.
- They've been very successful.
- Exactly what does that mean ? l might have the answer.
When do you get to work? - Usually around eight.
- Good.
Come on , Carol.
l've got a day's work ahead of me tonight.
l don 't think you ought to stay here tonight.
Come to our place.
l'll be all right.
l don 't think he'll try it again .
- l hope not.
- Thank you , dear.
Report on Molecular Rearrangement of Subcutaneous Matter in the Rhesus Monkey How's that for a title? Here ''A few seconds later l was able to manipulate and reshape the flesh of the monkey.
'' ''The speed the tissue entered a plastic state seemed to be in direct proportion to the strength of the serum.
'' Assuming the serum has been developed further, they or someone would have the means to reshape the physical features of anyone.
A man .
Perhaps Bill Selby.
Then it's possible the assassination attempt in Chicago was not foiled by Selby.
lt was planned to appear that way.
Selby is dead and the man in the White House is who? Can you place a dental appointment on Selby's calendar? Yes.
lf the man is an impostor, his teeth will give him away.
(buzzer) Yes? (secretary) l'm just reminding you of your dental appointment tomorrow.
Cancel it.
The Secret Service has been at his side since he took office.
- l'd know if he was an impostor.
- How? He looks, talks, acts exactly like Selby.
He has become Selby! Where do we go from here? He's the most guarded man in the country.
How do we denounce him? Before we attempt anything, is there some way to prove William Selby is dead? My next point.
Buried in a grave in Chicago is a man we believe to be Selby.
lf we make casts of his teeth and match them against old X-rays, we'll have that proof.
- Marshall.
- l'll leave tomorrow.
You'll leave tonight! Who knows how many more they plan to replace? Or already have.
(intercom buzzes) - Yes? - Mr Lee has arrived.
Send him in .
l want to outline the plan one final time.
Do not fail again .
Pearson will be heading for the Columbia Hotel to pick up Ambassador La Cour.
Three blocks from the hotel we will make the substitution .
l will continue in his place and bring the ambassador to your reception .
You have my anxious good wishes.
Thank you very much for the opportunity of chatting.
My door is always open to men of sincerity and goodwill.
Please come again soon .
Try to get me the vice-president.
(rings) No, if buttering up La Cour will strengthen the alliance Good.
He's staying at the Columbia.
l told him around eight.
He will talk your ear off, you know.
lf an ear will help, l'll be glad to give it.
- Did your mother mind keeping Teddy? - She loves having him stay over.
(phone rings) Hello? Yes, Frank.
lt's Summers.
He deserved so much more than that.
- Did Marshall get the impressions? - There are no impressions.
The body was cremated on October 28.
Oh, no.
Well, l'd better go.
l'll see you at the reception .
That's him.
(starts car) l hope you're not too angry at me for sending Ted on a peace mission .
That's what vice-presidents are for.
May l have the first dance with the president's daughter? l wish your dear mother were here tonight.
Dad, would you mind if l sat down ? Why, of course not.
ls something wrong? No, no, l'll be fine.
l know that l'm a poor substitute for Ted, but shall we give it a try? There is your Ted.
lf you'll come this way, Mr Ambassador.
Monsieur La Cour, we are honoured, sir.
A great many of my friends are most anxious to meet you , Mr Ambassador.
- Stay close to Bob and Carol.
- What's the matter? Just go.
Everyone! Please stop where you are! Please! Come this way.
l want you all to look toward that door.
You are witness to the most monstrous act of international espionage in modern history.
Frank Summers! A few nights ago an attempt was made on my life.
lt failed.
Tonight, a second attempt was made.
lt too failed, thanks to Mr Summers, who's been at my side.
But we have uncovered something far more treacherous than an attempt on my life.
Through a new and almost incredible chemical process, this enemy has succeeded in altering the human face, as you can see.
This man is not Ted Pearson , l am, yet he is the exact image of me.
But there is more, far more.
Frank, take the president.
l accuse you of the assassination of William Lyons Selby and assuming his identity for the purposes of overthrowing the United States government.
You're not the president.
You're a murderer and an impostor! Bob Conner, l'll need your help.
Put an end to your treachery here and now.
You're the commander in chief now.
l can get SAC vanguard on the phone.
Just give the order.
There will be no order.
( man ) To Theodore Pearson , not even so monstrous a crime as the assassination of William Lyons Selby justifies an act of war.
Because there is no war as we knew it, only annihilation .
A great American has been killed serving his country.
Now those who continue to serve must carry on , guarding our freedom with dignity and unrelenting vigilance.
We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to .
The Outer Limits.