The Outer Limits (1963) s01e25 Episode Script

The Mutant

Where's Dr Marshall? l don 't know.
He's probably in the lab.
When he's ready to go, l'll put the component back in the communications system.
As soon as he contacts Earth, l'll remove it.
lf anyone speaks one wrong word during that moment What did you do? With the suit? l put it in my locker.
( voiceover) Don 't think it.
Block it out.
- Don 't think what, Lieutenant? - ( voiceover) Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
- ( voiceover) l didn 't write it.
l didn 't.
- Where is it, Chandler? What? l didn 't ( voiceover) l wish it were dark.
l get so lonely for the night.
l can 't dream.
lt's in his seam No.
lt lt seems wrong.
There should be a night.
The night's suited for dreaming.
lt's suited ln his suit.
Don 't think it.
Block it.
Block it.
Take it out and destroy it.
( man ) There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.
( man ) At this very moment, our horizon is menaced by two explosive forces, both man -made.
One is a deadly wonder .
the other wondrously alive.
Both forces have compelled man to reach out for worlds beyond his own , now wo rlds whero he may f nd oeace a nd room to g row This is the first of those new worlds.
The United Nations of Earth have claimed it and called it Annex One.
lt is almost identical to Earth, except that there is no night.
Sunlight is constant.
Early reports from the small expeditionary team on Annex One indicated that the planet was suitable for colonisation by Earth's overflowing population .
But recent reports have contained unspoken , disturbing undercurrents (engine noise ) .
and the United Space Agency has decided to investigate.
The man chosen : Dr Evan Marshall, psychiatrist.
- Evan ? - Hello, Julie.
- Dr Evan Marshall.
- You look like celebrities at a picnic.
- l can 't tell you apart in those - Better put these on , Dr Marshall.
The constant sun , Doctor.
We must not come into it without our glasses.
We keep them on at all times to enforce the habit.
ln a few days, you'll feel like they're part of your person , which is how we feel.
This is Dr Evan Marshall, Chief of the Psychiatric Division in our much divided Space Agency.
You've all heard of him, l'm sure, and some of us have already met him.
That was way back on Earth.
We'll all start fresh up here.
- Dr Riner.
- Dr Marshall.
- Lieutenant Chandler.
- Doctor.
- Professor LaCosta.
- Dr Marshall.
And Mr Fowler.
Correct? Correct.
Dark glasses disguise no one.
And Griff? Griff is dead.
There was a hideous accident.
lt wasn 't reported before l left Earth.
- lt only happened a few days ago.
- How many? Griff was the mainspring up here, Dr Marshall.
The tick that held us all together.
Without him we're somewhat disoriented temporarily, of course.
lt's difficult to count days when there are no nights.
lt happened day before yesterday, just a few minutes before noon .
lt couldn 't have been reported anyway, Doctor.
We have a problem with our communications system.
- What kind of problem? - Well What kind of a problem, Lieutenant Chandler? That is your department.
l was thinking of how to explain it in layman 's terms.
- Can it be corrected? - Er Of course it can be corrected.
Anything on Annex One can be corrected.
l hope so.
The mother ship won 't be back till l send word.
Shall we step in out of the sun ? You can 't appreciate how uncomfortable it is until you've gotten out of it.
You have this room.
l'll move in with Dr Riner.
lt's a bit primitive, but that's what homesteads are supposed to be.
lt looks fine.
How does it feel living pioneer-style? l mean , emotionally.
We were trained to be unemotional Correction .
Non -emotional.
l miss dreaming.
lnever could dream much on a daytime and all we have here is sunny daytime.
l'll put this away.
You're probably anxious to start checking things out.
(footsteps) You knew he was coming.
Then Griff knew.
He told you .
Reese, l'm not in the habit of lying to people.
But l'm not really people any more, am l, Julia? Which is why l especially couldn 't lie to you .
Therefore it's hopeless for me to try to behave like a person morally, that is.
Reese, please go.
Do you know why he came up here, Julia? l think so.
Griff and l expected someone would come.
lt had nothing to do with you .
lt concerned only Griff and me and And your not having children .
Experimental animals shouldn 't behave like people.
Whatever made your marriage loveless wasn 't supposed to make it childless.
l don 't like being like this, Julie.
lnhuman .
But this thing rises in me and blots out all the decency l used to feel.
lt rises more often and blots out more and more.
Where's Dr Marshall? l don 't know.
He's probably in the lab.
When he's ready to go, l'll put the component back in the communications system.
As soon as he contacts Earth, l'll remove it.
lf anyone speaks one wrong word during that moment What did you do? With the suit? l put it in my locker.
( voiceover) Don 't think it.
Block it out.
- Don 't think what, Lieutenant? - ( voiceover) Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
Block it.
- ( voiceover) l didn 't write it.
l didn 't.
- Where is it, Chandler? What? l didn 't ( voiceover) l wish it were dark.
l get so lonely for the night.
l can 't dream.
lt's in his seam No.
lt lt seems wrong.
There should be a night.
The night's suited for dreaming.
lt's suited ln his suit.
Don 't think it.
Block it.
Block it.
Take it out and destroy it.
l can read your thoughts, Chandler.
You all should know that by now.
No one can quiet his thoughts.
lt's impossible.
Even if l hadn 't found that and Dr Marshall had, l'd know about it.
l can hear his thoughts.
l'll never let him leave.
Now destroy t No, no.
Not that way.
Eat it.
Eat it.
l won 't do it again , Reese.
( voiceover) l'll be alone with him again -No! No! - Be quiet.
Please, no Don 't ( voiceover) Night.
lt's only gonna be like night.
A long night To dream in .
Reads like some psychiatric reports l've written .
All facts and a yard long.
lt should cover every phase of the expedition from the day we landed.
( Marshall) lt should .
but it doesn 't.
Some of my findings are missing, Dr Marshall.
l should say, lack of findings.
l didn 't come here to check on past civilisations on Annex One.
Excuse me.
l'm looking for Lieutenant Chandler.
- Julie would like you to call on her.
- She would? - Dr Riner, my treatment.
- For heaven 's sake, don 't keep this up.
Haven 't you endangered him enough? Don 't go.
Perhaps we're all doomed, Henry.
l a bit more than the rest.
But Dr Marshall still has a chance if Mr Fowler keeps his word.
A small one, to be sure, but sometimes they're the greatest.
Can we trust a madman ? l'm not a madman , Professor.
l'm a mutant.
Come with me, Mr Fowler.
Same as it's always been , isn 't it, Evan ? Yes, very much.
We say a few, small useless words and then .
then we go quiet.
A man and a woman shouldn 't be afraid of the quiet that comes between them.
l was never afraid of the quiet.
What was it, Julie? What frightened you away? When l ran away from you , and l did run .
l always knew that someday, l'd have to face you and tell you why.
But not now, Evan .
- You know why l've come up here? - Yes, l think so.
To find out why Griff and l Well After two years, the Space Agency is entitled to an investigation .
Couples who are physically sound are expected to begin a family in two years.
Especially experimental couples.
You and Griff were sound when you left Earth.
Did anything happen ? -Nothing happened.
- ls that the answer? When a girl runs as fast as l did, she's bound to bump into someone.
l bumped into Griff.
l didn 't take a good look.
l was too busy being helped up.
Then we were here in a new world and l had time to look.
And l respected what l saw, but l didn 't l couldn 't When did he find out, Julie? That l didn 't love him? That you had stopped loving me, Julie.
Recently? The facts of his death are recorded in the log.
Perfectly, like the recipe for accidental dying.
Was it an accident? Or was it suicide? Oh.
Griff would hate for anybody to think that about him.
Was that it, Julie? l mean , most suicides are accidents anyway.
When are you leaving, Evan ? What is it, Julie? When Griff found out that l didn 't that l didn 't love him .
we became friends.
A sound couple.
The Space Agency will understand Griff's decency and that should be explanation enough, but .
it makes me feel very guilty.
And being this close to you makes me feel unbearably guilty.
lt's more than that.
Evan , please Please don 't probe.
Please stop.
l was going to knock, honestly.
- You want to see Dr Riner? - l was looking for Lieutenant Chandler.
Probably somewhere daydreaming.
Julie? Put your glasses on , Doctor.
And don 't wander too far from the hut.
lt's our only protection against the rain .
- lt's due within the half-hour.
- Does it rain that hard? (Julie ) Evan ! Evan , hurry! Evan ! Quick! Don 't ever let it go again , Julie.
Not ever.
- What's wrong, Julie? - Evan , not now.
Someday when we meet on Earth.
l wasn 't referring to us.
- What were you talking about? - What's wrong here? You're a man of very sharp instincts and you're terrifyingly perceptive.
Those are rare qualities and they make you a superior psychiatrist, but you haven 't learned to live with them.
You let them probe into every moment.
You investigate every blink, word and gesture.
You're just too analytical.
ln a funny way, you're a kind of 1 984 man .
Stop watching life, Evan .
Just lt'll go on somehow.
lt really is much bigger than any Big Brother.
l'd like to talk, Dr Riner.
Very well, Doctor.
Shall we go in here? Oh, Julie Come in .
- lt can wait, Doctor.
Thank you .
- Very well.
So can our talk of Professor LaCosta's cave.
l haven 't had much sleep lately.
Julie! Wait! - He knows about this.
- Reese? Dr Marshall.
No! We'll have to tell him why we come here.
He's our only hope, Julie.
He may get back to Earth.
(screaming ) Doctor, help! (Julie screams) ( he screams) He said He thought there was no animal life here.
Come, Julie.
This place isn 't safe to use any more.
There may be other creatures, other mutations.
Will one of you talk to me here? Oh.
Yes, Dr Marshall.
Here we can talk to you .
We were hoping you'd follow.
Evan , we've been trying to keep you safe.
Where's Professor LaCosta? l saw him come in here.
- He's dead.
- Don 't tell him any more, please! - Why not, Julie? - Because if you know, he'll know.
He can hear your thoughts.
Reese Fowler.
He's become a mutant.
He was caught in a shower of Rl, radio isotope.
Don 't say any more.
Don 't tell him any more, please.
Confused thoughts are difficult to conceal.
lf he knows everything, he may keep from thinking about it.
We were in the hut the first time it showered.
Reese was o u ts de Some sixth sense warned Griff and he ordered us to remain indoors.
Then the storm hit.
He fell, screamed, tore at his eyes .
but Griff wouldn 't let any of us go to him.
Within the hour he began to mutate into what he is.
He's charged with radioactive ions.
You see how he keeps his distance.
He killed Griff? Griff knew that Annex One was useless and we had to leave.
We had to leave Reese behind.
He would have contaminated the rest of us in the space capsule.
But Reese couldn 't give up the idea of being cured.
- He killed Professor LaCosta? -No.
That was a mutated creature.
lt caused the atoms of LaCosta's being to explode, the way Reese killed Chandler.
He admitted it as l was preparing this latest hopeless treatment.
We became his prisoners.
He destroyed our ship and disabled communications.
He's got to get it working again if he wants me to leave.
( Riner) He removed one of the components.
He probably intends to replace it long enough - You won 't be able to signal.
- That's not what l was thinking.
l've got an idea.
Not a very promising one, but - Could you hypnotise me? - lf you can be hypnotised.
l could be made to forget all this.
He'd let me leave if l hadn 't heard anything.
What good will it do? l'll only forget till someone on Earth uses a certain word.
- On Earth? - A word l'm certain to hear on Earth.
But a word you are certain not to hear before you leave here.
Hope? l'm liable to hear that word anywhere, even here.
There must be something someone will say to you .
Your associates at the Space Agency, your friends.
A technical expression or an official signal.
Reese He might go all day without saying his own name.
Unless he was telephoning.
You'll both have to remember not to mention his name.
When l make my report before the board, they'll ask about each of you .
They'll ask by name.
Well, when you only have straws to grasp at, you grasp at straws.
Sit down , Doctor.
Before the candle.
l suggest that you keep looking at this gentle flame.
Keep looking at it.
lt's all there is to see in all the world.
And you can 't take your eyes from it.
You can 't even close your eyes, even though you can feel the weight of your eyelids and the longing for sleep.
You'll sleep a long time.
You'll sleep until Julie says, ''Evan , wake up.
'' Until then , you'll sleep.
l'm still a man .
A man with a mind, a name.
A man they call Fowler.
Reese Fowler.
l must remember that.
l must keep saying it to myself, to everyone.
l am a man named Reese.
l am a man named Reese.
( knock at door) - Yes? - ( Riner) Fowler? l'm still here.
Just a minute.
All right.
lt seemed longer this time.
l thought duration might succeed where volume failed.
Do you think you'll be able to tell? No! The dark it hurts! All right? Yes.
Yes, l'm all right.
Don 't go, Doctor.
Please don 't go.
lt isn 't safe for me to be in confined quarters with you , Reese lf l'm contaminated, l can 't help you .
Why are you frightened to say my name? ( voiceover) ''Two brothers are we, great burdens we bear.
"" ''The truth is to say we are full all the day and empty when we go to rest.
'' l know every riddle.
The answer to the one you're using: a pair of shoes.
wo lunderstand you being afraid of my touch, but my name? Why my name? ( voiceover) l must not say it.
( Reese ) You must not say my name? Why? Evan wake up.
l can 't see your face.
Which expression are you wearing? - You say that as if you know them all.
- Don 't l? - Would it be so terrible if you didn 't? -No, not terrible at all.
lt might be lovely to look at you without really being able to see you .
That sounded very unanalytical and also very male.
Come on .
lt's time to get in out of our rain .
lt's all there is to see.
You cannot take your eyes from it.
The gentle flame The weight of your eyelids.
You will sleep.
You will sleep.
You will sleep and forget all you know about the horror here.
We must remember not to mention his name.
Post-hypnotic .
someone on Earth will ask for him.
At the Space Agency.
You'll tell The horror.
The horror.
Slee Julie, wait.
Where have we been ? lt comes quickly.
We'd better get inside.
Some place dark.
There are no dark places on Annex One.
Or are you speaking metaphorically? ( Evan ) l could be, but l'm not.
(Julie ) Maybe you were dreaming in the forest.
That has a fairy-tale ring to it.
My habit of being analytical is not as bad as your displaced sense of humour.
Evan This door.
lt's locked.
lt's stuck.
- Who is it, please? - (Julie ) Let us in .
- Ask me to.
- Open the door, Fowler.
Fowler? How impersonal without a ''Mr'' before it.
lt's slightly derogatory.
- Please open the door, Mr Fowler.
- Please.
The rain .
lt hasn 't started to rain , has it? - We'd better hide.
- Yes.
lf we run , we can Doctor! Dr Riner! Doctor! Say, ''Please open the door, Mr Fowler.
'' No.
Ask it as you would ask it of a friend.
A friend you call by his Christian name.
You do remember my Christian name? - What's he getting at? - Say my name.
Come on .
Say my name! l'm a man named Reese Fowler! Dr Marshall? We may be here a long time, Julie.
We may even die here.
Oh, no.
He won 't kill us.
He doesn 't want to be alone.
The part that's human doesn 't want to be alone.
That part may not last long.
Come out! Julie? Dr Marshall! Come on out.
l won 't harm you .
l need you .
Dr Riner's dead.
l didn 't kill him.
He fell.
Believe me.
l wouldn 't kill the only man who could help me.
l won 't kill you .
Dr Marshall, please believe me.
You locked us out! You wanted us to be contaminated! l couldn 't help that.
Sometimes it's so easy to forget that part of me that's still human .
Will you help me? Let us return to Earth! They'll send help.
They can do more than ( laughter) This planet is useless, Dr Marshall! The experiment has failed! They'll write it off! The taxpayers! They'll strike it off! l'll be awarded some kind of medal posthumously! Let you go, both of you? l'm a mutant, Doctor, not a madman .
Come out! Come out! Forgive me, Evan .
You know, running away is a bad thing.
You run away from one unsatisfactory world and you bump right into another.
You usually bounce back.
(cries of pain ) The pain is l can 't see! (indistinct cries) The pain Doctor (confused mumbling ) (cries in pain ) (silence ) ( man ) The forces of violence and the forces of nature compel man to reach out toward new horizons where peace and sanity may flourish, where there is room to grow.
But before we run , should we not make certain that we have done all that can be done here to end madness, quiet the disturbers of peace and make room for those who need so little to grow in ? We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to .
The Outer Limits.