The Outer Limits (1995) s05e02 Episode Script


1 I hardly need to remind you that just a few short decades ago the notion of transplanting the heart of one individual into the body of another was not only considered extremely risky But downright barbaric.
With recent strides in Spinal cord repair pioneered by Doctor Peter Halstead, I'm happy to report that we are on the threshold of the next great leap in medical technology.
The f.
Or full body transplant, in which we replace an ENTIRE disease-Riddled body, joining the patient from the neck up with the healthy limbs and torso of a brain-Dead donor.
As with any transplant, it requires a suitable match of Donor and recipient, But the technology is here.
We've already demonstrated the procedure in primates, creating a viable spinal and arterial nexus.
I'm confident we can do the very same thing with humans.
It would be fitting for the beneficiary of the first f.
Procedure to be the man who originated it, doctor Halstead himself.
You should have seen it, Peter.
I had them eating out of my hand.
I never doubted you.
I told the board you should be the first recipient.
Thank you, but if I thought there was a chance And we both know the realities.
We are scouring the hemispheric database.
You never know.
With blood and tissue types as rare as mine? I don't want to hear you talk like that Think positive.
You could sell snowshoes in australia.
I'm not going to lose you.
You hear? I will move heaven and earth if I have to.
Hold it right there.
Look, lady, if you want my wallet you've got it.
Are you Timothy Laird? Yeah, do I know you? Emergency.
I need an ambulance right away.
There's a man dying.
( control voice ) There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand One single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
( ) You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The outer limits.
In an age of medical miracles, who shall live and who shall die May be less a matter of chance than a matter of choice.
I couldn't believe it.
I had Vance double-Check that tissue typing.
It's a perfect match.
The fact he died in this city, it's incredible.
Declared brain dead at 1:20 a.
The body's still on life support.
Administration has gotten Permission from his family.
Have they explained that we're taking the whole body? Of course.
Doesn't seem right somehow, for it to be me.
Hey, you invented this procedure.
Who has more claim on having his life saved by it than you? I don't know what to say.
It's a gift, Peter.
The most precious gift a person could ever receive.
It's a gift for the both of us.
Think of the years it'll give us.
Renee, neither of us should be under any illusions The body is being transported within the hour.
I'd better start prepping.
You said it was head trauma.
How did he die, exactly? I'm sorry, I thought I told you.
Shot in the commission of a crime.
Poor man was murdered.
We're almost through stage ONE: Removing the head of the donor.
You'll see that we've left eight centimeters of exposed Spinal Column with Brain stem still attached, from the donor's medulla oblongata to the pons.
This will preserve Autonomic and motor function, and it'll give us an OVERLAPPING diagonal graft to the recipient's neural architecture.
Artificial cardiopulmonary replenishment is keeping up blood Flow and oxygenation.
At the same time, flushing toxins and priming the organs with saline and blood substitutes.
We've clamped off the carotid and jugular vessels.
Plumbing is shut down.
We follow the same surgical decapitation procedure with doctor Halstead, except the blood we're pumping goes straight to the recipient's brain.
Looks good.
That's it.
We'll try to retain as much of the spinal cord that's free of malignancy as we can.
Retract table to initiate separation sequence.
Ready for transfer.
Vascular union complete.
We're using electrical stimulation to test the bridging of neural tissue.
's dropping.
We've got arrythmia.
We're losing him, Renee.
He's arresting, we've got V-Tach.
We need to jump start him! Defibrillator, 200 joules.
No response, going to 360.
360 joules, clear.
We've got a pulse.
We've got a pulse.
Brain activity looks good.
We've got a live one, people.
Brain and body are alive.
Hi there.
I thought you were going to sleep for a week.
Don't try to talk.
Just take it nice and slow.
How about that, champ? You've got a new body.
And if I do say so myself, not a half bad specimen.
Is that a smile I see? Yep, definitely a smile.
God almighty.
We did it, Peter.
We really did it.
How's my favorite patient? What do you do with the ones you don't like? Peter's threatening to bring us up on charges of cruel and unusual punishment.
( Renee ) I may have to plead guilty to unusual That's it.
That's it, I'm done.
Motor and Muscle Functions look Good.
Ditto reflex hand-Eye coordination.
Lung capacity is up 15% in the past 48 hours.
It's amazing.
I'm wondering if you could do me a favor.
Sure, I just don't think I'll be able to top the last one.
It's just that, uh, I know hospital protocol about donor confidentiality.
You should, you helped draft it.
Well, I was wondering if there was a way you could get the number of the man's family.
It would really mean a lot if I could call them personally.
Well, Peter, try and remember, the family has barely had time to bury the remains.
I mean, they're still grieving.
The last thing the board wants is for the press to get wind of the donor's identity and intrude on that.
Trying to contact them would throw a giant wrench into the works.
Yeah, I understand.
Maybe when things settle down a bit.
Anything else I can do for you? Well, it's the craziest thing.
Now, don't laugh.
I've never smoked a day in my life but I'm dying for a cigarette.
( Peter ) I really don't feel right about imposing on you like this.
I absolutely insist.
Besides, with the press all over the hospital trying to interview the man behind the transplant, we had to hide you somewhere.
I'll get you set up in the guest bedroom.
Until you're 100%, I'm going to make sure nothing interferes with your recovery.
You've got your own bathroom upstairs, you've got a home gym down the corridor, a computer in the study and an easel to do your sketching.
All the comforts of home without the dirty socks.
And those can be provided for a small additional charge.
What do you say to someone who saved your life? Oh, I don't know.
"I owe you one"? Press Conference is tomorrow, I should do some prep.
You probably want to rest.
( knocking ) Renee, I thought you were asleep.
I'm not disturbing you, am I? No, no, no, I, uh, I was just, uh reading.
Is something wrong or no, no.
I'm sorry, I just can't pretend anymore, Peter.
And neither can you.
I've tried to keep it at arm's length.
But I can't.
I love you.
And there's nothing that's going to change that.
All these months I've fantasized about our first time and all these years I've known you.
Now, the funny thing is, it feels a lot like I'm seducing a total stranger.
Well, I feel like a stranger myself.
What is it? Uh, uh, nothing.
( Renee ) Doctor Halstead was transferred to a private clinic, and he's asked that we preserve the confidentiality of that location.
He knows that we've had a successful transplant and he's very gratified.
( male reporter ) Your John Doe, how long do you expect to keep his identity a secret? I hope you can appreciate how the glare of publicity could dangerously jeopardize what is already an INCREDIBLY taxing recovery period.
Both physically and emotionally.
( female reporter ) What about the donor's family? Don't they deserve recognition? ( Renee ) I think, the kindest thing we could do is spare them the media circus that would no doubt descend along with that recognition.
What do you say to those who call you a 21st century Dr.
Frankenstein? I say, look at the dawn reflected in the eyes of a man who just a few short weeks ago was on the Brink of dying, and then tell me what we've done is wrong.
( echoing ) What we've done is wrong We've done is wrong What we've done is wrong.
Hey, mom.
( laughter ) Okay, good.
Playing doctor is a lot more fun than being one.
Is there any sign of the cancer? None whatsoever.
That's one demon we've banished for good.
Your other tests look good too.
Your blood chemistry's clean, there's no sign of tissue rejection.
You're a walking, talking medical Miracle.
She was something at that press conference, wasn't she? Nobody does it better.
And that's just the beginning.
What do you mean? Even if we only start with a few operations a year, we're looking at one fat financial windfall.
I suppose so.
Ahh! Headache? A couple of times, it's gotten pretty bad.
Bordering on migraines.
You should have recorded them in the log.
It's not just the pain.
There were these powerful hallucinations.
One time I looked in the mirror and saw someone else.
Just for an instant.
And then there was there was a woman and a child too.
And I've never seen either one of them, at least not that I'm aware of.
I don't think that sounds strange at all.
As with any surgery on the brain or the central nervous system, the likelihood of somatic responses Very high.
No, I know all that.
I guess it's just the difference between Between knowing and experiencing something.
I wouldn't worry about it.
It's just your mind and body acclimating to their new Bond.
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
No! Deirdre.
What did you say? What? It's nothing.
It's nothing, it's just a nightmare.
Go back to sleep, you need your rest.
You know how I've been talking about images, these strange faces I've been seeing? Isn't it possible that I've inherited them along with this body? ( Renee ) Honestly, Peter, you're grasping at interpretations that simply don't fit the evidence.
Come on.
( laughter ) ( Horn honking ) Alice, hey, it's Peter Halstead.
I'm supposed to be at a physiotherapy appointment with Vance.
Would you tell him I'll be a little late? I must have been daydreaming.
I got a little side-Tracked on my way to the hospital.
No, no, I'm okay.
No, I'm sure I could find Doctor Halstead? Hello? It was the damnedest thing.
I was six miles from the hospital in a suburb I've never been to without knowing how I got there or why.
Until I saw the two of them.
It was some trick of the mind.
You read about this in dream therapy.
Some face in a vision is close to a face you see on the street and the mind fills in the gaps.
This was the woman I saw, and the girl too.
And your explanation is? You know my explanation.
They have something to do with this body I'm in.
You think I've gone off the deep end.
No, I think you're trying your best to make sense of random autonomic responses.
But I don't think the people you saw are who you think they are.
It would be easy enough to check.
Can't you just drop it? Peter, listen to me.
I don't mean to sound insensitive, But if word gets out around the hospital, people could construe all this as wild, even psychotic ravings.
And that could conceivably set us back in the program.
What do you mean by that? All I'm saying is take a deep breath.
Don't rush headlong into some misguided adventure that could seriously damage our long-Term goals.
What? Financial independence? I remember a time when two very idealistic Doctors were going to set the world of medicine on its ear.
We are too close to just say it all slipped through our fingers.
( knocking ) You're needed down in I.
Some complications on a lung transplant.
We'll talk about this later, all right? Yeah.
You're looking well.
Vance, do you remember when we were talking about accessing the donor's identity? As I recall, Renee was pretty set against it.
Renee wouldn't have to know about it.
I'm always misplacing these damn keys.
Bottom drawer on the right.
Just return them when you're through.
( mother ) All right, line it up.
Take control of the ball.
Use your knees There you go.
All right, Tracy, you're up next.
Come on, I know you can do this.
Nice, guys.
Good job, you guys.
Good work All right.
Don't rush it.
Keep your spots.
That's it.
Control the ball.
All right, line up.
Let's do our drills.
Oh, I'm sorry, do I know you? No, I, uh I was a friend of Tim's.
He was the appraiser on some property I bought.
Peter Peter Halstead.
But you know about Tim.
I'm so sorry.
I offer my condolences.
That's my daughter Kylie.
Tim coached her soccer team.
He told me all about it.
I'm just filling in until we can find a competent replacement.
I don't remember Tim mentioning you.
How well did you know him? Not very well, but we seemed to hit it off almost immediately.
What kind of work are you in? Medical supplies.
So you have the day off or what? Paid vacation.
You know, "use it or lose it.
" Yeah.
That's nice.
( Peter ) the girls are really on their game.
Tim must have been a Heck of a coach.
Are you a soccer person? Me? Ah, no.
Well, I've played a little, Now and then, back in school.
Whoa, what a block.
Nice save, who taught you that move? My dad.
I'm impressed.
You wouldn't have any spare time to help with some coaching? Oh, I'm going to back in the thick of it fairly soon.
I'm sorry, that must have Sounded awfully presumptuous.
No, no.
I don't go back for about a week.
I could probably free up a little time to help out.
Would you? I'd really appreciate that.
All right, girls, let's bring it in.
( Vance ) I hope this is all right.
Renee wanted to get you back into scrubs as sson as possible.
( Renee ) This isn't so bad, is it? It'll be just like breathing after a while.
( Peter ) Assisting is one thing, but I won't feel comfortable with a scalpel for quite a while.
I think you're selling yourself short.
Go ahead, do the transverse incision.
( Vance ) I don't think you should push if he's not ready.
Well, I think he is ready.
Go ahead, Peter, we're right here.
( Vance ) If you loosen that grip the control will be a little easier.
I'm just afraid of missing the mark.
What is it? What is it, Peter? I can't do this.
Of course you can.
That's all right.
No big deal.
I told you this was premature.
I thought it was important we try.
If he Nicks a blood vessel it could cost a patient's life.
Peter was one of the best.
That's right, "was.
" Peter will never be the doctor that he was.
We don't need him.
Peter didn't perform the world's first full body transplant.
We did.
Based on techniques that he pioneered.
Your loyalty's remarkable, when you consider the fact that he's seeing another woman.
Get in there, come on, yes, yes, perfect! All right, girl.
I couldn't get Tim to quit either.
That's even his brand.
If it bothers you I'll put it out.
No, no.
It's just funny how everything becomes a reminder when you lose someone.
Even the way you I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be doing this.
No, it's okay.
I understand.
You two do have a lot in common.
Body language, speech pattern, the way you smile.
Well, I'm honored.
He was quite a guy.
Forgive me.
This sounds inappropriate.
But, um, I was wondering Tim made arrangements to leave his body for medical purposes? Organ donation, did he mention it to you? We talked about it after his uncle died While waiting for a kidney.
Why do you ask? I don't know.
I, uh, I guess it would mean a lot to know that a loved one's death meant a life might have been saved.
No, it does.
It does mean a lot.
You must be very proud.
Why did you call me that? Tim was the only one who used that name.
I, I must have heard him say it.
God, I miss him so much.
Everything feels so strange.
I barely know you, and here I am.
I want you to put your arms around me.
I can't do this.
Deirdre, come here.
Last month, there was a story in the papers about a surgical team What are you talking about? Wait, wait.
The surgeons took the head from a cancer patient and they joined it to the body of a brain-Dead donor.
A man who'd been shot in the head.
You had a wedding ring.
But you took it off.
And this deformity in the little finger.
Am I going crazy? Let me explain.
All those questions.
The way you just walked into our lives.
The similarities.
This isn't happening.
It's not possible.
It was Tim? Is that what you're telling me? Oh, god.
They gave his body to someone else.
And you Oh, god! Just go.
Get out, get out! Get out.
Thought I'd make some pasta tonight.
You hungry? Maybe later.
I'm starving.
Where'd you go today, after you walked out? You're not hiding anything from me, are you? Peter, if you have something to tell me just say it.
Hey, I'm a big girl.
There's someone else, isn't there? There is someone else.
Someone I care about very much.
I thought you cared about me.
We let our emotions get carried away after the euphoria of the success of the operation.
It's just what I was afraid of.
Son of a bitch.
Listen to me.
I've developed a friendship with Deirdre Laird.
How did you get her name? Vance give it to you? No one did.
Look, I've been trying to tell you about these images.
I found her on my own.
Do you know how sick this is? You can't tell me you have feelings for her.
You don't even know her.
But I do.
It's all part of this melding of who this man was and who I am.
Oh, god.
She doesn't know, does she? You didn't tell her? I couldn't keep it from her.
And? She got upset Extremely upset.
How do you think she would react? What have you done? She could sabotage everything that we have worked for.
It could be destroyed in the blink of an eye.
I am still seeing things.
Things that Timothy Laird saw.
They're moments from his life.
Not this again.
I would think the scientist in you would be excited by all this.
Promise me right now that you will never see that woman again.
This is all too crazy.
I am not crazy, Renee.
Latent responses, synaptic residue, you call it what you want, but it's all been absorbed by my mind.
I've even seen fragments of the night that he was killed.
I might even find out who murdered him.
The hell you will.
I've just talked to administrators at brawtigan.
They've drawn up the papers for us to join them.
I think you'll be very impressed with the numbers.
That's just the first year.
I explained it's all contingent upon your approval.
What about Peter? Renee, wake up.
Peter's a fifth wheel.
They didn't even ask about his participation.
Face it, his day is done.
You're jealous.
You've tried to drive a wedge between us from the beginning.
He doesn't love you.
He doesn't deserve you.
I think you know how I feel.
This isn't about the work, it never has been.
( doorbell ringing ) I was hoping we could talk.
All right.
Is Kylie home? She's spending the night at a friend's.
I, I got her a little something, it's nothing big, it's a little pendant, I thought she might like.
It's her birthstone.
I never expected this to happen.
Believe me.
The last thing I wanted was to cause you any more pain.
But even if you send me away again it's important to tell you a few things first.
This whole operation has been miraculous.
In more ways than anyone could have imagined.
I was drawn here to this house, to you and Kylie, before I had any idea who you were.
I don't understand.
For the longest time I didn't either.
But there are certain truths that I just can't run away from anymore.
You see, I think, part of Tim survived in me.
Not just his body, or the little things that you notice, but who he was.
And what he was.
His spirit.
His soul.
How is that possible? All I know is that it happened.
He must have loved you very much.
If you want me to go now, I will.
( doorbell ringing ) I'm sorry to bother you, is doctor Halstead here? Doctor? There's a medical emergency at the hospital.
Renee, what are you doing here? Tell her, Peter.
Whatever our differences are, it's not fair to involve Deirdre.
Involve her? Is that your idea of a joke? Somebody Please tell me what's going on.
Renee's my colleague.
Could you say that with any more contempt, Peter? Are you Timothy Laird? It was you.
I bet he was a perfect match.
You killed him and harvested his body.
Where did you think that body came from? Manna from heaven? How was I supposed to save your life? I'm calling the police.
Don't even think about it.
What are you doing? Put that thing away.
You don't honestly think that you can get away with what you did? Is that what I mean to you? You'd see me put away After sacrificing everything to save you? Renee, just give me the gun.
Listen to me, Peter, we can do this.
We can make it right.
I'll forget that you ever betrayed me We'll call it even.
Run away with me.
We can get away from everyone.
Let Vance choke on the money.
All I ever cared about was you.
Renee, please.
Give me the gun.
No, we can do this, Peter.
There's just one person standing in the way.
No, no, no! Peter, please.
Renee, give me the gun.
( gunshot ) Call 911.
Sorry, Peter, we did all we could.
She just she just lost too much blood.
It's okay, it's all right.
Yeah! Woo-Hoo! Way to go, Kylie.
( control voice ) Our inexorable March toward death defines our lives, giving meaning to our every waking moment.
But how will it change us when our fate is taken out of god's hands and placed in our own? Captioning performed by Western captioning service ltd.
Vancouver, B.