The Outer Limits (1995) s05e17 Episode Script

The Inheritors

1 [people chattering.]
[man laughing.]
[people chattering.]
[woman laughing.]
Come on, it wasn't that bad.
It was terrible.
Oh, my god, you know I just I just wanna meet the guy who's got the guts to charge $2,000 for a painting called "Problem stain 11.
" You did meet him.
The guy with the greasy ponytail and the oh! English accent.
I didn't say anything terrible, did I? Well, it depends how he took the suggestion about the complimentary airsick bags.
[both laughing.]
Do you love me, Jacob? Oh Yeah.
More than more than all the bad art in the world.
No, I'm not I'm not kidding.
I know.
I wouldn't want these to go to waste.
[both chuckllng.]
I wish we hadn't sent out the invitations.
We could drive all night to a tacky chapel in Vegas.
Well, h-Hey, maybe Mr.
Greasy Ponytail's an ordained minister.
Come on.
(Kara) Jacob, look.
What the hell is that? [exploding.]
(Kara) It's almost It seems like it's coming this way.
Jacob? (Kara) No.
Help! Somebody help! (Kara) Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
(Ollie) Boy.
The guy took one hell of a shot.
(Michaels) it wasn't a bullet.
According to the police report, he was hit by some kind of meteor fragment.
Are you serious? Witnessed by his fiancee and a couple of bystanders.
Talk about your number bein' up.
No exit Wound.
Whatever the hell it was, it must still be in there.
You want, uh, I should start turning our friend here into a canoe? No, not yet, I just want to see how deeply the Fragment's lodged.
Hold on.
[whirring stops.]
Hey, I think I feel it.
Unless it's bone fragment.
Not a bullet, huh? Well, it sure looks like a bullet to me.
Not like any I've ever seen.
Post mortem reflex.
What the hell? Holy Gee [squelching.]
(male narrator) There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal, and the vertical.
We can deluge you with 1,000 channels, or expand one single image to crystal clarity, and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind, to the outer limits.
(narrator) From the time our earliest ancestors looked to the stars, we have wondered what secrets they held.
But will we be ready when those answers are disclosed? (Michaels) Well, I can see it in your face.
You don't believe us.
At the end of a long shift, I start seeing things, too.
Something came out of the wound in that man's head, all right? Now We both saw it.
A, uh, baby octopus.
I believe I described it as a tentacle.
Not an octopus.
Oh, sorry.
And the, uh, blue glow? I guess that was, what? Uh, a reading light? You think this is funny, lieutenant? No.
As a matter of fact, I don't.
I told you this was going to happen.
There was a meteor last Night.
Yeah, it lit up the switchboard at 911.
Your own witnesses claim that this man W-was hit by a fragment.
Right? You saw the projectile I pulled out of his brain.
Which I'm still not convinced didn't come from a weapon.
So are you discounting the possibility that something, uh some Biological contaminant entered this man's body along with this object.
Yeah, I'm not discounting anything.
I've got my men looking for Jacob Hardy even as we speak.
I assume you checked his house? His fiancee was pretty distraught.
First, he's declared dead and now he's a missing person.
You know, if his injuries are as severe as you say they are, odds are, he's already face down in an alley somewhere.
I want my report filed.
It'll be filed.
And, uh, if you see anymore seafood comin' out of people's brains, be sure and give me a call, you hear? Son of a bitch.
Listen, doc.
W-why don't you, uh, why don't you go on home? And and and take it easy? Get a get some rest.
I mean, you don't have to come back.
I I can get O'Neil to cover for you, in case anything comes up.
Well, thanks.
I got my beeper.
I'll be at sacred Cross.
Next couple of Hours.
Geez, you don't miss a day, do you? Well, if she were your wife, you wouldn't either.
I see what you mean.
[woman over P.
pick up line one please.
Doctor [knocking.]
How's my girl today? All right, don't tell me, I know.
Nurse's gossip is the same old same old, eh? They never remember you like a breeze.
And an I.
Tube is no substitute for haute cuisine.
Oh, well.
What are you gonna do, huh? When I get you out of here, I'm gonna cook you, um, too-many-Flavors chinese Chicken.
That's your description, not mine.
Your sister sends her love.
Her lazy-ass Husband still can't get arrested.
[cardiogram beeping.]
Neither can the hit-and-run driver who put you here.
Oh, god.
Oh, God.
Uh, work is, uh, work is [laughing.]
work is work.
Although I can't pretend it's been Boring.
I had the STRANGEST case last night.
It's like someone struck by the hand of god.
I know th that that sounds corny, but I tell you, it doesn't get any weirder than this.
It's like out of one of those sci-fi movies you used to love.
Um, you still love.
Only this was real, Daria.
This was real.
I wasn't on the floor but Margaret was.
She swears this guy was practically flatlining.
They rush him into O.
, when he gets up, and he walks away.
3 orderlies couldn't stop him.
Uh, sorry, I don't mean to be nosy.
But, what's this about a critical patient walking away? What kind of injuries are we talking about here? Are you ready for this, Dr.
Michaels? This guy was apparently hit by a piece of that meteor last night.
Meteor? I just heard about it second hand.
But they tell me he had a hole in his head practically big enough to fit your fist through.
He's bleeding like a son of a gun, they gave him a cat scan as soon as he came in.
The attending said he should have been brain dead 3 times Over.
His name wasn't Hardy? Uh, man in his late 20's? Jacob Hardy.
Uh, Sawyer.
Something Sawyer.
I think they said he was in his 40's.
What do you make of it, Dr.
Michaels? Abby, could you do me a big favor? You're gonna get me in trouble again, aren't you? (Kara) my god, Jacob.
[door closing.]
Oh, god.
I couldn't believe it when they told me.
I'm ok.
The police they were here.
They're looking for you.
We've got to call them.
They just want to make sure you're No! Look at you.
I've got to get you to the hospital.
No, I'm all right.
How is that possible? I saw you.
That thing tore right into your skull.
I can't explain it it either, but it's healing, and I I feel ok.
It's a Miracle, Jacob.
There's no other word for it.
They said that you were dead.
I need you to help me, Kara.
I'll take care of you, I'll do whatever I have to do.
We'll get through this.
I know we will.
I gotta go away for a while.
Go away? What do you mean? You're still hurt.
Y-you you don't recover from something like this overnight.
You love me, don't you? How can you ask me that? You asked me, remember? If you love me, you have to do exactly as I tell you.
All right.
What do you want me to do? If the police ask.
If if anybody anybody asks, you have to tell them that I'm that, um, you don't know where I am.
That I was never here.
Oh, God.
All right, I'll try.
I won't say anything.
But I have to know where you're going.
At least for how long.
Everything is gonna be fine.
I promise.
[engine revving.]
[bird cawing.]
[cat mewing.]
(Kelly) Jacob Hardy? Curtis Sawyer.
You in pain, Kelly? No.
You know, I have to assume that you both understand why we're here.
We had to come.
There was no other way.
There's so much work to do and there's there's so little time.
6 days.
10 hours.
6 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes, to be precise.
What if we can't finish in time? We have to finish.
I'm looking forward to doing my part.
And it's just us? If there were more, we'd know.
At least I think we would.
Jacob's is in the hands of the authorities.
We'll have to make do with Just these 2.
All we know for certain is that everything depends on us.
Well, we got a full plate today.
Rock climber they pulled from Mt.
Hood, a stroke victim from the V.
, and an a.
Case that came in last night.
Michaels? (Michaels) Oh, sorry, Ollie.
I found another one.
What are you talking about? I ran a search of all trauma victims at area hospitals, from the night Jacob Hardy came in.
Not only were he and Curtis Sawyer hit by pieces of that meteor, but so was a waitress by the name of Kelly risely.
What kind of injuries? Same as the others.
Massive brain trauma.
And she was scheduled for exploratory brain surgery, at 7 a.
, the morning after the incident.
And she walked out of the hospital? Exactly right.
What the hell is going on here? I don't know.
I do not know.
Whatever fell out of the sky the other night, put at least 3 people on the Brink of death.
Over it, in the case of Jacob Hardy.
And then, brought them all back.
Whoa, that's pretty weird.
Really Weird.
I got a copy of Curtis Sawyer's cat scan.
He's the guy that walked out of the E.
At sacred Cross.
Well, this is a little above my pay grade, doc.
The man was basically comatose.
The same deep coma that Daria's in.
And he came out of it.
This this is all about her, isn't it? You believe in fate, Ollie? [chuckling.]
Oh, geez, are you kiddin? After what's happened here over the last couple of days, I don't know what I believe in anymore.
I don't know why, but I am convinced that Jacob Hardy crossed my table for a reason.
And I owe it to myself to find out why.
I owe it to my wife.
I've seen streaks before, but this has got to be some kind of record, Mr.
2 sessions of commodities day trading, and you've turned, uh, $4,600 into [calculator ticking.]
$293,000 and change? The power of leveraged trading.
Where do we go from here? Place the money in these trades.
I should tell you this, uh, this soybean play, bucks the advice of our analysts.
Maybe you'd like to read their report? Tell me.
Do many of your clients multiply their money 70 fold in 48 hours by listening to the advice of your analysts? So, you'd like me to Execute the trades as described.
I don't think I've seen you in the library before.
My first Time.
Stress strain curves of non-ferrous Metals.
Comparisons of tensile strengths in titanium alloys.
Pretty Heady stuff.
Well, hopefully they'll supplement the abstracts I found on the net.
I take it you're a student in metallurgy? More of a Hobby, really.
Hobby? Nothing better than curling up with a good book on extractive mineral separation.
I beg your pardon? Nothing.
Hello? Oh, hi.
Are you Kara Delaney? Are you with the police? No, no, no, no.
I'm, uh, I'm with the medical examiner's Office.
May may I help you with these? [creaking.]
May I? Come in.
If you're looking for Jacob, I'm afraid I can't be of much help.
He never contacted you? No.
I was the pathologist who was working on Jacob when he uh, when he came out of his coma.
Ian Michaels.
Is it doctor? Uh, Ian is just fine.
Ian, Jacob did come to see me.
Just long enough to get his things.
Did you tell the police? He made me promise I wouldn't.
I don't even know why I'm telling you.
But I'm just so desperate.
Did Jacob say where he was going? No.
And that's the truth.
I don't know where he is.
Only that he drove away with a woman that I've never seen before.
(Michaels) was this the woman? Oh, my God.
I mean, I didn't get a good look at her but I'm almost sure that that's her.
Who is she? Uh, it's a long story.
Do do you mind my asking How Jacob acted when you saw him? He was different.
Not just that he said he had to go away, he was distant.
You can't imagine how difficult this has been.
To see the person that you love most in the world straddling life and death.
I think I can, Kara.
Jones, Isolation [phone ringing.]
Jones, Isolation.
Hey, Abby.
We tried to call you.
[phone ringing.]
Your wife had a SEVERE respiratory episode.
They had to give her an emergency trache.
[cardiogram beeping.]
Daria? [exclaiming.]
It's me, Ian.
[cardiogram beeping rapidly.]
It's ok, it's ok, take it easy.
Take it real easy.
Nurse! Nurse, somebody get in here! No, Daria.
[cardiogram beating rapidly.]
[Daria groaning.]
[machine whirring.]
[man shouting.]
[horns honking.]
Sawyer, Curtis w.
, 41.
Drives a Hack.
Was parked outside a residence by the waterfront, when a fragment of Meteor punctured his skull above the right eye.
He was rushed to sacred cross emergency room, and like you said, he took a powder before they could operate.
And where is he now? Well, I'm getting to that.
Morning after all this, he gets a consulting job at carderon Technologies.
Computer Firm.
Scored higher on an ABILITIES test than anyone they've ever seen.
The guy drove a taxi.
Seems he gets up to speed on all this advanced research, and then disappears.
All right, um, what about the woman? Ah, Kelly risely.
Also a victim of meteor fragment.
Uh, shakes it off.
Waitress on thursday, on saturday she gets her hands on, uh, dozens of high-tech books and journals, all relating to metallurgy.
All right, and where is she? Don't know.
Didn't go home.
But, uh, she managed to call her folks, and her work, to tell them not to worry.
And then, there's your pal.
Jacob Hardy.
Old Jacob's been making, uh, quite a killing in the commodities market.
Cashed out to the tune of almost $500,000.
Uh, I didn't get any more on his fiancee than you did.
So-so you can't find any of them? Well, you asked me to follow up on these people, and I did what I could.
How many people do you have working on this? You're lookin' at him.
Only as of today, I'm back to my real job.
Which is investigating Homicides.
Doesn't it strike you as odd, that 3 ordinary people get hit by pieces of the same meteor, and instead of dying, they all become geniuses of one kind or another? Odd? Yes.
Freaky? Oh, yeah.
But, uh, what it all means? Hell, your guess is as good as mine.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What if they're working in concert because they're directed by something? Look, doc, uh, none of these people have done anything that even approaches Illegal.
So that's it? You're just gonna drop it.
You show mw a law that's been broken.
A, uh, spaceship that's double-parked.
And I'll go to town.
But, uh, if you want my real opinion, I think this adds up to a whole lotta nothin'.
A whole iotta nothin'.
Just one man's opinion.
[hissing stops.]
God Almighty.
[keyboard clicking.]
Configuration complete.
How does it look? It's ready for a test.
[cat mewing.]
Ready? Go.
It's time to round up the subjects.
One by one.
[birds chirping.]
You new here? I just started volunteering this week.
What's the matter? Couldn't get a job? [laughing.]
Uh, no.
I'm a, um, a musician.
I work nights.
I used to play a pretty mean piano, Myself.
Yeah? Great way to meet the ladies.
I can't do much with These old hands anymore.
Do you like it here, Mr.
Sanborn? They say I got 2 months.
Maybe less.
[walker clicking.]
This isn't how I ever pictured the end to be.
What if you had a chance to go somewhere better? What do you mean "Better?" Well, somewhere where you could play piano Again.
Depends on how good-lookin' the ladies are.
Would you like to go on a walk, Mr.
Sanborn? (Kelly) You been here a long time? Whenever I have an operation.
I bet it really hurts sometimes, huh? I'm ok.
Do you like to go on rides, Shana? Like Roller coasters and stuff? Yeah.
Like Roller coasters and stuff.
Before I got sick, I went on the upside-down kind 3 times.
That's pretty brave.
Would you like to go on even a better ride? I don't think they'll let me.
(Michaels) Something's wrong.
Tell me what's wrong.
She's sliding, Dr.
The only thing keeping her going right now is the life support.
[telephone ringing.]
Sunday is our 5th Anniversary.
It's not fair.
[woman over P.
[phone ringing.]
Hello? (Jacob) Hi.
It's me.
Jacob, where are you? Look, I I just wanted to let you know that I'm ok.
I didn't I didn't want you to worry.
For god's sake.
Why won't you tell me where you are? [slghing.]
I love you.
[phone clicking.]
[dial tone.]
[hanging up.]
Michaels? You found Jacob Hardy.
I wish I could say that I had.
I need your help, Doc.
Well, what is it? In the last 36 hours, there have been as many as, uh, a dozen reports of people going missing.
From hospices, clinics, hospitals, all of them diagnosed terminal.
What does that have to do with Jacob Hardy and the others? Well, we have hard evidence that, uh, Hardy, Kelly risely, and Curtis Sawyer are responsible for these abductions.
Well, what do they want with dying patients? Human Experiments.
Hell, I don't know.
I've got a dozen men on it.
And whatever you've got, no matter how crazy it sounds, I want you to share it with my team.
What are you not telling me? One of the patients they took Oh, god, no.
Daria? The Hospital's been trying to reach you.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Look, uh, I'm I'm on my way over there right now.
We're gonna do everything we can to get her back.
We'll talk later.
[phone ringing.]
Ian Michaels.
(Kara) Hi, it's Kara Delaney, you remember me? (Michaels) Have you heard from Jacob? Yes, and I'm pretty sure I know where he is.
(Jacob) So look around you.
It's not the world that it once was.
Is it really all that hard to leave it all behind? Who'd like to go first? Are you sure this is it? A friend of mine works for the phone company, and she said the phone call was made from here.
[door opening.]
Stop! Kara.
(Kara) Jacob! You can't do this! You've gotta let these people go! I know it's hard to accept.
We just watched a man burn to death.
You killed him.
He wasn't killed.
(Jacob) He was saved.
I knew you'd come too, Dr.
Jacob, something has happened to you.
Something's happened to all 3 of you.
You're right.
We've received a gift.
God save us from True Believers.
Why don't you let these people go, and you can take your time and tell us all about it.
Nobody here's being held against their will.
Jacob, you're preying on the vulnerable, on the dying.
What, false hope is better than no hope at all? Is that it? I'll leave that for you to judge.
(Kara) What about the children? You can't expect them to understand.
(Jacob) You underestimate their wisdom.
They they have their whole lives ahead of them.
You sure as hell didn't ask my Wife's permission.
(Curtis) You were on the verge of taking her off life-support, Dr.
Would those actions have been so different from ours? Someday, Kara, this will all be clear.
You'll you'll understand.
I wish I were sure the same were True for you.
This technology.
This machine.
Where does it come from? A world ravaged by disease.
They need new blood to rebuild.
New Life to repopulate their dying planet.
Why? Why do you choose the terminally ill? Out of respect.
Out of deference.
To give something in return for what they're receiving.
They they offer life for life.
You can't believe them.
You haven't seen everything I've seen.
What will happen to those people? Their illnesses, their infirmities, they'll all disappear.
Can't you see he's gone crazy? They've all gone crazy.
(Jacob) crazy? Kara, look at me.
You know I'm not crazy.
Who'd like to go next? [brakes screeching.]
Time's almost up, Dr.
Michaels, the window's closing.
The choice is in your hands.
If I'm wrong May God forgive me.
[man on police radio chattering.]
Mother of God.
(Dane) Get back away from that thing.
Now! (Kara) We tried.
We tried to Stop 'em.
All of you, arms in the air! Dr.
Michaels, for god's sakes, get away from that thing.
You can't stop me, lieutenant.
You're gonna help some Brain-damaged Psychos incinerate your wife? This isn't mercy killing.
It's murder.
They can cure something that I can't.
You don't know that, Ian.
How can you be sure? Faith.
It's all I have left.
Ian! No! All right, put your hands in the air! This is your last warning.
[gun firing.]
Jacob! [roaring.]
(narrator) it is our nature to fear a dark purpose in that which we do not understand.
But True evil May lie more in ignorance than in suspicion.