The Outer Limits (1995) s01e02 Episode Script

The Sandkings

Ah, the Nobel prize.
Words cannot describe my appreciation.
What ann honour to stand before you illustrious people.
I'd like to thank my family.
Josh! Breakfast is on the table! I gotta run! - Cathy - I'm late.
- I've done it.
What I was talking about.
- Mom! - Listen - Cowboy's gone.
He's not in my room.
- Did you look everywhere? - I looked all over.
- Cathy, listen to me - Give it a break! There's a crisis.
- Come on.
We'll look around.
- Listen to me Cathy? Cathy! Oh, go look for the damn dog! I don't believe it.
- Cowboy! - Come on, Cowboy! - You in there? - Cowboy! Get your breakfast! I have to go, Josh.
I got my presentation today.
- OK.
- Maybe your dad will help you.
- See you later.
- Cowboy! Cowboy! Dave Stockley, please? Simon Kress.
I'll hold.
(Josh) Cowboy! Cowboy! (phone) Simon, Dave Stockley.
Simon? Cowboy! Cowboy! Nothing goes in, nothing goes out.
Get that? You hungry again? Too bad.
From now on it's survival of the fittest.
You only get what I give you.
No more manna from heaven.
Ha! You forget it.
The committee took another design.
I didn't get the job.
Did you hear me? I heard you.
We'll just have to take out a loan.
Take out a loan? No bank's gonna give us another loan.
Now I would really love to know what goes through your mind.
I tell you a project I've been working on for months got rejected and "We'll take out a loan.
" - You don't even say, "I'm sorry.
" - I'm sorry.
Oh, great.
- You ready, Mom? - Sure, honey.
Where are you going? To look for the dog.
You remember Cowboy, don't you? My God Entry 31 .
Structure is approximately Fabricated after the initial damage to the Sandking castle.
Estimated time for construnction: Purpose of the structure is .
If you think my face is gonna get you food, you've got another think coming.
And you red guys better get with the programme.
Don't go getting a big head.
Oh, shit! Bastard! Oh, shit.
Shit! Preliminary analysis of Sandking venom reveals presence of micro-organisms.
Now, it's unknown .
what the effect of the micro-organisms is within the human bloodstream.
As a result, the possibility of infection is almost impossible to engage.
I mean, to gauge.
Oonly time will tell.
As for the new constructions, I can only speculate as to their purpose.
Either they're an extension of the Sandkings' ability to build specific forms, or maybe they're a form of worship.
Maybe they are an attempt at some sort of appeasement.
Whether this is .
and indication of intelligence .
I don't know.
Agh! - OOh, my God.
- You can still call me Simon.
- Simon, what are you doing? - Simon says.
- Simon says? - Let's play.
Simon says, "Look behind you.
" Now open the curtain.
Aagh! I didn't say, "Simon says!" - How long has this been going on? - A week now.
He's completely shut himself into the barn and .
he won't let anyone in, not even Josh.
It's like we don't even exist.
We barely see him any more.
I don't know I don't even know who I'm living with anymore.
- What'she working on now? - I can't tell you.
- Why? - I just I can't.
- What is it you want me to do? - Well I thought maybe you could talk to him.
I'm not very good at that.
You know we hardly agree on anything.
Why me? You're his father and I think that deep down .
I think Simon's doing this for you.
He wants to accomplish something.
He wants you to be proud of him.
He wants you to feel about him the way you do about his brother.
- It's ridiculous.
- It's the truth.
All his life, Simon's been trying to get your approval.
I'm sorry.
I don't to yell - You can see that, can't you? - I don't know.
I don't know what my talking to him is going to accomplish, either.
Oh, incredible.
Organisms have been denied food for 36 hours.
Conflict erupted 40 minutes ago.
Five white mobiles attacked a red.
It was dismembered and fed to the white queen.
Red retaliation occurred almost instantly.
War has been constant.
Battle manoeuvres are extremely sophisticated.
I estimate total losses on both sides at 20%.
Only the strongest and smartest survive.
I feel as if the organisms could leave the habitat whenever they desired and yet they stay as if to perform for me or to to communicate with me.
I know.
I can feel it.
As soon as regular feeding is resumed there will evolve a deepening trust between us.
Entry 5 1 .
The presence of infection confirmed.
I will attempt to retard the spread of the micro-organisms with use of conventional antibiotics, but their effects are greatly in doubt.
The experiment has taken on a life of its own .
and it will continue regardless of what happens to me.
Dave Sorry I missed you.
You said if I ever needed anything I should call.
I think you need me, old buddy.
We need each other.
We're at a threshold.
I can't do this alone.
Please come see my surprise tomorrow morning.
And, Dave, come alone.
- Good God.
- What do you want? - You look like hell.
- Is that what you came here to tell me? - I came here to talk to you.
- Talk? Not through this damn door.
Can't I come in? What is it? - Your wife is very worried about you.
- What did she say? That you were working on a secret project and it was driving you crazy.
- I'm working hard.
- You don't talk to her or Josh.
She sent you to lecture me about my relationship with my son? Who's crazier, me or her? I had a good relationship with your brother.
What was it, huh? What happened between us? You're not doing this because you feel you need to .
to prove yourself to me or anything like that? You think I'm doing this for you? You poor bastard.
You think the world revolves around you? - You're sick.
- David would never talk to me that way.
He was your little puppet.
He'd do anything you wanted him to.
Marched off to war for you.
Even got himself killed for you.
Get outta here.
- Where were you? - I had an interview for a job.
Bullshit! - What are you talking about? - My father came here.
- He's worried.
- He was spying on me for you! I thought I could trust you.
You're the one who's been lying to your wife! - You call yourself my wife.
- Stop it.
You betrayed our family! - Simon, you need help.
- I need you out of my life! All right! All right.
- Come on.
- I'm almost done.
Just take what youn need.
I'm gonna start packing the car.
No - Aren't we gonna say goodbye to Dad? - We'll call him from Grandpa's house.
Get in the car, Josh.
Seat belt on.
Entry 5T7.
Cathy and Josh are gone.
Gone over to the enemy.
Just me now.
Just me.
(nreconrdhnng) War has been constant.
Battle manoeuvres are extremely sophisticated.
I estimate total losses on both sides at 20%.
Only the strongest and smartest survive.
I feel as if the organisms could leave the habitat whenever they desire and yet they stay as if to perform for me or to - This is quite the hobby here, Simon.
- Dave.
Got your own slice of Mars.
Brings new meaning to the phrase "mad scientist".
I expected you tomorrow morning.
I got your message and decided to come early.
You know I like things to add up.
Now they do.
These castles, do they serve a purpose? They're used for defence in war.
- They war? - Intricate battles.
With a proper motivation, of course.
Scarcity of food.
- How many generations? - 33.
Did you? - Did you see the carvings? - Yes.
Why you? I'm their source of life.
- God.
- It's all right here, Dave.
What mankind has dreamt about for decades.
The proof of alien intelligence.
Well, I have to admit, Simon, what youn have created is truly .
unfathomable, really.
It's a shame it's gonna have to all disappear.
- It is? - What's happened to you? Have you looked at yourself lately? I don't know what's gonna be harder to clean up - you or this mess.
Simon, with your brilliance, your genius, how could you create something so dangerous? I'll do what I can.
I'll do what I can to keep you out of jail.
- OK.
- Thanks, Dave.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God! - Are you talking to me, Dave? Oh! Aagh! Aagh! - I won't say anything, Simon! - You're wrong, Dave.
- You're gonna scream.
- Help! No! (screams) - Ooh.
- No! No! Aaagh! (screaming) Thanks.
I don't know Maybe I shouldn't have left him.
You had to.
You did the right thing.
At least for now.
I guess.
- He's a good kid, isn't he? - The best.
Ah, the Nobel prize.
My feelings are indescribable.
I so wanted to be in this company, to be with you.
It's the greatest moment of my life.
I am humbled .
by the presence in this room and of course the .
the ghosts of the great scientists of the past.
Oh, God.
They all They humble me.
But it's very lonely.
Very lonely.
No one .
really knows who I am.
They don't know.
There is There is someone .
who could tell you who I am.
My brother.
But .
he's He's not here.
My father, he He deserves my gratitude.
He helped me Helped me My dear father.
He doesn't like my hair, do you? No.
Well .
l'm gonna fix that.
I have a surprise for you.
Where are you? Where are you? There you are.
Do you like this better, Father? Perhaps not.
For you, dear Father.
Goodbye, hair.
- Simon Kress? - Yes, sir.
I'm checking up on Mr David Stockley.
- His wife said he was coming here.
- I was expecting him.
He never showed.
- What time were youn expectinng him? - Around seven.
- Do you know where he might be? - No, I'm sorry, I don't.
You used to work with Mr Stockley? Yes, sir.
Dave and I have known each other for years.
I hope he'sOK.
He seemed OK last time I saw him.
He'd been under a little stress at work, but nothing ununsual.
You're welcome to look arounnnd if you want.
No, I don't think that'll be necessary.
He'll turn up somewhere, probably with a hangover.
- Let me know if I can help.
- Have a nice day.
Yes, sir.
(scanner) Unit Ten, please respond.
You have an emergency, possible 4-11 .
I'm on my way.
Time for God to make a second coming.
Oh Oh, God Where are you? Where are you? How are you doing, champ? There are some things in life that you just don't have any control over.
You know what? Cowboy might still turn up.
- So hang in there, OK? - OK, Grandpa.
Thatta boy.
(ducks quack) Look at that.
This looks nice and comfy.
Up you go.
- OK? - I really miss Dad.
Me too.
But you're here.
Have a good sleep.
Night-night, honey.
Josh? Josh? Josh! Dad? Dad! Dad? Dad! Dad! Dad! - What are you doing here? - Dad? Stay close.
They won't hurt me.
- Get back.
Stand back.
- Dad! - Stay back! - Dad, come on! - Please! Dad! - Stay back.
Stay back.
I told you.
Come on.
( Simon) Get back! What have I done? Come on.
Josh! - Go on, get up there.
- Josh, where are you? - Mom! Over here! - Josh! - Get up there! - Not without you.
Get up there.
Let'sgo! - Mom! - Josh! They're all after Dad and he won't come out! Simon! Simon! I'm sorry.
- Simon? Get in the car.
- No.
Now! Simon, take my hand.
Simon! - No.
- Get out of there.
I have to do this.
Simon! Simon! - Go, go, go! - I can't do that.
- You're my son.
- Dad, please, go! Simon.
Dad, please, go.
Where's Simon? Get ready for Armageddon.
Dad! This way.
Keep moving.
(narrator) Increasingly, modern science pursues powers traditionally reserved for the Almighty.
But those who encroach upon the province of the gods realise too late that the price for entrance .
is destruction.