The Outer Limits (1995) s06e17 Episode Script


Vince, you're dead.
I shot you.
Vince! Vince! Hey.
I'm glad we got here a day early.
It's like the calm before the storm.
Check this out, man.
This is the actual field.
This is where it happened pickett's charge, july 3, 1863.
Did i ever tell you about my great ancestor, major beauregard larouche.
Lead the only unit to break union lines.
About a hundred times.
15,000 men drove straight into the teeth of hell.
And got their butts kicked.
Although the beauty is tomorrow we get to do it all over again.
Who knows? Maybe this time the good guys'll win.
Hey, you're a piece of work, man.
You never know, vince.
The world might have been a better place.
Sucks, man.
The only action we're ever gonna see is coming down here and playing soldier like this.
We missed out on world war ii.
We missed out on vietnam.
We even missed out on desert storm.
You sign up these days, the only deployment you're ever gonna get is some punk-ass u.
Peacekeeping mission.
Yeah, peace is hell.
What can i say? Hey, come on, baby.
Take my picture.
It's enough to turn your stomach.
Forget it, joe.
These re-enactors they're all freaks.
Hey! Hey, did you say something? Proud of that flag, are you? A lot of good men died defending it.
Why? You got a problem with it? You wave that flag around you're not honoring the dead.
You're rubbing salt into some very old wounds.
Ok, all right.
It's cool.
We'll take it away, ok? We'll put it away.
No, no, no.
Screw that.
It's a free country, isn't it? No thanks to what that flag represents.
No! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
You got the whole weekend to get your grudge out.
Get the hell outta here.
Look at this guy.
Great uniforms.
Repro muskets? Oh, well, andy's is the real deal.
Mine's just a knock-off.
Um, vince chance.
How you doing? This is andy larouche.
Reed hollingsworth.
Where you from? Baltimore originally nashville.
Medical corps, right? Yeah.
Yeah, vince here's a paramedic.
That means he gets to be a field medic.
Lucky me.
Last year the biggest emergency they had was a bee sting.
All right, catch you guys later.
All right.
You two gentlemen mind if i take your picture? No, not at all.
Oh, great.
Right over here, please.
All right.
Where do you want us? Over by the monument here.
That'd be nice.
Very good.
Up the steps.
Here? That's fine.
On the steps yeah, that's great.
Hey, man, that camera looks totally authentic.
Matthew brady himself once owned it.
It captured images in the field during chancellorsville and gettysburg.
Now hold very still.
3, 2 so where'd the guy go?! Soldier.
Soldier! Where are your papers? Hey, chill out, man.
Things don't start until tomorrow.
You yankees, surrender your weapons.
This piece was made in 1863.
I don't surrender it to nobody.
I say again, you surrender your arms, or you will not live to see 1864! What? I'm gonna get me a room.
I'll see you guys later.
You better not, yankee.
Oh, jesus! Jesus! Are you insane, man?! You just shot him! And i will do the same to you if you do not drop that musket! Do it, vince.
These guys ain't kidding.
Lieutenant, put it down! There is nothing wrong with your television.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are now controlling the transmission.
We control the horizontal and the vertical.
We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.
mgm home entertainment you are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to It is said that great conflicts are not settled by words, but by iron and blood.
But what if we could revisit those decisions? Would we still surrender to violence? Maybe that guy didn't really die.
T-t-t-that flash must have must have hypnotized us or knocked us out.
I don't know.
Lieutenant, you hold both of these men for interrogation.
Have 'em wait there.
Hey, have you, uh, have you still got that radio? Yeah, i still got my radio.
What do you want? Turn it on.
See if you can get anything.
Yeah, there, nothing.
Ok? Get the book out of my pocket.
Vince, what are you doing? Here, here, here, here.
Just turn to the chapter on gettysburg.
Ok, what there, there, there.
What am i looking for? There.
"Colonel angus devine.
"Thought to have suffered "from meningitis, "disappeared on the eve "of the final battle of gettysburg.
Presumed to desert.
" This is too friggin' weird.
Put it in your pack.
Hide it.
This is no reenactment, andy.
Something that that that man with the camera did it it it transported us.
Transported us where? Not where, when.
Hey, hey, hey, there he is.
That's the guy.
That's him.
Hey, hey! Hey! Do you know these men, mr.
Prentice? Can't say that i do.
You're lying! You will speak when you are spoken to! It's the camera that you use! Quiet! You, corporal, you come over here.
I want you to tell me where the rest of them blue devils are.
Sir? We know they're assembling.
I, uh, i got separated, sir.
Separated? Then you are a deserter! He ain't no deserter, sir.
Then he's a spy.
He ain't no spy either.
Maybe you're both spies! I'm a loyal member of the army of northern virginia sir.
No matter.
No matter.
No matter at all.
My scouts are out there gathering intelligence.
We will have them yellow-bellies hollerin' for their mamas all the way back to the capitol.
Are you done, mr.
Prentice? Uh, one more, if you don't mind, colonel.
Uh, standing if you will? I can hardly breathe in this heat.
I don't think it's the heat, sir.
I think i know what your problem is.
If i did not think that i could trade you for one of my boys, i would kill you where you stand! Colonel! What! Major hinton is hit! Somebody get me the surgeon.
We lost him to a yankee shell more than a week ago.
Remember? Untie me.
Untie me, i'm a medic.
I'm a medic.
I can help this man.
He ain't lying, sir, he can help.
Soldier, untie that man.
Aaaahhh! It's all right, son.
All of our advanced troops, they were moving up the shamburg road.
We ran smack into the 8th illinois aahhhh! You did good, son.
You did good.
For the love of god, help me! Yankee, you get in here! Move over.
Excuse me.
Mini? Ball shattered the bone.
The leg will have to come off.
No, the leg's not going to have to come off.
The bone can be set.
L i need my bag.
You got it? If you do not remove this man's limb, he will die of gangrene.
No, he will not die if we sanitize the wound.
Aaahhhh! I'm going to need morphine or, uh ether, ether.
Whatever you got.
Corporal, if this man dies so do you.
check it.
I just managed to convince colonel devine that you're ready to throw down with the confederacy.
You did what? This is what we always wanted.
What is it going to take to convince you that this is real? You know what? I don't know if this is real, or if it ain't real, but i do know that there's a bunch of boys out there who think that they're going into battle tomorrow, and i am going to go with them.
No, no.
They don't think they're going into war, they are going into war.
28,000 rebel troops are going to march on the union positions.
From the west to the north.
Tomorrow! It's the first day of the battle of gettysburg.
And we're going to be there.
This is not a game.
Do you have any idea how many people died? No, no, no, no how many people are going to die? You know that this is something i always felt cheated of.
What? I thought you were talking about you wanted to fight for your country, not against it.
The confederacy fought against big government.
Now they fought for state rights, they fought for individual rights, now uncle sam, old abe you call him whatever you want, i got all the enemy i need.
Come on! You don't actually believe all that b.
Your spouting.
Yeah, well, maybe you don't know me as well as you thought you did.
What's that supposed to mean? I'll tell you what that means, mr.
Big hotshot professional.
Me makin' 10 bucks an hour, barely payin' my rent, framin' houses without medical! It means that i'm sick of gettin' pushed around my whole life by bosses, by cops, by i.
I'm sick of wetbacks and welfare recipients makin' it off my sweat.
You think that this is a nightmare, vince? My life has been a nightmare.
And somebody just showed me a way out.
Do you know what this is? Payback time.
You're one lucky dog, corporal.
Major hinton is showing no signs of gangrene.
His fever even broke.
What's this, lieutenant? You are the only medical officer this unit has.
You've just enlisted in the army of northern virginia.
But don't think we won't keep an eye on you.
Well, lookee here.
Score one for dixie.
Andy, this colonel devine, he shows every sign of viral meningitis.
Yeah? Well, that's his problem.
No, no, no.
It affects the brain.
He's already suspicious of us.
He's irrational.
He's dangerous.
There's no telling what he could do.
Oh, my god.
That's general lee.
Nobody is evergonna believe this.
Well, i hope we live long enough to tell someone.
There he is.
Come on.
Prentice, you lying son of a bitch.
You have to send us back.
What did you do to us? I should think that would be pretty obvious.
Yeah, but how? How isn't important.
You have a mission.
What are you talking about? There are lessons you have to learn.
To tell you more wouldn't make sense until you've learned them.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Where i come from, i'm one of the few believers believers? That events can be changed, that wrongs can be righted.
Most are convinced that history is self-correcting, that changes are compensated for, that destiny will prevail no matter what.
Your mission is to prove them wrong.
I told you so, didn't i? If you complete your mission, i'll take you back.
We are movin' out.
Fall in, soldiers.
Gentlemen, assemble yourselves! I'm happy to report that lincoln's army is on the run.
This mornin' we attacked from the north and from the west, and we are drivin' the yankee army clean through gettysburg.
They are retreating to higher ground north of town.
Our orders are to gain as much intelligence as possible on the strength and position of the enemy on that hill.
General lee has also informed me that general stuart's cavalry will be here at any moment.
No, they won't.
What was that? crazy.
What did you say? Sir.
G general stuart general stuart is on a glory-seekin' raid in maryland.
He ain't gonna get here until it's too late.
You can keep your damn lies to yourself if you do not want to taste the lead of my repeater.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
Move these men out.
Hup! Forward, march! Where'd he go? Andy: You know as well as i do what prentice was talkin' about.
I don't know jack.
We know more about what's gonna go down here the next 2 days than anyone else, includin' the generals.
Yeah, and if we share that information, we don't just change the course of this battle.
We could change the course of the world.
We could, uh, change the course of history.
All my life, i've wanted to do somethin' important.
I just never thought i'd get the chance.
Until now.
I'm not gonna let you do it.
Is that right? That's right.
Why the hell do you think we're here, vince? You heard what the man said we got a mission.
Stand aside! I claim this property in the name of the confederate army.
We're not at war with civilians, certainly not women.
Place the major on the settee.
I will need an account of all stores upstairs and down.
Search the house for weapons.
My, my, my.
The lady of the house is as big as one.
Where is your husband? He was with the union army.
He's gone to his reward.
Our men are hungry thirsty.
We need provisions.
You don't need my permission.
You're gonna take it all anyway.
Nobody asked for this war but now that it's been brung, wewillsee it through.
I'm not sure i understand the strategic value of this hamlet, colonel.
What's so important about gettysburg? Take a look at the map, lieutenant.
A dozen roads converge here.
It's a crossroads.
It is not about the town.
And it is not about the ground, gentlemen.
We have the union army here and under a new commander to boot.
If we can break the back of meade's troops here, we will march straight through the shenandoah valley, right to the steps of the capitol buildin'.
And if you don't? Did i give you permission to speak? Sir, all i'm sayin' is that if we cut quiet! Through here, these troops quiet! Are gonna be comin' down uhh! Just hear me out! You mind your tongue, soldier, or somebody's gonna slice it clean off.
Ahh, damn it.
What w-what's happening?! Uh the, um umbilical cord's wrapped around the baby's neck.
Help my baby.
Please! Don't let it die.
Ok, ok! That's good.
Ok, now i'm gonna need you to push one more time, ok? One last push.
1 2 3! Ohhh you're ok! Ok, ok, ok! Ok Ok.
We got 2 arms.
We got 2 legs.
You have a gorgeous little baby boy.
You ok? Thank you.
Hey, vince, you remember that relative of mine that fought at gettysburg? Mm-hmm.
Beauregard larouche, the war hero.
What if i'm here to see that he didn't die in vain? Maybe even save his life? Vince, the civil war went on for 2 years after the battle of gettysburg.
Now now, if the south had won a decisive victory then then it might have gone on for another 5 years, man.
Or it might've been over in a week.
The colonel wanted me to tell all of you this unit's gettin' assigned to another corps.
Which corps? As soon as he arrives, we'll be under the command of one of the best general george e.
Did you hear that? "The teeth of hell.
" You remember? we have no chance.
We are going todie! What are you doin', man? Where the hell did you put the book? Don't light a match when you're sitting on a million gallons of fuel.
Now, we show them how the federal troops are arrayed, we could savethousands of confederate lives! Oh, ok, so now we decide who lives and who dies, right? Sure you're up to playing god, andy? I don't think you've figured out how to be a man yet.
Get off! Get him off! That is enough, soldiers! You men don't have the sense of a jackass between ya! I do not care how dug in they are, major.
We are 75,000 strong.
There is no way that they can hold.
Yes, sir.
Where are the rest of your party, major? We, uh, we came under fire on the way back to the headquarters, about 2 miles back.
All dead except for my signalman, will monroe, and and he's in a bad way.
The fire was too heavy to risk bringin' him out, and i had to get my report to general lee.
No, of course, major.
No one can fault you.
With your permission, colonel, i'd like to go back and get young will.
I just need a couple of good men.
I'm sorry, major.
I cannot spare you or anyone else in this unit.
You are dismissed.
But, colonel, we are not ordered to deploy until general pickett arrives.
I said you're dismissed, major! Yes, sir.
You! You with the bag.
You a surgeon? Are you a surgeon? Uh, yes.
S-so they tell me.
There's an injured man that needs your help.
He's tore up pretty good.
I want you and this man to come with me.
Corporal larouche! I need you and this wagon right away.
Yes, sir.
Are you beauregard larouche? Do i know you, friend? N-no, sir.
No, you don't.
Larouche, your ancestor.
This must be the mission that prentice was talkin' about.
Major, we'd be happy to help you out, sir.
All right, then.
Come on, now.
Come on.
Where you from, corporal? Chattanooga! What about your family? Pa's a damn sutler! Profiteer.
What kinda action you seen? More'n i care to talk about.
You still believe in the cause, don't you? You mean stayin' alive? Yeah, i believe in that.
For the rest of it hell, some days i forget what we're fightin' for.
Just around that bend! Right here.
Stay low, now.
Corporal larouche, keep your weapon at the ready.
Yes, sir.
Major! Over there.
Open fire! Drummond: Get down! Corporal! Cover me! I'm comin', will! Straight ahead! Thank god almighty! I told you i'd come back for you, will.
Ohh! Major! Major.
Major! Major! Major! Major! He's gone Major! He's gone! Come on, will.
We're gonna get you outta here.
Come on! Up.
let's go.
Corporal, what the hell did you do back there?! I didn't want to die! I seen too much of dyin'! Prentice! Got him? Yeah.
Prentice! Prentice! Get the camera outta your wagon, and you take us back to our own time! You haven't completed your mission.
I don't think that you want to race a bullet.
Where is major drummond? Dead, sir.
I rescued that soldier myself.
No one was to leave this unit, corporal.
You defied my orders.
Major drummond forced us, sir.
He forced us all.
We are at war, corporal.
If we break down the chain of command now, we might as well surrender! You leave me with no choice but to make an example outta you! Colonel! Colonel.
Please put the gun down, sir.
Uh, uh, please, now.
N-now, i know you think that this man is the problem, but he ain't.
I can't let you do this.
You gotta believe me.
The only way, the only way to to get in at meade's troop is to come at 'em from the flanks.
Soldier, you are out of line.
L i know, but if you can just give me a second.
I gotta make the colonel here understand i understand.
I understand that you disobeyed orders.
I understand that you all disobeyed orders! Colonel.
Colonel, i will not abide disloyalty, either, but silence, lieutenant! I cannot believe that you turned on me as well.
I have not, sir.
Come on, come on.
It is no matter, lieutenant.
Uhh! That man will pay for his indiscretion! Lieutenant: No! What have you done?! Confiscate that blasted thing! No.
L i need my wagon and camera back.
Sir, my livelihood's in those works.
Can't do, mr.
I need that wagon for transport.
Until i know what the devil happened to the colonel i am not about to return the apparatus.
Godspeed, vincent.
Quick step, gentlemen.
The order to charge is gonna be given by pickett himself.
When the firing starts, we're gonna get the equipment out of your wagon and you gotta send us back to our own time.
But i need assurances.
What kind of assurances? That lessons have been learned, that the mission is complete.
Prentice, we don't know what you're talkin' about.
We've never known what you were talkin' about.
I brought you here to avert one of history's greatest tragedies.
You with me, watch yourselves.
So you want us to prevent pickett's charge? No.
You want you want the south to prevail? No, no, no.
The event i want to thwart didn't even happen during the civil war.
What? Then why are we here? In november of the year 2013, america's greatest president was assassinated in the midst of delivering a second gettysburg address.
A man hailed as the greatest leader since lincoln, exactly 150 years after after the original gettysburg address, he came here to bury the symbol of slavery an emblem of hatred and oppression.
The confederate battle flag.
Yeah, so what does that have to do with us? Why the hell are we here? I wanted you to see firsthand that there's no glory in this war or any other.
I wanted you to know what hatred and bitterness can do.
What aren't you telling us? What aren't you saying? What? The man who assassinated our greatest president, he lead a group supporting the flag.
When they arrested him, he told them he did it in the name of his brave ancestor.
It was you, andy.
The assassin was you.
This was my last attempt.
Everything i tried to do to stop you in the past failed miserably.
The momentum of destiny is powerful.
I still believe it's not inevitable.
This experience should have transformed you, andy larouche.
Form yourselves, gentlemen.
We're about to make history.
Hey, you heard what he said.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Doesn't have to be.
You can change.
You can you can do the right thing.
You're right.
I can.
You risked your life to save mine.
I just wanted you to know that i am ashamed of what i done.
But you reminded me why i am a soldier.
It'd be a privilege to fight alongside you, sir.
Wait! No! You're all gonna die andy! No.
No, you can't.
The fate of the confederacy is in your hands, gentlemen.
For the love of your home, your children, your womenfolk.
For the love of virginia.
For the love of god! Forward march! Men, stay with me! No, stop.
Stop! Hey, you gotta stop.
Andy! Stop! You're all gonna die.
Wait, wait, wait.
No, no, stop.
You don't understand! Pickett is sending you to your deaths.
You're all gonna die! You all gotta stop! You gotta stop, you gotta stop! You gotta st i will not allow cowardice, damn you! Sir, you don't understand stand down, soldier! You gotta stop! Stand down! You are a traitor! Andy.
God damn it.
Ohh! What did you do? I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Come on! I'm so sorry.
Come on! Ok, ok.
Andy, andy Oh, god.
Andy? Oh, god! Is this what you wanted to have happen? No.
It was his choice, to overcome his destiny.
It's time, vince.
It's time.
7 score and 10 years ago, on this hallowed site, thousands of decent men gave their lives for causes they believed in, on both sides.
Today, we've finally laid to rest a symbol of divisiveness, a symbol of separation and conflict with no disrespect or malice for the soldiers who carried it into battle.
I hereby consign the confederate battle flag to its eternal rest.
I'm colonel devine of the confederate states of america.
I shot lincoln! President is down! I repeat, the president you will remember me.
You will remember me! Despite everything we do, we may never free ourselves from the bonds of fate.