The Outer Limits (1995) s01e21 Episode Script


- Senator, I thought - (reporters ask questions) This proves that there's no substitute for hard work.
It's time that we cleaned up the air and this fuel additive, BE-85, is a great place to start.
Senator Adams, do you have the muscle to get this bill through? Absolutely.
I promise we're gonna have a vote by the end of the week.
The oil lobby are committed to defeating it.
Big oil is concerned with profits, not people, and I won't let any special interests stand in the way of this bill.
It's late, Senator.
Thank you.
Dave Pettigrew can answer any questions.
He's the man who helped develop BE-85 for Sendrax.
- Senator, thanks.
- Thanks.
(varhous) Mr Pettigrew Kyle.
Good to see you.
What about Sendrax? Aren't they a special interest group? If you consider fuel efficiency a special interest.
They did contribute to your campaign.
Come on, that's unfair.
So did about 14 other environmental groups.
That's all for now.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Dairy farmersat 11 .
00, photo op with the Idaho State soccer champsat one, Transportation meeting at 3.
They're waiting for wording on the BE-85 bill.
- What about dinner? - Barbecue with the meatpackers, 6.
I'll come hungry.
Good, 'cause the Automakers Awards dinner is at 8.
No rest for the weary.
You're good at handling the press, Richard.
That bill is a shoe-in.
- Can I use some of that? - Sure.
Kyle Haller is a pain in the ass.
He's a reporter.
It's his job to be a pain in the ass.
- (tyres screech) - Easy, Evan.
- (hnonnkhnng) - Evan, look out! Hello, Senator Adams.
I'm Dr McKenna, head of neurology here.
The ER attending has asked me to consunlt.
- Are my injuries that severe? - Not at all.
You've been very lucky.
We think you've just got a concussion.
- Doctor? - Thank you.
- We just want to give you the best care.
- Doctor.
What about my aide, Evan? I'm sorry.
He didn't survive the accident.
But he didn't suffer, if that's any comfort.
I've always been a supporter of your campaign.
I wish we'd met under more pleasant circumstances.
This is strange.
- I'm gonna have to order new MRls.
- Why? - Somebody's obviously made a mistake.
- What mistake? Why don't we finish up here and get you back upstairs? Tell me what's wrong with my X-rays, Doctor.
According to these pictures, your brain has four lobes instead of two and you have organs in your body that I don't recognise.
(narrator) There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity .
and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits.
(narrator) The Roman philosopher Boethiussaid, "In other living creatures, the ignorance of themselves is nature, but in men it is a vice.
" Imagine treading into the deep recesses of oneself and finding someone you never knew existed.
- We're going.
- But they haven't finished.
Yes, they have.
We don't have much time.
I can dress myself, damn it! What's going on here? It's dangerous letting them run these tests.
- For medical attention, you come to us.
- What? - Don't you know who we are? - Of course.
You're my security detail.
We've got a syndrome case.
What? Senator Adams, you shouldn't be standing.
What are you doing with those X-rays? What is going on? We're taking the senator for security purposes.
I'd strongly advise against that.
He should be checked for internal bleeding.
Thank you for your help, Dr McKenna, but the senator has his own medical staff.
- They'd agree with me.
Who are you? - Agent Tennyson, ma'am.
This agent will debrief you.
This is highly irregular.
Those hospital records belong to the - Right this way, sir.
- OK.
Take off his blind fold.
Who's there? (whisper) Make sure he doesn't see you.
What do you want from me? - (whisper) He's pretty confused.
- Answer me! - What is your mission? - I'm a United States senator, damn it! Answer truthfully.
What is your mission? I don't know who you are, but somebody's gonna pay for this.
Inject him.
Maybe that will help.
Wait a minute.
You can't do this to me.
Wait a Do you remember now? Tell us about the mission.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's the Kesorix Syndrome which makes him a security risk.
We will have to terminate him.
Senator We want to help you.
Tell us about the mission.
Goodbye, Richard.
I'm sorry.
Kill him.
(car horns) Obviously he hadn't taken his supplement.
Take him down here further.
Less activity.
Hey! After him! Come on! Move it! Come on, move it! We're moving out! So much for going home.
- My God! Honey, are you OK? - Let's just go inside, Mother.
I don't understand what's going on.
I feel like I'm part of some nightmare.
- Who were these people? - I don't know.
I think they were part of the federal government.
I don't know who I can trust.
I just need some time to sort things out.
Well, of course.
You stay here aslong as you want.
I'll make you something to eat.
Why don't you go wash up? - (man) Yes? - He's here.
All right.
We're on our way.
- Here.
I warmed this up for you.
- Thanks.
I'm starved.
What are these, Mother? I've just been having some health problems.
- What sort of problems? - I didn't want you to worry.
What sort of problems, Mother? Diabetes.
I've been diagnosed with diabetes.
- Let me see your insulin.
- Whatever for? - I don't know what's got into you.
- You told them I was here.
- There's still time.
We'll talk to them.
Who are you? Richard, wait! It's for your own good.
- Hey, buddy.
Spare any change? - Leave me alone! Forget it! Have a nice day.
- No excuse.
He should be dead.
- Every agency's been alerted.
What if he remembers something before that? He won't remember who he is and what he's here for.
Wanted by police? Dr McKenna It's Richard Adams.
Don't be frightened of me.
- They're looking everywhere for you.
- Could I see your inner arms? - What? - Just let me Please.
I'm very sorry.
I had to make sure you didn't have any marks on your arms.
The men that took me from the hospital, at least one had track marks.
- Doctor, they tried to kill me.
- They were federal agents.
Did they say anything to you? Threaten you in any way? - Yes.
- What did they say? They said that I didn't see anything I thought I saw.
Yes, but you knew what you saw.
Those X-rays- you were as shocked as l was.
- I assumed you weren't one of them.
- One of whom? I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to fignre out.
I can't trust anybody.
I can't trust my friends, the police, even my mother.
You're the only one I could go to.
You see, I'm part of something, Doctor, and I can't remember what it is.
Please You've got to help me, please.
Senator? - Let me take you to the hospital.
- No.
Too public.
Too many people looking for me.
Don't you have an office? Don't you have a private practice? - Don't you want to know? - Know what? Did you see what you thought you saw on those X-rays? All right.
All right.
I'll take you to my office.
- Thank you.
- It's closed for the weekend.
It's almost inconceivable.
Those X-rays were right.
- Then I'm not crazy? - No.
But you're very differennt.
You have two extra brain lobes.
- How is that possible? - I don't know yet.
The front lobes are Well, they don't look human.
You have damage to the skull above the left front lobe.
That might explain the headaches and selective memory loss.
What about my breathing? And my eyes? I can't focus.
- And I'm losing my hair by the fistful.
- We'll get some more pictures.
Try and find out what's going on.
Let's start with a blood work-up.
- Do you want to sit up? - Yeah.
Oh, my God.
You've been taking injections too.
Those are the same marks I told you about.
My mother had those and that agent, Bauer.
- I saw when he gave me that shot.
- What shot? I thought it was some kind of truth serum.
With all those track marks, I doubt it.
Hold still.
Oh, my God.
What is it? What's wrong with me? I don't know.
We'll figure this out.
(nradho) This is Kyle Haller.
Still no word on missing senator Richard Adams of Idaho.
Police and federal authorities have intensified their search.
Leaders of both parties are unannimous in their concern for the lawmaker.
His own party worries that without Adams' strong support, his energy bill will linger in sub-committee until the cows come home.
You'll be OK.
Senator, as part of your work, did you ever volunteer for any experiments? - No.
- Something involving drugs? Or exposure to radiation? No.
Why would I? I'm not some kind of lab rat.
What about genetic abnormalities? Is there any family history? No What did you find? Your urine is highly acidic.
More so than I've ever seen.
And your organs I can only assume that some biological muntation has reshaped them somehow.
- I was finne until the accident.
- No.
This isn't from the accident.
I ran the specimen samples twice.
Your blood is made largely up of methane.
Even a little would be toxic.
It must be what's poisoning you.
Those men injected me with something that they called "a supplement".
Maybe it was methane that keeps me alive.
Whatever the injection was, it did make me feel better.
- Bauer said I take it all the time.
- What? - Where did they get it? - I don't know.
Whatever it is, I must have some of it somewhere.
Maybe at home.
- Where are you going? - I gotta sneak into my apartment.
- You said they were guarding it.
- I know, but I gotta get in there.
- I don't have any other choice.
- Yes, you do.
They won't be looking for me.
Stan is in there.
They've been there for days now.
That's my apartment.
Third floor, right by the elevator.
If the supplement is there, I'll find it.
Check the bathroom.
That's probably where it is.
Doctor Why are you doing this? I don't know.
Senator Adams, my father was a general in the Marine Corps, World War II.
I was raised to be proud of my country, care about it like I care about my family.
My father would turn over in his grave if I didn't help a United States senator.
Where did she come from? She look familiar to you? - Not really.
- Must be a neighbour.
Give me the shot now.
- I wannnna test it first.
- Give it to me nnow.
We don't know what it is.
It might kill you.
If you don't do it now, I'm dead.
How much did the man give you? Try and remember! I don't know.
- Did he fill the syringe all the way? - I don't know.
Please I'm gonna give you five ccs.
If it works l'll give you more.
(groans) - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you feeling? - Alive, for starters.
I had my doubts for a while there.
I checked your vital signs through the night.
They got stronger as your system absorbed the chemicals in that injection.
Where did this come from? It was hidden in your medicine cabinet along with everything else.
I don't know who I am any more.
And this chemical saved my life.
What is it? Why do I need it? It's a methane-based polymer with traces of ammonia and chlorine and a substance that I couldn't identify.
I tested it.
A tenth of that dose would have killed somebody else.
- But I'm feeling almost normal.
- Your system needs methane.
The eye drops were similar.
I just wish I had more to go on, that'sall.
What about your mother? Did she say anything to give you a clue? No.
But the men who kept interrogating me They kept asking me about my "mission".
Over and over they kept saying, what is my mission? - What does that mean? - I don't know.
I grew up in Idaho.
My expertise is environmental.
I've been trying to get a bill passed in the Senate for a fuel additive.
I made a speech at Sendrax right before the accident.
I spent the morning with Dave Pettigrew who's the VP of product development.
Maybe he can tell us something.
I'm not gonna trust anybody outside this room.
- Maybe I can find out without him.
- Wait for me.
No, Doctor.
This is the end of the line for you.
Thank you for all your help, but I don't want you taking any more risks.
You've got your strength back, but for how long? You may need me again, Senator Adams.
You're enjoying this cloak and dagger stuff.
I just feel I have to see this through.
It's my responsibility.
I admit my life's been a little boring up until now, but I have to know what this is about and you are gonna need help.
Senator? Richard.
Come on.
How are we gonna get in here without talking to anyone? First option, let's try the front door.
Hopefully nobody comes in on Sunday.
Come on.
Pettigrew's office is in the security wing.
This way.
I have a feeling this one won't be so easy.
You never know.
I used to have clearance.
Maybe they haven't taken me off the list yet.
- Yeah.
Come onn.
- Oh, yes.
Pull all the files.
BE-85 - studies, sales projection What? What is it? I don't know.
My mother has one just like it.
- It's just a piece of modern art.
- No.
It has some sort of meaning.
Like what? I don't know.
Let's find out whatever we can.
You take the files, I'll take the computer, OK? Look at all these clippings about endorsementsfor BE-85.
Looks like every name in Washington.
It's the kind of technology that politicians love.
Very little downside.
- Oh, my God.
- What? This is a chemical breakdown for BE-85.
It's based on the same molecular compound as your supplement.
You mean a fuel additive has been keeping me alive? A methane-based fuel additive.
What's this? Maybe it's some kind of environmental impact study.
Looks like you can advance the timeline.
I don't understand.
All the studies said that it would burn clean, improve the air.
(Doctor) It takes time for the emissions to catalyse.
They don't turn poisonous for years.
Methane is becoming the dominant element in our air.
My God.
It'll be unbreathable here in 30 years.
In 60, everything on this planet will be dead.
Maybe not everything.
It might be what people like me need to survive.
- What was that? - Some kind of power surge.
Wait a minute.
This is where they brought me from the hospital.
I was sitting in this chair.
Turn on the other lights.
There it is again.
Maybe it does mean something.
Soundslike whatever's drawing that power is through here.
Oh, boy.
Who's there? Senator.
Thank goodness you're alive.
Why are you here? Trying to find some answers, Dave.
Why didn't you call me? Washington's got the search dogs out for you.
- Who's this? - What's the mission, Dave? - To destroy the atmosphere? - What? What are you talking about? Isn't that what you kept asking me? About the mission to mandate BE-85, to poison the air with methane? Senator, you've been under a lot of strain.
- What's this thing? What's in there? - Don't you recognise him? That's your replacement.
Are you telling me that that thing is alive? Come on, Richard.
You know it's one of us.
Don't you understand? You're betraying your own kind.
What kind? What am I? You were transformed in a tank like this one.
So was l.
And all the others that have come to resettle this planet.
There are many of us here, like yourself, in powerful positions.
- Now there's gonna be one less.
- No! No! What are you doing? No! You fool! Don't you realise that your entire race is counting on you? Come here! - Is that what I think it is? - Yes.
Do you remember? What? What is it? It's home.
It's a globe of his planet.
- And your planet.
It's called Tortia.
- It's not my planet.
Accept it, Richard.
Accept who you are.
If what you say is true, why are we poisoning this planet? To terraform it for our own kind.
To make the air breathable for us.
- But I can breathe it fine.
So can you.
- Not without the supplement.
That'll take another 60 years.
The syndrome you're suffering from can be corrected.
What is this syndrome? Kesorix Syndrome.
You have human brain lobes implanted in your head, pushing your natural lobes up front - making them vulnerable to head trauma.
- It's the only flaw in our technology.
- But I remember growing up in Idaho.
Not some strange planet.
You and your mother resettled in Idaho when you were a child.
Your memory of your life before that, of your real home and everything connected to it, was in your frontal lobes.
Let us take you home.
It can be repaired.
- What about Lesley? - What do you think? You exposed us to her.
So we just eliminate her and move on? (Dave) Yes.
Take this.
If he moves, shoot him.
- I think I can handle that.
- Your father would be proud.
What are you doing? They used the media.
I'm gonna straighten things out.
You can't call the press.
How do you know who to trust? The one who's the biggest pain in the ass.
Kyle Haller, please.
Tell him Senator Richard Adams is calling.
Haller never cut the BE-85 plan any slack.
He can't be one of them.
- Are you willing to risk your life on that? - Yeah.
And yours too.
Hey, Kyle.
How are you doing? Yeah.
It's good to be back.
That's a little complicated, but I've got a BE-85 story you're gonna want to hear.
And, Kyle, don't bring the newscrew with you.
- It'sOK.
- Richard! Oh, my God! I thought he was going for a gun.
He's pushed an alarm.
We have to get out of here.
Come on.
There's Haller.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Kyle.
- Senator.
- You alone? - Yeah.
Why? - I'm trusting you with my life.
- What? Sendrax's BE-85 files.
All of them.
- Is there something we've never seen? - Yeah.
I'll just be a couple of minutes.
So what will you do? Where will you go? Onnce Kyle's report airs, the authorities are going to round up the rest of them.
My kind.
Though they'll find me, maybe it's better if you don't know where I am.
Take care of yourself.
You too.
Airport, please.
And would you turn on your radio? (man) Kyle Haller was a greatly loved and respected journalist here in Washington.
Once again, Kyle Haller was found murdered downtown.
The FBI have been called in.
The chief suspect is a local doctor named Lesley McKenna.
Driver, turn around.
(Richard) Oh, no.
(narrator) People have long feared invasion by forces from other worlds.
If that horror comes to pass, our leaders will stand as our first line of defence.
Unless of course, our leaders themselves are the invaders.