The Outer Limits (1963) s02e04 Episode Script

Expanding Human

( man) As far back as educated men have recorded their history, veils have been lowered to disclose a vast new reality, rents in the fabric of man 's awareness.
And somewhere in the endless search of the curious mind, lies the next vision , the next key to his infinite capacity.
All right there, you .
(expires) ( man) There is nothing wrong with your television set.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling transmission .
For the next hour, we will control all you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.
l've been coroner for a long time, but l don 't get this one.
- lt looks like death from suffocation .
- How? What could suffocate him? Well, that's it.
There's no sign of struggle.
lt may turn out to be something else, of course.
l wish you'd tell me what pulled that door off.
- Couldn 't a person do it? - l don 't think five could.
Maybe not ten .
- Then what could it be? - Beats me.
l figure a rope attached to a truck.
Or hydraulic equipment.
There's no way to get a straight pull on a rope.
Hydraulic equipment would leave marks on the door and there aren 't any marks.
- l think this covers it.
- Thank you .
Nothing seems to be missing but supplies apparently.
Oh, l'm sorry.
This is my brother-in -law, Dr Clinton , my associate here.
This is Lieutenant Branch and Dr Leland, isn 't it? - Yes.
- Doctor.
- lt's all Greek to me, Dr Wayne.
Are they drugs? - More or less, yes.
You were in charge of that project when students were expelled for taking drugs that made them go into trances and see visions.
Your description is what the press made of that.
What we had done, Lieutenant, was to establish definitely, for the first time, through careful experiments that man is using only a fraction of his brain capacity, especially in the field of awareness, and that certain drugs are powerful devices for expanding this awareness toward its real possibilities.
But the fact is that a lot of people were expelled.
Well, hardly a lot.
Two instructors and four graduate students, and they weren 't expelled.
They wanted to continue experiments outside of our jurisdiction , so we let the instructors take leave and suspend the students until everything could be worked out.
lf you talk to the press, Lieutenant, l hope you don 't tie this in with the other, since there's no connection .
- But it does tie in .
The same drugs were stolen .
- Oh, no.
Many things are stored here.
lf you check, you'll find the thief took many things besides CE substances.
- CE? - Consciousness-expanding.
l'd like to see those students and professors.
Do you have addresses? Dr Clinton will get them.
- Any of them live in town ? - Two of the students do and both instructors.
- Harry Akada lives where l do.
- l'll start with Professor Akada.
lt's Mr Akada.
He's an instructor, not a professor.
lf you come with me (doorbell rings) - Pardon me, ma'am Are you the manager? - Yes.
l'm Lieutenant Branch.
ls this Mr Akada's apartment? - Well, that's right.
ls anything wrong? -No.
l just wanted to talk to him.
- Would you know where he is? - l didn 't see him go out.
You have a key, don 't you? l have a search warrant.
All right.
Oh, boy - What is it? What's going on ? - Dr Clinton , it's Mr Akada.
- He's dead, just dead, like that.
- Dr Clinton , what are you ? - Oh, this is where you live.
- Over there M r A kada ca me n abo u t 9 30 )o yo u know f he was a ono ? - Well, l'm not sure.
- Try to remember.
lt's important.
Well, he could have been or not.
l mean , l think l know l heard voices.
The walls aren 't very thick.
But he still could have been alone, talking to himself.
He did that sometimes.
- Oh.
- What is it? What happened to him? That's what the coroner wants to know.
He hasn 't found a cause of death.
We'll have to wait for an autopsy.
(car approaches) l'm sorry, Dr Clinton .
Your landlady said you might be here.
There was something l thought you might not remember and l didn 't want to go to the police.
That's very thoughtful of you , Morrow.
lt's bad enough as it is.
Come inside and we'll talk.
l'd rather it were just you .
Do you remember a few months ago, some of us were talking to you , just speculating, and Mr Akada said, ''Since we can expand the consciousness, with the right substance, why not the whole being?'' You know, the strength, intelligence, ESP, maybe everything? - Did you try anything along those lines? - Oh, no! But it's possible that Mr Akada did, and that he might have made a mistake.
l don 't see how this could kill him, but l thought if it could cause death, you'd know, and if there were cause, you could go to the police lf it ever got out that anyone had even discussed an idea like this, it could hurt us immeasurably.
Also, l'm sure that no modification of a CE drug could cause death, unless you simply added an outright poison .
But l'll certainly remember everything you've told me, and thanks.
- You're welcome, Dr Clinton .
- Thanks again .
- Hi, sis.
- Anything in the paper? They're full of it.
- l ran into Morrow outside.
- Lee Morrow? What did he want? He had some wild theory about Akada.
lf he died of a drug, the autopsy would disclose it, wouldn 't it? l should think so.
lf it's anything at all common , certainly.
You don 't think this could be connected with the CE experiment, do you? l don 't see how it could.
With all respect to Akada, l hope it wasn 't.
l can 't think of anything that could be worse for us right now.
Hey, wait a minute! What is this? What's going on here? No, l don 't know what happened.
l don 't know what caused it, and no, l was not taking any drugs, strange, exotic or otherwise.
Now , ca n we stop go ng over it? m so rr y , M r A kada , but we want to know what's going on .
That's our business.
l know that, but l told you everything l know.
l ate dinner at Chico's, Wednesday night.
l left at nine o'clock and woke up here this morning.
Now, don 't you think l'm a little bit curious too? l was the one in suspended animation or whatever you called it.
Look, going over it and over it is not going to clarify anything.
Thank you .
He's right about the time.
l just talked to the restaurant.
Have you ever known anybody that induced suspended animation or have you read about it or gone into it? Of course l have, but that's as far as it goes.
- You're sure you took no drugs that day? - That's right, l'm sure.
took nono w hatsoeve r Mr Akada, l'm still pretty foggy on the CE drugs and everything.
What do you mean by expanding consciousness? Do you see visions? Perhaps visions are involved, but it's a question of whether what we see every day is reality, and all of it, or whether reality is our vastly improved perception in these so-called visions.
- l'm afraid l still don 't get it.
- l know.
Let's make a comparison .
Not a literal one.
Let's say you see a leaf falling.
mexba nded co nsc o u snoss, l see all leaves falling .
in time past, in time to come lnot only see their origin , but their development, their destination , their continuing, their ever-changing, never-ending role in everything.
Can l call my girl? Erm.
Hello, Peter.
- You know Marc, don 't you? - Yes.
Hello, Marc.
- Dr Wayne.
- Sit down .
- Thank you .
- Excuse me.
Lieutenant Branch has a question or two for you before l say anything, so Where were you Wednesday night? The reason the Lieutenant asks is Marc saw something Wednesday night that Why don 't you tell him, Marc? Wednesday night, Dr Clinton , l cut across the campus and l saw Well, it was dark when l saw you lt looked like you .
l couldn 't swear to it.
l didn 't see you leave Henry Annexe, but it was at the right time.
l know you didn 't do anything the door and all.
How could you? lt's just that if it was you , and you could remember something, it would be helpful.
Well, you did the right thing, of course, Marc.
You didn 't know you were mistaken .
-Now, Lieutenant - Yes? There's something that may sound fantastic, - but it is possible, so it should be considered.
- What's that, Roy? This would have been on the front page if it hadn 't been for Akada.
''ln Las Vegas a player was searched for a computer because of his excessive bets.
'' They found nothing but he won over 2,000 dollars in less than an hour.
So? And here.
''A man whose car went off the road and turned over, pinning him under it reported that a motorist stopped, lifted the car off him and then went on , saying he'd get help.
'' That crap shooter watched the game for an hour before making a bet.
l think he was keeping track, mentally, of every throw, computing the possible odds on every bet on that table as he went along, and betting when those odds gave him the edge.
Now, this is something only a complex computer could normally handle, and l think that there's some likelihood that he and the man who lifted the car and the man who killed our night watchman are the same person .
Well, it seems far-fetched, but l have to admit it is possible.
lf someone has hit on this, he must be found.
We've had one murder.
What will happen next? Well l'll check it out, the whole Las Vegas bit.
Gentlemen .
- l'd better be going too.
- Marc - l'm sure you won 't discuss what you heard.
-No, sir, absolutely not.
- l take it you know the name Hart Bellaire.
- He's on the board of trustees.
He's also one of a group of ten who are about to donate three million dollars to our science department.
During our disciplinary problems with your branch, Peter, he was in favour of doing away with the CE project.
l told you that.
- Yes, sir.
- The president heard from him this morning.
As a result of everything, he's now violently insistent upon this.
Now, we may be able to bring him around, but, if we are forced to make a decision between .
three million dollars and your project, l think you know what the decision will be.
- l just want to give you some advance notice.
- Thank you .
- Hello? - Peter, can you come over? There's something well, something we should talk about.
Well, l could.
l was just leaving for Auburn .
My lawn mower finally conked out entirely.
They're having a sale at Ackbar.
- Could it wait till this afternoon ? - Well, Peter, l don 't know.
lt's something that Roy? Roy? - You OK, Roy? - Oh, l should think it could.
- l don 't see why not.
lt's waited this long.
- Fine.
We'll see you tonight anyway.
Oh, l guess not.
We're going out.
l'll stop by on my way back this afternoon .
OK? Sure.
Sure, that's fine.
Hi, Sue.
l'm in Santa Verde now.
The stuff at Ackbar was junk, so l thought l'd come back through here.
- l'll be a little late.
- OK.
Don 't be too late.
- We're due at the Waltons' at four.
- l'll be in time.
Don 't buy out the hardware store like you did last Saturday.
OK, sweetheart.
l promise.
- Floor, please? - 1 9.
Sorry, sir.
The 1 9th floor is private.
You'll have to go through the 1 8th floor reception offices.
l said the 1 9th floor.
Yes, sir.
Roy? l want to see Mr Bellaire.
Many people want to see him.
You have to go through the 1 8th floor receptionist.
l want to see Mr Bellaire.
Of course.
He's right in there.
l've been getting a busy signal.
Would you check that number? (buzzer) (electronic whine) - (woman) That line is out of order, sir.
- All right.
Thank you .
- What's the hurry? - l need a doctor! - What happened? - lt's Mr Bellaire.
lt looks like he's dead! - The man you took upstairs a few minutes ago - l didn 't take anybody in the last half hour.
- Are you the doctor? -No.
(she sobs) l was wondering the man who came up last Would you recognise him again ? l don 't know what you mean .
There hasn 't been anybody up here since before noon .
(doorbell rings) Roy? Peter, l'm so glad you're here.
- Where have you been ? - Just out for a walk.
That is just now.
Before that There's something l want to show you .
- Where did you get those? - l don 't know.
Peter, l don 't remember where l was or what l was doing from ten o'clock until half an hour ago.
l've a feeling that l was reading and maybe took a nap, but l can 't remember what l read What's the matter? Roy - Do you remember being in Santa Verde? -No.
l followed somebody into the Bellaire building, thinking it was you .
He went up in the elevator.
No one remembered even seeing him, and Roy .
Hart Bellaire is dead, murdered.
What's happening? Don 't you remember anything? Roy, you've got to try! l have tried! Do you think it could be? That it could have been you in Las Vegas and this afternoon ? Yes.
l'm very much afraid that it was.
Some version of you at least.
We've got to get to the bottom of this, Roy, find out, stop it.
Yeah, we do.
This is horrible.
lf only lf there is a drug, there must be something to give us a lead, formulas, if we search.
You look in here.
l'll look in the kitchen .
Roy! This must be the formula.
Roy? - Roy? - lgnore what l said.
l was in a depressive state.
The transition 's much quicker this way.
l've never taken two so close together before.
But don 't worry, it won 't take long for you .
You look puzzled, Peter.
But then , you're still plain Peter Wayne.
But don 't worry, it'll all be crystal clear as soon as you've crossed over.
Consciousness expanding.
Properly induced, CE will give a subject full awareness of capabilities never known before.
The night watchman and Bellaire You? -No remorse now? - Bellaire was cutting off our funds.
lt's too bad about the night watchman .
lt wasn 't necessary to kill him, but l wasn 't certain about the hypnosis then .
lt's not important though.
Not important, that you killed a man you didn 't have to? - Just a few minutes ago, you were concerned.
- That was Roy.
The watchman wasn 't going to live forever, so what difference does it make whether it's 20 minutes or 20 years, since neither amounts to an echo of the tiniest whisper in the thunder of time? Let's get on with it.
You realise l can 't let you leave as things are.
ln here.
We'll have to bring you over so we can spend as much time as possible together on this trip.
The doses have been shorter for me the last time or two.
Do forgive me, Peter.
One forgets, you see, and it's a constant temptation to use your full potential.
(engaged tone) l have no doubts about you , Peter, once you've crossed over.
With your vast knowledge and physical fitness, you should end up higher than l on this side.
Also, l'm sure you'll be extremely valuable in devising techniques for execution .
You have more executions in mind? Thousands, l'd say, but don 't worry, we'll enlist other colleagues, as many as we need, after meticulous screening.
-Now, Peter, if you'll just toss this off - (doorbell) lt's the manager, Mrs Merrell, about you .
Peter, if you don 't communicate with her, she'll be quite safe.
Do you understand? - l'll be quiet.
- Good.
And Peter, don 't try to pour out the drink and replace it with water.
l'll know if you do.
- Mrs Merrell? - Yes.
l can 't ask you in .
l just stepped out of the shower.
Your sister is on my phone.
She said your line was busy.
- She thought your phone was off the hook.
- lt must be out of order.
- Oh.
She's wondering if Dr Wayne was here.
- Would you tell her l haven 't seen Dr Wayne? - l'll have him call her if he shows up.
- All right, l'll tell her.
lf you'd care to sample this, l promise you'll be charmed with its effect.
You may find it reminiscent of cucumbers, a characteristic l'm unable to account for, but it's not bad at all.
You'll also find that it will lead you into a world whose glory is magnificently beyond anything you've ever known .
l don 't want to.
l don 't want to do it.
You will next time, and obviously you must this time, since only that will make you an ally, and l can 't let you go free as an enemy, can l? (doorbell) Mrs Wayne? l'm Lieutenant Branch.
ls Dr Wayne at home? -No, he isn 't.
Please come in .
- Thanks.
- Do you know where l might find him? -Now l'm beginning to get worried.
He was due here hours ago.
ls anything wrong? - Might he be at Dr Clinton 's place? - l called my brother.
- Thanks, ma'am.
- Lieutenant, has anything else happened? - Another murder.
Mr Bellaire.
- (she gasps) he sa me modtus operand , su ff ocat o n Not a s ng e ma rk on the bod - Do you think? - l'm ready to think anything, Mrs Wayne.
l'm going to your brother's place.
Ask your husband to get in touch immediately.
The first time l drank the formula, l picked up a Spanish text, and, Peter, l learned Spanish in two hours.
lt's so easy and so much fun to use yourself that you have to be constantly on guard against doing things that might seem too spectacular, physically as well as mentally.
l can put a skewer through both cheeks like Hindus and not one drop of blood.
You had no idea of the other you? You call him Roy.
l could never let him know about me.
He's too traditionally moralistic, too shallow-thinking.
He'd probably never let me return , so l had to direct that he never remember about me and give him a posthypnotic suggestion for when to bring me back including a direction to bring me back any time he began to worry about things.
Then , this afternoon , with the elevator man , and the receptionist, you hypnotised them to eliminate you from their memory? All it takes is a look and a quiet word.
And you don 't have to learn it.
You know.
Now, Peter, think of this as a study in technique.
What technique? For the executions? All this contention You should have responded by now.
We'll just have to increase your dose.
Come on .
But you'd be doing what you say you're fighting, killing, using force, because you're certain you're right.
lt wouldn 't be the same thing, because we'd be advocating nothing, forcing nothing.
There are many strong men fighting for tolerance, compassion , wisdom, for your right to be different, to be wrong, even .
They wouldn 't be touched, only the dogmatists, the infallible.
But that's trying to play God.
You just can 't do that.
Why not, if God's busy? Who says it's not His will, that we're not His agents? (doorbell) lt's Lieutenant Branch.
Come with me.
( knock at the door) Open the door and let him in .
And for your own sake, don 't try anything.
Dr Wayne, l thought you might be here.
Have you called your wife? She's worried.
Lieutenant, is there something in your eye? You look so sleepy.
- You are, aren 't you? You're in a deep - Don 't listen to him! He'll hypnotise you ! What? Put up your hands! l said put up your hands.
(gunshot You see, l have an advantage over you .
l don 't bleed and you do.
Can you hear me out there? lf you care about the Lieutenant and Dr Wayne, you'd better answer.
- Yeah, l hear you .
- Stay there and keep quiet or they'll be killed.
- Do you understand? - Yes, l understand.
Peter, you complicated things and l'm very angry.
We're gonna have to continue later.
- l won 't lose you now.
- But you've been shot.
You can 't go anyplace.
You see any blood? All right, let's go.
l'll be all right as soon as we get someplace we can make the drinks again .
Let's go.
And, Peter, don 't try anything foolish.
lt will involve others too, you know.
All right.
Hold it.
We're coming out.
lf there's a false move from anyone, the Lieutenant and Dr Wayne will die, and that'll be only the beginning.
All right.
Don 't worry, Peter, l'm not going to lose you now.
We're not giving up now.
We have too much to do and it's too important.
Peter .
what have l done? Well, l couldn 't find anything around.
Too bad those bottles in his pocket were broken .
He didn 't tell you anything about this drug? You have no inkling about the formula? -None whatsoever.
- Well, it's a great loss to science.
Yes, perhaps it is.
Lieutenant, you'd better get me to a hospital.
This drug is starting to take effect.
( man) Some success, some failure, but either way, the gnawing hunger to know is never sated, and the road to the unknown continues to be dark and strange.
We now return control of your television set to you until next week at this same time, when the control voice will take you to .
The Outer Limits.