The Outer Limits (1995) s01e17 Episode Script

The New Breed

OK, we have to stop.
We have to stop.
I guess.
- I just I really want to wait.
- I know.
- Are you mad? - I'm not mad.
- It's not that I don't want to.
- I know.
Because I do.
I really want to.
Me too, but if we're gonna stop, let's stop now.
It won't be that long.
We'll get married right after we graduate.
The day after we graduate? - What's a year? - It's nothing.
Mmm I have to go.
- But it's so early.
- I can barely walk as it is.
This is killing me.
But it's worth it, isn't it? I don't think this is the best time to be asking me that question.
Of course it's worth it.
You're worth it.
This whole abstinence thing could be a good thing .
maybe I think.
- Hannah - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Look I'll meet you in the library after your early class.
I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
(narrator) There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity .
and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits.
Humankind has long tried to tame the forces of nature, to harness their power for our needs.
But what if the very needs that drive us are the greatest power of all? Will we be able to control ourselves? Hey, Jay.
What you doing? Hiding? Hey, Karl.
Just waiting for Hannah.
- You guys are still going out? How long? - Uh, about a year.
No way! A year? Whoa! You must be getting some by now.
I went out with her myself.
You don't have to tell me.
I didn't even get close.
You? Because sometimes getting close is worse.
Yeah, well, I don't kiss and tell.
Yeah? Right.
You're on the bench.
That girl is colder than i How was class? Whoa.
Maybe I'll just, uuh, see you guys later.
- Make love to me.
- What? Here? Now.
- What happened to waiting? - I need you.
- I need you.
- Look, look If you think this is what I want, you're wrong.
Whoa! Cut it out! What's gotten into you? Look, look I want to marry you.
I love you.
Get as far away from me as you can.
- What did I say? - Go.
You want me.
What? I remember from before.
Did you and Jay have a fight or something? I need you.
- I need you.
- You remember Lisa, my girlfriend OK, like all single-cell animals, the amoeba has to absorb particles in order to survive.
Now, unlike Panrammechumm or other protozoa that propel themselves forward with cilia, the amoeba actually extends its own membrane outward in the form of a pseudopod.
Once it envelops the particle that it's trying to absorb, it creates a vacuole.
Once inside the ectoplasm itself, the particle is .
well, it's basically screwed.
Uh, that's it today, guys.
Lights, please.
Study this stuff, because it will be on the test.
- Jay, sorry.
- Professor Steiner.
I won't be a minute.
I've just gotta find It's here somewhere.
- I'll be gone before your class starts.
- Actually it's over.
- Huuh? - (beeping) Huuh? Oh, God.
See? I'm losing my mind.
There it is.
Thank God.
A cure for cancer.
I keep leaving it places.
Actually, I'm glad you showed up.
Can I miss this afternoon's class? You want to switch, so I'll be your teaching assistant? Sorry.
Biology 101 - great course, bores the hell out of me.
I'll take the class.
You will? You're not gonna fight? You depressed or something? I think Hannah broke up with me.
You think? When my wife left me, she left no room for doubt.
Well, we're in the library, right? One second she's all over me, the next second she's screaming at me to get as far away from her as I can.
My wife said that now and then.
But this isn't Hannah.
We've been going out for a long time.
When it comes to sex, she doesn't exactly She doesn't exactly? Exactly.
I mean, one second she's practically wanting to do it right there in the library, the next she's telling me to stay away from her.
Well, never underestimate the power of oestrogen.
Powerful things, sex hormones.
Powerful things.
Probably the most underestimated source of energy in the universe.
- Hormones? - Oh yeah.
That's the engine that drives humanity, the mechanism for procreation, desire, love.
Drives you to ecstasy or drives you crazy.
Can't have one without the other, unfortunately.
You should write a thesis on their untapped energy potential.
I see why she left you.
Well, I hope you have better luck than I did.
Thanks, Professor.
Hannah! - Take it easy.
I got a game tonight.
- I need you.
- I'm serious.
I gotta conserve my energy.
- I need your energy.
Hannah? Where is he? Come on.
I followed you guys here.
- I saw his car outside.
Where is he? - Go away! Hannah! Hannah! Hannah! (gasps) Get out of me.
Please don't make me do this.
(phone rings) (Hannah's voice) Hi, this is Hannah.
Leave a message, and I'll call you back.
(beeps) (answerphone) Hi, Hannah.
It's Lisa.
I guess you're out with Jay.
I was wondering if you know where Karl is.
He was supposed to meet me.
He's probably in some bar with the guys.
If you have a clue, give me a call.
(answerphone) Hi, uuh Hannah? Yeah, my name's Rob.
I don't know if you've noticed me.
I'm in your art history class.
I sure noticed you today.
I was hoping maybe we could go out some time.
I'll call you back.
(beeps) (answerphone) Hannah, it's Dr Shipley calling.
I was reading your essay on the Victorian era.
Ever since we spoke this morning, I was actually thinking about just how fascinating your essay really is.
I was thinking - (prostitute) Honey? - ( man in car) No, not tonight.
- How much? - I need you.
Hop in.
(driver) Baby, not so fast.
You're hot, you're Let me pull over here.
Oh (gasps) What are you doing? (screams) Professor Steiner.
Look, Jay.
What do you want? My undivided attention? You can't have it.
If I don't meet my publication quota, I lose my tenure.
You'll find me teaching biology 101, which is what I'd rather you do.
- What is this? - Subject for your next paper.
Possibly your next teun.
- But what is it? - I found it in Hannah's room, buried in the floor.
- It must have come through the roof.
- Through the roof? I'm serious.
It just missed the bed by a few feet.
It must have come from a long way up.
Really? Well, it's scorched here.
It's part of a plane probably.
Does that look like part of a plane to you? Where's it from then? Outer space? Scorched from atmospheric re-entry.
- Give me a break! - Actually, I I thought of that.
- You did.
- Yeah.
But wouldn't the kinetic energy mean a seriously flat house? That's physics.
I'm a biologist.
Well, here's a biology question.
Look at that green stuff.
Looks organic to me.
Smells like a paper to me.
-That's amazing.
- I know.
I've never seen anything like it.
We're gonna make biochemical publishing history.
Did you spray-paint a seashell and rub green gunk into it? Petroleum jelly, right? I'm on the wrong end of a bad joke.
It's a bet, right? - I found it where I said that I found it.
- Uh-huuh.
Check it out for yourself.
There's lots of equipment here.
Use some of it.
Gossh! I'm gonna go find Hannah.
Lisa, hi.
Have you seen Hannah? Hey.
Have you seen Karl? - No.
- It's weird.
I don't know where he is.
He didn't come over last night, so you know what he missed.
Not personally.
Look, if you see her Oh, my God.
What if they're together? - Why would they be together? - You know they went out.
He said she took it hard when he broke up with her.
When it comes to sexual history, Karl's a revisionist, so if you see her - Same here, OK? - OK.
Hi, Hannah.
Jay's looking for you.
Did you know that? Yeah.
Guys, huuh? I phoned you the other night.
Did you get the message or? Listen, have you seen Karl anywhere? Nobody has.
Not for a couple of days.
I don't know what else to do.
I know he can be a jerk sometimes, but, uum I've talked to everybody.
I've gone to all the places he hangs out at What if something happened? Thank you.
You're so sweet, 'cause I I know you guys went out.
- I needed him.
- Yeah.
I know how that must have felt, 'cause that's how I feel now.
- I need you now.
- Me? To transform.
To what? What? What are you doing? I need you.
Yeah, well you can forget about it.
You're sick! Get out of me.
Hi, I'm Detective Barnett.
Do any of you know the whereabouts of Jay Batten, a TA here? Yeah, a grad student Hey, take it easy.
- Who are you? - You're Jay Batten, aren't you? I'm Detective Barnett.
We're conducting a criminal investigation.
I'd like to bring you in for questioning.
- What's this about? - Some college kids have gone missing, and we can connect you to both of them.
What? You don't happen to be friends with David James? - No.
Never met the guy.
- He's a heck of a quarterback.
That's why we started this investigation so fast.
All-American star quarterbacks attract a lot of attention when they miss a big game.
You didn't happen to see him drive away with your girlfriend? Before you say no, I have witnesses saw you give chase on a bike.
Other witnesses from her rooming house saw you go up there five minutes after they did.
- Yeah, but when I got there, he wasn't - What? Look, I want to know the answer to this too.
You should be looking for Hannah.
We are, believe me.
We've got an all-points bulletin out for her.
But I gotta tell you this Jay - there's evidence that a violent murder took place in her room.
Murder? You don't think that she? No, we don't actually.
He's 200Ib, she's 110Ib tops.
Do the math.
But we got his shirt and pants torn up in Hannah's closet and a leather varsity jacket with fresh fingerprints on the shoulders and neck.
And I'll tell you something, Jay.
If those fingerprints are yours, we'll book you for second-degree murder.
Eleanor? Hi, it's me.
Did you get that sample? Oh, great.
Did you get a chance to run? Perfect.
No, I did too.
Yeah the whole ball of wax, including spectroscopic analysis.
You too? What do you think? I got a result, but I went for Terazol.
What did you? Yeah.
That's right.
A hormone, right? What gender? No, me neither.
But almost human, right? Not quite Where do you think it's from? I got a conclusion, Andy.
I just don't want to be the first to say idiotic things out loud.
Well, I'm not recording this conversation.
I'm not gonna say you're nuts.
So what? Extraterrestrial? You're nuts.
But you're not the only one.
Are you feeling all right? You OK? April 11th 1929.
Oh, OK.
Same as 1951 .
April 12th April 13th Two days later.
Uh excuse me.
I'm done with the 1920s here.
Could you give me stuff from the begining of the century? ln fact, as far back as you can.
- I'll be just a minute.
- Thank you.
- I'm telling you, that object had something to do with this.
- How? It's messed with her mind.
She's acting strange.
OK, let's talk about that.
How strange? She She doesn't screw around.
I mean - She wanted to wait till we got married.
- Oh, she was a virgin? Yeah.
- She had a lot of horny guys on her phone.
- I know, that's what I'm talking about! She's never acted that way before.
Really? That's gotta bug you, huuh? Come on! Who are you talking about? The last witness said she swung both ways.
What? Now, that bullet-shaped thing you found didn't happen to run on batteries? - That's not funny.
- I'm not laughing! I think maybe Hannah's not the one who's changed.
Maybe she's not just the good girl that you wanted her to be.
Jealousy's powerful.
It can push you right over.
- I didn't kill David James! - He was nailing your girlfriend.
- That's gotta make you mad.
- Where's Hannah? Do you think Hannah's thinking about you right now? We found Dave's car parked downtown.
You think she's got another boyfriend downtown? Hmm? You know what I think? I think you walked in on her and the quarterback and you lost it.
Is that it? Where is she? Is she in another room in this place? You got her locked up? Let me see her.
No, she isn't here.
I'm not lying.
We don't have her in custody.
I wish we did.
Are you sure you don't want legal counsel? You're entitled I know what I'm entitled to.
You have nothing on me.
I think we do, Jay.
We've got the place, we've got a motive, your fingerprints and your relationship with the second missing boy.
- What? - Your friend Karl.
- What about him? - He used to go out with Hannah too.
We found his clothes on the floor of the library.
I don't suppose you know anything about that, do you? Cheryl? (prostitute) This is our territory.
Hey, what are you doing tonight? This is 81-Bravo.
I think I just found the Valesic girl.
- Request additional units.
- Roger.
It's on its way.
(prostitute) Hey, officer.
(man) Oh, yeah.
Oh, baby.
(man screams) Shoot her! Something inside me.
It's using me to transform into something else.
I can't stop it.
Please help me.
- Where's Ralph Barnett? - Straight down the hall.
Down here? Jay.
What did you find out? - Is this the Nutty Professor? - Steiner.
You are? Detective Barnett.
Something is going on with Hannah.
- She's been taken down to the mental hospital.
- Wait.
That's - The mental hospital.
Why? - It's a security precaution.
Are you coming or not? It's not Hannah - not the Hannah that you know.
I did some research on that object.
It's got some kind of parasite in it, something I've never seen, and it's infecting her.
- Jay, the bus is leaving.
- Hear me out, please.
I've checked records.
It's happened twice before.
ln 1920, an object like the one you found was discovered embedded in masonry.
(Barnett) So? Four sailors dissappeared on four consecutive nights, presumably murdered.
- What? By a nun? - By who knows? - Maybe whatever is affecting Hannah.
- So what happened? The newspaper says a nun was dismissed from the order, and get this .
apparently for trying to seduce a bishop.
The organic residue on this object .
almost the same, chemically, as sex hormones, human sex hormones.
That's why Hannah's acting this way.
Maybe whatever it is infests a human host as part of its life cycle.
Maybe it's responsible for disappearances for centuries.
Who knows? Well, that's food for thought, Professor.
Thank you very much.
But we have to talk to people from Earth.
I've seen more open-minded amoeba! She's knocking off people she has sex with.
That just makes her a horny - Barnett, you have to do something.
- What? Nobody believes me.
I keep saying The girl you had the all-points out on, she said there was something inside her, trying to transform - She told you that? - Calm down.
I'm never gonna calm down.
She turned this guy into mush.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Then this light blasted out from where I shot her.
- Shot her? - Jay - Shot her? - Jay, wait a minute! Jay! Jay! Hurry up and get her under.
BP's still falling.
Oh, my God! Code yellow! Code yellow! Go! - What happened? - Get away from the door! (Barnett) Hannah? - Please don't do that.
- Don't you want me? I don't want you to kill me.
- Stay put.
A negotiator's coming.
- Don't hurt her! That's not her! Wait.
This is really fascinating.
This doctor, he's not getting hurt.
He's OK.
Why? - I think that it needs a willing partner.
- Oh, come on.
No, listen.
Let's assume that, whatever it is, it absorbs hormones that are released with sexual excitement.
- Bear with me.
- What? If that's true, this guy If it's gonna work, he's gotta get turned on.
He's scared of her.
He knows she's dangerous.
He's resisting.
I mean .
the thought of his imminent death isn't exactly an aphrodisiac.
Touch me No.
I need you.
I need you! You still say that's your girlfriend? Listen.
As long as it's trapped, it can't get what it needs.
Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm beginning to understand.
ln the past, this thing landed in the homes of young women.
Young men started to dissappear.
Young women started to behave uncharacteristically lascivious.
And then I think it feeds on making love.
So when the victims are aroused, it absorbs the energy that it needs.
Also absorbs the victims.
- What's happening? - She's out.
Maybe if it can't feed, it dies.
- What? I'm going in.
- Wait.
Look, somebody's gotta get the doctor.
You wanna do it? Huh? She won't let it hurt me.
Doc, doc, wake up! Come on! Come on.
Stand up.
Stand up.
(Barnett) Jay, what the hell are you doing? Jay, open this door! Hannah? Hannah? Hannah? Jay.
It's still inside me.
I can't stop it.
- How do we get rid of it? - I don't know.
It needs to feed, but I don't want to hurt anybody else.
It's not your fault, Hannah.
It's not your fault.
- No - It's OK.
- Hannah.
- I can't stop it.
It'll kill you.
Not if we give it what it wants.
But she'll kill you.
You won't let that happen to me.
- He's sacrificing himself.
- I don't think so.
They're in love.
Maybe that will save them.
- How? - ln all my research, all these past disappearances that I uncovered, it didn't involve any boyfriends, didn't involve any husbands, no lovers.
Just strangers.
You see what I'm saying? I mean, they're in love.
Making love releases an energy that's impossible to measure scientifically.
Maybe what this entity was looking for all along.
(narrator) The urge to hunt and kill, the need to mate and multiply, these are our most primitive human drives.
But they pale in comparison to the most powerful human drive of all, the need for love.