The Outer Limits (1963) s01e17 Episode Script

Don't Open Till Doomsday

ÿþ1 <i>(girl)</i> No, Daddy, no! Run , Daddy, run ! Run ! <i>( man )</i> There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to.
The Outer Limits.
<i>( 1 920s jazz )</i> <i>(chatter laughter)</i> <i>( man )</i> The greatness of evil lies in its awful accuracy.
Without that deadly talent for being in the right place at the right time, evil must suffer defeat.
For unlike its opposite, good, evil is allowed no human failings, no miscalculations.
Evil must be perfect or depend upon the imperfections of others.
For the newlyweds.
Don 't tell anybody l'm up here.
My bride and l are going to escape.
<i>( vibrating echo )</i> <i>( vibrating echo intensifies)</i> <i>(buzzing )</i> <i>(growling vibration )</i> <i>(screams)</i> <i>(wind howls)</i> <i>(creaking )</i> <i>(clears throat</i> - Anything wrong, sir? - With what, Mr Hayden ? Our marriage licence.
l guess not.
l just can 't believe you're as old as it says here.
Well, l'll get myself set.
l'm just going to steal a tiny minute to make a call l should have made hours and hours ago.
<i>(ringing tone )</i> <i>(phone rings)</i> <i>( vibrating echo )</i> <i>(footsteps)</i> <i>(phone continues ringing )</i> <i>(rattling )</i> - <i>(phone picked up )</i> - <i>(whispers)</i> Mrs Kry? - <i>(woman )</i> What do you want? - lt's me.
Listen .
Very young, frightened.
But he's big, strong.
She's moneyed folk.
Come on , Mother.
Folks here need a reliable witness.
l'll get you two stood in the right places.
You've took so long l've run out of time.
l'll call you back, Doctor.
<i>( 1 920s jazz )</i> Well, where to now? Honeymoon or home? There are no decent hotels here in Winterfield.
And those disreputable motels on the highway.
<i>(tuts )</i> <i>)</i>o yo u have a roo m n ero ? Maybo we co u d Why don 't you go to old Mrs Kry's place? She's all alone.
- Mother.
- She told me yesterday that she's finally decided to rent that big, empty bridal suite on the top floor.
<i>(chuckles)</i> Heaven itself couldn 't find you there.
- Afraid? -No.
- Of what? - Of being married.
l thought you meant of coming here.
- l feel crummy, Vivia.
- Why? Coming to a place like this.
Like we're doing something illegal.
- We are, Gard.
- Well, we're married.
lt's illegal to get married before you reach the age of consent.
Do you wish we'd listened to your father now? - You getting that ''Let's go home'' feeling? -No.
l know you expect me to.
but l'm not.
Oh, look, Gard, we love each other.
And we have every beautiful feeling we can have.
We have everything.
But beggars can 't be choosers.
Don 't go turning that funny little nose of yours up at this.
Just as long as my father can 't find us.
He will.
Even here.
She said even heaven itself couldn 't find us here.
<i>(woman )</i> Come right in .
Ain 't nobody here but us chickens.
<i>(giggles)</i> - <i>(door closes)</i> - l'm Mrs Kry.
Watch the step.
lnever use this floor, so my light bulbs expire.
Careful now.
Stairs are the most treacherous things.
That's the only reason l decided to rent my bridal suite.
l'm afraid, living alone an ' all, l might fall down these stairs and slowly die there like a long-stem rose with the stem snapped.
So when Mrs Justice of the Peace started plaguing me about renting rooms.
''Couples are forever asking me to recommend a nice hotel and there's not a decent hotel in Winterfield.
'' She's thinking of her commission , of course.
Ten per cent, she said.
Ten per cent on whatever l charge for my bridal suite.
My unused bridal suite.
Nobody's been up there since 1 929.
More than a quarter of a century to some people.
<i>(clears throat</i> How much? - 35 a day? - <i>(giggles)</i> Just 35 dollars.
Till any time you're ready to leave.
And payable when you leave.
Oh, please, don 't let my petrified memories frighten you .
lt was there to keep trespassers out of my graveyard.
l want those rooms to remain inviolate.
You see, l've only recently stopped expecting my young groom to return .
<i>C'est la mort</i> There's a light switch at the top of the stairs.
The door is stuck.
Time does that to a door.
Use your broad, groomy shoulders, Mr.
Uh, Smith.
You love her, Mr Smith? You must do whatever you can for her.
You must do.
whatever you must.
<i>(door closes)</i> - We can be in another state by tomorrow.
lf my father finds us.
will l have to spend my life keeping trespassers out of my graveyard? <i>(growling vibration )</i> <i>(door knob rattles)</i> <i>( 1 920s jazz )</i> Remember that Thanksgiving Day game when Scotty.
what's-his-name deliberately broke your nose in two places? l stole you from Scotty what's-his-name.
- lt was Smith, wasn 't it? - Uh-uh.
l'm Smith.
- What can l do for you , Mr Smith? - Kiss my nose in two places.
- Deliberately? - Deliberately.
Also intentionally.
Also with purposefulness, premeditation .
Looks like a movie theatre somebody forgot to tear down .
Makes me kind of sad.
She didn 't even open her wedding gifts.
- Well, would you? - Open her gifts? Yours.
lf something happened to me tonight.
- Know why l'm smiling? - Are you? Yeah.
Know why? No.
l'm suddenly feeling strong and important.
Dependable and mature.
And virile.
Why? Because suddenly l'm married.
- Do you feel all those things? - Except virile.
Your father said we couldn 't get married until we felt all those things.
l guess he forgot that most people don 't feel them until they're married.
- Gard.
- l'm only going down to the car.
Well, why? To get the suitcases and to put the car somewhere it won 't be seen .
l'll be right back.
- Will you hurry? - Mm-hm.
<i>( vibrating echo )</i> <i>(door knob rattles)</i> Gard? Gard? <i>(screams)</i> Where is he? Where did he go? Your husband.
To the car.
He wanted to see about the suitcases.
- ls he coming back? - Yes, of course he is.
A moment ago l heard a car in the driveway, below my window.
- Could he have gone away? - Oh.
He didn 't want the car to be in the driveway.
- Well, he must have taken it where.
-No one could see it.
l don 't care what you've done or what you're going to do.
l see love coiled all about you and him.
And where there is love, there is no evil.
<i>Trés nouveau</i> isn 't it? Harvey Kry Senior spent thousands on it.
A wedding present for Harvey Kry Junior and his flaming-youth bride.
He wanted us under his own roof where he could keep his cold, scientific eye on us.
l didn 't like the idea.
But Harvey did.
My Harvey did.
Oh, he said we could be happy here.
Even Daddy Kry couldn 't make us unhappy here.
Daddy Kry liked to make people unhappy.
He tried to drum me out of his son 's life.
Like he drummed this poor old fool out of his mind.
But Harvey fought for me and we won .
We won .
Oh, for a moment.
we won .
<i>( 1 920s jazz )</i> We were in the ballroom that night, our wedding laurel, our marriage, only four hours old.
We'd promised Daddy Kry we wouldn 't go away.
We'd honeymoon here.
But my Harvey and l conspired like naughty children .
The car was ready in the driveway to take us to a cabin on some distant mountain .
A stolen honeymoon .
He was to steal up here, change his clothes.
l was to lock myself in the powder room.
My street clothes were there.
No one would miss us.
l saw Harvey signal.
l saw him steal up the stairs.
<i>(echoing )</i> And then .
l never saw him again .
<i>(buzzing )</i> <i>(echoing )</i> No one ever saw him again .
<i>(chuckles)</i> Daddy Kry died from it.
But l refused to.
l am going someday to that distant mountain .
And l am going with Harvey.
For when he comes back, he'll find that nothing has changed.
Not the bridal suite, not the car in the driveway, not l.
We are all.
just as he left us.
- <i>(sighs)</i> - <i>(buzzing )</i> <i>( vibrating echo )</i> <i>( man )</i> No! Stay away! Heaven help you ! No! Don 't! Go away! <i>(jazz record)</i> # Oh, you've been gone # A long, old, lonesome time # Ooh, ooh, ooh # Said you've been gone # A long, old, lonesome time # <i>(door opens)</i> M r Sc m th ! <i>( mtus c off´)</i> Mr Smith, you come right in here this very old minute.
l told Vivia, my wife, l'd be back fast.
Well, what do you think l want to talk to you about? <i>(distant wind howling )</i> You said you wanted to talk about Vivia.
l've changed my mind.
l've decided l'd rather talk to Vivia than about her.
- Will you ask her to come down , dear? - Well, she's probably tired.
Her name was Balfour, wasn 't it, Mr Smith? Her daddy knows she's out? The Emmett Balfour l've read about would sizzle his sunspots if he knew his little girl had run away.
- What do you want, Mrs Kry? - l want Vivia to come down here for a few small minutes, that's all.
Why? To smile at me.
A few small smiles.
To remind me how brides smile.
Mr Smith, will you persuade her to come and smile at me? <i>(intense buzzing )</i> - <i>(door rattles)</i> - <i>( Vivia moans)</i> Vivia? <i>( knocking on door)</i> Vivia? <i>(banging on door)</i> - <i>(jazz )</i> - <i>( hums)</i> # Don 't let your baby wait no more # Doomsday is knocking at my door # Nothing like being on the wrong side of a stuck door on your wedding night! <i>(wind howls outside )</i> Vivia? Vivia? Help me! Help me! Please! Please, somebody, help me! Please! Somebody help me! Vivia? Gard! Gard! Please! Please help me! Gard! - You didn 't see her go, did you? - Go? Has she gone? She didn 't say anything.
Goodbye or.
or anything.
All along, l kept expecting her to.
Oh, no! No, don 't go! Wait.
She's coming back.
She'll come back! - Don 't go.
Please! Don 't go! - <i>(door closes)</i> <i>( muffled)</i> Please help me! Please! Please! <i>(screams)</i> <i>(phone rings)</i> <i>( man )</i> Mrs Kry? M rs Kry ? What do yo u want ? lt's me, Mrs Kry, Gard.
Where are you? l wondered if l could trouble you to send my things, my suitcase.
No Come back She's here.
ls she? She came back.
She's waiting for you .
Don 't you believe me? Call her to the phone, will you? l've been just driving around all night.
l'm going home now.
l figure that's where she's gone.
Kids are supposed to go home and grow up.
Aren 't they? Pease Come back She'll come back.
<i>(receiver clicks)</i> You won 't bend, will you , Harvey? Not even to pick up one piece of my broken , shattered heart.
You bloodless soul! You heartless mountain of goods! l sent someone to free you and he got away.
<i>(sobs)</i> Now we're back where we started.
Oh, Harvey.
Sweet husband.
More than a quarter of a century l've waited.
Each day l wait a little longer.
Die a little faster.
Oh, please.
Please, Harvey.
Do what he wants you to do.
Help him.
What do you care if he destroys the world? Let him annihilate a million worlds! What are worlds if people live in hell? Oh.
Oh, he's gone, Harvey.
Our main chance is gone.
He thought.
she ran home to her papa.
He thought all those sharp, young, heartbreaking things.
Oh, it's.
going to be a long, lonesome old time.
before l get us another man .
<i>(birds twitter)</i> <i>(door opens bell tinkles)</i> <i>(door closes)</i> Mr Balfour, we keep hearing as how they get married younger and younger, but l never yet recited the sweet words to anybody below the age of consent.
Couldn 't be held against you if you did.
lf my daughter and her companion presented false documents, you can 't prosecute a man for being tricked and lied to.
You can answer that better than l could, Mr Balfour.
l mean , you being the district attorney.
Oh, that was a long time ago.
l've moved on to private enterprise.
Much more lucrative.
As district attorney, l hardly ever carried any real cash on my person .
Excuse me, Mr Balfour, but Mother's blanket just came loose.
He's making big lawyer talk, Mother.
We better tell him the truth.
You're no good at all when it comes to arranging blankets.
- <i>(weeps)</i> - <i>(doorbell)</i> Oh.
Wait! Don 't go! Wait! Who's there? <i>(front door closes)</i> Vivia? Are you up there? - ls that you , Mr Balfour? - Yes, it is.
l was told.
Vivia! Your father's come to see you ! Please come up, Mr Balfour.
- <i>(footsteps on stairs)</i> - Careful now.
Stairs are the most treacherous things! Go on , Mr Balfour.
She's alone up there, weeping over her little mistake.
But she'll weep with joy when she sees her daddy's come to take her home.
<i>(sighs excitedly)</i> Hm.
No, Daddy, no! Run , Daddy, run ! Run ! Aah.
<i>(faint</i> Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Wait a minute.
Her father.
Yean, know No ono a nswers the doo r She said Vivia had come back.
l didn 't believe her.
But l can 't leave without making sure.
- Give this back to him.
- l don 't wanna see him.
He's not a nice person .
Face up to him, son .
Don 't let him hurt you or your sweetheart.
Where are we? What happened? Where are we? <i>( vibrating )</i> You are no place.
You do not want to stay here? No.
How can l get out? - How can we get out? - l will transport you .
As you came, you will go.
- lf you will help me.
- What do you want me to do? We came into your universe, each in his own ship, each ship containing the non -elements of the void from which we came.
Our first target was this planet, Earth.
We were to rejoin here to blend our frequencies.
But l had no experience with time and space.
l lost my way.
l became separated from the others.
Take me to them.
That is what you must do.
They are useless without me.
l am the fundamental component.
Mine is the lowest frequency in the complex vibration .
The annihilating vibration .
Their plan was to blow up the Earth and then the universe.
He wouldn 't do it.
But you will, won 't you? Why didn 't you ask her? - He did.
- He asked my wife, too.
Years ago.
l told her if she did what he asked, l would stop loving her.
But she promised, if he freed me, and he didn 't tell me what she was doing, she would send him someone less.
stubborn than l.
as she su cceeded? Take your daughter with you .
<i>( vibrating echo )</i> Get out! You'll spoil everything! Agh! Oh.
Vivia! Vivia, come with me.
- l'm not going to do it! -No! l only wanted to save us.
- <i>( Mrs Kry)</i> You will do it! - Get her out of here! You will! You will! You will! You stupid monster! You blundering fool! You stupid, bloodless.
<i>( yells)</i> Daddy! lf l cannot annihilate your world, then l must uncreate myself.
and you .
<i>(rumbling )</i> <i>( man )</i> Without that deadly talent for being in the right place at the right time, evil must suffer defeat.
And with each defeat, Doomsday is postponed for at least one more day.
We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to.
The Outer Limits.