The Outer Limits (1995) s03e11 Episode Script

New Lease

[alarm beeping] One donated cadaver.
Who's signing for it? There's another one Underneath.
(driver) You, uh, mind If i ask what you're doin' With this stiff? Medical research (houghton) "reynolds, oscar h.
, "caucasian male, Age 56, "collapsed on The tennis court.
"massive coronary.
County e.
No open heart, no defib.
How long's He been on ice? Less than 12 hours.
Re-crystallization Damage should be minimal.
Preservation Protocols? "uh, body was heparinized To prevent clotting.
Fully perfused With glycol.
" Let's get a move on.
Any more cell loss, We'll be looking For a new specimen.
Ready to Close chamber? Let's do it.
(female voice) Hydraulic systems activated.
Pressure 165 pounds.
, maintain A 10 meter perimeter.
Initiate s.
Sequence [alarm beeping] Scanning molecular Reorganizers at 410 joules (mccamber) Ramping to 470.
And beginning scan.
(female voice) S.
Module Beginning orientation.
Secondary systems online.
Laser probe activated.
Cell process reversing.
[electronic beeping] [beeping] (mccamber) Autolysis reversed.
Rebuilding neuro-networks.
[electronic beeping] (female voice) Blood replacement Systems online.
Prepare to flush Cryoprotectant.
Transfuse With type "o.
" Flushing perfusate.
Glycol drainage beginning.
And beginning Blood replacement.
Body temperature 74.
1 degrees, Body temperature 78.
5 degrees.
3 degrees.
0 degrees Blood replacement Complete.
Biosensors static.
No measurable response.
Juice him.
Crank it.
Let's go again.
Increasing to 400 joules.
Reflex? I don't think so [exclaims] [electronic beeping] (houghton) Hello, mr.
Welcome back.
(male narrator) There is nothing wrong With your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling The transmission.
We control the horizontal And the vertical.
We can deluge you With a thousand channels Or expand one single image To crystal clarity And beyond.
We can shape your vision To anything our imagination Can conceive.
For the next hour, We will control All that you see and hear.
You are about to experience The awe and mystery Which reaches from The deepest inner mind To the outer limits.
[whooshing] (narrator) The quest to conquer death Is as old as man himself.
We conjure dark angels Whose untimely arrival We hope to avert With guile and perseverance.
But in the end, It is inevitably the grave, Not hope, which prevails.
I'm so cold.
Reynolds We've been applying All the necessary heat.
Where the hell am i? You're in a private Research facility.
I'm dr.
This is my colleague, Dr.
Where are my clothes? I--i wanna go home.
Whoa! Whoa! Slow down.
[sighing] Guess i must've Had another heart attack.
[panting] That is what Happened to me, isn't it? Yes.
Yes, it is.
My wife.
I--i wanna talk to helen.
(mccamber) Mr.
Reynolds? Just let this dissolve Under your tongue.
We'll call her, Just as soon as You're feeling better.
Did they operate? I--i can't see Any stitches.
(houghton) Mr.
Reynolds, What i'm about to tell you Is gonna sound extraordinary, But you must believe It's absolutely true.
You see, For the past 5 years, Dr.
mccamber and myself Have been working On the problems attendant to Cryonic suspension.
(mccamber) That's where people Are frozen after death, In the hope that som E future technology Might revive them And provide a cure For whatever Caused them to die.
You're nut cases.
You wanna freeze me When i die.
Is that what You're tellin' me? No, no, You don't understand.
You see, about a year ago, We made a critical Breakthrough Which enables us To rejuvenate vital organs, To rebuild dying And dead tissue, To reroute damaged brain Paths with new ones.
My god.
Reynolds, You were pronounced dead, Brought to The coroner's office, And frozen for Close to 12 hours.
It's true.
[cardiograph beeping] 12 hours? Is this some Kinda sick joke? It's no joke, oscar.
You have helped us To make medical history.
It's crazy.
I don't believe any of this.
I have your death certificate From the coroner's office, If you wish to examine it.
Does-- Does helen know I'm alive? We're the only 3 who know.
Probably give he R a heart attack When i call her.
[laughing] Mr.
Reynolds, It's important That you understand This resuscitation You're benefiting from Is of a very Limited nature.
[sighing] Here we go.
How long have i got? 5 years? Months? Weeks? Well, come on.
Don't just stand there.
Tell me.
How long have i got? Probably A couple of days.
We know this from Our animal experiments.
[dog barking] (houghton) of not being stronger Than a mild sedative.
And i want Everything charted.
Sure that's enough jam? I like jam.
Daddy says Breakfast is brain food.
(houghton) Yeah, i'm sure There is a lot of pain, A.
But too much medicatio N will only skew the dat Look, look, at least Hold off until i get Down there, all right? All right, i'll be there Soon, charlie.
All right.
What was that about? Uh, nothing.
It's just An experiment that charlie And i have been conducting.
Well, how is charlie? We haven't had him Over in weeks.
Charlie's fine.
Uh, we should Have him over.
We will, just as soon As we're able to Catch our breath Down at the lab.
Look, don't bother About dinner tonight.
For the next few days, I'm practically gonna be Camped out at the lab.
Well, what About saturday? Saturday? Uh, you know, Katie's recital.
I'm sorry.
It completely Slipped my mind.
Well, it'll only Be for a few hours.
It's just that I can't possibly Take the time away Right now.
See, we are at The most critical phase Of the experiment.
You understand, Don't you? Of course.
So you're not coming? I'm sorry, peanut.
I'll make it up to you.
Hey, how about If i get you that bike You've been talkin' about.
Mmm, mom already did.
Remember, i showed you? Daddy's been very busy, Sweetheart.
You know that.
Look, it's gettin' late.
Charlie's been There all night.
I've gotta Relieve him, huh? What about breakfast? I'll grab Something on the way.
Uh, don't be too late.
You know how i worry Hey, you wanna tell momm Y daddy's a big boy now.
See you.
How's our patient? He had a couple Of rough hours.
But he's settled down.
The body temp is still Way under normal.
I still can't believe We did it.
[cardiograph beeping] He was crying, jim.
Well, you were a g.
Before you were a pathologist.
Nothing we haven't seen.
I think we should contact his wife.
Oh, i don't think That's a good idea at all.
It might raise His spirits.
Charlie, she could Take this out of our hands, And i'm not about to Risk that.
She signed her husband's body Over to science, And that is all She needs to know.
Morgan called down For a status report.
I don't want him to know We've had a successful Revival just yet.
How long do you expect to keep Something like this a secret? This could be our one And our only shot at this.
Besides, i don't want him Makin' the announcement.
You know morgan, He'll be taking credit For the whole experiment.
[electronic beeping] [groaning] It's his heart again ! B.
90 over 64.
What are you Gonna give him? (mccamber) Lydocaine, 100 milligrams.
Thought you wanted To keep him alive.
[electronic beeping] He's still Got arrhythmia.
Don't you Die on me.
(mccamber) B.
70 over 50.
Charlie, i think We oughta shock him.
Heart muscle's too damaged.
He wouldn't survive.
Wait a minute.
I think he's stabilizing.
(mccamber) His pulse is stronger.
(houghton) How's the arrhythmia? Steadying.
C'mon, Oscar, hang in there.
Charlie, systolic's Up to 76.
He's gonna make it.
(houghton) Mr.
Reynolds? Can you hear me? [coughing] [grunting] It's alright.
We'll get you warmer.
Why-- Why did--did you Do this to me? Why didn't you-- Why didn't you Just let me die? [oscar coughing] (houghton) 14 hours into the experiment, Subject is alive and well.
Were it not for A secondary cardiac episode, The prospects for An extended resuscitation Would be even better.
We have to talk.
We proved what We had to prove.
I think we should Pull the plug.
What plug? The man is not on Life support.
You know What i mean.
The life he has, It was forced on him.
Charlie, we owe it to scienc To keep him ticking Just as long As possible.
We owe it to the world, And we owe it to him.
No, the man is in agony.
He wants to die.
Look, The man is irrational.
He's under duress.
If you were In his position, Wouldn't you want Everything that could be done To prolong your life To be done? I know i sure As hell would.
You can't call what We've given him "life".
Well, i'm gonna leave The semantics to you, charlie.
It's wrong, jim.
We both know This is wrong.
Hey, charlie, If i were you, I'd go home And i'd get some rest.
Let him be.
There's nothing more To be done.
I've got a successful Experiment to document.
I'm not leaving here Until our friend Breathes his last.
[phone ringing] Mccamber here.
Hi, charlie.
It's me, angie.
(mccamber) Just a second.
No, no, no, Don't get jim.
Uh, i really need Someone to talk to.
Do you think You could meet me? It's not like i wanna Deny him the satisfaction He gets From the work.
Or even the hours.
I mean, i can-- i can Live with that.
It's just.
If i ask you something, Do you promise To be brutally Honest with me What is it? [seagulls cawing] Charlie, is-- Is jim having an affair? Is that what this is about? Well, he's always Been a little distant, But lately it's like He's hiding somethin G from me.
Our love life's All but disappeared, So i thought Maybe he talked to you.
Look, angela, Jim may have his problems, But he's never struck me As a philanderer.
Well, then, He hasn't said anything? Nothing.
I'm sure it's just His obsession with the work.
The truth is We've both gotten A little monomaniacal.
The difference is You don't have a family.
Jim's a very lucky man.
Well, i'm not so sure He'd agree with you.
Lately i feel like I'm intruding just By talking to him.
I know what You put up with.
It's not even me So much.
I'm used to it.
It's katrine.
I mean, She's 10 years old.
She needs a father.
She deserves that much.
You want me To talk to him? No.
I don't know.
I think maybe i ju St needed someone To listen to me.
I probably should Never have called you.
Oh, of course You should have.
That's what friends do.
You are a dear friend, Charlie.
Maybe in another life, eh? [sighs] I'm sorry, no, I--i didn't mean that.
I didn't mean To embarrass you That's ok.
It's alright.
You won't tell jim We talked, will you? No.
Not unless You want me to.
Revival plus 19 hours, 45 minutes.
Subject continues To cling to life.
Respiration is labored, But blood pressure is Holding steady at 110 over 80.
He's been drifting in And out of sleep.
Chest pains Appear to have subsided.
The hell they have What do you Think you're doing? [grunting] I want to sleep And never wake up.
Look, reynolds, [groaning] You have no idea How important a contribution You're making here.
Contribution? I never asked for this.
Years from now, Decades from now, People are gonna remember The name oscar reynolds.
They're going to honor Your courage And your determination.
This isn't about me.
This is about you, Your glory.
I wanna die.
I want you To kill me.
That's crazy.
I want it over.
You hear me? I'm begging you To kill me.
Please, kill me now.
[coughing] [cardiograph beeping] I'll get you A clean gown.
[cardiograph beeping] My god.
What are you doing? It's incredible, Isn't it? Jim, what are you Doing to him? Well, i've got him On epinephrine drip.
There's still brain activity Autonomic functioning.
If we keep stimulating With the vasopressors, I figure we may get Another 24, i don't know Maybe even 48 hours Out of him.
Enough! Let the man Have his peace.
Charlie, if this Bothers you so much, Maybe you should Just stay away.
[rapid beeping] Oh, he's crashing.
Blockage at The sinoatrial node.
Heading for Full arrest.
I'm gonna Juice him.
No, don't.
Do you want me To just let him die? That is exactly What i want.
Damn it, The man is flatlining.
I can't just stand here And do nothing! Let him go! I can't! A few hundred joules.
400 joules! 600 joules.
We're maxed out! Come on! Come on! [beeps] Congratulations.
You just Electrocuted a dead man.
[sighs] What are you doing? Give me your wallet.
What? Gimme your wallet.
All right, All right, i will.
Please take it.
Real slow.
Come on.
Take it easy, man.
All right, there, take it.
Take the money, The credit cards, Whatever you want.
You work here, right? Yeah.
I want you to open That briefcase on the trunk.
There's nothing in it For you to open.
It's all right , all right.
See, there's nothing Where are the drugs? I don't have -- Where are the drugs? I don't have any drugs.
Where are the drugs? I don't have any drugs.
Take--take the car.
Gimme your watch.
Come on! Take it, take it There, there.
Come on, come on! Gimme your wedding ring.
Gimme your ring! Gimme it! Come on.
Gimme it.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up! [grunting] [houghton groaning] Hey! Hey, you! Hey! Stop! Jim.
Oh, my god, no.
"if you were In his position, "wouldn't you want everythin That could be done To prolong your life To be done?" All right, buddy.
Let's hope You meant it.
(mccamber) Official time Of death of subject, Dr.
James houghton, 12:03 a.
1 hour And 45 minutes ago.
Gross damage To the abdominal aorta Has been repaired.
Full tissue fusion Awaits the scan.
(mccamber) Bypassing cryonic regimen.
All brain activity has been Nil for 1 hour, 46 minutes.
If there's any Chance of revival, And brain function Restoration, We'll know soon.
[gasps] Jim.
I'm hit bad, charlie.
[sighs] You have no idea How bad.
What? You were flatlined For almost 2 hours.
I put you through the s.
Brought you back.
[cardiograph beeping] Oh! Oh, my god.
I'm gonna go the way Reynolds did.
Oh, easy now, easy We don't know that.
Don't lie to me, charlie.
[gasps] We know how The process works.
The cells die.
I've got 24 hours.
I've got one damn day.
You know, I just keep seein' his face.
That bastard Who killed me.
What are you Gonna tell angela? What the hell Am i supposed to-- To tell her, charlie? Um "honey, it's not really me.
"it's a zombie, But don't worry, "2 days from now I'll be a-- you'll be a-- I'm sorry.
you'll be a widow.
" Forget it, It's all right.
I'm sorry.
I didn't- - i didn't realize.
I--i guess I should be grateful If it wasn't for you I'd be on the slab At the meat house.
Aw, charlie, It's just not fair.
I mean, i was so close To having everything, And now i got nothing.
You've got a wife And a--a daughter Who love you.
God knows why they do.
Even angie says it: "you should be more Like charlie.
" Not that it makes A gnat's ass worth Of difference now.
Jim, It's not my place To say it, But if-- If i were you, I'd take whatever Time i had left And make things Right with them.
Tell me something, Charlie.
How do you make up For 10 years of neglect In just one day? Hmm? Sweetheart? (houghton) Yeah.
What time is it? Oh, it's late.
[sighing] I'm exhausted.
[sighing] [clock ticking] You ok? Mmm-hmm.
I'm alright.
Just tired.
Go back to sleep.
Uh, oh.
[sighing] Angie.
What? You are so beautiful.
You sure you're ok? I don't know how My life got swallowed Up by my work.
[birds chirping] Mornin'.
Made some coffee.
Uh, i got some eggs Cookin', too.
Did you get any sleep At all last night? Not a lot.
You look awful.
What's wrong? I've been comin' down With somethin'.
There's a flu Goin' around.
Uh, i'll be all right.
Hey, mornin', peanut.
Could we go to schoo L today early, mom? I never get to see danielle Except in the mornings.
What would you say If i told you you didn't Have to go to school today? Mmm, miss potter'd Get all mad.
Well, let's not worry About miss potter, huh? Wanna go to the park? Daddy's just being silly, Sweetheart.
But we will go This weekend, right? I can't wait Until the weekend.
I'm gonna be swamped At the lab.
What do you say We have an old-fashioned Picnic in the park today, huh? Cool.
What's gotten into you? What? Is it a crime For a man To wanna spend A little time with his family? [sniffs] What's that smell? Oh! That's my eggs.
[sighs] Daddy cooked Breakfast? Mmm.
Mom! Dad! Watch this! (katrine) Boy, come on.
Good dog.
[dog barking] Hey.
I love you so much.
Mmm! This isn't like you.
How long have We been married? Um And in all that time, Have you ever Once kissed me in public? Or suggested a picnic In the middle of the week? It's If i didn't Know you better, I'd say you were feeli Ng guilty about something Hey! What's that Supposed to mean, huh? [seagulls cawing] I don't know Whatever it is, i'm gonna Stop complaining about it.
[people chattering] Come on, Give it back, boy.
(angie) You're spoiling us, You know that? A picnic in the park.
Dinner out.
I guess this is what They mean by quality time.
Does this mean You'll be able to come To my recital on saturday? You bet i will.
I wouldn't miss That for the i world, Oh.
I think i'm gonn A have the penne.
How about you? Sounds good to me.
Wait, is that blood? What? Jim, your gums Are bleeding.
Ah! Oh, it's nothin'.
You know what? It's, um I bet you it's just That flu medication I've been takin'.
What kind of flu Medication makes you bleed like that? Angie, it's nothing.
[inaudible] What're you gonna have? (angie) Sweetheart, What are you gonna have? Try something.
(katrine) Half a hamburger Yeah.
And then Have half a salad.
Ok [phone ringing] (man) Hi.
Olympian workout.
This is det.
Roger maynard Of the 6th precinct.
We're investigating A hit and run That possibly involves A member of your club.
Drives a vintage mustang, Plate number r-b-z-9-7-2.
I'm going to need A full name and address.
(man) Could you hold on a second? Yes, i'll wait.
[door opening] [clock ticking] (angie) I poured you some wine.
Uh, thanks.
[chuckles] You know, uh, I know i've been A big disappointment to you.
No, don't, please.
It's just that, If i could do it all again, I'd do it differently.
What do you mean? I've just gotten a wake up Call lately, i guess.
You talked to charlie.
Well, what did you Tell charlie? I just needed a should Er to cry on, that's all.
Charlie's a good listener.
I guess i deserved it.
God knows, i haven't been.
But you know in All these years, I've never Stopped loving you.
[moaning] Oh, oh, my god! Your skin! What happened? It's nothing.
It was an accident At the lab.
Will you please Just tell me the truth? Angie, it's all right.
But your story Keeps on changing.
Please, just tell me Oh, my god, You're hurt.
There was a spill Yesterday at the lab.
A chemical spill, And i got burned, And, uh It made me feel Pretty sick, But it--it'll all be Out of my system In a few days, They tell me, And that's the truth, angie.
I promise you.
[clock ticking] [sniffing] [siren wailing] Szigetti! Put your hands up.
Do i know you? So how does it feel To be on the wrong Side of a gun? [chuckles] Nah, you couldn't be.
Not after the hit You took.
Life is full of surprises.
You should always Finish what you start.
Come on, man.
You don't wanna do this.
Oh, but i do.
[gun firing] [grunting] (houghton) Now we're both dead.
[dog barking] [sighs] [door opening] Jim! Am i glad to see you.
I take it that means You weren't expecting me To be around.
You better sit down For this.
Whatever it is, Just tell me straight, huh? You are not dying.
Say that again.
[sighing] You're gonna be ok.
I was up all night Verifying your test results, And every one of Our experimental protocols.
So, what do you Call this, huh? Huh? I call that your bod Y renewing itself.
All the evidence is That your internal Systems are rebuilding.
I don't understand.
I mean, reynolds, He fell apart right In front of our eyes.
Reynolds was frozen when we put him Through the s.
Jim, everything we've done Has been predicated On rejuvenating tissues After freezing.
No, we tried reviving Dead cells that hadn't Been super-cooled.
We never even got close.
We never had the benef It of human testing.
The animal experiments Must have led us astray.
But cell damage? Organ damage? Oh, that's been arrested.
The pendulum is Swinging back.
You're healing.
You have every prospect For a normal life.
[sighs] Angie! Angie.
Did you forget Something? I'm alive.
What are you Talking about? Come here, Sweetheart.
What? [chuckling] [whoops] What? I couldn't tell You before, But i thought i was dying.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
No, no, It's all right.
It's all right.
I'm not.
It was a false alarm.
I knew you were holding Back something, But you're all right? You promise? Scout's honor.
I'm so glad it happened.
There's so much I want to give to you.
All i have ever Wanted was you.
(broder) Uh, james houghton? (houghton) Yes? Det.
Walter broder I'm here to place You under arrest.
What's this about, jim? Oh, no.
No, obviously There's been a mistake.
We have 3 witnesses That saw you gun down.
One anthony szigetti Outside his home at 3 a.
This morning, Then drive away.
License plate and Your description both match.
No, that can't be true.
He was here with me.
Tell them, jim.
We found your wall Et in his apartment.
The man robbed you, And you hunted him down And killed him.
You don't understand.
You see, he was a murderer.
Then you admit Killing him? Oh, my god.
Who did he murder? [sighs] This isn't gonna Make any sense to you at all.
Let's go dr.
No, please, wait.
You see, He deserved to die.
He, uh, he--he shot me! Here, you take A look for yourself! [sighs] Uh, it's healed.
It's healed, It was the s.
, huh? I hope you've got a good lawyer, 'Cause judges In this district Don't take too kindly To vigilantes.
Well, what can They do to me? You get convicted, You just might Spend the rest of Your life in prison.
No! The rest of my life? (angie) Oh, my god! No, no, please! You've gotta listen to me! You see, i was murdered.
And then i was-- I was brought back to life.
I mean, i couldn't let him Get away with that.
You see, he shot me! I mean, the man killed me! (narrator) If we measure How much we value life, Solely by Our dread of dying, Then it may well be That we have no sense of Its value at all.