The Outpost (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

The Mistress and the Worm

Previously on "The Outpost" DRED: No one left alive.
You've lost too much of that black blood of yours.
Look, I'm not interested in your prophecies.
You have to learn to control it soon or it will kill.
- [GROWLING] - Go away! A few hundred score of raw colipsum.
Cross me, and you're cut off.
Follow him.
Day and night, wherever he goes.
You heard my father.
You're still in my custody.
Marshal Wythers is your father? You're here and now condemned for the murder of Toru Magmoor, for which crime you'll be sentenced to death.
- Kell, is that you? - [BOTH GRUNTING] [POUNDING ON DOOR] [POUNDING CONTINUES] Hello? Hello? What the [GRUNTS] Talon, you're not even meant to be walking around.
Your wounds! All better.
Good as new.
I need you to look at my friend.
You killed the Captain's friend? Just look at the body, Janzo.
A Plagueling? Are you crazy? You brought a Plagueling inside the walls? A dead Plagueling, and he turned into one inside the walls.
- That's never happened before.
- Yes, I know.
- That's why I brought him to you.
- Come, bring him over.
I need you to figure this out.
- Help, please.
- Okay.
Chop, chop.
Careful, careful.
Truly disgusting.
This is quite a collection of whatever this is.
What exactly do you do down here? Oh, you know, just mostly dismember bodies, making magic potions.
Yeah, I figured.
It's a brewery, Captain.
I make ale.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Back to this Plagueling that you just dumped down my chute.
What exactly is it that you want me to figure out? Well, the Plaguelings, why do some people get stuck by one and turn, and others get stuck and don't? And how did it happen to my friend here in the Outpost? People have been trying to figure that out across the realm ever since people have been getting sick.
Now, what under the gods makes you think that I'll be able to figure some Janzo, I told Garret to bring Kell here.
You did? What you did for me with those powders The closest thing I know to a scientist or healer.
I guess I am the most qualified for the job.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.
This is Kell, a good soldier and a very dear friend.
So you will treat him with dignity and respect.
Of course, Captain.
I'll still have to cut him apart, though.
Of course, but do it respectfully.
Did you notice anything different about him? Anything strange? Beforehand, I mean.
Yes, he was sweaty and pale this morning, and very hungry.
Same as all the other cases? You should know the signs by now.
Really? Should I? [MUTTERS] - [SHRIEKS] - [SCREAMS] By the way, Plaguelings have nasty little creatures in their throats.
You should know that by now.
So, what do you think? - Think about what? - Plaguelings.
How do they work and how do we fight them? Well, how on earth am I meant to know? It could take absolute years of research before I even begin to understand.
Years? We need answers now, or else what is the point of all this? To make ale, Captain.
Look, if I'm going to do this, then I'm going to need some more specimens.
You mean more dead bodies? Where can I get some more Plaguelings? We kill Plaguelings every night.
Come out to the pass.
[LAUGHS] No, I'm going to need the bodies here, where my tools are.
I am not bringing more Plaguelings inside the walls.
Don't worry, Captain.
I promise you everything will be fine.
Next time, just make sure that they're well and truly dead, yes? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CAWING] [CLANGING] [SQUELCHING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I've been meaning to thank you, Captain.
I'd have been executed if it weren't for you.
Just did what I thought Gwynn would want.
Is there something wrong? Gwynn gave her bond to set you free.
You have no idea what that means, do you? No, not really, I don't.
If you break the law, Gwynn is equally guilty.
Wythers will cut off both your heads.
Well, even if I did do something, I'm not saying I would, I mean, surely your father could pardon her.
Not lawfully, no.
And when the Prime Order comes to investigate, and they will come to investigate [DOOR OPENS] the whole thing puts Gwynn in mortal danger.
Why would the Prime Order care about Gwynn? I just I think it would be best if you moved on.
[SCOFFS] You don't think I can stay out of trouble, do you? The further away you are, the less likely something would befall Gwynn.
Good night, Captain.
Pardon me.
Lady Gwynn Calkussar requests the pleasure of your company tomorrow for tea.
Shall I tell her you will attend? Tell Lady Calkussar I would be pleased to attend.
Looks like you're stuck with me.
Why exactly are we doing this? We were volunteered.
How could I be a volunteer if I didn't want to come? You know what, Munt? About some things, you're extremely profound.
This all gives me the jeebies.
Don't you even wonder how this happens, Munt? How people are suddenly turning into these night creatures? This isn't in the almanacs.
This this is something new.
It's a witch's curse.
When a man looks upon a witch with unnatural urges regarding her private parts, it's at night Turns Plagueling.
- So, this woman? - Hmm.
You think she was yearning for some witch-teets and that's why she turned? Some women prefer women.
It's not unheard of.
I've seen it.
[EXHALES] [CHUCKLES] You are a treasure trove of knowledge, my big friend.
Munt, I need your help.
- I need this arm as a specimen.
- Oh, come on, Janzo.
Come on, don't be so squeamish.
I've seen you do worse.
Oh, with this? Yes, and don't make a mess of it.
A mess? Says the man who wants a rotting Plagueling's arm.
[GRUNTS] Anything else? Nope.
That's all, thank you.
Hey, you tricked me.
You told me that Talon was going to be a part of this.
You tricked yourself.
Don't let her manipulate you.
Talon doesn't manipulate.
She's perfect.
She's dangerous.
Best keep your distance, Janzo.
My lady's expecting you.
Oh, good, Talon.
Thank you so much for coming.
[SCOFFS] When was the last time you took a bath? Oh, it's, uh It's been a while.
- Lilly, draw Talon a bath.
- Uh - No, it's okay.
- We'll get you out of these filthy rags.
Really? You don't strike me as someone who's timid.
Besides, it would be rude and absurd to refuse my hospitality after everything we've been through.
A good soak will do you wonders.
We're all women here.
Go on.
Oh, and rose petals, Lilly.
As many as you have.
Yes, ma'am.
See? Isn't it blissful? I could get used to it.
I wanted to thank you for your inestimable service you rendered me the other night.
It pales in comparison to what you did for me.
We did for each other what we were incapable of doing for ourselves.
We make good partners.
I can manage that by myself.
It's her job.
She's quite good at it.
I don't care.
No one bathes me but me.
I do hope I'm not being too forward when I ask why you risked so much on my behalf? I could ask you the same thing.
Very well.
I'll go first.
I could not let you die for actions that served my purpose, even if you had ulterior motivation.
You had other reasons, I suspect.
He murdered my family.
Oh, dear.
I'm so sorry.
Uh, Lilly, burn those.
- No, I need those.
- Of course you don't.
Burn them.
Not the jacket, please.
Sentimental value? Fine, not the jacket.
It does have a certain dauntless quality that suits you quite well.
Why are you doing all this? I'm only doing what I can to show my gratitude.
Okay, well, now we can call it even.
[SCOFFS] Calling it even is such a vulgar notion.
We're friends now.
We're two women in a world of men.
Each has what the other is lacking, but together, we have it all.
You have the brawn and I have the brains.
Oh, please, do go on.
We're like fire and ice, you and I.
Fire and ice destroy each other.
[SCOFFS] Don't be difficult.
I'm offering you my friendship.
I've been on my own such a long time.
It's hard for me to trust people.
We'll take our time then.
You came to the Outpost to defeat Toru Magmoor.
He's dead now.
I do hope that means you're not leaving soon.
I still have a few things I need to do here.
Something less vengeful, I hope.
LILLY: Supper is ready, ma'am.
For our next visit, we will play the game of trading secrets until we know everything about each other.
When you've soaked long enough, Lilly will help you dress.
I'll see you at supper.
I don't have anything to wear to supper.
I think the yellow one.
The yellow what? Ugh! Evening, my lady.
I'm not a lady.
I am just like you.
I have no money, no title, and nothing much in life to look forward to.
I beg your pardon! I have many things to look forward to.
Of course, I'm sorry.
It's just this bloody dress is so tight.
It's pushing up my chest like two pounds of flour in a one-pound sack.
- Just forget I said anything.
I haven't seen a hussy turn heads like that since Tikka's gown snagged on a coat hook, and you're fully clothed.
Do you dance? Men would pay dearly to see you dance.
And men would also pay dearly to see me pull out your tongue and tie it around your neck.
Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me.
I am looking for work.
Really? - Well, bless my gourds.
- I could help Janzo Running drinks, clearing tables, serving the men that come here.
Dressed like that or in those rags.
In whatever I damn well please.
Well, you better damn well please to earn the money to pay for the repairs to your window and wall in your room.
- Yeah, about that - I don't care how it happened.
Pay it back starting tomorrow.
You get three meals, a room, and whatever miserly tips you can coax out of the patrons you serve.
And to do that, I suggest you wear that dress.
Someone left this for you, mama.
It's a bit ripe.
Oh, sweet mother! What is it? [GASPS] It's Bill.
Who would do this? Worm would do this, and he's going to pay for it.
I'm sorry, mama.
I was grooming that boy to take over.
Who's going to take care of things when I retire now? - What about me? - The fact that you brought this in here without checking first to see what it was is the reason why.
I don't understand.
Now get your brother's head out of here.
Come on, Bill.
- What's that? - Bill's head.
- Mum, was that Bill? Or part of Bill? - Oh, yes.
- Bill's dead? - No, no, no.
He just lost his body.
Yes, of course he's dead, you moron! - Mommy, that was your son.
- No, he was not my son.
He was adopted, like all of you, and I didn't really like him much anyway.
Clearly this is a message from the Worm.
He's cutting us off.
Haven't seen a greyskin over these walls in 11 years.
What I don't get is why it dragged her halfway across town.
And then it runs off back to the Outlands and no one sees a damn thing.
Since when did a greyskin go unnoticed? Follow the blood trail back to where she was killed.
Look for tracks, marks, anything.
[THUD] Fancy explaining why there's a dead body underneath your window? - Coincidence.
- Come down here.
Let's have a little chin wag.
[GASPS] You know this woman? No, I don't.
Who is she? Probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Greyskins aren't particular about who they kill as long as they're human.
Think it was a greyskin? So why are you talking to me? Ah, no reason.
Just a ravaged dead woman under your window.
Any idea why that might be? Don't know.
When I was a boy, there was this mangy cat.
I used to feed it bits and bobs.
You know, scraps.
It fancied me as a bit of a mate.
Anyway, this stupid moggy started leaving me presents on me back step.
Half a chewed up mouse, a dead bird.
So you think I have a greyskin as a pet? - Brings me its victims? - No, that'd be ridiculous.
Like a commander's daughter who suddenly has the power to pardon a murderer.
Unfathomable, like a girl with blood as black as ink.
You going somewhere with this, Marshal? When you left Magmoor for dead, he left a message written in his own blood.
It said, "Tell Dred one remains.
" What's that mean to you? Nothing.
You know what I think? I think the one remains is you.
What do you want from me? I want you to leave the Outpost and never come back.
Let the Prime Order hunt you elsewhere.
They shouldn't be hunting me in the first place.
Oh, but they will.
You see, I've already left word for the Prime Order, to Everit Dred himself, so it's only a matter of time before they come looking.
Then let them come.
That demon thing killed someone last night.
Only one? I told you the Lu-Qiri would kill.
It'll happen again if you don't banish it back through the portal.
Well, that's why I'm here.
Teach me how to do that.
I can't let it kill again.
You don't need a teacher.
You already know everything that's necessary to do what's required.
Just stop with the circular crazy talk for once.
Okay, let's just say you have this one moment to explain everything to me, to tell me as simply as possible how I can get rid of this This thing, whatever it is.
- Can you do that? - Yes.
Then in one sentence, how do I get rid of it? Command the demon Baphnoro to return to the plane of shadow and ash.
[SCOFFS] Of course! 'Cause everyone knows that.
Not everyone.
Only you.
It's in that black blood of yours.
So I just have to tell it what you said, - and it'll just obey me? - Probably not.
It hates you.
[SNIFFING] What's that smell? [SNIFFS] - Smell? - It smells of citrus and lavender? Oh.
That's me.
I had a bath.
[SNIFFING] I thought something was different.
You no longer smell of excrement.
It suits you.
Look, can we just get back to why the demon hates me? The plane of ashes where the Lu-Qiri have been banished is a place of pain and anguish.
Baphnoro won't return there unless he is commanded to do so forcibly by you, a Blackblood, without fear, without hesitation or self-doubt.
But why would it obey me, of all people? The blood in your veins comes from the Gezzekhan, their Lord Emperor.
The Lu-Qiri follow an absolute line of authority.
- So it has to obey me? - Yes.
Well, why didn't you just say that? Because for an impudent, impatient little twit such as yourself, it won't be that simple.
No one's ever said such nice things about me.
You must try to control your impulses, to be patient, to clear your mind, or you won't be able to banish the Lu-Qiri.
- I can do that.
- I don't think you can.
Not yet.
You must stop thinking about how to make him go away and simply command it to do so, without self doubt, without distraction, without fear.
Can you do that, Talon? I don't know.
Well, you'd better.
'Cause you're the only one in this world who can.
Any kind of idea what could have done this? I don't know.
Why are you asking me? Because, um because you've seen a lot more than I have.
You think it's a greyskin? You hate this, don't you? Having to call me for answers? Answers that I have because I went and did the one thing that you didn't want me to do, become a soldier.
You sound mighty proud for a boy who follows around Calkussar the Betrayer like one of his dogs.
- Don't call him that.
- "The Betrayer"? That's what he is.
Opened up the gates and let in the Prime Order to kill his own king.
He knows more of loyalty and sacrifice then you ever will.
Is it a greyskin or not? Could be.
Obviously, it was very strong to have done this.
There's something I should tell you.
I killed a Plagueling inside the walls.
- What? When? - Yesterday.
On my way to the bathhouse.
You have one job, to keep them out! It was Kell.
That runt from Nordejor you used to run around with getting in trouble as a kid? You should have told me right away.
I know.
I know.
I just I thought hoped that it was an isolated incident.
I didn't want to set the city in a panic.
Well, you weren't wrong about that.
Plaguelings start showing up, we'll have a revolt on the streets.
Who wants one? [CHUCKLES] Oh, sorry, let me get that for you.
Are you looking for a man? [LAUGHING] - Oh! - [LAUGHTER] You're not my type.
Think I was just proposed to.
Somehow I don't see you content to be a miner's wife.
I mean, how much worse can it get? Come on, it's not that bad.
What are you searching for, anyway? - What? - The arms.
You keep checking all the arms of all the men in here.
Maybe I can help.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You can trust me.
I've never told anyone else your other secrets.
I'm looking for a tattoo.
A double cross of bones, same one Toru Magmoor had.
He told me one of his friends is in town.
You're not going to kill him.
No, I just want to ask him a few questions.
Well, I'll keep my eyes open, and if I see him, I'll grab him.
Did I mention he's a murdering bastard who would slit both our throats if he knew we were looking for him? No.
No, you didn't mention that.
Well, in that case, if I see the mark, I'll let you know without letting on that I know.
Without letting on that I know that I let you know that I know.
What'll it be? Did you enjoy my little gift? Busy night.
That's good, because you're out of the colipsum business.
You know why they call you the Worm? On account of this tiny, tiny body part of yours which resembles a worm.
[LAUGHTER] You're a small-time tavern wench with no power outside that door.
Keep looking over your shoulder, Worm.
[GRUNTING] I can only imagine the look on his face when he had to let her go.
It was exhilarating, but not something I'd like to repeat.
Nor would I.
Marshal, how dare you spy on us.
I'm not spying on you.
Come to make you an offer.
[CHUCKLES] I doubt there's anything you have to offer me, Marshal.
I know you've got a secret, and you want it kept that way.
Lilly, Sergeant, I'll only need a moment.
Our orders are not to leave your side.
Oh, well, I have Marshal Wythers to protect me.
You will explain yourself at once.
I will not have you insinuating without an explicit accusation.
I'm not making any explicit accusations, although you certainly took the bait rather well.
How dare you! Of course I have secrets.
- What woman doesn't? - What are you hiding? My girlish little secrets aren't worth your trouble, Marshal.
Then tell me, why would a base commander defer to the will of a little girl? That? That's your precious riddle? Then what's the answer? Clearly you've never had a daughter, Marshal.
Most of us can manipulate our daddies into pretty much anything we set our hearts on.
Gwynn? Lilly told me.
He suspects something.
No, no, he would never cross Commander Calkussar.
Isn't that exactly what he just did? No.
No, he hates an unsolved riddle.
When I was a boy, I would hear him up at night pacing and breaking things if he couldn't solve the case.
He can't let go.
We can't do this anymore.
Your father saw us, Gwynn.
So what? - He doesn't control me.
- No, but he controls me.
He's my commander.
Don't push me away.
I'll talk to him.
He's right.
We can never be together.
I'm a common soldier born to a washer woman and a watchman.
Who your parents are doesn't matter to me.
I swore an oath to protect you at all costs, and I plan to, even if it's from myself.
Garret? Garret! [SIGHS] Bits of copper.
He called me a tavern wench.
That's what I am.
Have some.
It keeps the wolves at bay.
You could have disagreed with me.
I think you've done very well, mum.
Very well? Is that what you think I want? To do very well? No, I want that.
You want the map? Do I want the map? You heaving sack of catch! I don't want the map.
I want the whole damn world.
Or at least a really good part of it.
How is that even possible? Colipsum, my boy.
We need colipsum.
What if we just increase ale exports? All right, yes, yes, yes! Colipsum.
Who has some? The Worm.
He knows the only supplier of colipsum this side of the realm.
I need to be the Worm.
His secrets need to be my secrets.
I'm going to get you another drink.
I don't want another drink! Have some ambition, for God's sake.
I would eat glass to get the name of that supplier.
Do you understand me? For once in your miserable life, just do one thing for your mother.
- It's all I want.
- Okay.
Is that his overcoat? Weirdo.
Never mind.
Go get me Munt.
There's dark deeds need doing.
[GRUNTS] GARRET: Excuse me, you can't be up here! Hello, Talon.
What are you doing up here? I, um, couldn't sleep.
Needed some air.
Well, it's nearly dawn.
It's far too late for a barmaid to be up.
And far too early for a captain.
- What's your excuse? - I'm on duty.
If it's any comfort, I'm not up here to cause any trouble.
Yeah, about that, I, uh I didn't mean to imply It's just if you would tell me more about yourself - and what you're doing - What's there to tell? I'm a barmaid, like you said.
A barmaid with exceptional combat skills.
I still can't understand how you killed Captain Magmoor.
Why? Because I'm a woman? No.
Partly, yes.
And also the fact that he's twice your size and a legendary swordsman.
I'm not sure I could have beaten him.
I could show you.
I'm not sure that's necessary.
Men like you underestimate me.
I won't let my guard down again.
Then maybe you'll be a decent match for a sparring partner, that is.
Sounds dangerous.
You really think you could last a few rounds with me? Oh, I think I could last more than a few rounds.
I don't think so.
I'd wear you out.
MAN: Captain? I have a greyskin count, Captain.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Seriously, you can't be up here.
[CLEARS THROAT] Send him in.
Pleased to see you in good health, old friend.
Your men interrupted a very expensive game, Ambassador Dred.
I hope you had good reason.
Your friend Magmoor is dead.
Toru's not my problem anymore.
He left the Bones to work for you.
Good riddance.
"Tell Dred one remains.
" One what? What one thing could remain of such importance that Toru would write it down in his own dying blood? It's impossible.
We killed them all.
You were there.
- I checked every corpse.
- Save your excuses.
Gather the Bones.
Ride at once for Gallwood Outpost.
If a Blackblood remains, kill it and bring me the head.
It's a waste of time.
Won't be anything there.
I'm happy to confirm it for you for the right price.
The right price is that you and your men do not suffer the slowest death imaginable at the hands of the Inquisitor.
Well, there is no greater reward than that, is there? Don't fail.