The Outer Limits (1995) s07e09 Episode Script

Alien Shop

(the figure) I did not choose To be among you.
It is not considered an honor, More of a penance.
If i had not lost my way, I would still be With my own kind.
You might look upon me As a reluctant missionary, Except i bring no religion, No desire to convert.
Did j.
Barrie Create tinkerbell Or did i unleash her Upon him? Oh, i know.
I know.
I shall let you fly again.
Trust me.
Poor nostradamus.
I'm sure he would have been Much happier Without the visions he saw In those phantom eyes.
Oh, i do not interfere Much.
But there are so many of you And so many lessons.
Your kind still puts Great store In measuring one's status By acquisitions Rather than actions.
But then, i am here For my own sins.
I am given the insight That these gifts May change futures.
But i am never given the power To know how they will change.
I suppose it was designed That way To keep me from getting bored.
But believe me, With your genus, homo sapiens, I'm usually more astonished Than bored.
How can i help you? I need to return this.
Is there a problem? No.
Nothing like that.
In fact, It's extraordinary.
I don't need it anymore.
Well, I'm afraid that might be a tad too vague For my records.
Fitzgerald) Your records? Oh.
W-why don't you write, "likes what she sees, But doesn't need A mirror to see it.
I don't think That will appease them.
Them? I thought you owned This shop.
What should i put down As the reason for the return? How about we put down That the sad old lady who bought it Doesn't need it Anymore? I don't know Where you found this thing, Or how it works.
You know they say The soul never ages.
How about we put that in your records? I think i will.
Thank you, again.
(narrator) There is nothing wrong With your television.
do not attempt To adjust the picture.
we are now controlling The transmission.
we control the horizontal and the vertical.
we can deluge you With 1,000 channels.
or expand one single image to crystal clarity And beyond.
we can shape your vision to anything our imagination Can conceive.
for the next hour, we will control All that you see and hear.
you are about to experience The awe and mystery which reaches From the deepest inner mind to the outer limits.
(narrator) The desire To barter and acquire is as deep as any part Of human nature.
but what happens to values when one barters With a being whose nature is not human at all? (gabi) Oh! Oh! Oh, andy, He's amazing.
He's so real.
Everything looks great, gabi.
Here you go.
Thank you.
But i am worried about Your iron and calcium levels.
Healy) Have you been Taking the vitamins? Well, uh You know we talked About this, gabi.
I know we have, dr.
It's just that Well, they're Pretty expensive.
Diet, vitamins.
They're imperative.
Especially as we get closer To your due date.
Healy) Now there are agencies Who can offer-- She'll get the vitamins.
Jesus, gabi, you made it sound Like we're on welfare.
It's a community clinic.
I doubt We're the 1st patients Who've had trouble Paying.
Yeah, i don't need A lecture from some hack Who probably couldn't get A job at a real hospital.
Well, maybe she wants to work here.
Yeah, and i want To stand on The unemployment line Every day.
Hey, red.
What're you Doin' here? Oh, a little rash.
Isn't that nice? Taking care Of the mother to be.
Hi, red.
Y-y-ya hear this one? Whaddya call it When--when you cross An elephant And a rhino? 'Ell if i know.
H-his dad told me That joke.
Yeah, my father knew a lot Of those silly jokes.
We gotta Get out of here, red.
(andy) It was good seeing you.
Bye, red.
That doctor Wasn't judging us, andy.
She was just Trying to help.
In her eyes, She thinks i'm some low life That can't afford to take care Of his pregnant wife.
We'll be fine.
The "help wanteds" Are full of jobs For guys on probation.
Don't, don't.
Don't do this.
Not today.
Did you see Our little guy? Kicking away, Healthy as can be? You're right.
I'm sorry.
I've taken Too much time off Work already.
What are you doing today? Hmm? Uh, i don't know.
Maybe find The cure for cancer.
Then make a killin' in the stock marke I'm gonna take care Of us.
I promise.
How about we take care Of each other? Come on, walk me To the bus stop.
I got a real feeling ÿfor good cars.
I told you i don't have Any sales openings.
But i could use someone To wash all these cars.
The whole fleet Has to be washed down Every morning Before we open.
Never mind.
I'll take one With everything.
Forget that.
Cancel it.
Excuse me.
You gotta light? Uh, let me see.
Uh, i had one.
He's coming your way! (policeman) Police! Freeze! Come back here! Get back here, buddy! (man) He went down this way.
(policeman) Left.
Go left! (shopkeeper) Are you looking For anything in particular? You never know What you'll find In a place like this.
I'm just lookin' For something for my wife.
$300? Value is in the eye Of the beholder.
When you spend your time, surrounded by all this From other places, Times, people, One is tempted to ask: "would you wanna Live my life? Would i want To live yours?" Yeah, uh, I'll bring my wife Back here sometime.
Excuse me.
I think you dropped something.
Your wallet? Now that's A very strange leather.
I don't think I've seen that before.
It's crocodile.
Australian crocodile.
They say you can learn a l About a man By what's in his wallet.
Well, don't believe Everything they say.
Hey, what happened? You get tired of regaling your beautiful bride With daring tales From the job hunting trenches? There's nothing decent Out there.
I don't know How she puts up with you.
It must be my charm.
Yeah, it's overwhelming.
Hey, listen.
Frankie's running A football pool With all the other bars, And the damn pot's Up to 40 g's.
Gimme 2 bucks.
I'll put you down For a split of my take.
Ah, forget it, red.
Come on.
It's 2 lousy bucks.
You gotta put in somethin' To get somethin' back.
Yeah, and if you don't play, You can't lose.
2 bucks? Hell, i'm in.
You're on.
Sorry, andy.
I can't run you a tab today.
Not a problem.
3 bucks? That's all i've got.
That's a good-lookin' wallet.
Hey! I just wanna look at it.
Wow! What kind of leather is this? Whoa! (joe) I thought you said That's all you had! Gimme that.
Hey, andy, you told me You were broke.
I got the boss on my back to collect your tab.
Looks like andy's gonna buy The next round.
I'll have another one.
How about you, red? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Andy! Wait! Where you goin'? Can you help a man eat? Nah.
Get a job.
Well, bless you anyway, Friend.
Hey, baby.
What are you doin' home From work so early? Oh, it's nothing.
I just got A little tired, is all.
They said She almost fainted.
What? She won't go To the clinic.
Maybe you can talk Some sense into her.
What happened? I just got back From there, mom, And everything's fine.
I just got lightheaded.
I'm ok.
I promise.
I didn't know Where to call you.
I was out looking for work.
As a bartender? Mom.
Did you eat? I can make you somethin'.
That'd be good.
Here, honey.
Thank you.
Don't start, momma.
Does he have Any interviews? Yes.
He works at it Everyday.
He doesn't have to make it So hard for himself.
God, you just Can't help it, can you? You just can't wait To get a dig in.
You refuse to see That he has changed.
Look around, gabi.
Tell me what's changed.
He's not dealing drugs.
Oh, give the man a medal.
He only made That mistake once.
He is never gonna do right by you.
He already has.
What? By getting you pregnant? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Yes, you did.
Your father Talked to his boss.
What? There's this Training deal.
For guys With records.
They give the company a tax break.
Now, There'd be drug testing.
My father's telling everyone My husband is a criminal? Your father wants What's best for you.
We both do.
He's willing to have andy on his crew, Take responsibility For him.
No, mom.
Mom, Andy will never go for it.
You don't know.
He--he's too proud.
You're gonna need money When the baby comes.
Well, let me talk to him.
Talk to who? (gabi) Nobody, honey.
It's nothing.
Chicken or onion? Oh, for god's sake.
I'm going to The grocery store.
She needs some Real food in her.
No, mom.
We'll pay.
Andy? No! No, That's not necessary.
Yes, it is.
I'll be back.
What? Nothin'.
I--i was just thinkin' M-maybe i can pick up Those vitamins For you tomorrow.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Thanks, honey.
What were you and your mom Whispering about? When? There's this deal.
My dad said he could get y On his team at the docks.
Now i know how You feel about him, andy.
But it's a chance.
Working for a man Who doesn't think I'm good enough For his daughter.
What? So he can Boss me around? Tell me How to treat you? They're both just trying to help.
Well, who says We need help? How did your job search Go today, andy? No, wait.
Let me guess.
You struck out, Then headed to dentry's To throw back a few With the boys And complain about how You just can't catch a break This could be Your break, andy.
All i'm asking you to do is think about it.
Maybe even see him.
Just don't say no right away.
But if he tells me To call him "dad," I'm outta there.
I don't think You'll have to worry about that.
This is silly, andy.
We can't afford it.
Yes, we can.
Now you just don't Work too hard.
Good luck.
Drive careful.
It's precious cargo.
Ÿÿexcuse me.
You! Your wallet.
Can i see some id, please? You heard me.
(priest) Andy? Is that you? Andy, what's going on? We're just having A little discussion With your friend here, father.
About what? We have an a.
Out for a suspect Matching his description.
A white male Attempted robbing One of our decoy teams At 8th and broad, yesterday.
Well, i can assure you Andy had nothing to do With any robbery.
He's part Of this community.
Lives right up the street With his beautiful wife.
They're expecting their first Any day now.
Isn't that right, andy? Yeah, that's right,father.
Just trying to do Our job, father.
Have a good day.
Tell me you didn't just Make a liar out of me.
Of course not, father.
Maybe i can chase away some Of your troubles this time.
Just do the right thing.
You know what it is.
Do i? What if it's not So black and white? I'm not sure i know What you mean.
Oh, come on.
You preach about Doin' the right thing.
Like any idiot Should know the difference.
You think i've never Been punished for my mistakes? I think you've lived A pretty safe life.
I don't think you have a clue What it's like out here.
Andy, i've been to places and seen things And made choices You can't imagine.
So that gives you The right to judge me? We're all judged, andy.
Whether we like it or not.
Sometimes, by those You least expect.
Sometimes for reasons You may never understand.
I don't claim to know what's best.
And i'm not here to tell you What you should Or you shouldn't do.
Well, i probably Wouldn't listen anyway.
You shouldn't.
Free will is a gift.
It's an instrument.
How you play it is up to you.
But it's best When it's played from the heart.
Well, that's my problem.
My heart usually Gets me in trouble.
Your heart led you to gabi.
You're right.
I'll give you that one.
I know it isn't easy, andy.
Trust me, i do.
But right now the only thing You should be worrying about Is how to look after gabi and the baby.
Everything else Will work itself out.
Take care of yourself, ok? Check this for me, Will you, phil? Yeah, it's a $20 all right.
Really check it out.
Make sure it's legit.
Use that tester thing you have.
It's legit.
Where'd you get it? Some guy i wasn't so sure about.
If you don't Believe me, ask andy.
His old man Was over there with me.
Right, andy? Don't bring That up again, red.
Andy's dad Was a war hero.
And i oughta know.
I was there.
He got himself all ripped up With shrapnel, Saving these 3 guys When the chopper went down Behind enemy lines.
Yeah, well, I never saw a hero.
Just some guy who never to Another chance in his life.
Sometimes it takes A lot of courage Just to play The hand you get dealt.
(andy) Hello? Hello.
Anybody here? (andy) Hello.
What're you Doin' to me? What is this? Is it not your wallet? Don't screw with me.
I can assure you I'm doing nothing to you.
I do not intrude On my customers.
That is my rule.
I let them make Their own choices.
They have a similar philosophy In india.
They abhor violence.
Do you know how They catch apes? A box with a hole big enough For a monkey's paw.
Inside, is placed A sweet nut, Larger than the hole.
Is something wrong? I don't know.
I thought you were trying To trick me or something.
Trick you? I gotta go.
By the way, Have you seen this? A baby carriage.
What? Your wife would love it.
What do you know about my wife? You told me About her yesterday.
Remember? Hi.
I'd like to get Something for my wife.
Of course.
How much is that? I'm sure i could find you Something more, um, Economical.
No, i want to see that.
It's perfect.
Yes, and the, um, Price tag is Right there.
I'll be right back.
I'm sure you will.
It's me.
[whispering] Make a wish.
(gabi) What's all this? A new couch? But we can't afford a new t.
We can now.
Andy, where did you Get all this? I--i won the lottery.
You won what? How much? I don't know.
I never heard of a lottery Where you don't know.
Uh, it's--it's a-- It's an advance.
They're just, um, Settling it up.
Andy, tell me You didn't do Anything illegal.
Come here.
Come here.
Sit down.
That's the ring i should have Gotten you a year ago.
Oh, honey.
A wife of mine Deserves it.
Just one night.
No worries.
Not about work.
It's beautiful.
You know, i--i was thinking.
For our anniversary, We could have A real wedding.
We could invite All our friends.
Hell, even your parents.
We could do it right This time.
Show 'em what We got goin'.
We'll get father pat To do our ceremony.
What? Nothing.
It's just that father pat died last year.
No, he didn't.
I just Just what? What? Nothin'.
We should celebrate.
Isn't this somethin'? Let's get some Really good champagne.
I can't drink.
I'll drink for The both of us.
Waitress! Andy, what's going on? Bottle of champagne.
You don't have to worry, Ever again.
What does that mean? I'm gonna take care of us.
All 3 of us.
Like this? Honey, this isn't us.
I just want a little bit less stress.
I want to be able to hold our baby And not be scared for his future.
Maybe buy a house someday.
And i want you to have a j That you could be proud of.
I'm not gonna be A slave like my father.
Fixin' t.
s and radios Until they-- They made 'em so they Can't be fixed anymore.
That wasn't his fault.
That was just bad luck.
He was duped.
He worked his whole life And he has nothin' To show for it.
He had you! Andy, where did you Get all the money? You're always looking for the easy route.
That's what Gets you in trouble.
I'm not dealin'! This is clean! I'm tryin' to do Something nice for us! For you! That's all i'm ever doin'.
Gabi, wait.
This should cover it.
Gabi! Gabi.
I'm sorry.
Hey! Give me My wallet! Gabi, get back! (gabi) Andy, what are You doing? What-- Stop it, andy! Stop it! What're you doing? Stop it! Let him go, andy! Stop it! (gabi) Just let him have it, andy.
Just take the money! Just give me the wallet! Andy.
What're you doing? Where did these Come from? It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
Why didn't you Just give it up? Nothing's worth our child not having a father.
You don't understand.
The wallet's everything.
Then make me understand.
Look inside.
Now pick up your coin purse.
Open it.
Close it.
Wh-what are you doing? Open it.
That's not possible.
That thing is evil.
It's a gift.
A gift to our freedom.
Where did you get it? A shop.
What kind of a shop? On sewell lane.
There--there's no stores On sewell lane-- No, no.
There--there was-- No, no, andy, Just stop it! Stop it! It's crazy to keep this.
Andy, you have To get rid of that thing.
Promise me.
I won't be part of this.
When i defended you to My parents and to my friends, When i told them That you were a good person Who made mistakes, It was easy.
Because in my heart I knew that it was true.
Now i'd rather Raise this baby alone Than with a thief For a father.
Gabi No, i mean it, andy! I mean it! I need you to show me What's really in your heart.
I need you to prove it to me! Oh! No.
Don't leave! Stop it! No, no! I'll take it back! I don't want to lose you.
Tomorrow i'll go see your dad.
And i'll take the wallet Back to where i got it.
Maybe i should Come with you.
No, i can do this.
Are you sure? Yes.
All right.
You go to work.
I love you.
I love you.
Uh, can i get some flowers For my wife? There you go.
Hey, andy! Red hit! We hit! You hit what? The football pool! We're rolling, man, We're rolling in money, man! $43,000! My ship's come in! Drinks all around, phil! Everybody! Everybody! Old red finally hit! So did you, phil.
Yeah, but old red didn't hav Many chances left.
3 way split! No death! No taxes! (red) Here's your share, phil.
Thank you, red.
And here's joe's.
Oh, beautiful.
Whoo! Jeez, it could've been you For a deuce, andy.
Oh, as far as i'm concerned, It was the best decision You ever made.
Hey, phil, gimme a shot.
To better days, andy.
It's gone! (red) It's gone! (phil) What in the hell Are you talkin' about, red? My god! What? What? The spots! What spots? Skin cancer.
(red) Look! (phil) His hands were covered With melanoma.
They told me I was a dead man.
What is this? Is it not your wallet? Do you know how They catch apes? A box with a hole big enough For a monkey's paw.
Inside they place a sweet nut Larger than the hole.
You know apes are greedy? When they get hold of the nut, The ape could be free But cannot fight his nature.
What are you doing to me? Like the ape, You could let go at anytime.
Your future is in your hands.
Well, that's a very Strange leather.
I don't think I've seen it before.
They say you can learn A lot about a man By what's in his wallet.
What happened? What do you think happened? This is not my wallet.
Are you sure? I needed to know All that, didn't i? All of us have lessons To learn from time to time.
Thank you.
(narrator) The pursuit of material things is ultimately pointless if one loses the things that are truly valuable To the human spirit.