The Outer Limits (1963) s01e19 Episode Script

The Invisibles

(eerie echoing hum ) Lie on the table, Mr Planetta.
Face down .
Just a tiny nick.
No more than you might get from the pin of a brooch.
(squealing ) ( man ) There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.
( man ) You do not know these men .
You may have looked at them, but you did not see them.
They are newspapers blowing down a gutter on a windy night.
For reasons sociological and psychological, these three have never joined or been invited to join society.
They have never experienced love or friendship or formed any lasting relationship.
But today they will become a part of something.
They will belong.
They will come a little closer to their unrealistic dreams of power and glory.
Today, finally, they will join the l almost said ''the human race'' and that would have been a half-truth.
For the race they are joining today is only half-human .
(eerie echoing hum ) Master! Master! We are holy! We are holy! We are holy! Master! (ball thuds) Welcome, gentlemen .
The society which you have voluntarily joined is called the lnvisibles.
lt is subversive and illegal.
lt's also powerful and large.
And it is ready.
For the lnvisibles to become the masters of everything on this planet, you , the vanguard of this virile and violent inevitability, will sit so high that mankind will recognise you by the lines on the soles of your feet.
You may ask questions.
Are we going to wear uniforms sir? No.
Mr Planetta? Will us three work together? You will work alone.
Each man in a different city.
You will not see or contact anyone for any reason whatsoever.
No questions, Mr Spain ? l was wondering when we were gonna see these lnvisibles.
Then l realised that if we could see them, they wouldn 't be called lnvisibles.
You'll see them, Mr Spain .
Mr Castle? Where do these lnvisibles come from, sir? We were conceived in the nothingness of space.
Sired by a satyr of cosmic energy.
Formed by the coming together of sick, nameless nuclei.
They'd waited a billion billion years for that precise ungodly moment.
We fell to Earth and the velocity of that fall quickened the seed of intellect at the same time as it stunted the evolution of our primitive form.
The lnvisibles are not things for humour, Mr Spain .
Their victims suffer to the edge of death.
They're never the same again .
l wasn 't laughing at that.
l suddenly placed you .
Aren 't you the governor of? l am the ruler of the Society of the lnvisibles.
Nothing less.
Please remove your jackets and roll up your left shirtsleeves.
Mr Castle? Mr Planetta? - What's that against? - lt's a virus from the blood of a host.
That is a man whose mind and body have already been invaded.
The creatures will invade and attack any human being they can get their claws into, except one that has already been invaded.
You are not important enough to be hosts, so we inoculate you against accidental invasion .
The host must have power, position , influence.
He must be in the heart of things.
Every night, separately, each of you will be exposed to a creature.
lf your inoculation has taken effect, it will not attach itself, it will discard you .
But if your body has resisted the inoculation (agonised screaming ) Spain , what is it? Who's screaming? What's happening? (footsteps) - Don 't open it.
- Shut up.
Who is it? Who's coming? lt looks like Castle.
That's what you look like if your shot doesn 't work and one of those sick nuclei gets under your skin .
- Spain ? - Huh? Let's run away.
You and me.
Oh, man .
You fold up quick, don 't you? No, honest! l just don 't wanna turn into a thing like Castle.
You wanna turn into something? Or do you just wanna go on being nothing? A crumb in an empty bread box? Hey You just wait till those lnvisibles take over.
We're the vanguard, right? We get our reward.
We sit up on top someplace.
A big office, carpets, iced water.
And secretaries jumping whenever you push a button .
(door opens) (thunder rumbles) Follow me, Mr Planetta.
Mr Planetta.
Look how about if we go together, him and me? You know hold each other up.
We've lost Mr Castle.
The inoculation failed.
Attachment occurred.
lt's not supposed to show like this.
We can 't afford to lose another of you .
Certainly not for lack of courage.
(eerie echoing hum ) Lie on the table, Mr Planetta.
Face down .
Just a tiny nick.
No more than you might get from the pin of a brooch.
(squealing ) (thunder rumbles) (rustling ) Johnny, it's horrible.
l heard the screams.
l was afraid it was you , Spain .
l hated not being able to do anything.
Better get that thing out and get started.
Daddy doesn 't know l'm out.
Agent number 0-0-2-1 .
Report number four.
Time 4.
52 a.
1 4 October.
Arrived at headquarters of organisation .
Calls itself Society of lnvisibles.
Head man , Lawrence K Hillmond, present governor of this state.
Plan is to invade, to infest, key men in government and industry with some alien force from outer space that .
that seeps into the human body and takes over.
lndoctrination classes begin this a.
No word whero we go , when we go l'm zeroing in on neurotic soft spot of comrade named Planetta.
lf l win him over, you'll hear from him via the kid brother ploy.
Next report if and when .
Advise you continue ''Spain is a leper'' routine.
One bad move and you have an lnvisible in the GlA.
Hey, John , you're gonna catch cold in those wet boots.
Take care of yourself.
You'll see, pinpointed, the cities in which reside rulers, sub-rulers and directors of this country's life blood.
You will go to one of those cities.
A job has been secured for you that will keep you in contact with your target.
Until your opportunity to perform the attachment arises, you will be under constant surveillance.
lf you see anyone unknown to us or contact anyone for any reason whatsoever you will be murdered.
We'll meet again at midnight.
Your next class will take place in the morgue.
There you will be taught how to perform the attachment operation .
lt will be a few minutes yet.
We're expecting a new specimen .
You heard references to a procedure we call ''attachment''.
lt is a plasma physics process in which two particles stick together and form a single complex particle.
An example is the formation of a negative ion from an electron attachment to an atom or molecule.
By the same principles, we attach, or permit attachment, of an alien , or negative, to spinal atoms of a human being.
(deep echoing hum ) lt is a simple procedure, but it must not be performed carelessly.
lneffective attachment can result in deformity.
ldeally, the target should be lying face downward, his back naked.
A small pin scratch should be made about here.
He should be unconscious.
An alien cannot invade a dead man .
We're merely using this corpse for demonstration of placement.
These conditions need not be present and an attachment can still be made, either by an expert or by the alien himself.
( laughs) Or ''itself'', if you prefer.
- ( Planetta ) What's the matter? - l was thinking about a friend of mine.
He got killed in some war.
That corpse had the same kind of boots.
Spain , would you ever lie to me? l mean if l was Like if l was a friend of yours.
- You could never be my friend.
- Why not? When we leave here, we can never see each other again .
Why can 't buddies get together for a few drinks? - Meet some girls, laugh it up.
- Knock it off.
Knock it off.
What's the matter? Don 't act like you like me when you don 't.
Oh, l like you .
You remind me of my kid brother.
- You told them you had a brother? -No.
They wouldn 't have let me join .
- Don 't you squeal.
Whatever city they send you to, call my brother, tell him where you are.
l'll call him and he'll tell me.
l'll knock my target off fast, if l have to do it in broad daylight.
Then l look you up, we have a night on the town .
Somebody will be watching us.
You believe that? Come on , that's scare tactics.
Forget it.
Let's do it, Spain .
Remember this number.
- 1-8-4-2-2-4-0-7-0-0.
- Right.
When you call, you say, ''ls this Spain 's kid brother?'' When he says, ''Yes'', you tell him where you are.
- 1-8-4-2-2-4-0-7-0-0.
- Right.
Let's eat this lousy chow.
ln five minutes, one of you will be the first to leave.
This envelope contains the details of your assignments.
Once outside this building, the recruiter will read it to you once.
Memorise those details.
We are trusting you with a mission of incalculable importance.
lf our trust seems casual, if we appear to be the victims of over-faith, do not be deceived.
World conquerors sometimes become fools, but fools never become world conquerors.
Mr Spain .
Here's your chauffeur's licence.
l will give each detail once.
As l speak it, repeat it aloud.
City of assignment Who's there? l just wanted to see if they were wearing uniforms.
City of assignment .
Washington DC.
( Spain ) Washington DC.
(recruiter) Name of primal target Hillary J Clarke, General, Chief of Advisory Board of Joint Services, Division of US Defense Department.
( Spain ) Hillary J Clarke, General, Chief of Advisory Board of Joint Services, Division of US Defense Department.
(recruiter) Home address.
Number six, Arlington Drive, Chevy Chase.
( Spain ) Home address.
Number six, Arlington Drive, Chevy Chase.
- Thank you , Spain .
- Mrs Clarke? Would the General receive a request for a telephone in my room? l have no idea when he'll be home.
Sometime tonight.
Spain , would you leave the car? l may have to go out again very soon .
Mr Spain ? Oliver Fair.
l'm social secretary to General Clarke's comparatively new wife.
l'm in residence here.
Can we talk in your little room? General Clarke hired you upon my recommendation .
- Oh? -Now can we go in ? - Why? - Oh, never mind.
We can talk here.
The General will be back about nine.
He will have dined, so he'll retire.
- His room is connected to his study.
- l've seen it.
l'll keep Mrs Clarke downstairs until 1 2 or so.
l play fine piano and l know all the sad songs.
- She gets so drunk on sad songs.
- Who doesn 't? Mr Spain ? You'll have an hour or more up there with him.
Just the two of you , alone.
(buzzing ) - Spain here.
- (woman ) Mrs Clarke is ready.
l'll be right there.
l watch you every minute, Spain .
- Am l being a good boy? - So far.
Then l can stay in the club.
Hm? Can it be fixed? lt's a shame there no telephone in the car.
l'll have to hike to a service station .
But l'll be late for my my doctor's appointment.
Can l make a call for you at the station ? No, thank you .
lt won 't be necessary.
This is the first chance l've had to call.
They've been watching me.
Put the chief on .
Chief, did you get the tapes? Hallelujah! At least Johnny was clean when the guy Any kid brother calls? Sforza Water and Power? That's here in Washington .
That could mean they have quite a few targets here.
ls General Clarke really getting in tonight? ( man ) We can 't stall him.
The Defense Department's steamed at us already.
The GlA isn 't supposed to get into space-age messes.
l think l'll get another week's grace.
My inoculation runs out tonight.
When l foul-up, they'll give me another shot.
Take care, Spain .
No tail on you now.
We never heard of you .
l know.
Heroes die alone.
- ( man ) Go ahead.
- He just made a phone call.
l couldn 't get near enough to hear anything.
- He'll be ready tonight? - He should be ready now.
l'll wait till nine or ten to be safe.
- ( knock on door) - What is it? - General Clarke? - What do you want, Fair? - What are you doing up at this hour? - lt's only nine, sir.
All right.
l'll put it this way.
Why are you bothering me? l thought you'd want to meet the chauffeur.
l know how you feel about young men in responsible positions.
- Young? - Spain ? lf you'll excuse me, sir, l have to get back to Mrs Clarke.
Come here, Spain .
Friend or foe? A man doesn 't get very far being his employer's foe.
- More pay, more friend? - That's life in these United States.
(chuckles) l knew when l married my wife that l was what they call a father image.
What l didn 't know is that she hated her father.
Keep a record of every address you drive her to.
Maybo yo u dr ve her to those add rosses (chuckles quietly) You may be right.
Spain ? Don 't pity me.
l've helped win wars.
l forgot my cap.
( Fair on intercom ) All right now, don 't panic General? l approve of the new chauffeur.
- Spain ? - Yes, sir? Come here.
My w fe s soc a secrota ry wo u d beve r spea k to me that way , wo u d be ? -No, sir.
- l'm not going to kill you .
Man may kill those he loves, but rarely those he needs.
- ( Fair) General? - Get the thing.
Bring it here.
We suspected what you were when we recruited you .
That's why you were assigned to me.
lf we were wrong, no harm done.
lf we were right And we were.
You will remove your jacket and shirt.
So now we shall have an lnvisible in the Government lntelligence Agency.
- Your inoculation 's worn off, you know.
- l know.
lt's all happening so fast.
So much faster than l expected.
All over this rich, great country.
Hosts in all the right places.
Men like Senator Springer, Wilson Greenberg, Billy .
Mallin .
Places so high .
no one would believe how high they are.
Yes! Yes, master! know l l am vainglorious.
l say too much! l endanger us all! Spain ! He's killed it.
lt's dead.
(groaning ) Oh, l don 't believe this! l didn 't see you ! Help me.
Help me.
l'll get my husband.
l'll get my husband.
No! No! No! No! (gasps) (groans in pain ) How he killed it is unimportant, Governor.
What matters is we need another quickly.
Send anyone you like.
Just so he gets here quickly.
All right.
Waiting is bad.
Spain must be killed.
And kill our chance to infiltrate the GlA? He'll start screaming.
Nothing is as dangerous as a man in pain .
Who's going to hear him? You and l.
- My wife.
- l control her.
Take my shoe off.
All right.
Go ahead.
Go ahead Go ahead.
Why don 't you call the police ambulance? Can 't you? Mr Fair has .
tapes of private conversations between .
me and someone l don 't wish to see destroyed.
A friend who loves me.
- Put the shoe on .
- But the swelling - The shoe will never go on .
- Put it on .
(groans in pain ) (car starts up ) Planetta? Planetta! - ls Planetta around? - Down there.
Shed 49.
(dialling ) He got here Right.
( knocking on door) Planetta? Genero? lt's me.
Spain ! (faint echoing hum ) You were the only one l could trust, Genero.
l couldn 't drive l was hit by a car Might have killed me.
(cries in pain ) Lie down , Spain .
Tell me later.
Have to get to Virginia Cross bridge.
Genero, get a car.
Rest, Spain .
Who's Virginia, Spain ? Headquarters, GlA.
- l'm gonna take your shoe off.
No No! Genero Call Chief.
Tell him to send car to you tonight Wait till it's dark.
( Planetta ) City of assignment, Washington DC.
Name of primal target: Luis B Spain , agent, United States Government lntelligence Agency.
(deep echoing hum ) l didn 't want to, Spain , till they told me what you were.
Then l saw you'd lied to me, conned me! No , Genoro , no l was trying to help you .
l didn 't want you to do it.
They were trying to make you When l like somebody, when they trick me, l wanna beat them up and beat them up till they're all beat up! l liked you .
Planetta! Planetta! Planetta! Help me! Please, help me! Planetta! (siren ) (screams) Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! (gunshots ) There's a phone in the doorway.
Call an ambulance.
Look the other way.
We've got a lot of work to do.
They're everywhere.
We'll never get them all.
We'll get 'em all.
We caught up with Mr Fair.
He's cooperating.
Let's get outta here.
( man ) You do not know these men .
You may have looked at them, but you did not see them.
They are the wind that blows newspapers down the gutter on a windy night .
and sweeps the gutter clean .
We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to .
The Outer Limits.