The Outer Limits (1995) s02e14 Episode Script

The Heist

1 Help us! Please! My boyfriend's hurt bad, Help us! He's bleeding! WOMAN: Help us! What should we do? Call for help, please! Please! He's dying! Hey, we got to help her, Please, Please, Help me, please, Aah! Go! Go! Go! I said no shooting! WOMAN: I had no choice, Come on, Let's get them out of here, What are you doing? They were going for the guns, That's what the gas was for, Clear! Clear, Let's go! Lee's with me, You two ride shotgun, Tell the major we're on our way, What did I tell you, Lee? There's no way this thing is back there, Calvin, There would have been 5 times the escort, The major said this was a covert operation, Covert or not, it was too easy, The major got it right, OK? Are we ready? Zeus, this is Hercules, All clear, (BANGS) Let's go! OK, Let's go, Let's go! (MAN HUMMING) Hey, Bethany! Ruddick, that's U, S, Army, bud, We just kicked them! It better be for good reason, Calvin, You bet, All right, All right, Let's open her up, Hey, wait a minute, Lee, The major said we should wait for him, I put my ass on the line here, He didn't, I want to know what for, Wait a sec! Back off, Beth, You, Baby, you all right? Yeah, All right, We got it, Open it, Let's see what we've got here, boys, Aah! Hold your fire! There's missiles in there, you fools! Good God, Lee, are you all right? Go to hell, Oh, man, Cryo-containment? MAN: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with 1, 000 channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity, ,, and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to, ,, (READING) NARRATOR: On the long road between cradle and grave, we travel alone, It is not the blind and random circumstances of our birth which determine the quality of our journey, That is decided by the choices made along the way, So, what is this? What is this? You're asking me? I'm telling you, man, the manifest said Stingers, I saw it myself, I was 100%, Yeah, We all saw it, Lee, Bound for a Russian port, right? Does this look like a load of anti-aircraft missiles to you? Why don't you shut up? Why don't you make me? Hey, look, The major said it was going to be a covert operation, The major got it wrong, All that crap exposing some government conspiracy to keep the Russian president in power, That's all true, and you know it, Don't be drilling me on that again, Groups like us are the people's last line of defense, Lightning Dawn's a joke, You're all a joke! Shut up! If you're the militia, what do you need me for? Somebody shut this guy up right now! I don't know how I let you talk me into this, Because you're my brother, man, Who cares? Take a look! That's what we fired at U, S, military for, Calvin, What is it? I don't know, but they certainly were protecting it, weren't they? Sometimes I don't know who's more stupid you or me, What is in the box? Stingers would fit in here, wouldn't they? Don't! I'll shoot her, I swear, if you don't move back right now, Go ahead, Don't think I won't, And if you do, my buddies here will take you out one second later, Lower the weapon, and you won't get hurt, You've got my word, I can't do that, What's your name, Captain? Washington, Terry, U, S, Army, You are in illicit possession of We're way past that now, Captain Washington, Put down the weapon, I told you I can't do that, Got a shot, I'm taking her out, Ohh! Consider yourself a prisoner, Easy, Enough! Have some respect for the uniform, What's in it? Stingers, right? It's classified, Classified? Are you kidding me? Why would they keep them cold? They wouldn't, What's in the box? You need to let me call in for help before the cooling system breaks, (BULLETS RICOCHETING) Hey, you idiot! OK, Now it's broken, What is wrong with you? You people don't know what you're dealing with, This is dangerous! Dangerous how? It's radioactive material, On ice? I don't buy it, Well, you're going to find out if you don't let me call for help, What are we going to do with her, Lee? Tie her up, Let's get the hell out of here, This whole thing's a bust, Come on, (HISSING) She can I, D, us, hero, You want to go back to jail? The materials in that box are dangerous, We're going to wait for the major to decide this, Yeah, That's right, He'll be here any minute, Lee, CAPTAIN: Listen, soldier, The cooling mechanism is damaged, That means you only have a few minutes Before what? Captain, I'm already into this up to my ass, I'm going to find out what's going on here, You open that box, you're dead, (DISTORTED GROWLING) You're ex-army, Yeah, Yes, ma'am, Purple Heart, I'll bet, Yes, ma'am, Mercenary? Why are you doing this? I could ask you the same question, Whatever weapons you got, you were sending them to Russia by freighter, It isn't a weapon, I saw the travel orders, The Russians are the only ones with a cryogenic, ,, They're the enemy! They used to be the enemy, And they will be again, You don't believe that, Maybe I do, You're smarter than these people, soldier, These men and women are patriots, Captain, I don't have to agree with everything they say, but I have to believe in everything we're doing right now, Understand? And how much are they paying you for the job? MAN: Ten-hut! Beth, Major, sir, Calvin, Major, sir, Why is this woman here? CALVIN: She was hiding inside the truck behind some kind of refrigeration unit, sir, Where are my Stingers, Calvin? This is what we found, sir, The manifest said Stingers, I saw it on the computer screen, I swear it, We think whatever's inside may be valuable, sir, Valuable? Uh, ,, we don't know, MAJOR: But no Stingers? No, sir, Sergeant Ruddick, what is the first principle of a military op? Sir, the first rule of a military operation is to establish discipline and a reliable chain of command, sir, Very good, Trust, I trust my information because I trust Bethany, And you, Calvin, ,, you've been with Lightning Dawn for what? 3 years, sir, That rules you out, right, Calvin? Yes, sir, I guess that just leaves the mercenary, Major! Major, sir! He set us up, people, He had to, The Feds find out his brother's with Lightning Dawn, they trump up some charge, fake a little jail time in Leavenworth, They used you, Calvin, He used you, You came to me for help, Oh, you think you're so good, mercenary, Do you think this militia needs you? Do you think I need you? Major, wait a minute, He's my brother, He'd never rat, Never! I swear it, We just got it wrong, Major, Back off, Calvin, It took Beth 2 years to get that job at data control, Breaking the codes, tracking covert shipments, Those were mine! All that work, time, and money wasted! (BANG) (DISTORTED GROWLING) Wait! We don't know that for sure, Whatever this shipment is, the army's trying real hard to cover it up, And she's not talking, sir, 'Cause you know, it has to be valuable, right? I'm listening, Right, Lee, tell him, You wanted to expose a government conspiracy? What's in there is what you got, She says it's dangerous, sir, Dangerous? Yes, sir, Well, Captain, is it, ,, dangerous? How dangerous is it, Captain? Do you know how human flesh smells when it burns? You have 5 seconds to tell us what's in that compartment before you find out, You don't have to do that, She's going to tell us, 1,, , Light it now and get it over with, 2,, , 3,, , Tell the man, Captain, 4,, , You couldn't imagine what's inside of there, 5! (SCREAMING) (SCREECHING) (SCREECHING) What is it? I warned you, but you didn't listen! LEE: I'll get the Captain, Mercenary, leave her, We're moving out! Go to hell! Lee, come on! I'm not leaving her, BETH: Let him die with her if he wants, Let's go! What the hell? Where'd this ice come from? Go get the truck, Truck? If we don't get out of here, we're dead anyway, (TRIES TO START ENGINE) Where's the remote? I don't know! Who's got the remote? Ruddick had it, Damn it! (CRACKLING) Uhh! LEE: It's over here! Damn it! It's freezing up the truck, It's in the engine, What's it doing in the engine? The heat, It wants the heat, Clear the way! (SCREECH) Hold your fire! Let her go, We need her! (GROWLING) Calvin, grab that torch! We cut our way out, Yes, sir! This is your fault! You brought this on yourself, What is it, some new weapon you were going to hand over to the Communists? You're pathetic! The door's like ice, Bring that torch over here, Where is that thing? Are you sure we're far enough away? Well, where is that thing? You saw what it did to Ruddick and the truck, The Captain will light it, I only take my orders from real soldiers, I'll do it, No, Lee, You'll get your chance, mercenary, Just back the hell off till I tell you, MAJOR: Calvin, get her! CALVIN: She's heading up into the store, Clear, Let's go, Go, (CREAKING) Whoa! What's that? (THUD) Lee, what the hell are you doing? Looking for a way out, You want to live, you look, too, We gotta get the girl, Lee, She can take care of herself, all right? But the major said I'm sick of hearing about the major! You want to go with that lunatic, you go, You want to come with me, let's move, (CREAKING) Well, ,, It ain't exactly like I knew this was going to happen, Lee, Well, me, neither, (DISTORTED GROWLS) Come on! Don't touch it, It's getting cold down here, How the hell does it get so cold so fast? LEE: Son of a bitch, What is this? That thing must be sealing off the perimeter, The pipes must be bursting upstairs, Calvin, this Calvin? Calvin, (SNAP) (BANGING) (GUN SHOT) Oh, damn, Calvin? Where are you? Ohh! Don't move, soldier, or I'll put you down, I swear it, Now I want you to roll over slowly and give me your gun, Get the light, Get up the stairs, (SCREECH) Lee? Lee, Lee? MAJOR: Any sign of her? Oh! I'm freezing, Major, Let's forget about her, please, Where's your brother? I don't know, We got separated, Who are your friends? They're not my friends, One of them's my brother, Calvin, Your brother, huh? Yes, ma'am, You don't seem like brothers, although you act like brothers, Been that way ever since we were kids, You're not a kid any more, Calvin raised me, Our mother died when I was 10, My Dad left right after that, He's always taken care of me, That doesn't mean you got to put up with that Lightning Dawn crap, When you got no one else, you stick together, (ELECTRIC BUZZING) Mount your lights, Listen, how about you give me my gun back? I don't know, Are you forgetting who untied you down there? It's going to get mighty cold down here, Let's find the electrical room, OK, MAJOR: Flashes mounted? Let's move out, What the hell is this? Thermostat's on high, Oh, jeez, The doors are frozen shut, It's sealing us in, isn't it? It's happening all over again, This is just what it did to the team that found it, It took an Army Corps of Engineers 3 days to build a dome and confine it, Listen, Captain, you got to tell me about this, I was on the research team, We learned what we were going to learn, and we were moving it to a permanent location, Our travel orders were Operation Stingers, which is why your friends thought we were transporting arms, It doesn't matter any more, Tell me about this thing, It crashed about 3 years ago in New Mexico, Spacecraft, We don't know where it came from, We don't know why it was here, It wasn't like any spaceship you'd imagine, It was grown, Grown, OK, Made entirely of living organisms, A biomachine, (CREAKING) Uh-huh, OK, Just imagine your car's engine, tyres, its suspension, all separate organisms working for the better of the whole to move it down the road, A colony of symbionts, And that's what this thing is? Well, one part of it, The one part that survived, Um, ,, I guess it's a living cooling system, It's not hostile, It just considers us heat sources that need to be removed, like a shark, It's nothing personal, And you decided to ship this shark out in the back of a one-ton? We had to, There was a leak, Some Senate subcommittee didn't want us shipping the parts to Russia, That's for a damn good reason, Well, they have a cryogenic facility in Siberia that could contain this thing in a deep freeze for a thousand years, With ours, there was always the threat that it could escape into the biosphere, and it expands by some kind of mitosis that cools whatever space it occupies, and that means It reproduces, Mm-hmm, And what's it made of? Liquid helium, some kind of superfluid, trace elements we can't identify that make it alive, Well, how do we beat it? Ha! We don't, Well, I'd rather fight it than wait for it, OK, (THUMPING) Lee? Lee! Come on, man, That thing got him, We would have heard it, wouldn't we? I say we become the hunter and blow this thing to hell, Do you think we can? Check out the rest of this floor, Beth and me will go up one and check that out, Uh, ,, what if we see the girl? What do you think, Calvin? Prison was better than this, What'd you do time for? Misappropriation of government property, Two years, So you're a thief, No, Some computers came into the base mislabelled, The guys in my unit, they took them, Some of them covered my ass in the Gulf War, so I covered theirs, (CREAKING) Huh, So, ,, Somebody came looking for the computers, Yeah, They hung me out big-time, And this militia? I ain't got nothing since doing time, I ain't got the Army, Calvin's what I got, and Lightning Dawn's what Calvin's got, Like I said, brothers stick together, And who are you sticking with now? (CREAKING) (SNAPPING) I told you! It's everywhere, CALVIN: Lee! Is that you? Yeah, it's me, Man, you scared the hell out of me, Damn, You got the girl, Yeah, I got her, She's all right, She's with us, Calvin, That thing's still out there, Lee, We got to get out of here, man, I know, The Captain's going to help keep us alive, She's in charge, You hear me? I don't want to go like Ruddick, Lee, I don't want to go like that, I know, You got to hang in there, OK? We're going to stick together, Captain, ,, how about I take point? LEE: You watch my back, OK? It's so cold, It'll warm up once we kill it, (GROWLING) There he is! (GROWLING) You stay here, All right, You're mine, (SCREECHING) (GLASS SHATTERS) MAJOR: Behind you! Aah! Aah! Jesus, He got her, They got her! There's 2 of them, It's reproducing, It's what? It's your fault! CALVIN: Don't! Lee? No! Get off me! You leave my brother alone, you hear me? (Gunshot) Back off, Captain, Calvin! It's, ,, it's cold, Lee, I'll get you out of here, (GRUNTS) I, ,, I guess I really screwed up this time, Don't talk like that, Just wanted to do, ,, I just wanted to do the right thing, Lee, I know, I just wanted to do the right thing, I know, I know, I know, Don't think about that, Just take it easy, Take it easy, You, ,, you get yourself out of here, You're coming with me, You get yourself out of here! You hear me? Take, ,, Come on, Don't touch me! Lee, we got to go, We're going to freeze to death, Lee, there are 2 of them now, If they escape the building Listen to me, They could spread all over the world looking for heat, We got to warn the people, Come on, soldier, Let's move, (CAPTAIN WASHINGTON MOANS) Ooh! Oh, my feet, I can't feel my feet, All right, Captain, We got to keep moving, Come on, If the temperatures drop any more, I'm not going anywhere, Any suggestions? Insulation, I need I need insulation, (CRACKING) Stay here, I got something, I got something, This will keep you warm, Good, It'll also hide our thermal profile from that thing so it doesn't see us so easily, Come on, Captain, We got to move, I'm tired, I'm sleepy, Captain, Captain, we got to move! You talk to me, Get up, Come on, OK, OK, So your brother's in this militia group, Lightning Dawn, How much did they pay you? $10, 000? More? I thought it was the right thing to do, You know what they stand for, Maybe I don't stand for anything, Maybe you should, Maybe you don't know how hard it is out there, Oh, please, Nobody ever gave me a damn thing, I made it to captain in a man's army, soldier, Can you say that? No, I can't, You warm yet? A little, Look, when we make it out of here Don't move! (SHUFFLING) Don't! It senses movement, I'm going to buy some time, When I say run, you go for the escalator, (SCREECHING) Run! Run! Lee, I have an idea, We can't stay here, Let's go back to the loading bay, I'll grab a torch and distract it, Lee, listen to me, Can you get the electricity back on? The circuit boxes were frozen, I could try, Why? Come on, I'll show you, Drop your weapons! Now! Drop them! You did this to me, you bitch, She's the only one who knows how to kill it, Major, You created this, didn't you? Didn't you?! Blankets? Smart, So it can't see you, Smart, Give them to me, Drop 'em! You take these flares, Walk ahead of me, When it goes for you, ,, I'll blow it to hell, Come on, Light it, There's another way, Major, Listen to me, What are you doing? (SCREECHING) What are you doing? Aah! Get the blanket! Can you do it? Maybe, if I can just break through this ice, Then I can chip through the breakers, One of us has to go back out there, Guess that's me, Wait, I don't even know what we're doing here yet, The creatures are 90% liquid helium, One of the few substances that reacts with helium is neon, As in neon sign? Exactly, Neon and helium combined create a substance that cannot be a superfluid, You're trying to poison it, That's the idea, I just need you to turn on the juice when I shout, I'll be ready, Now! Throw it! Throw the switch! Now what? Well, ,, they're going to ask me if anybody else made it out of the building, Tell them what you want, Permission to leave, Captain, Permission granted, Where are you going to go? Someplace warm, WALKIE-TALKIE: Unit 642, come in, please, Unit 642, come in, NARRATOR: Why do we need to belong? Is it for the fellowship of others, or is it the fear of being left out in the cold?