The Outer Limits (1995) s01e06 Episode Script

White Light Fever

Not again.
Kick it back, "scum-wad.
" Did you hear me? I'm not a "scum-wad.
" Okay.
You're not a "scum-wad.
" You're a "scum-pile.
" Scum-pile! Scum-pile! Scum-pile! Scum-pile! Get away from me! Make us.
Scum-wad! Ow! - Come on.
- What happened? There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to- The Outer Limits.
It is the differences between people that cause conflicts.
Differences in religion, in race, in beliefs.
What wars would be fought if the differences grew between two intelligent species? Humans and those who might ultimately replace us.
This is the fifth incident in as many weeks.
One little girl claims to have been pushed off the top of the slide.
We had one classroom that looked like the Tasmanian devil had gone through it.
And, as usual, Aggie claims to have had nothing to do with it.
Well, we realize that Aggie has a few emotional problems.
We're dealing with it.
We found her a therapist- Look, if you could reconsider and give her one more chance.
Travis, I'd like to, but the problem is the other parents.
They claim that we're putting their children into an unsafe environment and that we're legally liable.
I'm going to have to insist that Aggie be removed from this school.
What? What do you mean? You want us to put her in a reform school? She's 10 years old.
She's a kid.
I suggest a school for children with special needs.
- Special needs? - My daughter is not retarded.
No one's saying that.
In fact, we wouldn't even be having this discussion if it weren't for her behavioral problems.
We'd be talking about moving her forward a grade.
But her behavior is destructive, it's uncontrollable and it's- - And what? - Dangerous! - Ridiculous.
I can't believe this.
- Dangerous? Now look, we know that Aggie has some problems.
She makes a mess every now and again, but she doesn't lie to us.
- She says she never hurt anyone.
- Absolutely.
Clark Howell did not hit himself in the face.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to suspend Aggie from school for the next two weeks.
Until the end of term.
This is ridiculous! You can't do this to my child.
The other parents aren't the only ones who can file suit, you know.
- So, is she in bed yet? - Almost.
It's so hard, Joe.
She won't talk to me at all.
I know.
It's the same for me.
She can't understand why we won't believe her.
She actually feels betrayed.
- What are we gonna do with her? - I don't know.
I don't know.
I think we should get someone for Aggie.
- What do you mean, get someone? - Well, you know, a full-time live-in.
Someone who can take some of the pressure off us.
Someone at work said that there's a new agency in town.
Maybe they have someone who deals in problem kids.
- Joe, we can't afford it right now.
- We can't not afford it! - We can't.
- I don't think we really have any choice.
All right, let's say that we do find somebody.
How long do you think we could keep them? I mean, having a kid who hits other children - and who lies all the time! - We don't know that she lies.
Oh, come on, Joe! Please! Every time something breaks in this house, Aggie says she didn't do it.
A kid gets hit in school and she didn't do it! Leslie, I'm not trying to start an argument with you.
- Aggie, unlock the door! - Aggie! - Don't do this, Aggie! - Aggie, open this door! Oh, my God! Aggie, what is this? Everything just started shaking.
- By itself? Look at this mess! - Joe, please, you're frightening her.
Now, this has got to stop! Do you hear me? I don't know why this happens.
Why don't you believe me? Damn it, Joe.
Oh, God! Aggie? Antiquarius Books, Ruth speaking.
Do you have the latest Margaret Atwood book? One moment, please.
Jean, do we have any paperback copies of that new Margaret Atwood novel? We'll be getting in a couple later this week.
- Check with us Friday, why don't you? - Thanks so much.
You're welcome.
- I don't know how you do it.
- Do what? Keep all these things in your head while you're reading all those newspapers and talking on the phone.
- I've always been able to change gears.
- Hello.
This is Jean.
I've got another prospect for you.
- Sarah and Rachel are busy with others.
- Okay.
The location is Eugene, Oregon.
The family's name is Travis.
Are you all here for the live-in job? I thought I was early.
I think we all had the same idea, about getting here early, I mean.
It's pretty tough nowadays to find a job with all the competition.
We all wanted to make a first impression.
I know what you mean.
Not that I'm worried.
I'm probably the most qualified.
I have a degree in early childhood development from Brown.
I like your dress.
Well, thank you.
- Oh, man.
- You all right? Yeah.
I get these migraines.
I'll be okay.
Are you sure? Oh, maybe not.
Excuse me.
I like your dress.
We're ready to see the first- Hi.
I'm Karen Ross.
Oh, hi.
I'm Joe.
Come on in.
Come on in.
I come from a large family, and I love kids.
How big is your family? There was eight of us.
I was the oldest, so I helped out a lot.
- Eight? - Now you have just the one child? Aggie.
She's 10.
We have to tell you there've been some problems.
What kind of problems? Aggie is just a little- Well, at first, the doctors thought that it might be Attention Deficit Disorder.
But it could be worse than that.
Well, she just gets a little- Well, we've had some problems at school involving other kids.
And sometimes she breaks things.
- She breaks things? - Her toys.
And sometimes dishes.
- Those kinds of things.
- But she really is a very nice kid.
I'd like to meet her.
Oh, of course.
Excuse me.
Karen, have a seat.
Your last job, why did you leave? Well, the family moved to Hawaii.
They wanted me to go with them.
There's a number there you can call.
Two little boys, they were adorable.
Aggie, this is Karen.
Hi, Aggie.
It's nice to meet you.
Aggie's a pretty name.
Is it short for anything? Agatha? Agoraphobia? Hey, I've got an idea.
Why don't you show me your room? Hey, now that is a good idea.
Go ahead, honey.
This is pretty.
What a cool bed.
I used to love to bounce on my bed when I was your age.
I bet you could bounce all the way up to the ceiling.
Oh! I used to have a clown just like that when I was your age.
Can I see her? Please? I'll show you something your clown can do I'll bet you didn't know about.
Hi, Aggie.
Oh, do you like our new friend, Karen? I sure do.
Oh! I can make her dance.
You must think I'm five.
- Aggie, open the door, please.
- Go away! - Go away! - Did I scare you? If I scared you, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
- I only meant to show you what I can do.
- Why? - I think you know why, Aggie.
- No, I don't.
You're just like me.
- You can do things.
- No, I can't.
- I'm not like anybody.
- Yes, you are.
Things just happen on their own when you're around.
- And people don't like you because of it.
- I don't make things happen.
I can teach you how to control your power if you give me a chance.
Don't you understand! I don't want to control it! I want it to go away! - Is everything all right? - Everything's fine.
I think Aggie and I are gonna get along just great.
So, Aggie, what do you think? Would you like to have Karen come and stay with us? Aggie, it's up to you, sweetheart.
Do you want Karen to stay? I guess.
Well, then, it looks like you have a job.
Excellent! And how long has she been missing, Mr.
Hagen? Three weeks.
We already went through this with the police.
I would think you people would have better things to do than to question us over and over.
Our agency likes to conduct its own investigations.
What agency did you say you were with? - The FBI? - No, sir.
Another agency.
My agency has a slightly narrower focus than the FBI.
We concentrate on missing children, like Lucy.
Well, she was walking home from school.
People saw her leaving the playground and waiting for the bus.
And then she was gone.
She wouldn't take a ride with somebody that she didn't know.
Lucy had too much common sense for that.
Is it possible that she was picked up by her nanny, Martha? No.
Martha wasn't in town.
Two weeks before Lucy disappeared Martha had a family emergency and had to go to Florida.
You don't think Martha had something to do with this? Oh, my God! Is this a photo of Martha? Yes.
She couldn't have had anything to do with it.
She loved Lucy.
Tell me everything you can about Martha.
She was new in town.
She didn't have a lot of friends.
She said something about being an only child.
Did Martha ever give your daughter a gift? - A small crystal? - How did you know about that? Do you have any records concerning Martha? Social Security forms, résumés, phone bills? Anything that might tell me where I can find her.
There's something.
She would get parcels.
I don't know if they were from home.
They had this pretty label on it.
It was Antiquar- Antiquarius Books.
Antiquarius Books? Which city? I just remember the name of the store.
Well, I think that will help.
Thank you very much.
Will you find Lucy? If it's not too late.
- Yeah, Walsh here.
Patch me to Selmer.
- Straight away.
- Selmer.
- Selmer? I think I might have a lead.
I need the location of an Antiquarius Bookstore - somewhere in the continental US.
- Got that.
- Oh, and get me a plane and a car.
- Okay.
There could be lots.
I don't care how many there are.
I'll check them all.
Antiquarius Books.
This is Jean.
Hi, it's me.
I just wanted you to know I've made contact and we definitely have a positive- a little girl named Aggie Travis.
- Good.
How soon will she be ready? - I don't know yet.
The mother's suspicious.
But I'm already in and working on it.
It won't be long.
So, Aggie, what do you like to do? Do you have any friends? No.
People don't want to be friends with me.
- I do.
- My parents pay you.
Well, that doesn't mean we can't be friends, does it? I used to get those headaches too.
You did? Yep.
Especially when I was mad.
Sometimes I could see this glow around people and if I squeezed it down tight, things would happen to them.
You were like me when you were little? You're not alone, Aggie.
Look at the straw.
How are you doing that? I focused.
I squeeze the light down to a point.
- You can focus too.
- No, it gets all goofed up when I do it.
It doesn't have to.
This will help you focus.
Look, I have one too.
Think about the straw.
- I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.
Don't get mad.
Really concentrate.
That was closer.
We'll try it one more time.
I want you to think only of the straw.
Block everything else out.
- You're doing that.
- No, you're doing that.
That was excellent.
When you got mad, did you hurt people? I did until I learned how to control it.
I don't want to control it.
When people are mean to me, I want them to get hurt.
I know.
But it isn't right, Aggie.
We don't use our special powers to hurt people.
- Why not? - Because we don't.
Nature didn't give us these powers to hurt people.
Besides, once you learn how to focus people will not be as mean to you as often.
We'll practice every day, just the two of us.
Excuse me.
Do you have any books on the human genome program? I'll see.
Jean, is it? That's a very interesting crystal you're wearing, Jean.
- Where would I get one just like that? - This is one of a kind.
Oh, no, no.
I think I've seen several crystals just like that.
- Who are you? - Just a man with some questions, Jean.
For example, where is Lucy Hagen? Or a nanny named Martha? Ruth, I need your help.
No, no, no, let me tell you.
I want some answers- Jean, should I call the police? No.
Don't bother.
Bye, Jean.
Jean, is there anything I can do? Just tell everyone I'll be gone for a few days.
- Yeah.
I found her.
- You're kidding.
Face-to-face with the famous Jean Anderson which is what she's calling herself these days.
- Did you pick her up? - No, no, I didn't have her picked up.
- How come? - Because she's over 50.
Her powers are so diminished, she's no longer a threat.
- Okay.
- But she may lead us to others.
- That's a point.
- Maybe even Sanctuary itself.
- Keep workin'on it.
- Yeah.
Hello? Where are you guys? Aggie, where are you? - Hi.
- Oh, I was really worried.
I didn't know where you guys went.
- You should have left me a note.
- I did.
It's in the kitchen.
I said we'd gone to the park and we'd be back by now.
Is that okay? Yeah, that's fine.
- Did you have fun, sweetheart? - Yeah, I guess.
You guess? Well, that's a lot better than no.
I really like Karen.
You do? Well, that's great.
That's great.
- Go wash up, okay? - Okay.
Well, you seem to have some kind of magic.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
Someone came home in a good mood.
- Yeah, I am in a good mood.
- Why? Well, I'm happy.
I'm happy because Aggie's happy.
I haven't seen her like this in a long time.
- It all worked.
- What worked? What, don't you like her? - Yes, I like her.
It's just- - Just- She's too perfect.
If she's so good, why hasn't she stayed with another family for a long time, hmm? Well, she did.
Those people in Hawaii.
I mean, didn't you call them? - Yes, I did.
I spoke with the mother.
- Yeah? What was her name, Jean.
I spoke with Jean.
Yeah, Jean.
And what did Jean say? Well, according to her, Karen is heaven sent.
- Heaven sent? - Mm-hmm.
And that's a problem? Sounds pretty good to me.
Honey, we lucked out for once.
Now let's just enjoy it.
I came as soon as I could.
It's the trackers.
They found me.
- Oh, my God.
Why didn't they grab you? - I don't know.
But it won't be long before that tracker finds me again, and finds you and Aggie.
- How is she? - She's nowhere near ready.
Well, we can't be concerned with that now.
Bring her to me.
I just need a little more time with her.
A couple of days.
If we take her now, she'll never really trust us.
If the tracker finds us, it's the camp for her.
And God knows what for you and me.
I know we have rules, but I'm willing to break them all to save one little girl from their experiments.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I only meant- I'll give you two days.
Forty-eight hours.
Then I want her.
Thank you.
Keep your eyes open.
- Where will you be? - I'll be watching.
- You're getting really good.
- It's a lot of fun.
I get a little tired, but I can't wait to show Mommy and Daddy.
Aggie, you really can't show Mommy and Daddy.
The power we have is a secret, the biggest secret ever.
Why? Well, even grown-ups, even mommies and daddies can act like those kids at school.
They think that we can make them do things and they can't stop us.
Makes 'em afraid.
And sometimes it makes them mean.
You know what I'm talking about.
I don't want to be around mean people though.
What if I told you there was a place, a special place where there were lots of other girls just like you? It's where I live, and it's called Sanctuary.
Is it a town? Sometimes we're in a town.
Sanctuary's really more of a group.
We move around to stay safe from bad people.
We teach each other and we protect each other.
And when we're ready, we go out and find other little girls that need us.
- Cool.
- Would you like to go there with me? Can I take Mom and Dad? No, Aggie.
Sanctuary isn't for them.
Well, then, I guess it's not for me, either.
Okay, Walsh, we got it lined up.
Where do you want me? All right, I'm getting a good directional signal.
- If you take the van down 14th - Okay.
If you get a fix, we'll finally be able to triangulate.
- Sounds good.
- All right, out.
- Ow! - Sorry.
- Throw it back, please.
- Aggie, remember.
Hey, throw it back.
Aggie is so much better, Karen.
Really, it's thanks to you.
I think you're a miracle worker.
- Oh, no.
- Yes.
I was just in the right place at the right time.
She's just outgrowing her problems.
Excuse me.
I have to go to the little girl's room.
- Jean, what are you doing here? - I told you I'd be watching.
She still has a lot of anger.
You haven't made enough progress.
- Have you talked to her about Sanctuary? - She doesn't want to go.
I'm afraid with the trackers this close, we can't wait any longer.
And to hell with our rules? The year before I rescued you, I found this little girl in Modesto, California.
Her name was Joy.
She was so smart and pretty.
She was a little ballerina and was able to focus enough so she could almost fly.
Joy loved her parents, and I was young.
I didn't see why I should take her away from them, so I didn't.
Years later, I saw her after they'd been testing her at one of their camps.
When they finished, they neutralized her which is a polite term for their kind of electroshock.
She could barely walk, much less dance.
They killed what madeJoy special.
I'll be waiting at the Burrard Motor Inn corner of Burrard and Third, Room 23.
- That was fun.
- Yeah, that was fun.
Well, can we stay here a little longer and have some more fun? No, sweetheart, we've been here long enough.
We'll come back next week.
- Next week is too far.
- No, it's not.
- Come on, aren't you tired? - No, I'm not tired.
It's all that sugar you ate.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you two go on and we'll walk back? Burn off some of this energy.
Yeah, Mom, can we, please? Please, Mommy? - Okay.
That sounds good.
- Yes! - So, meet us back at the house.
Okay? - Okay.
You got it.
- See you back there in an hour, okay? - Tag, you're it! Have fun! Look at her.
This is great.
- That's our new little girl.
- Oh, I can't believe this, Joe.
Hello, Jean.
- You followed me from Park View.
- Actually, I followed a transponder.
I attached it to your purse in the bookstore.
- And where are the others? - Oh, they'll be here shortly.
Maybe you can make this much less unpleasant and simply tell me where Martha is.
And I know there's another little girl involved.
What's her name? Where's she? I don't know what you're talking about.
We're going to find out, Jean.
I predict by the end of the day we'll have your assistant kidnapper and the little girl.
And one other thing- the location of Sanctuary.
We're going to have your people in the camp by the end of the week.
Generations of women like me have been hunted by men like you.
You used to burn us at the stake.
Now you just take us away and neutralize us.
All because we could do things you couldn't.
You're so afraid of being replaced.
Like the Neanderthals.
The way you've acted, you deserve to be replaced.
Oh, many times I wished we could fight back.
But that isn't our way.
I'll die before I'll tell you anything.
You're not gonna die, Jean.
You are gonna do a lot of talking.
Karen, how come I can do things? You have something called a Z chromosome.
It's something that only women can have and not very many of them.
Maybe one in a million.
It's sort of a key to being able to focus.
Well, you have a Z chromosome too, don't you? You can focus too? Yes.
I'm not as strong as you, though.
But the older you get, the weaker your powers get.
So, how did it happen? We were just born with it.
Some men are born with an extra Y chromosome.
I think it's nature's way of trying something new.
Maybe in 500 years, we'll all have Z's.
If it makes me so different, how come they just can't take it out? Well, it's too small to even see, much less take out.
How long are you gonna stay at our house? - We'll see.
- That's not a real answer.
Let's go over this way.
I'm in position.
Give me five minutes to get the information out of her.
Damn it.
- Front desk.
- Yes, sir.
Could you tell me if any calls were made from this room? - Room 23.
- Oh, several, sir.
I'll be right over.
So, what are you gonna be when you grow up? I'm already grown up.
No, I mean when you're really, really old.
Like 30.
I always wanted to help people.
What do you wanna be? I wanna be a mountain climber.
I don't think there's much money in that.
You just want to be alone.
So did I, but you can't.
Hey, this isn't the way home, you know? I know.
I just want to see a friend.
Is that okay? All right.
Where does she live? Is she nice? Are we almost there? Stay here a minute, Aggie.
Aggie, wait! Aggie, come back! Let me explain! - Mr.
And Mrs.
Joseph Travis? - Yeah.
Special Agent Walsh.
I'm here about your daughter.
Why? Is there a problem? Is this your nanny? Does she go by the name of Martha? Well, that's her, but her name's Karen.
Did Karen ever give your child a gift? Yes.
Has she done something? Was it a crystal on a neck chain? Yes, it was.
How did you know that? My agency knows a great deal about this Karen.
- She kidnaps children.
- What? - Mommy! - Baby, what happened? Hello, Aggie.
My name's Terry.
Can you tell me where Karen is? - I left her at the other place.
- What other place? Okay, sweetheart.
That's enough questions for right now.
- Aggie, I want you to go upstairs.
- But who is he? - Aggie, honey, do as your mother says.
- Aggie, please, go upstairs.
- But who is he? - Stay up there until I come get you! - Who is he? - Aggie! - What is going on here? - I'm sorry, but I'll need Aggie's help.
Maybe when she's calmed down I can get her to come down to the office with me.
There's no way.
She's not going anywhere.
- You don't realize how important this is.
- What do you mean? Because there's a group of people in this country who are extremely dangerous.
My section finds them.
I don't understand.
How do you mean dangerous? Because they are different.
They prey on innocent little girls like your daughter.
They can't be controlled, they can't be stopped.
They don't follow any rules.
The rules that let you hunt little girls like Aggie? Karen, what the hell is this? What's going on? There's this group of people in the government that studied women like me, like Aggie.
But then some of them got afraid of what they found.
They convinced themselves that we were a threat.
You are a threat! I'm taking- Got it! You see what I mean! I knew he'd be here! He killed the best friend I ever had.
I came back because I care about Aggie.
- She's lying! - Aggie has the power to do things.
- It's something she's born with.
- Shut up! - No, Aggie! Aggie, don't kill him! - He hurt you! Then you will be as bad as they are! Aggie, please! My God! He's not dead.
Where am I? Who are you? I'm Aggie Travis.
What's your name? What am I doing here? Aggie, what have you done to him? I erased the bad parts.
More men from Walsh's agency will be here.
We've only bought a few moments of freedom.
Then you have to go.
I have to take Aggie with me.
Look, there has to be some other way.
You can't take her.
She's our little girl.
I have to.
Believe me.
I wish I could do anything to change this.
Joe, you saw what happened in there.
There's a man who came into our house to take Aggie away.
Then we'll take her.
We'll hide her.
They'll find you.
- Dad, I have to be with people like me.
- Oh, baby.
I'll take good care of her.
She needs to be safe, Joe.
You'll always be Daddy's little girl.
You promise you'll come back someday soon? All right.
- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you too, honey.
The wars of evolution are fought over generations but sometimes, only the fittest survive battles which last the briefest moments.
A hundred years from now, a new race may look back and say- "This little girl's stand was a turning point.