The Outer Limits (1995) s04e18 Episode Script


1 (MOOING) MR, BROWN: These are just ordinary people, they're just like you and me, except that they have this special skill, this ability to move things with their minds from a distance, They're all telekinetic, and of course we've designed a way to give them a little help, They spent a lot of our money on the process, only this time, hopefully we'll avoid what happened last time, That would be bad for the rest of you, It's all been taken care of, Gentlemen, welcome to lab 507, As you probably know, all brains work on electromagnetic activity, Telekinesis is simply a function of the electromagnetic waves from your brain, You can move things by attracting them and pushing them away, The telekinetic enhancers, or Teeks, help the team focus more and over longer distances, What they're doing right now is practicing a meditation exercise which enables them to clear the mind, And return, (CIRCUITS SCRAMBLING) Good, Now let's begin, (BEEPING) Imagine a hand, grasping the block, Now, move it, (MACHINE POWERING UP) Stop, Better be more than this, Now imagine a hand gripping the block, and crushing it, Crushing it? Shh, Crushing it, On my count, Three, two, one, (MACHINE POWERING UP) (EXPLODING) -Yahoo! -See that? Oh! Excellent, Very good, MR, BROWN: Well? It's a go, Thank you, What's a go? It means we're finally going to get to do some real work, Tomorrow, you're going to assassinate this man, CONTROL VOICE: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, CONTROL VOICE: It was once written, "To thine own self, be true," But how do we know who we really are? I'm not going to do this, All along you said we'll be working to develop our talents for beneficial purposes, This is beneficial, Murder is not beneficial, MR, BROWN: I'm not talking about murder, I'm talking about carrying out a mission that is beneficial to the goals of the United States, and Mistoslav Krupchik is one of them, No, no, you said we'd be working on micro surgery or long distance surveillance, We'll do that too, But first we have to start with murder? ROGER: Hello, We're living in a Cold War bunker, 200 feet underground, and all along you've known this project is funded by the Pentagon, So what did you think we were going to do? Help Martha Stewart bake cookies? Oh, look out Martha you dropped a chocolate chip, let me get it before it hits the floor, No, I just didn't think, that I was going to get lied to, Oh, please, That's all the Pentagon is, LOUISE: I know, I worked there for 20 years, But killing somebody doesn't bother you? I don't think we're going to do it, so why worry? I think you can, Across 7,000 miles? Because, uh, unless I'm mistaken, right now, Mistoslav Krupchik is back home in Serbia, eating a Whopper, But it's still murder, Don't be such a baby, the guys a monster, Because he kills people! You are so naive, This guy's the Hitler of the Balkans, Why don't you lay off her? Finally, he speaks, RACHEL: Oh, God, my head, -(SIGHS) -Why don't we take a break? I'm going home, Rachel, I don't think I can let you leave here, in this state, not until you've had the chance to cool down, Well, you can't keep me here, Actually under the National Security Act, I can, Let her go, MR, BROWN: No, But she's free to stretch her legs, Let's get some fresh air, (COWS MOOING) You know, Mistoslav Krupchik is a war criminal, He slaughtered thousands of people in the name of ethnic cleansing, Well, it's still not right, (SIGHS) It's the lesser of two evils, Why do we have to choose any evil at all? Because all the good ways have failed, So, either we let him run around making of international justice, and the thousands of people he's killed, or we try to do something about it, before he rapes, tortures and murders a few thousands more, (COWS MOOING) So, that means, sending in a SEAL team or a Delta Force, and we kill a few bodyguards, maybe a few of our own guys, or, we do it from here, where it's safe, You don't have any problem with this? Well, I think life is full of problems, It's how we deal with them, it's how we define ourselves, Well, I'm not very good at dealing with problems, So what made you join the project? Well, I didn't really have a choice, My brother Dougie is a bit of a screw up, He's got a drug problem, Dougie was in jail until Mr, Brown showed up, He said that he could get him out of jail, he could get the charges dropped, if I just join this program, I don't know, they've been following me, I took part in this psych experiment at the hospital I worked at, and I guess they saw my potential, So, because I'm cursed with this special ability, I either stay here, or the government puts my brother in jail, Hmm, What about you? Any skeletons in your past? A few, Gum? No, thanks, You see, there are some countries in the Middle East, if you're caught over-billing their companies, they cut off your hands for stealing, How much did you take? Enough that the governments were involved, I was selling them heavy equipment and, uh, sometimes I'd sell them the same piece over and over again, I thought I was pretty good at it, Apparently the government had their eyes on me ever since I took some tests in the army, So, it was either come here, or lose my hands, (CELL PHONE CHIMING) I'm not gonna kill anyone, Ma'am, you've got a call, -Hello? -MAN: Rachel, you gotta help me! Dougie? What's the matter? How did you get this phone number? (DOUGIE TALKING) What? DOUGIE: Arrested for robbery! Oh, my God, (DOUGIE TALKING) (STUTTERS) Well, I can't, I just can't right now, Okay, I will, - Please, please, help me, -Okay, (BEEP) They've arrested him for robbery, -Damn it, -(GLASS SHATTERING) God, I can't believe how arrogant you are, I refuse to kill somebody and suddenly my brother's up on a robbery charge? How stupid do you think I am? You know he's a two time loser, this will be his third felony, That is automatic life in prison! Something happened to Dougie? You bastard, He meets some guy in a bar who gives him some stuff and the next thing he knows, he wakes up in a car and the police are arresting him for robbing a convenience store? Give me a break! And then suddenly some flunky shows up and gives him this phone number, What are you thinking? I'm thinking, I can get him off, get the charges dropped, MR, BROWN: But first, I'm gonna need some cooperation, -I can't, -Yes, you can, You want me to kill somebody to save my brother? I want you to help save the lives of thousands of innocent people, and help yourself and your brother, in the process, Listen, we don't need her for this mission, Rachel, I need an answer, Now, What you're about to see, is satellite, real time, downlink image, (BEEPING) (BEEP) MR, BROWN: This is being shot by hidden camera from across the street, That's Krupchik in the middle, By executive order 33487J, we are empowered and ordered to assist in any and all ways available in permanent neutralization of Mistoslav Krupchik, Execution's more like it, MR, BROWN: Ready? Good, Now let's start with something simple, Consider it a ranging shot, And, wind, Wind, Good, Let's take it down, Stronger, His tea cup, (GLASS SHATTERING) (BEEPING) Now, his heart, His heart, His heart! His heart! Ahhh! Get it, Yeah! RACHEL: Oh! My God, Rachel! (CRYING) (GASPING) (WHIMPERING) She needs a doctor, now, ROGER: Man, did you see his face? Boom! Freight train, goodnight, sayonara, that boy was freaking dead, yeah! It doesn't bother you in the least that you just killed that man in cold blood, just like he did those kids? No, What we should have done is crushed him inch by inch with a steam roller, until his head exploded and his brains landed in the Adriatic, He got off, easy, That's enough, No, it is not enough, The guy's a scumbag and he got what he deserved, He's just like my old man, always beating on those who couldn't defend themselves, Krupchik deserved to die, I know, Telemetry says you suffered a micro stroke, -Stroke? -A little one, You'll be fine, I was just on the phone to Bethesda, I sent them your CAT scan and your MRI, They're the ones who told me, Now, let's talk about our next target, Rachel, We have a deal, You expect me to keep my side, you've got to keep yours, I'm not going to do it again, I'm afraid you're committed now, RACHEL: I want to kill him, Well, I wouldn't recommend that, You know, when I was a kid in peewee hockey, I wanted to ride my bike right over Bobby Macadoo so I could play goalie, So, what happened? Nothing, I spent most of the year on the bench, You can't always get what you want, What do you think about this, I mean doesn't it bother you? Sure it does, but I think about it like being in the military, like you've been paid to do a job, or forced to, (CELL PHONE CHIMING) It's like we've been drafted, Not every soldier is a volunteer, Roger is, (LAUGHS) Yeah, he is, Who knows, they might have some on him too, Ma'am, Thanks, -Hello, - Rach, Dougie, where are you? (DOUGIE TALKING) Oh! That's great, Good, Um, listen, I'll give you a call tomorrow, okay? Okay, Okay, bye, Ah, he kept his word, got Dougie out, What? I don't know, For a split second, just for a moment when Krupchik died, I liked it, I enjoyed killing him, I felt like Roger, yeah, we got him, It scared me, You know, I think we all have something like that inside of us, A dark side, Everyone, We keep it hidden, even from ourselves, What if when you confront it, it's stronger than you? Well that's when you call up Dr, Merlot, and ask him the answer, In vino veritas , - In vino veritas, -Hmm, (CHUCKLES) No, you don't want to get involves with me, Why not? You know for the last few years, all I've done is work, My whole life's been about work, But every day, and every night all I can think about is finding someone that I can talk to, someone I can share things with, someone who will, someone who'll save me from myself, You're not the only one with that dream, But it won't happen, It can't happen, Hey, (RATTLING) (GUN FIRING) (GUNS FIRING) (GROANING) (GROWLING) (GASPING) (PANTING) Target, Colonel Lawrence Kikongo, He leads a rebel army, which captured 40% of Uwanda, and he is now driving toward the capital where he intends to replace the legitimate President, By executive order 3642, we are authorized to stop him by any and all means at our disposal, (BEEPING) MR, BROWN: Ready? Now, his heart, (CIRCUITS SCRAMBLING) His heart, Yes, now that he's moved away from the generator field, MR, BROWN: His heart, Harder, Harder, Harder, MR, BROWN: His heart! Harder! It's not working! It's the electrical field, Still too close to the generator, Concentrate! Harder! (SHOUTING) (COLONEL SCREAMING) JOURNALIST: (ON TV) I don't know what happened, but it appears, ,, Yes! Colonel Lawrence Kikongo is dead, No shots were fired, ,, You can't keep doing this to her, RACHEL: I can't take this much longer, (WHISPERING) RACHEL: You know, last night after you left, I had this nightmare, There were all these bodies everywhere, Some of the lined up next to each other, and others just scattered, There was a man with his right arm torn off, and another on with his chest clawed open, There was so much blood, and I was running, trying to help, and everybody was dead, And there was this monster, (WHISPERING) It just makes me so angry, You know, Mr, Brown, them, -FORD: Forget about them, -RACHEL: I can't, (SCREAMING) You stay away from me, What's going on here? She made the coffee come out and scald me in the face, I didn't do anything, Rachel, we need to be absolutely honest with each other here, Did you do this? Can you do this? Why doesn't anybody believe me? 'Cause you're a pathetic little thing, who'd rather lie, than tell someone you hate them to their face, You're passive aggressive, so you throw coffee at Roger instead of telling him what you really think, She didn't do it, Are you calling me a liar? I didn't say that, Don't talk to me about lying, When it comes to lying, you're the champ, Louise, be quiet, LOUISE: Your boyfriend has killed more people, than we ever will, Isn't that right, Ford? Or should I say, -Charon, -It's enough, Louise! What is she talking about? Why is she calling you Sharon? Charon with a "C", for the guy in Greek mythology who ferried people to the Land of the Dead, LOUISE: Don't you get it? He's a spy, It's his code name, Shut up, Louise! Don't you ever get tired of playing the jealous bitch? Not really, So much fun, RACHEL: Is she telling the truth? Are you a spy? I don't even own a trench coat, LOUISE: I got into all your files weeks ago, except for four, His was the trickiest, it was like tracking down a ghost, but last night, I got into his, He kills terrorists for a living, or anyone else the government finds inconvenient, I can show it to you, if you want, Mr, Brown probably told him to do whatever necessary to keep you in the program, Sleep with you, if he had to, So has he? No! FORD: Rachel, Rachel! Rachel, Rachel! (WEEPING) Nobody told me to come on to you, I kissed you yesterday because we both wanted it to happen, that's the truth, Get out! (WEEPING) The possibility that Rachel may be able to perform this psychic feat alone without the aid of the Teek, may indicate two things, First, that once the mental pathway is fully opened, artificial enhancement may no longer be necessary, and second, that a larger untapped reservoir of talent may exist in Rachel than was previously estimated, (LOUISE SCREAMING) Nobody touch her, (GASPS) This is security, What's going on down there? We've had a fatality, I want no one on or off our floor until I give the say so, Brown out! Where were you just now, Rachel? -I didn't do it, -Answer my question, (STUTTERING) Well I, I came here after I left the lounge, and then I went for a walk in the hallways to try to calm down, No, no, Every time she gets ticked off, something like this happens, She did it, because Louise burst her bubble about Mr, Perfect, Well, no one's leaving this room until we find out who killed Louise, and believe me, we will, Well, I got nothing to hide, Good, That'll make it that much quicker, (METAL SCREECHING) RACHEL: What is that? What's going on? FORD: Whatever it is, it's not you, (SCREECHING) Mother of God! (BANGING) (SCREECHING) (CLANKING) (ROARING) (GASPS) (ROARING) Run! What the hell's going on back there? Is that the monster you dreamed, Rachel? What the hell, is going on? -Just get together, get together, -What? Get together, Come on, now, I've dealt with this before, Listen to me, empty your minds, Calm down, Empty your minds, (BANGING) Three, two, one, Shh, And return, (ALL EXHALING) What the hell's going on here? Side effect, Though I've never seen anything of this magnitude before, -You've seen this before? -That's impossible, If you could imagine a hand to crush Krupchik's heart, why couldn't you imagine this thing, too? Just think of it as some psychic backwash of your collective unconscious, Or maybe one of you has opened up a whole new neural pathway into a supply of untapped energy, or maybe this is a whole new ability, Who knows what could happen, once the right pathways are opened up, You might be able to create things, all without a Teek, FORD: Uh-huh, Or maybe you created it, Well, no, I don't have your abilities, See? Everything's fine, -Let's go, -Ow! -What?-Sorry, ROGER: Look at the hairs, static electricity, (ROARING) -Security, -SECURITY: Yes, go ahead, -It's Brown, -SECURITY: Yes, Mr, Brown, I've got a Code Four emergency, Wait, if this has happened to you before, there was another team before us? What happened to them, when they experienced the side effects? They were disbanded, -Disbanded? Or killed? -SECURITY: Mr, Brown, Please come in, I can have a team from Fort Rex (BANGING) chopper there, meet you in front of the elevators in 20 minutes, We'll be there, Brown, out, Help will be here in 20 minutes, all we have to do is hunker down till then, 20 minutes? We're gonna be Chow Mein in 20 minutes! You got another suggestion? You can't run away, this time, I did not run away, That's not what the court-martial said, -Get your hands off! -Cool it, you two, Cool it! Now, listen, Kikongo was in a power station, right? As soon as he moved away from the generators, he stopped being protected by the electromagnetic field, That's what was disturbing us, So, that's where we need to kill this thing, At least, to buy us the 20 minutes that we need, (CRASHING) RACHEL: It's broken out the lab, Come on! There are generators in the air filtration room, near the north elevators, MR, BROWN: There's the generator, FORD: It's already here, -That's impossible, -FORD: Oh, really? Haven't exactly seen a rule book here, Listen, if this thing really is a product of our minds, maybe it moves as fast as our thoughts do, Maybe it ran around us, Well, then what are we going to do? -We're going to shut up, and keep our heads, -I am not a coward, -No one's saying that you are, -Don't touch me, you bitch, You're probably behind this whole thing, -Shh! -I have done six confirmed kills, Three of them were your own men, No, wait! Listen! Listen, You can settle this later, right now, we have to get to those generators and get them on, All right? Now you two, take that one, We'll take this one, Come on! (ROARING) All right, there it is, Let's go for it, Okay, Now, Try that one, Damn! (CELL PHONE CHIMING) Delta-One to Brown, We're at the clearing, what's your position? (WHISPERING) We're in the filtration room, It's got us trapped, How many hostiles are there? Just one, but it's not human, Can you describe it? We don't know, we can't see it, but it's ripping through steel doors, We've got to get out of here, We'll be at the north elevators in 10 minutes, Delta-One out, (DOORS OPENS) (ROARING) Ahhh! -(ROARING) -(ROGER SCREAMS) Ahhh! (ROGER SCREAMING) No! No, we have to help him! Shoot it! Shoot it! Look at its power, It's magnificent, Are you crazy? Shoot it! Come on, Brown! Shoot it, now! (ROARING) (CRYING) Ahhh! (ROARING) Kill it! Kill it! (GUN FIRING) Turn, (GROWLING) All clear here, sir, Nothing this way, sir, This is Delta-One, We're at the elevators, We're almost there, (ROARING) Thank, God, you guys made it, Shoot them, shoot them! -SOLDIER: What? -Shoot them! They're creating this thing, It's coming from their minds, -Over there! -(ROARING) (GUNS FIRING) Shoot them! Ahhh! (ALL SHOUTING) Damn! RACHEL: It's just like my nightmare, (PANTING) (GASPS) This is all my fault, I wanted to get back at you, I made it do it, We all created that thing, Now, how did the first team stop the side effects? Come on! How did they do it? She has to stop it, I don't know how, Come on, now, Come on, look at me, Don't leave us! Look at me! (BREATHLESSLY) If she can't stop it, you know what to do, The only other exit is the south elevators, Come on! It's not going to work, Don't you see? I can't control it, Every move we make, it's a step ahead us, that's why it was waiting for us in the air filtration room, and it'll be waiting for us, by the south elevators, You're right, We'll go where it won't expect us, Here, We won't try to escape, not at first, We'll go down to the cooling shaft and super computers, and work our way up through the air system, Where it'll catch us, and kill us, Ford, nothing we can do is going to save us, and I don't want it to, I want this whole project to end, I just, I want it to end! Rachel, you have got to stop it! The only way to stop this project is by killing everyone involved, including me, I'm not gonna shoot you, We can make it to that cooling shaft, Come on, Come on! Open faster! (GUN FIRING) Ford, you have to do what I said, what Mr, Brown told you to do, He didn't know what he was talking about, he was dying, -You have to kill me! -I am not gonna shoot you! (ROARING) Listen to me, Rachel, you have got to stop it, I can't, I'm trying, But you've got to! I can't, You've got to do it, No! (ROARING) -Do it!-No! You've got to stop it from breaking out of here, Do it! Please, RACHEL: Do it! Do it! -FORD: No! -(GUN FIRING) Argh! (ROARING) (HUFFING) (ROARING) You gotta be kidding me, (ROARING) SECURITY: (ON RADIO) Brown, are you there? What's going on? Brown, answer me, This is security, Ford, Rachel, Louise, anybody? Delta-One, are you there? If you are there, please respond, I repeat, if anyone is there, please respond, This is security, If anyone can hear me, please come to the com desk, now, I repeat, Brown, Are you, ,, (PANTING) (BREATHLESSLY) Got to warn them, Rachel? I killed her, MR, BROWN: You did it, You opened a path, (HUFFING) Now, we don't need those damn Teeks anymore, (LAUGHS) So much energy coming from your minds, I was hoping, that one of you, might do this, It's better than my dreams, (COUGHING) (BREATHLESSLY) Just help me out of here, Possibilities are endless, Program, can go on, ,, No, That's not gonna happen, I killed Rachel, because I couldn't face the truth myself, She had a dream that people were killed, but I'm the one who made it happen, and I let her think that she was the problem, but I hated this more than she did, I hated myself for being a part of it, I hated all the killing I had done in the past, but I didn't have the guts, to do anything about it, I didn't want the responsibility, Don't you get it? You trained us to use our minds, but you can't train the unconscious, Don't you see? We can't run away from ourselves, I am the monster, I am the monster, (SCREAMING) I am the monster! Go ahead, make yourself feel better, (ROARING) (ROARING) (ROARING) (LAUGHING) Ahhh! (ROARING) (ENERGY PULSATING) Delta-Two, we're moving into position, -VOICE: (ON RADIO) What's your situation? Delta-Two, come in, -MAN: It's all over, I repeat, what's your situation? Delta-two, come in, Do you read? CONTROL VOICE: Every man must confront the monster within himself, if he is ever to find