The Outer Limits (1995) s07e16 Episode Script


1 (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) (CHATTERING) (GRUNTING) -What just happened? -I don't know, Whatever it was, it was intense, Yeah, intense is a good word, Illogical is another, Where'd everybody go? I don't understand, Where did everybody go? -It doesn't make any sense, -What was with that light? Maybe this is somebody's idea of a joke, If this is a joke, I fail to see the humor, Okay, maybe we're all having a mass-hallucination, CODY: What do you mean? That we're stoned? -You don't have to take drugs to hallucinate, -It helps, We're walking down the hall and then there was this flash, And everything froze, it was like time just stood still, -Yeah, well why didn't we freeze? -I don't know! Like I said, this is not logical, This isn't happening, This can't be happening, -Maybe it's a dream, -Yeah, it could be a dream, Yeah, okay, One of us is dreaming and the rest of us are all part of the dream, Now, the question is, how do we determine which one of us is, ,, Let me slap you and see if you wake up, -That's okay, -No, we can't be the only ones left, There has to be someone else here, Where is everybody? Oh, no! JASON: Hello? RAY: Hello! Somebody help! RAY: That's it, I'm out of here, That's physically impossible, No, don't! Okay, this is really starting to freak me out, We're all freaked out, The only question is, what do we do? Okay, we need to stick together until we can figure out what's going on here, What if we can't figure it out? What if reality just stopped making sense? -Like that, -No! There has to be another way out of here, There's nothing out there! Where did everything go? CONTROL VOICE: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, CONTROL VOICE: When a heart has been turned cold by anger and grief, can patterns of destructive behavior be averted? Or are they predestined? -We're screwed, -What did you say? Let's face it, we're stuck here, Yeah, but, where's here? Looks like school to me, Yeah, looks like school, but is it? We're not stuck here, There has to be a way out, (GRUNTING) -Keep trying! If we can get into the next hallway, ,, -It's easier said than done, What, are you guys just gonna stand here? I was letting you be the hero dude, Get out of here, okay? The dang door's not gonna open, -They have to open! -What, you wanna try? -Does that mean we're stuck here? -(SIGHS) I should be nodding off in Mercer's class right about now, I was on my way to a physics lab, I had an experiment I thought up in the middle of the night, ,, Why don't you think about getting us out of here, Einstein? If we can figure out how we got here in the first place, then we can figure out how to escape, Well, I think the light had something to do with bringing us here, Is that the best thing you can come up with? He is right about one thing, We have to stick together, What makes you think we have a choice? We've tried all the doors we have access to, So, structurally, another option might be the ventilation system, The air vents! -Here, I'll give you a leg up, you can crawl, -Yeah, very funny! -At least he's trying to find a way out of here, -I know a way out of here, -How? -Close our eyes, click our heels together and say, "There's no place like home," -You're just trying to piss me off, man, -Guys! -You're gonna slap me around? (ARGUING) Guys, wait! Wait! Maybe it's a test, What kind of test? Of our faith, Oh, don't tell me I'm stuck here with a Bible thumper, Are you gonna start quoting scripture, now? No, because the last thing I want to hear right now is how this is so much like Jonah being swallowed up by a stupid whale, I'm surprised you know the story of Jonah and the Whale, Oh, you can rest assured I'm not a Jesus freak, Neither am I, Bet you're a virgin though, aren't you? That's none of your business, Score one for the home team! Will you just focus on what the hell's going on here? I've been known to read a little science fiction from time to time, No, you're kidding? And there are several possibilities concerning our situation, We could have accidentally slipped into a parallel universe, or maybe we've become, ,, -Guys, -CODY: Why didn't I think of that? Guys! Who or what is that? Guys, this way, RAY: Hurry here! Come on! Shut the door! -CODY: Shut the door! -DANIELLE: Oh my God, what is that? -RAY: This is too weird, -DANIELLE: I wanna go home, oh, my God! (ALL SCREAMING) ALIEN: There's no escape, Sit down, (YELLING) Sit down! -Who are you? -You have questions, But now, you will listen, We have been studying human beings for hundreds of generations, We are usually discrete in our observations, but there are times when we choose to conduct what you would call, experiments, We've been abducted, We're on some kind of alien spaceship, You will not speak! You are a slowly maturing race, mired in repetitive patterns of behavior, How you learn so little in the face of so much accumulated evidence, stimulates our interest, They're gonna experiment on us, I know it, And still, you do not listen, You are feeling an example of fear, disrupting the ability to concentrate and focus, A prevailing human trait, Each of you has been chosen to participate in the experiment we are about to conduct, Why are we so lucky? The experiment is quite simple, As you can see by the clock on the walls, it is 10:00, At 3:00, one of you must die, Now you may speak, What do you mean, one of us must die? What is unclear? You're gonna kill one of us, I will be performing the execution, yes, What right do you have to do this? I choose to do it, that's all the authority I need, Why us? You were all chosen, And we don't have anything to say about it? This is so unfair, Now, how are you going to decide which one of us is, you know, I will not be the one to decide, you will decide, At 3:00, you will vote on which of your fellow humans is to be put to death, After the execution, the four students left will return unharmed to live out their normal lives, What if we refuse to vote? Then all of you will die, You have five hours to come to a decision, -He can't do this, -Obviously he can, This is not happening, I don't care what anybody says, -This is not happening, -I've got news for you, this is happening, -Why is he doing this? -He doesn't need a reason, My guess is we were chosen at random, -Well, you think he's just gonna pop one of us? -It's a distinct possibility, I can't take this, What are we gonna do? We don't have a choice, When 3:00 rolls around, we're gonna vote, -Don't say that, -Yeah, like we're gonna vote for one of us to die, No, can we please concentrate on a way to get out of here? Weren't you listening? There is no escape? Just because he said that, doesn't mean it's true, Okay? We haven't explored every possible option, All right, let's explore every possible option, No! No! -It didn't break! -JASON: How could it not break? Well, obviously the window's not made of glass, You're not gonna be able to get out through the windows, There has to be something we can do, There has to be, Why else would he give us five hours to think about the vote? They wanna see what we'll do, see if we can escape, -Who's they? -Don't you remember that remark he made, about fear is something, our ability to focus and concentrate, Who do you think he was talking to, huh? They are watching us, They're watching us? We're lab rats, remember? No, you know what? I'm not gonna play this game, I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction, I thought you asked a good question, -Yeah? What was that? -Why are we so lucky? What if there's a reason it's the five of us, and not five other students? Well, what could it be? It's not like we're best friends or anything, Let's face it, I don't hang out with any of you guys, Do you hang out together? Yeah, we all hang out together, All we do is talk about you, -DANIELLE: Don't you take anything seriously? -No, he doesn't, -How would you know? -I know, What? You and your disciple friends, you talk about me? My friends and I are not disciples, And didn't you know? Everybody talks about everybody, -What are you saying when you talk about me? -Don't tell me you care, -No really, I wanna know, -Too bad, 'cause I'm not gonna tell you, -Tell me! -No! -Quit it! Both of you, -Uh oh, look out! Hero dude just got off his horse, he's gonna whoop some ass, What's up with this "hero dude" stuff? You're the football hero, The star running back, At least, you were until you hurt that knee of yours, Rumor has it, you hurt it pretty good, I guess all those college scholarships pretty much dried up, -What's with you, anyway? Huh? -He's got a lot of pain inside, -Spare me the psychobabble, -But what he doesn't realize, is that we all have a lot of pain inside, Oh great, next thing you know we're gonna be holding hands and singing Kumbaya , -Amen! -I'm out of here, DANIELLE: Me too, You don't have faith in anything, do you? I have faith in science, Meaning you worship at a computer rather than an altar, Well, you have to have faith in something, You know what I have faith in? I have faith in me, I know who I am, I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm capable of, Can you say the same thing about you? I didn't think so, None of the windows in that room will open either, It's like somebody glued them all shut, -How can this be happening? -Stop asking me these questions, I don't know, All right? That thing can't force us to vote, can it? -Everything's in my locker, -What are we going to do, Ray? I don't have any great ideas, do you? You know, I'll let you in on a little secret, People don't usually come to me for great ideas, and guys rarely come up to me because they're interested in my mind, (SCOFFS) Well can you blame them? Look at you, You know, you and I are kind of alike, No, we're not, Substitute your athletic abilities for my looks and what do you get? My football career is over, You still have your looks, -Lucky me, -Yeah, lucky you, You know, what are we talking about? -You know, we might die? -I don't even want to think about that, If you were to vote, who would you vote for? I told you, I don't even want to think about it, The toilets don't flush, In case you're interested, Hey, where is everybody? Oh, okay, there you are, Okay, Brianna and I were talking, ,, -That can't lead to anything good, -Give him a chance, Okay, we were talking about the exit doors, He went out one end and he came in the other end, So what about them? Well, what's interesting about the phenomenon is it's not like you're stepping through a mirror, It actually took you a second to reappear, Big deal, we still ended up right back here, But it is a big deal, Well, it could be a big deal, Look, I can show you better than tell you, Come here, Open those doors down there, All right! One-one thousand, Two-one thousand, See? (SARCASTICALLY) Wow, Bravo, Bravo, Will there be two shows nightly? You're not showing us anything we don't already know, Okay, watch, I'll stick my arm in, You see my arm sticking out the other end? No, I don't see it, Okay, well, however this maze works, there's obviously a space between this set of doors and that set of doors, If someone were to walk at it at an angle, instead of straight ahead like Ray and I did, ,, We might be able to find a way out of here, (INAUDIBLE) Where are you going now? JASON: I need a rope, -RAY: What are you doing? -JASON: This'll do it, Okay, who wants to go? Whose idea was it? Right, uh, I should go, Okay, Umm, Okay, I'll just slip around the corner here and stay pressed up against the side of the building, Okay, If I should yell, or something, just pull me back in, Only, if you can't hear me for some reason, I'll give two quick tugs and that means pull me back, All right? -Here, take it off, I'll go, -Okay, Way to go, hero dude, All right, I'll just slip around the corner here, stay pressed up against the building, If I have any problems, I'm gonna yell, you should pull me back, okay? Or give two quick tugs, Yeah, if you can't hear me, I'll just give two quick tugs, -I hope this works, -Save your breath, he's not going anywhere, Ray, are you all right? RAY: (FAINTLY) Yeah, I'm staying up against the building, I can't see anything, but so far so good, Be careful! Ray? Ray, what are you doing? Why isn't he answering? Uh, Ray? Ray, the extension cord's running out! Ray, come back! -CODY: Ray, what are you doing? Talk to us! -DANIELLE: Ray, stop! JASON: Ray? Where are you? I guess I was wrong, -Ray! -Where did he go? -I don't know, -He's gone, -We don't know that, -Well he's not here, is he? Maybe now we don't have to vote, Are you really that big of a jerk? I was just saying what everyone else was thinking, I wasn't thinking that, The thought never occurred, ,, Is that Ray? Ray? Is that you? Maybe that's not Ray, (GRUNTS) -ALL: Ray! -DANIELLE: Are you okay? JASON: Ray, what happened? -(GASPING) Something's out there, -What do you mean? I was stepping away from the building, -Something grabbed my cord, -What? I don't know, I don't know, I didn't see anything, I started running, I just took off running, I untied the cord, I ran into these doors and something, I think something just blew me through them, Well that's it then, There's no way out, (CLOCK TICKING ) Look at this, it's like a morgue in here and no one's even died yet, -Don't tell me you've all given up, -Nobody's given up, Phillips, Then what are we gonna do, Ray? Tell me, because I'd really like to know, Okay, maybe, uh, maybe one of us could volunteer, Sacrifice him or herself so the rest of us can live, Maybe you should volunteer, retard, Brianna could always do the honors, Are you suggesting I sacrifice myself? It'd be the religious thing to do, Nobody's gonna volunteer to do anything, Ray's right, guys, If we all just stick together, ,, No, Look at you guys, All your athletic ability, all your good looks and rich friends, all your brain power, all your faith, What good are they now? What good were they even before this happened? You all thought you were so cool, so special, better than everybody else, but now you know, there's no point to it, 'cause the truth is, any of us can die at any moment, Death gives life meaning, Does it? Does the fact that one of us is gonna die here today have a lot of meaning to you? You don't know one of us is gonna die, One of us is gonna die and the rest of us are gonna live, and we get to choose who gets sacrificed, Damn it, Cody, Just shut up, -Hey, I didn't make the rules, -You're making things worse, How could I make things worse than they already are? Look, I think we should refuse to vote, Oh yeah, that'd be a great idea, Didn't you hear what that thing said? If we don't all vote, we're all gonna die, Then we'll all die, My life is just getting started, I don't wanna die, Me either, Do you think I wanna die? I don't, But I'm not gonna vote for somebody else to save my own skin, Not even you, There's, uh, no smoking in the hall, That's a joke, Could I try one of those? Huh, I always thought smoking was ridiculous, but this isn't so bad, You're supposed to inhale, Ah, Yeah, right, Nope, nope, I was right, -Smoking is ridiculous, -Do you want something? Uh, I was just thinking about what you said back there, (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, about life being absurd, Is that what I said? Yeah, you know, about everyone thinking they're better than everyone else, What's the point? I think about what the point of everything is, too sometimes, A lot, actually, -I thought you had faith in science, -Oh, I do, I mean, science is great, Without math and science, I don't know where I'd be, It really bothers me when I can't make logic out of something, Man, you must really be going insane, then, It's funny, 'cause you don't look like you're going insane, I'm not, I mean, I'm worried, of course, like everyone else, What if this vote takes place? You know? What if I'm the one who everyone decides is expendable, Why would they vote for you when they have me? Well, that's what I was kind of wondering about, -You don't seem to want to try to be nice, -Be nice? So they won't vote for me? -Something like that, -Maybe they will vote for me, but I'm ready, See that's the secret, Jason, I'm ready, Now, leave me alone, It's time for you to cast your votes, What if we refuse? (CHOKING) (ALL GASPING) Your deaths will not be pleasant, Why are you doing this? I owe you no explanation, You will now vote for who will die, or all of you will die, Brianna, No, I won't do this, None of us should do this, Brianna votes that all of you should die, Jason? -Jason, -(BREATHING HEAVILY) Jason, I can't do this, Jason votes for all of you to die, Ray, I could vote for somebody, But I won't, Ray votes for all of you to die, ALIEN: Danielle, Danielle, we have to stick together, -It's our only chance, -You're not gonna really kill us, are you? I assure you, I will, -BRIANNA: Danielle, -What? No, You refuse to vote, I can't, Danielle votes for all of you to die, Cody, I don't believe you guys, CODY: What are you doing? We're doing what we think is right, For you maybe, Cody, if you have ever felt anything for anyone besides yourself, ,, Just, shut up! Why don't all of you just shut up! The rest of us didn't say anything, You must vote, Four of you can live while one dies, or all of you can die, It's up to you, (DANIELLE CRYING) Cody, What if this is some kind of test? What if it isn't? RAY: Cody, don't do it, JASON: Cody, don't do it! -Don't do it, man! -Cody, don't! Brianna, -I vote for Brianna! -ALL: No! -What are you doing? -Take that back! No, it's only one vote, Don't you need at least three? A majority? -DANIELLE: Please! -No! DANIELLE: No! -DANIELLE: Brianna! -JASON: Oh my God! What did you do? (ALL SCREAMING) ALL: Brianna! You've made your decision, Now you must live with it, You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! You killed her! What are you thinking? -Ah!-Get up! (GRUNTING) No! (STRUGGLING) Ray! Ray! This fell out of his hand, A gun? What's he doing with a gun? -He had it in his waistband, -(YELLING) You had a gun this whole time? -Yeah, so what? -So what other surprises do you have? -Go get his backpack, -No, RAY: I can't believe you had a gun this whole time, (CRASHING) Here, just go through it, see what else he has in there, (STRUGGLING) -What's this? -That's my stuff! What are those? RAY: Our yearbook pictures? RAY: What's this? Why are our pictures circled? And a gun, he had a gun! What were you planning on doing? -Were you gonna shoot us? -I wasn't gonna shoot anybody, The gun was for self-defense, Look, I was gonna use the gun on the alien, No, no, You had this gun before any of this happened, Don't you get it? He would have killed us, If I didn't vote for Brianna, you and you and you would be dead right now, You hate me now, but someday you'll thank me, You made a list! -That was a joke, a game, -A game? Look, I circled your pictures in the yearbook because I resented you guys, You all walk around school thinking you're so damn cool, You think that I think I'm cool? You think you're smarter than everyone else, that's a way of thinking you're cool, right? And you, I asked you out once, Do you remember what you did? You laughed in my face, Do you remember that? And you and your football buddies pick me on me every chance you get, No, no, It's because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut, Every day, some jerk of a jock thinks it's really cool to impress some other jerk of a jock by making me feel like nothing, Every day I go to school, my life feels more and more like a living hell, A couple of weeks ago, I was having a really bad day, I got pissed off, So, I circled your pictures in the yearbook and I tore the pages out, So, then you brought a gun to school and just waited for just the right time? No! No! I never would have done anything, Look, I haven't done anything! You haven't done anything? -What about Brianna? -I don't know! What did she ever do to you? CODY: Nothing, She didn't do anything, We went out once, It was a disaster, I didn't realize how spiritual she was, I made fun of her, But she didn't get angry, she didn't fight back, As the night wore on, I couldn't stand her, I couldn't understand how anyone could look at this world and see anything good in it, We should have voted for you, -Do you really hate us all that much? -No, I don't hate you! Yes, you do! You don't get it! -You're the reason we're here! -No, no, Don't try and blame this on me, That thing knew that you had our pictures circled on those pages, -No, this is not my fault, -Brianna's not your fault? Us being stuck here is not your fault? Look, he said the rest of us would be let go, return to our normal lives! Do you see him letting us go? We made our decision and now we're gonna have to live with it, Look, everyone acts in their own self-interest, -That's the way this world works, -Not here, Cody, Here you had a chance to rise above all that, and you failed, All right, so, I failed, So, I screwed up, This is me, Cody Phillips, The jerk, the a-hole, the guy who always screws up, Remember? For as long as I can remember, everyone's always tried to blame everything on me, Even when I hadn't done anything, Mom, Dad, my teachers, my so-called friends, If something was missing, or broken, or hadn't been done, it must be Cody's fault, I mean, when did everybody get together and put me on trial and decide that I was guilty? I tried to talk to a couple people about it, and you know what? Nobody cared, I was already branded, Everybody wanted me to keep being the a-hole so they could keep picking on me, Why is that? Why do people need to feel superior to other people? I don't know and I've never been able to figure it out, So, I decided, if everyone was gonna keep picking on me, I might as well give them a reason to pick on me, Nobody cares, trust me, Nobody in this world gives a damn, So why should I? That's when I started to run my mouth, and you know what? I'm not gonna stop, I can't stop, 'cause you guys won't let me stop, So why don't you use that gun? Put me out of my misery, Go ahead, pull the trigger, You can do it, I'm so tired of being me, anyways, I don't wanna kill you, Cody, I don't wanna kill anyone, JASON: You know, people pick on me too, but this? And you know, if I did laugh in your face, the one time you asked me out, you need to forgive me, I'm trapped in a role, just like you are, but I'm not gonna go get a gun and start shooting people, There has to be a better way, Wait a minute, This wasn't the deal, You said the four of us who were left would be returned to our normal lives! Danielle! Ray! Jason! Damn you, you lied to me, Do you hear me? You lied to me! Where are you? Answer me! Open these doors! I'm not afraid of you! Huh? Huh! Let me out here! Let me out! What, are you gonna leave me here? Huh? That's what you're gonna do? You're gonna leave me here to rot? What do you want from me, huh? What is it anybody wanted from me? Nobody, nobody wants anything, Nobody, nobody wants me, Nobody wants me, Nobody, nobody, (CRYING) Nobody wants me! Nobody wants me, Nobody wants me! Nobody wants me, Nobody wants me! (SNIFFLING) (WHISPERING) Brianna, I'm so sorry, I didn't know what I was doing, That's no excuse, I know, If I could do something, anything to bring you back, I would, Perhaps it's not too late, Danielle was right, You were the reason this experiment was conducted, Why? Because the day was coming when you would have pointed that gun at your fellow students, I don't believe that, no, In a fit of rage, a human is capable of anything, Fortunately, not all the patterns of behavior you fall into are permanent, You have shown here, that you are still capable of change, I don't understand, I think you do, (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) (CHATTERING) Cody, is there something I can do for you? CONTROL VOICE: In an ever more complex and dangerous world, vigilance and guidance is needed for those most vulnerable to its cruelties,