The Outer Limits (1995) s05e12 Episode Script


1 Don't worry.
I'll save you for more important things.
Do you have a problem? No, commandant rademacher! I think you do.
I do believe i see hate in your eyes.
Step forward! I don't like being here any more than you, but killing a jew before breakfast is the only solace of this miserable job.
No, stop! What was that? Please spare him, i beg you! How touching.
Very well.
One corpse is as good as another.
No! Kill me instead! Mama! Mama! Miriam! Please, my daughter, don't make her watch! No! Mama! No! Mama! No! No! Aah! No! No! No! No! That man! What are you doing? Halt! There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with 1,000 channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to It is said that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it, but what dangers await those who cannot forget the past those obsessed with reliving it? Hello.
Rademacher! Karl rademacher! Excuse me? I know who you are.
You're karl rademacher.
My name is greene.
Robert greene.
Obviously, you are confusing me with another man.
What did you call yourself? A man? I don't think you're a man.
Do you need help, robert? You killed hundreds of people with your own hands sent thousands of people off to die.
You're not a man.
You're a monster.
Young man, you are out of your mind.
You killed my family.
Rademacher, my family.
Miriam zgierski, hannah zgierski, those names, do they mean anything to you? I never heard those names in my life.
Leon zgierski is my father.
How can you not remember him? You shot his wife point blank at birkenau.
You had his daughter dragged off to be gassed.
How can you not remember those people? The man is a lunatic.
A lunatic.
He's a war criminal.
Rademacher! Leave the man alone.
You're not fooling me! I'm sorry, young man.
I don't know what you are talking about.
You called me out of a meeting for this? Yeah, i want you to see who i'm investigating.
This man and this man are the same person.
I'm not gonna lie to you, aaron.
Without concrete evidence, our chances of putting away this robert greene for crimes he supposedly committed half a century ago are east of slim and west of not.
I can give you dozens of examples of war criminals who have been convicted decades after the fact.
Sure, in the countries where the offenses occurred or where descendants of their victims make up most of the population.
The best we could hope to do, and that presumes that we can convince a court that greene is who you say oh, he's rademacher.
I'd stake my life on it.
Can i finish, please? The best we can do is to initiate a denaturalization procedure.
Claim that he entered the country back in when was it? '59.
'59, and he entered based on false statements, and even then, we'd have to hope that the swiss government would extradite to germany, poland, israel, somewhere where there's a legal apparatus set up to deal with these alleged crimes.
Alleged alleged crimes? You know what this bastard did? I know that you believe that he murdered members of your family, but aaron, i've gotta tell you, right there, we could taint our presentation to the court.
Here's what rademacher did.
He ran a section of birkenau where the nazis put on a "good face.
" They let the families stay together.
They invited the red cross in.
You know what he did the minute the red cross left? I can guess.
He had 3,500 people men, women, children gassed in a single day.
If it hadn't been for some guard who sent my father to a labor camp, i wouldn't be standing here talking to you today.
Before you go accusing this man, you'd better have your ducks in a row.
I hope to god you didn't do anything more than take photographs.
Oh, god.
Look, when i got all this research from my friend at immigration, i didn't believe it, and then i started to dig, and it's lead to one inescapable fact greene is rademacher.
He had the ss tattoo removed.
He's got the scars under his arm.
Oh, there's 100 explanations for a scar like that.
What about eyewitnesses? Eyewitnesses? I've got 6 birkenau survivors including my father who can id this man and say he is rademacher.
You know how reliable 50-year-old memories are? All right, fine.
I'm gonna do this by myself.
I'll do it by myself.
You have not changed one iota since law school.
Same fire in your belly.
Same stubborn streak.
Just don't bring up the farm workers sit-in, because i really wasn't at my best in those days.
Gwen, what about you? It didn't used to all be politics.
You used to care about justice, that was all you cared about.
No, that's not all i cared about.
There was that prince of the irrefutable polemic i used to be married to.
What a kind way of calling me an argumentative pain in the ass.
You'd better get serious.
You want me to make a presentation to my boss? I'm gonna need some concrete evidence.
I'm not going in there shooting blanks.
Ok, i'll just keep digging, all right? I'm sure you will.
Zgierski? We're closed.
We open again tomorrow at 10:00.
I'm nicholas prentice.
I understand you're interested in bringing robert greene to justice.
What do you know about greene? Robert greene, aka karl rademacher.
First lieutenant in the ss.
Went underground after the war, became a farmer, then a stoker in an iron mill in switzerland.
Came to the states in 1959.
Ran a dry cleaning shop until his retirement in '74.
Shall i go on? How did you get this information? Same way you do.
Countless interviews, meticulous research, sleepless nights.
You're from the weisenthal center? No, no.
It's a privately funded human rights organization.
They like to keep a pretty low profile.
I thought i might be able to help.
How are you gonna do that? With evidence, the only thing that matters.
What is that? Read the name, aaron.
Where did you get this? Take my word for it.
This is rademacher's uniform.
I've gotta be up early.
Thanks for your time.
Wait a minute.
How do i contact you? I'll be in touch.
Don't worry.
All right.
All right.
I give up.
You're, uh, still losing to norman, i see.
This man says he can beat me in his sleep i think he just proved it to me.
Listen, i need to talk to you.
You're looking strong.
At my age, if you look at all, you should be grateful.
Listen, dad, yesterday I, uh, i saw him.
I actually saw him.
Who? Der teufel.
The devil.
Rademacher? Rademacher.
I saw him outside his house.
I even spoke to him.
You're serious? Yeah, i'm serious.
You don't have to look so surprised.
I told you i wouldn't let this go.
My son, the big shot nazi hunter.
What did he say? Did he admit who he is? No, no.
He denied everything, but listen to me, dad, sometime soon if you're feeling strong enough, i'm gonna have to take you to see him to identify him.
Oh, i don't know if i could ever look on him.
If you could, do you think you could identify him after all these years? Mmm.
God give me a little more life, and i could never forget such a face.
Dad, listen to me if this comes to a trial, or even a deposition, you're gonna have to testify.
You're gonna have to talk about miriam, dad and about your daughter.
No! Miriam! Mama! Kill me instead! No! God has kept me alive for some purpose.
I'll do whatever i have to do.
Ok, as promised.
I bring the chinese food, you tell me what they said.
Sweet and sour pork? Not exactly kosher, is it? Yeah, i'm guilty as charged.
Gwen, what did forensics say? You got any soy sauce in here? It's in the bag.
Come on, gwen.
Here, look, look, look yourself.
How's your dad? Oh, he's as strong as ever.
You're still his favorite shikse, you know.
You guys getting along any better these days? I don't get this, i don't understand it.
What does it mean? It's kind of a mixed bag.
The materials, the construction, the identifying labels all suggest the uniform is completely authentic.
What did i tell you? They also say that unless it was vacuum sealed for 50 years, there's no way it could be in the condition it was in.
Well, couldn't the collector have taken pains to preserve it? Maybe, but regardless of the authenticity of the jacket, there's no dna evidence on it that could link it to robert greene.
Well, what about fingerprints? There were fingerprints on the buttons, but according to the lab, the original owner's would've disappeared decades ago.
What they found was probably the prints of the man who turned it over to you.
So, where are we? Honestly? Same place we were yesterday desperately seeking evidence.
What have you got? Thanks.
How did you know i was here? I told you.
My research is scrupulous.
Really? Well, the uniform you gave me was useless.
Don't tell me that you're giving up? I'll tell you something.
When i was a kid, my father used to talk to me about the war, you know, about the camp.
All that horror.
You know what i did? Just nodded my head, pretended to listen.
In fact, i was a million miles away.
How can a child handle all that pain? In fact, i didn't know how lucky i was.
Most survivors, they don't talk to their children at all.
They surround themselves in a wall of silence.
So it wasn't until i was an adult that i unplugged my ears finally and i listened for the first time to what he said, and nowthat i've heard it now that i've heard it, i can't close my eyes and ears ever again, you understand what i'm saying to you? I think i'll have a drink.
Bring me what he's having, ok? You know, my father even named me after one of the prisoners in the camp.
Who knows? Maybe in another life i was your father remarried after the war.
Helen, my mother, was a survivor at birken you tell me where you got that uniform.
Off the back of a mass murderer.
No, you're preaching to the choir.
I want to know if you can get your hands on any other potential evidence.
What? Photographs, handwriting, blood evidence, dna? All of the above.
I'll see what i can do.
I see, and you're not gonna tell me how to get in touch with you, right? If you want my help, i'm afraid it's going to have to be on my terms.
Good night.
Well, finally, i've been waiting here for half an hour.
I've been busy.
With that, your sources? What's going on? What are we doing here? This should answer all your questions.
What is this? It's a key to a safety deposit box, trustee's bank of philadelphia.
Robert greene's safety deposit box? I didn't say anything about robert greene.
Well, whose is it? Your father's.
Now according to these records, this was a dormant account.
Apparently the box hasn't been accessed since the day it was opened.
Could this be right? May 9, 1948.
48? It's amazing it still exists.
If you'll just sign this.
Here, dad.
I'm telling you, i never had a safety deposit box in this bank.
I never even had an account here.
It was a lot of years ago, and maybe you you forgot, you know? I don't forget such things.
All right, are you gonna sign this or not? Ok, good.
Right there.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Um, go ahead.
Do you want to all right, never mind.
Oh, my god.
Gott im himmel.
Please, no! No! No, don't take her! No! Please, no! Hannah! I wanted you to see this exactly as we found it.
Look at this.
It's amazing.
And this razor, i think, i don't know, but this could be dried blood here.
The handkerchief, the stain on it could be blood.
I don't know.
What do you think? What do l i think it i think some people could say it's convenient.
I know that the, uh, timing of this is a little odd, but it doesn't make it any the less real.
Look at it.
I'm trying to be objective here.
I ask youfor evidence, and the next minute you show up with this box full of artifacts i know.
Documents that haven't surfaced for 50 years.
Your father doesn't even know where they came from.
Yeah, you asked me for evidence, gwen.
This is evidence, and now you're giving me some kind of third degree on it.
You think i'm tough, wait'll you hear greene's defense.
No, that doesn't matter you know, i'm going very far out on a limb for you, aaron.
My job is on the line.
The d.
Thinks my judgement is clouded by allegiance to my ex, and you're still holding out on me.
No, you see, you know everything that i know.
I haven't met this man, this self-appointed nazi hunter.
Well, what do you think, that i just made him up? First rule of combat.
Know the difference between friend and foe.
I'm on your side, aaron, just as i've always been.
They had a sign on the gates of auschwitz.
"Arbeit macht frei.
" Heh.
"Work will set you free.
" The cruelest lie ever told.
There's only one thing that can set you free, aaron.
It's the truth.
Hello? Hello? Apparently the box hasn't been accessed since the day it was opened.
May 9, 1948.
I'm, um aaron.
My name is aaron.
Welcome to hell on earth, aaron.
This is, um my daughter hannah.
Say hello, neshomeleh.
You wife, where's your wife? Dead.
Murdered by der teufel.
Achtung! We will distribute writing instruments and paper.
We want you to write your friends and relatives.
You will tell them that conditions here are excellent, and that the authorities treat you humanely.
You you have something to say? No, commandant eyes down! Take him away.
No! Please don't! I will write the letter exactly as you wish.
Take him outside.
Shoot him.
No, no, nooo! No! Hold him outside.
I'll shoot him myself.
Anyone else have a comment? Tomorrow, we'll distribute fresh clothing.
You will be receiving visitors from the red cross.
When they come, you will tell them that you are grateful to be here, that you've been given enough to eat, and that you've been afforded every consideration.
By the way, we'll be looking for strong volunteers for a work detail in gleiwitz.
The rumor is if you volunteer you won't come back.
No, no.
You have to be on that work detail if you want to live.
You know what he's gonna do, don't you, the minute the red cross leaves? He'll have everyone killed.
I put my faith in god.
Mach schnell! Oh, my god.
Where am i? What the hell were you doing? I didn't imagine that.
That actually happened to me.
Do you have any idea how dangerous this was? Explain to me what happened.
I don't understand.
I can't.
Explain it to me! You won't understand.
I take this thing, i give it to the fbi, i give it to the newspapers, they'll i have to know what happened.
You went back in time.
Back to when the device was set.
March 3, 1944.
But that's impossible.
Is it? Who are you? What are you? I grew up not far from here, about a hundred years from now.
I'm not from your day, aaron.
I'm a time traveller.
This device is the means we use to cross temporal boundaries.
Humans perfected time travel late in the 21st century.
Why did you pick me? Why did you pick rademacher? Your passion made you the perfect candidate.
What, you just want to if you want to get a war criminal why don't you just just kill him? The first rule of time travel forbids it.
We have a solemn obligation to minimize the damage to the time stream.
The course of history, the cause and effect of sequential events.
But if you're tampered with all this evidence you you're already changed the whatever it is, the time stream.
Everything i've done has been tested for its ripple effect, vetted, if you will.
We're confined to those actions whose consequences are approved.
So if you give me the evidence to prove that greene is rademacher then you'll have the tribunal's blessing.
The documents are authentic.
Everything from the paper to the glue to the inks to the marks of attrition date the certificate to the early forties.
The blood, the blood evidence? We got a first pass at dna markers, but without a blood sample from greene, we have no basis for comparison.
I've spoken to mr.
Markham, his lawyer, about a voluntary submission.
The man is on the warpath.
Of course he is.
He's claiming that it's all part of an elaborate frame-up.
He's gonna make the case that you've been engaged in a no-holds-barred vendetta against an innocent old man.
If he's able to, uh, to cast doubt on the evidence, it could shoot your theory to hell.
It's not a theory anymore.
We could go for broke.
We can issue an order to greene to show cause why he shouldn't be deported, but if we lose, that's it.
Do it.
What's going on? Aaron, what are you not telling me? Well, there's no way i can expect you to believe it.
Try me.
I don't know how to saw this, aaron.
You have to know how much i wanted this to work, how badly i wanted greene.
Wanted? What do you mean wanted? Why are you talking the past tense, like you've given up? You know, don't you? You know what's gonna happen.
If you can go back in time, you can go forward, too, and you've already seen the future.
You have to know we altered the equation every time we intervened, every time we brought something back.
Yeah, but you just checked, didn't you? And you know how this is going to end.
Whatever it is, i want to hear it.
With the evidence closing in on him, robert greene bought a one-way ticket to argentina and was never heard from again.
What are you doing? Aaron! What the hell do you want? What does it look like? Is this your idea of justice, taking the law into your own hands? Desperate times, desperate measures.
Is it money you want? I've got some cash in this suitcase.
You going somewhere, hmm? Going somewhere? You feel very powerful with a gun in your hand, huh? Yeah, just a little bit more powerful than all the people that you killed.
Put it away and go home, zgierski.
Rademacher! Turn around.
I want to hear it from the devil's own lips.
And then you're going to kill me.
You'll kill an innocent man.
Get out.
You've already done your job.
Has it come to this? You're damn right it has.
This man doesn't deserve to draw another breath.
Is revenge so important to you? Can you think of anything more important? There's a reason i came to you, a reason i travelled all this way.
We're connected, aaron.
It wasn't just your family that man murdered.
It was mine.
I'm your great-grandson, aaron.
Yes, it's true.
If anything happens to you, then i cease to exist.
Put it on.
If you want to live, you put it on.
No, this can't be.
It's a trick, it's a trick.
Guard, take this man.
He says he doesn't belong.
No, l i don't believe this.
L l just just stop playing tricks on me.
This is a conspiracy.
What's the problem? This prisoner, he is being belligerent.
What is your name? This is a nightmare.
It has to be.
I asked you a question, jew.
I am not a jew.
I despise the jews.
Don't you know who i am? I am karl rademacher.
Shut up, old man! We are the same man.
Please, let me prove to you.
I'm a loyal servant of the reich, member of the ss.
Heil hitler! Hmph! Beg for your life.
I want to hear you beg.
No! No, no, no.
Mein father he gave me bicycle, a green bicycle when i was 10.
I drove it into the river.
He beat me.
I i am you 50 years from now.
I am you.
Back to work! All of you! Aaron, look.
Oh, please, no! No! No, don't take her! Take him to the labor camp! To the labor camp! It's all right, it's all right.
Don't worry.
No! No! Aaron, you can't take her! Don't do this let's go now! I didn't agree to this! We're going now! Do it! Do it now! Do it! Do it! Do it! Go, go, go! Interesting.
Very interesting.
Stay here.
Stay here.
You can't stop us.
It's too late.
I did what i had to do.
Of course you did.
I'll speak to the tribunal.
I'm not gonna pretend it'll be easy, but i'll make them understand.
It's all right, hannah.
Don't be afraid.
I don't know why i bother.
Dad? Huh? Dad, there's someone i want you to meet.
My god in heaven for a minute i thought you see what old age does to you, huh? Dad, look.
It's not possible.
It's not.
Neshomeleh! Neshomeleh! The wounds of war run deep, cutting across generations, but there is always the hope of healing so long as there are souls among us whose hearts are more full of love than hate.