The Outer Limits (1963) s01e09 Episode Script

Corpus Earthling

ÿþ1 l think someone's been sleeping in my bed, and here she is now.
Honey? Honey? Come closer.
Don 't pull away from me.
l've been waiting for you .
<i>( man )</i> There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to.
The Outer Limits.
<i>( man )</i> Rocks.
Silent, inanimate objects torn from the Earth's ancient crust.
Yielding up to man over the centuries all that is known of the planet on which we live.
Withholding forever their veiled secrets of the nature of matter and cosmic catastrophe.
The secrets of other worlds in the vastness of the universe, of other forms of life, of strange organisms beyond the imagination of man .
l certainly can 't identify them.
They're definitely not rock crystals.
A hard cluster of surfaces, frozen symmetrical patterns.
What else can they be, Dr Temple? l don 't know.
But l'd like to talk to the student who brought them in .
We might get a description of the area he made his find.
Sometimes that helps.
- l'll have him drop by after classes.
- Good.
Well, we might as well put these away for now.
l see.
Neither one of you ever gets hungry.
- Darling, is it that time already? - Yes, ma'am, it is.
l'm starving.
- l'll be with you in a minute.
- Been in surgery all morning, Paul? - Yeah.
lt seems more like all day.
- Tough operation , huh? Some bad moments.
But the patient, thanks to his iron constitution , is still with us.
l think l'll stick to my rocks.
They never get sick, and they never phone me in the middle of the night.
- Well, have a nice lunch.
- Thanks, Jonas.
- <i>(rock 1 )</i> The time is here.
- <i>(rock 2)</i> We have come to the day.
<i>(rock 1 )</i> lt has been a long waiting.
<i>(rock 2)</i> A long waiting, but over now.
And time to invade the bodies of these things called human beings.
Someone is present.
ls it safe for us to communicate? <i>(rock 1 )</i> Only our own kind have the power to hear us.
<i>(rock 2)</i> Looking at him, l'm filled with apprehension .
Can the fragile corpus of these earthlings support our consuming energies? <i>(rock 1 )</i> Some will withstand body invasion .
Others will deteriorate.
We must choose the hardiest specimens.
Not that one.
There's something wrong with his head.
He's defective.
<i>(rock 2)</i> Will we be able to manipulate the intelligence and the memory? <i>(rock 1 )</i> Once we inhabit the host, our control of the organism will be complete, and then we can begin to control their planet.
Who's there? Who is it? You're in the room.
Where? How is it that an Earth creature hears us? <i>(rock 1 )</i> His head, the foreign element implanted in his skull, it conducts our voices through the nerve network into the brain .
<i>(rock 2)</i> lf he can hear us and we cannot invade his defective corpus, then we must kill him.
Paul? Paul? Oh, darling.
Paul? - What's the verdict? -No fracture.
Oh, that's a relief.
Well, everybody should have a little wartime souvenir in their head.
Nothing like a metal plate to prevent nasty fractures.
Funny way of joking about that plate.
l wonder what a psychiatrist would say? He'd say ''overcompensation '', and he'd be right, too.
- lt scares me.
lf it got jarred loose.
- There's not much chance of that.
There was little chance of the <i>Titanic</i> going down .
Everything is checked out.
Nothing to worry about.
- You sure? - lf l thought there was brain damage.
you think l'd keep it a secret? Now, look, your husband's as sound inside that skull as l am.
- Thank you , Ralph.
- Thanks, buddy.
All right, come on , honey.
l'll walk you back to the lab.
- Paul's all right.
- Oh, good.
l'm sorry about this oven , Paul.
lt's given us trouble before.
l thought surely they'd fixed it this time.
lt's nobody's fault.
Ow! Ow! Paul, you're still in pain .
- Does this help? - Yeah, a little.
- You're shaking.
- Well, delayed reaction .
No, it's not.
l've tried to push this out of my head but l can 't.
What? Well, when l was lying on the floor, l heard.
They were not human .
l don 't know how to describe them.
They were really weird.
Like nothing you've ever heard.
l know how this is gonna sound.
Don 't worry about how it's going to sound.
All right.
They talked about invading bodies, about controlling people from the inside, controlling our world.
Now, before you break out into unbridled laughter, l called out to them.
l expected they would show themselves, at which point they said they were gonna kill me.
Kill you? l think they would have if you hadn 't walked in .
Paul, that must have been the shock, hitting your head.
Honey, the voices seemed very, very real.
They were real.
Shock can play some strange tricks, Paul.
People sometimes mistake their own thoughts for voices.
The sounds were external, Jonas.
Speech picked up by the ear.
Transmitted to the brain in a very ordinary fashion .
Where were they coming from? <i>( Paul)</i> Somewhere in this lab.
Paul, there are only rocks here.
Look around.
lgneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks.
And rocks don 't talk.
''lf these should hold their peace, the stones would suddenly cry out.
'' That's from the Bible.
Luke, l think.
All through literature, you'll find that authors have ofte n ascribed speech to stonos a nd rocks Rocks spea k Rocks weeep They move, tremble, dance, exult.
You're positive l just imagined the whole thing, right? Well, as a scientist, l've learned not to be positive of anything.
But certainly, there's only a thin line between the animate and inanimate.
And with billions of planets in space, you can easily postulate the existence of other living organisms.
Then l could be right.
Just assume that there might be such creatures.
All right.
All right, let's assume they exist.
Then these creatures that you hypothesise would have to be.
some kind of intelligent superviruses that depend for their existence on other living organisms.
- Viruses? - Mm-hm.
You're a doctor.
What is a virus but a parasite that invades the body and thrives on living cells? Viruses from another world with an intelligence.
lt's an interesting hypothesis.
lt's too full of improbabilities.
For instance, could creatures from another planet utilise a totally strange organism such as man ? No, if you take my advice, Paul, you'll forget about it.
You had a bad accident and experienced a hallucination that's not at all uncommon .
lt's as simple as that.
l saw a pot of coffee brewing in an office.
Want me to talk someone out of a cup? Yeah, l think l could use one.
<i>(rock 1 )</i> You listened, earthling.
<i>(rock 2)</i> You heard us communicate.
Listeners must be destroyed.
There it is again .
Listen ! They've started again .
- Did you hear that? -No.
- Jonas.
- l don 't hear a thing.
<i>(rock 2)</i> You will do as we say.
- You didn 't hear anything? -No.
Why? Why? They're in this room.
<i>(rock 2)</i> Go to the window, listener.
<i>(rock 1 )</i> Go to the window.
Open the window.
<i>(rock 2)</i> Stand in the window.
- Paul! - Get down , Paul! <i>(rock 1 )</i> Now.
All right, Paul.
All right.
Laurie, l think you'd better take him home.
<i>(groans)</i> <i>(rings)</i> lt could be important, Paul.
<i>(continues to ring )</i> Forget it.
l said don 't touch the phone, please.
Why? - Why? - Just.
leave it alone.
<i>(continues to ring )</i> You're afraid you'll hear voices over the telephone? Maybe that was it.
Maybe the lab phone was off the hook and l heard part of a conversation .
What am l so afraid of? - Anyone would be.
-No, not anyone.
the way l am.
Buried away in this place like an animal with doors and windows locked.
Against what? Everyone would try to protect themselves from fear, Paul.
- You're just trying to.
- You can 't lock the door against spooky voices.
lt's like the forts l used to build out of cardboard when l was a kid! Oh, baby.
Right here.
<i>( knocking )</i> No, Laurie, don 't answer it.
lt can 't be what you think.
- Laurie.
Laurie, don 't.
Don 't! - l'll show you .
lt's Billy Fraker.
He's been drinking again .
lt's pointless.
l'm just kidding myself.
lt's easier to be afraid of spooky voices than it is to face what.
really has me terrified.
l think l'm.
going insane.
- Honey, rocks can 't talk.
There are no superviruses that invade the human body.
And voices don 't come out of thin air and tell a guy to jump out the window.
You really believe that l heard voices? Voices from some creatures from another planet? Well, maybe you did.
How can anyone say that you didn 't? Do you know anything about.
paranoia? l.
have several classic symptoms, in case they might have escaped your notice.
Delusions of persecution and unseen enemies with superhuman powers.
and a destructive impulse.
l want us to go away.
Well, what good would it do? Call it feminine instincts, whatever you like, but.
l think that getting away would help.
We've never had a honeymoon .
We always promised ourselves we'd have one someday, remember? Oh, boy.
Do you remember the night you brought home those travel folders? Yep, l remember.
And you said, ''Close your eyes and pick out one.
'' You picked Mexico.
l peeked.
l've always wanted to visit Mexico.
Would you go there now, this minute? Yes.
Just the way we are? No bags? Nothing? Oh, Paul, l want us to go away, not run away.
Honey, l can 't just go away.
l have to run .
l want to.
l need it.
Run with me.
l promise you .
that in a few days it'll pass.
lt always does.
And when it passes, we'll stop running and it'll be all right.
We'll have a honeymoon .
<i>(phone rings)</i> Honey, come on .
<i>(continues to ring )</i> <i>(ringing tone )</i> - He does not answer.
- <i>(rock 1 )</i> Go to him at once.
- He may have run away.
- Find him.
l must find him.
Wherever he is.
l will go to his apartment, wait for his return .
We cannot wait.
We are losing time.
A day, a week, he'll realise there is nothing wrong with his mind.
He'll investigate, speak to others, others who may believe him and make us lose more time.
lf he has run away, l will find out where.
Sane people always leave tracks when they run away.
Perhaps the girl has not run with him.
- Perhaps she will lead you to him.
- Yes.
Either way, l will find him.
and kill him.
The house has not been lived in for a long time.
<i>( Laurie )</i> l can see that.
l gave my <i>compadre</i> promise that l will watch over it until he returns.
But it is lonely for me.
You're always so sure it's going to be some dream place out of the travel folders.
lt always turns out to be something else.
Let's go back to the tourist office and see what else they have.
- lt's not all that bad.
- lf you don 't like it, say so now.
When the wind blow, shutters must be closed against it and the sound.
No one'll bother us.
We can sleep as late as we want, dress in any old way, unwind completely.
l thought when we finally got around to having a honeymoon , we'd do a better job.
l really don 't mind.
l will bring to the <i>señor</i> and <i>señora</i> the firewood.
l will not disturb you .
l am a quiet man .
You will not hear me and l will not come in unless called.
Do you want to find something else? - l'll drive with you .
l'm tired but.
- What did l tell you? - That it was all right, but l can 't trust you .
- Will you please be quiet? <i>( Laurie )</i> You know, darling, l'm really beginning to like this place.
l think it's kind of quaint.
What do you think? l think that all it needs is a good, old-fashioned, hospital-type scrub-down .
We should get some new linen .
We can use them while we're here and then take them home with us.
And let's see.
We'll need a few new pots and pans.
Knives, forks, spoo ns Dishcloths.
And groceries.
We have to eat.
You're thinking all the time.
l'm very proud of you .
And oil for that stove if you want to cook.
Scouring powder.
Soap for washing clothes.
clothes? l forgot.
l'm going to have to whip into town , do a little shopping.
l'll call the hospital from there.
Maybe they'll forgive me for being AWOL if l tell them that my wife is expecting and.
felt a sudden , remarkable craving for a honeymoon .
- Paul, it's not nice to lie.
- Huh? Oh, yeah, well, l gotta call them anyway.
l called them from the tourist office last night.
You did? What did you tell them? Oh, well, l said that.
You lied, right? Right.
Come here.
Oh, Paul, it's going to be all right now, isn 't it? Yeah.
And tomorrow it'll be even better.
You know what it is? l finally figured it out.
well, it's my upper plate, Doctor.
Ever since it was put in , l.
As a professional, l know it doesn 't affect me, but as a man , with all the misconceptions you drag along from childhood, l can never forget that it's holding me together, and l equate.
brain injury with insanity.
lt's childish but l can 't help it.
That's just a very polite way of explaining why a brilliant young surgeon would marry a very plain , unbrilliant lab assistant.
l could live without bread and water but not without your seductive sense of humour.
Can you live without water, by the way? -No.
- l can 't either.
- l'd better get some in bottles.
- l'll be dressed in a minute.
Honey, listen , l want to go in alone.
Do you mind? Just to see how l feel about it by myself.
OK? l won 't be gone long.
- <i>(door creaks open )</i> - Paul? Paul? Yes? What is it? Dr Temple! - What happened to you? - Where has he gone? When will he be back? - Tell me where he is.
- l don 't know.
The hospital gave me your message.
You said he was coming down here with you .
- He's gone! - Where? Tell me! l have to know.
Tell me! No.
l want Paul Cameron .
Uselessness must not go free.
Where is he? Answer me! No! No! No! You will get him for me.
<i>(screams)</i> Hey, honey! l couldn 't get any bottled water, so l got some beer.
You'd be amazed what comes in cans here.
Also, l can 't stand a girl who goes on a honeymoon without a trousseau .
So l got you several very lovely things which can 't possibly fit you .
Are you asleep? Kind of warm for burning fires, isn 't it? ls it a ritual? he fires keep away the possessed, <i>señor</i> he possessed? Evil spirit has entered the soul of some unfortunate being.
<i>Señor</i> it hovers over us.
l know these things, <i>señor</i> l think someone's been sleeping in my bed, and here she is now.
Honey? Honey? Come closer.
Don 't pull away from me.
l've been waiting for you .
<i>(woman )</i> l've found you .
You thought you could get away from me.
<i>(she laughs)</i> Come on .
l'm hungry.
Let's get something to eat, sailor boy.
<i>( man humming )</i> <i>Señor</i> l have looked all over Tijuana for you .
- What do you want? - Your wife is very sick.
- Sick? - She burns with a terrible fever.
l know it well.
ln times past, many of my people have died from it like flies.
Please, <i>señor</i> she needs a doctor.
- Plenty of doctors in Tijuana.
- lt is you she called for.
Many hours she called for you .
This terrible fever changes people, <i>señor</i> l have seen it many times.
lt moves with swiftness.
My own wife, l leave her well and happy, in the morning l do not know her.
The young have the look on them of old people.
The beauty leaves the face of the women .
<i>Señor</i> , it is death putting the finger on those it will claim.
Your wife, <i>señor</i> is dying.
She suffers? - l can see the fever burning her.
- What? Get me a pan of water, will you , and heat it? Laurie? Laurie? Medicine for the sickness? For the pain .
You can go on out and get some sleep.
Dr Temple? l must kill you .
You are a danger to us.
You may think now that it is your own madness, but you're too rational a man to remain irrational for long.
Others of our kind want to come.
You are making us lose time.
Now it can begin .
This time no one will know! Listener.
Laurie, listen to me! lt's left you as one of those things! <i>(gunshot</i> <i>(rock 1 )</i> Let the gun drop, listener.
You don 't want to shoot that gun .
You can 't.
Let it go.
<i>( man )</i> Two black crystalline rocks.
Objects on the border between the living and the non -living, a reminder of the thin line that separates the animate from the inanimate.
Something to ponder on .
Something to stay the hand when it reaches out for the whitened pebble, the veined stone, the dead, unmoving rocks of our planet.
We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to.
The Outer Limits.