The Outer Limits (1995) s01e09 Episode Script

Living Hell

People, food and blankets from St.
- Here you are, Charlie.
Come on.
- Who wants blankets? - Nice to see you.
Don't forget- 11:00.
- Blanket.
- See ya Sunday.
- I'll see you Sunday morning- early mass.
Blankets? You're welcome.
- Just one sandwich.
- Thank you very much.
Blanket, anyone? Blanket? Blanket? See you Sunday.
Don't forget- Sunday morning.
Who wants blankets? Who hasn't got a blanket? I'm FatherJonascu from St.
May I give you this blanket? Please, for the child's sake? Take it with my blessing.
God bless you.
God help them.
Who hasn't got a sandwich? You got one? Looking for water.
We'll see you Sunday morning? This makes you just feel so great, doesn't it, Father? Why do we even bother, John? You think one sandwich will stop their hunger? Well, it'll stop one person's hunger for a little while.
It's a start.
- It's the police.
- The police! - Hide! - Everybody, run! Move.
Everyone, get out of here.
Quickly! Come on.
Riot formation.
Take the child to the shelter on Fourth Street.
Quickly! - Let's go! Let's go! - Run on.
Clean 'em out! Move 'em all out of here! Let's round 'em all up! Wait.
Stop it! Stop it.
What're you doin'? - Move! Move! - In the name of God, stop this! Clear this scum out of here! Stop it! No! No! Stop that! - You all right, Father? - I'm fine.
What is wrong with you people? Let's get you out of here.
That's good advice, Father.
Anton? Anton! There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits.
Let's get out of here! In a world filled with darkness Father Anton Jonascu's faith has long been a beacon oflight for those in need.
But now the good father finds himself at a crossroads in danger oflosing his way.
I can't come back here, John.
The suffering, the futility- It's starting to get to me.
L- I feel like I'm losing my mind.
You can't give up hope.
Come on.
Come on.
- You saw it, right, Father? - What? What? - I saw you see him! - Carlito, stop that! That guy-That cop- I saw what you saw! - I saw many horrible things.
- Well, this was different! Carlito, listen.
Please try to calm down! They think I'm crazy, but I'm not! - That cop- He's no cop! I s- - What? What- You gotta tell someone! He'll listen to you.
Tell them you saw the face of evil.
Listen, why don't you come back to the church with us? I got proof.
I snuck up on him, and I got proof.
I'm telling the truth.
I am the truth.
Poor soul.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Let's get 'em out of here.
Come on.
Move it! Move it! Stop it! I used to believe if I could save just one soul, it would be enough.
I don't think I believe that anymore.
That'll stop the bleeding.
You know, Anton, caffeine's probably not the best thing for you right now.
You need to get some sleep.
You won't be in any shape to- Say the evening mass.
Let me guess.
You want to say it for me.
Not tonight.
You can say it when I'm gone.
- Gone? - Yes.
I'm thinking about asking the monsignor for a reassignment- someplace with children, laughter.
Anton, look, this is no time to make that kind of decision.
You know, take some time off.
Our problems will still be here when you get back.
Yes, that much I'm certain of.
Excuse me.
Are you Dr.
Gidden's replacement? I'm not sure if that's the proper way of putting it but, yes, I'm taking his calls.
I was shocked to hear of his death.
I've been his patient most of my adult life.
Yes, well, he was a very good doctor.
You must be FatherJonascu.
Well, come in.
Come in.
I'm afraid I've found the cause of the visual anomalies you've experienced.
I assume it's because I've been working too hard drinking too much coffee.
The stress has been relentless.
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
This gray mass on the MRI is a malignant tumor.
Because of its proximity to the cerebellum I'm afraid it's inoperable.
I'm very sorry.
That's not possible.
I'm- I'm- I mean, I was fine until l- My God.
FatherJonascu? Carlito.
How are you feeling? I'm okay.
I'm straight.
I haven't used nothing in two days.
That's wonderful, Carlito.
If you'll excuse me.
I'm sorry for goin' crazy.
I'm not long for this world, Father.
I want to make my confession.
I can't just now.
I simply can't.
It wouldn't be fair to you.
Perhaps Father Royce.
No, it has to be you 'cause you're the only one who'll understand.
Then it'll have to wait.
I don't have time, man.
'Cause my days are numbered.
I got proof.
Carlito, wait.
Wait! I called the clinic.
They said you left hours ago.
So, what's the verdict? The clinic-The doctors- What did they have to say? You know how it is with these doctors.
He needs to do more tests.
What, they couldn't tell you anything? What about your headaches? You were probably right.
I work too hard and I worry about too many things.
Amen to that.
All of us go through life sheltering ourselves from reality because, when we go out into the world we hear the sound of people suffering and we see the world around us is not pretty.
We see the homeless and the hungry crying out for our attention.
Yet we avert our eyes hardening our hearts to their pleas.
We read Christ's words, but fail to heed them.
We- Look within, each of you and ask yourself am I helping my fellow man or am I lost, all alone? Strive to- - Is he okay? - Strive to- to work as one- Are you okay? Look.
There, near the back- What do you see? I see a woman I don't recognize.
- What do you see? - I see a- a woman-just a woman.
Can you get through the rest of the service? With God's help.
A moment ago I spoke of the very small tragedies of our day-to-day lives the monstrous evils of poverty and despair.
But what of the real evils in our midst- the ones that look like us but aren't us? The deceivers- like viruses we can't see, invading our brains.
One of them could be among us right now.
One of them could be leaving this church right now.
Somebody get a doctor.
- Is he all right? - Call an ambulance! Are you okay? I saw another one.
You were right.
He can see us.
It's called an astrocytoma.
What is that? A tumor the size of a golf ball.
Right here.
Pallas gives me three months, tops.
There are treatments.
I mean, can't this Dr.
Pallas recommend anything? Chemotherapy, something experimental? He recommended prayer, something I used to be pretty good at.
You can fight this.
It's bad enough to be questioning my faith.
Now I can't even believe what I see.
What did you see? Why were you shouting at that woman? I didn't think a hallucination would be so clear.
It usually starts like a fleeting image the sort of thing that you would see out of the corner of your eye.
And then I look again.
I concentrate.
But they're still there- the demons.
They don't go away.
Demons? You mentioned this to the doctor? Yes, yes.
He warned me I might see some horrible things from my unconscious.
Interpretive dementia, he said, caused by the tumor.
Conditioned, no doubt, by five decades of rigorous religious training.
The woman in the sanctuary- She looked like a demon to you? So did the policeman in Trashtown.
The one Carlito was ranting about? Yes.
My God.
I've got to go back there, find Carlito.
Wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that you and Carlito had the same hallucination? I don't know, but I'm going to find out.
Anton, wait.
Is he- Good Lord, forgive me.
I should never have turned him away.
Don't do that to yourself.
This isn't your fault.
By the power of the apostles he has given me I absolve you from all your sins in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We should call the authorities.
You look a bit tired today, FatherJonascu.
I was up early this morning.
Buried one of my parishioners.
Coroner said he died of an embolism.
Thirty-five years old.
We both see too much death, don't we? Any sensitivity to this light? Yes, a little.
Doctor, I wanted to ask you more about these episodes.
The hallucinations? Do they frighten you? They're unsettling.
Yet, in a strange way they've made me wake up to some things.
That's wonderful.
What was it you wanted to ask me? Is it possible that another person could have the same visions that I do? Is there a medical explanation? What person are you referring to? The young m- I thought we agreed- no drugs.
This is just something for the pain.
But my head must be clear at all time- This will clarify everything.
Now, you should be feeling a very pleasant, relaxed sensation.
- I can hardly move.
- Good.
Don't fight it.
Enjoy it.
What have you done? Since you are a religious man, I know you will forgive me.
The drug I gave you induces a temporary paralysis of gross motor control.
There are some associates of mine outside who are eager to make your acquaintance.
I didn't want you to leave before you met them.
- Why would I do that? - I was concerned you'd be scared.
But now I know that you're a much stronger man than that.
Holy Mother of God.
It's- They're the- the demons.
Perhaps that's the wrong word to describe us.
In God's name, how can this be? You seemed alarmed at our appearance, Father.
We can maintain this more conventional facade, if you prefer much like projecting holograms.
It's just very draining for us.
- Who are you? - We are the way.
You are deceivers.
I know the true way.
We've come at various times.
All your religions are based on teachings from our world.
Are you telling me that you're some kind of messenger from God? Yes.
And now, through you, we have a second chance.
How is it I can see your other faces? We're not sure, but we think your tumor made it possible.
That was our sign that you were the chosen one.
What about Carlito? How did he see you? Carlito had a neurological mutation brought on by genetics and his use of narcotics.
We tried to save him but he was too afraid to let us near him.
This is taking too long.
- Silence! - Father we have come to deliver the power to heal to your world and your people.
But mankind won't accept us as we are.
They look at us as demons because of our appearance.
That's why we need you, Father- to help us relieve the fear our visage causes in human hearts.
Only then can we give you the gift.
What gift? I'm going to heal your tumor, Father and then you too will have the gift.
Is she dead? She gave you her life force.
She had to in order to give you the gift.
I still don't understand.
What do you want from me? I'll show you.
Thank you, Nurse.
I'll take her back to her room.
FatherJonascu, meet Miranda.
A reckless driver ignored a traffic signal in front of her school.
She has massive internal injuries and it's not known if she will ever wake up again.
Poor child.
Now it's time to exercise your powers.
Come, Father.
Place your hands on her temples, just as Victorine did to you in my office and concentrate.
Will her back to health.
You can do it, Father.
Could such a power- the power of life and death- be anything other than a gift from God? It was truly miraculous.
But you were the instrument of that miracle.
You were the one who made it happen! - The press is here.
- That's him, right there! The press? People are going to want to know what you have done what you're capable of doing.
I wouldn't know what to say.
We have faith in you, Father.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Good evening.
Please, please, not all at once.
Could we have questions in some kind of order? Well, the most extraordinary thing has happened here today.
It's now been a month since the miracle priest Father Anton Jonascu of St.
Devra's church first moved through this clinic healing the sick and infirm in a matter ofhours.
Since then, requests for help have poured in from all over the world.
But despite a busy travel schedule Jonascu says he'll remain here working his apparent miracles in our own community.
Thank you, John.
I hate watching myself on television.
- The calls keep coming in.
- I see.
The archdiocese again.
Mercy Hospital.
Gateway Communications.
They want me to revive my radio ministry.
I just don't think I have the time.
Maybe you should get an agent.
You're a celebrity now.
A small price to pay for the chance to do some good.
I know how busy you are, so I prepared a sermon.
I'll conduct the service myself.
People come a long way to hear me.
- It's only fair.
- Right.
I'd better get ready.
You ever wonder, Anton, why won't these messengers who've appeared to you as demons allow you to reveal how you came by your gift? They will.
When will that be? They don't control me, John.
They gave me the power to heal.
They simply want to present it in a way that will do the most good without people judging what they don't understand.
- But you understand.
- Yes.
Why is it every time you perform your miracles the press is around? Of course the media would be interested in my story.
Even that first night at the clinic, somehow they knew.
Who do you think told them? Well, a month ago, you were losing your faith.
You were ready to walk away.
And thank heavens I was given a sign- confirmation that I could do some good.
Well, isn't it possible that's why they chose you- because you would be susceptible to their pitch? Is it because I won't let you conduct the service this evening? - Is that why you're so unhappy? - You just don't get it.
I have always admired your ability to see goodness where it wasn't apparent.
What's happened to that? What about your questioning mind? You've always taught me never to accept things at face value but to push and to probe until I got the truth.
I know when you meet these people face-to-face your prejudice will just disappear.
Until then, focus on results.
Try taking it on faith that I am delivering a divine gift.
Only one person ever did that in my faith and he was the Son of God.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
- Lights are okay? - Father Anton Jonascu.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Father will answer all your questions in the sanctuary.
Please, this way.
Be careful.
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
You are doing so much good here now.
The time has almost come for us to reveal ourselves.
Good! Good! You said you wanted to live among us.
How many of you are there? How did you get here? Be patient.
Be patient.
All those questions will be answered.
We want you to call a worldwide press conference for Sunday.
Worldwide? Very well.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
- First- - Yes? There is a slight problem.
LikeJesus of Galilee I'm afraid you might have a betrayer.
A- You must admit.
This is so much smoother than the last foray.
You were right.
The priest is a much better choice.
We can infiltrate without a confrontation.
How long do you think it will take to siphon off all of their atmosphere? It could take six years.
It has to go faster.
The home planet is running out.
But it must be done delicately.
They have strength and numbers.
So we have to continue this charade forever.
Only until they suffocate to death.
Our great advantage is their belief in a loving and benevolent God.
It is their one weakness- their tragic flaw.
Belief in a loving God is one of our greatest strengths.
Faith is why Carlito brought these photos to us- so that we could see through your lies.
And it is faith that will open up FatherJonascu's eyes.
Messengers of God? Emissaries of hell is what you are.
Actually we are emissaries from a planet very far from here.
You can't win.
You can't deceive Anton forever.
We don't need to forever.
I look forward to this service.
Oh, my God.
- What happened here? - He's dead.
How can this be? I must call- Before you act, consider the consequences.
What consequences? I must notify the police, John's parents.
This is a tragedy.
- He needs a decent burial.
- He'll have one.
You can make the arrangements, but after the press conference.
- No! - There are too many people here.
We are too far along to delay.
Officer Fletcher will take care of him.
Where were you? Why did you let him die? Unfortunately, I wasn't here.
It appears he had an embolism.
- Embolism? - Yes.
That's what they said killed Carlito.
Is it? A coincidence, I'm sure.
Pallas, l- You must excuse me.
I need some time alone to gather my thoughts before the press conference.
Of course.
Call if you need anything.
You have my condolences.
The most extraordinary thing has happened here today.
Tell us about it.
I have been given the power to do God's work to heal the sick, to raise them.
How did you discover this power? I don't know.
I just did it.
What exactly did you do? - There was this little girl- - What have I done with it? Who was very ill and I just wished she was better, and she was.
And so the stage is almost set for tomorrow's worldwide press conference where Father Anton Jonascu, the miracle priest promises to reveal the source ofhis incredible power.
Not since man first walked on the moon has the world been so focused on one event.
Affection forJonascu seems boundless and he's inspired new levels of church attendance worldwide.
Medical science has no explanation for his incredible powers over life and death.
This is Tamara Stanners reporting live from St.
Devra's church.
Powers over life and death.
Our freighter ships will enter Earth orbit tonight.
They can avert this planet's primitive detection systems for up to nine days.
Don't issue landing orders until after the priest has done his job.
There'll be much discussion among Earth leaders before we're accepted.
Without access to the ships to recharge our power source we can't maintain human form much longer.
My reserves are already low.
I'm having trouble with my visual field.
It's almost over.
She's supposed to be here.
You're late.
I've been hiding in the shadows too long.
I'm anxious to be involved again.
No one has seen you, have they? Of course not.
Not in my original form.
Excuse me.
I'm here to give last rites to a FatherJohn Royce.
NoJohn Royce in the box.
But there has to be.
Check again.
Hey, I know you.
You're that miracle priest dude.
What about a John Doe? He would've been brought in this morning by an Officer Fletcher.
That I can help you with.
Give us a moment, please.
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.
God forgive me for what I'm about to do.
John, it's me, Anton.
Let's go inside and find out.
Come on.
It's almost time.
Where's your precious priest now? He'll be here.
He knows what's at stake.
He has no idea.
What choice does he have at this point? He's a man of honor and a fool.
Maybe you underestimate him.
You might be as naive as he is.
You have no faith, Fletcher.
- Here's the man we've been waiting for.
- Father! We only have a few minutes left.
Let's go over your statement one last time.
We don't need to.
I know what I have to say.
Shall we go over it anyway? I have stood up here for over 30 years and tried to speak from the heart at times, more successfully than others.
But I have never lied to my congregation.
I've never knowingly misled them.
No one wants you to do anything of the kind.
Because I won't.
Okay, everybody out of here.
Now! We need five minutes, please.
Let's go.
Now! Come on! Move, please! FatherJonascu is something troubling you? I know the way God works.
It is not your way.
You give life without love.
You heal the sick but you don't understand human kindness.
Think of all the good we can do together.
Look at what we've already done! Through you, in the name of your God.
You have committed murder in his house.
You are evil in human disguise.
With God's help, we will fight you.
Your God won't help you now! Wait.
Wait! You destroyed us.
You've destroyed everything.
You could've lived forever.
Do you think such power comes to you at no cost? Don't be swayed the way I was swayed.
Tell them.
Tell the world.
My death must not be in vain.
I will.
From the dawn of time people have believed that angels walk among us.
Some believe that demons are also in our midst.
But who's to say exactly what form either will take? They could be your spouse, your boss at work even the person sitting with you right now.