The Outer Limits (1995) s06e02 Episode Script

The Gun

Talk about accuracy.
This baby is guaranteed To place 5 shots Inside an inch at 100 yards.
As long as you got Quality ammunition.
The beauty of this puppy's The whole mechanism's In the block.
Ejector throws Your spent cartridges straight back.
I don't care if you're hunting 12 point buck or carjackers, This bad boy will do it to it.
What kind of paperwork We talking about? None if i had my say.
The bitch of it is Half the sellers in this place Don't have to worry About background checks.
They penalize The licensed dealers.
I'll think about it.
Hey, maybe we can work Somethin' out.
I'll think about it.
Damn lookie loos.
Hi there.
My name's finley, Donald finley.
I may be wrong, but i believ I've got just what you need.
Does that make you wanna Stand up and salute or what? (logan) What kind is it? State of the art in handguns.
It'll blow away Anything in the market.
Go on, feel the balance.
Much of a kick? Did you ever burp a baby? What kind of load? (finley) 12 round clip.
You pay cash, it's n.
No questions asked.
I only got $300.
Well, i'll tell you what, It's not about the money.
This gun was designed To fulfill a need And you've got a need.
It's written all over your face.
I don't know what the hell You're talkin' about.
Sure you do.
There are 2 things i know: People and firearms.
Go on.
Take the gun.
Can i watch t.
When I'm finished with my homework? For a little while, sure.
Hello? (logan) Hello, sandra.
Matt? No.
You're supposed to say, It's nice to hear your voice, How you been? Where are you? Not in that hole You put me in If that's what you're askin'.
See you real soon, Sweetheart.
Come on.
We're getting Out of here.
Why? Don't argue with me.
We've gotta leave now.
Why? Yeah, why? Open the damn door, sandra.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Run to the warners', Tell them to call the police.
22 months.
Almost 2 years.
And this is how you greet me? Go to hell.
Oh, i've been there, Sweetheart, thanks to you, And your lawyer, And your lies! Matthew, please.
I have been dreaming About this moment for so long.
Put it away, matt.
For god's sakes.
Where's the boy? I don't care What you do to me.
Promise me You won't hurt ty.
No more favors, Not for you.
Not for anybody.
Goodbye, sandra, There is nothing wrong With your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling The transmission.
We control the horizontal And the vertical.
We can deluge you With a thousand channels Or expand one single image To crystal clarity.
And beyond.
We can shape your vision To anything our imagination Can conceive.
For the next hour, We will control All that you see and hear.
You are about to experience The awe and mystery Which reaches from The deepest inner mind To the outer limits.
(narrator) From muskets to 6-guns to assault weapons, The pages of our history Run red with blood.
But which came first, The violent impulse Or the weapon Which answers its call? Cord.
I can't tell you how sorry I'm about your daughter, cord.
The whole department's Mobilized to nail the s.
I appreciate it.
Come on in.
You remember Sandra's sister, dana? She just flew in From chicago.
Dana, Like i was telling your dad, Nobody rests until we-- Why wasn't my sister Notified that her husband Was being let out of prison? I'm afraid that's a question You'd have to ask The parole board.
So your office Wasn't notified either? Oh, that's right.
You're an attorney.
Public defender.
Matthew logan serves 22 months Of a 4-year sentence For brutally abusing my sister.
Ty, why don't you go out in The backyard and play, huh? Run along now.
He gets out almost 2 years early And nobody bothers To tell the wife he beat Within an inch of her life.
He made threats from prison For god's sake.
It's on record.
Look, uh, i can imagine How you feel.
That boy's mother is dead.
It's not my feelings That are at issue here.
What makes you think he's not halfway To the canadian border? We've got good evidence That he went straight Into the woods Behind the house.
I can't tell you The number of times I've hunted those woods With matthew.
He knows them Even better than i do.
Why aren't you out there looking for him now? My men are already Scouring the area.
Dana, the sheriff is just Trying to do his job.
You might try to show A little more appreciation.
How'd he get a hold of a g In the first place? We've got witnesses That put him At a gun show here in town.
Yesterday about 3:00.
So he walks out of prison And he picks up a gun On the same day.
There's no record Of any purchase.
An unlicensed dealer? It's possible.
Nobody stepped forward yet.
I don't believe this.
Look, if sandra had kept A sidearm in the house The way i begged her to, She might be alive right now.
If you hadn't buddied up To matthew so much, You might've heard her All those times She told you He was out of control.
All right! Now that is enough! Look, uh, folks, This is probably None of my business, But right now we've got More important things to do Than argue about What's already done.
Well, i want you to know Something, roland.
I'm not gonna Sit on my hands.
If your men Don't find him and soon, I'm gonna go Looking for him myself.
Last thing i wanna do Is put anymore lives at risk.
Why don't you just leave this To law enforcement? Ma'am.
I'll be outside with ty.
Oh, mother of god.
It was the view of the valle Angelo knew best.
The orange sun Dipping behind blue mountains.
And it was then he knew He'd never leave home again.
You better get some sleep.
My mom would always Read me that.
Oh, ty.
How come she had to die? I don't know, sweetheart.
Sometimes very bad things Can happen to Very good people.
Are bad things Gonna happen to me? No.
Not as long as i'm here.
What if he comes back? The police are gonna catch him, They're gonna lock him up And throw away the key.
I love you, ty.
Love you.
Good night.
How's the boy doing? As well as can be expected.
Dad, i'm taking ty Back home with me.
His mother's Not even buried yet.
Don't you think It's a little premature To be talking About ty's future? No.
He needs me.
He needs a mother.
Sandra would've Wanted it this way.
Well, if that were the case, Sandra would have Put it in a will.
You don't seriously expect m To believe that you can do A better job Of raising ty than i can? Ty needs protection.
He needs security.
I can give him both.
Like you supported me When i needed it.
Tell me something, When you were growing up, Did you lack for anything? Was there ever anything I didn't give you? I'm not talking about Financial support, dad.
You were more comfortable With your abusive son-in-law Than you ever were with me.
Dana, if i thought For one minute He would do anything harmful to her The signs were all there.
You just turned a blind eye.
You know something? You're not in this house More than 5 minutes And you've to start it on me.
There're times when i think That every choice You ever made, Hooking up with one bleedi Heart group after another, It was all about one thing.
It was all about Rejecting me.
It was all about Turning your back on the old man.
I made my choices Because i believed in them.
You remember jillian Garvey, dad? Of course, i remember.
4 years old.
Her brother was 9, ty's age.
9 years old, When he found His father's loaded gun.
She died before she ever Got to kindergarten.
What about all the people Whose lives were saved Because they had the good Sense to protect themselves? You don't bother telling Stories about them.
Well, what is it About men and guns? You start out playing Cowboy, playing soldier, And you don't stop Till the day you die.
Dana, have you read The newspapers lately? The world is A dangerous place, And it's getting More so every day.
And like it or not, Taking guns away From law-abiding citizens Is not gonna make The world any safer.
There's some clean bedding In the hall closet.
Son of a bitch.
What did you do to me? That was a beautiful service, pastor.
I only wish in some small way It helps ease the pain For those sandra left behind.
We're all gonna Miss her so.
Your mother was an Amazing woman, ty.
What do you say, ty? Thank you, ma'am.
Look at you, dana.
All grown up.
I remember when You used to hold Your little sister's hand Come vaccination time.
Then you'd wind up cryin' More than she did.
I'll tell you one thing.
Nobody around here's gonna Sleep a wink until The man who did this Is brought to justice.
And if i know matt logan, He'll find himself A nice, deep cave And try and wait it out.
Well, i'm giving The authorities Until tomorrow morning.
If they don't bring him in By then, i'm gonna be asking For volunteers To track him down.
Count me in.
Me, too.
Be like the old days sniffin' out charlie In the ho chi minh, Right, cord? Yes.
Whatever happens, it's not Gonna bring sandra back.
You can't overturn God's will.
It's not god's will, karen.
We only have Ourselves to blame.
Only one man to blame The way i see it.
(dana) Well, what about the man Who sold him the gun, Dr.
Miller? And the system That made it possible? Do you really believe That if he hadn't gotten His hand on a gun, That would have stopped him? If he was intent on murder, He would've found a way.
That is the sad truth.
You know, that is exactly Why i left this town.
Nobody has the ability To see past their front porch.
I don't think it serves Sandra's memory to be Discussing these issues Right after her funeral.
Well, the wife and i Should be headin' out.
I promised to look in on A patient this afternoon.
I'll walk you out.
Don't let 'em bother you.
Anybody starts making noise About messing with their guns, You'd swear someone Was pouring fire ants Down their shorts.
Thanks, karen.
I understand All right.
What did he say? Sheriff said the dogs Were onto him for a while, But then they lost his scent.
He's pretty sure He's still out there.
He also said that he's worried that matthew May have had a good reason For staying so close.
What kind of reason? Apparently, some letters That sandra got from him While he was still in jail Suggested that one day He was gonna try to Get custody of ty.
You don't actually Think he's gonna go after him, do you? Well, there's no sense Taking any chances.
I'll tell you what.
I'll book you and the boy Some accommodations over The state line near spokane.
You can take sandra's car.
As soon as we get our man, You can come back home.
This isn't my home, dad.
But it is ty's.
Who the hell is it? What do you want? I got my hand caught In an animal trap.
I need it bandaged up.
This ain't no emergency room.
All i need is some clean rags, Maybe some iodine.
You can turn around And get the hell off My property.
That's what you can do.
You son of a bitch.
I'm gonna give you The count of 3.
Sure you can count that high? 1, 2 How long are we gonna be in spokane? (dana) Not long, ty.
Would you mind helping me With the big duffel? The sheriff's team has been Concentrating On the east side of the ridge.
I thought we'd start On the west side, Somewhere between The lava flows and the river.
The terrain's pretty rough Over there, But there are lots of caves, Lots of places For that lowlife to hide.
Any questions? Word is you put A price on logan's head.
Any truth to that? $10,000 if you Bring him in alive.
$20,000 if he runs, And you have no choice But to take him down.
You're cord vanowen, Aren't you? That's right.
Well, my name's finley.
Donald finley.
I just drove in From bonner's ferry.
I heard that you were Looking for recruits.
They told me that you'd be Here at the trail head.
Well, i appreciate The thought, mr.
Finley, But we have all The manpower we need.
Well, you know, mr.
Vanowen I--i wouldn't be doing A stranger a favor, Except i have a score to settle myself.
You know logan? No.
No, but i lost my wife A year ago in september.
She came home and she Interrupted a break-in.
They never did find The son of a bitch who did it.
So, if i can help you, It might help me If you know what i mean.
Have you ever been On a manhunt, finley? Well, it's--it's--it's All hunting, isn't it? Except the prey's a lot Meaner and a lot smarter.
I'll--i'll pull my weight.
I promise you that.
All right.
But we work together.
Nobody goes off half-cocked.
Stanley miller.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
Horace vaughn.
Hi, how are you? Pleasure.
All right, gentlemen, Let's move out.
You ok, sweetie? I guess i'm scared A little.
Remember, auntie dana's Not gonna let Anything happen to you.
Not ever.
Come on.
We have to get As far as we can Before he gets out of it.
Can you run? Yeah.
Wait, wait, hang on.
What? Ok, if i remember right, The cheever farm Is about a mile up that trail.
We can call the sheriff From there.
You know, it's a lot quicker on the road.
Your father's on that road.
He's not my father Any more.
What the hell's going on? I don't know.
Looks like the dogs Lost his scent again.
Come on, We're almost there.
Hey, mr.
Hold on, ty.
Get down.
Come on.
You're sure this was The car she was driving? 'Course i'm sure.
They must be stranded out here somewhere.
There's no sign of roadkill.
What would have made her Run off the road like that? He was here.
I can smell him.
Did you see that? He was wearing some kind of Bullet-proof gear.
And the gun was Strapped on or something.
He's getting away, cord.
Here, here, take this.
Armor-piercing bullets.
It's the only way to bring The monster down.
(miller) Cord, you all right? Doc, over here.
What is it? You get hurt? Look at this Merciful god.
What is it? What the hell happened to me? The damn thing's fused To your hand.
I've--i've never seen Anything like this.
We better get you To a hospital and quick.
No, no, i can't.
What do you mean, you can't? Look, i'm tellin' you, cord, The damn thing's burned Right through the flesh.
It--it might be Leaking toxins.
It may have to be Surgically removed.
I gotta find logan first.
Then i'll go for help.
Not a word of this To the others, you understand? All right.
Hell, we thought We might've lost you there.
No, i--i just got Grazed.
Right, doc? You didn't hit him, Did you? No, he headed off that way.
Toward the river.
Where's finley? Coward.
Musta high-tailed it Outta there As soon as The shootin' started.
At least he left his gun.
If one of us could make it Up to the crow's nest, He could call in Logan's position to us.
We might hem him in.
I'll go.
I've been to That ridge a 100 times.
I don't think It should be you, cord.
I am fine.
The longer We stand here arguing, The more daylight logan pu Between himself and us.
You-- you've got my Cell number, right? Right.
Listen, you run into finley, You don't let him Out of your sight.
I want him close.
(logan) How does it feel, finley Knowing you're about to die? We all die eventually.
What did you do to me? You don't know How lucky you are.
You call this lucky? Look at you.
You're the most Powerful man on the planet.
I'm a goddamned Freak of nature.
Freak, no, no, They're the freaks.
All those weak-kneed Spineless insects Running for their lives.
Running from you.
You're perfection itself.
Top of the food chain.
Master of all He surveys.
And with every kill, You're getting more powerful.
You've got a gun Like no other.
You've got the power.
Don't be afraid to use it.
What do you say I use it on you then? Well, that'd be kind Of a waste now, wouldn't it? Besides, i've got Plans for you.
What kind of plans, finley? Well, to start with, how about A little family reunion? Ouch.
Sweetie, you all right? Show me where it hurts.
Right here.
Thank god.
Thank god.
I saw the car, I thought the worst.
What happened? He twisted his ankle.
You all right? Yeah.
Are you hurt? No, no.
It's just- Just a scrape.
Oh, dammit.
The batteries are dead.
Can you get us out of here? Better take care of The boy first.
Come on, son.
There's a cave Not far from here.
How does that feel? Good.
Why don't you lie down For a minute? You must be exhausted.
Here, put your head on this.
After you get some rest, We'll head out of here You're not going Anywhere, are you? No.
We're gonna be Right here, i promise.
Dad, those things That i said No, no, it's ok.
You don't have to explain.
I want to.
I know we haven't Exactly seen eye to eye Over the past few years.
Especially after mom died.
Yeah, that was tough On all of us.
There were so many times I wanted to reach out to you.
I'd start these letters, But i always ended up Tearing them up.
Sandra could always talk To you better than i could.
Well, at least i never Thought she hated me.
I never hated you.
It was your rigidity.
The way you always seem To see the world As either black or white.
Maybe that's just The way you saw me.
You know, you You never knew my father.
He died a year before You were born.
He was a good man.
A decent man.
We didn't always agree On everything, But i respected him.
He would always take My older brother On hunting trips, And i'd get so jealous.
But then one day, He asked me along.
I must've been, You know, 12, 13.
I thought i had died And gone to heaven.
My father never used A weapon in anger.
Not once in his whole life.
But he was always prepared To defend his family.
I--i don't regret him Teaching me to shoot.
The only thing i regret, I wasn't able to tell him How much he meant to me Before he died.
I just, i cannot imagine Sandra dying the way she did, And that's just--just Eating me alive.
A father's supposed To defend his children.
I failed sandra, And i'm gonna have to live with that The rest of my life.
Oh, my god, you are hurt.
Let me see that.
Oh, my god.
What happened to you? I know you're out there.
Come on! Take your best shot.
There's nothin' You can do to me We'll see about that, My friend.
There has to be Some sort of explanation (finley) Cord! Down here! I thought these were Your footprints.
Thank god.
I found you.
I want some answers, finley, And i want 'em now! What the hell did you do to my father? Logan, i just saw him.
Where? Due east, a couple hundred Yards, not 5 minutes ago.
Dad, no.
We could Wait for the sheriff.
You're the only one equipped To deal with the situation, You know that, don't you? You still have my gun? All right.
You stay here with ty.
You feel threatened, You use this.
You're going with me.
Dad, please don't go.
This is something i've to do.
I owe it to my little girl.
I'm your little girl.
I'm invincible, untouchable! I am your worst nightmare! If it isn't the old man.
Sorry about your daughter.
You think you can Take me, cord? Haven't you heard? Guns don't kill, People do.
Goodbye, you bastard.
(logan) Come on, old man.
Finish it.
I ain't going back.
Sheriff, i think i see 'em This way, over here.
(cord) Finley, finley.
Are you two ok? Yeah, fine.
It's--it's gone.
I--i don't understand.
How is that possible? Finley, tell me.
I have to know.
You disappointed me, cord.
I had such High hopes for you.
What are you talking about? Your kind.
Everything about you was so damn perfect.
What? What do you mean, Our kind? He's crazy, dad.
Can't you see that? He's out of his mind.
Oh, my god.
You came here to destroy us.
What would be The point of that? No.
I'm just here looking for some recruits.
You know, a few good men.
Recruits? I come from a place where war is raging.
We're always in need of fresh troops, Mercenaries, Soldiers of fortune, Isn't that what you call them? We use these weapons To turn them into The ultimate killing machine.
Unfortunately, some species Have too high a threshold.
The power they gain, The intoxication of it all Still isn't enough for them To overcome their qualms About killing, Their horror At their mutation.
But logan, logan was perfect.
He reveled in it.
But you, you were The real experiment.
My little test of humanity.
I needed to find out Whether your pathetic Little species Understood the truth That compassion is weakness.
And like i said, You were a real Disappointment.
Why, because you Wouldn't murder a man Who was already On death's door? But i haven't Given up entirely.
There've got to be More logans out there.
You got anything that packs More of a wallop? Well, i may be wrong, But i think I think i've got Just what you're looking for.
(narrator) The path to our Own destruction may lie Less in the weapons We conceive Than the violence In our hearts.