The Outer Limits (1963) s01e32 Episode Script

The Forms of Things Unknown

(clocks ticking thunder crashes) ( man ) There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
We will control the horizontal.
We will control the vertical.
We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.
For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to participate in a great adventure.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.
(tyres screech ) ( honking ) Kass a ! Leonora! Where's my drink? Am l or am l not going to get that drink? Yes, Andre, you are.
Do you want to poison yourself? Kass a Leonora! Come here, Leonora! Come here, Leonora.
Give her the glass, Kassia.
Now both of you bring me my drink.
Kassia will pour.
Leonora will serve.
Come as you are in your fine stiletto heels.
( he laughs) Kassia will pour and Leonora will serve.
Then we'll go to London and pay a dark call on Leonora's rich and respected father.
When we have extorted him, we'll leave, not very respected, but very rich.
( he laughs) ( he groans) Put those back in the bar.
Then open the car trunk.
Take out the bags and put 'em in the back seat.
Leave the trunk open .
(thunder rumbles) - He isn 't dead! He isn 't dead! - (tyres screech ) ( Kassia ) He must be.
That leaf could have murdered a world of Andres.
Leonora, come here! - See for yourself.
He's dead.
- All right.
You'll feel better if you see for yourself.
He blinked.
- (screaming ) - Leonora.
Leonora! (sobs) Get up.
We have to go.
No, l can 't, Kassia.
You go with him.
Help him to do what he intended to do.
Tell my father l wouldn 't debase him by asking him to forgive me.
Your father will be safe now.
Andre is dead.
- He blinked.
He could not have blinked.
And l remember the position he was in .
My soul photographed it just before you closed the trunk.
So l remember.
His face was turned the other way.
l moved it just a moment ago to make sure he wasn 't alive.
- And he wasn 't? -No, Leonora.
He was not alive.
Leonora! Leonora! Leonora! Leonora! Leonora! (screams) Leonora! - (banging ) - Please let me in ! Help me! Please! Please help me! Let me in ! Please, please help me! Do you want to tell the world what we've done and why? Our car broke down .
Could we telephone a garage? We have no telephone.
lf you are wet, come stand close by the fire.
(ticking of many clocks) l wonder if others can see your beauty as l do.
Sometimes it seems you have to be blind to see beauty.
- Where's it coming from? - Ticks of time from upstairs.
From a special room upstairs.
lt sounds like a million mad clocks.
My Mr Hobart tinkers with time.
Just as time has tinkered with Mr Hobart.
(door opens) - Who was it? - Who could it have been ? No! (screams) - Did you think l was someone else? - Yes.
But she'd forgotten .
He's dead now.
''Such tricks hath strong imagination That if it would but apprehend some joy lt comprehends some bringer of that joy Or in the night, imagining some fear, How easy is a bush supposed a bear'' (thunder claps) - What are you doing here? - l welcomed them in .
Could they leave at once? Or will they spend the night? - We'll go now.
- We'll spend the night.
We'll sleep here on these sofas.
My name is Tone.
Please tell me yours.
My friend is Leonora Edmond.
l'm Kassia Paine.
l'm sorry l frightened you in the woods.
lt was l.
Feel my hair.
lt's still wet from the rain .
Good night, Mr Hobart.
Please do not needlessly disturb me.
l have a great deal of work to do tonight, upstairs.
(ticking of many clocks) l feel as if l shouldn 't be here.
Why? As if this house has been waiting for me.
l'm afraid l'll succumb to it.
(wind howls) (ticking ) Do you know why l didn 't leave him in the lake? He would have floated into someone's life.
He'd find a way to betray us.
This is the kind of neighbourhood l was looking for.
A good neighbourhood for unmarked graves.
Where are you going? - l'm going to bury Andre.
- How? - The fireplace tools and these.
l mean how? He isn 't in the trunk.
l saw as l ran by.
You didn 't want to see him, so he wasn 't there.
''Such tricks hath strong imagination '' Kass a My father could never have submitted to Andre's blackmail.
He would have died of it.
But he'll be safe from Andre now, won 't he? His world will be safe.
- l can 't help you bury Andre.
-Nobody ever helps a grave digger.
-No questions? - You're not the person to ask them of.
( voiceover) Leonora, how did he die? - He was killed.
- By you and Kassia Paine? She'd begged Andre to abandon his scheme, begged him, but he had those heartbreaking letters Daddy had written Kassia and he thought they would be negotiable.
( voiceover) How was he killed? ( Leonora ) She told me to pick a leaf off the thanatos tree.
''Thanatos'' means ''death''.
( Tone ) How does one get a poison leaf into a blackmailer? ( Leonora ) We put it into the shaker and we shook it.
Kassia poured, l served and he drank.
l'll never forget his face.
He knew he'd drunk something fatal and he went on smiling, like a crushed clown .
- l didn 't think he'd been drowned.
- What did you say, Mr Hobart? l've intruded upon your reverie.
Forgive me.
l only came in to see if you were comfortable.
M r Hobart , wny go yo u keep a u se ess c ock? Would you be very unhappy if your murdered clown came back to life? - How could he? - All dead things were once alive.
- ln the past.
- ln the past.
- The past is gone.
- ls it? Suppose the past and the present are two separate time cycles.
Coiling about us concurrently.
Then all one need do is cause a slight tilt.
Tilt it one way, the present would slide into the past.
Tilt it the other, the past would tumble into the present.
And with it would come past things as they were before they died.
Yes, Miss Edmond.
lt can be done.
lt has been done.
For one fraction of a fraction of a moment, the cycles were tilted.
The past slid into the present.
And l tumbled back to life.
lf l can make it happen again , Miss Edmond, and again and again .
think of the lost ones l can bring back.
The great and the dear lost ones.
l'm going to show you my workshop where it happened.
- Don 't you want him to be alive again ? - Who? Your clown .
You're not a murderess.
lf you were, you'd feel no guilt at the simple removal of a clown and a blackmailer.
See him live again .
The guilt will slip out of your heart.
(thunder crashes) (clocks ticking ) ( Leonora ) Kassia! Could someone have dragged his body away without you or l having seen or heard? lt's been a noisy rain .
saw Kass a Pa no eave With the tools.
l was sadly amused imagining her wonder when she opened the empty trunk.
l came in here then and l did not hear her return to fetch the body.
-Nor did you , Colas.
Nor did l.
- You didn 't take the body away, Colas? -No.
l did not.
He tumbled back, just as l did.
l told you , Colas.
l told you it was no accident.
e was dead a nd sow he s a ve He's out there somewhere, alive.
l'd better find him and explain it all to him.
- Did you scream my name? - Did you bury him? - l heard you scream.
- Your fingernails are clean .
l heard my friend scream for me.
Why did she scream? lf you would listen to an old blind man , he would tell you to leave at once.
- Why? - lt is my house.
You mistook me for a servant.
There is so little difference between a host and a servant.
Mr Hobart has been my guest for almost a year.
He stumbled upon my house in the dead of night just as you did.
He was in flight just as you were.
A blind man 's house is a good hiding place.
- Was it Mr Hobart? - You need not fear Mr Hobart.
lt's the other who is a danger to you .
The one who drank your poison drink.
- l told them.
- About Andre? No.
How can you tell anyone about Andre? l told about our murdering Andre.
Wouldn 't it have been wiser not to? l didn 't intend to.
Somehow they pushed into my dream, they hovered over me, and l couldn 't move on until l'd answered Mr Hobart's questions.
lt doesn 't matter.
Mr Hobart may be able to hypnotise you , but he is not a policeman .
He can do more than hypnotise and much worse.
He has found a way to tilt time.
He can make the past slide into the present.
He can bring back the dead as they were before they died.
He has brought Andre back as he was before we killed him.
- Andre is dead, Leonora.
- Dead and buried? - He wasn 't in the trunk.
- He was in the trunk.
No, he wasn 't.
He got out.
He's alive! Andre is alive again .
l can hear him walking around us, back and forth.
l've been listening and l've been hearing him.
Listen ! Now! - Leonora - Listen ! l remember it as if l had seen it.
He had screamed in his delirium and l confess my own life had been so bleak and so undirected that l was shamelessly happy to hear even a delirious scream.
His lifeless form had been hanging there for almost a week.
Bound to his time-tilting device by rare magnetic wires.
He had no food, no water lt was a cold time.
When he had died for want of more than sustenance, lunfastened him and carried him to his bed.
Something had brought him back to life? His time-tilting device had done it.
Somehow, almost accidentally, his genius had broken the fixed laws of the science of time.
His device had caused the cycles of time to tilt and he slid out of the dead past into the lively present.
Thank you .
- When did the rain stop? - Almost the moment you came in out of it.
You can go now.
Thank you for your kindness and for your hospitality.
Stay here, Leonora.
Till morning.
- l'll be finished by then .
We will go now, as we've been asked.
- You can wait in the car while l bury him.
- He was brought back to life.
M r Hobart ? (tthtu nder c aps) Andre.
- Refill, please.
- (screams) ( Andre ) Leonora? Mr Hobart? Mr Hobart? Mr Hobart? Mr Hobart? - Are you steady now, Colas? - Yes.
He said you were run down by his car.
- Are you hurt, Mr Hobart? -No.
l merely fell aside as he sped away.
l was explaining how he'd been dead and how l had brought him back to life.
He was amused.
He wasn 't terribly interested.
- Said he was itching to find his ladies.
- Let me help you to the house.
That kind is best left in the past, Colas.
ln the dead, harmless quiet of the past.
l'm sorry l brought him back.
- l was wrong to bring him back.
- You couldn 't have known he was evil.
Help me up, Colas.
l'm going to undo what my blindness has done.
l'm going to go and kill him.
What did you put in my drink, Kassia? - A leaf.
- From the thanatos tree? Yes.
No wonder it killed me.
Why did you want to kill me, Kassia? Wasn 't ours a beautiful love affair? Yes Till it became a conspiracy.
Sooner or later every love affair becomes a conspiracy.
l had decided l did not want to hurt Leonora's father after all.
Or Leonora.
They're touching and decent and they had the courage to become my friends.
l brought you together for the sole purpose of hurting them.
ln the pocketbook where hurting hurts most.
We won 't destroy him, Andre.
He destroyed himself.
Oh, you're a sleek sack of sin , Kassia.
Men like Leonora's father should never write to girls like you .
lt's self-destructive.
Self-destruction is a luxury which no man should be permitted to enjoy .
free of charge.
Why didn 't you stay dead? (gasps) Run , Leonora.
We must hurry.
lt's spring in England.
Let's not miss a juicy minute of it.
Andre, so many have given you so much.
You don 't need an old man 's wealth.
l have planes and boats and villas and jewels.
All the cacophonies with which beggar boys drown out the groan of insecurity.
l am rich, but l am noisy rich, Kassia and l want to be quiet rich.
You have to be heir to that, Andre.
lf you're born in the sewers of a noisy world, you'll grow up to be a noisy, sewer-minded man .
You have pierced the heart of my psychic disorder.
Now we truly must go.
( many clocks ticking ) Leonora! Leonora! - Perhaps she died.
- Then our host can bring her back to us.
Close the doors, Colas, and lock them from without.
l'm sorry l brought you back.
l was wrong to bring you back.
Do you intend to right your wrong? Yes.
- With that? -No.
With this l shall persuade you to return to my workshop.
l'll try to slant the cycles the other way.
Try to send him back into the past.
l imagine hell will be glad to take you back.
You're one of its own .
Would you be willing to go back? (gunshot # London Bridge is falling down , falling down # We cannot wait for Leonora.
(wind howls) The wind is dirty, Colas.
Will you close the door, please? Colas You should have seen that my time device was an instrument of evil.
How could l have seen ? l am blind.
The blind see those dark things.
So many loved people have died, Colas.
ln my time and before my time.
lt seemed to me all those endings were untimely.
l worried what would become of the love left over.
So l built an antidote.
And allowed it to resurrect an evil clown .
l am not the man to tinker with time, Colas.
No man is that man .
That man is God.
- Goodbye, Colas.
- Where are you going, Mr Hobart? l'm going back into the past.
The dead, harmless quiet of the past.
l thank God that kindness is blind.
(engine revs) (tyres screech crashing ) Did you read it? l wrote it when l was very young.
lt reads, ''Dearest Father.
'' ''Do not be angry with me for leaving school.
'' ''l am interested only in ways to bring dead people back to life.
'' ''l want to bring Mother back.
Your loving son Tone.
'' ( knocking ) ( Kassia ) Leonora! Leonora, he's dead! He's really dead! Come and see, Leonora.
This time he's dead.
Andre is dead, Leonora! Andre is dead! Will you destroy the device for me? After it has sent me back into death.
Hmm? Don 't go.
l need you .
Someone has to break those wires and smash those clocks.
Dangerous devices should not be left lying around.
(screams) He is dead, Leonora.
Andre is dead.
All of that evil is finally dead.
No, don 't destroy it yet.
After l've used it.
Don 't hurt it! lneed it to slide me back into death.
(silence ) (thunder claps) ( man ) We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time when the control voice will take you to .
The Outer Limits.