The Outer Limits (1995) s06e12 Episode Script


Wait, wait.
Wait You really think It happened that way? I know It happened that way.
Are you seriously Telling me that a year After our wedding, That's how you remember It, 'cause if it is Oh, please.
Not this again.
I gotta set this Straight here.
I'm at the front Of a church, right? Yeah, and you totally blow This out of proportion every single time.
Lisa is cracking up Because, well, you know, Don's taking it Way too seriously, And-- and, well, jerry, Uh, his eyes are half shut Looking like the poster chil From hangovers anonymous.
And why should our wedding day be Any different for jerry? And they started playing Here comes the bride.
And i see you way-- way down At the end of the aisle, right, You're on your crutches, And you're just pissed as hell Because you bought Your $150 pair of shoes And you can't wear 'em Because you broke your leg.
Hairline fracture, Thank you very much.
I'm still bitter About those shoes.
And the music's playing, And out of the blue, You throw down your crutch And you're like, "screw the orthopedic surgeon, I am walking down the aisle If it kills me.
" You know not even to mention That quack's name around me.
That is exactly How the walk started.
You just keep on buggin' me, Monkey boy, And you're Gonna be wearing crutches.
You're just You're angry 'Cause i'm right.
You're wrong.
You're You ok? Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, sorry Tom, what's wrong? Tom, is it happening again? Tom, please, You're scaring me.
I'm calling dr.
No, no, no.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's gone Tom, please, i think We should call dr.
No, wendy, it's gone.
All right? I'm fine.
(walker) Tommy.
(walker) Save her, tommy.
Just leave me alone.
Save her, tommy.
Tom? Tom, what's wrong? Open the door.
Stop it! Tom, please! Please, let me help you.
(walker) Save her, tommy.
(wendy) What are you doing? (wendy) Tom.
Tom, what's going on? Please talk to me.
Tom, open the door.
Oh, my god.
Tom, please.
Tom, i'm coming in.
(tom) Oh, my god.
There is nothing wrong With your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling The transmission.
We control the horizontal And the vertical.
We can deluge you With a thousand channels Or expand one single image To crystal clarity And beyond.
We can shape your vision To anything our imagination Can conceive.
For the next hour, We will control All that you see and hear.
You are about to experience The awe and mystery Which reaches from The deepest inner mind To the outer limits.
Humanity defines itself By the capacity to think And feel.
But what happens When a machine Attains the same abilities? After the auto shutdown Command failed, We immediately dispatched The response & recovery team.
They subdued and powered down The unit for transport, In record time, I might add.
Well, why the hell is he Screaming his head off? He's been reactivated So we can run a thorough diagnostics.
The procedure has To be done with the unit fully operational.
(hickox) All these glitches Are putting the entire project At risk, edward.
We're getting it Under control.
(tom) Ahhh.
Oh, god.
You call this Under control? (tom) What are you doing? Shut off That damn racket.
Every time we have to Scramble an r&r team, This project takes one giant step closer To having the plug pulled.
What was it this time? Flashes of a previous Training exercise.
A fire rescue test.
And last month, it was A hazmat cleanup simulation.
For god's sake, normandy, These were tests we ran 5 years ago.
They're supposed to be wiped From his memory.
They were.
But there Are still bits and pieces Of the walker virus Running in subroutines and the metachips That we haven't been Able to debug.
So the robot's creator Left a virus in his software.
That doesn't fill me With confidence, edward.
Then this will.
The new processors We're installing will relay commands At 7.
9 terabytes per second.
Any bug that walker built Won't have a react time Fast enough to engage And will be rendered dormant.
You know, doctor, I'm from missouri.
So all that crap you just spilled out to me Just gives me a headache.
So i'm gonna give it Right back to you, plain and simple.
You find and fix These glitches Or computers viruses Or whatever the hell it was Walker slipped in Under your nose, and do it now.
We're hanging By a thread.
Normandy, What's happening? What's wrong With my arm.
Why-- Nothing wrong with your arm.
It's your processors, actually.
What are you-- what are you Talking about? Open him up.
(tom) What? No! No.
Please, please.
Stop, stop! You can't feel anything, tom.
Please, please.
It's just lines of code Sending binary data To your drivers, Telling them you should Be reacting this way.
Try to keep still.
Oh, this isn't happening.
This is a nightmare.
You wouldn't know, tom.
You don't have nightmares, Just like you don't have Actual memories.
Only the ones that were Written into your hard drive.
(assistant) Disengaging the old processor.
Why are you Doing this to me? All right, let's prep The new processors for insertion.
I'm not a machine.
(wendy) Edward.
For god's sake, take him Out of consciousness mode.
(tom) Oh, wendy.
Honey, why are they Doing this to me? (assistant) New processor installed.
Is the diagnostic complete? Yes, sir.
Then pull the plug.
Why are you letting 'em Do this to me? Wendy.
Happy? Tell me, wendy, Do you get this attached To all your appliances? It's funny, edward.
In this light you remind me Of a lab-tech i once knew, Who used to perform Unspeakable experiments on live puppies.
I think i know That experiment.
You see when something Cries out in pain, or from fear, Most human beings Have a reaction.
Speaking of reactions, The one having right now Is very encouraging.
It means that tom's becoming more Believable all the time.
But, wendy, Watch the attitude.
You're not working For joe walker anymore.
No kidding.
It was much easier Working here When the project was About developing androids To keep human beings Out of harm's way Rather than making assassins Out of them.
They're not assassins.
And no one put a gun To your head to stay on after walker left.
You were well compensated And promoted.
As the pretend wife Of the billion dollar man.
Wendy, go back to work.
Tom's ready For a system restart, And i'm tired Of this conversation.
Are you staring at me? No.
I'm not ready for work.
Well, i am.
I feel great.
Come on.
Oh, no, you don't.
Ow! Tom, it's freezing! Get lost.
(tom) Come on.
If i have to work, You have to work.
So far, so good.
All right, let's get The surgical theater reconfigured.
(tom) No more minutes.
What's so funny? This woman had a baby In the back of a cab That's funny? How? I'm-- i'm-- i'm getting to it.
They had the baby Right there in the back of the cab, right? And the ambulance comes.
And they're all carted off to the hospital And the cabdriver is left Without a fare, a tip, And i would imagine A pretty nasty back seat.
That is completely not funny.
No, not-- not in And of itself.
But he had-- he's got-- He's It's your look.
What look? The look of, you know, I bought a $150 pair of shoes for my wedding And i-- i never got To wear them 'cause i broke my leg.
Oh, my god, are you Ever gonna let that go? You guys look Exactly the same here.
Oh, good.
Uh, well, it's one Of the best looks of all time, so Actually, you know, That's something I've been-- i've been Thinking about a lot recently.
What, my look? No.
Uh, kids.
You've been thinking About kids? Yeah, i mean, We both have good jobs.
We both are well-paid And we're both extremely Attractive people.
Yes, we are.
So there's no chance Of ugly babies.
I'm serious.
Tom, you know, Now's not the right time.
I mean, what with work And everything, and-- and, You know, until The endurance trials are over, That's something that we wouldn't even be able To begin to think about.
Promise me, After the trials, we will.
We gotta go.
I'll be right there.
All right, that should do it.
You can stop.
That's it? I hardly broke a sweat.
Show off.
When are you gonna Give me a real test, Something i can see these New and improved genes really working? You know, it's funny You should mention that.
Leg press time.
Let's try 1,200.
Pounds? (hickox) Gene therapy.
I've hated this cover story From the beginning.
Why? It's very clean.
It explains His advanced strength and endurance.
It explains why we're running tests on him.
He's never questioned it.
Well, doctor, As you're so fond of telling me, He's got 2 brand new Processors inside him That make his thinking Even more human-like than before, So what if he does Start questioning it? He won't.
He wholeheartedly believes That he volunteered for the data testing Of an advanced gene therapy.
He knows that When the trials are complete The results will be used to form An elite team of intelligence agents For sabotage, espionage, Or whatever's needed.
Everything in that scenario Is true, Except for the gene therapy.
The closer We stick to the truth, The less likely He is to ask questions.
(walker) Tommy.
(walker) Tommy.
What is it? Our signal's being jammed.
(walker) Tommy! Who's down here? (walker) Tommy.
I won't hurt you.
Come to the sound Of my voice.
Who the hell's down here? Huh? Where are you? (walker) Hello, tom.
What the hell's goin' on? What are you-- what are you Doin' in my house? My name is joe walker.
And i'm your creator.
This is a holographic Recording, tom.
You can listen, But you can't ask questions.
I'm just a projection.
But it's very, very importan That you stay silent and listen.
Because what i have to say To you maybe very difficult For you to accept, At first.
Go to a mirror, Look at your back.
When you are ready to respond, This message will continue.
Now prepare yourself, tom.
This will come as a shock.
Look at your back.
Go ahead.
There's a fine seam That goes down your spine.
Oh, you can't see it, But it's there.
Pull the seam open.
Go ahead, pull at your skin.
It's ok, trust me.
Oh, my god.
You're not human, tom.
I know this is a shock.
You're an a.
Driven Electromechanical being.
I know.
I created you.
Hello? Is he there Sleeping with you? No.
Damn it.
Scramble response And recovery.
How long till i Get my eyes and ears back? Still trying to detect The source of the jamming.
I'm gonna go find him.
You are at the center Of a massive project Led by dr.
Edward normandy, Who i'm sure you've been Led to believe, until now, is your friend.
He's not.
They're testing you, tom.
You are to become the government's Most advanced espionage weapon.
You see, they want To create a being they can control.
One who thinks he's real.
They can use for Reconnaissance or sabotage, And if necessary, murder.
I know how all this sounds, Tom.
I know it sounds crazy.
Everything i'm telling you Is the truth.
We've pinpointed The jamming frequency.
We should have picture Back momentarily.
The fact that you're Receiving this transmission Means that normandy has Upgraded your processors To a highly Sophisticated level.
'Cause until now, This message was like A dog whistle to you.
But not any more.
You're not gonna believe this.
Got it.
I wanted to create A series of androids That would, in effect, Take humans out of harm's way Under the most Dire of circumstances.
Son of a bitch.
A micro-optic hologram.
How can that be? We've never been able To debug tom's ocular projection software.
We'll have to Try a little harder.
Don't interrupt him, Let's see what he's saying.
Imagine being able To send a rescuer Into a burning building To save a victim Without endangering A fire-fighter's life.
Or to storm a house Where hostage negotiations have failed.
Or to clean up a biological Or chemical hazard Without risking One single life.
Unfortunately, The project was militarized And normandy, An old colleague of mine, took charge.
Well, i wasn't about to sit by idly And watch you become a weapon.
I would assume that he's broken through A myriad of glitches That i've built Into your system.
But that was part Of the plan.
Every time he upgraded you To eliminate a glitch, He put you closer To being able to accept this transmission.
I think, now you are Capable of autonomy, And it's vital that You get away from here.
Eyes and ears are not the only Way to keep tabs on you.
You've got a g.
Tracker Embedded in the back Of your head.
I just jammed the signal.
Get that signal back! It'll take them About 15 minutes To get back on-line.
You've got a head start.
Get away from here as fast as you can.
And get that tracker Out of your head.
R&r team.
(r&r team leader) Copy that.
6 minutes.
Be careful who you trust.
Everything he said Is the truth.
What the hell is she doing? I know.
I've known all along.
We're not married.
And everything you think you remember Was downloaded into you.
What the hell Is she doing? I can't stand to see What normandy's trying To make you into.
I loved joe Like a father.
This just can't go on anymore.
They can see And hear everything, And they're on their way.
Please, tommy, You have to trust me.
Ok, close your eyes.
We've lost visuals.
She's taking him.
She can't just take him! Follow me.
Recovery now includes Both tom and wendy seymour.
(r&r team leader) Copy.
4 minutes.
(wendy) Here, put these on What the hell is that? That is the sound of escape.
All right, Open your eyes.
Be careful, because they can see And hear everything.
Their audio and visual Capabilities are tied Into the g.
Module In your head.
Look, joe bought us Some time, But they've probably Got it back up and running by now.
I've got to get That module out of you Or they'll be able To track us wherever we go.
They can see us right now? Yeah.
He's opened his eyes.
They're in a hotel room.
(r&r team leader) Copy that.
A hotel, sir.
Damn it.
Boost the transponder And filter the gain.
There, there.
The g.
Signal is stron Sir.
We're closing.
Your processors will tell yo This is painful.
You're gonna Want to react, But you have to override The temptation to stop me.
All right, i'm ready Just-- just do it.
I definitely feel it.
Tom, you're gonna have to sit still Or i won't be able to do this.
You can't really feel pain.
Oh, yeah? Ow.
She's accessing the panel.
How close are you? Minutes away.
Why didn't you Just shut me off in the car And deactivate my tracking device While i was out? I can't shut you off, tom.
That's an encrypted code That only normandy and the r&r team have.
We should be at the hotel Any second, sir.
What's wrong? I can't get the knife Under it.
(wendy) Ok, almost.
Set the disablers To maximum disrupt.
I don't want any screw-ups.
Almost got it.
Almost Got it! Damn! Yes, sir, we've lost our Eyes and ears, too, But the signal is strong.
They're on the move.
Go right on top of them.
We should have a visual.
Hotel right ahead.
Hey, move, move.
That's them.
Let's go.
Get out of the car, now.
I said Get out of the car, now.
At ease.
Sir, look there.
We got a problem, sir.
Did you apprehend them Or not? No, sir.
You, ok? Well, for someone Who's not alive, i'm doin' great.
One thing's been Botherin' me, though.
What? Where the hell Did the joe walker hologram come from? Didn't joe call his Message a transmission? Yeah.
Well, it sounds to me like that signal May have been broadcasting Over and over again Just waiting for the day The receiver would be able to receive it.
A signal embedded With a simultaneous jamming beacon.
To buy him some time alone With his creation.
But what's its source? I think i may know.
It doesn't look like she's home.
Well, just give her a minute, She's a little hard of hearing Oh, there-- there she is.
Hi, mrs.
Do you remember me? I worked With your husband, joe.
Of course i remember you, Wendy.
And you, tom.
How did-- How did you know my name? Come in.
Come in, You'll see.
Still nothing.
Try it again.
The auto shutdown sequence Has been completely corrupted.
Hickox is going to Have a stroke.
Sir, the squad's reporting in from wendy Seymour's apartment.
Her private residence Has been searched and secured.
It doesn't look like she's been there Since this round of beta testing began.
We did find something.
Anything useful? Yes, sir, i'd say so.
A microcam was found mount In the smoke alarm.
What? We didn't bug Her apartment.
We have the signal coordinates Of the camera.
Can you lock into that signal And backtrace the source? Absolutely.
I think We made a mistake.
Here it is.
Found it in the other room.
You pipe down in there, Mr.
We have guests.
Walker, um, I came here because i needed to- I know why You're here, tom.
This photograph was taken 40 years ago.
(tom) 40 years.
(sylvia) That's my husband, joe, And that's me.
(wendy) What? What is this? I don't understand.
You see, Tom was my husband's 2nd robot, dear.
You were the first.
That is, um That is just ridiculous.
Sweetie, i know This is going to be hard.
Look, with all due respect, I think that we're-- Joe said i could talk and talk Until i'm blue in the face, But that You'd want proof.
May i? All right, Open your hand, dear, like this.
Now, push right here.
You have to Push harder, dear.
Can you feel it? Yeah, i can feel it, But it's nothing, It's a bone spur or something.
It's the motor control For the central drive chip Of your hand.
You think I'm feeling a motor control? Look, dear, I was joe's assistant until we married.
I know What i'm talking about.
You know what, I think you're right.
I think we're wasting Our time.
I mean, this was a mistake.
I'm sorry for dragging you On this wild-- ow! What the hell Is wrong with you? Don't be scared.
This can't be happening.
I have lived a whole life.
I have a childhood.
I grew up in new jersey.
I-- Actually, dear, You're only 10 years old Those memories, That childhood, was mine I don't understand, How can this be? You were never alone, dear.
I was always watching you Through a camera joe installed In your apartment.
In case you broke down.
And that's happened? Of course, dear.
Then i tended to you.
It doesn't happen That often with you.
You're an earlier model.
Not quite as complex as tom.
The emotions you experience Are simulated.
But tom here has the potential For the real thing.
Uh, what do you mean, Tom has the potential For the real thing? Oh, my god, i I have so many questions, i The answers To all your questions are out there.
It's a data interface.
(wendy) I still can't believe this.
Yeah, well, Welcome to the club.
Are you ready? Wendy and tom, Congratulations, you made it.
Where are we? Inside a virtual program.
We can interact here.
I don't understand.
How can we interact if you're dead? No, joe walker is dead.
I'm an artificial intelligence Program.
Joe created me When he realized he was dying.
He wanted me to be here To answer all your questions.
Sylvia said that i have Potential for real emotion.
What did she mean? Well, it's a matter Of processor speed.
A high enough react time Makes it possible And you have been upgraded To this level.
Otherwise you wouldn't have been abl To receive my message.
Now you're advanced enough To be free.
What about glitches? What if we break down or fall apart? Well, that's why You have each other.
It's up to you.
This is going to be difficult At first, But i'm going to help.
Your design, your history, Everything is going to be downloaded Onto your central drives.
You'll be free.
It's remarkable.
This isn't what I'd intended, you know? What? I started out trying to make a machine That would help humanity.
And i wound up with one That embodies it.
It's remarkable.
(walker) You ready for the download? Yes.
Good luck And hang on to your socks.
Are you ok? I think so.
We're free.
Free as a bird Without a cage.
(r&r team leader) Over here, this way.
Nice and easy, tom.
You get off my property.
Who are you? Hello, sylvia.
Edward normandy.
You get off my property.
Right now, Before i call the police.
Tom, let's do this The easy way, shall we? Disable them.
No! Don't move.
Wendy, get up.
We both know the disabler pulse Is harmless to humans.
Get up.
My god! (normandy) Question.
Can an artificial being Experience deja vu? (normandy) What's the matter, tom? Wendy.
Bit of a mess, isn't she? Kudos to walker, though.
I had no idea.
What do you think, tom? Do robots have a soul? I'd be interested In your opinion.
Go to hell.
The answer is no.
They don't.
You don't.
Neither did she.
But if such a thing Did exist, This-- this would be it.
What is it? For lack of a better term, It's a personality disk.
It's what makes her Who she is.
Flawed piece Of machinery that it is.
Are you going To rebuild her? Why rebuild An old model? She'll be better used As parts for newer ones.
This should be the last time We'll meet like this.
With the integration Of your new processors And the lack of interference From joe walker, We should have you up And working for us in no time.
You may find it hard To believe, tom, But i'm truly sorry For the way it's all happened.
If you're so sorry, Set me free.
We can find a better way To spend the taxpayer's money Than that, don't you think? You weren't built for freedom.
You believe walker Was some great humanitarian, don't you? We're really Not that different, he and i.
We both wanted The same thing.
You wanted a weapon.
Is sending an android Into a burning building To rescue a child Anymore heroic than sending an Android into a hostile country On a reconnaissance mission? Walker's way Protects the individual.
My way protects the masses! Who's making More of a contribution? Dr.
Normandy, Col.
Hickox is here.
It'll all be over soon.
What the hell's going on? Unlock this door! Something's overriding The system.
Lock down the base! Do it now! Communications are dead.
Power on all grids reads zero.
Can't they do something? What have you got? Sir, our search turned up a wire report From a local philadelphia paper.
Last night 3 s.
-6 Superconductors were stolen from boundary Microsystems.
Where was this? Wilkes-barre, pennsylvania.
That's the poconos.
One of tom's memories Is of a trip to that area.
All right, get the specifics.
This might be something.
I don't need the specifics.
I've got them.
Hazelton campgrounds, Cabin "c.
" I went there On a camping trip 10 years ago.
It's one of my memories.
All clear.
(tom) Dr.
Welcome to my lab.
I regret the theft Of the superconductors.
It was the only element I was unable to manufacture.
I assume the theft Of such a specialized item Is what caught your eye And brought us All together here today.
The last time i saw you, You asked me if i had a soul.
Call it what you want, Personality disks, soul The point is, you were wrong.
The answer is yes, i do.
We do.
Let me introduce you to my wife.
Recently resurrected and brought back From the dead.
I rebuilt And upgraded her To the fully functional bein That i am.
Knowhow courtesy of joe walker.
She's who She always was.
You shouldn't experiment On live puppies, edward.
'Cause they just might Come back and bite you when they grow up.
Saving humanity from itself Is a pretty noble protocol.
Sounds like a good way To spend your life.
It's what joe did, If you think about it.
By the time you see this, We'll be well away from here, Somewhere out there.
We plan to find a nice place Settle down.
Start a family.
Build some friends Into our lives.
Your reality Will become ours.
From now on, You'll never know If the person standing Next to you is really one of us, Or one of you.
(tom) Congratulations, doctor.
You've accomplished What you set out to do.
You've made one hell Of a contribution.
You're the man Who ushered in the age of the android.
If we choose to give birth To a thinking machine, We must be prepared For the day When our progeny Will demand independence.