The Outpost (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Bones to Pick

TALON: Previously on "The Outpost" I'm offering you my friendship.
Been on for such a long time, it's hard for me to trust people.
King's guard taking orders from his daughter.
She must have secrets about him.
It was a governess who looked after wee Gwynn.
I wasn't even permitted to clean Gwynn's bedroom.
Gather the Bones, ride at once for Gallwood Outpost.
I'm going after the demon today.
Have you rid yourself of every shadow of doubt and fear? The demon hates you and wants to kill you.
You can't kill anymore.
I won't let you.
[BODY THUDS] [GASPS] [PANTING] Let him go! Please.
It's me you want.
Just stop killing people! No! [BLADE CLATTERS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Soldiers make too much ado about the death of one of their own.
Serves our purpose well today, though, huh? If I knew what I was looking for I'd go straight to it, wouldn't I? The old lady said she wasn't allowed in here.
There must be something.
Knock it off.
They're gonna be back any time now.
We're looking for documents, letters, personal effects.
Come on, get your head down! We stand at the threshold, and bid farewell to our departed comrade, who goes before us to the other shore.
May the gods of his ancestors, the Three and the Ten, by breath of wind and tongue of fire.
That's the tribute.
They'll be back before long.
Danno, I could kiss you.
Come on, open it.
Let's see what's in there.
[PIPE AND HORN MUSIC PLAYING] Get out of the way.
[GRUNTS] [MUSIC STOPS] Music stopped, we don't have much time left.
I mean, it could be something, but it's gonna take hours.
What's that? Let's go.
Marshal Wythers! Why are you in here? I can assure you this is all perfectly lawful.
Master Calkussar will hear of this at once! In a moment the men will return.
We can sit down with the Commander and discuss this.
There's no need to panic.
You must remember, we're the good guys.
- [SCREAMS] - Shh! Shh! Quiet! It was an accident.
[GASPS] Talon? Talon I'm sorry, you're not dressed.
Gods, not again! Hey, Janzo you'll have to look at me if you're going to dress my wound.
I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
I don't feel uncomfortable.
Look, I give you my permission.
I need some of that Grey powder, the stuff you used last time.
Mill seed pounce.
First, we need to stop the bleeding, and then we'll clean it up properly, okay? Please, lie down.
Whatever's quickest.
- I need to get my strength back.
- Why? So you can go after whoever did this to you? Something like that.
[PANTING] [GROANS] Who did do this to you? Hmm? 'Cause it wasn't a blade.
- What did he stab you with? - Does it matter? Talon, this is very important.
I'm going to be informing the Watch immediately.
It's wrong! Whoever he is, he won't get away with this.
- What? - You mean whatever it is.
Okay, thank you very much.
You are delirious, and you should not be drinking.
I can't let it kill anyone else.
You keep saying "it.
" What kind of it? Doesn't matter.
- Just fix me up.
- I understand if you don't want to open up to me.
But just take some advice from one loner to another.
- Get some help.
- It would kill you.
What? You think I meant me? Gods no.
I'd be awful in a fight.
You need someone who can really help you.
Someone like Garret.
Help from someone like Garret.
He's a master swordsman.
It'd kill all of you.
I have to do this on my own.
Boy, get up here now! I'll be right there.
Do you think she saw me? I doubt it.
Her eyesight's terrible.
She can't even tell the difference between a pig and a dog.
[BOTH LAUGH] Now get some sleep.
And I'll be back as quick as I can.
What can I do for you, Mum? I'm proud of you, boy.
Thank you.
For what? I'm not blind.
I saw you had a hussy down there.
Oh, no, that's That's not what it looked like.
What was it then? You got me.
It was me Me and the cleaning girl.
Yeah, you interrupted us in our throes of passion.
You didn't even knock on the door, did you, eh? Well, glory be! - You know - What do you want? I want to send a letter to the Worm's supplier.
And I need you to write it.
On that.
What would you like me to say? Mm-mm.
"The Worm is dead, you deal with us now.
" - Okay.
- Mm.
No, no, no.
Hold on.
Hold on.
That's too aggressive.
Um, how about, "Dearest colipsum supplier:" Due to the early and untimely demise of our It's not a formal letter, mother.
It's a dispatch, keep it short.
Damn it, Janzo, you write it then.
Worm is dead.
We have gold.
We want colipsum.
When and where do we exchange? Mm-hmm.
Sure, that works.
This doesn't sit right well with me, Mum, because we don't even know who's on the other end of it.
It's risky.
By who's measure, Janzo? Day and night, strangers come in under this roof.
They drink your ale, they eat my food, they sleep in the beds.
People we don't know, that's all we do here.
Mum, look around us.
We've got everything we wanted.
We have a good life.
Aye, good life, feeding swill to the pigs.
Do you think I want this to be my life's achievement? My whole life's work? No! Listen to me.
I've seen hands shake for a drink, but a man A man will sell his kids for a pinch of that green powder.
That's power.
It's what I want.
So, send the letter.
Good boy.
Oh, good, Marshal Wythers.
My handmaid seems to have gone missing, and I need you to investigate.
No need, my Lady.
I know where she is.
- Well? - Before I answer, might I suggest you dismiss Garret, I have some sensitive details to discuss.
Whatever you have say to my daughter and me, you can say to your son.
So be it.
This morning I confronted Lilly with questions regarding your true heritage, my Lady.
Or should I say, Your Majesty.
What is the meaning of this? Why did your wife take her own life, Commander? Where is Lilly? She was paid handsomely for her interview and fled, for fear of your wrath, no doubt.
I don't believe you.
What have you done with her? She's gone where you can't reach her.
What is your claim, Wythers? After you betrayed the king, the palace is overthrown, the royal family were executed by the Prime Order.
The King, Queen, Prince Alton, and little Princess Rosmund.
While I appreciate the history lesson, I fail to see the relevance.
Princess Rosmund had a little playmate, whose name was Gwynn, the daughter of you, Cornelius Calkussar.
In order to preserve the royal lineage, Gwynn was beheaded in place of Rosmund.
Why would I sacrifice my only daughter for something like that? Because the king commanded it.
And you were his most loyal minister, his personal guard.
Preposterous! Preposterous to sacrifice a young girl for the sake of the future queen, someone who someday could reclaim the throne? You'd kill your own father to protect their secret? Try me.
Your wife hung herself, because she couldn't bear to live, because you sacrificed her only child.
The only person I would have no qualms sacrificing would be a treasonous gate marshal.
I've written two dispatches to be delivered to the Prime Order in the event of my untimely death.
Which means they haven't been delivered already.
That tells me you want something for your silence.
Your Majesty is wise beyond her years.
Get to the point.
I simply seek justice.
Give up Talon.
Your friend.
She's to be executed and her body delivered to the Prime Order.
Of all the things, why that? Why is her death so important to you? Because this is our only chance to protect the Outpost from the Prime Order! My Outpost! They will surely take control.
And in that event, you stand to lose more than I do.
A true leader must sometimes sacrifice one for the good of many.
WYTHERS: Listen to your father.
He of all people should understand.
Don't you dare try and dignify blackmail.
He calls me Majesty and extorts me in the same breath.
If If I agree, Garret will accompany you immediately to destroy the dispatches you have prepared.
After which he'd put his sword through my heart, something he's longed to do for years.
The letters stay where they are.
So you can make more demands, once Talon is dead.
I just wanna do my job.
Grant me that, and your secret is safe.
So be it.
To satisfy the law, Talon will be executed.
Immediately? Immediately.
Shh! I've killed men for less.
Watchmen are coming.
The Mistress told them you're down here.
[GROANS] She did see me.
Wythers gave the order to have you killed on sight.
- But Gwynn - No, the things have changed.
All right, Gwynn can't protect you anymore.
- Why? - My father, he Look, there's a lot to explain.
I need you to go! Now! I wish I could say I was surprised to see you, son.
You can put those down, I'll go peacefully.
I'll leave the Outpost and I won't come back, I swear it.
You had your chance to get out.
And instead there's another body under your window.
Put these on her, or she dies here and now.
You're making a mistake.
I might have said the same thing to you.
Hold up.
Stay there.
Get over there.
Be quiet.
Hello, Cedric.
It's been a long time.
You're not welcome, Shek.
I decide who comes through that gate.
You and your band of thugs can bugger off.
You don't want to cross me today.
Oh? And why is today any different? Because today, me and my How did you put it? Band of thugs.
Me and my esteemed companions are here as honorary ambassadors of the Prime Order.
Strictly Covenant business.
And what business is so despicable that it requires your twisted skills? Do you know who killed Toru Magmoor? Yeah, I have a few leads.
And how about that strange message you sent Everit Dred? "One remains.
" What of it? I'll make this easy on you.
I'll be gone from your precious Outpost the moment you hand me a body that has dark pointed ears and black blood in its vein.
[LAUGHING] Pointed ears? Black blood? I'd say you were joking, but I know your a humorless, gutter snipe.
"Tell Dred one remains.
" - You sent that.
- Aye.
Those were Toru Magmoor's last words, written in his own red blood.
There's no mention of black blood or pointed ears.
I want Toru's killer dead.
As do I.
And when that happens, the Prime Order will be the first to hear about it.
You've lost your touch, Wythers.
You know, there was a time you'd your man within hours, not days.
None of us are what we used to be.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do.
Why? Why didn't you just hand her over? I don't serve the Prime Order any more than you do.
[GRUNTS] Why are you doing this? Protect me from Shek so you can murder me yourself? You should be thanking me.
My way is quick and done.
Their way they might torture you for years before Dred lets you die.
You'll be begging for your own death.
Well, just let me kill him.
Then you can have your way.
What's Shek to you? He and his men killed my family.
It's tempting.
Shek dead.
You dead.
But it leaves so many loose ends.
I mean, Dred sent Magmoor to the Outpost and he gets killed.
Then he sends Shek to the Outpost and he's killed, too? No.
Suddenly Dred and his Covenant agents are snooping all over the gaff.
It'd be a right bloody mess.
Or I turn over your dead body to Shek and say, "Look! I found your Blackblood.
She's the one who killed Toru Magmoor.
" How many questions are left unanswered then? None.
They killed my family! My whole village.
What's done is done.
[EXHALES] Danno.
Let me loose, you murderous bastard! Danno.
Finish it.
[CHUCKLES] [GAGS] You better cut me loose.
- Whoa! - Stay back.
What the hell was that? What the hell are you? Garret GARRET: All those murders? Was that you? You and and and that thing? I can't control it.
If I could, I would never have let it hurt those people.
But it just now obeyed you.
I've been learning.
It's the first time it's done that.
I think because I spoke in my ancestral language.
So what now? I need a minute.
The black blood.
Is that why you can control it? Something like that.
That's why the Prime Order want you so badly.
You have to let me go.
Why should I? Because I'm the only one who has any chance to rid us of this thing.
"One remains.
" Is that you Or the demon? It's me.
I'm the one.
There's many more Lu-Qiri, what you call demons.
Oh, good.
That's a relief.
I want you fix this.
All of it.
Make it go away.
I want my Outpost back the way it was before you set foot here.
Then you leave this place.
For the sake of all of us.
Are we clear? Yes.
[MUSIC PLAYING] I need to banish the demon.
You're still alive! Barely.
I chased it into the sewers.
Did it obey you? Only after I fought it.
And lost.
Instead of just finishing me off, it just left me there.
It knows.
It knows you're the only hope for its kindred.
Well, that explains why it just saved me from my execution.
Next time it may try to bend you to its will.
Torture you into opening the way for more of its kind.
I never will.
It believes you will.
But I won't.
I'll send it back and I'll never open that door again.
- Just tell me how.
- I told you.
Without a shadow of doubt or fear.
But I was afraid.
I was about to die when it listened to me.
How is that without fear? Maybe you thought you were going to die so you had nothing to lose, you were past the point of fear.
Kind of splitting hairs, aren't you? Now you must command it back through the portal.
Yeah, that's the bit you didn't explain.
The portal.
I have no idea how to open the portal.
Neither do I.
What do you mean? Your ancestors lived in fear that the power would used for destruction.
So they took great pains to hide any information about that particular piece of the puzzle.
There must be something you can tell me about it.
Only this All Blackbloods have the power to control demons.
But only one at any time can open the passageway to their world.
And that power is handed down from father to son, from mother to daughter.
My mother.
Before she died, she touched me.
And I felt something happen.
Sounds like you already understand more than I could ever teach you.
Come back when the Lu-Qiri is gone.
I have a surprise for you.
And we can sit and discuss the ways of your people.
What? Why didn't you tell me? About what you are.
'Cause I'm still the same person.
You're not, though, are you? I mean, after everything I've done to help you, you should have told me.
Why? Now you know the real me, - I disgust you? - No! Look, I don't know what to think.
All right, you control this creature.
This thing that is killing people.
- People I am responsible for - I do not control it! Did you tell Gwynn? Yeah.
I told her that Wythers let you go.
But I didn't tell her how it happened.
Did she tell you why she turned on me? Why suddenly she was all too happy to let the marshal cut off my head? All I can tell you is that she didn't have much of a choice.
No, I get it.
She was saving her own skin.
GARRET: What are they doing? Checking ears.
Those are the Bones.
Aren't they? The men who killed your family.
So, first the Bones, then the creature.
That's your plan? Shouldn't your first priority be getting rid of that thing? It's called a Lu-Qiri.
Shouldn't stopping the Lu-Qiri take precedence over getting revenge? All my life, I have searched for those men.
I can't really explain it, it's just I feel as though I'll never be able to control the Lu-Qiri until I clear my mind of everything else.
Until I can put my past behind me.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm hoping to solve both problems at once.
Well, if you ask me, I think you're being selfish, and completely suicidal.
And for what it's worth, I would at least rather you not do the suicide part.
I knew one day you'd show up at my door.
Good to see you again, old Wolf.
And you left us for this? What's worth more than peace of mind? I don't know.
A good horse? A pair of boots? You must know why I'm here.
First Magmoor, now you.
Maybe we're having a reunion? Where's the Blackblood? Blackblood? If that's what you've come to find, you've come a long way for nothing.
It was a long ride out to this armpit of the Realm.
Gave me lot of time to think.
"One remains.
" How is that even possible? We killed them all.
And then I remembered.
The girl in the tomb.
My arrows never miss.
Now, that's precisely what I told myself.
Unless you aim to miss.
Now why would you do that, I wonder? There's something about her, Shek.
It's bigger than you or me.
I tried to kill her once, but I failed.
And so will you.
That's not her destiny.
Spoken like a man who's lost his touch.
And also his mind.
Leave and be done with it, Shek.
There are forces at work here you will never understand.
I kill whatever, whenever I please.
There's no destiny here, there's no Gods.
There's only strength and weakness.
Today I'm one, and you're the other.
I will not fight you, Shek.
Kill me if you must, but there'll be no sport in it for you.
Sport? This is vengeance.
You should never have turned your back on me, old Wolf.
The Wolf died that day, in the Blackblood village.
The Smith will die today, happy to have done some good in this life.
Oh? And what good have you done? One remains.
Not for long.
[GASPS] - [GROANS] - Before she dies, I'm going to enjoy telling her what you really are.
[GASPS] [GASPS] This is for the Blackbloods.
SHEK: Guide us all.
BONES 2: To the right.
SHEK: Stay quiet! [SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] What the gods are you? [GRUNTS] [GROANS] So Dred was right.
You Blackbloods can control these monsters.
I just thought he was a religious nutter.
We did some good eradicating your kind.
[GRUNTS] What? You can't win in a fair fight? You need your beast to do it for you? Fair fight? You murdered unarmed peasants and children! I spilled a lot of black blood that night, but not as much as your friend the Wolf.
Magmoor said that name, too.
Who is this Wolf? [LAUGHS] You don't know? It's that Blacksmith you've been spending so much time with.
Yeah, his arrows killed so many Blackbloods that night.
[GRUNTS] Arrows.
[GROANS] So really it's him you should be seeking revenge on, wouldn't you say? They were your men.
You were the leader.
Was I? If a sword kills your people, do you find and destroy the sword? No, I destroy the man.
I'm just a sword.
A cold piece of steel in the hands of Everit Dred, If not me, he would have paid someone else.
So you see, even if you defeat me, which you won't, you'll have destroyed nothing but a sword, while the true killer goes free.
[GRUNTS] Your ugly friend's worried about you.
It shouldn't be.
- [GRUNTS] - [GROANS] You're good, Blackblood.
Better than you.