The Outer Limits (1995) s02e21 Episode Script

Vanishing Act

1 ( announcer ) This is Vaughn Hornsby wishing you a happy new year and helping you say goodbye to 1949, Da Ritz, Trevor, I didn't hear you come in, Why the long face? It's New Year's Eve, Well, another year gone by, and we're stuck in the same rut, Hardly justifies a celebration, We're doing okay, Lots of families get by on less, Aren't you tired of just getting by? We can't even afford a bottle of champagne for tonight, We're still living in your parents' old house, So what? I love it here, Even if we were rich, I wouldn't want to move, I don't want to argue about it, Besides, I've a good feeling about this year, I'm glad one of us does, To hell with our damn budget, I'm going to the store to buy some champagne, ( door closing ) ( bird calling ) ( plane passing overhead ) My car went off the road, Can you take me to Indian grove? Hop in, Trevor McPhee, I appreciate this, Ray Carter, My pleasure, Just don't sit on my books, Oh, sorry, "Zantarg the invincible, master of time and space"? It's better than you think, It's based on scientific concepts we're only years from understanding, It's real cutting edge stuff, I see, Well, uh, thanks for the lift, Hey, no problem, Sure you don't want to borrow zantarg? No, thanks, ( tooting horn ) Theresa? You home? My, uh, my key didn't work, Where have you been? I had a car accident, I was going to the store I remember, I've thought about it every day of every year you've been gone, All ten years! Damn you, Trevor! ( control voice ) There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, ( ) You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, Our lives follow a long and winding path through time, But what happens if we're forced off the course of our own destiny? Theresa, come back here! What is going on? When did you redecorate? I don't understand, That makes two of us, I don't understand how you have the nerve to come back, Did she leave you? Is that it? Theresa, I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not the same naive teenager you deserted, I loved you, and I trusted you, I swear there is no other woman, And whatever's going on, I didn't leave you, Listen to me, Or what? You walk out on me again? No great loss, I've done well enough alone, Do you know, ,, Do you even care that I sat here all that night, ,,waiting, I thought, "He must have "just run into the guys, maybe gone for a drink," But then the next morning when you didn't come back, I had to go through this sheer hell of wondering whether you were hurt or dead, I'm sorry, but, ,, 1959? It, ,,lt can't be, It's just, ,,lt's not possible, It's not possible that I could be gone that long and not remember any of it, Are you saying that you don't know where you've been? No, it's a blank, A complete blank, How could that be? Well, I was driving along poplar ridge road, and there was this bright light, and the car went off the side of the road, and then I hit my head, Look, I can't explain all this, but, look, I'm still wearing the same clothes, Then what happened to you? I don't know, Maybe the accident gave me amnesia, For years, Trevor? Dr, Golden, it's very important that I, well, that we know whether amnesia could last that long, I understand, Theresa, I'd say your disappearance has improved your health, I'm not sure it's amnesia, Why can't I remember anything? I'm sorry, Trevor, but I just don't have an answer for you, So, ,,What do I do now? Go home, Hopefully familiar surroundings will help jog your memory, help you recall some of the things that happened in the intervening years, If you've got leaving on your mind Thank you, So, um, ,, What now? It's up to you, I need to know that you'll be here for me, that this amnesia isn't just some excuse, What do I have to do to convince you? Ten years have turned me into a stranger, You're the only thing I have left, the only thing I can hold, I love you, Theresa, You're my wife, Or you were, ( Ray ) Mr, McPhee, How are you feeling? Oh, hey, I'm, uh, I'm okay, Thanks for asking, Ray here picked me up on poplar ridge, brought me to the house, He was sure in a hurry to get home, I can see why, Well, I, uh, hope to see you again, Yeah, ,,Yeah, So, uh, ,, Where do we go from here? We go home, Trevor, We go home, What do you see? Lights, ,,So many lights, So many more people, God, I've missed so much, There's plenty of time to catch up, ( gasping ) Hello! ( echo )Hello? ( echo ) Hello? ( distant howling ) Where the hell am I? Let me out of here! ( echo ) Let me out of here! ( echo ) Let me out of here! Theresa? You're back, Who's he? It's your father, ( Trevor ) How can that be? I came back yesterday, We just went to bed last night, You must be kidding, It was a decade ago, Mark is nine years old now, Mark, ( Theresa ) The last time we were together, when I woke up, you were gone again, You pulled another vanishing act, Where did I go? Only you know, But I don't know, ( Ray ) Hey, Cool it, You're scaring mark, What are you doing here? I live here now, Come on, mark, What are you saying, Theresa? Ray and I were married three years ago, Married? How? Why? You have to ask, Trevor? A single mother, almost 40, You were nowhere to be found, Was I supposed to wait for you? What did you expect? I expected you there for me, We took a vow, In 20 years, you were here once, That isn't a marriage, It isn't a family, Mark needed a family, Ray has been able to provide what you haven't, I think you should leave, McPhee, This is my house! That's my wife you're holding! Not anymore, Wait, It is impossible, Ray, look at this, He hasn't aged, I can't, ,,I can't believe this, We've got to tell someone about this, Your University colleagues or the paper, ( Ray ) Are you crazy? They'll laugh us right out of town, I'm getting out of here, No! Wait! Trevor! Trevor, where are you going to go? ( sirens wailing ) ( crowd chanting ) Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! ( man ) Crazy kids, Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! Dr, Golden? Dr, Golden? What do you want? I must talk to you, I haven't got time, My son died over there, You should join us, You recognize me? No, Should I? I'm Trevor McPhee, That's impossible, McPhee's middle-aged by now, He's been gone for years, I swear, it's who I am, Remember new year's day 1960? My wife and I saw you, I'd been in an accident, I thought I had amnesia, It happened again, I know it's not amnesia, Something is responsible for these blackouts, Every time I have one, I bounce ahead in time, Ah, ,,Moving back and forth in time, are we? What are you on, son? LSD? Mescaline? Peyote? No, I'm not on anything, My advice to you is to get off drugs, You'll live longer, No, ,,Please, End it now! Stop the war! No more war! Stop the war! End it now! Stop the war! What you want, man? Whiskey, straight, ( Jefferson airplane's "White Rabbit" playing ) You look like you got orders to ship off to nam, What? Nam, Vietnam, A little southeast Asian country that our government has decided to turn into a graveyard, Couldn't even begin to tell you why, What do you want? Just want to talk, Look, ,,I know you're pissed at us, Maybe I'd feel the same if I were in your shoes, We want to help you, I don't want your help, What will you do? Aside from Theresa and me, there's nobody who'd believe that you are who you say, You stole my wife and child, Take your condescending attitude somewhere else, Break it up, I didn't steal anybody, McPhee, I fell in love with Theresa, How lonely did she have to be? You think about mark, I treat that kid like he's my own, But you're his father, You should start acting like one, You think about that, Wait, What can you do? For starters, I can find out what's causing your blackouts, I'm a psychologist now, This isn't all in my mind, I know that, Your not aging could be a manifestation of what's going on in your mind, The mind is a wild place, It can do anything, It can project itself through time and space, You get that from a comic? It's the fringes of science, I'm your best bet for help, Let me check you out, Let me inside your head, What is it? Uh, ,,I don't know, It was my stomach, I'm going to be sick, ( retching ) ( gasping ) ( screaming ) ( monster moaning ) ( snorting ) ( snorting ) Hey, man, was that you I heard yelling there? Yelling? What was I saying? You were in another world, like you had a head full of snow, man, Must be some rough stuff, eh? You know what I mean? ( laughing ) Do the hustle Do the hustle Dad! Dad, it's me, mark, We've been waiting for your return, What year is this? 1980, Mom's here too, ,, Somewhere, Let me help you, Stay away from me, No one can help, No one, You understand? Because none of this and none of you are real, This is not happening! Do the hustle ( siren wailing ) Hey, buddy, spare some change for a hungry guy, ( car honking ) Mark found me as soon as he saw you, We've been waiting, you know, Every ten years, like clockwork you come home, I don't have a home, Yes, you do, That's why we're here, No, Everything I had is long gone, I don't even know who I am anymore, Whatever's taken control of my mind has taken everything that I ever cared about, I'm still here, And mark, Ray still wants to help, We're 30 years out of sync, That doesn't make a difference, Come back with me, with us, Come back to your family, For how long? Whenever I fall asleep or wander off by myself, I could be gone again, That's just a chance we'll have to take, Looks like it's just you and me, We're all that stayed the same, Uh, dad? Mom thought you'd like something to read, Help you catch up, So, um, ,, Your mother tells me that you're going to college, Yeah, uh, second year, sciences, Well, that's good, That's good, that's really good, Um, you like sports? You play any ball? Yeah, a little, first base, Oh, ,,Me, too, Yeah, I was a big Yankees fan, Yeah, well, they took the pennant in '78, No kidding? Yeah, my dad took me to see 'em in '41, Just before he died, It was a World Series game, and DiMaggio was on a streak like you wouldn't believe, Yeah, we had a great time, Just me and him, I wish that I'd been around for you, mark, Watched you grow up, Well, it's okay, dad, It's not your fault, All the same, I miss it, Yeah, they beat the Dodgers in five, Uh, the Brooklyn Dodgers? Do you know another team by that name? Well, uh, you know, dad, this might come as a shock, but they moved to L, A, Los Angeles? Yeah, and the giants, they went to San Francisco, And Hank Aaron, he beat Babe Ruth's home run record, Hank Aaron? Beat Babe Ruth? Get out of here, Yeah, it's true, You look like hell, Trevor, But one day later, and I'm still here, My expertise is astral projection, mind over matter stuff, The best I can tell, sleep deprivation aside, you're as fit as you were in 1949, Physiologically, you're still 25, How can that be? Theoretically, the only way is if time for you has slowed down relative to everyone else, causing you to age slower, That's crazy, Not unless you went through a wormhole, A what? A wormhole, A passage through the space-time continuum, allowing a person to cross vast distances in space, Therefore they'd age slower than the world they left behind, Has anybody ever found one of these things? No, but we must keep an open mind, It's the unknown, So there's nothing physically wrong? No, your vitals are fine, X-rays show an extra rib you've probably had since birth, Neurological came back clean, What about these dreams I've been having? What about the hallucination I had in the bathroom? Possibly, your subconscious mind is trying to tell us something, A cavern could represent a passage out for inner turmoil suppressed by your mind, We need to examine your transition phase between your waking state and your blackout state, You want me to go to sleep, It's the only way, I can go on longer, You're running on fear and drugs, You can't keep this up, I have to! I know it's difficult, Difficult! Another ten years could go by! Do you know what it's like being out of touch, to be unable to connect with anybody? I'm finally coming to grips with this, I'm getting to know my son, Until we find an answer, it's only a temporary reprieve, Is this really necessary? It is if we want to find the solution, Whatever it is that flicks this switch in his brain, it'll leave fingerprints, What if I walk out while your backs are turned? We'll be keeping a close eye on you, Just in case we fall asleep on the job, I've got backup, I'll be filming this all on super-8, Anything your body does will be captured right here, We're all set, I'm going to get some coffee, Theresa will keep you company, Thanks, ( door closing ) Why is he doing this for me? He isn't, He's doing it for himself, He actually believes that you're the living proof of his way-out theories, He read too many comics as a kid, As a kid? He still reads them, Half of his research is based on zantarg the invincible, And why are you helping me? 30 years separates us, Why do you still care? Do you remember what you said to me last time you were here about our vows? Something I couldn't hold you to, considering the circumstances, I know, but it did remind me of the fact that we had some very good years together, And we loved each other, And, ,, We had a son, I could never completely abandon you, I'm lucky, Yeah, well, you should just get some sleep, It's time to relax, There's still time to, ,, Trevor, Trevor! Trevor, wake up! Wake up! ( beast shrieking ) ( screaming ) It didn't happen, It didn't happen! Ha, ha! Yes, it did, It's January 1990, But this time we've got it on film, Where's Ray? I'm, ,,Sorry to tell you, Trevor, but Ray passed away, Lung cancer, A couple of years ago, I'm sorry, So am I, He was a good husband, I miss him, But, um, he left you something, Come on, Get dressed, Dad, ,, Glad you're back, So am I, Maybe I'll stay a little longer this time, You'd better sit down, Trevor, Because you are not going to believe what I saw ten years ago, ( screaming ) Hello, Trevor, You have made me a very happy man, You have proven all my crazy theories, I believe you are a master of time and space, After seeing that, I almost believe him, Listen to him, So where do you go? What wondrous things have you seen? That's the missing piece of the puzzle, Unfortunately, it's unlikely that I will be here when you return, So I leave it to Theresa to help you remember it, And it only seemed fitting that it end where it began, Just you and her, What was he proposing? That I access your subconscious, How? Through hypnosis, I can speak to your sleeping mind, You know how to do that? Mom went back to school, She's already working on her doctorate in psychology, What do you think is going to happen? Well, I have no idea, But I hope you'll tell us where you've been going and perhaps, more importantly, why, I don't know about this, What if you can't bring me back? Trevor, I'm 60 years old, Next time you return, I may not be here, You've got to trust me, ( thundering ) It's New Year's Eve 1949, Trevor, You're driving down poplar ridge road, Do you remember? Uh, ,,A light, A brilliant white light, It's coming at me, I can't see! What happened next? ( deep voice ) He, ,,, Was brought to us, Who are you? A visitor, From where? Far away, A world of machinery that searches the cosmos for other forms of life and transports it using wormholes, Wormholes? Ray talked about wormholes, They distort time, We use them to bring hosts to our world to join with, We can only experience other worlds through the sense organs of a host, We enter a being and then travel back to its world, returning to our own at intervals to share our discoveries, You're a parasite, A symbiote, Why haven't you made your presence known before this? We are a psychic race, able to communicate only through our host's subconscious mind, So you're physically inside of him now? I am the extra rib your husband found, You must know that you're destroying his sanity, You're hurting him, How? Every time you transport him to your world, he gets further out of sync with our time, For every day he's gone, ten years pass here, I don't understand, Does your species have a history? History? Yes, a progression through time where everything that comes before is joined to what comes after, I don't understand before or after, Our species has only being and non-being, That's the difference, Can't you see that? History is built on everything each one of us does in our lives To be removed from that process is damaging to us, I understand your perception of time is different, The injury was unintentional, So you'll separate from him now? Yes, No! No, ,,Not again! Not like this, ( screaming ) Oh, Trevor, I was worried sick! Oh, my God, You're, ,,You're young again, What? Where have you been? They must have used a wormhole to send me back, You've been drinking, Oh, no! No, not a drop, I just realized you were right, It's going to be a good year, ( jazz music playing ) ( control voice ) Life is, at best, an uncertain path, Perhaps we should be grateful with what we have, for even these riches may disappear along the way,