The Outer Limits (1995) s07e01 Episode Script

Family Values

1 -(KEYBOARD KEYS CLACKING) -(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) No, no, no, Listen to me, Digicom doesn't need the KX-378, I don't, ,, I don't care what Farley said, Farley's wrong about this, What they need is a KX-42 system, Believe me, run this fax, you will see 'em right, -Call me back later, Bye, -(PHONE BEEPS) Mr, Wayburn, Jerry Miller here, How are you today? Listen, I am gonna send your proposal over by email this afternoon, I think you are gonna be very, very happy with it, No, Thank you, sir, Jerry Miller here, May I ask you who's calling? Miss Ambrose? (STUTTERING) Yes, uh, ,, I am blanking, What company? Yup, Okay, Wood River is a, ,, Well, the high school, Yes, of course, Wood River High School, I have a daughter that goes there, Candace, right, She has, ,, Suspended for three days? Okay, Well, uh, listen, Call her mother, Yes, She's not? All right, Well, uh, you know I would love to come down there myself but I am in the middle of about 25 things here working, I am sure that you understand, (STUTTERING) Yeah, well, ,, Believe me, I know it's important, This is important too, (SIGHING) All right, All right, I'll be right over there, Okay, thank you, (HITTING COMPUTER KEY) Here it goes, Here I go, (SIGHS) JERRY: What am I goin' to do with you? CANDACE: I don't know, Dad, What you are goin' to with me? JERRY: What do I have to do to make you act like a responsible human being? CANDACE: It's not like I got arrested and thrown in jail, JERRY: Isn't getting suspended from school bad enough? I don't want to talk about it anymore! Listen, doesn't it bother you that I had to leave work early drive all the way out to Wood River just to pick you up? CANDACE: No! JERRY: Well, you know what? I can still ground you! CANDACE: Go ahead! -I'm gonna if you keep mouthing on me! -Ground me! It's one of those days, I heard you, brother, It's my body, My body! And nobody has the right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body! But that doesn't excuse the fact that you are too young to smoke and if you get caught smoking again at school they're gonna kick you out, RUSS: Hey, Dad! I got a new video game, Blood Zone 3, Master versus the Grim Reaper, Want to play? Russ, we are eatin' dinner here, okay? Why can't we eat dinner in front of the TV like everyone else in the known universe? Because when I am home, I want to eat at the table, all together, like a family, Which is once a week if we are lucky, You know, you better watch your attitude, young lady, Honey, help me out here, Well, maybe if you were home more often, Jerry, All right, I will quit my job, Heck! Kids don't need to go to college, That's not what I am saying, ,, It's just, ,, I need more help around here, You promised to clean up the basement weeks ago, The garage door still stilts and the lawn needs mowing, Well, Russ is old enough to mow the lawn now, What do you say, son? (METAL CLATTERING) HOST ON TV: Hey, you, That's right, you, You work hard for a living, am I right? I bet there aren't enough hours in a work day for you to get done everything you need to do, HOST: Yeah, MAN: Could you use a helping hand around the house? MAN: You bet, HOST: Then this is your lucky day, Get up out of your chair and follow me, I want to introduce you to the Gideon 4000, -From Gideon Robotics -(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) The Gideon 4000 is the latest in modern home conveniences, Programed to help out in hundreds of different ways around the house, So, you mean it'll do the household chores? Like the laundry and the dishes? Will it take out the trash? HOST: The Gideon 4000 will do all of that and more, But this isn't just a labor saving device, Thanks to the Gideon 4000's unique and revolutionary microprocessor, he is actually able to hold a conversation with you on any number of subjects, Hello, Gideon, how are you? I am fine, Mr, Herbert, how are you? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MAN: Well, that's incredible! Now something this amazing has to be really expensive? That's the beauty of it, Gideon Robotics is offering a free 30 day, in home trial, If you decide to keep your Gideon 4000 beyond the initial 30 days, you can do so by making one, low, monthly payment, And best of all, ,, The Gideon 4000 comes with a lifetime guarantee, Wow! (PHONE DIALING) Everybody it's here! Come on, let's go! BROOKE: What's here? (WHIRRING) GIDEON: Activation sequence complete, MAN: We're right outside the Miller residence, Gideon, JERRY: Come on! Hurry up, guys, This is gonna be great! Okay line up there, Stay right there! (TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) Here we are, Mr, Miller, You have to sign here, here and here, Great, great, great, great, great, So, ,, This is free, right? For the first 30 days, correct, Great, great, great, There is your copy of the contract including the release forms, Fine, fine, fine, You guys are goin' to love this! Very exciting, Your excited too, aren't you? (METAL CLANKING) Gideon, Come meet your new family, (METAL CLANGING) CONTROL VOICE: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, CONTROL VOICE: In a society where devotion to one's family is frequently sacrificed on the altar of ambition, -(GIDEON BEEPING) -Can the things we sacrifice ever be regained? Step off the platform, Gideon, Hey, don't be afraid, Don't be afraid, Now he'll do whatever I tell him to do, right? -Yes, sir, -Okay, Gideon, My name is Jerry Miller and I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Brooke, my son, and my daughter, Welcome to the Miller family! What do you mean, welcome to the Miller family? What is this thing? Honey, it's not a thing, It's a robot, A very intelligent robot who happens to do chores, You can even have a conversation with him, Watch this, So, uh, Gideon, ,, How you doin' today? I am fine, Mr, Miller, How are you? Why, I am fine too! See! Isn't that great? Wait a minute, Is there an owner's manual or something? -No, -Well, uh, what if I need to fix it? There are no user serviceable parts, Enjoy, No! Stop! -Honey, honey, honey, honey, ,, -Stop! (GASPING) Jerry, I can't believe you did this, A robot? (ENGINE STARTING) Why didn't you talk to me about this? Because I wanted to surprise you! I don't know, Dad, It's pretty creepy, Misty Owens has a Gideon 4000, She says it's nothing but a big bore! How much of our money did you spend on this thing? Honey, it's not a thing, okay? I didn't spend any of our money, -Because it's 30 days, free, no obligation, -(SIGHS) Russ is right, He's creepy, Listen, This is the way for the future, kids, One day everybody's gonna have one! Honey, I got him for you, To help you out around the house when I'm not there, Ah, no way, You, ,, You keep that thing away from me, I don't care, how intelligent it is, Come on, kids, Wait! Don't you want to see what he does? Forget it, DENNIS: Hey, Jerry! (PANTING) -What's this, amigo? -It's a Gideon 4000, You're kidding me! That's pretty damn cool, Yeah, Yeah, it is pretty damn cool, isn't it? Pretty cool! Honey, no one in this family will ever have to wash a dish again, Come here, come here, I want you to see what he does, Now I asked him to load the dishwasher and he's doing a perfect job, I am surprised he didn't come with a dishwasher built in, Or didn't we get the deluxe model? Honey, give him a chance, please, Uh, Jerry, how do we know if this, ,, machine is safe? Of course it's safe, It does whatever I tell him to do, -Gideon stop loading the dishwasher, -(ELECTRICAL BEEPING) JERRY: See! Come on, get him to start loading to the end, Just ask him, Gideon, resume loading the dishwasher, (ELECTRICAL BEEPING) Now isn't that cool? Huh? Listen, I got to run down the office for a few hours, There's no way you are going to the office, I've got to help Farney with the Digicom account, -But it's Saturday! -I know! But this is great, 'Cause you will have a chance to show Gideon around the house, I mean, he does laundry and vacuuming, He probably even does windows, Jerry, we have plans with Dennis and Holly tonight, I know, that's why I'm gonna be back here at 4:00 sharp, May be 5:00, 5:00 at the latest, -(SIGHING) -(CLATTERING) (DOOR CLOSES) Uh, ,, Go, Go and get out of here, Where would you like me to go? Anywhere, but here, (ELECTRICAL BEEPING) (SIGHING) (GLASS CLATTERING) (MEN YELLING ON TV) RUSS: Got you now, sucker! Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Bring it! Get him! Get him! Yeah! Kick some ass! Come on, come on! Why do you play this game? Where'd you come from? Yeah! No! MALE AUTOMATED VOICE: Game over, (LAUGHING) No! No! No, no, no, I had him! And you ruined it, See, look, I am dead meat, Ah, you stupid jerk, It's a beautiful afternoon, Why don't you go outside and play with your friends? May be I don't want to go outside and play with my friends, May be I want stay inside and kick some serious manster butt, Either way, ,, What, ,, What business is it of yours? Go on, Get out of here, Don't ever sneak up on me again, (SIGHS) -(MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO) -CANDACE: Tonight's the night, Yeah, He's coming over tonight after my parents go out, I know! I know! It's going to be so romantic, I'm gonna wear my sexy, black halter top and my leather skirt, Yeah, ,, Yeah, you know, the short one, Your first time should be special, right? What you are doing? Spying on me? Get out of here! Beat it, you freak! Go away! No, it wasn't Russ, It was a stupid robot my dad got, Yeah, it's just like Misty's, it's crazy, I think my dad's brain has gone on a permanent vacation, (SNIFFLES) (SIGHS) Your still here, ? Russ, Candace! I am off to the Minimart, I will be right back, You should wait an hour before you drive, What did you say? You have consumed an alcoholic beverage, The level of alcohol in your blood stream may be over the legal limit, (HUFFS) How dare you? And even if I had consumed an alcoholic beverage, which I have not, I think I am old enough to know what my limit is, And I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself, (ENGINE STARTING) Whoa! (ENGINE REVVING) What's wrong? (ENGINE STOPS) See, the point is you never want to give a client too much to think about, But you don't want to give too little to think about either 'cause then they'll think you are an idiot, -You know what I mean? -(PHONE RINGING) -Jerry Miller, -BROOKE: I want this thing out of my house, now! What's wrong, honey? Get rid of this! Send it back to wherever it came from! All right, I will be home right away, (EXHALES) Look, I don't know who or what you think you are, ,, You did consume an alcoholic beverage, I did not! I, ,, I don't know how you can accuse me of such a thing! (SIGHS) (CLATTERING) How long have you had a drinking problem? That's none of your business, Does Mr, Miller know? Yes, I mean, no, Are you going to tell him? JERRY: Look, honey, where are you? In here, What happened, honey? Are you okay? I, ,, I am fine, (CHUCKLING) I am fine, Well on the phone it sounded like Gideon had attacked you, No, no, It, ,, It didn't attack me, It's just that, ,, I am having trouble getting used to it being here, Well, sounded a lot worse than that, Oh, well, I was upset but I'm better now, You want me to talk to him and tell him to stay the hell out of your way? No! Ah, You, ,, There, ,, There's really nothing to discuss, Okay, All right, honey, I was worried, (SIGHS) You should see him out there mowing the yard, He's so cute, It's not a "he," Jerry, It's an "it," (CHUCKLING) (DOOR BELL RINGS) -You see! -(BOTH LAUGHING) -What'd I tell you! -Oh, my gosh! Look at him! Guys, I thought we're gonna meet upfront, Yeah, I just wanted Holly to see your latest acquisition, This is so amazing! -Can I touch him? -Go ahead, he won't bite, Come on, Brooke, let's go! BROOKE: I'll be right down, -Booh! -(SCREAMING) Dennis, you are so mean! Can we please, try and act like grown-ups here? This is a very sophisticated piece of machinery, Holly, meet Gideon, -Hello, Gideon, -Hello, Holly, (GIGGLES) Gideon mowed my yard today, You're kidding, That's great! You think you can get him to mow my yard tomorrow? HOLLY: Oh! You can mow your own yard, Honey, really, I think we ought to look into getting one of these, May be you can borrow ours, She's kidding, Candace, Russ! BROOKE: (SIGHING) Honey, are you sure the kids are all right alone? Candace has been babysitting Russ for almost a year now, No, I meant with Gideon, Gideon won't bother 'em, And I am sure he's programed to never, ever hurt another human being, Right, Gideon? Guys, we are off, Okay, I am parked out front, Okay, we got our cell phone, but I left the number for the restaurant in the kitchen, Okay? Behave! All right? Don't mess around with Gideon, No stupid robot tricks, He's not a toy, -Okay, I love you, -JERRY: Me too, I will make you a deal, I'll stay out of your way, You stay out of mine, I want to be left alone and I mean alone, Hey, as long as I get the TV room, I got some friends coming over, What are we gonna do about metal head? -CANDACE: All right, here we are, -(SWITCH CLICKS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Watch your step, That's it, Okay, Now, Gideon, I want you to clean all of this up, Organize it and make it nice and clean, Where would you like me to begin? Oh, it doesn't matter where you start, Just, ,, Clean it up and, ,, You know sweep the floor and, ,, Dust the cobwebs and if there's laundry do that too, Okay? Yes, Candace, Good boy, (WHISPERING) That should take him all night, (DOOR CLOSES) (DOORBELL RINGING) -Hey, what's going on? -BOY: Hey, man! What's up? -(DOOR CLOSES) -Did you get it? Did I get it? -Your parents still home? -No, no, they left! Did you get it or not? ALL: All right! -Let's go! -RUSS: Yeah! (KNOCKING) -(WHISPERING) Hi, -Hi, Why did I have to come through the window? I thought you said your parents were going to be gone, Oh, I didn't want my brother to see you, Tonight's our night, And I wanted to make sure that we'd be left alone, Where is your brother? Downstairs, Probably playing video games with his pre-pubescent friends, Oh, yeah? What video games has he got? (CHUCKLES) The last thing that you should be thinking about right now, ,, -is video games, -(DOOR LATCH CLICKS) Did you bring it? (MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO) Oh, ,, I've only ever wanted just to be with you And I know that you feel the same way too The first times the best time Can't you see? (MEN GRUNTING ON TV) -BOY: Yeah! -(ALL GRUNTING) (YELLING) (THUDDING) RUSS: Hey, guys, be careful! Yeah! (YELLING) (MUSIC PLAYING) Makin' love to you (GIGGLING) Easy, Oh, ,, (BOYS GRUNTING) Look at the blood comin' out of his neck! ALL: Yeah! Yeah! (EXCLAIMING) RUSS: Guys, put those down! Guys, stop it! -(GLASS SHATTERING) -Guys! I mean it, Stop! (LAUGHING BOISTEROUSLY) (TV PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) What is that? BOY: What is it? RUSS: It's okay, -It's only a game, -(TV SWITCHES OFF) It's time for your friends to leave, Russ, Now! (DOOR CLOSES) Clay, stop! Clay, Stop! What's wrong, baby? -This is what you wanted, -No! (MUFFLED GROANING) No! (STRAINING) Clay! Stop it! Clay, get off from me! (GROANING) CLAY: Please, no! Don't hurt me, I swear, I didn't do anything, You could ask, ,, Please, I'm begging you, Please, No! Please! I am, ,, Good night, (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) (DOOR LOCK CLICKS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) Wow! Honey, it's nice and quiet in here, No, it's too quiet, I am going to check on the kids, They're in their beds, Asleep, They never go to bed this early on a Saturday night, They were tired, It's okay, honey, (FOOTSTEPS RECEDING) So, Gideon, ,, What'd you do tonight? (SWITCH CLICKS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Holy mother of, ,, This is unbelievable! -Did you clean all this up? -Yes, All by yourself? It was a mess, Well, admittedly there were a few things laying around, It was in a mess! And I cleaned it up, CANDACE: Oh, come on, Gideon, You're not gonna maybe look it up, are you? -Would you like, a hint? -No! "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" CANDACE: What line is it? What is it from? GIDEON: It's from a sonnet, By William Shakespeare, Number 18, Thank you very much, That's it, That's the last question, Hi, Mom, Gideon was just helping me with my homework, Sounds like he was giving you the answers, May be you should say, "Thank you, Gideon," Thank you, Gideon, -Is Russ, home? -No, Oh, he's supposed to check-in after school, He never does, If Russ doesn't obey you, his father should discipline him, Easier said than done, Doesn't Mr, Miller discipline him? He tries, but, ,, You know, ,, He, ,, He works like, ,, Seems like he's always working late, Would you like me to cook dinner? Well, ,, (CHUCKLES) Why not? This I've got to see! Huh, (GLASS CLATTERS) It's 5:00 clock, I'm having a glass of wine, Don't worry I am not driving anywhere, (SIGHING) You want to cook? Kitchen's all yours, Mmm, this chicken is so good, RUSS: Yeah, really good, -Gideon made it, -No way! Yes, he cooked the whole meal, Every single dish, It's excellent, Gideon, Thank you, Aren't you having a drink or some wine? No, Why? Well, You always have a drink, One before dinner, -One with dinner, -One after dinner, I had one glass of wine before dinner, That was all, Cool, So, Russ, ,, Baseball trials start pretty soon, don't they? I am not goin' out, -Why not? -Because I stink, I was hoping dad would teach me how to pitch, Baseball and pitching are governed by the laws of Physics, For example, a ball thrown at the plate at a velocity of 75 miles per hour will be deflected or curved approximately one foot, Gideon, do think you can teach Russ how to pitch? I could show him the basics and help him practice, What do you think, Russ? May be you should take Gideon up on his offer, I don't know, You could give it a try, (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SCREAMS) Gideon! You scared the life out of me, I'll clean up the mess, (GLASS CLINKING) Brooke, honey, where are you? BROOKE: Kitchen, Good morning, Something wrong? I can't find my new polo shirt, Oh, it should be in your closet, -You want me to go find it for you? -No, no, That's fine, Boy! This looks great! Did Gideon cook breakfast? Yeah! Turns out he is a terrific cook, Who knew? Yeah, Who knew? Oh, ,, You know, I have been thinking, ,, All of us should go on a picnic this afternoon, Out at Wint and Woods, We used to have so much fun on those picnics, -What do you think, Jerry? -I think it's a great idea, Just us the family, Sounds good, -Oh! This afternoon? -Mmm-hmm, Oh, boy, I got to play golf with the new vice president, Oh! Well, maybe another time then, Yeah, for sure, we get to do it another time soon, -Hey!-Hi! Where you going? I thought you'd left, It turns out none of us had any plans for today, So, we decided to go ahead and go on that picnic, You goin' on a picnic without me? Oh, we will go again next Sunday, What's with all the barbeque stuff? (CHUCKLING) Jerry! What's a picnic, without a barbeque? (CHUCKLING) Exactly! I always say that, But you hate barbequing, Oh, I am not going to be barbequing, I am gonna leave that to Gideon, Gideon is goin' on the picnic with you? -(DOOR OPENS) -Jerry! He is a fantastic cook! Mmm, Have a good game, (DOOR OPENS) -(DOOR CLOSES) -It's not a "he," It's an "it," (ENGINE STARTING) Hey, everybody! I'm home! How'd the picnic go? -Where are you guys? -BROOKE: We are in here, Hey, what are you doing to my chair? Come on, get up, Get out of there, -Dad, chill, -It's my chair! BROOKE: Jerry, I asked Gideon to sit there, It bothers me how he's standing around all the time, It's a robot, Brooke, Remember? It doesn't get tired, So it doesn't have to sit down, (SIGHS DEEPLY) (PHONE RINGING) (RINGING CONTINUES) (SIGHS) -(DOOR OPENS) -Hi, honey, I'm home! Oh, Your home early, What do you think? -I like it, -Gideon helped me pick it up, (CHUCKLES) Hi, Dad, what are you doing home? Well, I decided to come home early, for a change, You and I haven't hung out for quite a while, So I thought maybe we could do something, Oh, I can't, I've got too much homework and I have to practice my singing exercises, I joined the school choir, That's great! Gideon thinks that I have a terrific voice, Of course she does, What'd you say? I said, of course you got a terrific voice, Where's Russ? He's in the backyard, (INAUDIBLE) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (WHISPERING) Gideon! Gideon! Where are you? (ELECTRICAL BEEPING) I know what you are up to, Don't think I don't, If you think I am gonna standby here and let it happen, you better think again, (GASPING) Now you come into my home, This is my home! And you trying to take over! So tomorrow I'm gonna call for company and pick you up, What do you think about that? Go ahead, Call, DENNIS: Hey, Jerry! Got one of my own! No! No! Get rid of it, right now! It will ruin your life, Believe me, (DIALING) (SIGHING) (LINE BUSY) (DIALING) (LINE BUSY) (DIALING) (LINE BUSY) (MUMBLING) GIDEON 2: (ON INTERCOM) Mr, Miller, what a pleasant surprise! Please take the elevator to the second floor and proceed to office number 206, Ah, 206? (INTERCOM SWITCHING ON) GIDEON 2: 206, (INTERCOM SWITCHING OFF) GIDEON 2: Mr, Miller, come on in, Take a seat, Make yourself at home, Thank you, Where is everybody? I didn't see a soul comin' up here, GIDEON 2: What can I do for you? Well, actually I ordered one of your Gideon 4000's with your no risk, at home, 30 day, free guarantee, you know, And, uh, I, ,, I don't want him anymore, So I wanted if you would send someone out to my house to pick it up, GIDEON 2: I am afraid I can't do that, Why not? -Whoa! You are a Gideon 4000, -Yes, I am, All right, Well, listen, I am not going to talk to a stinking robot, (STUTTERING) I want a, ,, I want a real person down here, The Gideon 4000 line is completely automated in both the production and marketing sectors, There are no real people in this building, Then I want to speak to the president of the company, There is no president, I have full authority to help you with any problems or complaints you might have with your Gideon 4000, I don't have any problems or complaints, I just want the damn thing out of my house! Have you read your contract? Why? Yes, I have! If at the end of 30 days you wish to return your Gideon 4000 with no further obligations, both you and your wife must sign the return form, This crazy, I didn't, ,, I didn't agree to that, You signed the contract, Listen to me, The Gideon 4000 I have, ,, (STAMMERING) It's, ,, It's ruining my whole routine! It's unsettling my life and I want it out of my life! And I want it out of my life right now! You hear me? Does the rest of your family feel the same way? Does your wife feel the same way? Ooh, what's this? Stuffed pork chops, roast potatoes and steamed asparagus, -Smells good, -Yeah, it sure does, Say Gideon, ,, Would you like sitting in the kitchen while we eat dinner and I'll call when we are ready for you, You know, uh, I have been doing some thinking and, ,, I owe you guys an apology, What for, honey? Well, for too long I've been working too much, and I haven't been home enough and I think my absence has been a detriment to this family, We haven't been doing badly, In fact lately we've been doing pretty well, Yeah, I want you to know I am gonna be spending less time in the office and more time home with you guys, (JERRY CHUCKLES) And, ,, And since I am going to be around more, I was thinking that we probably don't need Gideon past the initial 30 days, (CUTLERY CLATTERS) You want to get rid of Gideon? Why? Well, didn't you hear what I said? I am gonna be around more, So we don't need Gideon, And then we could save the money we are going to spend on him and take a family vacation, But I like Gideon, Aren't you too, Dad? I think he's great, Gideon's become a part of this family, How can Gideon be a part of this family, honey? It's a machine! It's like the refrigerator or the lawn mower, A refrigerator can't help Candace with her homework, A lawn mower isn't teaching Russ to pitch, What's Gideon been helping you with lately? (SIGHS) I don't believe this! Are you jealous of Gideon? That robot is destroying our family! It is not! If anything, Gideon has brought peace to this family, We've never been happier! Haven't you noticed that we are not at each other's throats anymore? I don't care! I have made up my mind, Gideon's out! End of discussion! That's it! (KNOCKING TABLE) That is not it, Jerry! This is a family matter, We will discuss this as a family, End of discussion! Now eat your dinner, -I'm not hungry, -Me neither, Hey, where are you goin'? Come back here and finish your dinner, I will never sign that form to have Gideon returned, Gideon told you about that? Have you ever thought that you might be the disrupting force in this family? (EXHALES DEEPLY) Listen, guys, Please come back in here, JERRY: Gideon, could you please, come down here and take this box of junk and the ironing board out to the trash? (DOOR OPENS) (STAIRS CREAKING) Thank you not, Gideon! (SMACKING METAL) (CRACKLING) (CLATTERING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) (ALL LAUGHING) I have to go, I've got a choir, What is the atomic number for magnesium? CANDACE: Twelve, And it's symbol is Mg, I see you are ready for your Chemistry test, Only because of you, Gideon, Thank you, Bye, guys, -Bye, -(CHUCKLING) We knew you will come around, -(CAR HORN HONKING) -Oh! There's my car pool, Ah, the baseball coach, ,, He's holding a pitching clinic after school, -I was thinkin' of going, -Good for you! -And if you need a ride later, you call me, -RUSS: All right, -Best of luck, Russell, -Thanks, Way to go, Dad, I think it's awesome, BROOKE: Breakfast was delicious, Gideon, Thank you! Honey, Gideon told us about your decision to let him stay, We all think it's wonderful! Thank you! I have to run some errands, Goodbye, Gideon, And I will see you back here around noon, You can show me where to plant those rose bushes, (CHUCKLES) (DOOR CLOSES) I destroyed you, I smashed you into pieces and threw you in a dumpster, How can you be still here? I'm here because it's necessary for me to be here, Which is more than I can say for you, You had your chance, You have been a father for 15 years now, But you haven't been a good father, You haven't even been a good husband, Too many late nights at the office, Too many golf games on the weekends, -You stay away from me, -You were never here when your family needed you, But now, your family has me, (GLASS SHATTERING) This is what you wanted, isn't it? Someone to help out around the house, Someone to help with the family, Fathers have been failing their families all over North America, As a result society has become more dysfunctional, More chaotic, Something had to be done, I am that something, I represent control, Discipline, Respect, Values you forfeited or never had, You'll never attack me again, Jerry, Because if you do, ,, If you try to dispose of me in any way, ,, I will dispose of you! Permanently, I'll take care of everything, Mr, Wayburn, Well, I'd be happy to send it over this afternoon, All right, well, I have got to go, My wife's on the other line, -Goodbye, -(PHONE BEEPS) Hi, Brooke, I'm fine, Of course I'll be home for dinner, See you later, (DOOR CLOSES) JERRY: I'm home! (CHAIR CLATTERS) You're not wearing a tie, I'm sorry, It won't happen again, Let's bow our heads and give thanks, Oh, Lord, we thank you for the food we are about to receive, We thank you for the food we are about to receive, And for the blessings you have bestowed upon us, Help us to live each day in your image, Each day in your image, And guide us on the path of righteousness, Amen, CONTROL VOICE: Before allowing a machine to take over a part of your life, make sure that you know the true price